Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, August 14, 1885, Image 2

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p p ‘- m Iouldrr. ”MC-1‘0\!“ liouhlt-r. P. c. M Boulder. _ than” 6. Warner. Bouldc-r. M7. 1. man-m Rndershurg. - Bchudfl 5'. I. Ml-hor. \l'hltvbnll. M ”1‘1. Att‘y 1690. 1\. (‘IM an. llouldrr. I “1 l2. I'm... ..m-uvmu , (Mantis-lanvrs - 11. .‘.l. .lt-flria- . Boulder. w. ti. Pom-ll. Boulder.' FALI'TA'IUIH'. \\'.~ an- Iu-n-f “v l!‘l\'l‘ ulnv 1r» Nev. :1m!‘.“(- llll'zlll lruhinr» . . ——-h_———— h In :lfN'riit d llzuv l):.'.‘<- la t1u~ 19.410\: . li‘..‘.'. than from l.4~':.l\.. ()n-r flutlulll lu-r month in the W 2:11]. rind Izlon' 1:12' ' ’-'- i'l’lilll'W-{l tin-ri- t‘H‘Zl in ii. llizlm- in»! tll|.\‘-‘- Irr- paid l'l'.‘ llm IIIZII'S sun-u: rain”: to mom for \vrgvu. —— (ill\lil:.\l. .‘IIIJHIA‘. my 51m: (innit nhunld LmI- \\ritll'n1;i~lumi. 7lrl>>ln -.~ liln'.‘ lwc-ntv w-nr. :Ig-I, \-.'1~Z!.~ lu- v..-v It will Inm-t with mun- an than if it lilltllrl\‘ll\\'rlll\llif .II: I‘nrlio-r ll“ InigLi l!l:tl;1' 5-1 In 1.0 :lli' “11'” auxin-n ~ll lunw-un‘. l1I:- 0 I111 nun I \\ I:l. 1w 1-. gr ll in turn L'\ 1,:-\\' L'w-u‘. 1-. 1..lil‘.llli.‘lhllni'\\3!‘ ‘ i' \r:~ ll '; I:. i. Iszxuv .1.1.II ’ll '41 .II. ... I: zign . 1,..1::'.rvnn:~.<l .‘-.'. i‘. ' . i all not: t:|1.~ -li\I. 'l i- ;:i 1::ll.1\.::' 1.5:: n illnlr\ ~u'..4 urv “:11 in' --I‘4 .. 31I:.|.\II\:: I my rillll\ [I:II::1~ ‘ . nnnvwi,” V...- .‘II1lHl 'i'III. :\. l.ll'.\I.\‘ u.\ ILIIInlu-I'. 1I;-~ 1.11.1? ~:' . H .1 .,. . 1111i ..\1 ‘3 ‘ 1 In“: (um. 5. ~' iIi-I .‘lli :In 1,. i'itim-n \Ii .'..- 1111.\: 4'1 “\1' I: 1.lln\'.' ”5,-1 1-1:-.~. .u .. l'urmuxm'. lv'rritur_\ . , the 1 In In. mluh n mun i.» tln- pr » em .\~' the nun-'5 originality We “in- 11.1- ing: (ln the «mansion of his (11 un-n'xr. I‘llill‘llt'lt'l‘lrllt‘ of 1 ‘ ago, ht- ‘ m Tnhuat‘hiaaho-Ihathh ing thepaattvoyeuatheliniwd,“wh acted. d Hr ..l “a“!eheigu natioaaWK-i tutuun-mmii. m-mwumwmul-dydm- Upon Aaauhatahaaphceinthannee 1theroturn a the saw Johhau preceding two years. The filling of I makes tho .dilerenue botmn duh! and hard timoa. The mason: “1“!\me “1\\! “MP\! tobuild of rich on. The urine waa pur- “It' extension. which waa very hvor- . ‘ many any: the Salt Lake Tribune. 1 3 Uvrmnnyund l‘rnnm- loginlatu against . \tram in l'lurupc- lznrv rv-Ilum-l \-- '. - Inuntry lw Ina}; 'l'l;.- wig”. .IIIII; inrt rc-nmiw that w:- run pI-leI-v' Innrv fund and ruin-n llmn I'Io- uurld (‘nn purvl .nw: 1-_\‘ Elt'glt'1‘1- lug ull tln‘ lnu‘n “hit-h I-:.|~~:ivn~-- II-rn'lwr. “:1-“1' with .l‘-. mzr f-vru ign trznlt- i:. not pul'l'n-it-nt In lll:ll\\ :1 mar» 1w! flu unr mun-Jim\ :7-“1 gun-«1:. :-:;-| ~.. (it‘llrl'r inn i.~ up :I II- ll1|2\\llll' «landing! 11m! 11w l\|lllil.\ L-‘Y'vll'i III: l'r'vl“1\1“\\5' 1'! fi“l. “ l)-lt‘\u'l|1‘11lllil|1\ .u... “‘i _r gnunl~ .:I.Il I . :~ -\. [1m l‘l“?! Ml 1111- .-‘I~- ~»' -:I:'\ I‘Iv :zwn _.y. _ l in sax-1. In. .~I.: v. Izllv 'thII t - up '- vrn mining iIllll ullu'r \\‘|\l|’ll| I'! - .~ fur tip-‘1.\ 2.; ’ \\i.lll-. .. ~ “..., ~nlt'1 I .'.r-II:l 1'. ( 1” ml \pnl \\i'h ii.I.I1 Inmlhz .I” * - 4144.4.- lllllli“:’1‘1'l- 210‘ I..,i.-~. Murl. ‘ . r: . Inl‘l \[1\‘~‘. iv 1? \lll‘x “III. tI‘Iu...i-- uf vl ~.-'.'.I \‘.Ii‘.'~' .; :.. Ii ...l'.l 11111th 3-- \ll 1\ mm win-I Hf llwir i«-.I:u-4l irinl. ‘3 01-110l.l'.!'r-«'~i\'l;ll').‘:‘.l1' 'l‘lJ' mull“ llllll .I:'v- 1.11‘.\\.\'li.\:i 1|:l\t‘.\!llll|\4|l '.~~.- ~-'“11 n 1-';;':I1 rig: .~ '. l1 e‘t- lanai ' :'-. .. .2 '. i i. ...-w. ,‘g-u-nn Ilmt i~ familiar uizh 1hr pull-ii :Ilt'l\ Hi 11!! \\'v-.~!. liar'i: .:- inI'!) on I'I- 1';r- .‘iv I-ualsi. I J” l'l'flllil)’ Izpiirt'rizlil- >’ll'l‘lllr'\ 'l'vlh-r‘r; llll'lll- ml» of t(l'lIi.u’illi'_\ll!l'lbllllllt'li I1...:II. .\ :lINMIr swtl'wr stood Ill't-llll“ “in..— ‘tl't'f. :lllil lir- I'lll)’ wondor isthut lhvru- Mill rI-muim unv gm-ornnmnt hand by hit I that hits out ln-nn guhhlml up by mo- brass .wd g nulmlios.rzwlruznl(‘mnpnnii-sincluded. 1 .\ groan-r l‘lltllln‘l‘ of frauds na-w-r «Ix- ill ixtod thnn tlznri- porpoirntvd in land t '1 ..i orh meoting next . . lbw h “'0 ’3 the or‘eg-m Railway and ‘ . , on whoeo track the Mn now runs it! ,ttalna to W and tadyaqueation ottime. The lob Pntrir‘n i': ('zilif'IrIIixI. (tn-gun and “Wellington. during the past few ., ours. I. y (h: I: morn our inroigu dislmtrhoe are ImlI-n with prohiiv {ll‘t'tmll‘S of tho elosv l ruximity of England and Run- aia in .- mud onvoun‘mr. These war ' .‘ mn- go‘. up, in part, by membera 0\\ I to influence the tar- Itill at the notwith- ndin themateatraragam England 2nd Ruefia is inevitable till I’m out withenmtolton hm. I and against, war-immipn :agrlhon “Will, annealin- themluhho to fie western “bide!- mad ho- ao-e Fiat :- tho nah last Satunlayfiowlutium were pa-ad ably rl'urlu-s' its dvatinntinu. An this has. . 1)“t'll :uru-vvrl and rvpurli-d invurlnh upon. it ir mar-- thun lilu-ly that 1:2- l’ttlll\ will 1w tlu- I‘ll\ u.~I-Illwt1u-‘ Nurlln-rn l’m'ilir in building on to llutt-n than In tup l1x'~ 1f I‘Ivtlnng furalu-r iv- denim-d H-n‘linn «if I-uuntr)‘. i: “511 :tmpli n-p;._\' tlm nuhl. llh tln- win-Iv wrmundmg muntry trilmlery 1-. 1i tillllt'r i UIII- \zt.-' Ill-Inn\ ”1' find! lllll‘l‘r1!l>. whit-1x w» swan n.~ vnpitnl i~ rZ-'1:¢-.-‘ rI-- Ellll‘twlll\ ul. \tlll lllllh\ tlr' in til\ 1\\|’ill'.\. :‘ml 1.1 r;. -.. ll‘|1I1.1\\ I‘ll it'mh \' ii -\\~ri\u1 ulxi . \ .\I-, :. .... . lI'II.I1rI-.i “11! :II : 1’ ‘1'1...:- ii‘lfl 1v:.', lll\Twill\l‘.IIlHI\'\Q‘r11-f‘Illl‘lI'Yill unlx i~~ mi- i'I‘I-Iiltli..1\l“~l \‘~.l‘.. 1'0 01'\ l'.i'l'll(3‘.5. '_\i--\\ I)\ lit\ lzl-‘l (1|;le .l I ‘Ii‘I-INII‘ l‘ 7\ : 'l'H'I' 1m II ll::l~ll' in m-Iulni! -'.\~l.:IIu-rin l1llrt'!‘l|!llI\.lll-‘ 1.II,~i~ l;\r\\1li 1| liliil'll ‘- tum.’ I'I. ::.I~: II iwi-Im» in li.-' 'Ilm-r'pti‘uw. \\~ {.13': I lI TIT: vi .1:\l~fll‘\ 7 '-' ‘ ~l I.. 'I:’.‘|'1w'1~‘ ludiing I ‘I’tiih 1‘ .I‘ 11.- \‘,.~ iron» :11. lizir. not - .y‘ .-‘»!ig:I\ '. rvr \w 1m“ \\“'1I-\yl\“:ll >3 .;a‘. 1i 1v~II ll Him: 1 . . .'I.l Hi: Iil‘ li\1>~.ll'.l> i-If'my 4-..Il1n- \lll~\i~1. lI: illlllti n1 . . {I ”('11 1| 'r-t'i. “ml v \I I -,-. .'l' 2 ..mEr-w \\ -:.\ 1 Hum: «.'..>r..I1\- .. killwl twvnh -~ rt‘! ll.‘ lam-1'». -v;:-I. I mt. .\'I. : 3:} 1.\il:;\ \\t-.~‘. of Villa;- If} ' 1.111'1'.‘ '111‘ liilll l 1: ill“ I'I'F: lN‘l'r 1 him 1 .\ lmil Ivi Kim pork. l.:i.-'. .\n-...-( ixi-‘IILIU: llx.- IDI'EIII'lI-ltl lIl:n\l\\' litl' .‘li ntunzl ll\\ .. 1517.31.17 of tin (‘Alll 'l‘rtllllll'l\l in NW l’nitI-(l Sum»; K7l|1>4I> (‘itfiz 53:31.7)111'I.:I:I«i St. l.uI:i.~. 17:11.71: lll'llll. (illilil-L'II [1n- .WI ll‘nlll.~ ...1u-r‘.\\'u gren‘cx‘ (Imp-1‘ (If 11w mit- :lu {rulll' 1v. \illl.1‘51 ll!‘2|(1.t'l‘ Izvnrh ilwlillll' tlu.‘ Iftlu- ntln-r 1 Hill\ marl:- Ii.~ I'tixnluinl-vl. \\'II:. “'1 mlwurd 1th will :In un-li- |.\‘. \l31'-¢‘l'_flllll into-rust in 11]\ volt-- 1r.-tv~l .‘nwh ' l‘luuw- lmlv. to (it't). \\'.15«‘::1.v~! n1. fur tlIo-Hnnnfé‘ldllll. in ':;!v d in tln- llrlttt- mining distrirx. Scheme to llalu» A New Territory. ;\ ru-pnrt. nlh-gvd tn huw- origina- in lll‘ll'llfl. is gin-I: to tln- press of a \‘l’lll'lllt‘ to make :I lll‘\\' tt'rritury nut ml thu‘. portion of Montana lyingvnst of the \pit mountain summit. and that part of llalmtu lying out ii the hlimuuriund north m the Black Hills ‘t-ountry. The report goes on to nay that this would make u sultr- (wrrito- ry. for it would be long buforo it would be admitted ti) statehood) al- most oxcluaively denoted to cattle ranging, while western Montana ‘ would be left to attend to her - I mount interests. It in ad that . this scheme was incubated by cattle mun who will (ii-vote largo puma of money to obtaining it: mediation at “'aahington. “'0 take it that this report ia baaed on nothing more aeri- oue than idle talk, ouch aa may heard around hotel loud at an time. Tn. huh «Fania-y: ju'tbm W 0M ofaw'an iba. Mum can a plan was named to divide ion. “‘1‘01Vlfd by the railroad people. I maid (or “,tlll. Lour pnrlm-t~=: llln‘t‘l'uilfi in thc- llritiah 1 1'imflil'ial \'l’f’l’l- says that tho road 1 The mine: at Basin are receiving . 1.41m. lmw “....“ Inurn' “hump...” 1\i' v. 111 hmnvlr ufl' mnu-wlwn‘ nhnr the num- attention “I\. (up mun- (in‘e was !--r raw 'mnlm'l‘» hun- lH't'll erv-ul- M'”\“\ \V” \”1 ('mm- “1’ ”W plfil. and e grout deal of energy be- l\' :‘mlurml; nnd. linull)‘. (11“ hard “”\MHI' rntiuuillg wvstwunl until 1'- lug (lléltlflyt‘tl- A \PW WW? hi3! lladontbufg. this nullity, in spending ‘. l.Ilt'l\‘ boon uddo-d, thr- :ilulw work of u-ruhh' I-m-in-Im-nt has horn err-moth; ‘ . i‘un- no great thing, and nnlhingIhI-rr ‘ NM hm “a W. _'..f.fuh1 tn t‘r'-\.lll“. :l!‘ .:,.«! mo: ulli -‘ ”'fl .- I“ h (1”me ..- lamina, but lately daaerted. Penal»- aoot mine, dies-Icing 0304!!) with Clark afijflmT new an. covery th'l weak in finding the ea- tenuiou of the “'all Street lode and have unmw-rvd a fine. body of high gradonre. . Mr. Frank “'ella, a merchant of chnwd n abort time ago by Mr. Long- 3 low days at the Springu. which w.» out by Frank Moth-wan ' ' . It in w-rtm- in an omits-m new: of ”it.“ plat-P. dispntvh that Mormons are trying to ”\k’ar'li'U—I '1'\ \11\\- l\ ll!“ SW00! lllt'lll‘ tho l'tah lndiunu to go on the (iron. ruun.r\. and of which ronsid- I war iath against the whxto‘s. It Ia i hard y probable. Ale-x. J. Elder. u I-urrampundl-nt writm that tho mines 1 In I-nutt- u fllHllllR‘d\. Minon.‘ I-an , (min? in court house. Inan wugm and that In about all. \I 1 “Ul‘lJIlilt (‘I'I‘\'. - MoxTASA. l n ll ~71 In In Imupnn) “1:01er at I Dr. J, ('. “In”. mum m m. . _ ,, .‘TI—zI-rrn l‘IxTnm’n-zn AND RHI‘AIRBII. \w \ \T\ 1”“ H'\ “r\ \m\ 11\\? from.» m .‘lnrl’is' drug man. 5“” about nun-hull nil-1 BOULDER 0m. MONTANA. \ 41' MM “llt'dtillf g-vhl. “ark < II llin'li I'm-1'1“. hi\- down N\.‘('ll- u-u-n lI-r-t m: lill‘il\ Inilw: tlu-ir prun- o-;.:1 :I<~:I‘. .» (ii-o. I\. (‘ownm .\ III-w mun-annular with n l'i‘llllll'l-i . r _ - - . ATTORNE‘ AT LAW : uf l‘f- l\! . u-r:1:‘,.-~:Il 1w - “1.; ‘ ‘ 9 1 1 I I. I‘ I .11 o n; I llui'unn: ('ITY. Mox'r. n\ will l‘rlilll\ \ ‘ Will pr::v!it'«~ in all Ilu- ruurtsof Montana . 'l‘vrrllnry. :Inl tho \\'nrl.' v : KESSLEB‘S BREWERY .\.\'l) .... Bottling Works. \‘“\\\ “\ “W \W mm: mm. - Promos. l\'l‘1\ili'__. l'.II'1\-'r ;:I.Itl Ivlhur hula I- ll'v liII|-‘T~lt‘ii‘j_’ Ili~tri:t. 'i‘l 1- l“'» ‘1'1\~ l‘\ll\ '. In rm; I'I’I'ixI:I-‘ -::11.\ll'1- l.i.px..!:. '.::'.\ ..- l' . .ilI-n lxzv lu‘v‘ nlt'\ .I.. 5i1\1‘l‘ 1In- luwlz . ‘!Hll|1’l|l'l'vl, .‘llwr iwin-_r rl'il'lirt'il \‘~’llll lirl- lll‘lt k 15-- '1': I! un Wiza'vr '-l:tl\7\ll up 1:I-‘ .‘Ilji‘l .\. ;' 11». :.I -'_ruu!1»n11- Thi ~~~II1I1i<1llllvlll i 1'Illllllt'll' in In\ 11> 1|t':H:I‘1II ”opt in llu'l\ll‘l. “lll'rl' ill“ 1:\. ()I‘Ilfl';‘¢-:|II I.-- [I'll II! , “h.“ . Kt-ssltir's lirowm'y Saloon. .1 In inn-mm -vIn|.!ZJ..-.|A .\l\l\ SI::I:I:I'. :lzzII.\t\. 1'. .1- sleuur- v. £311!“ In.“ ”rd. r~ i'.\ III'Ii! lv-lt'L'rililll promptly 1|1'I‘|1111tllll Ivz‘ lulili :I:.Il :-eI:~ until S‘ph‘mlxvr 1-3. I]. If.— lufl BK !an‘r. MINT sALooN. . 5 CAIN ‘ 0917'. Prop'a CINE’I‘. ~ - - - Illwauku W 390:. Had: 3m on Draught. Fine Win ,‘IIIIII and (Jim :‘gv Straight [.nuls‘ for ll bit It drink. .‘lf lNT. J11],(;.ltlll.\'.\'().\'.~[ \EA LI.\ l\' ' ‘Geuera' Merchandise . GROCERIES, vuvntlr'i“\1.11II-n\\‘|2-.“Vickes 11.1 \lwuvlvr. i1II'.1rIiItln.\.1 . l\\l\\1\-“ .\ N I) E I. K II o 1: N! . _ quuuu's sun LINE. IA-r‘ im. ..r 1-»: ,Runs Daily from Wicker to Boulder ' Valloy. Elnora and . Boulder Hot Spring]. \m'h\ 511“\ “'1'” 1‘1“\: All l‘rvixii: :ind Kym-<1 muttvr llt'linrl'll _ work? prrfo-ril)‘ lill'l. daily. wwnw iIII~Ip.~.-i1d-~fur :: partiv-l“ l'IIIzu-rpriuu - 'nf“. Hill .\~ \\ ill\ .» ‘1 .. I'Hinlwl 1. 'i'hvv \'-~il mums Hiding .\~Nu'iu- .1 rm i.‘ ‘l:i;|.\'.4'.l\l‘i II: 1’.\ IrliIIlI-ll lll' ‘lrrl\‘ ll 1:2; li'!11l,:l \) l! \u- '--l .l .u fl, .I:~.i |I.:- 1.. u: uitnnut' . '-'.--r :L'ww. I? iI..n«1lI-% l\\'--nt\‘ :m- \“1111!\ x -- it -‘»:'.\ I: t‘.:\ i . 1 lmnnu “'iv'mm ............... 19:30 p.‘ . 1.0':A\o-~ l':lkll-h‘il. . . . . . .. .... T :00 Ill . ..‘.,.r1 Arrin-i lluIIldt-r .............. ‘2le) p. \i ‘ lu-uuw ll-mldvr ............... “I! n. “N .»\rri\'I-.- l-Ilhurn. . .. 5:00 p. . l... . . l .. . -.‘.\rrin-\ Wit-kw .............. ll :00 n. fr L. I_\ '1‘“ “f LII-1. \‘1 Al’l'll't'r- Sprl'ug ............... ‘.’:30u. l‘.‘ ill}ll!|\?ilill‘t'li‘ll“‘ii 1i i'. 11:- l’T‘Llll 1.1Im ‘11 III.:.'- 1 1.>..1\I'I1 1-: WV“ us i‘ (luvs Iu-w. lirmitlt t I idlilJllN. X‘V ‘ ‘ ‘ l‘ ll‘fl‘vt‘lllflh Pour-Howl «nu-h. Wickes Hotel \VK‘KES, Mailman. vino ...ltil‘ll 1:: ln' itu‘w 11.1 prrnlun'tiun of “PF and bullion. is in [llh‘ [ll'rrl‘l'l 1!?(11'1‘. 1.11“ (ll-1' rl\'-Q'r\'l‘$ “r\ ilnzm .. and tho mnnngt-Ini-n‘. m.» tlto' prmlm l for tln' llrl‘M'lll Inunih will lu- l.Ili\‘ In. Lin-n1 us I‘m: 1:? .1‘.li\'. so, lll'l\ i Trn .\llit‘ u~ a mining act-lion. is First-Chas 1\ ”fir.\ partit'ular. I.I:il.ing_r mnn- w-ry oxtonsih- iIIIprm'o- to in- crr-v'ml .H thz- .‘l-inihu‘. and ultt-rthut .wEll 1': Illuw :2 vnmplvn' runovntmtnr. 1'1‘1u- l(-::'1.‘ 1.: gull‘llu Hnixting works Im- ‘lll\!:‘. GOOD STABLE r?\ \ 1\\? l\'\'“\“\!\ ”f (.‘onn‘ectml with the house. and (‘llllfit'llimilllfl ow. the 1:1'1' ‘3'. «- :Iluiningtwelvr foot «Ifuilid gnlvna. A tllllll'll. mill is to he H-rm-tI-d nn tlw tnuiu range wont of ‘ Rod Mountain. and mmnm-tml by a 1 mud to Ten Milo. Surrounding the | mill are sum!- line free gold hearing ; lvndn. MILTON (‘AL'BY, Prop. SUMMIT HOUSE. C. l\. PARKER, Prop. 1 Nun‘s mum-s from the Little Pipe- stum- mining district that Honakor& Evin-rt haw made a very rich strike in their mine. the “Starof the “'eut.\ Thin property was locatel only I short linu- ago, and a._va were ob- tained fmm the surface rock elbowing Ill-l ounrea in ailver and O in gold. The ledge, it is laid, ha- been tanned ton diatance 011,01!) bet. A Mt was aunk, and at the dqith of may feetthe rich atrike \made. The on oarrieeohloridea, black alpha“ and brittle silver. and the I O broughttotmmare aaaaylhaveyetboenlhz. , ' \‘ M_W.. .fl'ho-J‘A‘Wgum‘ ‘ , woe mileatoal M‘Mfl WICKES, - MONT. Only rim-CI... Hotel in the any.‘ mull“ Barn connected with the . to Boulder ‘\\'l.\'li.\' ,\'l) 1.1(‘Jl'()ll.\‘. ('1).\il£'l'.«iuniauul. Mfi‘phy & Gay. DEA LHIIN IN rFIIE WINES, ILiqu: and Cigars. LKHORN. MONT. The Famous aitt Whiskey— .: A Sl'l-Zl‘lAlfl'Yr w re Fuhrken, Daaler In - 11110111111113]. 1 ’mhorn, Montana. 1 mMaQIIan-u' I!!!“ WWII; Goals. “Mm-norm SALOON —-AI’D— “-8011? mm hub-nth. “l. l t Fondly. Elinom’ Supplies. . ('IHAHS & 'l‘( mum )_ I ”3 mu- . mn. lhi. llth dny of Au The leolthe'l‘arrltqoflwa to [Midfield Jane-A. E.M Lil'oe are hereby multilayer In named pm In the proh‘e eoart o! the 1' of loutana~ ln nil lathe count of «fer-on. and to aaawertha com alnt llled thmlmwlthln In (ex ualvo oi the in service on you of th e within this county; or. It meant o! thin county but In thla dl‘rlet. twonty dayu; nun-Nile withln Iolv or fudgun-nt by dotault will he on an nut you. awarding “the prayer of :ulfl ('0In vlnlnt, The d nt'liun in brought to recover tlu- xum of {our hundn-d and fifty-live all 95-100 driller-i (“56.95) alle to be due from di-tondantu in plain it upon taro certain joint and several promlnaory notea c-xi-I-un-d by delendant- to John Quinn In M:- llfotlmo. an followu: One not: dated Men-h 22. m2. for tho sum of .186. and um- Illlll' for the sum of all!) dated April 24th. [582. both of said noten hearing ln- ll'l’l‘nl. at tho rm“ 0! l“ per cent per month until paid. And you at“ hurt-Ly notified that If you full in nmwur nml nnswor maid com lalnt ntxm- n-quin-d. the mid plalntl Will take judgmvnt by dq-fuult agalntt you for mid sum of $455.95. ln-sldm roots of Mt. Gin-n under mv hand and I tho skill of the probatn court of 1 (11w Territory of Montana In - and for tlu- county of Jeler- st. in the ear of our Lord our thousnn ol ht 1m 1). u. ’Aaall. (ii-:0. l\. (Mums. Ex-ofllclo Clout. All)\ tor Pl‘tfln. g ~ . .1. a- HUMMO'I. in tho Probate Court. In “(I III the onen- ty of Jl'fll'l‘nloll. Territory 0! I“ Ferdinand ( '. Bert-mini. Tum 1 Jet- lvrson county. II. T.. pm vs. White a: White. doing busine- underthe tlrm mum and style at White Ina,“ I'l-udc-nts. . The people of the W of m Iwnd mung to White & m..- loudautn. You are here required to h an anion trough we?” «have named p in the court of the Territory of I for the county of 1m war the complaint fllall ten da 3 (exclusive of the altar e aervlee on you if served wltlde lhla coal!!- ‘1’ ’.\ Imd eight) Jinn ..I :2 ii I it I t 1 tall I

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 14 Aug. 1885, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.