Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, September 11, 1885, Image 1

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‘3' , u n s I l JEFFERSON COUNTY SENTINEL- . 'l‘he Ills-cea- W {Jo-reaso- (Jo-‘y—A My JWW-t I. ”that. BOL' LDER, NONTA NA, FRIDAY, SEPT. 11, 1885. 'miiuiion fining J0 Sienna“) fiiirpner] 9111 on \00 A“ HJJlllStl'IO’t) —:.;.iiiiix si.o.\.\'.;-4 l‘lltll‘llll'i'r‘ll! HF Livery & Feed Stable “'lck cs, Montana. Parties coming from llelcna can find firstsclass turn-outs to go to Boulder. Elkhoru, ('Ulnct, Gregory. or any other point, with or without driver. Horses boarded by the day. week or month at reasonable rates. indies Hotel WlCKl-IS, Montana. First-Class in every particular. G\ O O D S T A B L E Connected with the house. MILTON (,‘Al 'llY. Prop. ISL; earlier, Dealer ln : HARDWARE l PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS. a weed Wamahars’ Kateri- Il. Ilawa' M and , Imus 1'. Iain Ill trains. . “sauna-awo- Content], on hand. 3 Cm, loin-sits. ' m an ”animal lthtfieyaeeIetas. I'll rams! AID I111)“ raes- rscrs or TI! 10\. ‘Ilnellasssss Notes by the Wayside. In M76 the site of Boulder was selected for its convenience and pic- turempicncsui of location. and a more beautiful one is hard to liiid. “1L one and obliging has always coni- iasnded a good she of the trade. 'He ounmenced business herein Hill, and h- inade iii-y friendspfur who is the man thstf'erer entered his as- hblishlnent who filled to do so again if an opportunity ever presented it- self. He always keeps the best the market alords. 'rui: ems-r OPPltfli non ls kept by Vining Cook. who is. also postmaster. He has a well selected stock of goods usually found in s lmstuflice. such as notions of all kinds. fruits. candies. stationery. cigars. etc. ll:- caliincts of niitivcort-s'. aiitiipiitii-s. has one of the finest selected o s'rsaia. have bought I: Uta-cannon and they new saddle biases. le‘.‘ A!” \Vuren I out the in“ d in the livery bili are prepared to double and single a,or anything a person may want the livery bu- siness. They also are prep-ed to stable and feed my number of luirses. either as mient or regular boarders. \saunas ins . The chief dealer in hardware, ctc.. is A. L. Bryant, whiso rare business qualifications have enabled him in the short space of three years to ac- ipiirc a fine business house. Well stocked with all kinds of builder's “ \h I ctc.. that would make the eyes wa- a m” settlement “\l'l'mmg \ the ter and the hearts achc of many peo- town grew inton lively trading point. I l’l\ in ”I\ \my. and “mm. m...” h, and began to uttriict considcriiblc iit- ‘ ‘f'll‘lull. .\ lilufi.‘ “f l‘llpfllll\ llll‘l \ll\ 1 tcrprising business mcu. nieciizinics and Incn of almost all ciilliiigs hiivc llllli' lioiiic. iind hziyu- nurka-d succcsslully made our ipiict touu thcir in building it up. uliicli i‘cllcctsiuuch credit to thcluscltcs and thc county. 'I‘hc character of tlu- rnwi-lcnccs :iud busiiicss houscs iiidiczitc pcriimniincy. 'l‘hcyoiitli of lioul-lcr hinc ln-cii amply prmidi-d uith ihc inlxniilagcs of clluciitionnl fiicilitics. ”or school building is :i comiuuuli-uus frninc which is cuiiifortnblc llllili'1l~:t of ill\ I'l‘Sh. (ilkfll ‘I‘Hl'lll'm llif‘\ l'f'lifl l'lll‘ ploycd. thc lust llll\ bring .\liss Urn Root.“ innit of .\lrs. Ilr. lluntcr. \Vc hnvc onc church cdilicc. il be» ing built by the South: ru .\lcthodists. but is often 4N\'Il[tl'\l by llm. “mum. of \\'i.~l..-.s. of thc l'rI-sbytcrisiu pcr- siiiision. :vnd somctimcs tlic llaptist hold In fact il \\'i|> built‘for rcligious scry li‘vs. brcthrcn s-‘rvico-s thcrc. and it don't sccni to miikc any differ ciicc which rcligioiisorganization m - cupics it. .\ ll~'\\ lliiptisl church uill probably bc built this hill. The slcp from religious and I‘tlllt':£ ti<-:i:il innttcrs to business affairs linds thc rcsidcnts iictiiiitcd by thc dcsirn to such-cd. l‘iuch citi/cn sci-Iiisdc- voted to his biisiiicss :ind llll‘ interest of his town \iith :in ciirncstncss that coniiniinds :idiiiirntion and brings ran \\l|llll\r at such ii fine selection away\ out in this distant lniid. llc is \cr\ courteous and obliging as ii postmas- (er. and has held the lit-sill'ill alum: four \t'ltl'g. \\ \\~1l.\ lliis bc- n dispciisiug \H-l goods in about tlic lloliblcr sililc \iii. :ilid still‘ coulinucs in way hc long has hardware. niim-rs' tools. shelf hard- warc. incclianics‘ tools. farming iin- plciiicnts. mining iiiachincri. and in defer-on mnty's interests. We re- spectfully ask the suppat of every man. woman and child in this dainty. and pledge our best endesvrl's and energies to merit the same. Imo‘r Ah'l) “HOEIAKHI- Fred Nelson is s first~class artist in his business. He is kept pretty busy making new boots and shoes, and repairing the old ones. At times he assumes to be a knightof the rum. and practices the tons: trial art to the queen‘s taste. wxvsini: Nil’l‘l-Zs. llr. lliinter our city physician. is working up an excellent practice. .\ltbongh the community is distress- ingly healthy, yet the doctor inn professioinil way finds plenty tudo. .\lajor Reed is the genial superin- tendent of the (iihncr & Salisbury .bl'r. being it practical “‘llt-(‘ltt'right‘ fact c\crythlng pertaining to thc . slag!- liiic. which gives us' daily coni- , hardware business. ”1- fllNII-urf‘lt‘s': ”ppm; “ml 1 l lilllllll'a'lliH'l between lllittc. The l‘Ilkhorn. \Vickcsiiiid llouldcr stzlgc line is opcriitv-d by lliick ('on» :i hirgc assortment of seasoned lim» . ‘ ' l . , a wagon. u iiobby i-l\ll_'ll. or ii nico . cannon. \xliich gin-s Iis Iltlllt' coin- and can supply thc triidc uith :i liiic h'lL’L',\ “’ \r‘l“'- -\l'|“\l'—'ll lll\ \5'illllllllt'illltlll bctuccii those puiiits.. tablishiucnt i- hirgc and comiiiodiv-us. .lzllllv's (i't 'oiiun-ll is the Ln-mlt-nmnh lens“ Wnowoolh-eo-etolas- ton width apnherdyedsthst hasgainedsorapidlyiathebverd manuheturasasthewoolfre-Ioo- tans. ltisnotsdaptsdtotheh‘ gradesofgeohbat hat-afie- to inesiedhisihbriaitishfilypissd tacit adhe- and excellent qui- aing q I\ quickly appreciated and not easily forgotton, yet its appearance is no ' nearly duplicated by occasional lots of wool from neighboring sectiori that manufacturers are often mistaken in what they see. Notwithhnding the production of wool in parts near by, in close imitation of the native growth. the amount is so limited that .\lontana wool lama-sees individual characteristics that. with the quantity raised and marketed. gives it a claim ? to a separate «piotalion in the market report that are collated every week. It is estimated that the shipments of wool out of the territoeror “‘84, amounted to ids-“hill\ pounds. nine- tcnths of which was taken over the Northern l’ncilic railroad. The ship- lts slightliae- i. , \\I‘Jllh “lilhlng nuinv friends. cujov- ‘ he still ('U'lll‘llllildifl‘ mum improac- :drivcr oi: thi:« linc. ' . ments in July and August amounted log lifc mix the top .‘lll‘lf. and “itlml doing :5 got ll business. l'i\cr\bod\' mcnts on his building in ordcrto ‘ill'l .\. |.. isfi his busincss demands. l llic Hood 'l'cniplars lunc :i \'«r\ y , , iprclti slonc hall one door south of. The u-r and value of sheep. accord- Milli-I per cent. of thcwholt‘. iiiinil lxiums llill Ilciiscm. and they all say , llrynnt is i crtiiinlv onc of our solid ‘ [hr 5; uni], “men. and ni|||ilii-x\ in \'L' l“ \“r\“'l estimates. “Ni respect- his pluwc is :iluziys siockcd with thI-E \‘lllt‘lllfll'l’ :iii| i _b--sl Iiioiiv-\ ciiii but. Illll'lllu'T coon-s to t-mn ilic first hc \' ill be lll';l>t'~‘\i\lfll‘ Smith's phicc to hinc uill \isit lathe!\ phici- l iii. old~fii~liioncd chat and to sample lll' lu'sl. \\ u. i: \i\. 'l'lu- \ ill.igc blacksmith. is lociitcd :it| the head of .\liiiii rti‘cct. and has bro-nl doing business thcrc siucc the springi ot l‘KNll. l'oiul. “ho is no“ li\ing at .\iiiicoic' do. is :iii c\ccll:-nt \tiirhlllllll. ”i- bought out (ii-o, l.&l llc is doing :i good loisiIn-ss and l iis maimgcd by Mrs. Kate Fiirnhiim. 'crzil diiilv s'tugc liiicét pass the door busiiu-ss men. y :.2:\\iv I i.\ii:.\l noii.i.. l'iurly this summer the (iriiud l 'cn- trail Hotel was iicwly tittcd iihd new» ly furnished throughout. and are now occupy ing the only three~story lHllltl* ing in llouldcr. 'l'his cxccllcu! house and thc iiuinv patrons are always willing to rcconiincnd it to the Inn'- The tables plied with the best the iiiiirkct iif- cling public. are .sup- fords. and being tastily prcpared. is the rcnson for its many patrons. Sci - the iicigbborhoml of lllll mnmbcrs. . . . . . t llic meetings arc szinl to be iittcnscly: interesting. Ncu acquisitions arc“ being made i-\cr\‘ \‘u-ck. l 'l'hc but and order of ourlitllc city is “1*” prcsi-ru-d by Flu-rill: .\lcllcr- i mm and l'ndcr .s'imm l‘llulcr. | .\ llntte made arriingcim-uts to put in :i iitfilm young man from has class hairiics’s shop at this point in. about ten days. ‘ 'l'hc diiily stage line from llillon‘ is operated by the (i. & S. company.l .\ promising lodge of ',\,U. l‘. \\'.l arc in active llltl‘rilll‘lll hcrc. i iu-ly :Ilf:l.Hil\l and “£93.11“. repre- ro-wnting in the former instance an increase of 37*. per cent. over the proceeding ycar. livery year the ipiality of the fiber. is improved. and it is calculated that at least 7” per cent. popularity follows in the track. lol' the clip of 1X84 was consigned to lhvston merchants. lhmton Journal of ('oiiiuicrcc. A Substitute for ”trials Robes. \\'hc’n it became apparent that the buffalo was undergoing a very rapid prm‘cns of extermination. dealers in ,u..u\ l,l.\\ is icxcri day. 'l lll' l'\l..\I'H biisilii-rs. bin ing lIJ‘IlIv-il his shop it! i I; n llt'al litth' s-i-looii Ulll' door :lliin‘i- the Inner ciul of Haiti s‘trcct. l« :ilso cngngcd ii: thc liliicksiiiilliiiig ' .\lurray‘s mercantile house. and is al- iviis' proplicsicd that thcrc was not i “3\ ii'll'l’liml with 11”“ lltllltll’S. .-]. l'll‘llli‘?A \““llL’l' 5“\ 1““ Siml'h: “‘1' \ giirs :iiid fresh beer on draught. .\lr. l'.‘ \1\” “l\\l'i'm 1“ l\“l”\>\‘5 I'll‘lil\lll’lllllllli is the iuiiuiiu\r. and more ‘lt'iHL’ \\“\ll\\-l “\'l'l\ \1 li‘\ and l\' ‘ gentle-manly treatment is not rccciv- and iiuiiinfnctnrers of robes began to ”or new and coininodious stoni- l cast about fora s'ulistitlltcfor (“prams 1\” l‘ “‘ “\l.‘ ‘ '“l'l‘ “ ‘l- l which had formed such a universal Wh 'l'hi— “ii—ti “It— I l ‘ protection against the rigor of north- ' e‘ an M is . . W I,\ d 3| 1‘ “I!” :\H ‘ r. \iml rI'l'll winters for so inanv vcars. .\lnnv .. ... . .é .. . _| . ~ . . . Tl“. number “f )mmu \w\. iniddlc l tllflvri-Iltkhllltl': of IN lys wort‘blrrliught aged and old men. with whisky llush- 1 int“ mar ( L N mos “(tip ‘| ' ( Kl. mg ii Russian dog skin which obtain- ward. 'lihcrc is also llllll spirit of “V\ I‘ri\\‘~ ll\ hi” “\rl‘wl”? 5' 2”“. trudc. courtcvulslil‘ss :Iiid 1'lllllll’l‘ iniiolig ollr citizcns that impress thc \ isitor to fur “iv h.i\c. scxcrnl cxi-cliczit \vclls. mud in iiddi-, l'miildcr \iith the licst fccliiigs our town and its citi/cns. tion nuincrous little s'tr‘ :iius from llll' l l Ulll‘ lloiildcr rivcr course through town. which :ifiord :impic iucuns \yith' which to Ipiciich thc thrist of animals] which rliiiiiniitc iit hirgc. .\s ii fiiircritcrion of thc growth of llnuldcr “c will stzitc that she has doublcd the number of houses ii:~ well as her population thc past yI-air. THUMAB‘ i\. XII-\HAY lle formerly did business in lliisin t‘ity. but in the full of lH‘ltl he moved to llonldcr. and in the spring of Isis! is one of our leading merchants. opened ii general iiicrchiindisc estab- lishmcnt. though in a small way at that time but has stcadily increased his business. and last year he found his (plant-rs were too small. and con- . setpicntly commenced the crcctioill of a two-story brick building which he finished last spring and rt’lnoved his largc .s'tock therein. He has now . an excellent trade. carrying an iinw nicnse stock of general merchandise. i such as boots and shoes. dry goods. ‘ clothing. hats and caps. and every-i thing pertaining ;_o ii well appointed 1 establishment of that kind. He is al- i so running a neat little meat market 1 I which is doing a good business, sup- | plyiiig a portion of the' home trade and several of the surrounding camps. ‘ imi'oniuiri' iiiioriiiiiis. In the spring of 1880 Edward Dougherty opened a neat little store 'in the building now occupied by the Palace saloon. He did a good busi- ness there for s time, but hi quar- ters becimiing too small. he conclud- ed to branch out and consequently the Daugherty Broth. I fluent occupy. Last sprig “Dough- erty bought an M by” papil- lsr mercantile M and to- day they earl-ya .I well so- Ieeted stock at fit: m. l. UM}, W .t ‘4' M m \ ,fi stir. I\ “will .. m has stendilv incrciiscd ever since. lb- ' night.‘ ‘; supplied with the best the market af— erecmlthe large storeressi which I 1;.” Iiil'lf llltt .. sl‘llllll. l'ic“ towns of tlic si/c of llouldcr, l I lis‘limi-zit iis lin- oi-c owncd and opcr-i can boast of such ii liuc drug estab- “ti-ll b}. \Vm. Morris. formcrly uith: of lll' shirtcd hcrc his! .\pril. hc ll£|\lllL\ .\lorris Brothers llclciiii. i lookcd ou‘r thc licld prior to his lo~i czitiug permanently lc'rc. :iiid czimc to lhc conclusion that anything that was worth doing at all was worth do- ing wcll. and consequently supplied his store with an cxccllcnt stock of goods in his line. and his business is‘ ii young man of steady hiibits‘. pays close attention to his busincss. iind is succeeding far beyond his expecta- tions. lb- dciils in drugs and inedi- cines. beautiful toilet sets. fine ci: llis store is always neat and tastilv ar- giirs and patent medicines. ranged. l'rcscriptimlstilled day and iivxx .\ lJ-IIHIITUN. lluvea meat market that is always lords. Fred Leighton has charge of the business. and being endowed with good business qualities. and be- ing ii good buyer. and constantly em- ploying an excellent butcher. he is doing agood business. They sup- ply a large share of the trade at home. and also at the neighboring They also have a branch market at Elkliorn. TI.\' siior. A long felt want has been filled by the opening of a well stocked tin shop by E. Thomas. His place is situated next. dew south of John Lewis‘ blacksmith shop, and the av- eragehousewifeisnowhsppyinthe thought that pans, bull's, pots, etc, can be repaired at little or no ex- loll”. mining camps. riia souuisa nouns Has been running hir fins, and has always givui exesll-It “on. But does Win. M‘epbee d lsndlwb. has hh-hdl d hths “haiku-lube , waters. {I'd :iiiv \vbcrc. ll is the only hit sa- ‘looii in thc town. ‘i’iii: si'izi\«.s. 'l'hc lit iihb-r Hot Springs are at- trncting considerable attention now- i ii-diivs. It is rcnllv surprising to sm- hc number of people who uvuili Tllil'lll'fl'lti's of these truly incdiciiiul : .\ingget. The proprietor, l). 5. .\l--r- rill. and his cxcclleiit wifi'. always strive to iniihc thcir guests t‘IIIIIftil'tllA lilc. int; sli.\’l‘lNlil,. . Tm: Snx'i‘ixni. was sturtcd under very unfavorable auspices. A man by the name of Plan llurr had col- li-ctcd scieriil hundred dollars osten- sibly to start a paper called the Eu- tcrprisc. \\l'is true; pity ‘tis. 'tis true.\ but such is tlic case. that after he had collected this money be im- mediately entered upon a career far from what a newspaper man should. And to tell the story in a nut-shell. be destroyed the public confidence in newspaper mcn.aud left the field 100 per cent. worse than if he had never “'c happened in Bould- er at this time. overtures were made. and we took hold of independing to a great degree upon the help of friends to pilot “8 through. “'0 pro~ pond to carry those who had been robbed by Burr until January, and so stated it in an editorial. and the sub- scription list to-day stands about three Burrs to one Robertson. “'e thought to weMpéd'unr til a fresh looking young man came along. and stroking that part of his face where a mustache ought to be. said through a Solomon-looking-hiiid- of-a-cminterisuoe,that he wsssmeni- ber of the W-hhgtou, Torrikry Legislature, and tint he ind capital winyugsndthenewapapcheldwss just what he wouldllhetosatc. We siaed him up, and very ssluehatly took him in. like our goal M people do, on raw. M‘s sa- p'satien d that the we had ed that as: list I. cntered it. 3 hot wciitlicr‘. [.\‘ol bus nintliing to do with the red Infide- “Misheard“ aw” wn a swabs unashame- \ ab‘ fl“. cs on lhcir faces. to be M'l‘h daily in | Some may think the flush is canacd b\ the‘ town is bcconiing iihirniing. but when we see nicii . wear out their pants trying to light‘ a six-penny iiiiil. we don't think old: l eyes and fc\crisli checks. NI-liriisku ' 'l‘he Poultry Yard. The grass runs for fowls and chicks lt is long grass. but that which is should be clipped freipiciitly. iltit short. fresh and crisp that dclights and benefits thciii. A dusting and scratching pluec should‘ be provided in which wheat. corn or other grain may be buried to induce cx‘crcise. and to aid the poul- try to exclude insects. Fowls as well as chicks become (piarrelsonic if fed on raw meat. Again cooking makes meat inorc iiu~ tritious. “'lien raw it is rather hard and crude compared with the more natural diet of worms and gnibs, which are for the most part soft and easily digested. Poultry should be fed systematic- ally two or three times a day. The food should be well scattered about to prevent too rapid eating and to iii- sure exercise. No more should be fed at once than will be eaten clean. Give soft meal in the looming and the whole grain at night, excefi a little wheat or corn placed in the scratching placeto give exercise dur- ing the day. There is no more fruitful source of cholera and other poulky disease:- than water which has Mono stag- nant or heated. Endeavor to have some kind of a trough ta- earthen ve-el in a shady plseesnd Ill it ed favor bothwitli maiiufiictunirs and consunu-rs‘. but this is now in danger of being supplanted by the hideof the Galloway cattle, which aside from the dcfccts m-casioncd by branding is ncarly tlic cipial of the famed lluflalo hide. The striking resemblance of tlic (ialloway to a buiialo is the sub- ject of constant reiiiark,i-.nil it would not be strange if they succeeded the bison in supplying the world with its They have the advantage of the buffalo in color and texture of fur to begin with.- Yel- lowstone Journal. winter protection. Advantages of leatasa. From the August number of the “'est Shore's able editorial article setting forth the advantages of Mon- tans to people seeking homes, we are , pleased to make the following quota- tion: “Montana odors homes upon valuable agricultural land to thous- ands. and that. aside from its mineral wealth. it has much to attract the immigrant. The climate is far from being the extremely rigorous one popularly believed in the east. Pro- tected by its mountains from long and severe blisasrds and open to the warm breeses from the Pacific ocean, which penetrate inland beyond the summit of the Rockies, its wintc climate is, in the main, a pleasant one. Occasionally cold snaps close the streams with ice, only to be Isle-ed again by the missed: dthe wen wind. .Cattler-llaout divine: tad-await thedry mfl' m‘leringnlyhialewfiedabs pectation that when she saw the la- dian in his natural date a mu would come that would dqel M romance; but Cooper was too much; and in“ Howard had notheea dair' Agency a week before she W enamored of one. of the Sioux Indian. bucks. and she is now said to be ”all! in love. She spends all the time ptl\ sible with the. lazy but”. and can not-sec. as every one else does. {ht be is a vsgaboiid. not even standing; high enough among his fellows w’ have gained a name. The Great Falls Tribune says that the history of all the states west of the Lakes. aflords us an unthinkable guide to the developmentof Montana during the next ten years. Five a six years ago this was an unknown land. 'l'o-dsy Montana hash M list in the mining world. On the wool exchange of Boston it stanch first; and in the great beef market (1 tho- world it is without an equal. A territory like this will soon as.» railroads and capital, smith. 'flf' insure for Montana rapid settle-ad. and the full development of its!“ n‘sourcoe. The latest m The following may interests“. parties: “The. contest for the 0.00 d sherifi of Meagher county behessi decided by the granting of s per-s- iicnt writ of prohibition againd the appointee of the. county commit!!!- ers and recognizing the coroner I. the person authorized taper-feral tb duties. The writ wasapplisd for be- fore Judge VVade in chamben,lrut the case was heard by tlIeIuF-a court upon an agreed statementd facts without prejudice to the rich of either party to institute an satin to try the full title to the aloe is a suit to be formally inflated in Meagha- county. The court iti- mated thatasbetweenthem‘. {flit ll I\ It . ti

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 11 Sept. 1885, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.