Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, April 01, 1887, Image 2

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' al•••1•110.••=•., Jefferson County Sentinel. OFFICIAL PAPEU OF THE COCNTY Entered at the Postoffive in Boulder Montana, as second-class mail matter. — - --- /ssued Every Friday 12 X. Sharp. S. A. ROBERTSON, Preersnett, Boulder City', Montana. The pioneer newspaper of Jefferson coun- ty. A family Journal, independent in yelitice. To reach the, Heifer and intel- ligent classes in Jefferson county, adver- tisers should partonize THE SENTINEL, - ausecnterioN, per year, in advance, $3.00 Six MONTHS, 41.50 --THREE Moxerts, $1 The American Farmer Free toAll Our Subscribers. Come walking, come nn horseback, come in wagons, come running, come anywev, only so you get to our office and hear the glad news that you can reeeive The Amer - jean Farmer free with the JEFFERSON COUNTY SENTINEL. , Wr. hope tealkings will be after this. good Toe high license law takes effect the Let of July. HaReAraen a new and interesting, feature of the SENTINEL will be a column expecialiv devoted to the ladies. We wish to make the SEN- TINEL thoroughly a family paper, one that every member will be eager to rsad, and find instructive as well as another will claim '75 per fent, as the correct loss. The loss is not yet over and will not - be for a mouth. So far as beef steers are concerned, it is safe to say the loss for the next month will be Confined almost solely to eases of eating poisonous weeds, but there is many a poor cow and heifer that have passed througt . the ordeal of the past winter in safety, that will die before the grass is long enough for them to get their daily fill. Judg- ing from all sources of information now attainable, it is the deliberate opinion of the SENTINEL that tho loss of range cattle has been fully 50 per cent, and there is little doubt that this assertion will be fully sustained when the assessors make their annual returns The loss by the owners of small bands, mast of whom have fed more or less, will be from 25 to 30 per cent. The assertion of Only 10 per cent lass is all nonsense. There is that much loss even in the meta favorable years, and it is this height of folly to assert that the loss hes been no more during one of the hard- est winters, if not the hardest, ever known in montane. It is now an as- sured fact that the ranges are over- stocked, and that those *ho keep cat - entertaining. tie must be prepared to feed from one Tut editor of the - ' to two mont hs or else stiffer great lots. -fear and asso- ciate editor of Smaller herds and greater attentioe have bee - • the inter Mountain to them will be the order of the day est fodicted for criminal libel. If '\ in t e future, and this state of affairs action of the grand jury serve!. waif be a public gain, to stop the foul language that has 'been used in both papers, it will be a blessing to. Butte's bast people. . e e UAIIT.../AS. H. MIteeaof the - Sew Nortils West, is certaitily enterprising. His last iseue was eight pages, show - vg the receipts and expenditures of Beer Lodge eoentv, besides a large amount of excellent, reading matter. It will sure'; be eppreeiated by the subscribe:se to that journal. HELENA. waits more school room, and the press of that wide-awake city am ad voeeting the erection of a build- ing, adjoining the Central school 'euilding, that will cost about *20,000. The proposed dimeneions are 58fc71, with three stories aild bashment. fielena builds school.- houses, while A FEW SPECIMEN LAWS. The Independent is uow publish- ing l some of the acts of the last Legislative Assembly. So far as they baole been given to the world through the medium above stated, they de not reflect much credit upon the body that tweeted them into laws. That in relation to schools is ambiguous and it will be a Most difficult matter toteomply with its provisions, inas- much as it contemplates the expendi- ture of money by the trustees fer advertising, but makes -to provisiee tIserefOr. ;The marriage license law is an- tedler sample ofthe inefficiency of the \never -to -be -forgotten.\ It tins just one sensible provision. It Boulderites talk about the matter. ljgalizesmarriages that have been LIE trial of John Arensdorf on the ; charms of kiilieg Bea. George C. Haddock, the minister who zealtiusly labored for the enforcement of the temperance laws, was commenced last week at Souix City, Iowa. Great interest is shown in the trial, which will materially affect the temperance -cause throughout the state for 'goad • or for evil. . The United States attor- ney withdrew his aepearance trim the ceunsch for the prosecution on ; the ground that there was not; money enough to pay attorneys. THE FArtmen is a well edited, well printed, thoroughly practical . news- paper for farmers. Its general mat- ter is well selected; it colludes an excellent department for the Family Circle, and counts among its contrib- utors some of the best writeraOhag-H ricultutal and kindredenatters in the country. Practically it must bel worth to every farmer inauy times its! eubscription price, and every aumbee contains much to interest, instruct andl amuse all members of the family.{ Sample copies of The Farmer seuf free for examination. Subscriptioif price is mile aL50 per year. Lesn than three cents a copy: No char0 is made for copies of The Farmer Utii- • less ordered by the recipient. Ad dress, e rns: FARMER, St Paul, Minne -WEST GRANITE MOUNTAIN stoc is being boomed in St. Louis for a I that cheek can do. It has been pus ed up to *2.50 per share within a week. This is due to some report d diseoverv in the mine, \but the re a from $1 to *2.50 is a little too su 1 - den for permenency. We like to see 'unit's boomed if they deserve it, but the Seserma. does not propose to lend its influence to bolster up wild- cat speculations. The mines of , Nifin- tees are the richeet in the world, but any attempt to palm off cheff for golden grain can but result disas- trously to every interest. We trust that the report of the rich strike in the wine is true, but we have our doubts since the news reaches us by way of St. Louis where a number of interested parties are located and whose business at the city where the Big Muddy blends its yellow current with that of the Frther of Waters, is to boom that particular stock. As they did not go there for their health but to make a big haul and all indi- esatioes pout in the direction of their :success in that direction. - ------- -- - LOSS OF STOCK i - . . ulreguiar and legitimatizes llegal- Mate children by the subsequent M arriage of their parents. It pro- viides that the clerk shall charge two Ilan for e license and prohibits any ersons authorized to perform the I arriage ceremony from doing so mi- ss the parties show a license front tlhe clerk. It is it most serious im- pediment to marriage. It prohibits ihe marriage of minors without the Written consent of the father, if !iv - promises of immunity, but that will !avail nothing. Lea at avers that he ' told the sooty to relieve the burden of mind before being assured of per- sonal safety. He claims that he was wholly innoceet of any part in a son- spiracy to commit murder. The state will probably place all the conspira- tors on the stand except the defend- ant in this Case. • It transpires that Mrs. litechintski, 'rig, if not, then by the mother or guardian of such minor, and said written consent must be proved by time testimony of at least ono tlisin- ! f Wrested witness. In addition it re- quires those applying for a license to state the Christian and surnames of the fathers of both parties, the Chris- tian and surnames of the mothers of both parties; their place of residence and places of birth; theie respective ages and their color and whether they hates been previously mai ried. These facts must he sworn to. This will be a virtual embargo upon old !bachelors and females of uncertaii: . e - age. They are not supposed to re- member so far back, and the young folks can only wed in rare instances, because they will find it impossible to gain the consent of all their re- spective relatives. It imposes a fine and imprisonment upon a minister or other person who fails to comply with the law. All have a chance to marry in the good old way until Sep- tember let of the present year. No two individuals. fully agree as tothe loss of stock tium peat winter, and as a result the various newspapers . follow suit. imi e o ne proclaims tiniony onehe ground that he was in - the fuss hue not exceeded 10 per eent.,leueee to : wa k e ee l “ ecti f eb i titi , 'b y The Haddock Murder. A Sioux City special of March 27, to the Pioneer Press, says: \Intense public interest is excited by the Had- dock murder trial though the general expression is that no result will . be reached at this term. The defense is backed by the powerful influences and abundant means and all their re- sources will be used to secure an ac- quittal er u divided jury. The latter will be the probable result, with the jury as now constituted. The selec- tion of John Adair as the twelfth jury- man and the fact of his being seen at the brewery last evening in company with the president, Arensdorf's prin- cipal backer, has greatly depressed the hopes of the friends of justice. But the prosecution will go on to the end us there is now no other course to be pursued. Tim coils of evidence are tighteniegaround Arensdorf, and it will be very difficult to prove an alibi against the testimony given on Setae - day. To-rjeferow it is under- stoodthai Leavitt will be placed on the stupid, to be followed by \Bis- . marck.\ It is said the defense will resist the admission of Leavitt's tes- wife of \Bismarck is here from Cal- ifornia, and will give important cor- roborative testimony. The witnesses seem to he subjected to sdme pres- sure that makes them reluctant. One Williamson, a hack driver, left on Saturday after being subptenaed. Atm attachment Wai issued and he was found at Letnere. WOMEN'S COLuMN. Mrs, Fruncee Hodgson Burnett is said to be writing a sequel to \Little Lord Fauntleroy,\ which will show hint as a young team A half -century ago in Turkey it was considered a shame for a wOtnalf to read. To -day two schools in Con- stantinople have been established be the Sultan himself. Mr. Norman' W. bodge, of New York, has 'instituted a prize of $300, to be Av.iiirae.1 at each annual exhibi- . ...on of the Academy to_ the best pic- ture painted hi the United States by a - A - einem The paper of Miss Mary E. Byrd, assistant in the mathematical depart- ment of Carleton College, on -Pop- ular Fallacies about Observatories,\ delivered at the layieg of the corner- stone of the new observatory, last fall, is being extensively copied by scientific papers in England and on the Continent. . c 35 : Capital Mining & Milling Company, la) ma - es land, 10 -stamp mill I 82 Cummings Chris Buildings and blackamitI shop '7 McClellan l lellan creek, hoh d stanengine, Mitchell gulch c\ Cooper M. D., Building bet ween livery Stable and Potter &Chandler's store, WickeS , , ' 16 Campbell S. A., Fencing, corrall, etc., on ranch near Whitehall 51 H. Dildine, SE I, and improvements, sec ; 15, tp 6 N R 4 W 54 DELINQUENT TAX LIST. Notice is hereby oiven that I will, by v'..ftne a authority in me vested by taw, at 2 o'cloek p. on Monday, :Nprii 25th, A. D. 111187, at the froat door of the court kuuse, in the town of Doelder, comity of Jefferson and Territory of Montana, sell at public eeralue to the highest bidder, for cash him hand, - no the follOwi real estete; imeirmrementssoas., for - taxes, interest and costs for the yew , le case the sale is not completed on said day, the seam be continued from day to day (Seudays excepted) until complet- ed. The lellotaine• is the description of sind preisertv, with costs thereon: Aiding Otto, Lots 1 and 2 block 1 and liotese, on lot No. 2, known sus Russell House, Comet, * 7 Ballard James M.. Warm Sprieg Creek: sawmill, Alhambra, Mont 37 Blaine 'James G., i M. E. 48 Placer lot : 37,..ecc. 25, Tp. 6, N. R. 7 W. 2 Bruffy George, Placer claim No. 37, Plpee'tone disteiet 8 Burton J. J., House at Grace, Montana, 4 Blaine John E., i M. E. 48 Placer lot . $7, sec. 25, 1'p. 6, N. Hs 7 W 2 Clawstin J. W., Sewinill in Hoinestako(rulch 24 Carpenter B. F., SW I, NW i sob. 27, Pp. 9, N. H. I E.. I SE i, NE i sue. 27, To. 9, N. 11.1 E Dilly Henry, House at Gregory Degeuais Joseph, Stable at Gregory Everman J. Me, P. 0. Placer, corral' and'Stable .Esesiria Thomas. Cabin at Woodville Gundry Thomas, Hi - Assent Comet Heerington Con, House at Elkhorn Hopkins Charles, 'louse at Elkhorn Hallbeck Charles, Houee and lot, Radersburg Johnson G., House at Bedford • • . Johnson William, House at Gregory • Jackson George, Cabin: near Boulder M. Lyogne, Bedford, NW.and imp's.; see 12, Tp 7,N R 1 E,160 ac's 40 17 McCauley J. G., Ranch and imp's, Clancy and Helene road. 20 McLeod A. C., House at Elkhorn McQueen & interest in quartz mill at Grace 21 Martell Joseph; House at Gregory 6 Merritt H, House at Gregory Mar H 16 Pritlmett Mat -tell Julius, House at _Gregory ...... . J S i House at Comet 22 Pierce Thomas, Grace, Land and improvements— 8 Pruett & Fish Creek, 10 acres of eawi fowl sec 21, tp 1 R 4 W Quinn M, Imp's and NW-i sce 3, tp 1 N E w, 35 Rolahaterh .1 .1, Sixteen lots at Jefferson City 4 Signora Fanny Zampini Salazar° is Roselle John, Woodville; eal)in the editor of a new monthly maga- zine just started in 130010, devoted to the interests of Italian women. Mrs. M. S. Dwell, wife of Judge E. II. Durell, and Miss A. I.. Geb- 17 21 0 11 5 5 5 12 24 7 12 75 Syrtis J C, Improvements on ranch, B r oulde valley 15 Schroeder R A, Land aims! improvements near Clancy. 26 8 Russell George 13, Hotel at Wickts, -known as Wickes Hotel Smith Charles, House at Elkhorn Shull Sam, Radersburg, Land and improvements. hard have been awarded a medal Tree George H. Beaver Creek. from tl:e American Institute for a patented atteelinient fer weter-heat- !rig to steam radiaters. _ Mss. Logan declares that her late husband's forthcoming book, \The Volunteer Soldier in Americe,\ completed by his own hand. • There are a good many married men in this world who know all about what a model wife should be, but who have very hazy ideas about the com- ponent elements of a model husband. Mrs. George Williem Curtis, and other ladies, took part in a crusade against the saloons of West New Brighton, Staten Island, - where one voter in every twenty is a liquor: seller. . MS. Marion Todd is a successful lawyer in Albion, Mich. Her first case ; . wile for a railroad conductor ageing, a rich corporation, and she won it. She is now prosecuting 1$25,000 dam- age suit against the Central Pacific railroad. mrs. Bishop H. Warren, said to be the richest woman in Colorado, made her own money by cattle raising, and is m:w worth 4 . '10,000,000. miss Carey Thomas, the dean of the new college for women at Bryn Mawr, took her degree at the University of Zurich. 'The degree is coeferred only once in ten years. airs. Josephine .Brower, of Minne- apolis, has received m her cow from thei governor as notary public. She is the first woman to be appointed uederehe legislative act 'Datong wo- men eligible. miss Helen Lenoir, the manager of D'Oly Carte's 'operatic companies, crossed the Athletic in charge of the Ruddygore Company, and got them settled and playing with expedition and without fuss. In theatrical mat- ters, Harper's Bazar says, she is \the leading . representative of the admin- istrative genius of her hex.\ miss Marietta Holley, the author of \Josiah Allen's Wife,\ \Sweet Cice- ly,\ and other works in which • the time-honored arguments against wo- man suffrage arc made laughable, has, perhaps. aroused more hearty, health- ful, and helpful mirth than any one on this continent, with the exception of Mark Twain. She is described as large and fine-looking, with handsome dark ees, and a face expressing. hu- mor, and full .of peace and content.; a warm-hearted, unaffected-, enter- taining woman. Judge Edwards Pierrepont has just got back from France, where he went to arrange the marriage settlements of an American woman, worth severalminims, who was to marry a French marquis. Judge Pierrepont says: eThe power which the French law gives to a husband over his wife; when there are no ante-nupti..I limitations, can almost be compared to the power of the Southern slaveholder over his slave. 'The French hushand cannot sell his wife, but with that exception he has almost unbounded control over her liberty and her property.\ ' Twenty-seven years ago, Henry Ward Beecher, in a powerful lecture on woman suffrage, predicted that one of the first good results of the re- form Avould be the, !fit i iie - al of the polling places to T Ai s triktespectable quarters, and the kite*. order and ; civility of elections. i • a .' Repel)- lican 'Convention, which met at To- peka, Kansas', on sieee10, expressed a cordial welcome to the newly en- franchised ladies, anti adopted a series of resolutions, entitled \For the new voters,\ favoring safety and conven- ience iif voters at the polls, and rec. omeed inie ma m g their_ rei al to ore reepeetable locatioes. 62 92 17 Jifen's Shoes: 59 17 20 75\ 64 An Immense* Stock of Dry Good\! 14 Are en route from Chicago, to be opened early in April. NEW GOODS! COME • N111 • COMING: Men's Cassimere, Cheviot and Lo.undried Shires - in great variety, A Choice Line of Men's Gloves, 39 98 15 74 13 71 18 67 86 25 -- 68 26 25 13 DEALER — 83 38 78 General Merchandise! 30 46 97 21 74 WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS, Heavy and light Buck, Hogskin, Saranac Plvmoeth and oil -tanned Goat. The most comp n complete to be found in Jefferson county; Plow Shoes, Nailed Brogans, Pegged and Fine Hand -sewed Shoes, Men's and Boys' Calf and Kip Boots. A Very Large Stock of Millinery, Including Hats, Ribbons, Flowers, 'Mulls, Head Ornaments and Lace Caps, Has been shipped by Hills 13ro., New York, to -41T. A. VTICKES,- BOULDElt, MONTANA. 34 30 95 59 03 43 12 37 22 02 ' •1 38 8,0 Wilcox Leslie, Improvements on ranch.' 23 83 Dated this 21st day of Mere!' A. D. 1887. F. C. BERENDES, Treasurer and Collector Jefferson Co. Mont. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE ENOCH HODGSON, Of Sale ot Real Estate. --- Notice is hereby given, that in purse- ance of an order of the Probate Court of - the county of Jefferson and Territory Of Montana made on the 28th day of March, 1887, in the matter of the estate of John Quinn. deceased, the undersigned, the ad- mini,trators of said estate, will sell at pub- lic auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, or one-half cash and the balance on six inotitlis time, with interest at one per cent per month and upon good and approved security and subject to cm mirmation by said Probate Court, on Tuesday,. the 2;st day of April, 1887, at one o'clock p. m., at the court house dooi in Boulder, in the said county of Jefferson, all the right,title, interest and estate of the said John Quinn ot the time of his death, and all the right, title and Interest that the said estate has, by operation of law or otherwise, acquieed Other than and in addition to that of he paid John Quinn at the time of his de4h, In and to all those certain lots, plecesk)r Parcels of land situate, lying and being in the said county of Jeffersou, Territory. of Montana and bounded end describea . as follows, to -wit: PARCEL No. 1. The Southwest quarter of section No. Two (2). save and except one acre thereof in the northwest cornet of said quarter, which said acre is now Occupied and 1.n>ed Asa Cetholic church and cemetery grouods, to be known and sold met Parcel Parcel`No. One,\ being in Township No. 4, North Range 3 West, containing 159 acres. PARCEL No. 2. Also the Southwest quarter of the Southeast quarter of section No. 2 and the Northeast quarter of the Northwest quar- ter and OA North half of the Northeast quarter of section No. Eleven (11) in town- ship four North of Range three West. The &111:1e containing 100 acres, more or lose To be known and sold as \Parcel No. 2.\ Peace'. /ace 3. Also one certain Boarding House, or Dwelling, situate in the town of Elkhoru in said county, the same being known es the \Quinn Boarding House.\ Ten per cent of the purchase money to be paid to the auctioneer at the time of purchase and the balance to be paid or ar- ranged as aforesaid, upon confirmation of sale, by the Probate Judge. TERMS AND CoNDITRINS OF SALR: Cash in hand (one hall) the balance In six mouths, with interest at one per cent per mopth Eud upon good security; ten per Cent of the purehaiw Morley to be paid tothe auctioneer at time of purchase and haltinc.e paid or erraeged as aforesaid On confirmation of sale by said Probate Court. Deed at expease of purchaser. EuwanD MeSoiteEr and MuNROE DUNKs, Administrators of estate of John Quinn, deceased. Dated at Boulder, March 30th, 1887. Order to Show Cause Way Order of Sale of Real Estate Should not be Made. In the Probate Canirt of the County of Jefferson, Territory of Montana. In the matter of the estate of Eli 'Hol- brook, deceased. A. L. Kellogg, the administrator of the estate of Eli iloilirm)k, deceased, having tiled his petition herein praying for, an or- der of sale of all the real estate and per sonal property of said decedent, for the purpoaes therein set forth, It is therefore ordered by the Probate Judge of said Court, that all persons tnterested in the estate of said deceased appear before 'the said Probate Court -on Friday, the 29th day of April 1887. at 10 o'clock in the fore- noon of said day, at the court room of said Probate Court, at the court house in eald county of Jefferson to show tamee why an order should not be ,e-rauted to the {mid ad- ministrator to sell all of the real estate and personal prepert v of the said deceased. And that a copy of this erder be pub- 11-hed at least four successive weeks lu the Jeffersou County Sentinel, a newspaper printed and published in said Jefferson county, and Territory of Montana, J. C. liatti.ET, Probate Judge. Dated March 29, 114,97, lir I N' _111 1• 7 ; N 1st ; Will buy a ' Inkir g and r; • cigar at Theigherty Bare, Manufacturer of 1,1111111011 S11111003. Sawmill near Beavertown sin prepared to furnish MINING TIMBERS telethon notice; Also deal in all kinds of : 131 JESS4 1:1.1 LU1B1iR.1 ENOCH HODGSON, Jefferson City. ellorsoil Market. A. C. QUAINTANCE, Dealer i a Fresh Beef, Mutton, Pork, Sausage, Fish, etc. In fact everything usually kept in a first- class meat market. Meat Supplied to all Railroa 'I and TiorCanins at Beasonable rates, el'Orders solicited and goods delivered. J e Berson City, Mont. Order to Show Cause Why Order of Sale of Real Estate Should Not. be Made. In the Probate court of the county of Jef ferson, Territory of Montana. In the matter of the est: te of John Quinn, deceased. Order to show cause why order of sale of, real estate should not be made. Edward McSorley and Monroe Dunks, the administrators of the estate of John Quinn, deceased, having filed their peti- - tion herein praying foran order of sale of all the real estate of said decedent, for the purposes therein set forth, it is therefore ordered by the Judge of said court, that all persons interested in the estate of said deceased appear before the said Probate court on Saturday, the 20th day of March, 1887, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at the court room of said Probate court, at the court louse in the county of e Jefierson, to show cause why an order should not be granted to the said admiuistrators to sell all of the real estate of the said deceased, John Quinn. And that a copy of this order be pub - Belied et lease four succeesive weeks in the Jefferson County Sentinel, a newspaper printed mind published in said Jefferson comity, Montane Territory. J. C. KERLEY, Probate Judge. Dated February 24,1887. $2 00 M IN Plirki5.STS . (aVEN AWAY. Send us S . ciinta postage, and by mall you will get FREE a package of geode of large value, that will start you in work that will at once bring you in money faster than anything else in America. All about the $200,000 in presents with each box. Agents wanted everywhere, of either sex, of all ages, for all time, or spare time only, to wells - for us at their owu homes. Fortunes for all workers absolutely as- sured. Don't delay. n. um.exe - r a co., Portland, Maine. T. F. MURRAY, EIOUIL,DP-111 CITY, MON'T_ Miners' -. Supplies, - - Powder, - Steel, GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, DRY GOODS, BOOTS & SHOES No competitor has arranged, or can arrange, better facilities for general trade than those who have already given us the most ex- tensive mercantile business in Jefferson county. Wp Bill Closely at First Huh; We sal at Small Pep FOP, CSI - 1 I And for this reason WE CANNOT BE UNDEBSOLD Wiil strictly adhere to _A_ TDRIC=S on all co.ak trade E. G. DOUGHERTY R. J. DO t:GZIERTY. DOUpITERTY BROS., T_T lolDMIR. CITY, 1.1101_ —DEALERS IN— DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, GROCERIES, HARDWARE. Queens - ware, Boots & Shoe's. 0; :0 LIQUORS CIGARS AND PRODUCE. 1 = '0W7=1 = Re, CAPS .1!e_a_aTID EtlAe'SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS TO CASH CUSTOMERS...AM Also - Agents for the NORTHERN PACIFIC EXPRESS. The Windsor House. TROTTER & PARKER, Prop's. BOULDER, Moat. Everything First -Class,* BOARD PER WEEK, . 00 \ \ DAY, Lt. GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL FRANK FARNHAM, Proprietor, Newly Built, Newly Furllishe ThrollEhout old Celltraliy Located. THE LEADING HOTEL IN BOULDER. The Tables are Supplied with the Best in the Market. BOARD AND LODGING $7.00 BOARD PER DAY 1.50 Stages From All Points stop at This Hotel. The Merchants Hotel. HELENA, Mont. Three doors above P. 0. The Neatest and. Most Pleasantly Located hotel in the City. Newly Fitted and Newly Furnished througho,uvtit.h special and St Gents' Baths, Barber shop, Bar and Billiard hall, with all modern improvements. ac- commodations for Comme S rcYal P ir E av i elorT S 'Bus to all trains. THOS. O'BRIEN & SON, Proprietors. THOMAS F. MURRAY, Proprietor of • Boulder Meat Market! • E SENTINEL desires a correspondent mu esrh camp and settlement in the rout:- B ee t ty. Items of local news solicited from all si.ctions. We do nut bold ourselves ref:. ponsiHe 4 , Nrrf. 7:..0 IT ear e - •• • And Dealer In Pork, nutton and Corned Beef ! Game and Fish in S ason. , . - 1

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 01 April 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.