Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, December 11, 1885, Image 1

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“mmeMCow-sy—KMWhW BOULDER. MONTANA, FRIDAY. DFL'EIB’R II, [865. fl. 1. --—-— -----—— ~--e,4 .. a & ‘ Written as do 5mm PIONEER smell“. ”.f T H E >\—' In - w.._._-._._.. BY l.l’tZlLl.E. February. 1504. a party of ' ' ' neighbtn met at the home of one of 'i - their number for . friendly visit. 7 1 PRICE 1 ' After the dinner had pretty well pro- ; . ' “ml. and the questions of the day a had been discussed. the convention . ’ turned upon the new Eldorado. ldaho; ‘ (“mutana was not then known). “'0 I i all aired what knowledge we pos- . lac-used of its locality. latitude. proba- _ ’ ble nw-iircee. and the tide of emigra- ‘ tion that war already weuding its way to the nmuntains. After the n-uiipany had gone II, \better half\ said “let us ‘6 I) “'ithout a nnoment‘l bl- I'UTTE, ..0. .IONT. luVlte the attention of the people ”(3 Idaho.\ llouldcr and vicinity to thvlr large and well selwtn-d stock of ; ll'll\t' our little home; one was. thall I win i naturally of a \‘vnturevunue dis- C L 0 T11 I N (d , ‘ lumiliull. fund of nmelty and adverr . turn; the wrond and stronger reason. {was that tlu-ru bad m mum of our Furnishing (hauls, Boots and Shoes, .u'nuntry's wur-zt population flocked inn-r mm our tu-rrituri. to van-upa- tlu- Ilrltll. tlml tln- Nfl'll\l of our little; \null um uniting to ln‘ anything but I .pl--:i--;uu:. F-v. llt'fi'l't‘ llt'tl lilo-- that. night. uv bud fully umdv- up our :llltion lilll§“t‘l’t‘¢l. “Ill right.\ fhsdi 1 two rl'tlhlm.‘ for being thus willing to‘ install it on aeemnt d bib was. June 15th -I‘ampedfor right with teams enmigh Infore and behind us ton-he agar-d siaed town. if the wagons had all been houses. The nest night we camped eight asiles from wood and fourfrorn water. The next day we came Scott‘s Blob. The mud was up to the hubs of our wagons. the road was only wide enough to admit one wagon at atirne.there beingno chance togetby to helpin case ofgettin'stalled. June 2]st.—-Carne W I'd Laramie today. it is a Ody petty place. “'e were rejoiced to get let— ters and papers from home. Ce-ped all night without wood, water or gran. Started on early in the morn- ing. About noon some of our party \ported water; we unyoked our cat- tle. when we found that it was a false alarm. Yoked them up again with some difliculty and traveled on. In the afternoon we found a good. (‘oltl A“ or rum am fibMflMI-i- gnarl-“Past... “entice was nab in the film- xul. last weekof the receipt of the First National Bank of Butte of two drafts drawn by Platt Burr in. Hurray. Idaho, and the return of the alair is given in the “'ood River News-Miner, of the 3d. as follows: ‘Platt Burr was arrested at Sho- shone. night before last. by Consta- ble Jesse Pollard. on a warrant sworn taken before Justice Lennon on ar- rival of the train. and held under rum bonds for his appearance yes- terday at 4 p. m. that tiny: aml the bond wu reduced to can) for his appearance on to-mor- postpt med. that :1 week ago last Saturday. Mr.‘ drafts dishonored. The sequel to the , out by “'alter Hail-tau. He '“i 1 know when w He appeared at . row. to which time the hearing was? ed his clan telling the aeheha there would he no school seat by, it being ‘l'haah'iv‘ug Ihy. and at the us time «paced the hops that they .would ed fish turkey and ova-berry susee with the thankfqu nes- becomiqthe will. (heat the pupils called his ettenthin to the terror in the hygand [evinced the ‘ ladiaonian cwtaining Gov. nauser's proclalnation. setting Thursday.» the ‘20th.aatbe day tobeobaerved. “Oh, that's a mistake d the printer.” said the director of you-guess; “Igua- viu‘ scales,” 3 and the school was dial-bed aesud- ingly. The youngstusdfllateshool got a double dose of Thanksgiving holiday this year. i in non: l [The following was written for the . Avant Courier. and is pretty good:] ‘ . i W'hatiahe,whatdidhespring 'l he substance of the complaint is ‘ from. what does be live on. \m ishia Annals-Td’o‘nn. MIM' POTTER & CHANDLER. -—{DlALIRSDl}——- CLOTHING-'1\ .snd'l‘dlstml WDRUGS WAN D WPATENT Q'KEDICINBW All New Stock and Prices as low as the Lowest. Next to Livery MID. Agent for \VELLS, FARGO & (2035 Express. “'lCKES. Hunt; spring \f water. Wid' I’M!” I‘irufl‘.‘llliirr drew a check for ill” on a than we h'd m.\ for \m ““31\ party in liutte by the \attic of Bet-k- .lunc 29th. to the North‘ (‘alm- l with. and got “'altcr llodgman and ' . of hone-r1 and cattle from them. a were \‘I-rv sorry fur them. but bad Ho l'latte bridge. found emigrants tin-ref without lln‘ tut-um nl gutting anuy.‘ the lndians having taken every bead . \h'v ‘ .luvub ('baru- to endorse the. check so I that be (llurr) could get the money on . it here. The check or draft was sent to ”our for puyuu-nt. and was re- turned with the statement that no ioccupation. and what is his mission 1‘ or use on earth? Theaearedeepques- ' tinns. and many and varied are the answers that have been given them. I Some contend that he was origin- ally intended to be a man. but it taken a great stretch of imagination to see anything plausible in such a Hats and ('nps. life. For Manila-3 M ( hiidren's“ on r. Ilandlint’ tho“- lin-w I'\l’lU‘l\l'l_\ uu- :xr- enabled In L'i\|‘ lwlivr minimum: for flu- Inoimy than ('lel he obtained l'l‘t'“ll\l’\. la trouble to show Hooch. and on in- spection of steel b. rcspeclfllll)‘ sollclied. Goldsmith & Co. BUTTE, MONT. I. A. IJ‘ZIGHTON. ‘I. 1).. Physician and Summon. ‘. y 0“ If Mulder Moi Spring-z Patients attended in 2.! all l'h' wanna-rs. ramp» 6 1:. Nu. FIRST NATIONAL BANK I (IISD. OI\ HELENA. I'. S. I‘d-podiatry... VPdd up Capital. .. Surplus and Profits ..... A ,...8500,000 . 325.000 llllll-X'THHS- s. T. \ltlllll‘l'. l’rest. A .l ll:n'i~. Vlt'o Pr. E. “'. Knight. 'l'.ll,Kli-inM-hmidt. ('aubier. Asst ('nsh. A. H. Holler. John (1 Curtis, H. I. Pun-hen. ll. 8. llumllton. J. fl. Mlng. (I l'. Higgins. T, (‘. l'owcr. WARDEN 85 DENNING, Liven and Feed S T A B L E W.3suiss.fladdls Bursts. Double Teams and Everythingr In The Livery “no. looms: Cir-r. - MONTANA. Grand Central Hotel. I, run rm. ” In}, sum and Newly Furnished throughout. Thom Hotel. ' j Wand pluuasntlysit- salsa-strut. Wwflhhshsst _ p I I bind ux. and In uur furtzmw in lb\ fur distant “' -~t. (in-zit um tip l': .nz-l 'ry “bl-nour- ‘dt-tvrlninntic-n \\;.~ mnin knunn to frivnd> and l\ illll'x-‘N l':\--r\ ma‘hl \\u~ H...,] 4li\-ll.'I-lv u~ from All! r fuiiu-al. my .~i~tt-r iii-inn. :i \u-rv mnn~ ulll' purpose, Llll others. had in ii-lJi r:i.~ \‘4Dlllilll. “llll lltlil. during a ;\l.~l' In ( 'ui-umlu. I‘nlmu-d the opinion :tlmt mnuumin :iir uu~ uI-t ruiuliwin- '14- :nuriznl l-an-x iry. took my bus» 'balnl :x~inlv and mid: ~ \1 lb. .}.. Int \‘5!\ l,1:. iile awny out i . V t . tun... »n-- - ._,..._l',_, and gin. and Wm “ii! l...-.- hv .3\ (\un. l \\'i.~blouii1l right hen. that l lune burn in Mun- have Axum r Inna. u-ke-d to leave my hus» lluna ma-r l\|~'lil\‘ yeah and . r- --2 .1. Mn} w.- lmdc:l..ur Worldly . ; u-i. :1 ungon. yoked up our I . on; “one v-wu lamb,“ «~n rix ili..u;.iul‘.. \\ .. ~l.‘n’i: .I alone, inlet-ding to, i in >um~~ other tI-mn‘lltlt bud hurled I “MIR.\ “I“ “mm?“ m It pi-cullnrone. fruit: in point furllu-r Mlllill. “llll‘ll “r! rdid. :llit'f li\-‘ day C Huh i. Simu- of ‘ilu- I‘Ullll’flll} \U'rl' from it \tn. Milllt' frnm Kuhn-ska. l llur tirst Nnuluy mm m- ramped Eon the l'lnttr- and wrnn- loin-n; gran- :good. now! and -water plenty. and ist'enery beautiful. i .‘lny 23d. “3- had a storm of hail :nnd rain. Ilu- first we had had since ‘ lvm‘ing llIIllN‘. . May 20th. “'e were reinforced by u mmpany of Buckeyes fourteen men and four wagons. The daily incidents of travel would not be interestiugto the public,” 1 pass uH'r illl .ltitlt‘ 4th, “W. rcached the Old California ere-in. “'e found a great many teams thorny and mneluded to wait till Monday before attempting to cross; the wlter bmm high. weather warm. June 0th.- The men of our train took- of! two wagon beds. lashed them I IIbgt'tln'r.l'ulkmliltt‘flt‘lnls with tarrcd 1' chill). and took our flour. sugar and 1 other perishable articles. together I with the Women nnd children. over the l‘lutte in the cxtcmporilcd ferry. “'e were several days (hissingxm June 0th.-~\\'e left the river and travelled through the moat broken country I oversaw. In the afternoon we came through Ash Hollow. where Gen. Harm-y fought the Indians in 1859. On entering the hollow we came down a hill so steep that we had to take all but one yoke of oxen 0! from each of the wagons and lock both hind wheels. But when we did get to the bottom. we found just a ‘ lovely a spot as heart eouldwbh; bebofrmesonallsidagand' currents. grapes and wild m h abundance. At nightm‘-.. brought in two young-w.“ ths first fresh meat It had has- our good fortune to MM upon our journey. ' . ,. ’ Junsl' - «woman‘s nnnd~ tn lt'll\t' home and ll‘lt‘lltls ln--. urgn- ‘ lipnirrv-l and the breaking up of mar- .“ hva bag“ at“ ; lu-u'c-rto help them. The day before | “'I' arrived there on emigrant had i been m-videutally shut. 'l‘ln- soldiers ‘luok him Ii'rueh the bridgi- and buried ‘. \‘II' lull $5 a wagon. him beside- tlm rmul. crossed [over the bridge amid :filt'ln. a head for ltuNr' cattle and : horses. 'l‘u-dny we left the (lld i l’lntte for the last time. i'l'bis afternoon we llllhhl‘il (piiten litufllsgnuxl. untnral curiosity; it was half a mil:- of stun:- ft-ncv. which looked in some places as if it had been built by the lil mil-w in searebof grass but found none. (To be ('ontinued.) Illllllil of man. llrove TEE BIRCH cam TRAGEDY. Return of Maine's Slayer Prom Bridal: Columbia. south was SheriEJmu-s of llillon. having in charge \\'. 1). Morgan. whom he brought from Victoria. llrit- lf‘ll l‘ulnmbin. where he was arrested by the police. The (‘I‘illll' for which showing all tln- phases of '- family ital had married neutral years. when ho- and relations. been Morgan his wife separated. and she obtained a divorce from him. after which slw married Fred Haiuing. Sonic tinn- aftcr her second marriage and during last winter. Morgan swore out a com- plaint and had both Raining and his wife arrested under the lent-ans stat- ute which prohiblh the marrl of first cousins, but when the imi- nary examination was ‘beld, oners were disc . .On the morning of the 5th of Jul last, about ylight. Hainir and is wife were returning from a l in a wag- on. when were fired upon from an alibi-h, as I supposed by Morgan. and Raining was killed and a little child on hi wife‘s lap lost a leg from the elects of the same bullet. Mor- a reward of .1 l was oft-red by the Governor for his arrest. Sherifl Jones of Beaverhead county. obtain- ed one of his photogra he. had a num- ber stricken of and coded the coun- try with them. Knowing that he had formerly resided in Victoria. several were sent to that city. and in a few weeks he received a tclc m an- noncing Morgan's arrest. he. ofiicer received the u ' requisition pa- pers and went after the prisoner. re- turning yesterdav. Mr. Jones is a «momma worked v hard in this one. «leaching ia mention for the our” he layed in his search in the neigh n3 hills and valleys.—Iinsr. ”his.“ Thebllowingisthelegasydld- wardIAgaemIr-ediuelwhtewho diednetlou‘qeinswqo. KY. ltlssiadlartowhatofisrdruahards theyhave netredaeedhtsw ul l-vsts ssdstyasfisdh. tans-rubs use“. aythnwlllsasad. thy\ ()nyesterdayey-emugI-Itrsmbound for the ceremony arrived gan immediatel ' left the country. and . theory. The hcrd blob of that class “‘\l' party was ”Wm\ shows that the original sire was an H\ M'm‘l\) .\lr. llnrr “1’\! l'“ Sh” : English llunkv. and the dam a French isllflllo‘. and Mr. llmlgnmn. not liking . eourh-znn. unil since the importation ”I\ Film“ “\ ”f ”'i”.‘-.\‘ “WM” “m ' to America of the dude. he has been inbred. llnlf bred. double sired and . _ . ' .singlu domed until his grade is the . Is reported that he \‘lt'llllllli‘tl Frank ; d . dent (“dandy dudest\) breed of ‘ 7 . pllysii'ul attenuation. intellectual ”W l‘““'l\“\ l”“'“ f‘\ .100. “\1 .loe blunkncse and human insignificant-e Pl\l\l\\' (\r “w\ The” i” “m\. , that one can hardly think of. .. ”'0 latter i “'hnt he subsist; on. no one knows; “N‘- . -7 _ ihntel and restaurant keepers give it i lalrlrnonlally Absent-llnded. :up. and it will probably always re- .\ decidedly rich cane of abscnt- ‘ main an impenetrable and drooly [Inindmlno-w is reported from l'tica. ' myflfly. It has been an”). hinted ‘lt appears thut cu'rytlling M» M“ . that the free lunch counter is the I ranged lnctwccn a young lady lifilli.’ I foundation of his hopes and life. but on .‘lillcr street. and u ymllli.’ gentle- I we doubt it; for even the free lunch man residing on Howard avenue. tnI is too 31“”th for his digestive or- be married. The evening appointed f gens. The only nonrighmem that ~ \ml ”'1‘ the dude is positively known to take bride and her friends WW? “I! build. ' is obtained from I Pine toothpick and but the clergyman who had been 1 fl“. ppm] of . cane. Right he” we [asked to tie the knot found himself' warn all romantic young ladies never i unable to do so for the simple reason ; u, nmrry ‘ dude»: there is too muoh that tbl' young man wax- not present 3 0f “,0 pick to-risk\ about them. to do his share in answering the net!- i After the dude has devoured a essnry questions. The disappointed : toothpick. or part ofone. he begins to bride returned home rind. it is pre- i \wk the head of hi. cane. it help. sinned passed a sleepless night. The ‘ dica‘iun arid keg-pg the fliesout of his next day senrch for the missing bride- . mouth during the Uit‘fflllt'll- groom was made. He was found! “'9“ bred Ml” declare that his without trouble. and when an expla- I occupation is tliat of making himself nation of his disappointing conduct : .5 (tungpiruoufl as lmlhle. and rudely was demanded from him. odmittcd 3“\ng through a single cinch. eye- that the little aflair had slipped his ; “I“, at handsome ladies. Sometimes mind entirely» in fact he forgot all I the py-o-g|m gets hurt. but the dude about getting married that evening. i (Influx, simply because he has no and went to bed to sleep as usual in- i feelingg‘ or he wouldn’t try to stran- wnrrunt. and the sheriff telegraphed Ito Shoshone lo hun- him arrested. lt L Martin in a siluilnr way for #50. and doubt. however. about - _ stead. The bride didn‘t propose 10,310 his 19“.; m.) if h. we” no. in- get mad about a little thing like that. l vulnerable hecould not auntie cigar- however. and the next evening was I ettesscoften. , . set for the ceremony. By dint of H\ mission on ”lb—“M . persistently keeping the matter in broad field for phIl-l ”0 m and the study of human nature. To mind, the bridegroom remembered be brief. we m‘ ht a bi. It‘ll the appointed hour. was on hand. and seems to be to slfiow w t a M- ble idiot a man may become culti- vation; or that the Creator ikea to the two were made one in due form. Ir. lleadrlehs’ (leash-an. indu in . ’eal ' e nowand Indianapolis News: Tom Branford then. y “y recreat . N the colored coachman who has been . A. Cllloox, with Mr. Hendricks for nine years, is 0.1km! \ T” N0\ at 1m' greatly distressed at his death. hThere never was a servant about the house.\ said Tom. “that didn’t like him. or would say a word against him. “'hen I handed him a glauof water. or blacked his boots. or did any other little thing, .he would .al- ways thank me for it. The newspa- pers said last fall.l think it was lad Turpy who wrote it.that1made more fuss than anybody else when Ir. Hen- dricks w- elected. That isn't so. I always voted the Republican ticket. and never voted for Ir. Hendricks. Hensversaidawordtomehhcutwhs Ishould vote for. At the election last year he told .0 to hitfi up and any. u. down to o. pdh. sash- mid‘cwash. “Us. we wu't is ha w a fiey‘ll “I'- l-fiyea to the psi. Isa no a i “'The memos. Joke sold by A \M. Thirtym yeuaagowhile ayoung and enterprising man, havinga wife and infant topmyidefw, Leonard Bole left hisheaseiu'lel- block. I...» seek limb the Wed. He dashed he would neverreturnultilheuladeahw- magnetism-aw. m-wfi—wofiq‘ The - NEW - SHIJE in. Schultz & Glmfim Umums ut Boots and Shoes, Rubbers and Slippers, WHOLESALE and RETAIL. “'0 keep an Elegant Linc of First—Class Goods. and are making to our CUSTOMERS THE VERY l.U\\'l§ST l’lill'ES. EirR-ml your mail orders. to us. You will get fresh new goods Ind ill. l..~\'l‘l::>\l' STYLES. ' HELENA. MONT. No. 1' Main Street. no.“ door to N. l’. Express office. SOULE BROTHERS & CAIN. M'Dsalsrs in” Generalm-“fiefiit'angfim. LIQUORS AND CIGARS. JEFFERSON cm', MONTANA. Dry Goods, Clothing. Groceries, Hardware, Beets and Shoes, Queensware & Notions of all kinds. WGoods promptly delivered to Wickes and Gregory and other as up The Chi\ Mcrcuttlo [Iota-e In Jeane-on easy. Al av.— -: Boulder DRUG em _.__.:. emails-none emu! contour-I'- In! a. am. his Virus at that In I“ hr... flaveou hand abyss-ornate!- W'Sundries. Palate, 0.87““... Glam” Wlifbflomua. N. 3.41. ash-w...\ '.f—ia .- bmhmmcfimnmgzhve We.”

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 11 Dec. 1885, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.