Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, January 14, 1887, Image 1

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. • : •s•- , , 4 • IH ;; • JEFFERSON COUNTY SENTIN 1 .1 icr, 4.1.4ds The Pioneer Newspaper of Jefferson County A Family Journal—Independent in VOL. IL BOULDER, MONTANA FRIDAY, JAN. 14, 1886. NO 2T f4PIECIAI. NOTICI4:44_ Religions Notices. Preaching every Sunday moruin;, at th , M. F. church, at 10:30 a. in. sun time. 1st and 3d Sundays, Rev. 11. W. Currin. 2d and 3d by the Presbyterians. Sunday echool at 2 in the afternoon. ..%... (J. U. W. Centennial Lodge. No. 28. Meets every First and Third Monday In each month, in Good Tetnplars' Visiting brethren are cordially invited to attend Ggo. F. °owe:C. M. W. Wm Novae's, Hee. U.. J. ilcolUG-I - luria . NOTARY PITBLI( 7 , kloulder, Montunn. OFFICE: - With Dougherty Bros. Thompson Campbell. J. H. Dt:fry. CAMPBELL D 1 7,771, ATTORNEYS - AT - LAW, BUTTE, MONTANA. CON O'LEARY, CONSTABLE, Writs and collections promptly attend - sod to. WICKES. Mont. 39 Dr. J. C. Hunter. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Graduate of the University of Philadel- phia, Pa., Class of 1872-3. Office at Residence near Church. TEETH FILLED OR EXTRACTED !Boulder City, - • Montana. Alex. J. Elder, Notary Public and Conveyancer. Office in court house. BOULDRR CITY. - MONTANA. Gece w F. CONIllti, ATTORNEY AT LAW , BOULDER CITY, MONT. Will practice in all the courts of Montans Territory. Hunters and Trappers. Send for price of RAW TOMS and SKINS, WATEL' FOWLS' SKINS a WILD GAME, To W. GOLDSPEE, Boston, Mass. WM. I. PIERCE, Successor to Pierce & Ten Eyck, Manufacturer and Dealer in Lumber, Lath AND Shingles. Sawmill on Muskrat creek. MINING TIMBERS/ A nEc - drIAL A stock of Gla!ed Sash, Doors, Building Paper and Dressed Lumber Carried at BOULDER UM. A. S. KELLOGG, Agent. garcan on us for Reduced Prices. • First Publication Dec, 24, 1886. No. 1784 Application for Patent. U. S. LAND OFFICE, Helena, M. T., December 21. 1886. Notice is hereby given that Charles Dunes, whose postoPice address is Jeffer- son City, Jefferson county, Montana, Ter., has this day filed his application for a pat- ent for 1485 linear feet of the Hill Side lode, mine or vein bearing gold and silver with surface ground 600 feet in width, situated in Colorado (unorganized) Min- ing District, county ot Jefferson and Ter- ritory of Montana. and designated by the field notes and official plat on file in this office as Lot Number 83 in Township) north range 4 west,of principal base line and meridian of Montana Territory, said lot No. 83 being as follows, to -wit: Beginning at the southeast corner, a porphory stone 36x12x7 inches set 16 inch- es deep, marked 1-1870 for corner No. 1, with a mound of stone alongside from which the corner to sections 7. 8, 17, 18, T 7, N 4w bears N 24 30' w 113 feet dis tent and running thence S 66' 15' w 1485 feet, thence N 1* 45' w 600 feet. thence N 86* 15' E 1485 feet. thence Si . 45' E 600 feet to corner No 1, the place of be- ginning Magnetic variations from 19° to 21' 15 E containing 20.44 acres. The location of this mine is recorded In the Recorder's office of Jefferson coun- ty, Mont., in Book K of Lodes, page 340. The adjoining claim is lot 49, Minah lode on the east. Any and all persons claiming adversely any portoin of said Hill Side lode, mine or surface ground are required to file their adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Helena, in the Territory of Montana, during the 60 dsys' period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the Statute. S. W. LA.NOHORNIS, Register. J. G. SANDERS. attorney for claimant. Taken Up, December 1, 1886, one light bay horse; white spot on face and wuite on nose, will weigh 1,000 lbs. Brand JP on left ; stifle. S. S. STRECT, Boulder, Jefferson Co., M. T. _ Taken Up. One white steer, 6 or 7 years old; red ears and red spots on neck ; branded E on left hip. Ile came among my cattle about a month ttif0. There are others of the .salne brand in Brown's gulch east of foul. der. Apply to ,tt. C. QUAINTANCR. - Gallowayn for Sale. f have a few very tine haif-breed Callo- way bull calves for sale. The same may be seen at my place one mile north of itonidr C. ORM/rot-Pt PEOPLE OF PROMINENCE. The baby Battenberg is laid to be \a prodi- gy of royal smallness.\ Alexander Dunes We younger is now C3 Teal-, old. HA hair is a slivery white. Mr. W. W. Corcoran liars it is not true Wet he is going to erect u big music ball in Washington. Senator Morrill has now been in congress theleesee years. Me 11. noted for his rest:nib- 1 ext. tole:miles Sumner. Ex-Goveener Roadie, of Ohio, says his eon- tueoiou with polities is ended. Ile is devot- ing himself assiduously to the practice of law. Verdi, the groat musical compeller, al- though 73, lute a good appetite and his spit its show no indication of failure. Ho w•orke as hard as ever. Senator Ede:mud-1 recently wrote to the laity presiiieet of a teimeraece sot iety in e'er- rnout that he was obli :ed to taee something, , bemuse be has r:. thine. Gen. B. F. Butler has laid away his black sleu e la hat for an enormous leaver cap, \whieb stave a vorresponeent, \ghee him the aprearance ot a fansy perfumery bottle with a big stepper. Senator Everts has appeared in Washing. ton in a new hat. This is said to have cre- ated great excitement in Warkingtori cfrchee It is understood that the senator litie by his gnuelfather's tile a ab great reluctatice. M. de Labeulaye, the now French minister to Se Petersburg, has rented one of the finest palaces in the Russian eapital. Its vestibules are bung with Gobelin tapestries and Vene- tian lamps light the reception and ball rooms. Col. \Tom\ Ochiltree denies the statement that he is connected with Buffalo Bill's Will West show. He says he ei a great fiiend of Mr. Cody's and cousidere his stow the great- est money making machine now extant, but he has no business connection with it. King Alphonse, the monarch who did not live to see his heir and namesake, has had many babies named after him. Queen Chris- tina, moved by this /rook of popular sym- pathy, recently presented the 1,000;11 baby with a Look bearing this inscription: \To the 1,0leith Ationso, from a woman whom two Alionsos have made happy.\ Fnends of ex -President Arthur who sent telegrams or notes of contlieewo have re- ceived a graceful acknowledgement from the family beautifully engraved upon a sheet of note paper, with a black margia half an inch wide. The three cards which accompany it bear the name of Mrs. McElroy, Miss Ellen IIeendon Arthur and Mr. Chester Alan Ar- thur. An old Cincinnati man tells how Gen. But- ler got his wife. 2.1as Hildreth, the daughter of an Episcopalian clergyman, e as ireiding lady at one of the prineipal theatres in the city. Gen. Butler happened to be in the city when she nettle her debut and attended the theatre every night for two weeks and carried the accomplished actress awey as his wi:e. The management and public were left In mourning. Elias Polk, the old body servant of ex -Presi- dent Poe:, attended President Cleveland's re- ceptioa the other day. Ills visit to Washing- ton was merely to see Presteent Cleveland. Ho has determined, while he lives, to Dee every president, and boss's that he has now seen every one of them from John Quincy Adams. E'ess says the Tern se legislature stet pay their re.spocts to Mrs. Polk at the be - glinting of every session. LABOR NOTES. Piehop Ireland, of Minnesota, safe that \the Amerieen leeorer, earneof fee er $3 a dav, cannot supper t his family, his church and a sateen.\ Viers+ ere el.000 woreing teeters in Paris - ma aid 9,000 women. Their pay aver es front three to font' francs daily, tuid they 1.1.1“. to work ton hours for it.. The 1' etest Leber party is growing. Al- i reside 117 '11' , .+1 have horn formed all ever the Gei - ei :eaten, and some organizations will be appoirr el in every state is the %viten. There ere in London 4,000 persons who enaee their evine by tailor work of various kinds. rich' work verages nearly twelve 11011 -, { a il ire loll they are paid from $7.50 to $12.\)a week. Theo veers ego the retail grocer/sof Brook- fe- I ice l een eetion, their object being to • ' o•'..a the1r hours, reduce their losers by La! deete ane exclude oleomargarine. All the: eiev !save aceomplielied, ane in addition have establiehed a night school for their • clerks, which has been a great Recesses. I Since ISS3 there has been in Pennsylvaida I no compulsory school law, and hundreds of ' children from 7 to 15 years of ago are hard at week in the hard coal mines, slate picking, wearing out their lives all the duty long in the ,dust and erime of the pickine, shed. At least iethis ei what George A. Denison, in his book, \Work and Ileiges,\ says. Congreeeman Lawler hies been overrun with wives mud mothers of offieeseekere, and recently gave orders to the doorkeepers to bring him no more cards. Mrs. Lawler ceeed one day, and was told that she could not seethe member. She protested that she was hie wife. \Oh come now,\ was the heartless reply, \you can't work that racket here. A hundred women to -day breve told me the same thing.\ SAYINGS OF YOUNG FOLKS. At a Christmas dinner each euest present was asked if he would have \(treeing with his turkey.\ Little Fannie, who had been over- looked in that respect, returned her plate, • saying: \Papa will you please give me some clothes, too\ -New York Tribune. An Austin lady went to the door of her eon's sleeping apartment and remarked: \Why Johnny, aren't you up yet!\ \No ma, it's so cold.\ \You lazy little. scampi Get up, and be ashamed of yourself.\ 'Let me sleep a little while longer. I can be ashamed of myself in. bed Jere as well as any- where else.\ -Texas Siftings. A little 4 -year -old chuliby faced boy sat clenching his fingers around a silver dollar at the Sunday school service at the Met bodist Episcopal church, at Ty: -one, Pa., on Sunday, and later reluctantly surrendered it to a lady who collected the contributions to the church fund. seeing afterward: \I didn't wan to glee it to Mrs. 13—; wanted to give it to the Lord.\ ---Exchange. A little fellow of the Saunterer's acquaint- ance, bas implicit faith in the generosiiy of ['suite Claus, and has been reying to deter- mine what he bad best ask the okl man to bring him. One morning this week his mother found him in the paekr hh , _where the tire bad gone out, with the etirviOhr open, and his face at 'the aperture, saying: \Menthe Thanta Clauth. bring me a thlel, a pair of big wubber booth, theme candy. • thlate. and mamma a, now dee - the' \Why Tommy,\ sail his mother. \Santa Claus cannot afford to bring you all these things. You should not as:i for so much. It's selfish.\ Tonmer's fare clouded for a moment, then grew cright with an idea, and returning to the stove ha called up the chim- ney: \Pleathe 'Manta Ciauth, you needn't mind the dwethl\-Bostren i•latarday Gaaetta SPORTING AND ATHLETIC. All of the American oarsmen have arrived home from England. Perkins and Bubear are matched to row over the Tyies championship course Feb. 7. Sullivan's only two prospective enrage - merits are those with Pateey Cardiff and Pat It is considered by no means certain that slides Kitrain and Joe Lennon will meet as utIvertistel. Pat Sheetly declaree that he will shortly take Sullivan to Leigland to arrange a Meet- ing with Jean Suit: it. ' Jake Gaudaur does not consider Williaru Beach, of Australia, the Invincible oureman Teemer hint to be. It is rumored that Jake Kilrain, the \Old Reliable,\ wet meet John P. Clow, of Denver, Colo., in a ten rounds glove fight, Dec. 27. Toneey Warren and Tommy Denforth have not signed any a reement to lieht, all deports to Wei contrary niewitbetanding. %relieves Benieli and : Divvied Hanlon will race oil tee teepean river,, Au :toilet, in Juno , next. Tim report that Beach had retired ass I a catiere. Australia will be flooded with sprint run- nen ties winter. They have been attracted thither by the tulle reeneentatieee of T. :.t. Malone, the chsmpion of the - edam.' Come - none\ John L Sullivan anti his combination are coining money out were The latest acipie gluons to the ranks of Sheedy's eat -are\ are Duncan C. Macdonald, of Butte City, M. T., and Jobe' P. Clow, of Denver. The committee appointed to invostigate the evidence adduced at the trial of Al! 'Round - Champion - Amateur Athlete Malcom W. Ford, has not yet arrived at a decision. On general principles Ford should be acquitted. Tornruy Danforth need not pine away for battle if he really businees. Tommy Barnes, the ex -champion feetber weight, Lag authorized O. C. Cohen, of Now Vert, to back hen against Danforth for a fight tat n theele with kid gloves, for a purse of $500; or Burnes will meet Palmy O'Leary on the sane, ternia. MUSICAL AND THEATRICAL \Siberia\ put nearly ild,000 in Bartley Ciunpbeles pocket. Dion Boucicault lain nearly complotee bie new drama based on scenes and iticleleiitt of the late war. Sig. Campaninie voice is said to have failed hen because ho inilulesed ten mueh in his favorite beverage of whieky and seltzer. !Mr. John T. Raynionil used tie be low come- dian in the Rolston Globe theatre's stock com- pany when Arthur Ceency was the 'meager. Mr. Bronson Howard, in speaking of W. D. Howell's \Forgone Conclusion,\ weich has been dramatized, says the possibilities of the play are great. Mr. Louie Aldrich is one of the richest of actors. Ho was leading man in the Boston Mueeuni for years. Ile made all of his money Au \My Partner.\ Mrs.' Francis Hodgson Burnett is writing a little \sentimental sketch,\ which will be pro- duced in connection with - The Great Pink Pearl* in New York next season. Mr. Oliver Vend Byron has made over $100,000 in that bloodiest of tragedies, \Across the Continent.\ Ile used Lo be \basket boy\ nt the Chestnut Street theatre, Philadelphia. Two rumors are floating around about \Billy\ Florence and his wife One is that they are making a fortune In the west; the other is they have lost so much money during We past ore season* that they are going to retire. An usher in one of the Brooklyn theatres occupies a like position in a well known church, and it is charged against hint that he said to a worshiper last Suielay: \the gallery LI full, sir, but there is plenty of roma lit the , orchestra.\-Brooklen Eagle. A new scheme is sae! to have taken poi , erasion of Col. Jack Haverty. During this winter We Haverty iiiiiistniLs will cultivate long, pointed mustaches and accustom them- selves to swearieig in Feencle and next seseeon they will sweep over all Europe as M. de lIavreLaye's Frouch Opera company. It is reperted that tie) Cincinnati Southern will go out of the pool known as the Asso- ciated made of Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama on Jan. 1. The grows earnings of the Fort Worth and Denver City Railway company for the year were $423,179; operating expenses, $248,100; ! net earnings', $175,013; surples after paying year's interest, $174,830. , A Michigan Central traid on the Canada Southern division, having on board re num- ber of directors and officials, retrently ran from St. Clair junction to Windsor Dock, a distance of 107 miles, in 03 minutes, being at the rate of 67ee miles per hour. The annual report of the president of the Union Pacific Railway company concerning operations of tbe system for the nine months of the current year to Sept. 30, shows tbat the income, lees expeuses and text*, aggre- gated $6,145,241.30, against $e1,4e-1,107 from the same period of 1883. AMONG THE RAILROADS. The Increase in net earnings of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy tor the ten mouths ending Noe. 1, 1e843, over the sumo time last year was 5.3 per cent., the gain in gross over _last year was? per cent. in passenger and 5 per vent. in miscellaneous earnings, but there was a decrease of $171,103, or a little more teen 1 per tent., in freight earnings. For the first week ie December sixty-two roads show aggregate earnings for this year of f4,579eN7, ama hicrease of e61,094 over eamo time in Pee5. Snow arid cold eea:ber have reduced receipts thie year. Eleven mails have reported their earnings for the second week of December, and they all sbow gains, thee total gide reaching $14e,b14, or nearly 13 per cent. It is now proposed to use four cylinders iu the construction of locomotives, instead of two. The aggregate power of the four is equal to that of the two 'low nse I, but it was found in a series of experinemits made at Woolwich arsenal, in England, by the British war ogles, that tue pewter used to move the lox -emotive itself was from 30 to 40 per cent. lees with the four cylinders than with the two. The capital invested by the Belgian state he railwaye and the post, tele,Trapb and mer- cantile navy was at We end of Ibtee 1,249,- 456,01 francs. The net income tlei :ved from it was 49,5fee0l$ francs, which gives about 4 per cent. interest. The avevage yearly profit on the capital invested in these departments, of which the railways constitute by far the most importaut part, Was bithetto leached 4.60 per cent. The fastest time ever made oy a railroad train on the Pacific coast wes :mule by a special engine and baggage car on the Cen- tral Pacific which was sent from here to Sacramento to secure tho delayed costumes of the Aimee company. The run of 178 miles was made, deducting stops for fez - lieges and water, at the rata of about one minute and raven seconds a rfiiIe. CURIOUS THINGS IN UFL Burt Berry, of Parkston, D. T., loaded up an old shotgun, rested it in a tree, shut his eyes and fired. Since then one eye has refused to open. A maim in Hartford, Cenn., who takes much hitereet in milkmen, rays that Fume milkmen give larger pints of milk than toilet- and holey ite- ones do. A eeew Jersey fanner, Who stayed in a New York hotel the other eight, triad to blow eut the gas, but not suoceeding, be put his hat on the gas jet. l'his as entirely suc- cest.ful. He wont to bed, and would prob- ably never have seen daylight again if the attendant bad not discovered him. A little boy In Oakland, Cal., picked up a package' in the street the other day end showed his coinpanioas the /one pretty circu- hers he found in it. They were so much pleased (but they chipped in and bostglit three of the circulars for forty-five cent's; the ether otse ho gate away to a fu lend. The '`eireu- hers\ afterwards turned out to le) $1 0 ) wee,. On their return to the on-ner he' gave the boys each $5. A New London, Conn., heretic:eel rented a tenement to a man three months agl end pre- sented his bills rognlarly every month. bet tbo tenant pare no attention to Omen until ens day Iii. week, when be ceded upon Ole lend - lord rend semi lie was sorry to be otereed tee give up We teneristeit, are the rent was tee high for Isis men, Then ha haielesi over Wit key end departhil withosit 'teeing paid a lenge) penny ef rens. One of the latest Chleego nevelten is a ecarfpin with a winemill attactirneet to it connected with a rubber ball in We pocket. When 014 owner is -buzzed\ by any ono We windmill begins to whizz. The talker stops short, looks puzzled and slightly esilidued, and bemires: -What, in the name ef heaves is that.\ -Oh,\ replies the man, who Liss hie hand en the rubber ball in his tr011%Cisl pocket, 'that is tee erftet of the breeze you're girlie' met\ A singular event occurred at a church at Willenliall, Staffordshire. A couple pre- sented tia:mselvee to be married. reed upon the clergyman putting the miestenn, \Wilt thou have this woinaul for thy vveddiel wife,\ the bridegroom answered with an emphatic \No and left the church. his explanation ertm that a year ago, when ho wanted to be melee -el, bus Intended bruin refused, aria be thought this occitsion attended him Ilk oppor- tunity of returning the etirepliineest. Ten years ago Mrs. Asia Martel, of Ritchie county, W. Va., fraetured her limb so se- verely as to cause puielysis and Ii privet her of the pouter of 14peueu, During We period she hex linen making crazy quilts, aria has tried to obtain pal.47hopi from protionont men. The otber day she receives/ it igityla room President Clevelaud, with lea autograph on it. She Was SO much pleased that silo jumped up watidenly, and hi twine so knoelost a re- volver to the floor, tetuting le to IA/ die - charged. The ball entered her paralyzed limb, and gave her nuoh a sitock Oust Lbe peralytic off mix t* ere removed end leer speeetei restored. CREATION'S LOWER ORDCRS. A Maltese) cat in Cheyenne, W. T. , drives the .sees to and (rota the pastors as good as • cowboy can. A while deer was recently Idled in Twi- ce:shire Mo. White deers are almost at rare ne white elephants. A badger weighing sixty-nine pounds was killed ou the Ceres It( Net o Gould, near Brieeton, Mm le, the other day. Ali enormous bale headed eagle became en- tangled in the engine of the cannon ball train on the East Tem:eerie, Virginia and (Reggio railway the othier day. The fireman, after a lively tussle, secured the bird and seld Lira In Chattanooga for $1e.50. A hoe in Lapeer county, Mich., which was aceidereally imprisoned tuider a straw rack September, remained there without feed for sixty-four days, whea it was sot at liberty. During that time its weight was se- duced from 330 to lett pounds. A firm of diamond bark dealers in Balti- more, rieently received the largest diamond back terrnpire they over secured. It was caught in Chester river ate! meaeuree nine arid three -gunners incLice, the evereht being six poutels lacking an ; ounce. An engineer on an Iowa railroad saw a Bock of turkeys on the truck, and, knowing the r Imalttts, slowed up, blew hie a Liistle, and got thein off without kiltieg auy. The owner, unobserved, new the proceedinp, aa- certeineti We engineer's mime, amid Rent him the fattest hen in the flo.-k for his Sunday dinner. A man in Danville, N. J., has announced the fact that he will buy 100,000 skunk skins, paying for them from 20 cents to el a piece. The inhabitants of Danville have all gone skunk hunting. Steel traps are In demand, and it is said that as high as thirty skunks have been killed in one night in the vicinity of the town. A large Panama monkey, owned by Wie Item H. Cooper. of Seabri,ght, N. J.. hanged a valuable sporting dog recently. The dog was playing Li the yen' with the monkey, and heel a rope trailing from his collar. The monkey SCLLett the rope and ran up a tree with it. The dog stood on his hind legs bark- ing at the monkey for some time, and, taking advaqtage of hie position, the monkey man- aged to entangle the rope around a limb. The dog, in trying to escape, was strangled to des Us. LITERARY GOSSIP. A New York clergymen's wife is going to publish a novel dealing with divorce laws in New England. She has spent much time in- vestigating the sioeeet., Mark Twain has recently been elected reader to a Browning club at Hartford, and says ho is practising on Forum of tbe eaby pieces of thu obscure poet. 74. Freud..., the historian, is preparing • work on the empire of Spain, and is en the eve of his departure from Londen to Cuba aimel the West Indies out an investigating tour. The novels by \Ary E which bare created such a sensation at Berlin, Vienna, end Paris, are said foliar° been really written by Mme. de Kalomine, the dirorced with of the grand duke of Heves. HOW TO READ CHARACTER. Width of chin deneees rectitude of chars:ea- ter, as in the face of IVashington. Great muscular st reneth isithown by an up- per lip thick amid red in the renter. A rharneter of small capacities is denoted by a s oth, suitel-featured unwrinkled face. The more deem-niers and elevat'ons in the fate, the greats the va-iety of character ex- hibited. A long upner lip *home self esteem, as in the fares of Herbert 'Sly ewer and John G. Whittier. Tile upper lip shaped like a bow is never found web a gloomy or sad disperition. It denotes great love for children. , The dcw-tli of teet tower jaw and rbln de- note. ertniewe Kiel tenacity Of purpess. The face ot Anna Dickinsoa admirably illustrate* - We. LIGHT AND AIRY. The Reason Why. Be levellers why she is so kind, And why no more the Oghts; An 1 why rata does not viral to mind blow late bee out I.' nights; Why round his n:..cY arm she throws, And calls hen -darUrg John: - Ant trent-is II. eine). s and darns his boat, eat were his bUt1.0:11 ea, go rime's compel. 1 pr ice, hz truth, U.? caa-tea um fa w041J, thj.i. if les etought, f trtooth Teat Citrisuars was at hand -Doti= (lavers, The lee was :Broken. A hart county beau visited his sweetheart After sitting in *donee for half an hour an Isles sine': him, and stealing a glance at the gist en Cut other ode of the fireplace, he witispered: \but you love rabbitsr \V -e • s. \ \Hain't Lb, gravy gasir The ire was broken, and in a few moments bah partied oceuprol ono chair, with every appeerence of same and abisefore-Itaatwell tOe ) Sure Dictum psychosis. .‘ einCh.n ehlekes died. to. drwriute It and its wino were fried, its feathers ns • dealer dried ...ryMortly after, dyed. Snot it had ego.: adroit:Me that, How I ‘ltlir% LIP There, upon life hat. Its 1 ,100%.-1 - a inect..lchickeres-rtie, A glut -item -4 1,1r.1 of p-lradise. -Walter Ituhl in Detroit Free rrese. Site Made It Dermal. Tem arch Laura hail been inferred not quite a year aid a few friends were taking dinner with them. Suddenly in the midst of the cheer a trash was heard outside the dining roont, tho shock n - ut-de the glasses ou the table jingle nod the chandelier quivered over -bead. The views looked jute eatli other's Llanctieti fatwo awaking and a great horror brooded ever them- Britigot had let the speugv cake fail oat the stairway. -R. J. Burdett,. Takisig Ills Winter Vacation Sec in *restate -ace Ape wised dlicl capped, en bis ignioiny brow, haiorien ertepotel Irlouvufully moialing there, EuGh timught a .,a. n-.;. a lsoitilm.1 t_ti apt tag ' - Tkl Bits. A liatise.s1 Fear. \What was that crash of pottery I heard just. hew, belly f WhsAdiilyotlbreakr -A mom.\ \Mil It oiler \The square ono on the libr'y table, mum.* \Ole Sally I That was the very oldest and rarest •asie in the entire house.\ \Is that ao, Slum? Au' it's plased I am to hear ye say that s:une, iutolrely. I was afraid at him: it weight ho new.\ -Detroit ht.:ivory. What $he Fears. It It net that she does not care To me me wirlim I call, It is liot really that th , fair tines hate* me -not at all; It is not Lilo that inakes bar cold- tse very p.totoalees, 'Tea that lase reuse, so I've been tokl, dim itaa • rivets's! -Boston Courier. A Satisfactory Purchase. Wife -I'm afraid you will think I am ex- travagant. my dear, but I bought a Rubens to -day und paid $40 for it .11u:semi esicitece-Only $401 Why, you couldn't have pleased me more. But are you sure it is a genuine Rubens! Wile --Teat's what the milliner said who sold it to me. -New York Sun. The Way They Do It. Now cl,Alt the old folks hug the firs, 'their shieerak i r to smother, White ;are within the parior. snug, The young toles Lug each other. -Washineton Crttie. , • Prudent Tramp. 'Poor man:\ she exclaimei, after the peri- patetic beggar had finished his meal; \your elolning ma sadly torn.\ \Oh don't mention it, warm,\ he replied. \you see how 't is, it's so near Ceristivas that I didn't dare to pur- chase anything new, through fear that it 'II be the very thin , - some of my friends Is going to give nt....\-c. Transcript. Never Wears Oct. An ernetem of tenuity W. einess every day: Deltoid Lie cenet -and you'll see The w hal:boot, comes to &TAT -Texas Siftings. Mad His Hands Full. Clara,' reed Maud, \Ckarley took use sleigh rens% lest night. I had such fun. I drove.\ -What wax the matter with Charley r -stnpia: He couldn't drive with his teeth, could ho!\ -New York Suu. The Feet Rings o' Christmas. The Christmas ileabOti 's at the door, And through the air the snowtiates The dude now seeks the dolor store To buy a present for his girl. -Charlestown Enterprise. Should Go Too Far. An authority on the senseless rays that duck ought cot to staud long after iteir.g roasted. Probably it would du no harm to lot the duck sit up if it isn't too tired, but it shouldn't be allowed to swim in the gravy. -Spriuglield U Won. Naturies Nobleman. There paved from earth on a bitter cold day matt who oft iii our office wou:d stay, ADA liii not..1.:st epliapa s lw•re. 1 bay: \Ii3 closed the door ecbaa he wcnt away.\ Coodati's Sun. -- --- Another European Crisis- . A startling eablegrum an uouiires that \Claelban Effenei is in Europe.\ Good gad, ban: effeudi ono but the press agent had said me\ we, wouldn't Lave believed it. -R. J. Bur - delta alsallarlty. Old Neff was Ilke his dog, ewes said, lit every pa.-ticuLtr. And upright the lives they lad. Their ways were purp-a,ad -Iderchruit Traveler. Painfully Confining work. Jounialiwn is everywhere a confiding kind of work, but it appears to be more we in Mexico thananywhere else, where about all the editors ans in jail -Bangor Gerarrierciel. Must Have Moen aa Editor. A profound mathematical scholar waz, heard to remark with much cholar, That ta2w of no way They could farce him to pay More than twenty per cent on the dollar. -Texas Sittings A Profitable Prohibition, In Vim lie a-t,reases are not allowed to es eeive ocesquets on the stage. This saves there q Re a snin of money in the coon* of the i 'var.-Jiver Iiiirrre News THE NORTHWESTERN Is THE Leading Clothing House IN M INT Latest Styles, Best Assortment, Lowest Prices. Hater's Block, Opposite Grand Central; Hotel. J. E. LANDSMAN & CO. New Goods! --o-- New Prices I ! TIIE RAILroAD IS COXING =WT., de. CC:). Have, opened;up a large;stock of General Merchanclise- Consisting In part of Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hardware, Etc. In faet EVERYTHING to be found in a First -Class Country Store at Bed Rock Prices! urcall and Examine Goods and Prices before purchasing elsewhere. Very Respectfully, Main Street, Doulder, Mont. =_ Boulder Drug Store. WM. MO P P1 B, - o: :o PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED DAY AND NIGHT. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal Purpses. Have on hand a large assortment of Druggists' Sundries, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass, Wall Paper, Lamps, Candies, Tabsbeces, est LAMPS! LAMPS !! LAMPS!! A full variety and all attachments constantly on hand. T. F. Nii*AY. GEO. TEN EYCK MURRAY & TEN EYCK, Proprietors of Boulder Meat Market! And Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton and Corned Beef! Game and Fish in Season. The Windsor House. WM. TROTTER, Prop. -- BOULDER, Mont. 'Everything First -Class .\ 4 \ 6J11 BOARD PER WEEK, $7011 511 \ DAY, 2.00 GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL FRANK FARNHAM, Proprietor, Newly Built, Newly Funished TlirefiEtiout aDd Ceiltrally Locateti. THE LEADING HOTEL IN BOULDER. The Tables are Supplied with the Best in the Market. BOARD AND LODGING 47.00 BOARD PER DAY 1.150 t Virt , na All Points Stop at This Hotel. -;;:11A7

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 14 Jan. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.