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4 - FALLON COUNTY TIMES FRIDAY, JULY 8,2016 Parents play a major role in the prevention of underage drinking State health officials are encouraging parents to talk to their children about the dangers of substance abuse. According to Vicki Turner of the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) Prevention Resource Center, studies show that parental disapproval of under- age drinking is the number one reason youth chose not to drink. \Teens do listen to their parents,\ Turner said, \and they listen to their par- ents more than anyone else, including their friends. That's why it's so important that parents know this information, and then take action to start the conversation now. As a parent, stay involved because you do make a difference.\ One recent survey showcases a positive trend. In Montana, youth are reporting more parents having discussions with them about the dangers of any sub - McDonald Caremobile offering free children's dental care Miles City - Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation, in col- laboration with the Ronald McDonald Caremobile, will hold free dental clinics for children July 11-13, 2016 at Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City. A no appointment necessary clinic will be held July 11 from noon - 5 p.m. with refreshments and treats donated by McDonald's. Scheduled appointments are available now July 12-13 for children ages 1-17 by calling 1-866-822-1411. Children en- rolled in Healthy Montana Kids, Medicaid, or those with- out dental insurance may par- ticipate in the program. Dental assistants, dental hygienists and a certified dentist will be -providing complete dental care (except orthodontia) to children. The Holy Rosary Founda- tion, through the financial sup- port of donors, provides complete dental services for youth living in the Miles Cithy area. Free dental care has been provided by the Foundation to over 1,700 children since the program started in 2005. Ac- cording to census data, ap- proximately 74 percent of children in Montana are with- out dental insurance. Connect with your community VOLUNTEER! stances, at 42 percent in 2014, which is up from 38 percent in 2012. However, for this trend to continue, parents need to remain vigilant, especially when it comes to talking to their children about under- age drinking. Recent survey information shows that alcohol remains the number one drug of abuse for Montana's youth. The most re- cent Montana Prevention Needs Assess- ment Survey found 15.6 percent of 8th graders, 36.2 percent of ICith graders, and 51.1 percent of 12th graders had used al- cohol within the past 30 days. That's why it's vital to start the conversation early with teens about not using alcohol at an early age, Turner stresses. Vital 'conver- sation starter' information is readily available online at: tatp://parentpower.mt.gov/resources.sht ml Turner states that a majority of parents don't start talking to their teen about not drinking alcohol until 10th grade, but that is two years too late. \Most parents are unaware of their child's alcohol use,\ she said. \They think, 'not my kid'. Par- ents first must open up the lines of com- munication with their children well before high school, which can often lead to a greater chance of them making healthy decisions.\ DPHHS reminds Montanans May 16- 21 is National Prevention Week. National Prevention Week is an annual health ob- servance dedicated to increasing public awareness of, and action around, mental and substance use disorders and the im- portance of primary prevention. To keep informed about this and other public health topics, consider subscribing to DPHHS Health in the 406 messages by going to www.healthinthe4136.mt.gov Mid -Rivers to focus on expanding rural broadband access In a long-awaited order with roots in 2009's \National Broadband Plan,\ the Federal Communications Commis- sion (FCC) on March 31, 2016, adopted significant re- forms to the Universal Service Fund support program for rural telephone and Internet providers. The purpose of the new regulatory framework, which impacts several compa- nies in Montana including Mid -Rivers Telephone Coop- erative, Inc., is to \preserve and advance\ voice and broadband service in rural areas. The FCC will provide about $20 billion to the nation's rural providers over the next ten years targeted to the rural areas most in need of the money. According to informa- tion released by the FCC, there are 7,757 homes and businesses in the Mid -Rivers service area that do not have any access to true broadband speeds, and that are also too costly to serve without sup- port which makes them eligi- ble for the new program. In return for receiving Fed- eral support, which is funded by telephone customers na- tionwide, Mid -Rivers will be required to meet various broadband deployment re- quirements over the ten-year period. The Cooperative will also need to charge monthly broadband service rates to customers in these regulated rural areas that are based on the FCC's urban rate survey, which determines both mini- mum and maximum rates that are \reasonably comparable\ to those available in cities. The estimated cost of the re- quired fiber construction in the Mid -Rivers area is well in excess of $100 Million. The final support amount that will be available to the company is not yet known; rural compa- nies will be working through a support election process with the FCC in the coming months to determine the final dollar amounts that will be made available. \This new program should finally allow Mid -Rivers to make some real progress in building essential broadband services to our Cooperative members,\ stated General Manager Michael Candelaria. \But it is going to require a fo- cused approach, the most effi- cient use of our limited labor resources, and sticking to a logical construction plan. The build -out obligations are a big deal and we have to be able to meet them.\ Mid -Rivers recently an- nounced related plans to turn off cable television services in several small rural towns in preparation for these major regulatory changes. Impacted customers in Baker, Bloom- field, Circle, Ekalaka, Fallon, Lambert, Richey, Roundup, Savage, Terry, West Glendive, West Sidney and Wibaux re- ceived a letter notifying them that cable television services will no longer be provided after November 30, 2016. The letters also stated: \Mid -Rivers was founded as a telephone cooperative in 1952 to provide essential communications services that were not available from any other company. Today, the new essential service for busi- ness, healthcare and education that only Mid -Rivers is able to adequately provide to mem- bers is broadband Internet over fiber. We have developed Timed Online Only Auction 634+- Acre Twin Creeks Ranch Fallon County, Montana The seller is moving out of state and has commissioned us to sell the beautiful 634+- acre Twin Creeks Ranch for the Eugene Moser Estate at public auction. Beautiful Home - Machine Shed - Barns - Grain Bins - Hay land - Grazing- Stock ponds Pipelined water tanks - Trees - Clean productive ranch that is close to town. Only $100/acre Suggested Starting Bid!! 50 North Mesita Road, Fallon County, Montana Lots Start Closing August 4 • 6 p.m. Online Bidding Opens July II Property Tour Dates: July 16 & July 24 • 2:00 p.m. IRO KINSEY AUCTIONEERS & REAL ESTATE Buy at Your Price! Bid Online Only at www.kinseyauction.coin 406-772-5812 a long-term plan to bring fiber to our members, but it will take many years and require our unwavering attention. These changes will allow Mid - Rivers to focus on our core mission of delivering high quality and steadily improving phone and Internet services to your community and other Cooperative members.\ Other small cable TV sys- tems in Ryegate, Lavina, and surrounding rural areas were turned down last year, and the Jordan system is scheduled for turndown May 31. In total. less than 2,000 customers across all of these areas were still subscribing to cable tele- vision services, which have been largely replaced by Inter- net video and satellite TV op- tions in recent years. The Cooperative is working with Eagle Satellite, a Montana company, to insure that ade- quate television service op- tions are made available to residents prior to the Novem- ber turndown date. PUGS Honor Roll Eastern Star Chapter #60 of Baker provided outstanding third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students with a certificate, a magnet, and GETIM Here gift certificate as part of a program to recognize academic achievement. To qualify for the Pull Up Grades (PUGS) honor roll, a stu- dent must bring up one class grade one level without going down in any other subject. Students with perfect grades can qualify if they maintain their outstanding performance. Forty-seven students qualified for the PUGS honor roll for the third quarter. Third grade: Emily Burdick, Kimber Custer, Chance Follmer, Austin Gaub, Kayl Hadley, Jimmy Miller, Ava Sheldon, Bodee Swans, Taiklyn Wyrick. Chase Follmer, Hope Gonsioroski, Kane Olsen, Brendon Reetz, Sydnee Lawlar, Zander Rost, Walter West. Fourth grade: Kailynn Gaub, Hawkin Hall, Conrad Hess, Riley Lutts, Riley Williams, Mallory Varner, Saraya Afrank, Riley Davis, River Emigh, Quinn Griffith. Jaron Lingle, Jessica Stark, Chloee Thurlow, Raquel Tron- mad. Fifth grade: Ethan Gundlach, Walker Hadley, Desiree Hester, Codi Melton, Bryant O'Connor, Kendall Shepherd, Jacey Gorder, Harlee Graham, Parker Helgoth, Owen Stieg. Sixth grade: Daylee Hanson, Ashlyn Lutts, Emily Shumaker, Sayge Barkley, Shianne Beach, Maria Moser, Anika Ploeger. LICENSED & INSURED GENERAL CONTRACTOR tateedigr owned and operated right here In *whew, Montana BM Sx r MIN BARNS Plaza Did YOU know we ALSO do • Roofs • Siding • Windows • Garages • Shops • Decks (406) 651-1941 Call Thad Dellahr to ultedale an appointment WWW • BIGSKY IVI 1 NI BARNS•COM 15% Protein Calf Creep at 0 Beach Coop - Baker! 0 For Pick Up or Delivery!! * Stretch Your Pasture * Wean Heavier Calves * Increase Cow Condition =oar Maximize Your Herds Potential With Creep Feed!! ii i Stephanie Steffes: 778-2226 (office) for all your feed needs! PUBLIC The Fallon County Commission ning Department Fee Schedule July 11, 2016. The changes the revenue and the costs and permits. NOTICE will be discussing with the following that are being proposed associated with the Existing Fees $300.00 amending the Plan- changes on Monday, are to balance following applications Proposed 11-17 $450.00 Floodplain 1 Floodplain Permit Floodplain Permit Agricultural $250.00 $250.00 Floodplain Permit Boat Dock or Ramp $250.00 $300.00 Floodplain Permit Extension $100.00 $150.00 Floodplain Appeal or Variance Request $500.00 $750.00 Site Visit for A or D Zones $100.00 $250.00 After the Fact Permit $750.00 $1,000.00 After the Fact Permit with Variance $1,500.00 $2,000.00 Emergency Permit $400.00 $400.00 Stibdivislon Pre -Application Major Subdivisions N/A 5450.00 Minor Subdivisions N/A $300.00 Preliminary Plat Major Subdivision $1,000.00 • $75.00/lot $4,000.00 . S150.00/lot First Minor Subdivision %WOO + $75.00/lot $2,000.00 • $150.00/lot Subsequent Minor Subdivision $1,000.00 • $75.00/ lot $2,500.00 « 5150.00/lot Material Amendments Material Amendments Prior to Planning Board Hearing 30% of original fee 50% of original fee Material Amendments, After Planning Board Prior to Commissioners decision. 50% of original fee 75% of original fee Material Amendments, First Minor Subdivision prior to Commissioners Decision 30% of original fee 403, of original fee Review of Material Changes to an approved Preliminary Plat. 75% of original fee 100% of original fee Final Plat Major Subdivision $500.00 + $30.00/lot $1,000.00 4 $100.00/lot Subsequent Minor Subdivision $500.00 + $30.00/lot $1,000.00 • $100.00/lot First Minor Subdivision $300.00 • $30.00/lot $750.00 * $100.00/tot General Subdivision Subdivision Variance 5250.00/Variance Requested $450.00 /Variance Reque',t Subdivision improvements Agreement $200.00 $350.00 _ Preliminary Plat Extension $150.00 5150.00 Buildings For Lease or Rent (BUR) BLR Review ' S1,500.00 • /).00 , b1HL,11 $500.00 . $50.00/Building Miscellaneous Conservation Easement Review $15 - 6:00 $200.00 Exemption Review (S76-3-201 or 207) $200.00 $200.00 Zoning Workforce Housing Zoning Text Amendment $250.00 • 540.00/Building $500.00 51,00600 • 575.00/fInil , 11 , $1,500.00 Examining Land Surveyor Certificate of Survey/Amended Plat $150.00 $450.00 Minor Subdivision $150.00 $450.00 Major Subdivision $150.00 $600.00 MNAXLF

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