The Basin Progress (Basin, Mont.) 1896-1904, February 20, 1904, Image 2

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I It is obvious yates expedition over executed by ® her enemy holds oyu ean ¢ 5 , * roe SUMMARY OF WAR , ¥ JAPANESE HAVE MUCH THE BEST : ae » | Om the other hand, the OF BATTLES THUS FAR. ‘and admirable judgment © , ) have crippled Russia to 1 an at that she will find it | | sible to prevent the landing of a pow-| Spokane’ ee erful hostile enemy. It is believed the} Their Shipe—Japs Land Large Force) _ 0 ¢5 267, according to coniaeens 3-aa ot ~ _at Dainy, Center of Russia's Com-| made by. the publishels” That prevallea fo South “ae -— | imerce in Manchuria—Port Arthur rectory for Spolyae., It is my firm tonviction that Russia] Sealed Up by J will sustain a defeat on landquite as; sy atte” serious as that we have’heen led to believé she has suffered on the sea, oo FST T > « @& Review ‘of Happenings in Both Eastern and Western Hemispheres During the Past. Week—National, Historical, Political and Personal Events Tersely Told. Russia’s Navy Chief Goes to Seat of War—Uncle Sam's Neutrality—Japs Say Report of Torpedos Sinking— Telegraph Wires Cut—British Send Troops to Canada. , ers was convicted of the murder of her husband last August. George P. Davis, a former tax col- lector of Carlisle, Mass., is under ar- rest in Los Angeles, on an indictment issued at Carlisle, charging him witb embezzling $1,900 of the city’s funds. W. A. McCowen, the defaulting sec- retary of the University of California, St. Petersburg.—Rear Admiral Ro- jesvenski, chief of the general staff of che navy, leaves here for the far east February. 16. ; Philippines Warned, ' Washington.—The entire text of the president’s neutra.ity proclamation In a fire which started over the jew- elry store of Bloomfield Bros., at Mon- treal, two men and a woman were oe burned to death. Six others were res- . cued in a serious condition and remov- ed to a hospital. The American National bank of | London, Feb. 15.—The Daily Mail’s|ty roads. 4 % Port Arthur correspondent says: Two members of the small Japanese { state that the Jap-|colony ‘at Tekoa belonging to the re- my, and under the conditions that Wil) anese landed 600 soldiers near.Talien-|serve force of their native country, prevail in the approaching wan with disastrous results, 410 being| have received notice to! return. | mobility is likely to be d g factor. “War is always so -unice sabered by Cossacks. The remainder| J. C. Ireland, who was wanted in escaped to their ships. It is further Lincoln county for forgery, and who ~ ee St Syracuse, N. Y. has been closed by National Bank Examiner Joseph Van Rankin No statement of the bank’s condition has been given ont. has been sentenced to six years and 11 months in San Quentin prison. HOLDUP IN SAN FRANCISCO. was transmitted to the Philippines. this was done at great expense, for the reason that the Philippines prob- ably would be the most likely scene of. breaches of neutrality, owing to that one hesitates to predict, but at the present moment it seems that ey- erything favors the eventual. triumph of the Japanese, 2 44 stated that the Japanese Dove bay, where 30 of them were ed_and.the remainder retreated.” landed at| was recently captured Ly ‘he sheriff kill-|of Kittitas county in Ellensburg, has been identified by his alleged victims. The Daily Telegraph’s Shanghai cor-| Senator Foster will endeavor to ‘se- respondent says it is reported that the cure an appropriation of $90,000 for Japanese have bombarded Dalny and pnilding a bridge across the Spokane landed niarines. river near Fort Wright. Hand to Hand Fight. J. 8. Mount, for 28 years a resident Chetoo, Feb. 15—It is reported that! of Cheney, is dead from the effeots of s 12,000 Japaneses troops were landed carbuncle. ' : A a at Dove bay last Wednesday morning,| There has been a rapid increase in and that they were met by the Rus- the number of prisoners st the state ans, who exfgaged them in a hand to| Penitentiary within the past t w o hand fight. The report says the Jap-, months. - The total-is 670. anese were driven back. It is also re-|. From eight toten miles of Walla ported that Japanese troops have been Walla streets will be macadamized landed 40 miles further. west. this year. Work will be started within Landing Troops Near Dalny. the next few weeks. Pekin, Feb. 15.—It is reported here| The Colfax schools are crowded at that the Japanese have been success- present. . ful in their efforts to destroy the rail-| The heaviest storm of the last ten way communication of the’ Russians| years raged over lower Puget. Sound between Port Arthur and Viadivostoek, | Friday and Saturday. and havé landed 6000 troops near Dal-|' The business men of Wenatchee are ny, to the eastward of Port Arthur. Thé| ysing every effort to secure the est railway from Port Arthur to, Vladivo- ee of-a sugar beet factory. 3 stok has been dynamited, rendering it useless. It is the evident intention of eae ee — the troops landing near Dalny to blow ; ting hom nes up the small line connecting the lat- that can be found in the country, . ter place with Port Arthur. If this is ae state board of control has .ap- successfully accomplished it will be a| P° a its: secretary. Charles. A. severe blow to Russian interests in rw een oe Mr._Burr succeeds Manchuria, as Dalny has been laid out|~* \\* rant, who resigned Feb. 1. with idea of making it the center of| Governor McBride has paroled Rein- Russian commercial activity in Man-|hold Harras, convicted of cattle steal- churia. All telegraph wires bet m| ing and sentenced to-four years in the Vladivostok and Port Arthur have bpen penitentiary. He had a few months cut by the Japanese. ’ more to serve. . - =. Pigeon_BayEngagement.._____| _4- W. Morrison, the life insurance London, Feb, 15.—The ‘Times’ Wel peer ghana a ae a Hai Wei correspondent says that on a ; the morning of February 10 the Jap- bie sang ag eating and. novel anese occupied Ching Haia Wen, a Rus- gets three years, SN sian coaling station, close to Masam- Friday was observed as a-holiday in pho. beg the state of = ee it being, the anniversary of the birth of Abraham Eleven Ships Damaged. Lincoln. Only six other states have a Chefoo, Feb. 16.—It is stated that'11| made February.12 a legal holiday. They | ussian ships were damaged in the re-| are { linois, Minnesotg, New Jersey, cent engagement at Port Arthur. The) New York, Pennsylvania. and Wyom- whole fleet has moved into the inner| ing. ? wae harbor. The latest town to be designated On vine American stoner Fisiades| no Stevens county map is Jerome, | situated at a point formerly-knawn as Port Arthur by the Russian authorities. | mipow, on the Columbia river, and jn has arrived here, having left quietly : é % the extreme southwest corner of the ee Sree ! county, just north of the Spokane In- Third Attack on Port. Arthur. eS Bot dian reservation. Tientsin, Feb. 13.—Reports ‘have| Isabelle “Miller has ‘purchased for reached here of a further naval action | $22,000: cash, 600 actes of fafm jant off Port Arthur. Before dawn Thurs-| lying near Waitsburg, of Mrs.’ Hen- day two Japanese warships appeared | rietta Stone, one of the pioneer women off Port Arthur and opened fire with | of the country.- The land is considered shélls. The Russian batteries com-|one of the best farms in the county. menced a reply and the squadron; A movement of wheat has been in moved out and also opened fire. The} progress for several-days at Walla Japanese vessels retired, fighting a8/ Walla, and a number of heavy holders they went, but’ one, the-name of which have, sold most of their 1903 crop. It is unknown, was sunk.. The Japanes¢|is estimated that fully 135,000 bushels. fleet arrived in time to reinforce the ‘ 5 The adjutant general’s office in Den- ver, has received word from fhe war department that an allottment of ati nearly $250,00 has been made for the re: reconstruction of the Whipple bar- racks, in Arizona. “Automobiles will soon be taking the place of wagons on many farms in the United States and Canada,” Geclared {saac B.. Potter, president of the Am- erican Motor league, before a banquet Bs of the league at a Chicago hotel re- ? cently. a * Friday, Linooln’s birthday, was ob- served for the first time in Colorado. In Denver, banks were closed and echools dissmissed after commemorat- ive exercises. A wastbound Great Northern passen- ger train backed into the rear of a freigth train at Pennok, Minn. Ed- ward Heffner and a Mr. Hansome of Minneapolis, were killed. Two other passengers were seriously-bruised. Al! were passengers in the caboose. Borglars blew open the safe of the Molsons bank at Aylemer, Ont., and _gtole $15,000. They also blew open the -gafe of the private bank of James Man- ro, at Embro, securing a large sam of money. - A street car at Paduch, Kansas, filled with passengers was struck by @ passenger train and 18 passengers ‘were injured. one fatally. The motor- man, it is said, trie to beat the train to the crossing, despite the protests and shouts of the passengers. While experimenting with gasoline and volatile chemicals in an endeavor Be to perfect an invention, A. J. Brunson, i. _ president of the First National bank | “~~ qf Plainfield, N. J., has lost the sight e _ of both eyes, , Pe William Miller, known all over the west as ‘‘Dad’’ Miller, and probably ke the oldest engineer in service in the ae Uoited States, has been crushed to Meath under his engine while making eS repairs. He was employed by the Rio a Grande road at Leadville, Col. The et ewitch crew ran some cars against the 3 engine and the wheels passed over * Miller’s body, killing him instantly. ES Miller began railroading 52 yeras ago qn the Reading. The United States navy collier Nero “Was rammed by the gunboat Concord, ‘@m the harbor at Panama recently. The injuries sustained by the collier : ‘were so serious that she had to be beached. The Concord was not in- d . jured. United States Minister, Powell re- Gambling Club Robbed of Thousands SENATOR HANNA DYING. f of Dollars. : San Francisco.—Five masked men entered the,Colonial club, a resort fre- quented by leading sporting men in this city. ents While one remained on guard, the others broke into the clubroom and rounded up the inmates, who were lin- ed up against the wall with their hands down. They were then relieved of their valuables. ‘ From J. Schriber they took $200 in coin, and from John ‘Lyons $296-in gold and a diamond stud and ring. Clarence Waterhouse forfeited $1,000 in coin and a diamond valued at $1,000. Perry Quill gave up a diamond stud and ring, value unknown; W. Eng- strom, $300 and a diamond ring, and Russ Flint $50 in' gold and a diamond ring. The keys of the bank were taken from Joe Harlanjoe,-and from it the robbers got $5,000 in gold coin. The victims were then bound hand and foot and laid face downward up- on the floor, two of the robbers being left in charge of them until the rest} ” of the band had sufficient time to get away in safety. They then extin- guished the lights and made good their escape. No trace of the thieves has been so far obtained. ° their contiguity to the scene of war. Japan Sends Denials. The Japanese minister at Washing- ton has received a cable from his government officially denying the re- port that four Japanese torpedo boats nad been sunk in the Port Arthur at- tack. All Hope for the Ohioan’s Recovery re Has Gone. Washington, Feb. 15.—4;45 a. m.— All the members of Senator Hanna's family have been summoned to the bedside. The end is near. Washington, Feb. 14—At 8:35 p. m. it was announced that all hope of Senator Hanna’s recovery has gone. Mr. Dover, his ‘secretary, stated that there i8 no chance for: life. “It is just a matter of temporary improvement,” he said. The doctors, however, are not preparing for. imme- diate dissolution. IDAHO NEWS. More sidewalks are to be iaid at Har- rison immediately. Charley Brickell of Spirit Lake has been arrested and fined $50 and costs for alleged violation of the Idaho game law. ‘ A -large Swedish immigration, . di- rect from the mother country, is ex- pected to the Troy section in the com- ing spring. Cut All the Wires. Chefoo.—Land telegraphs have been cut by the Japanese in north and south Seoul. Both powers are endeavoring to seal ub all medns of communica- tion. Correspondents’ dispatch boats at various ports are being held up by both Russian and Japanese. Feeiing is intensified by the tact that a vessel loaded with foreign refugees has been fired on, five Chinese being killed. Kansas Russians Scared, Hays City, Kan.—There are hun- dreds of Russians in this county who pow seek naturalization papers to avoid taking any chances of being compelled to return to their native jand to be drafted in the army. Will It Be General? Chicago.—“It is extremgly Brobable A Short Line train Sunday struck that the United States and each of the ® man‘ walking on the track near great powers, wil do actual fighting Cleaff, west of Boise and killed him before this war is over. ‘The United | instantly. oars > States has taken,a strong and cour- Houseboating promises to be a sum- __ ageols position,” said Dr. Tokiochi mer diversion that will attract many BLAME FOR CLALLAM WRECK.” | Yienga, formerly -a secretary-in-the for- Spokane people to Lake Coeur d’Alene _—_——_— .. eign department of Japan. He has this year. Sinking of Boat Lue to Negligence of| just completed a series of lectures in| The Sandpoint military company is Chief Engineer. hicago under the auspices of the Uni-| considering plans for a building to be Seattle.—The decision of, the marine -¥ersity of Chicago. He continued: used as an armory anu general hall for board of inquiry, which sat upon the} «,}) along I have been saying that! public meetings. , Clallam disaster case, handed down] (ne United States and England shoul’! Fire has totally destroyed the oil- recently, lays the chief blame for the] join with Japan in settling this dis- house of the Northern Pacific company disaster upon Chief Engineer De Lau-| pute. The United States has done just near Wallaze. The building contained nay, charging him with neglect and in-| what Japan wanted. President Roose- about 250 gallons of oil. The cause of competency. Captain Roberts is cet-| veit-and Secretary Hay, by proposing the blaze is unknown. sured for not having an officer of the|(¢ ‘limit the question, have taken a| 4 deed of the transfer of 1120 ship im the sécond and third boats that! very strong stand. The only way tO) of timber lands from the SGietnaker thes were launched, and for not giving ex-| prevent a general war, in which all the! cigc railway to the Edward Rutledge plicit orders to the captain of the Hol-' nations would be fighting, Would be to| timber. company for $10,080 has yoke to take the ship to the nearest] carry out the proposal which has been] gjeq with the ae county dieu shelter. made by the United States.” : ie The officers of the tugboats Holyoke Great Britain Active. ‘The cae oy Sk te ie ait and Sea Lion are highly complimented for their share in the work of rescuing| The British government is making to the state treasurer by county treas- the passengers of the Clallam. inquiries concerning facilities for quar-| urer Hastings, this being the amount De Launay’s license is revoked and tering in Canada seven regiments’ of collected in Nez Perce county for fish- the license of Captain Roberts is sus-'‘roops in addition to those already} ing and hunting license during 1903. pended for one year. The decision| ‘here during the war in the east. There were 703 fish and game licenses is signed by Bion B. Whitney, in spect- interests All Europe. issued. or of hulls, and, Robert A. Turner, in-| The St. Petersburg correspondent of) F. H. Newell, chief engineer of the spector of boilers. the London Telegraph, already quoted | United States reclamation service, who as having cabled that he had informa-|has retarned from an extended trip CAPTURE TWO HIGHWAYMEN.|tion on “unimpeachable authority for ee weit, eags1s is doubesel = — a ie or Their Arrest’ and Confession Ex- stating - that it the fortunes of ‘War cdeentie der the reclamation act . prove ‘adverse to Russia, a diversion honorates Several Suspac:s. which may lead to far reaching re- than does the state of Idaho. Spokare, Feb. 15.—By the dramatic Domingo, that it was reported in the sults is confidently expected from Ger- Sunday night Arthur Raird of Pull- have changed hands within the. past r capital that a fierce battle had been arrest and confession of the real rob- many,” further says: ~ man knocked out Jack Carell of Buf-|Temaining vessel, and a general action | week. 3 . + fought in Sanches and a great many bers Sunday, it was proven that young) «,iready proposals are affirmed to falo in the fourth round after one of| began in which the Russian squadron| Academy Emanuél and all its con- q people killed. s Freeman James, grandson of the late have been made by .the chief of that the most interesting. and cxciting suffered serious damage and was tents burned at Pasco Saturday morn- ne . epee Seek. be banker, S. S. Glidden, had nothing tO). 0+. which, if accepted, will consider fights seen in Harrison section of forced to retreat into the harbor, Re-|ing.. The fire was caused by a gas Speyer a tn — + have go with holding up W. W. Kay. Le) 411, complicate matters. The German|the state. Baird is a heavyweight and|Ports vary some in detail.. It is be-|explosion. Thirty-two people were in ‘ contracted oan eee aol Burns, ‘a young gasfitter, 26 years government will support Russia dip-|had to knock Carell out in 10 rounds| lieved, however, that several. Russian | the building. All were saved. The * —. or ie rotage ; ar on old, and William vg ee, age¢| matically if ay action is taken to|to get the decision. ships are ashore or sunk. building originally eost $18,000. There cent. above the minimem. * per 19, are booked at the police station O\| ing the alleged evacuation of Wel| There is « big gathering of Indians Jap Scouts off Inkau. was partial insurance. | ° ial counsel for the New York Central charges of “highway robbery, and Burns has confessed to ten holduyps, including some of which the police had Hai Wei before The Hague tribunal. Germany's fixed resolution is to bring at Potlatch Junction, who are - an the last big dance of the win- St. Petersburg, Feb. 15.—Major Gen- eral Pflug wires that according to F. W. Dennis, an Oakesdale farmet, was knocked down and‘tobbed of $100 - by Spokane recently, about 9. o'clock at night. Every evidence points to the crime having beencom- mitted by men who came in on the O. R. &N. train with Mr. Dennis. private advice the Japanese, after the battle. of Chem landed _. 19,000 troops. Gommunication by wireless telegraphy has been established with Chemulpo and Chefoo by ships sta- back Russia’s friendship, but the pro- posals which have emanated from Ber- ter. About 90 bucks are enagged in the dance during the night and in lin are definite and concrete, and if gambling during the daytime. The aécepted are likely to interest Europe dance will probably be concluded this more keenly in the far eastern war.” week. néver feard. One of the holdups ad- mitted by Burns and Hoffman have ex- honorated Al Arneson and Leitch, who have played baseball in many of ‘The state bank examiner is tempora-| the surrounding towns. American Boat Detained. It is reported that Oscar Hogan, of | tioned between these two places. - Water power of the Spokane river is ily in charge. icuer ame:Sane ou Washington.—The state department |\°*\ Park, has about completed a deal| All is quiet at Port Arthur. _ to be developed by a new company gt, Louise Wittiom J. Lemp, propri-/as directed: Minister McCormick 40] Drisccn riage, There novia oem 19,000 JAPS LANDED. | Seeiete pooer’ sexSiSieto Nehte te : eto of the Lemp Brewing company, ask the Russian government at St. m4 \s : Spokane and other poipta.of the inland Petersburg for an explanation of the b committed suicide at his residence on en compulsory detention in the harbor South Bighth street by ‘shooting him- ; &@ point about 25 miles ee ee *. self in the temple. He died an hour Port Arthur of the American steam- St. Petersburg, Feb. 15.—-A_ com- page ont wena eon pally 3 oe @e J ay ae jater. Depression over: the death of| Ship Pleiades, which conveyed ® C8FEO! 314 to be $5,000. Cedar Shingie neralJesse M. Lee, Briga- of flour to that place from Honolulu : received, confirms the report of his favorite son, Fred Lemp, three ; ”“aier General Wint and Colonel Girard hostilities. Sandpoint sportsmen got a and the leading wholesale.s erick | Just before the outbreak of hor landing of ‘19,000 Japanese troops : of the medioal corps. eer ee as A Rete Maeca| It ts assumed that the vessel is & ee mene, net Ghometpe. ‘The viewsy a0th that ~ oian Ganesan aamee James Britt and Young Corbett have lieved to ha been the cause for| ‘ined for strategical purposes, ee ports have been received of attempts)... ‘ s , @igned articles to fight March 81, an- oa act. “= naval officets point out that her de of Helena and “Silent” Rowan. The/ i out the telegraph werbets, its shingles through the =, Ger the same conditions as their prev-| Mr, Lemp, who was 68 years old and parture at this time might enable the a native of Germany, has lived in St. Japanese to* learn important facts Louis for 48 years. He stood high in| ®bout the condition of affairs at Port Arthur, i ’ business and goolal circles and was hn & hhly estimated that ample boy and handed himi a which called Rowan to dreamland leading insurance companies outside | reputed to be a millionaite. ~” some minute® - ~ ‘ “a demurrage would be from $100 to $200 \ by at * coteociginariinangaant , 7 : of Baltimore places the figures at $85, ns Sean e dag. depending apn the vues we], Anires Jackson Goosic, who as en = . the wenaél's retera Gitets > fa March 13. ; ~-Gopenhagen, Denmark.—The British government bas inquired if the Danish | government is prepared to defend - mark’s neutrality, especially the portant sea routes. Denmark r open tama. British Jovfut. i - London.—The end of the first week in effect: | - “We will defend ourselves.” construction placed on this {n-

The Basin Progress (Basin, Mont.), 20 Feb. 1904, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.