Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, January 21, 1887, Image 1

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JEFFERSON COL: NI 1Y SENT The Pioneer Newespaper of jefferason County-arA Family *loam' Independent in Politicos. VOL. II. BOULDER, MONTANA, FRIDAY, JAN. 21, 1887. NO 28. SPECIAL. NOTICES. Religions Notices. Preaching every Sunday morning at the M. E. church, at 10:30 a. m. sun time. 1st and 3d Sundays, Rev. H. W. Currin. 2d and 3d by the Presbyterians. Sunday school at 2 in the afternoon. 04.. 0. U. W. Centennial Lodge. No. LS. Meets every First and Third Monday In each month, in Good Templars' Hall. Visiting brethren are cordially invited to attend GEO. F. Cowast, M. W. ReC. IC J. 13013GrIIEIVT NOTARY PUBLIC, I3oulder, Mont aria. OFFICE: . With Dougherty Bros Thompson Campbell. J. H. Duffy. CAMPBELL & DUFFY, ATTORNEYS - AT - LAW, BUTTE, MONTANA. CON O'LEARY, CONSTABLE, Writs and collections promptly attend- ed to. WICKES. Mont. - 39 Dr. J. C. Hunter, PEYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Graduate of the University Of Philadel- phia, Pa., Class of 1872-3. Office at Residence near Church. TEETH FILLED OR EXTRACTED Boulder City, - - Montana. Alex. J. Elder, Notary Public and Conveyancer. Office in court house. BOITLDER,CITT. MONTANA. Geo. F. Cow - au, ATTORNEY AT LAW, BOULDISR CITY, MONT. Will practice in all the ciourta of Montana Territory. Hunters aild Trappers. Send for price of RAW FURS and SKINS, WATER FOWLS' SKINS a WILD GAME, To W. GOLDSPEE, Boston, Mass. H. FIERCE, Successor to Pierce & Ten Eyck, Manufacturer and Dealer in Lumber, Lath —AND— Shingles. Sawmill on Muskrat creek. unnica TIMBERS A SPECIALTY A stock of Gla!ed Sash, Doors, Building Paper and Droned Lumber Carried at BOULDER C11'Y. A. S. KELLOGG, Agent. lAr Call on us for Reduced Prices. First Publication Dec. 24, 1886. No. 1784 Application for Patent. U. S. LAND OFFICE, Helena, M. T., December 21, 1886. Notice is hereby given that Charles Dung - es, whose postorIce address is Jeffer- son City, Jefferson county, Montana, Ter., has this day filed his application for a pat- ent for 1485 linear feet of the Hill Side lode, mine or vein bearing gold and silver with surface ground 600 feet in width, situated in Colorado (unorganized) Min- ing District, county ot Jefferson and Ter- ritory of Mositana, and designated by the field Dotes and official plat on file in this office as Lot Number 83 in Township 7 north range 4 west of principal base line and meridian of Montana Territory, sail lot No. 83 being as follows, to -wit: Beginning at the southeast corner, a porphory stone 36x12x7 inches set 16 inch- es deep, marked 1-1870 for corner No. 1, with a mound of stone alongside from which the corner to sections '7. 8, 17, 18, T 7, N 4 w bears N 24° 30 w 113 feet dis tent and running thence S 86° 15' w 1485 feet, thence N 1° 45' w 600 feet, thence N 86* 15' E 1485 feet, thence S I' 45' E SOO feet to corner No 1, the place of be- ginning Manietic variations from 19° to 21*, 15 E containing 20.44 acres. The location of this mine is recorded in the Recorder's office of Jefferson coun- ty, Mont., in Book K of Lodes, page 340. The adjoining claim is lot 49, Ilinah lode on the east. Any and all persons claiming adversely any portoin of said Hill Side lode, mine or surface ground are required to tile their adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Ilelena, in the Territory of Montana, during the 60 days' period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the Statute. S. W. LA.NOHORN.E, Register. J. G. Saanitns. attorney for claimant. Taken Up, December 1,1886, one light bay horse; white Eilt on face and wolite on nose, will weigh 1,000 lbs. Brand JP on left Aide, S. S. STREET, . Bottlder, Jefferson Co., . MT. Taken Up. One white steer, 6 or 7 years old; red ears and red spots on neck; branded E on left hip. He, came among my cattle about a month ago. There are others of the same brand in Brown's gulch east of Boul- der. Apply to C. QUAINTANcE. Pireaouth Hoek and Leghorns. A few choice Plymouth Rock and Leg- horn cockerels for sale. Also, Wyandotte, Plytaouth Rock- and Leghorn eggs for hatching for sale in season, at my place in Wickes, second house on Boulder road. H. 0...N tt-ft ABOUT WOMEN. Women In Japan no longer blacken their teeth Napoleon Ney says the best thing there is in America is the Amirican woman. Mount Blanc has been ascended by sex women this year. Three of them were French. toston has coined a word for the women who wear birds' plumage upon their hats. They are called \birdieidal women.\ Miss Mary Gordon Duffle, the Georgia poet, lives a secluded and solitary life on a lonely mountain. She never makes visits and never revives visitors, Mrs. Cleveland has shown how corduroy can be made into a dress which is dressy and becoming and the material will doubtless be- come fashionable again. The Indian ladies of the Lower Brule agency, D. T., have their weekly sewing cir- cle, interchange local news and tell stories about absent sisters, just like white women. Mrs- Julia Ward Ilowe is too busy with other matters to attend to the Boston Meta- physical club, founded by her daughter, the late Mrs. Anag-uos, and that institution may be disbanded. - Aimee keeps her tobacco, which is of the finest Virginian grain, in a scented chamois skin bag on which is marked her monogram in blue and gold beads. The way she makes a cigarette is said to be a marvel of grace. In Russia nearly the entire telegraph ser- vice has been yielded to women, and even the clerksliips of many banks; have been in- trusted to therm The Russian government is also contemplatiug their employment in the railroad service. In the \woman's section\ of the Edinburgh International exhibition is a neat little pam- phlet entitled \Woman's Industries,\ It in itself a specimen of women's work, as the type has been set, the proofs have been road and the cover has been designed by members of the fair sex. Mrs. James Brown Potter is going on the stage. She has made an agreement with Henry Abbey, which will take place in No- vember, 1887, and which provides for a season's tour throughout the United States. Mrs. Potter will winter in Paris, studying and preparing for her professional career. CURIOUS THINGS IN LIFE. In Jersey City, N. J., a fat man's associa tion has been organized. Its president. Erastus Lewis, weighs 416 pounds. Kewton,, has a small boy who went to the polls on election day and tried to vote. He warited to take tho place of his father, who was ill. An Irish paper at Poston gives statistics to show that in the course of one generatior that city will be the most distinctively Celtic city in the world. The last act of a disappointed lover whc morphined his way out of the world a Houston, l'ex., was to sewt a beautifnl bou quet to the young lady. At Yazoo City, Tenn., water has been sell- ing for twenty-five cents a barrel, owing te the long period of dry weather which has been experienced in that region. Three burglars worked all night on a saft in an office in Fond Du Lac, and when tbej flnaliy got it open they found six postal earth and five postage stamps to reward them. Capt. Clouelmon, a Yankee skipper, a going to sail around the world from east te west, in a thirty foot yawl. He expects tc be gone two years at least and possibly three. There are about 200,000 men interested it brass bands either as players or makers of in- struments. There are 30,000 brass bands in this country at the present time, and the num- ber is rapidly incr. II. John Adams, of Magoffin county, Ky.. is a spry widower of 76. He has been married eleven times, has forty children and 10f grandchildren, and one of his wives had seven sons in leas than four years. A year ago Harrison Soper married Cora Brown, aged 13 years. He died the other day in the village of Shrub Oak, Westchester county, N. Y. The widow, who still wean short clothes, has a 2 -months -old baby. A citizen of Georgia recently deceased, bad ten sons, to all of whom he gave names be- ginning with the letter A, as follows: Alptizeus, Andrew, Albert, Allen, Alston, Almand, Ambrose, Abel, Alfred and Aaron. The prize of a gold headed cane for the winner of a fat men's race in Pittsburg re- ceutly, was carried off by a butcher, who tax the beam at 350 pounds. No one was per- mitted to start in the race carrying lees than 205 pounds. Blind Bill, a colored inmate of a Georgia poorhouse, has a meet remarkable sense of touch. A man whom he had not met for ten years shoot hands with hint the other day and Bill at once called him by name, tbougb not a word had before been spoken. LITERARY TALK. Edward Everett Hale and his wife have gone from Boston to Newport for a season of shivering. Thomas Bailey Aldrich, who has just been undergOing the ordeal of a birthday anniver- sary, says a man should either die at 30 or live to be 300. Mr. Howells has discovered that the title of his now serial !tory, \An Open Question,\ has already been used for another story, and he has therefore changed it to \April Hopes.\ John M. Kasson, of Iowa, who has served In congress and as minister to Austria, has nearly finished a diplomatic history of the war of the rebellion, which will show the re- lations which the European powers occupied toward the Confederate states. A short time ago Mr. Frank Stockton was on one of the Long Island sound steamers and assigned to a particularly undesirable stateroom. Searching out the clerk be asked him if be could not have a better room. \Certainly replied that functionary, \if you will tell mo which carne out of the door—the lady or the tiger.\ The poetic temperament of George Alfred Townsend crops out in every chapter of his now novel, \Katy of Catoctin.\ Describiag a youthful Baltimore hunter wandering in the mountains and longing for the love of some woman yet unrevealed, be thus epos- trophizes: \Beautiful detached time of life! when, like the mote of the Italian poplar's pollen blowing in the air to that the female cup, the 'eels of two young, destined people, yet tuiSnown, solicit each other in the world.\ JOURNALS AND JOURNALISTS. At a recent dinner W. E. Barrett, the 26 - year old managing editor of The Boston Ad- vertiser, spoke of hie.self as the \baby edi- ton\ Henry 1Vatterson is reported to have gained a dozen pounds in flesh duriag his visit. to Europe, but his hair is still flaxen and his tongue as nimble as before, Mr. James G. Blaine, jr. ,is strongly inclined to tecome a newspaper man. lie has had twe offers to enter jourualani, and says tie is will ing to begin at the lowest round of the lad- der. ABOUT WOMEN. Mary Anderson is studying French in Paris. Mrs. Cleveland proposes to aid in the cru- sade against the cartwheel bat and the sky scraping bonnet. Ex -Consul Warren Green says the wife of the mikado is a graduate of Vassar, and • charming woman. M. Coquelina aged mother wes tbe only woman present at the great farewell banquet recently giv ep to that actor in Paris. The observiitton is current that Miss Ross Elizabeth Cleveland is more admired in Washington personally than as a writer. The empress of Austria is an excellent shot, and has recently bad rifle ranges made for her own use in the parks of her residences. The ambition of the ladles of Holland of high degree is to peewees a black lace dress. It Is made out of one piece, lasts a lifetime and is always in style. New York boasts of a pretty girl who can be seen on Broadway any fine day carrying in her arms a diminutive but exceedingly Lively nvaltese cat. Mrs. Carlisle, wife of the speaker, has a pet parrot which is said to cry \hurrah for Carlisle!\ call for cocktails, and repeat the variegated profanity be heard. , Mrs. Langtry's rosy cheeks and healthy looks excite much envy. The secret of It is that she walks for hours at a time, pays visits and goes on shopping tours always on foot, Queen Victoria now rejoiees in four daught- ers, three sons, four daughters-in-law, four sons-in-law, ten grandsons, six granddaugh- ters and three great-granddaughters, making in all thirty-four descendants. One of Brigham Young's sons listened very attentively to Kate Field when she lectured on Mornioniem in Washington the other night, and a representative of the Mormon lobby is said to have taken down her remarks in shorthand. Harvard's annex is flourishing. It is now seven years old ; and ninety-three girls of sweet 17, or thereabouts, are enrolled upon its catalogue. Last year there were only fifty-ilve girls in tho college. The students come from thirteen different states, Macon, Ga., has an old blind woman who always carries about with her a piece of tin, and imagines that she can see an object by shaking the tin in front of it. People who know her say that sbe can readily recognize her neighbors by shaking it iu their faces. Mark Twain says he does not like to go to Now York with his wife. He says: \She is very anxious to have every one think she dreeste like a New Yorker,\ and yet when- ever she buys anything in a store iii Ilia city the clerk is sure to ask, 'What hotel shall I send this to, ma'am!'\ Mrs. Cleveland gets almost as many letters as the president, but she does not answer them as she did when she first went to the White House. She says she ought to make a good housekeeper, as a largo proportion of her volunteer correpondonts tell her how the White House should be managed. Mine. Patti is said to be an industrious col- lector of autographs. No friend of distinc- tion is permitted to yam the threshold of the prune donna without writing something. The result is that the signatures of almost every notability, loth in and outside of the musical world, are to be found in one of her albums. Young men in the Hareem' medical school Liars a prejudice against female student -a, one of whom is, /Alas Annie Copeland, of Bridge- water. They called her to attend a caao of fracture of the leg, which on exananation proved to be a wooden one. She fixed it with haminer and nails and charged $23, which she collected with the aid of a con- stable. Li eerpool, England, has a female orchestra which is pronounced a great succees. At present it is limited to a string hand, the heavier brass instruments not being suited to ladies lips. There are fourteen f a. and a similar number of second viel'as, eight violas, and eight violoncellos, and it is said that three ladies have been found who are both willing anti conipetent to play that pon- derous instrument, the doable bass. Both the czarina of Rusna and Princess Dolgorouki, the late czar's morganatic wife. decided to pass the winter at Nice. Tbe lat- ter, who is enonnou .ly rich, ordered that her establishment should be made to outshine that of the empress at any cost. The empress thereupon appealed to M. de Freyeinet, who caused a number of alleged Nihilist pieta to blow up the prinems to be discovered when she reached Nice. This frightened her away, and the empress will enjoy the winter at Nice undisturbed. ALL SORTS. After a snowstorm in Dakota, the wind forms large snow balls, great numbers of wbich cover the prairie. The number of those who are now invalids as the result of the war is said to be 26.5,854, the total number of soldiers having been about 1,250,000. In Paris work has begun for the great World's Fair, to be held in 1889, and work- men's sheds erected all amend the park on the side of the Champ de 'Mars. During the last few years the disease which the doctors call morphioinania has made rapid headway in France. At Bellevue a hospital has been opened for the care, and, if possible, the cure of the patients. The number of banks In different states varies greatly. Its Arkansas, with seventy- seven counties, there mu -e only fourteen banks, while in Kansas, with eighty-seven counties, there is a bank to each county. The popula- tion of Kansas is 450,000 larger than that of Arkansas, still the contrast is remarkable. The tramp problem seems to have been effectually solved in New York state. An almshouse in Tarrytown is nova provided with watertight rooms, which will hold water six feet deep. NVIsenever a tramp is caught he is put in ono of the rooms, the water is turned on, awl he is left to Lail out or drown. It is intended to construct in London a high tower in commemoration of the jubilee year of her majesty's reign. This tower is to be 4-10 feet high at the extreme top, and 420 feet at the top platform, from which may be seen eight or nine counties, and will overlook every other structure yet built in London. New York is the largest bay market in the country. Twenty-five years ago the counties along the Hudson river were able to furnish the metropolis with all the hay it needed. New it comes from every part of the state, and Ohio and Indiana are called upon to sup- ply the demand_ Outside of a few thousand bales which go to Brooklyn to make up the deficiency of the Long Island crop, the 2,500,- 000 bales which reach New York every year are consumed on Manhattan island. Dentists in England are very rare, and Americans who go over there to pull teeth have a good thing. A Massachusetts man who is practicing in one of England's provin- cial towns hates Englishmen, and when he gets one in his chair denounces English cus- toms in unmeasured terms. His patients are obliged to put up with it, as be is the only man in the county \who knows a tooth from a cribbage peg.\ He is coming back to the states when be g. money enough to retire on, FACTS WORTH KNOWING. A cement very much used a& tire mesa% day in China and Japan is made from rice. It is only necessary to mix rice flour inti- mately with water and gently simmer the mixture over a clear fire, when it readily forms a delicate and durable cement - A French tbermometer been devised of such sensitiveness that it will eves denote, by a deflection of the index needle of nearly two inches, the entrance of a persoainto the room where L is placed, and by putting the hand near the bulb the needle is deflected the whole extent of the graduated arc. A mechanic in Louisville thinks that he has Invented an apparatus which will discourage tbo giv ing of false alarms of fire. His appliance is a pair of magnetic nippers, iviarti grasp by the wrist the man who turns in the alarm and holds him at. the box until the arrival of the fire deaartment. The man can only be released on the arrival of the fireman. A new compound of caoutchoue, for which the name of \woodite\ is euegisited, ha -s been produced by Mrs. A. M. Weod, an English Lady. The substance wee -sees the ekesticity of india rubber, undergo. s no change - by ex- posure, and is claimed to be abisolutely man - flammable. It is proposed to 'alit for cove eriiig the unannored parts of war shila and torpedo boats. For extinguishing fire in closed spaces, where water would do much damage, a Ger- man physicist recommends& compound whose burning quickly absorbs the oxygen awl ven- ders combustion impossible. His preparation contains fifty-nine parts of powdered salt- petre, thirty-six parts of powdered sulphur, four parts of powdered charcoal and one part of colcothar (brown red oxide of iron). lie keeps the mixture in five -pound pasteboard boxes, with a fuse protruding to insure ligbt- leg it. The work of the heart in a healthy man is equivalent .to the feat of raising 5 1-5 tons one foot per hour, or 1.25 tons in twenty-four hours. The 1190 of eight ounces of alcohol causes the heart's work to show an excess of twenty-four foot tons. This would give the mileage of the blood through the body as 207 yards per minute, seven miles per hour, 163 miles per day, 61,320 miles per year, or 5,- 150,8titi miles in a life time of eighty-four years. In the same long life the greet journey of the blood would be the result of the grand total of 2,860,776,0U0 heart SOME LONG DRAWN BOWS. A man in Erin, Mich., says he has a steer which bears on its side an outline picture of Daniel in the lion's den.—Chicago News. Puuxsutaivney, Pa., has a crow that is fonder of chewing gum than is a Boston girl. Ile steals pennies arid buys it from a grocery - man who knows his weekness.—Chicng,o Her- ald. The funniest things seven South Water, men ever saw were Red and yellow bananas growing on the same stalk. A lake perch taith a double tail. The hatching of six white Legaorn eggs in a crate standing in the sun- light. A blood lemon. A cress -eyed hen. Thirty-six sound ripe peaches in the (list con- signment of the fruit from TerineeecatsAn oyster that built his shell around a lamp burner.—Chicago Herald. A -dispatch says that while Mrs. Jefferson Gross, of Little Oley, \ was placing some milk in the spring house, a snake over four feet long came crawling up to her, and, sticking its head into one of the cans, commenced helping itself to the milk.\ It is hardly neces- sary to explain that Little Oley Is iii forks equate', Pa. The additional report that the snake, after taking a .sup of the milk, looked up into the woman's face, and, winking its off eye, asked her if elle hadn't asamething little stronger,\ lacks confirmation, though it might (laity have occurred --in Barks county. —Norristown Herald. \I was standing in an open space, when a big, six pronged buck walked loieurely toward me, as cool B., a cucumber, and looked me all over. I tell you, deer have sense. That buck knew that he was under protection of the law so far as a regular sportsman was con- cerned, and be knew by Instinct that I was a sportsman. After he was satisfied with his examizuttion at uiyielf he straiglitened out his each arid took a long areath, as if be were scentiag some pleasant odor, and, being satis- fied with the bream, be struck out at a lova running lope toward a covert by the side of a stream, wherighe, no doubt, found scnne lady acquaintance of ha circle of society.\ \Weren't you tempted!\ \Well no—anti be- sides that I bad such condemned small shot in my gun.\—Grass Valley (CaL) Tidings. The Woods family live on Hone street, Itondoute In the house is a large malts* eat. About three weeks ago Mrs. Woods, who was \down stairs,\ attending to her household duties, heard some one \up stairs\ playing the air to the song \Wait 'till the Clouds Roll By\ on the piano. She knew tbat her daugh- ter was not in the house, and felt slightly frightened. Creeping softly \up stairs,\ she peeked into the room. Seated on the piano stool she saw the Maltese eat drumming out the notes of the song on the piano keys- Tho tune was correct, and the piece was executed with all the grace of an accomplished artist. The eat then jumped from the stool oil top of the piano keys, and running to arid fro over them with the saute quickness as a person's fingers would in play- ing on a similar instrument, brought out a lively waltz in true time and measure. Since that day the cat has learned several airs of popular songs of the day. It plays solely by ear.—Kings-ton (N. Y.( Freeman. A CHURCH NOTES. There are now in larance l seventy-three re- ligious newspapers; advocating evangelical truth. This does not include monthly wage - Auer It is estimated that in Italy 10,000 members of Protestant churches have been converted from Romanism. Protestante in Italy have WO churches, The old church of St. Bartholomew, West Soutbflekl, England, in which Ho-gartb was baptized and of which Milton was a parish- ioner, has been reopened after a partial resto- ration. In 1813 Proteatmaism in France did not count 150 pastors, Time church now has 909 pastors, thirty-seven homes for orphans, for- ty-two retreats for the aged, and two conva- lescent reformatories for prisoners. The Baptists of Brunswick, Ga., rented a parsonage, fitted it up, filled the pantry with provisions and then invited their pastor and his wife to sup with them. Then they turned the parsonage and contents over to him. During the present century 3,000,000 of heathens had been won to Christ, while dur- ing that time the population of the heathen world had increased 200,000,4)00 It has been estimated that if the church at home deka her duty in Japan during the next fifteen years, after that. time no more money or reassiou- aries need be sent. At a country parish in Germany a few Sundays ago the congregation was startled by the announcement that their prayers were asked by andon behalf of a man who had suddenly become rich, The prayer was vary earnest, the novelty of the case bar lug ap- parently thrown urgency into the preacher's voice and manuer, sea LABOR NOTES. Miners are wanted at Coalburg, Ala. The vein is soft coking coal three and one ball feet thick. Price, 53 cents for 2,000 pounds. Mark Walter:, an employe of a Madison (D. T.) newspaper, claims to have worked in more printing (alleys than any other four men In the United Statue The plate printers at the bureau of en- graving and printing, Washington, have re- ceived an advance from $41 to $6.25 per 1,000 for printing the registered backs of United States notes.. Mgr. Straneiro, the papal abelgate, has just ;ailed for Rome. He has been investi- gating the Knights of Labor and says he thinks the pope will not oppose them. Ile will publish a book on America. A visitor in Philadelphia is Mr. J. J. Tip - church, formerly of North Carolina but now of Bethlehem, Pa., who in 1568 founded the Ancient Order of United Workmen, which now numbers more than 170,000 work- men. It is observed by The Chicago Mail that the three stock yard capitalists in that city, Allerton, Morris and Cudahy, against which the wrath of tbe striker; has been most di- rected, began their business lives as obscure and Penniless laborers. The system of public lectures by Knights of Labor will be carried on energetically dur- - ing the coming winter. The beat Latest S speaker, t 1 CS 9 will be engaged, and special efforts will be made to furnish them with the most valuable Information that can be had. It is paoposerd in the French national as- sembly to put a tax upon the wages of all foreign workmen in the Paris workshops. Italian and German mechanics crowd the French factories, and, as they are generally without families, they are supposed to he much better of/ •han French workmen who have domestic burdens. Masons and plasterers would do well to make uote of a hint thrown out by an Eng- lish areleitect, who says that the addition of saccharine matter increases the strength of mortar, making common lime, with sugar added, as striate/a Portland cement, Water, to which sugar has been added, dissolves four- teen aqd a half times more lane than does water without sugar. _thzte. THE NORTHWESTERN 18 THE Leading Clothing House ITEMS OF INTEREST. Dui ing the past. year 647 duels have been fought in France. There are only twenty-four Japanese resi- dents in New York city. Eight million umbrellas are made annu- ally in the United States. The official census of Prussia sbows a popu- lation of 33,318,458 pen -sons. It is estimated that 34,000 to 3.5,0(X) cubic feet of rain falls on the surface of the globe each year. The famous old steauner Plymouth Bock was burned off Apple island the other morn- ing for the iron, brava and copper in her bulb Time earth is now passing through a portion of its orbit which intersects the orbits of several systems of meteors. About Nov. 26 and during the Mat week in December meteors are liable to fall. Steffen° Merlatti, the young Italian artist who has undertaken to outdo Succi, says that his sale object is to prove that Suet -i's liquid compsaitani is only a mystification, and that Sumas stomach is like his own --capable of enduring a long fast. The Preach navy oalcialsamve been experi- menting at Duni:irk with an invention which, if it is practical, will render existing navies useless. This invention is nothing less than a man-of-war wade of celluloid, which will float under all circumstances, and is prac- tically proof against artillery, since the heav- iest shot mevely imbed themselves in it with a dull thud, and do lest penetrate. The consumption of paper and the volume of its manufacture are sometimes taken as standards of civilization. The United States has 885 paper mills and 1,100 paper machines; Germany has 809 mills and 891 machines; France, 433 mills and 626 machines; England, 361 mills, 541 machines; Scotland, 09 mills, 98 machines; Ireland, 13 mills, 13 machines; Russia, 133 mills, 137 machines; Austria, 220 mills, 270 machines. The average annual production of paper in all countries is esti- mated at 2,800,000 tons. The following \sum\ was set the pupils of the Lria ° nitzer Malchenschule, who gave it up, not being quick enough to see the trap laid for them. From 880,788,889 take the number 6-19 as many tiraes as possible. The pupils took it for granted that it was simply a subtraction sum. It was explained to them afterward that if they bad gone on subtract- ing until a proper answer was got it would have Laken them one year and four mouths to do it in, allowing that one can subtract the number three times in every minute, and working twelve hours a day. The proper way of doing the smn was, of course, simply dividing 8.80,78.1,889 by 629, which equals 1,400,30U 189-629. MUSICAL AND THEATRICAL, Margaret Mather has added \Masks and Faces\ to her repertory. Rubinsten has changed his mind about coming to this country this season. He is afraid of the sea. Mrs. Langtry has shelved \A Wife's Peril\ and will hereafter open her engagements with the \Lady of Lyons.\ The number of traveling companies this year is more- than 350, an increase of about one-third last seasou. Louis Aldrich, of \My Partner\ celebrity, has the reputation of being one of the best poker players in the dramatic frateniity. Sarah Bernhardt is going to Australia next May. Mr. Ileory E. Abbey expects to go there at the sa , ne time WO will make his first survey of th.:t field. Chicago capitalists propose to erect in that city the \biggest theatre on earth,\ at a cost of 82,250,000. It will front 362 feet on Con- gress street and have a depth of 187 feet alai seat 8,000 people. c A novel dramatic enterprise has been pro- jected in London in the shape of a series of morning performances, with a view to re- fresh the play going public with a practical illustration of what it was that the popular taste accepted about 100 years ago on the British stage. The interesting announcement is made that on Dec, 13, Lawrence Barrett - will produce the lion. George H. Boker's play of \Calay- nos.\ This piece, whi.h is found among Mr. Boker's peblishecl writiici;s, has been widely mention:A as a news play; the truth being that the author has revised it for Mr. Bar- rett's use. OLD PEOPLE IN TIMES GONE BY. Epensenides was 157 when he died. Sophocles perished by an accident at 184. Tuisco, a German prince, lived 175 years. Fob), the founder of the Chinese empire, reigned 115 years. According to Alezinitle.r, Conielius Dad - don, an Illyrian nobleman, lived for 560 years. IMMO IFtr\.. - 14 IN Best Assort ment, Lowest Prices, 1:Loiter's Block, Opposite Grand Centrals Hotel. J. E. LANDSMAN & CO. J. 1). GROESBECK & CO., HARARE , Con a o lr i li ca eat p ing goyEs IOi t---3 17,H \C eMi 7 Nails, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, WOOD TWJI, C.L-LOCI< - 177JR,Y . , Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouldings, Plated Ward, Giaaswar3 arid Bar C'cock. Agents for the Zelebrated Buckeye Force Pumps and r,ilatlor Wa3ons. T:IN SII()I ) l ' iTr i iT e :i t l i r N‘cioh:i're7 all o kinds ppo o s \Opposite eJ Courtob wol a s s a e d He- Lioulder ▪ Montana, Boulder Drug Store. VT 1/1. • PROP' s R 0: :0 PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED DAY A_NLI N NIGHT. Pure Wines awl Liquors for Medicinal 711IT/0.7:CS. Have on hand a large ii.ssorteuent of \ Druggists' Sundries, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, 'Window Glass, Wall Paper, Lamps, Candies,,Tsbaccas, eel!, LAMPS! LAMPS ?A LAMPS ! A full variety and all attachments constantly on hand. T. F. MURRAY. G10. TEN EYCK MV BRAY & TEN EYCK, Proprietoro C Boulder Meat Market! lDealera ins Beef, Porli, ilLutton and Corned Beer! Game and Fish in Season. The Windsor House. WM. TROTTER, Prop. BOULDER. Mont. Everything First -Cass..±: BOARD PER WEEK, \ DAY, $700 2.01k GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL FRANK FARNHAM, Proprietor. Newly Rill, Newly Furnished Throughout and Centrally Located, THE I:EA - DING- IIOTEL IN 1101JLDEH. The Tables .are Supplied with the Best in the Market. BOARD AND j.QDGrING 0.00 BOARD PER DAY 1.50 tairese :From AH Vointpi: fiAtop at 'This titcitel.

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 21 Jan. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.