The Advocate (Baker, Mont.) 1925-1926, August 06, 1925, Image 6

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m m m & r i n n G n s Club ^ . . . . . . . . . . w r - . ' v ^ / .V- • >■**«>*,.«*•*. w. . ■'-■■-■■ , ' / <- . , ~f'iv v . - ; * < - A y ' ' Z \ - ? » > .';>. \ ' v (■ V N ' . ! ' -_;••■ - . \-ap-;*. * * . • - .’ V : . . * ' % *. . i * 'A*S*5* & & vi-Sg%g; T H E . A D V O C A T E ‘■--fr.. . :'.r WOMEN ’ WISHf' CRIME NEW’S BARRED ’ A two weeks’ moratorium oil ..’cnme^Md scandal. news tiuouj^out the United - State* is . envisa^d^ j /if resolutions adopted' by'the mid-bi-r ennialcouncil of the General Fed* deration ofoWomen’* Clubs are car­ ried out successfully. By their votes, the club women ' have agreed to ask their home news­ papers to make a'test of dean jour­ nalism. They have added point to their decision by pledging'their sup­ port to those newspapers which agree to the experiment- The resolu­ tions follows: Whereas, A number of newspapers in thi^-country, in compliance with' the General Federation of Women’s Climbs, request “to give less space and prominence to crime news,' divorce proceedings and murder trials,” are endeavoring to test the ptiblic desires in this case by omitting any crime or divorce proceedings for a period of two weeks, and Whereas, Such an experiment will give the public an opportunity to see how salable a paper can be made without such news, therefore be it. Resolved, that each dub in the General Federation of Womn’s Clubs upon the return home of it* members, suggest to it* home paper that such a “no crime or scandal news” period of two weeks be attempted by its own paper. Resolved further, That the press department of each State federa­ tion, in co-operation with all'of the State Federation members, take steps to give publidty to the “no crime” toast and to express its approval of such a course that is the first step toward a cleaner journalism advo­ cated by the national press depart­ ment and approved by the General Federation at the Loe Angeles Bi­ ennial. uv yfv war*-JtjtjsjHA K :■» American Legion ALIAS SUM M ONS A STEPPING STONE TO 'SUCCESS M ontana Business Insti­ tute training Will bridge the gap between intermittent employment a t low wages andcontinuou* employment a t good w a g e s. It w ill open heretofore* impossible aven­ ues o f business importance and business opportunities. T h e F A L L T E R M begins September 8th. W r ite or c a l i f o r free illustrated cat­ alogue. “ S tart with the Legion Is M a k ing N o tab le' Progress In Child W e lf a re By Mark T. McKee Chairman, The, National Children s W elfare Committee, The American Legion. DETROIT, Mich., —A fter two the Le- was In The District Court of The Six­ teenth Judicial District of The State of Montana, .In and For the County of Fallon. , V. C. Goebel, Plaintiff, versus I A lbert Kleiss, Ollic State Bank of : Ollie. Montana, a corporation, and 1 Miles J. Scandrett, Defendants. 1 he State of Montana Sends Greet- 1 ines to the above Named Defendants: | l ou arc hereby l&unimoncd to j answer the complaint in this action ' illicit is filed in the office qf the Clerk of this Court, and to file your , answer and serve a copy thereof up- j ‘’ii the plaintiff’s a t t o r n e y . . . . ......... , v'jthin twenty days after the service of this Summons, exclusive of the d i v a of service: and in case of y o u r |^ ' i.ulure to appear or answer, judgment i 3, [ w i l l he taken agatnst you b> default,!^ lor the relief demanded in the com- i ? •pi:v lit 7 he said action is brought to fore- dii'C a mortgaga upon Lots Two ( 2 ) jand Three (3) and South Half (SJ4) I ot the Northwest Quarter (N\\.J4> i-.-j w i » t i m m H i i w f i i M O N T A N A B U S IN E S S IN S T I T U T E M I L E S C I T Y , M O N T A N A HAVE YOU AN EXHIBIT? The Baker Commercial Club has appointed a committee to gather ex­ hibits to send to the Midland Empire Fair at Billings, which will be held September 15th to 18 inclusive. We are anxious to show .at this fair the very best we have in the county. If you have any kind'of grain or grass which you believe worth while, why not gather a bundle and bring to the County Agent’s office? It will be prepared free of charge and placed with other samples and sent as a Fal­ lon County Exhibit t° the Billings Fair. If you have some good grain, go into your held and cut samples close to the ground, getting long stems, and bring the best heads to the County (Agent’s office and we will have it' prepared into sheafs. It is hard for us to get over the county to find the house. best‘samples, but with everyone’s co- years of study, during which groundwork for The Am erican gion’s efforts in child welfare carefully laid and a splendid program of child care evolved in consultation ] with the country’s leading experts m 1 that field, much progress is being' made this year in the practical appli­ cation of that program. A board of nine directors has been appointed, three each by the heads of | Section hour ,4, Townsh.p the Legion, The Am erican Legion l.Nine (9) North of Range Si.\n-one j oil K.i>t. M ‘ 1’ M , with all appur- t< nance*. and hereditament-* there- • mto hlongiiig. m 1 „li,.n (minty,! 4* Montana, given by the defendant i X Ubert Kleis-* t\ J 1- BarMow on j Noveinlxr lVtli 1918. recorded Nov-1 4* ember 29th, 1918, in the office; of the DELICIOUS FOR LESS m I e Y <* There’s nothing finer on ! V , •J* i | a savory, tender roast frony, FOR SALE.—Cornish home, seven rooms, miodera throughout. Vine covered sleeping porch, screened snd glassed,, one screened sleeping porch, double garage, fenced garden spot, chicken house especially priced sa<4 terms to right party. Inquire at i ^ <0 **7Tl#at b j r K . I L DoubUdajr.) '‘Expert ana a a n n r , leaden In th e g reat sport to which they have brought fame, are the cowgirls from the w e stern ranges who will compete In the Chicago Roundup and W orld’s Championship Rodeo, to be held for nine duys beginning August 16. Champions :.past and present, as well as new seekers after fame; will add; thrills to tha cowboy contests 'which will be presented in th e new $5,000,000 stadium under th e auspices Of the Chicago Association of Commerce. A group of theae cow g trls'startled the stald B ritisher when they appeared In the Internatlsnsl Championship held by Tex AuBtln at Wembley, England, recently,' 'and the aame cham p ions will compete In the Chicago spec­ tacle. Austin Is organising th e Chicago roundup and will m anage It, and tha $30,000 in prizes Is the largest amount, offered for any contest this year. vJ r V*. Auxiliary and Forty and Eight, to have executive direction of our work for orphaned and dependent children of veterans of the W o rld W a r. A child welfare division has been estab­ lished at national headquarter)* at In­ dianapolis. An expert field service u being set up to carry on the actual w o rk of contracting cases, making s urveys, conducting investigations, placing children in homes to r aaopt- lon, m aking detailed plans for caring for them, in a word, solving the home problems of dependent and or­ phaned children of veterans. Home aid is being given, wherever it is passible to solve the problem in that way so that the surviving parent may maintain the home and keep th- family together in its natural en­ vironment. This aid takes whatever form may be necessary and effective. Particularly valuable help is being given in this phase of the child wel­ fare work by the women oi me American Legion Auxiliary, mho go into the home, learn with a woman’s sure instinct what is needed and ad­ minister to that need with a woman’s unfailing tact and tender sympatny. W here the natural home cannot be maintained, arrangem ents are made I to place the children in good fostr I homes. W e make a careful investi­ gation to determine that the home is nicely adapted to the needs of the child to be placed in it. The child is kept under supervision for six mon­ ths. Then, if everything is satisfac­ tory, it is adopted. operation, it should be an easy m at­ ter to get a fine exhibit. May we have your help? Signed, C. J. RUSSELL, ED. P. O’BRIEN, CLYDE BURRELL. *2* * Jacobs. sgs ❖ * ORDER TO D AY I •!* ❖ (\ountf ( Ic-rk and Recorder of Fallon l A P H D C f t l T i T P f l ' County. Montana, in Book 12 of i ❖ J A u U O u IliC A I ilU l ' l Mortgag* $ at paei Ml J iidgnunt is .i-k< d agam-it tli d< ft ml mt Albert Kleisb for $18fXJU0 j>rinc 11 > 1 1 besides interest thereon from 1 >t ci mhrr 1, l'C’4. at 1 ty> per annum, for the Mini of $108 00 due on tail) of three in­ terest coupons with inter, sf on tacit at 10 '/< per annum troin the f:r*t dav ■>f D<' 1 min r oi die jears 1022. 1923 md^l'124 rt spt i to e'v. for the sum of v127.a pan] for nh trait, ft r t)u sum ■| p $2-0 00 attnrncw’- tit , -mil all of plaintiffs costs neaiuM all the dc- nmdaiits that tht martuage lie fore­ closed. the premises sold at sheriff's oale that the pure hast r af bitch .sale BbyiSwutSv ■ •' hit ? - * . V BRIEF ITEMS OF SCOUT NEWS . Sixteen Evanston, I1L, scouts re­ cently planted at Gamp Wabaningo \20,(K)0 white- pine, jack pine and Nor­ way. spruce. They planted forty white birch trees in a circle a few mil* from camp and calld it the “Roosevelt Cir- 'cle,” after CoL Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., who has promised to bring them some rare trees from Thibet to plant in honor of his father. At the request of the U. S. Bureau of Public Roads, scout* in many parts of the country have been assisting in making an accurate count of traffic. It is estimated that the service rend­ ered by scouts in Ohio alone saved the government $75,000 in making this check. Six hundred Boy Scouts vol­ unteered for this service in Washing­ ton, \D. C. At Greenville, S. C., the time given by scouts was' equal to, eighteen ten-hour days. RALPH KEENER, Clerk. (Court Seal) W. R. Flachsenhar, Terry. Montana. No. 11 Attorney for Plaintiff.' have possession during the year of re- d ’ iption with all rents and profits,, th;.t the claims, rights, titles, interest \r liens of the defendant^ or any. of t h i m be declared subject to plain­ tiff’s mortgage and to decree herein, and for such other relief as the Court ijiav deem equitable. Witness my hand and the Seal of said Court this 29th day of July 1925. VACANCY—The building where the Bergum Grocery is now located will be vacant August 15. Inquire of H. J. Schenclc. FOR SALE — Six thoroughbred Bulls, at the Wood Ranch seven miles north of Plevna. Inquire of Alf Benson, Alpha, North Dakota or the Baker National Bank. 3t .p L l X X X X X X X X Z i m a n L X X l l T T Y T Y MICKIE SAYS— nVlEfVE BEEU P U m U G UP M0MUMWNK5 AO GEVlERAiS tOU<* KNOFF. tT t ABOUT AIVAE AUCH <oTARXEO ERECT) MG: AV\S>A '\CD , RDttORfil IF NOU DOUBT IT, JKBY (SOMEIDER. HOW MUCH DAMAGE TM\B UCU3PAPS& CO0W> DO IU XBUORT t u a e IF TVV EDCCC*L VJAS w JT KWAMB ettuvnu' 'PROIAOAU PEASE A«D WVJRfAOWM V H H H H H N N M M N N » N N BAKER ICE CREAM Means Health For The Kiddies Baker Ice Cream is one Food that your kiddies may be allowed to indulge in freely. Its properties mean better health for them. Tell them to ask for Baker Creamery Ice Cream at the soda fountain when they want Soda, Sundae or Cone—then order a brick or two in all the wanted dkvor combinations -for your home. , Baker Creamery and Produce Co. N M N M N N

The Advocate (Baker, Mont.), 06 Aug. 1925, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.