Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, March 11, 1887, Image 1

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F VOL. II. F WASHINGTON. LETTER. An Interesting Budget of Ntitys From Our Nation's Capital Regarding Some of the Senators. Special Correspondence of Sentinel., Wasnt NGTON, March 5.—Congress has accomplished very little in the way of important national legislation. The people of Washington are well satisfied with what has been done, however, inasmuch as considerable progress was made with local affairs in which they are much interested. Washington is the \protege\ of.Con- grets. The District of Columbia is govered entirely c. by Congress, is de- pendent and compelled to look to Congress for everything. Naturally it thinks Congress neverdoes enough for it, and is a chronic complainant of neglect. The members of Congress who have done most of the legislation this winter ale those who belong to the House committee on Appropriations. They are about the best workers in Congress. They sit around a long table covered with blue, and each particular - member seems bent on stopping up the leaks in the treasury. Hon. Samuel J. Randall, who is the chairman in fact as well as in name, sits at tkp head of the table, and in his rather domineering manner, does at least one half of the talking. He is just a little impatient, intolerant, and impolite as regards the sugges- tions of his fellow committeemen who differ from him, but he is liked by them nevertheless. Next to the chairman sits General Forney, of Alabama, hugely builkbut silent. Beside him may be seen the alleged \watch dog of the treasury,\ Judge Holnaan, of Indiana, who ob- jects to every appropriation, however small. He talks as much as the chair- man will allow, rnd enlivens the dull committee room , with many little spats at his chief. • Then there is Mr. Townsend, of Illinois, who attacks Mr. Holman's meager allowances, and swarthy Mr. Burnes, of Missouri, who talks wisely when he is induced to speak at all. Messrs. LeFevre, of Ohio, Adams of New York, and Wilson of West Vir- • ginia, spend very little time in the committee room, but Mr. Cabe), of Virginia,who is economically minded, is always at his post, and takes a prominent part in the deliberations. The Republicans have five of their strongest men on this committee. They are Messrs. Butterworth, of Ghio, Cannon, of Illieois, Ryan, of Kansas, Long, of Massachusetts, Henderson, of Tows, and McComas, of Maryland. Cannon is their lead- er, and is a good match for Randall on all questions of finance that arise. Gen. Henderson is called the one - legged soldier Lecause he is the most liberal man on -the committee as to any item that concerns soldiers. Mr. Long, besides being an excellent worker, is distinguishel for his ele- gant manners. McComas is young and handsome as well as a man of weight, and has a bright future, ap- parently. He is probalily listened to with more attention than any young man in congress. Ryan talks little but works a great deal in committee, and Ben. Butterworth, as his friends familiarly eall him, has less to say at committee meetings than might be expected of a member who shows to fine advantage on the floor of the House. DAVID AND GOLIATH. An Irish poet has at last put into heroic verse a true account of the historic combat between David and Goliath. After describing David's going to the Isralitish camp with a load of cheeses to sell and finding Goliath running bluffs on all the Jews, the poet makes David says: \It is a le:min' sin sad shame,\ He said \upon the word, To hear the haythen hound defame The chosen of the Lord.\ And then . fells into prose to describe the preliminaries of the tight: Whin.Goliath saw little David ap- proaching after having heerd procla- mation that a gra'at champion was corn in' out to fight him. Musha, he laught fit to split his sides; and by rason of what passed betwune them in the way of talk I dhrap out of poethry for a bit, bekase, while po- ethry is rnoighty foine for sentiment- al dialogue, it's no good at all for a ra'al sthrong, first-class, breezy biag- guarding match. \Oh Jsses!\ says Goliath, wid the wather 'biting out of his eyes for laughinh \What sort av a thing is that? May the divil admire!\ he \if I don't belave it's a monkey es- caped from an organ grinder. eYe'll find me a tnoigisty bad SON to monkey wid,\ says David, \ye big thafe wid a pot on your head like a cupolo on a sthame fire engine, and your dhirty black mouth like the hole of a coal cellar.\ \Ye little skinned polecat!\ says Goliath,beginning to grow mad when he diskivered that David's rhetoric. was superior to his own, \do ye think I'm a dog that ye've got a sthick to bate me wid?\ \Bedad says David, \I wouldn't be afther doin' a dacint dog Bich in- justice, but it's a dog's mate I'm go - in' to make of ye.\ \Hear that!\ says Goliath \Arrahl now, tache your gran'mother how to feed ducks!\ \Dhry up!\ says David; \bad scan to ye, ye haven't the sinse of a cat- fish. By the light that shines, vure bad grammar tives rue cramp in the stummick.\ Och, David had a tongue in his head like a jewaharp. \Tear an' ounds,\ says Goliath, \I'll sot lave enough of your hide in one piece to patch a shoe.\ \Tear an' ages,\ says David, \I'll give the buzzards a picnic wid yure karkis, an' shure an' it'll make 'em sick to ate ye.\ \Ye're a liar,\ says Goliath. \Ye're another,\ says David, \and an ophthaimic old °beeps to boot,\ Wid that Goliath lost his timper intirely. He pawed up* the grouns an' kim at David wid his eyes shut, a bellowin', and that brings me back to poet hryt Goliath poisell his mighty spear, 'Twee tiftv fat in length, And unto D - avidairlainf near, , Ito punche,i with 1 his s t r e n gth. a David W 1, se rprisin quick, Anti , pry two!! ris pins; So do.i,gia r [lately, Kari his stick, He whoeked Goliath .. skin: With pain thagiar, awlet and grinned, And dhrappeci , , q.' , sp•rt.• and lance To rub his shim- !:,..- :!, k laid skinued; Thin David s:ira ,,. • c b.orra Takin' a brick from out Ile -put it in his slin,..s, And, whirlin' it 'round head and I, /le let it dhrive full swi Right to the mark the dor Aa straight ea to a hod, It smote the wretch hetwese the , ves, And stretched him on tile Thin David, for to prove lila! ad, In sight of all beholders. Chopped off his unbolavin' FrOIll his blaspharuous st- 1 cm i Boston Corbett Insane, TOPEKA, Kati., March 7.—Boa- Corbett, the gayer of John Wakes 1 Booth, crea2 a sensation in the Kansas Ho ' of Repeisen tat t veg. yesterday. At the coin inenceinerit of the session of the Legislature Cor- bett was appointed assistant door- keeper. Yesterday be strapped on two revolvers and took with him a box of cartridges. Then with a drawn weapon, he drove a negro attendant from the representiyes' hall. \Ser- geant -at -Arms Norton tried to ex- postulate with him, when Corbett cocked one of his revolvers and point- ing it directly at the officer, told him to travel. Corbett then searched for Speaker Smith, and on meeting a member who. somewhat resembled him was about to fire, when the mem- ber threw up his hands and said he was not the speaker. The member war then permitted to move on. Cor- bett then took possession of the speak- er's gallery, and walking in front of the doors, held it during the entire morning session, refusing to allow anyone to come near him. The city policemen were caned, but they would not venture into the dark corridor, and the slayer of Booth held possession. At 12 o'clock he sent word down to the house to ad- j ourn or he would come down and ad- journ it himself. The house adjourn- ed. Corbett was afterward captured in the lower corridor, disarmed, and taken to the police station, where he is now confined. He will probably be adjudged insane and confined in an asylum. The Abbott Hiss. The famous Abbott Kiss ,was ex- hibited at the \Kikado\ matinee, and was a revelation in the osculatory art to staid Butte belles and beaux. The Abbott kiss is none of your long, drawnout affairs, with a terminal re- port like a cow pulling her foot out of the mud. Nor, on the contrary, is it a simple, undemonstrative pressure of the lips. Quite the opposite. The charming Emma, after being_kissed on the cheeks by the tenor until her face is all aglow, draws about two feet away from him and takes aim. Then all of a sudden she launches at him and in an it»mealurahly short cbntact— not longer than the space 1 of time between the'first glimmer of la flash of lightning and its first 'share I —she does the hu-ii.e.s; with `, \ '' ' IkP a millr. , r) -71), di-iir r f.t . • • COUNTY i'ion•-c-r Ne-srvaiprig)er t .lfetrerreson C't•unty—A Ventnily Jourrual—tittlerirerntit•tit i BOULDER, MONTANA., FRIDAY, MA 1:.(11 H, 1887. • little osculatory explosions. Then she, is instantly a -yard away again. That is the Abbott kiss. It is very short, but it must be awfully sweet for the tenor.—Inter Mountain. NIGH UNTO DEATH. Brooklyn's Great Divine Slowly But Surely Nearing the Dark Inver. New Y• oftia, March '7. --It was a weary night that the members of the Beecher household passed last night. One by one they would silently move in and out of the death chamber, tak- ing their turns at the dreary vigil. 1.)r. Searle was at the post ef duty Without intermission until nearly 6 o'clock, when be retired to his home. Mrs. Beeeher had kept watch over the sick man most of the night, fearing he might pass away in her absence. She did, however, take a few hours rest on a couch in her room adjoining that on which the sufferer lay. At 6 o'clock, when Dr. Searle went hope this bulletin was issued: \Mr. Beecher ham been gradually failing during the night. His death is not, however, anticipated at pres- ent.\ (Signed) S.W. SEARLE. All day Sunday, and up to mid- night, the officer on duty at the door of the house was kept busy answering to queries of friends and strangers. For hours people stood in the damp weather looklug at the house, and it was not until the lighti in the wind- ows were lowered that the crowd was entirely dispersed. Even as late as 1 o'clock persons climbed up the steps and tried to read the last bulle- tin. Most of the flowers sent to the house came from members of his con- gregation.' Major Pond was in the house most of the day. He told the circumstances connected with Beech- er's daily occupation. Just previous to the attack, with considerable feel - he said that Mr. Beecher only on Tuesday last told him how sirmig be felt, a\ 'I how glad he was that he would - able to complete his hook in timo fr , r the publishers, and what Ceassr- e found in writing the ara .ra. In the coining September it 'etended to give a grand cele- bration in hopot Of. Beecher's fiftieth year in the ministry, and the first half century of his married life; also the fortieth year of his infinistry at Brook- lyn church. THE HOURS SHORTENING. NEW YORK, Merck 7.—Rev. Lind sey Parker, rector . of St.. Peter's church, called a few, minutes after 3 o'clock this afternoon.. He was per- mitted to see Mr. Beecher. When he left the house he said that Mr. Beecher's condition .was unchanged, and he thought he could not live any longer than to -day.. Dr. Searle is in constant attendance GROWING WORSE. NEW YORK, March 7, (midnight). A message just received from Brook- lyn says that a very decided change for worse has taken place in The con- dition of Beecher and that the mem- bers of his family have gathered about his bedside. At 4 o'clock a. ,m. (Helena time) Beecker was still elive, though very low. MRS. F. KEMPSEY, OF WICKS, •Has just received a new and complete line of MILLINERY GOODS! With all the Latest Styles in IIATS, BONNETS, TRIMMINGS, ctc. Also a Full Stock of LADIES' FURNISHING GOODS. Nearly everything a Lady needs In that line can be found it her store. Please call and examine goods and prices before purchasing elsewhere. East end of 0 I Is. 10 1 1Kfts' 4.i IDE is 144 11,41 7...r pi. a nd ,I.Arch, raeh yea.r g v - 31.4 pa g es, 4,, t 11 , ;of hew.w I ili aver 3 ,500 II I ustra.ttous - a whole P:cto re Gallery. 4.1 V EN VI ta ,.. i c axle Pria ea ,....,-,,., •r4 , 'A to Mil goodi fur trersr,k , oi or fa tail r r,,.', • Tell'. how- to or-eler, atul g ive -4 .. ict.w-t ,ityt of eNery.. thing you ore, eat, tir:ok, wear, or las re fort with. The -at IN VALl'Al31.1: lit 1 , 0 Ei S eft utalia Information fi traued from the toa.ritets of (be world. V. r will mail a copy FRIEU: to (,ny Pt 1 - drru. upon receipt of 10 r t.,. fo fie ft , ttp-..u..1,e of toailtog. Let ore It cer CILl.,17.A y rvt1,. Issa s ...ratan s . MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. re- as eta sviabaab A reaue, ll.tleasw, Po. Obtair ad all P.c. ed to pr,anptly and I . ';: t; (Alice is epposite C. , - Paten , rftice. and we can obtain jar: las in less time than those remote from \N :c-, hington. Send model or drawn): \Yr, advise as to pat- entability free of •.(,:rr rind we make no charge unless patent 1 , -- rred. We refer here to Postmaster, the Supt. of MoneyOrd,•r I , and to officials of the U. S. Patent i • For circular, advice, teruss and r. frrrr , :, irs to actual cii- 011ta in v0111* own (mute, write to tr.a ( ) 'V AL; C*0., ();• rra iagtan, Just Arrived! ! OVES . A Full .1_,tne or Heating & Cook- ing Staves at Hel- eta\ prices. Harhare&Tinvira a gxialty. Repairing Zone Neatly Mali Street, . Boalder . Mont. E. THOMA1 & CO. Wickes To Bottlder MURRAY'S STAGE LINE, RUNS DAILY FROM WICKES TO BOULDER, CONIIIKTIXO WITH' BOULDER HOT SPRINGS. All Freight and Express matter delivered daily. NION Vto be made. Cia this out and L. I return tons, and wt will send you free, something of great value and im- portanee to you, that will start mon in busi- ness which will bring you iu nallire money right away than anything else in this world. Any one can do the work and live at home. Either oex; all ages. something new, that just coins money for all wdrkers. We will start you; capital not ueeded. This is one of the genuine, important chances of a lifetime. Those who are ambitious and enterprisin g will not delay. Grand outfit free. Address Tacx ita Co., Augusta, Maine. CHARLES ENGLUND, PHACT I CA 1_, Boot ana Shoemaker, BOULDER, MONTANA. Mr. Englurd has permanently located among us, and those . wi , rhiug anything in his line will do well to call. Repairing Neatb , none, , Boots and Shoes made to order. • Satisfac- tion guaranteed. YOU can live at home, and make more motury at work for us, than at any- thing else in this world. Capital not need- ed; you are started free. &a.h sexes; all ages. Any due can do the work.. Large earnings sure from first start. Costly out- fit and ternis free. Better not delay. Costs you nothing to send us your address and find out; if you are wise you will do so at Once. II. HALLIVIT & Co., Portland 3laine. A. BRADLEY* 13 1-2 Main Si., Helena. Jeweler, Watchmaker —AND----- J INT a- R., A. \Cr El i Repairing and Menufactaring Watches cleaned for $1.50, and other work-in proportion. trAgent foraLunainiaua Door Plates. Reuben Warren, Livery Rod STABLE Carriages, Buggies, Saddle Horses, Double Teams and Everything in 'rho li_Avery Line. Bo U LDAtt CITY, MONTANA FRANK S. LANG, lielenst. Mont. Ileadquart's for STOVES, LOGES, CROCEERY, GLASS -WARE, 7.7.7 WARE, and HOUSEFURNIL:L Goods of all descriptions. Cornioe Work and Tin Roofing. All k: of Job Work a Specialty. c.. • , .71 . .0 •LAV04. , mow ear DENTISL (Over Hale & Co.'s Drag Store.) Helena, - Montt rta rlifirial Te-• and fully ti r lie rn st 113 (ilit r feetly Sart , ant r i.anunsian. n rct. Mitt ESTABLISHED 1867. NATiONAL 2) 4 OF HELENA. 'U. S. 1)epository. Paid up Capital, $500,000 flurpltus and Profits 325,000 • DIRECTORS: S. T. Hauser, Pt -eat. A. J. Davis. Vice Pr. E. W. Kni g ht, T.11.1ileinschmidt, Cashier, Asst. Cash. A. M. Miter, John C. Curtis, H. N. Parchen, R. S. Hamilton, J. H. Ming, C. P. Higgrns, T. C. Power. Boaraing &Locithig Also *choice lotV CIGARS, NUTS, UITS CONFECTIONS. 0 mialg. E. nmcniiu,. The lady who lost her arra on the Fourth of July, 1e.84. Main Nt. W ,'lie.% Mont BOULDER CITY Sulio&Ilanos SHOP. John F. Sheehy, Prop'r. Having purchased a stock of harness leather and mounting, I am now prepared to make anything in the above line to or- der. All work warranted hand -made and no charge if not satisfactory. Buggy Trimming Done to Order. The Palace. Pine Woc, Lilnors sad Clears Imported Wines and Brandies a Specialty 1-1.A_Ma FRANK FARNHAM, Prop. ogoMcE Store! BOULDER, MONTANA. Stationery, Toilet Articles Cigars and Tobacco, Fruit: and. Con- fectionery, also a fine supply of ALBUMS AND FORTMOINTIAES, A choke variety of everything in the stationery line always in stock. Ed. McSORLEY, Proprietor. CHARLES POND, Dealer in Chins?, nil Japans?, Goods. FANCY PORCELAINE and C CIGARS and TOBACCO, Boulder City, - Montana. LEES TAYLOR, Carpenter &Builder All kinds of Doors and Window Frames, Stairs, Counters, Etc. made to Order. Plans, Specifications aril Estimates prepared. BOULDER. Mont. Jeffersoit A. C. QUAINT .NCE, Dealer in Fresh Beef, M utton, Pori,. Fish, etc.. In fa 7 usually kept in a first - at market. Ilcat lied tc all Zaiirca'._ and To Caml:s rs7r - rAelsrs s , .laarfa•Taa•13-3 . a1 7.4t.ran ). 1-ICD! 1;\01R0 P . ; 4 1 NO3 The off season of the year hat; arrived and ample time for reflection abounds. With pride we point to the past season to a trade beyond our most sanguine expec. tations. With increased facilities we shall aim and strive to make The Northwestern Clothing House just What its name implies. (I;ir buyer is about to start for the East. ern markets, where everythietg worthy of merit in the clothing lila* will he secured. In the meantime we shall positively sell the bal. mice of our winter stock at such prices that will secure for it a ready sale. Be sure and call and get our prices before purchasing else. where. THE NORTHWESTERN. goltor's Block, Orr,0214 Grand Central hotel, 1--IP31,7214 air• rai\. J. D. GROESBECK &r, CO.. llE3 Cp a olr i 4 a e ra at i i , n g STOVES HARDINA Nails, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, WOOD V.AR, C\..13a0 Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and liouldings, Plated Ware, Gilassware and Bar Goods. Agonts for the Cslobrated Ettokeye Force rumps and Shntier wagons. — 0 :0— TIN SHOP InAannection where all kinds of Job work sad Rs. . - pairing will be done. OrOpposite Court Hons., 13oztlder a • • • • Afro Boulder Drug Store. 111 0 1=2.iitIS• 0: ea PRESCRIPTIGNS catutruLLy COMPOUNDED DAY AND 211r0 Winos and .4icluors for Medicinal Turpcses. Hans on hand a large assortment of Druggists' Sundries, Paip.te, Oils, Varnishes, Window • Glags, Whil Paper, Lamps, Candies, Tobaccos, ea* LAMPS! LAMPS LAvirs A full variety and :ll attachments constantly on hand. The Windsor House. TROTTER & PARKER, Prop's. BOULDER, Mont 'Everything First -Class. --E BOARD PER WEEK, . . if el) Id \ DAY, .. 1.00 GRAIL) CENTRAL HOTEL FRANK FARNHAM, Proprietor, Nally Built, &lily Furilisked Throuliout auti Catrally Locale. THE LEADING HOTEL IN BOULDER. The Tables are Supplied with the Best in the Market. BOARD AND LODGING 47.00 BOARD PER DAY • 1.50 Otago* From All Points stop at Thi. Hotel. I4; i NA, - 1 - 4 S t r ( Lt 11.4F.:^ , A F.

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 11 March 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.