Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, October 09, 1885, Image 1

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”MWJMWM IOULBIS. IONTANA, FRIDAY, 00mm 9, 1885. '9‘!“ I 9in an! minnow fining JO annual.) litigator] l 3‘ HiLIIlISd'lOl‘l I l 60‘) Written tor the Samar. m w. A Ina-Ian. and: watch and guard Once more at Humidor city. To tell the aewa without regard To polltlea. nor to retard ' When due Lw-enflflllo reward. To court-cl. urge or pity. Ills dreu in new. his armor bright. Ills front bi brave and gallant. And he presents a goodly night. A champion of furt't' and might Denoting wrong. upholding right. Nor burying his talent. He comes to us with modest incia, lli~ speech is terae and candid: But. mark you. there‘s no allude of im-t-n A lurkln;.r in his watchful ccn. Nor is be troubled much with spit-cu. Xor likely to be stranded Ills interest and ours agrees. Uur county his awn; llc aim. to rah-c our industrlcs. To banish scl'llt|lI-\lllllllll“. ’l'o inculcate swwot rhuritic‘. .\m, puhulum farinao .\nd 'tis our duty man for man To rally round his banner! Sublimi- is our (‘rozuor's plan' As lifo is short and but a span, Ilolp ono another all you can. And 1 ho- rful ho your mzmncr! llis cotlllll‘l’~i‘_'ll is )3 thrc-o; (liu- it and pa“ the portal! \\ hat inado ourcohntry strong and lrt'c \ What coliiluorod loos beyond thc u i\ “dint of silt I cw the loch apt] ho} \ \Knowlmlgi-j‘ tho pri/o immortxlf ii \l‘l'\ Al I'll \ .\h I \\'ritt.-n fortlu-Sl:si'l.\r.1. ] A Bit of Blarney from Ballerina. \Altklzslll nu. flt‘l. L lash. All uniting the ancients, t-s'lwiillllV llic old saw which was current conm-itoil liomans. “as: \Li fucris Homao Romano \isito lnorc.u which means: \\‘hon \‘ou are at Nome. do old Illillor .with. pro ably. inorc lurking colli- as lfoim' docs: and sonn- l:loll .scllsc coluplctod tln- Ilisticll in adding: \Li fcuris alibi \isito sicut ibi.\ which moans. libcrally transla‘ toil. \\thn you fire with the wolvcs [you niust bowl with them.\ Now \vc cannot all and always be at lfomc: Et'atmot all and always be \i'otzlrics at ‘lhc shrilw of Jupiter ('npitolinus. to into good humor. or ratc oozi\ h‘im him for bad l-oh:.'. ion 31'. for instancc. {iam- templedldlg i. which .anaampatemMaadeaa’ to teach the young idea how toahoot bayonetflcp into the walla and coil- ‘ inga thered and demoliah door- and windowa. But. no! a.» in. already 'beendoneandltbnotknowwhoth- ll'f or not then iaanother vulnerable 3pm in the what weather-beaten o'd cotm houae which could be tack- ‘ led with another boyonet. lint. to come down to hardpan: bu- ailteas is buaitieaa all the world over. aetupaaoldwagon oanewwheek a well a “the bed 1‘ than.\ A. H. lltmghty haa jaat removed a very fine crop of “A l\ pinto-flout Bunker Hill. and has W the mow umenta of hia gardening akill in a place where they will do the moat ggood. John I). Ripley. our whole-aouled landlord. has returned from hia atoclt Iranch in company with (law-go .and this is a matter that enlists the ‘ Mct'olum. only to be kept buaier interest of all people who have youth 1 still ill making preparation! for our to educate; wc ban- a well advanced fall round-up which in to cmnmence Quite, a large in- growing children every advantage in l crease is expected. and branding cotmnunitv. and we mean to give our next Tuesday. . . v . . . the verv important «pumtlon of edlc irnne: arc hunted up and exannned as cation. l to their ability to the amount of work (i. E. l'twic. who has completed they can do. his cngagcmcntlas‘ teacher. has given John Kcutilig is shortly going to old This. it is hoped. will give universal satisfaction. and it were work a nil) on his celebrated . ! . hard to tmd onc who would or could . mine. . . . . . I hold a tighter rem in thc difficult ‘i-lnlihwult'ut to some twenty or fill training of our prci-m-ious youth has arrivcd ulrcndv it is fair to ox- tnsh of guiding and teaching. (‘are- thirty lllcli.alldns tho lmardiug house is of prime importancc. and it is the poct tllat bcforo cor} long Mr. Kt-atv duty of pan-lit. as Wcll as teacher. to imulcntc and instill principles of Inoralitv and circuinspoctncss into‘ plastic minds. Hf lalc \vc limo lwcn quite busy in cntcrtnillilig the many visitors who h.l\-- honorc-l us with their prescncc. prominont among whom “crc Mr. Kanousc. u gontlcman of grca! \flaw liility. and no loss legal lcarnilig which ho has dcmonslratcd to the ad- miration of Mary-mi- in two import \vllll'll f'.‘lll\ \fl lH‘fUr\ .lllsticu of tin- nnl lzlw c.isos «or Mulch cslt'cllicd l’cacc. .Iohn Ilitchart. \vhoso gcliiali- l_\' is only cvcoodoil by his univcrsal kindness. live of justice to all. and impartiality in ghing docisions. Mr. l'arkor. also a voting and ac- complislicd ilisc.plo and \otnry of thc. \( ~orpus .luris.\ has shown our people what studious application to a choscni calling can do. and has made hosts of friends. )lr. Yawn-r. our indefatigable phy- sician and sturgeon. is kept constantly busy in rclicving the sufferings which flesh is heir to. :tlld in cxploring the treasures of lnotller earth. for which ing will commonoo actito operations. ‘ t‘harln-t Mann has a lame knec. . . . I continue. any longer to occupy his Itimc and chair and table for tho lprcs‘cnt. so i must makc a light mov- and try to toll you mon- in Sc 1: \cs. continued. Solongl Nevadc'vi wedding. Mlle. Xcvmla was marrioulat l'aris. ()otobcr lst. to llr. Raymond l’allnor; The civil ~cr\ icc look placo at the English lim- ibubbx', and thc r: Iof llirlliingham l‘inglalid. 'ons ceremonies at the church of the Thi- .\morican. English and Parish\: fash- attcndancc was largo. iollalilo sociotv “as woll roprosonlml“ ;enthusiasm. and tho display of flowers land clcgilllt costumes lent an air of The {tho American colony attended the llcv. Father Michael I \Vntts lhlsscl of tile l'awionist order. !rector of St. .ltmeph‘s fletfljilflligh tliate Hill. London. delivered an clo- t gavetv to tho scone. whole of i ceremonies. r I llis'ln-Il music for the occasion. and threatens to forcibly eject lllc iff in ll!“ ’assionist Fath- ’ 'l‘llc m-casioll was marked luv much. am“ TbeApacbeaareatilltroublam-e iaAriauaa. Threwerell‘lldaathafrun-talb poaiaCAaathlaatweek. claim to the occupation The Duke of (faatile is reported to have joined the lhmian Catholic church. Marahall. the diacoveror of gold in Ulliftlnia. in to have a monument at Placerville. The Socialist Labor Partv of North America held a National (‘oltvention at (‘incinnati on the 5th, filth and 7th inst. Four hundred clergvmen were prtment at the ('entcnnial cotiventiim of the New York (“00999 at Trinity church last Sunday. The ntage from San Angelo to Abilenicc. Texas. containing nix las- The 1 'entral Pacific Branch of the l'nion. road llll‘ Au-rTJ’oI-ru. MEGA-a... :32!“ Germany baaacknowlofip-d Spaia‘a Yap. ‘ and'l‘oilat boo-ll least-d fori .twentv-tivc \‘cars to tile Missouri l’a- } icitic liailroail ('ompany. l l v . ‘ hdward Mcfiwconev the famous suspoct. has been appointed eitllertMfin _ - appraiser or assistant appraise-r in the. custom homo at San 'ranoisco. .\ battery of boilera in ('lark & l t'o‘s Solar Iron \\\-rk.s. l'itlsburg. c_\~ ‘ plodi-d on the '_'lid inst.. injuring scvcntcctl persons tallv. Franklin .l. Most-s. ex-(iovt-rnor of Somli ('arolilla has bocn sentenced to thrco \cars' imprisonment in the. State l’rison for obtaining lnoncv lin- tlt't‘ falsc lirt'lt‘llSl'S. 'troasury. changing the limo for the purchase of silver on 'I‘uosdays and ‘riduys from T.’ to l p. m.. passed inn. cficct on moat. .. . \l\\ ._,,. . .A. -. .fim lir. |«I.(l. Silalti-spuuri-.of l’ennsvl- . ”NW: \ “W\ the “0\“ and H . . I . 1 Hill“. In lulu- N'lll as ri'lu‘t-st-ntatn'c ‘ of the l'nitod States to Spain and ‘otllcr countries in l‘Iilropc \vllcro chol- .cra exists. to make an imestigation ‘ol' thc Iliw'uw' in order that a full re- port mnv bo mailo to u'illlgrt-ss during, ‘ncxt N'Shlllll. .'\ printer and a married \voman. oommittod suicide on the evening {of tho Zld. ill ( 'ontral l'ark. Now York. >Thc suicide was premeditated and :carricd out i in a iligillv sensational land dramatic way. T N‘ two were. «pa-m oration. and a string band fur. l lovers and had left it to ballots of t plainly see a glimmer of llgllt flash- “um i chalice whcther thcv should live or ‘ in}: m1“- 1|“. atove. “'llurever he livo probably fn- ‘ .\tl ortlcr from lll\ sci rctan of the All New Stock and Prices as low as the Lowest. Agent for “WILLS. FARGO 8 CU.‘S Exprcaa. POTTER & CHANDLER. - 4 prawns m i--- C L O T H I N G“! Gmu’hmishingmm Artichl , ‘ -’;;fl‘ llltl'flS ;-B\'AND W'PATENT WHEDICINES¢-A m-ngers was attacked and robbct by ; . an 18-year old boy. ‘ Next to Livery Stable. “'ICKES. Hoot. ‘ What Wan [H i Soon after retiring one night last i week Samuel Anderson. living .near ‘ \\'Iiitc Sulphur Springs. fancying he ,could hear a lire kindling in his kitchen which adjoins his bed-room. walked ill without taking the trouble ,to make a light. Approaching the cook stove he could hear a slight sound similar to matches igniting. 'appurcntly under a large pan upon the cook stove. and which was tilled Taking hold of the pan it was not without consid- with hindling chips. crable t-xortion that he Slu't't'ctlt‘tl in it to the floor. ‘ the pull that of an electric battcry. (ln taking hold of he felt aahock similar to The shock was so severe he was startled and called to his wife wllo came to him in tho dark room. Feeling her way she put her hand on him shoulder. 1land instantly felt the shock. Mr. ;,:\lltlt'l'S(l‘l stood for sometime with l the stove hook in his hand and rest- . ing againat the stove when he could It is in blue aandatone. where the best water is generally found. This will be good ncwa for every one. The well is from 150 to 175 feet above the river. and demonstrates that the bench landa between Gr.“ Falls and Belt creek will route day be settled by prospemua farmers.\ This practically settles the quea- tion of the irrigation of bench lantk. and any farmer may now chemo hia location and be pretty aure of find- ing water near the aurface auficient to irrigate all the land he would care to cultivate. even at the rate oftwo clear. ‘glfitm1m' mM' H\ wwa gallons per day. or 85.4“) gallona a month. “'e would be glad if Mr. Speer could be induced to come to this section of the country and ex. periment. “'6 are aatiafied that he Would fine employment for his boring apparatus for the next yeah—Benton. River Press. Ianlarlea. Thuraday night of last ma house of A. P. Eddy. near the depa, was entered and aomething over 3m ' atolen from the clothing of I). L. l l he is wcll titted and qualified. .\.s a I l 4““ “”‘l “’l'id' resulted in ”'0 di\ . touched thtr‘stove or pipe a glimmer h ‘.l1'llll I dar - sav Mr. Vania-r . , . . .iinally \“iut! \\\l fatally. . l' ys I I . lacctunpamment. lhe wedding break- a , Th\ ntme was loataaa Bees. The (ireat Falls ’l‘ribulze tells the following bcc story: .unra Moon- sang a solo with t: hirp Wallace, fmman of the car repair“ in the railroad here. Several railroad mcn until: Eddy’a. In tho entry door is left unlocked. The thief entered by that way and pd through the sitting room into WI}. lace‘aroom. the dot! of WM“ nhcn ho fell into a dozo one night. ' . 7 u i l t o‘, m . \W . . of _ . W lakes Hotel.‘.‘.‘.‘ :11... 3.312.: ..,,. ”M \ seven-billed lcih and his own scalp: of light was visible. ranks with tl.~ forcmost ill Montana. > fast WM servcd at ”W Hotel Athens. , H,” and had had \“5“. in it for three l and Iio has rcpoalcdly given proofrq illours or more. The pan containing ' ’ . chips of wood which he lifted to the do\ Winn-l... Hno \f hi. Sign” i..- About one 3\\? 5'3““ M\ ken- ‘ tloor. seemed to he heavily charged ”W wife ”f (‘nrlo t‘hizzola. Mi“ Ne- ‘ Ill-(1y. father of \\ Ill banned). of llllS l u it I“?! npa biasing like the. start- \ I l o r l a I l'l“\\‘ ‘ \m ‘1 Montana. “\1 \“mgl“ l mg of several matches. for sometime. llr. l'nlmer is a surgeon by pro- .\l lfnlnc ithcy had the get-sc. at .\thons‘ tho of his high skill alld knowledge. and i . . . f ,1 ‘ . , ' lll ll I fesslon. and rcsides in out-of the l.on-. . . I .‘ . ‘ ' . as a amt y p lyslclan ic con 1 Inn y , “ 1‘ Kl. 8' lontnlm lbroad-fuccd lll'll. at llclpln thc tlmc- |... excelled. . lllUllUrt‘Llll'I‘llltul upon which our grand» “0|...\ lltlfifl'ltl i..- constantlv kept ‘ 4' ‘3 COMET. Montana. *VtatsWir. .\ l mm First-Class in men particular. GOOD STABLE Connected with the house. MILTUX cum: cm... \9—4 n.0.Jon.\'so.\'..; DEALER IN General Merchandise GROCERI ES, Family & liners‘Supplles, WINES AND LIQL'URS. CIGARS 8; TUBAL‘t‘t l.- sFBED NELSON. Boulder‘u Fashionable w “:ewta' ta made 0N0 . banana Don KIA-rm no Wrrn Dianrca. NELSON, —auo [I‘ll ‘. KIA?— . 1' Shop. Mlle la Ira: Ian-rm ar'rIIAa'r. MN stomp... m or mothers acquired tllc culinarv art. and which is still in \oguc among l i lint we lltndilies‘ in this bellightcd countrv traveling tinkers and gypsies. have some of those com- land barbaric age. \vhcrcwith to lift -thc curtain and poor into the solemn ‘ .\lasl thus. ipllil of the “‘llui‘S-tllrt'tllll\: 1 none?! l'orhaps 'tis better 1 Many a sighing swain would recoil from the soul-chilling vision of a lnothr'rsiullnw at the end of a broom- hilt‘lt: would lain manv a lovedorn lnuiden banish from hor horror- struck gate the glorious prince of her mum-struck dreams. a prince no longer. .but mayhap a bullwhacher . with “Mats-tlf—thc-Road-overalls and No. I? lirogalls: in my a statesman in cmbryo would aee his lofty anpira- ‘ .tions shattered. his colossal tall-lite. ‘ for abaorving public plunder unem- ; ployml and ignored. lace himaelf‘ raised. perhaps. upon the pedutal of; Uncle Sam‘s lantal lawn in a 7x9: shanty in the idyllic neighborhood of‘i (looaeem-k. to be but beheaded by a 3 on \the jump\ lll his capacity of con- :- stable in civil casemand had. not long since. an opportunity to demonstrate his entire fitness for the arduous nlld at times delicatA- duties of that oflico. such. for instance. as arresting aml holding culprits against public de~ cency and morality of which ofi'cnsc crilllc rather we have had tllc first test case in our immediate neighbor- hood. It is universally regretted and condemned that a young man of such fair promises and bright prospects as George McKay should have made an not even be And what is more to be condemned ia the attempt which may llilltcd at ill decent society. quality of companionship which be cultivated. “Sapicntiaat.” ()ur enterprising young townnman George B. Clarke is doing the hand- some thing in relieving the thirst af- ter knowledge in regard to the age of agood brand of whisky. beer. etc.. and especially Merritt”: celebrated branda of pear and apple cider. in which line he ban a competitor in the calist. who has made quit:- a reputa- tion in England and Southern Europo ‘ u Agnes l‘alnicr: llr. Palmer is 23 .ycars of age. and both he and his i bride arc devout ('atholiim. ‘ The fourbridesmaida \vcrc fellow- pupils of the singer. who have been .atndying ill Paris with Mme. Mar- ‘Clllfll. Misses May Taft and Nellie fin-rent of Philadelphia. Misti Morris. a beautiful little creature of Detroit. alld Mary Johnston of “'aahington. The best man was Sig. Salvini. the great tragedian. and among the ash- ers were Henry F. Gillig. manager ofthe American Exchange in Europe. alld president of the American Ex- change in Paris. Mia. McKay‘s two little boys and two bright. handsome lads. sons of Mrs. Cbizzola acted as pager. The wedding drew was of whit\. uncut velvet. which. with a large number of other elegant and elabo- rate cmtumer for reception: and oth- er occaaiona were made by “'orth. lnltead of an engagement ring. Mina vnpn‘s mallagor. and another is a vo- i :with him two hives of bees. which i were the first cvcr brought into north- ‘crn Montana. and at the time consid- ’erablo interest was taken ill their ar- ' rival and the probable outcome of the u-xpcrimcnt. That it was successful. and highly so. no one will doubt after hearing from (‘hnrlcy ltoth. of Nine- Milc cmllee. into whose poaacafion the boeslinully came. ('harley says one hive he lost cmnpletely during the winter and of the other he saved \\'hat to for a tpiecn was a puzzler which he could all but the queen. not aolvc. He had plenty of com- mon. every-day been. but the head of the family was only wanted to prove the success of bee culture in northern Montana. and this moat important‘ fact. prompted Charley to try an ex- periment. which. happily proved auc- ccaaful. He captured a mammoth sized horse-fly and introduced it into the hive aa a queen-bird. and the common. every-day bees did not tumble to the impoaition, but went faithfully to work. and antler the succeeding unappreciative adminin- l person of a gentleman who “hum“ tration- all! soul-harmwing phantaa- ; ”ml-3‘\ and who known \\1 under- mayoria better shut out the viaiona gum]. how to coax “,0 tinkling honefly have stored up an immenae amount of aweetneu. It '- to he hoped that this experiment will be Nevada wore a bracelet lookedon one arm and the doctor carried 4fie .5 ., hp and let us return to the stern pitileea’ what-iii! “'ell. we have other thinga here to console, ouraelvea with, if we can- not have either geoae or owla. or tri~ pod» though lame communitiea are bleraed with plenty of gaeae. and even owla. perhapa not the rihtklnd 7—we have. and lay claim to acme originality on (air aide. An ‘ly riaer whoae lnatitadi-l gla- ia mirrored in his longing ayaa. it in- aanee. is aaluted was. “ha thin one?“ and the M will vanfih lik- tlla w Alpine aaariae. ”q . . ' la and take a flit “ I V to web a your m” ‘ m to , are. H n flan. chimea from an anvil as well aa from an eggaliell tumbler. My. Skinner ia just putting up an excellent coat- bination billiard table. and the lovera of rolling ivory may homo! finding everything in m ‘yle. Frank Wella '- doing a * Undo in general merchant-a,“ whoa-r- er the genial aoaatanaea appease our people are out“ H Ir. Walla haa the very bad myth... hr key on hia watch chain. The dcaign ia a live barred gate with the fenceuf tiny gold claapiag around the arm. The poet and ban of the gate no atudded all over with fine diamonda. PM \H- The Stinky Kind”: 1! the Butte Minera' Ualea ”ad a notice on fie h“ werbd one d oar aka, a few ”I.“ notify- aeraalmatw‘firaeo followed by others. which will utiliae the home-lice and moaqultoea. Th'a is truly apmgre-ive age. MW 1’“ M. The Boast-nan Learn Gaul. ”a: T. B. Elli.“ eaeellauhl'h mouth at town, this yt- aha! fl buaheb a,“ II- vhat tat. i The weather was calm, clear and pleasant. Mr. Anderson would be iglad to have some scientific person inform him as to the cauaea that pro~ duced this strange phenomenon.— Huabandman; Yield of freeha- Ietala. The yield of precioua metal: for the year 188-1, in the United Statca. hasjaat been made public. The re- sult in interesting. and ia given an follows from all sources in the West and on the Missouri river. including gold. silver. lead and copper, on ea- timated by J. J. Valentine, auperinn tendcnt of W'ella, Fargo & Co.‘a ex- reaa' California ................... “m also unlocked. “'allaoe b I w light aleeper but the bowls man. aged to open the dew, rile his olnthea which were Imaging at the “d hia bed. even taking the ant-ll “I. from the watch-pocket, and w. Two railroad checka h M amount. were taken and it '- w these will lead to the diaoorery d fie thief. Tueaday night Jamea Waldrip. who keep. the Empire aloon upper aim thoalcpot. waa doaingoa a lie-eh in the saloon. and while an deahg some one entered the aaloorl ad tapped the till for about 014. Thar. is certainly a pretty aliok W around—m. Tl“ ..................... “m The valued thew-drum? ”mainline-tinned.“ Geld .......................

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 09 Oct. 1885, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.