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Coun y VOLUME 100 ISSUE 20 BAKER, MONTANA 59313 k. 18 /A 1 4 fctimes@midrivers.com 406-778-3344 $1.00 FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016 Bill Nelson Dam. fishing on Bowman -Haley Submitted photo TAKE NOTE Candidate forum Baker Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture will host a Candidate Forum Tuesday, May 17.7 p.m. at the Baker Senior Citizen Center. Those invited to the forum are Fal- lon County Commissioner candidates Kevin Dukart, Dave Havens, Randy Menke, Roy Rost; House District #37 Luther Waterland, Bill Harris, Judi Cramer; and Clerk of District Court Jerrie Newell. The public is invited to come and listen to the views of each candidate. After the forum, you may stay for re- freshments and visit with the candi- dates on various issues. Times Office closed The Fallon County Times will be closed Monday, May 30, for Memo- rial Day. Deadline will remain the same, Thesday at 2 p.m. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. RV repair business opens in Baker By Angel Wyrwas What do you do when the oilfield goes bust? Well, if you're Bill Nelson you just reinvent yourself. \I've lived through a couple of these busts,\ laughs Bill. Today he is the owner of Roaming RV Repair, LLC with his wife Dora. \1 figured it would make a pretty good career choice.\ And he was right. Demand is high with an estimated over one million RVs on the road this year and only about 1200 certified technicians throughout the U.S. Bill attended one of only two schools in the U.S. (both are in Florida) to obtain his certification from RV Training Center. \I can do everything except engines and drive trains,\ said Bill. Because he is certified, Bill can do warranty and insurance work. He is also one of a handful of technicians who is certified to plastic weld, and he offers mobile RV service. \If they can't bring it to me, I'll Zombie Fun Run kills it By Angel Wyrwas Everyone knows that The Walking Dead Zom- bies have made AMC even more successful, but who knew it would work so well for fundraising, too? Team Helgoth sure did as they put on a great time for all May 8. The Zombie Fun Run put on in memory of Nick Helgoth as a fundraiser for Luke Gonsioroski, a high school student currently undergoing cancer treatment, was wildly successful. \It exceeded our expec- tations by mountains.\ said Sara Helgmh, coor- dinator for Team Helgoth. The musie..by the Rock Jocks, food, and activ- ities kept everyone alive even though many par: ticipants were dressed as the dead. A dunking booth provided by SADD was quite the hit with participants. Bouncy houses donated by Jumpin' Jacks and a Team Helgoth carnival kept both hu- mans and zombies busy. People tried their skills on a miniature golf course provided by BPA. Girl Scouts made gruesome cupcakes for every- one to enjoy. \We had amazing volunteers in- cluding the Sons of the American Legion.\ said Sara. The actual Zombie Run race had 130 partici- pants. \Before this year we averaged about 40,\ said Sara. There were obstacles along the course and even though it was a bit windy, everyone made it back, some more alive than others. Fol- lowing the race, 25 Spartans ‘k ere auctioned off to the highest bidder. \These guys wanted to do something for their friend,\ said Sara. \It was important to them and a great way to show their Rustad retires after fulfilling career By Angel Wyrwas \I can remember from the time I was in third grade I wanted to be an elementary teacher,\ said Longfellow ele- mentary teacher Jan Rustad. \It was my dream, what I al- ways worked for.\ Growing up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Jan attended her hometown college, Western Michigan Uni- versity, and graduated with a bachelor of arts, elementary education degree. \It was a teachers college,\ recalls Jan. \A lot of people were graduating with teaching degrees and the market was flooded. I had a friend who graduated and JAN RUSTAD took a job at a grocery store because there were no teaching jobs. Well, that wasn't going to be me. I really wanted to teach.\ Jan had read an article her senior year that said rural areas always needed teachers. \I knew 1 would have to move if I was going to get a teaching position. So I got out a map of Montana and sent about 50 applications to all the places that weren't by mountains. interstates. or big cities,\ Jan said. She finally accepted a job from Baker. \I remember arriving and feeling like I had stepped back in time,\ Jan said. \It was so pleasant. You felt safe and protected. There was already violence in bigger cities back then.\ Jan Met her husband at a Bible study after coming to Baker. The next year they were square dancing partners. \I went home on break,\ said Jan, \and told my dad I thought I had met the man I was going to marry even though Allen and I hadn't actually dated yet. Of course. my dad wasn't ready to lose me to Montana forever.\ This month will be the last in Jan's 36 year teaching career. \My favorite things about teach- ing are interacting with the kids, and sharing knowledge. 1 love that light bulb experience when a student has been struggling with something and you help them to make sense of it,\ said Jan. And she knows children say the funniest things. Jan shared this anecdote. \One day a boy said, 'there's something I've been wondering about for a long time. When Jesus lived on earth, what country did he live in?\ I responded, \Israel\. Ile said, \Well. I know lie's real, but what country was Ile from?\ One memory Jan has of teaching was the blizzard of 1978. \I got pretty bored with staying in my little basement apartment and staring at the four walls, so 1 decided to go out and hike the two blocks to Lincoln School. I had to climb a huge drift to get in to the front door and then slid down the other side,\ said Jan. \I remember that I didn't stay and work very long - SEE RUSTAD, PAGE 7 go to them,\ said Bill. \There is a large territory in eastern Montana that needs this service.\ As if one new business wasn't enough, Bill and Dora have taken on another project. \We fell into it really,\ said Dora. \We called Bow- man -Haley Campground to get a reservation for Memorial Day and found out there was no one to manage the campground. It was good timing because we were in the middle of a house deal in Florida to start the business there.\ \I said right away we'd take the camp- ground,\ stated Bill. Bowman -Haley Dam is under the purview of the Army Corps of Engineers, and mainte- nance of the area falls to the Bowman County Water District. \We will be the concession- aires,\ explained Dora. Bowman-Ifaley sports 1740 acres of water, at least ten species of fish, 45 electrical camping spots, numerous primitive camp sites, a marina, mini store/tackle shop, and a restaurant. Dora was born in Cuba and i aised in the San Francisco Bay area and is excited to offer some different foot' fare We plan on serving the traditional steAlii,WW 111C1Ill Mid I plan on adding some of the dishes I gt-ss np with. We are going to introduce sonic ittei cut flavors you don't find much up tutu.in said Dora. Both Dora and Bill hove cooked profession- ally and truly enjoy it Bill added. The campground is booked from HOW until August, but then' are ahvays cancellations so if people want to come they should definitely call.\ They plan on opening the campground by May 13. maybe sooner. Roaming RV Repair can be contacted at 406-978-4280 or the office at 406-978-3280. For questions and reset at it regarding Bowman -II r the marina at 701-275-6316. Zombie Girl Scouts made gruesome cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. Photo by Sawn Schermele support.\ Most of the Spartans weie wearing their Luke Strong t -shirts and shoved heads. \Luke's teammates put this lundrar.er its it the top!\ said Sara. \Just the Spartan auction irsell t ai,ed '.a),;70.\ said Sara. and including the auction numbers. SEE ZOMBIE FUN RUN, PAGE 7 Hansen ready to begin a new adventure By Angel Wyrwas \My life has been a series of experiences that just hap petted,\ said Longfellow Elementary teacher Brenda I Iaiiscuu - I did not plan it this way to get het e today. I love that poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken. \INvo roads diverged in a wood. and 1,1 took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.' I feel like that is the road to this life I took.\ Brenda Hansen will retire this school year from a 45 year teaching career. 35 of those years spent in Baker Schools. She grew up in Glendive and first attended Glendive Junior Col- lege. Brenda later transferred to Eastern Montana College in Billings now MSI where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. After graduation she applied to ale,' schools for a position in elementary education. \I interviewed in another small town, was offered the job, even signed the contract to be a sixth grade teacher.\ recalled Brenda. \but this was 45 years ago and things were different. When a man came available for the position, the school had lost my contract.\ A friend of Brenda's was heading to Glasgow for a teaching interview and asked if she wanted to ride along. \I was sitting in the hallway waiting and the principle asked me ill wanted to interview for a position too,\ said Brenda. \I did and I got the job.\ She signed a contract for $6,600 per year and spent the next 6 years in Glasgow teaching 4th and 6th grades. \The Air Force base and their school opened back up in (lasgow,\ said Brenda. \so I moved there and started teaching. 1 remember wanting to go overseas since I was very little. I was encouraged by some military friends to apply to the overseas teaching program. 1 received a job offer from the Dept. of Defense for a base in Germany and a marriage proposal the same day.\ Brenda accepted the teaching position and was off to Germany. Sembach Air Force Base was Brenda's home from 1977 — 1981. \I saw the world on week- ends and vacations.\ said Brenda. \1 was one of the last to climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I saw the Pope one Easter. I saw one of Yul Brynner's last performances of The King and I. and I went to the top of Ilider's Eagles Nest with a former SS soldier.\ \One of my favorite experiences during that time was a happenchance meeting on the Span- ish Steps of Rome, Italy,\ said Brenda. \A friend and I were visiting there when a man asked me where in the midwest I was from. Ile had heard my accent, which I didn't k iii isv I had. His SEE HANSEN, PAGE 7 BrIENDA HANSEN i , t1+ wit r swi) in for a ( ;mat Meal! Steak & Shrimp Skover'' 311 BRINK SWIMS FRIDAY & SATURDAY LIVE POK Visit Ofir Website a1 www.EillonConntyExtra.com

Fallon County Times (Baker, Mont.), 13 May 2016, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn84036037/2016-05-13/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.