Fallon County Times (Baker, Mont.) 1916-current, September 28, 1916, Image 1

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'/.'¿.¿(•//-'\¿•A/ C, ', ■'■\•‘r V .SX '/>'- ,~V \** , / . - * -/- •*/ 'Cv ' * . ; f-N/bv£**■,./x - lV'‘‘^y‘''*•-.-„f'V• xX’*-*-‘-K.x*’/! -*%-/b/ ¿XrT*^*| ‘ * r: rr 'V - ‘vV ,f -E * -*■ — r - ^ - •' i -f - -X-i- - -s*Vr __ 1 *•.y''.-' L •?»-_</_ ' /yfl) : * X •*' - - , • î , vv^ tr-'-. -, -*v» ^•v?*“*^**5*'^ ■' ■- ' , vv * Vr ■>i?4| ‘ • t -'■\ V1 „¿T,,* Siv-^| - - - ;>>¿/ ■• • y m -XH‘1 * -y.;,££■/ :-'.«V,_j •■H & f c ¿ / . Ä Succeeeor T o T H E F A L L O N I T E 4- = = = = S = B = l ï ; : , . I I I r ^ M & m * ì ì i y m à ntx>r.yyth'C^myWet~whyyin^the1namV .completiqnj.ofN,their,new 0f common/senseare thie,. jbrewers and; Duidinariby the Midland Coal & Lwn-‘ distillers ' dressing, him fup-|to; rniake; her,.-Company,- Baker.can-now • boast- this wail for {wet;, territory and every-\ O^ ¿sy%e and extensive abuilding o f thingi.t!iirf’sl •fer4?’/;'-^'- \; y r ;'*• jthii^kind/as can. -be - found -m •; the • Prohibition •’ ^ ll^ n o 't { be* voted ’ uri-| _country;_or_iniAny__Jiontana^ city^ less/a-'majority' want if. . And. if' the' .twicelits;size.< . General Manager, R.. inajoritv}wan-t.Ti^ a.n.d yt>te.'-it, -do-:'nof'' E.yRaymond has shown much fore- forget it,: it' will be enforced in ’1 this; sightarid skill-m the handhng of Jhe. stately Even^tHese'generous hearted;; / difficulties , connected ' with,;-. rebuild- j good-natured-. drinking;. inch/are/ go-; -dog—jand__restockihg- 'of‘-'so ‘ large -a: ing to/v o t e . d r y .by, the thousands.; -store ' ’ - X I he Midland .carries line-of general hardware and/ -¡this- hdpius/enforce it'and you need:-not! department . is, capably managed by, be -afraid- of\tHe. little - imps who ¡ live off-the earnings ofypobr:ruined;%irla of MMfc¡ lk|l They ; want;.; thé''temptation : and o'p-‘ * /,* co.®P^*te;H|,^rVüriitÿ:o^t of the'way; - -They will - if* anil ' . ftiî« ’v_«v_ ; _ .- r ’ V 4\./’ ’\•''? a R. L. Bodley. TheJ^ompany.also^ carry a? heavy' After^failing to .state; facts or'-itiake. Attesting to tSe popularity o f Jd three years. hadf.be^n'^her: ..schoolf! Bessie'Millird, you n g e s t ;,d a u g h t e r m a t e s . Miss Bessie|$aving graduate4 Mrs: C; J: Millard and who ls.^sooaV from the Baker.. vhfigii.;'school .,]'last to .-become;' the -bride vof~ Mr. June. Needless to ; iay, they.'all ; en- ColWte, . r e the several so c ,.l e v ^ ! ' oy' d ‘ o their,.heirts eoateh*. .«Hs g.v.n m her, honor b v .h e r 6nal good .t.m e a °«eflier.5.!.etore los-. 4 — giyen \for1 Jier^wai ,.tKe\kitch^!,siov_ ^;w h 'e4’.;^ r 'i.'-'E ^ l^ n t i‘^ a i ^ ^ | i ^ p to,-the. lyThe-pleasing, decoration ;scheme|wp rellow Jand - white- was in,;levidie^te thruout the rooms. V.ThetwoIiXentz;!cliiidre^ 6iiddy,i in..:'th£'’^ e $ f e i t 'i s n a ^ « ^ f ^ M sibie.\ 'preisented -the*- ^ supply of- building, material of af i . any argument Mr. Cohwell - capped -kinds;- besides ( c o a l! c e m e n t etc! ^ - |the' c'limaxV by t a l ^ j ^ ! m i e s ^ i % i r e : V kinds;; besides Ccoal.’ .cement, Vetc. .'Tke plantnhks a floor. space of ^O 'to us sacred* arid divine,' names we >y_is°.;ft.-the store buildirig with. o f - first: heaVdiW m othePs':km eer.W ''hV fiçê-.is cement house cement -basement 30 - by, 48 Jt. , The biiilding is steam-heated and r w e ll'lighted thruout. *' ■ ' • . Jh'éistÓT-éijLOorii .is' beautifully firi- ished^th^qcpSlliWood. !Sy.alTBbärd LaridISDarieled'fr^itH^lT:bv~'^4~T~iriclr - fir jlriish.; - !'-■ • “v C',-. - .:-The 7 ;frbñt^.is-of^plate/glassrsét -in metal báfs. which sè‘ts off to ¿óód-ad-1- Lack of space forbids, further cûih- ment. ,d YÓüfs very truly, - --------- -J.-F.-W ILÍ.ÍAMS,— _______ . ___ TBaker, ..Montana'. Millàrd. {^•-They ’ c o h s iste ^ ^ a .^ r à ^ | ticaí -■'assortmént. òf.;;higli,';g^de;.;h^| ^hén -Ware. I ’ % A delicious; lunchVwas';serv.çd;f '^“ ! dosé ,òf a .yery enjoyable, after: ; MISS BACHTLE HOSTESS. On Tuesday afiefrioOii of this week; Miss *Carrie Bachtlë;'was hostess to vantage a spacious display ' window; . . Onth'e f east' -side 'extending.? to t W - thc * = \ * e-?s of the Bak.er schools. i S ; rear of the lots is a -100 ft. fire wall, and;cqriveniently located thru the center of the building is a 20.by 150 ft. driveway. Outside of the shed is 15,000 square feet *of -piling,.space. - * '■ 1 -\ s ' Lathom :Height.,.lots arp. not'only. *;the BEST;\'Ictts^in*. Baker but' they! >~:are.:;the;c^ea'pesty^hd;rar'<5,!iwM-;W our^. O.fece: ;and.',talkthe!;riiatter/ f e s -B A K E R ^ O W « T E - 6 0 . - t ; v.No;, 3sÍFirst’’''Street-S. W.' ÿ> . Dear - Mr; Editor:—■\ ' , The prohibition^questiori is not a partisan one! now jind being-of,,'genT era! public interest'please give'\me; a little s p a c e . , I t is a ;question,.-of' good citizenship and the .enforcement! of law against r criminal .^tendencies. I wish to refer briefly to the alleged. speech of Mr. .Conwell last nights It' s_well staged brit its weakness con- sisted in its misleading statements? and its utter failure to, make a single argutrient or even !the; suggestion of an argument'; against prohibition. 'W herein-.he said‘.anything, at; ail- worthy of notice -it/ clustered, about 'Kansas'. ' Of/all'things'-think-'bf'hisi selecting. Kansas 1 _ .The world oyer/ Kansas' Js, the, pride of the.-prohibi-- tionist arid he-admitted. as/.much be-! fore he was, through-? He. admitted that’ prohibition. is so p/opulàr. /with thè editors, politicians, educators and’ -business men of-Kansas that any one advocating anythirig else would './be* bqycotted.;!^ Adqiitting the complete success . o f it ,.in Kansas, he had the nerve'to - try vto make the* intelligerit Fancy/w o rk; and/' congenial conver- sation 'made the hours pass ‘all too swiftly. Miss, Bachtle demonstrated to her guests' satisfaction that good teachers; c a n 1 also' prepare and serve good luricheons,. „ , Following are th e ' guests - present: .The. Misses: Mata^AUee/Lela'-Gribble, Lucy ;Backus, Ruth Thbmpydn, Elva Richardson.^ '£ ¿ 4 ... . th e B E S T ¿ lots ' ini / Baker but; they, are the^cheapest, and are sold o* tKi •«•¡•at tarms. ‘ Drop .into ;our. office arid talk; the' matter ioven ',! 4’ BAKER TOWNSITE CO. ----- — N o—3-First-Street- S. -W. Drilling at .the-oil well has been resumed.rwith every • reason to ex­ pect the hoped for results'. M i l w a u k e e B r i d g e B u r n e d . The. one . hundred .'and//eight-foot, bridge; spanriing the Yellowstone river on; the Milwaukee railroad be­ tween Miles City and Terry was re­ cently destroyed, by-;fire, supposed to\ have been „caused .by a spark capght among the timbers and fan- ne.d into flame by the wind. Work of rebuildirig the bridge ^was~~begun' at-once. All trains--affected were sent over tracks. the 1 Northern Pacific O ld papers for. sale. - „Times office. * Plans for the /construction of ari enormous .packing plant at South .St. Paul, at a co*it o f approximately $5,- ______________________ Odo.OOQ/are being-pushed by Armour people o f Baker, believe'that the1 peo'-/ j & ' ,Co'., and .ground may be broken ;ple down'there-ivere-ftot- defending-within'/the-./next--month,' it was an- it because of its being a; success but • nouric’ed-today by.* George. Robbins, because of its being a failure. Mr. vice president, of- the// company. Conwell 'did not state the Tacts, about .Kansas.' , When .he/started,in to give ‘ statistics—he.'-stated-falsehoods -as. P lait / Herir Biggest. The plant, will be/built-on the samé general¿lines_as—the_other:-Armour 5Br A * -.any oh'e'\can- see-'wko- will look, it up. j- establishments -'-'Jri.V- the ¿.¡-.Western / ' He tried ' by .-/garbling ...to make States, but .will have a greater capac/- Chafin an opponent, of prohibition jity than th é .majority, o f-th e plants/ •when-any one who -reads knows- that j-The saine byproducts will -bè packed he* is one of thy:strjongest; a^ J the/re /as; i t the- oth'er. Armour - plants, of. prohibition in \the country../;-' Mr; -including -bacon, ham;'lard; sausage, Conwell was careful to make it clear. j canned -beef- and all other live stock / that he' is noç a drinker/but his .whole * cominödtties; ,, e/ffqrt is in * the'- direction of \trying ¿to make^your boy and mine a drinker \\We probably, will get the contract for the. foundation work., this fall,” t . not knbw. ; make the girls baudy's f o r . some one’s ! exactly./ when thife. work/:will begin,1 ’ p r o f i t > . v : ,v.v.-.* - [tut iV/will Tie; as! s.boh'!as. possible N o t . a.- single - thing waslsaid ./^or .after: the-cpntractV are/drawn^up and all arrangements arc . completed.\ -: T o Tako Long Tins«. “One may realize the tinie'required her son into true manhood before he !to' erect such a big plant when it. is and an incompetent-and trying , declared Mr. Robbins. ^ could be. said. for. the saloon,;... . He said in effect that if the poor- heart-broken mother can 'not ;pray is' 21 years old then it is all right to | considered that-, we' are—going /to set, up. a / whiskey shop/ to destroy ‘ spend 'several' million dollars- on the him .for her. ' 'project., It is safe to sayN tha't th'e He. asked the people to lie down /.plant'will -not be -in operation' for !at before the miserable bootlegger and/least two years.- • . ' * . . 1 __ r. '• . 'H 'i Miss ,Bessie’s' honor.;'.; . P~ : A imost beautiful. .and pleasing ¿e^r- fecti Was attained iri .the./.decoratiO^s of~yell6w^andTwhiterwith-the^8ha<les drawri arid candles liitlited.;;.: ~ ;Thfe^m.ain^feature-ofrpnterfaini^ht? was • a < m ock i-wedding m~>wlfichvkfj|^.! Or H; Proctor,''wearirig/her%wm~^i%/ ding -gown and veil, posed ..as¡'The- bride, and Mrs. L. C. E'rtfier was^tW /F. J. Neimarirof; the girls and the happy .groom. * Mrs. C. Hildrethawjrt! beautifully arranged dining and liv- «»»n. The rooms were-' all;,beautifully and! suggestively decorated with red and white hearts,,/ darts,, ¡cupids! and ar-- rows. . / V \ ! . ' / ^O n e -form -of-entertam ^ created' much^/merrirtent'.wasi'.the reading of{;origirial :/rhymes /by/.each' girl on ¿a\: paper >h;eart,the vtHought expressed in' each-rhynie being good .wishes for Miss4'Bessie' in -her - new,- life. . rV,\ V • 1! During the;~afteraponf^i^H-—girl- hemmed a kitchen towel .which she had brought;-with her. and on it em­ broidered her-'- own . initials/ . ..These practical gifts, , on v which r are the, initials of each beloyed/'schopl. friend, will be the insp/iratidn o f ipmny .happy memories\for the bride to be. The decorative scheme of red and white arid heart shapes were taste-. fuly * carried~~out;-in— the—appetizing; two~courseTuncheon-served. At each! plate were/piace’cards of cupids an<T arrows. - t -- The flashlight pictures, taken by week from \ h is. farm ana/took back with,, him;vsupplies;--to- last : him thru the > winter Mr Jensen comes :in. the seventy miles from his/ fariri/, about three.\ times-a year,-as,, this is his nearest railroad point. Such per- seyèrancé as -this vwins out every time.’ M u s i c a l ' .. . V r,;-. ' . The Lawler/?Druig-;!Co.',is .demori- strating a.-;.number//of/vyery; pleasing and entërtàihiri^; rëco'ifds:* on.!vtheir Edisoir^Diamond^DiscT/machinesrprie amoqg the^nuiribër^/thàt.-dèmands^ at­ tention is Hàwaiian ••laction, cri- titled 'Hilo. 'Ma/rch, /¿which J-excelles'' everything of r harmony we .ever heard.— ------ 1_J. *~. \ 1 ■'/ Last week tame the . tragic end .of Charles. .Gustafson; wJvpk in;,a' spell//of:,. insanity’became/avsuicide.- | „.-It.Thrill-beZ/rem^qell^tiiat this. is. th e ’man, whbra-few' we'eks: ago Kid himielf in: a hay / mow? on The /Louis LarsoriT1farm,-near^Pleyna,-and-fbri, three - weeks, lived, there-without, be­ ing. discovered/ his- only food being; wheat ■rom f the .bins - and milk/ which' he/stripped .froiri'' the cows! at night. H e 'w a s ' brought; in; ori an; insanity' Lathom Heigh't- lots are not..;ôrilÿ; the.. BEST, lots in Baker ; ,but,/.they! are the/,cheapest and are 10 Ú ou tko •«■¡•at tarmi. - Drop into our office and talk the/matter-over. ________ BAKER' TOWNSITE CO. No. 3 First Street S. W. Mr. and Mrs.-Pendleton -were in from their ranch east of .Ekalaka, M onday... Oscar Ferguson looked after busi- ness.matters in . Ekalaka last Friday. yV. H. Peck of Ekalaka was in Ba- k e r _ M onday.J/tfl^jiie.ct 'M r . Mobrav who was expéctéd tp^réturri'^frorii' Rochestèrifwhère-he H a d —gone-for treatment for ! rheumatism. FOR, SALE. One Shetland ’ filly;/gentle—a' bar- BUTTE H. TIPTON. inimitable, as thé minister;'/whiie/MrjL Jug rooms;- w ill,be amorig the treas- L. Price, as the father,-gave the/briille/ ured memetos of thé occasion, away. Mrs, C. Millard tdoki !.hëjr;[^/F list of the seventeen proper place as mother, and M rs/Ed;: girls invited: Lake, dressed/as flower girl, looked! and did, her part beautifully. Bessie, Millird; Eula .Sparks, Bessie Hubbard, ; Lazella. tB^ónñér. , Bonita; ’ • 1 ‘ I I ‘ ‘ A - 1/. 1 f 1 ' . _ . . A M ^1 f l . 1 . * L j and did. her part beautifully. Hubbard, ;^^i^zeiia. ^onner, , isopu5i> The. Misses,/Lucy;;-.“rBackus /indj j Cornish^ ¿BLetli' Conser, Viola./Brauri, Bonita, Cornish1; ;both - of\whom ;haye| Irene//Lentz;;;' Martha; Maujok,-ORuth/ pleasing..- voices,-/ entertained1 ■' tK*; Tr.wdr ,T>.«n!i Tlrnwn*hn: Hazel- Cros- the.; Lorig,. Leona Brownsbn; Hazel, Cros ladies'witfc songs. ;«■ - ;M b y f. Ethel ^Wilson,rP.earL Hdgeson, given'to*Miss Millard, the preserita-/.;'an d iM iW ^ iO a m o n ;'*>;• *■■ * * ''.. ¿The m a fri^ e~~of Miss^Millard-and1 Mr.-- Paul .Collette,: w ill/take/ pjkce next ' Monday .morriipg / at the tion being riiade by Miss JBackus, who was gowned iri'Chinese costume, •for the pleasant duties, o f gift-bearer. Dainty refreshments' were served i ri'eaf etaria/s tyle: ' On Saturday' afternoon, Mrs. L. Catholic church, aiid..will be open; to thepublic.- Later-a-wedding-break-: fast will be served.to” invited, guests.- Price entertained; in.-Miss .Millard’s,/Mr. '.Collette has a very-^pretty honor,, the. high school girls who, fori^ ^ p lpw \ ^ a itin g . for _ his bride. Miss Salome Johnson assisted Mrs. E;~Anderson-with-the housework a/ few days/last week. -* Charlés Short and James Murray left for- Señora, 111., last, Monday. ’ ' < \ ' • The farmers of- Willar,d/will no doubt have an - Equity . co-operative stor.é. in, the near' future./ s T b / M c V ay of/Great Falls, Mont., sold a number of shares last week. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas .^Vestrope, a 10 pound girl,,-last Sun- day. 4, • ¿G e o ., Sharpness is'wording for Sig- ward Berntson at present. • johri and Ole Roget, Misses Louise Hildreth and Cathrine Blake made a~flyirig-tripJ,to-011ier last-Saiturday. . At, the Fertile Prairie dance given last Friday- night, ' a rousing good time was ¡.reported, A Benefit dance given.by the High SchooL’ d n 'Tort<^bw|i/ni^if(fbr, the benefit1 oLThie ’'Athleti^^ssbciation, is' being. joyously lookéd forward,jbo by-those*V h ò “trip the light- fan­ tastic'toe.’’ , . Nprthrup sen route from Sèàttìe./tp /Ipwa, /-is - é'ftjpyirig 'a'.few ,,'!»ls**Ti': oKfhia. city;;,/'-’ f . : ■- .. Geo.--Harris,recently operated ¡on for appendicitis at , 'the Elizabeth hospital,'-isreporteddorng^nicelyand can soon be moved to his home. • • : FOUND—Àuto crank handle1 • on Yellowstone. Trail.- 9-28-lt Mr. Ernest Floyd Strain of Ekala­ ka and .Miss, Letitia Elizabeth Mac- rery o f Clarks, Fork, Idaho, -were married in- this city; on Wednesday, Sept,; 27th,- Rev. S. W . Pollard of­ ficiating. . Forty couple enjoyed a royal good time at the Yeoman’s dance Tuesday evening. \ . ............... - ' ' * 1 Mrs. H. L. Cory and little son Hal- •f! -¿a l m chargej but was considered harmless \ and .place'd!.in;‘thie keeping of friends. He was irrational only /by-, spells when he labored under the delusion that . someone; wits trying to harm hirii. / v ' , * •: - :i It-seemsahatTG'ustafspn,Jn_-.a. .re­ currence of one . o f , these -spells last week, watched Vand- waited till the Larson family had Teft; hoirie; then he set fire to the'housei'.went into the barn and set fire,, to the hay, de­ liberately -burning - down the barn with himself, in it; When riot- laboring under these paranoeic spells, Gustafspn, was yi- *dastrhmsr7andEsay.ed-his-/in4neyrTHe- is said toi'havevconsiderable moriey - 'in^the^-bml^arid—ip/sbsrr^-in\the'*i Larson farm.\ • Lathom Height lots are not only the BEST lots in Baker;, but they are the cheapest arid are »old on tko M i i n t t«rin. ' Drop into our office and talk'the matter over., BAKER/TOWNSITE CO. :Ho/: 3 First Street S. W. ATI m ^ , , • A 10. .* ., sey .returned yesterday , afternoon Two .cars, from this t m m fr WlB tto y V r l ^ relatives/arid/friends;in Colorado'and Iowa. - j- ’ leave for Murdock, Minn., riext Mon- day.- - ‘.v'Ered, and Elmer Anderson with their /families autoed, to the Atkin-! spri tranch Sunday , the 17th. \ ' -à h ís NEw iasyjc. 4Fr*m New Yerk World. On last Wednesday,*., Sept. .20th, oc-, curre/d ! the /death ; of, !W;.: R. - Comstock of, ..Mar.marth,.-. at „jhe. Mobridgè hospital, after, à tyjrq weeksJllnesS, of typhoid fever. The remains were ta^n~ba~ck~trcr~the~old family-home in.O regon, W isconsin,/from where (he .funeral services were held on Saturday * afternoon. On* the. \same day and' at the same hour public services were conducted, in thç Opéra hhuse of Mai*marth.' T/he throhjgs o f \people iip attendance- attested to the deep love and respect ’ iri'which' he was. held by the entire surround­ ing country. . At the time of his death Mr,.-.Cpm- stock was Mayor '.of Marinarth, president of the Farmers State Bank and manager of the Carpentèr- Webster Lumber Co,, at that place, which latter position' he had ‘ satis-, factorily filled for many years. * The deceased was1 a brother of'J . M. Comstock of this city. LUTHERAN SERVICES., English services ' in Carlyle next Suriday, Oct. 1st, at 10:30 o’clock; In Ollie at ,3:00 o’clock. -Services-iri Vuillard Oct. 8th, at “Baker,,it'. 3:00 o'cibck,-;ihdrin/Fertile Prairie hall at; 7.'30-o'clock. - — - - —v .,—.—: _ 1 \: ____ , % 'A ll these-iervices/wiil be conductifed V in the. English language except these held in Ollie/ t / : - . -v— ^REV._H.-D-ANDERSON. •ï.'.sîl ' Mrs. F. 0. Carmichael, entertained the Woman’s Club Tuesday after- non at her home.. Mrs. Ed. Lentz .left Saturday af­ ternoon for Minneapolis where she -will visit for seyeral weeks with her mother, M rs,'\yolter. of that city. Montana continues to head the list in thé quality and quantity of her agricultural products. Frank Hazfcl- bàker, California exposition commis­ sioner,,has received, word that Mon- tana .has again captured a number bf prizes for its participation in -, .the ^gricultiirarcompetitions at the* San * Diego exposition of 1916. „This-^state was awarded the following prizës: Grand prize for., agriculture. * Grand prize .for potatoes. • . Grand prize .' and . gold medal for vejgetablés. -Nine, silver medals for all varieties of Reas.*,- / ¿ix gold medals and three silver medals .for all varieties of wheat./- —Six-gold-medals-fort-all-varieties of ! bar ley. -. . , /T w o gold, medals for barley. «Four gold medals for .all varieties, of oats. v / One ¿gold, one silver- and /tw o , bronze medals -for grasses, and fôr- / / xge-cropsT— ------- : ------- —------ - ...One broñze/riiedal for coro.-, ' / / í .¿ •, Latjjvim .Height lots ^ are not ; only / , the- ‘ ‘ are ibaikÀi- ? D rop / into ' our/; pftce and ‘talk\ the.\ matter- /over!--;/^ s*\-. •/ ' ' B A k E R ' ^ b ^ s i r a . ^ C ; _ > s j No., 3‘jFifst,ó5V^*;'S*''Wí.-/* ’ '■ Ù '.i !\■■- &7\ '¡o' The Bàbri MiU a ^ . Grain/Co:; hâve/-., for/- sal^/áe^iá^/któdriéd : busheL/óf / feed wheat. ^ Pricei reasonable/ : Jt/v. -4 M ■* ¿ i l i l -BEST lot^..in'^ B^ker.j'.but, they. t|á cheapest/ánd,ar!é/aoW/óm/!tk« , . ' / / ’/.i * - -—«■ - ’ Tlrnn 1 in in ’ nnV. nÄirik ' .v« \‘ :->5. ; R ,,H .\ Trandum,,/ jfeputy.//coin treiastirer/ spent Sunday: at hij/rihch\/..!./¡//¿I near Webster. - •• ^ /' r n — ;■ | FOR’ SALE. One Shetland filly, /gentle-ra -gar- ./y /r/ii gain. - / BUTTE H. ‘ T IPT0N 1 :/ / T Lathom Height, lots 'are-not- o n l y ‘ ’ • the BEST lots' in Baker; but ¡they/ • :.■ are the cheapest and are;«^/»«^hi»:/>.' •MMit Ur*«.-\ Drop; into/bur/: ofKe and talk.the'matter over., ?- BAKER '.TOWNSITE/.CO/: ■ No/ 3 First/ Street'! S - . : A-v- - ' yC j 5Sl r, \ p v> - > : . r-V.- v* iffe

Fallon County Times (Baker, Mont.), 28 Sept. 1916, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn84036037/1916-09-28/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.