Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, April 08, 1887, Image 1

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Reef, Pork, 'Mutton and Corned Beef t • . SR - 'Lie 'Pioneer LT_ Ni* I IA 7 Newrepesper ol jetrerwon County— `6 1 aridly Journal.lIntlepentlent in Polities. VOL. II. BOULDER, MONTANA FRIT) MIT. 8, 1887. inn Northwestern! • The off season of the year has arrived and ample time for reflection - abounds. With pride we point to the past season to IMPORTED a trade beyond our most sanguine expee- Percheron and Norman tations. With increased facilities we shall aim and Alive to make Willowburn Farm, Beaverhead Valley, Mont. a . q • The Northwestern Clothing souse Sant what its name implies. Our buyer is about to start fur. .tke East- ern markets, where everything worthy of merit in the eletriiigline will be secured. In the meantime we shall positively sell the bal- ance of air Winter stocksit sac& prices that will secure for it a ready sale. lie sure and call and get our prices before purchasing else- where. TI -1141 NORTHWESTERN. Nolter's 'Mock, Opposite Grand Central Hotel, 1\11.• 7 J. D. GROESBECK. & CO., HARDWARE Co a o n k d , Heating STOVES IRON, errmr....., Nails, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, WOODMNWRM, CROCI:=1:2;r, Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouldings, Plated Ware, Glassware and Bar Goods. Agents for the Celebrated Buckeye Faroe Pumps and Shutler 77a v a I' 5111101?SHOP p l D s i e rTn u g ne w e ill o e w do h n e e re all kinds of Job work and Re - LW - Opposite Court lions*, (snider a a • Alton Lemma, Just Re -Op oiled Re-FilfiliSilEd Boulder HOT Springs. 'Wonderful Curative Properties I IN ALL CASES OF — Chronic, Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism, Lead Poisoning, Constitutional Weakness, and General Debility. A PLEASANT RESORT! IPIRST..CLASS HOTEL AND BA721ING ACCOMMODATIONS. irteicked by Stage from Helena, Butte, Wickes, Elkhcrr, , Comet. and all Points in the Territory. Terms moderato. A frit-clam Playalcian DR. IRA A. LEIGIITON . Is constantly in attendanee. For full information address, TROTTER & PARKER, Boulder, Mont. Boulder Drug Store. WM. - 0 1:\ o PRESCRIPTIONS'ULLY COMPOUNDED DAY Airy NIGHT. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal Purposes. have on h and a large assortrneut of Druggists' Sundries, Paiuts, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass, Wall Paper, Lamps, Candies, Tabibeas, cot LAMPS ! LAMPS!!LAMPS!! A full variety and all attachments constantly on hand. THOMAS F. MURRAY, Proprietor of Boulder Meat Market! and HOMEBRED Stallions and Mares FOR SALE! All Stock Warranted as Represented. Terms and prices to suit custom- ers. Write for Illustrated Catalogue. Visitors always welcomed. • • JAMES MAULDIN, Dillon, Mont. K. JIESiNIIEOUJEL Posteffiee address, Jefferson City. Niont• ow Brand, llors,„ tp., right siteuleter. \C`-attle *410 right Sip. t'arlif r oe Cietterson McDONALD, The only complete Carriage, Wagon Blacksmith and Paint Shop In Jefferson county. stain Street. - Montana. Iforseshoeing and General Blacksmithing. J. B. PERKINS a!ir CO. Wish to inform the putilic that they are now prepared to di) horse - shoeing in the latest and most im- proved styles of the art. Diseases of the Feet T sated. on Scientific Principles. Lame, Inter- fering and Forging llorsee Speedily Remedied. Corns,Contracticn,auar- ter cracks, quitora, thrash. pm- miced feet permanently cured. Handlladc Shags a Specialty. Special attention riven to trotting and running horses. We have in con- nection with our shoeing . clrpartihriat preparations made to do all kinds or heavy forging and general job work, all which elnitil at reaselsabie prices and satisfaction guaranteed..., Shop_ oppAite boag'herty Brothers store. Mtn street, Boii/iler, .\ We also keep Horse Liniments and Hoof ointtrienta of the best qual- ity constantly ror sale. • J: B. foERKINR • uotTlA)Etit, MO -NT. over 6,000,000 P r° Pi er FERRY'S SEEDS D. M. FERRY & 00. oro admit tad tc , --tho LAISKST SUBSMIll to ad O. N. FERRU CO'S I Ilast 0.4 SEED ANNUAL For 1887 win he stataod Fficii. to a44 applicants rand toloot•6••.,06 cast *mats wawa.* at - doffing it. tp La.. Every per. Yet of 6i6.1.06 , . ..h..1 ei ler IL Ard &INS 0.11. 1:211 6. is. Detroit. &I Os. Grand Central Hotel 1.J=_A., MONT- REED & 111NDA, PROPS. The Leitdirt;; and only First-class hotel in Helens. Prices reasonable. Everything New and ot the La- testatvie. - - MAIN - ST. P..straredlr Stolen. One dark bey hoitie s , heavy black mane and tail, four white feet. branded NP on left hip, V on lose ahoulger, and weigh* about SOO Ills. tie was running with what Is known its the Kelly band. A liberal reward will be paid. Iuquireat this office , ; 7 And Dealer in TAKEN UP. One II -year -old steer, light -rod, white in face and underneath belly; branded II on left hip. Owner van have the 'same by ceiling on the unlersigned, proving prop - Game and Fish in Season. erty and paying charges. .1 kW Fnear, Boulder. • a, story writer, Lae received neatly el03,0e0 I ova his plays produced in tile United States during the past five years. Genevieve Ward (ins been termed \the 1.10St illte'llectualwortiala who tuts appetwed on Date for the co -tying of parts and per t tlee °doge since Clailotte CoshInee- ‘i'l e Is s ogr• 'efid Iontk rta.v the ------------------ am iAtlu,sirep 11. c A t i f tp • • At a typewriter contest 471 New Yorleltlita - week Niece:item:tent, eeiie hi. ',plaid a Beetwoteltirnamitnte,leratadea, two some • on her neck! lt. inwpolteroue Ilse Mtn . I biumu s-orn in atu rn y 6 : 1 1 ,, ved_ P \itt , 5 414 . 141\°s41.1 . 7 1- uie. Lvery member ot thoDavetipers family ebonl• kits-tee:le eg at' her bite& and the mem' ' to have r - ritteti . trel rairds La four mianfitisnd forty-two seconds. is on the stage -mother, throe dauglAers and The wl'oev of Garthelei livce hi a Atricti all art i3 to simulate utteure, tied item ea -twee t - s t ree t e s Twe e. t h e s e e r, e s h er leek, pnr i,„. 1 Gayarre, the eelebrated tenor, has been einiete, \for sure\ lover,ras the IN' I 1 run sleeves are werieley -yam* girls from covered with ill e cticeetts and other raeWten- At least, 1 never saw lit-. le. e bey arc formed into a wide cute toes of the dead hem pale e73,00e for singing tat fifty nights in doesn't do it that way. hallan opera in Paris. Sixteen years ago Le one.. °wee tierce -Wove and . olteirvatieri oe ' tett:re:Mg from time waist half Way up the Miss El de l'et Wolfe, ter of New York's meet ett et:testi:1 tnatcur act:Tests, t Raid he be on the rrefetsletnat state° Is Mrs. I dattie-s Drown -Potter. , Pilwee‘s• Marc, of Cambriden, Quoen•Vic- . ahn i p lines and den , furmws in in , fam. and No, illy dear stage etioer, strateeen_.-st;in Esgilsim coesitt. Niel time wire of (ho tiese-nteious *hone' lie cotttined to war; mei cr tine stee 1)° ,, - f a' h) \' be looks like a wreck of his former pelf. • a wee , oat O. These CON'ers tire I reueltine the eivetny's territory, of ntattereiaft-i Duke of Teek, eopteer EncInne the she i celtel'e t elie eeeen of rleertee Messrs. Hyde & Potentate of Brooklyn, jug icet ,:e as it *ere soul ce . ry import:nit to &IV 0 the wear, juid.teae llarry Miller, of :low York, anti Mr. Dailey, turn. , ider . out whe'n et iwr , itierc r (wee -, w.,,ch t COMO Ira a r t Uinh\Ahl rihk s iz i-e Queen Raney:Ilona III. etaltreteear n te Barnum, Bliley Hutchinson, urn ehoot frol ' il behind qv4. , 1 e .,, 41:.: sour efeei carried. wraps mcmli neeeic like a usaileand thew. the esienly Celt .,x,t.y white satin rm A set of fur covered furniture was recently erave yonee. rmtuate 'twee 2 - 1 Years e't L... 11, 7. thinking, of erectine ttionew theatres in Bee- rapturow. o n t e e -h ee l: e i herci 'X'ft ?men far away . \ tit I ' \ )11° rt'Isr° 4 1 \\Uts ton. There are now eight regular places of lee mirk. le her like a tueu vemse 1.0 - Cain; inn 4) CO) of her 1 icople also proems the teiris- amuaement in succeieful operation iu that 1 ,: e.i - it paid. nt i ',7 1 who be ist ..,,,,, hat .:2 1 \ t b y a , fs attrective .iteseiro weather. king zut Roska solust ee u til r a v'e T i ll -i'i 'o c'n''..Ic 7 a for yowl; women, w I 1 Pi) is city. It is said that J. M. Hill will manage the - I.' or some other felonious offeeett. Amity:emir' ' nee ill th- e * cliftt( '' . c•nr,T..iousatesai that ho -ii .einntaitting. Ingoank. ' ):1c woul‘!,Fatlier 11°t i ,'' - ‘9,. itit . lxi g h the stint ' • • 4 , to ho under the di :telt ine of Pi eme ret !niece- now Boston Ideal Oe -ea comenny neat sea- : you Ilave beteitetesour front at:and. loOow it. Very pretty , little jackets rfor itoese wear Co \. t ' trt l ' ° 4 \\i 5000- fl -'v. pr. ?I\C(' it son. Mr. Hill at preeent in managing the all i‘.ut.;„;)-. Don't stal k ' ma f4r.steeey n e t t are made of netted eilk, strung with cut steel art as principals. Union Square theatre i'a New York, Colutte give exereesii kit LI1 hi) Mileb awe or tit:melees; beads. The effect is not netlike • the coat . eat will be preritirtat end his two daug'itore : Iwill bin theatre, Chicago; ?large rot ilatheL*, Po- litVerS it real life suay be plestuneettotiened, mail: Maisie Lot a difficult sett of ivetlik Una , Mrs. Amanda G-ecley, a Pi -ter of tbeflate pita Opera company amid Murray cud llur- rorace Greeley, it live , e in ernrren entente. play. boorish. The. at tge ewer saeuel at leaet Le if netting is not prefecrati,t1wejaekett may be . . bold.-Cliiimatel lineal - I. WW. NO ABOUT WOMEN. — In India there are four female mitre . , attr!•-i to every LC00,000 at women. There it.r0 0 more. women t :tee Heseachusetts and the turplus I.. : etre Nelhe Grant Sertoris has house in London until over. Mrs. Clevelatel bah In' from her farmer schoolne 1 friend, Mint Jelt, of New Vote:. A young woman of . Detroit w' inherite I teee,Cee, has le:tutted ... • oL of raarriaee ia the list three moneet . Ethel Dielions, greed detrebtier r • cruirt-s Pi kene. ties et exte.1 typetwee STAGE UFE. A HINT TO TH - 1 STAGE LOVER. LAMES' GOSSIP. The new opera houno to be built at Kenai teeth Saggestioes, by ',be NVIky, tor Lore , Comer.; bale•shewls glade into City wifi cost I4,000 anal seat 2.5fee pettele. IllakIng In l!rivnte Life. , he veal faehiottable this sprite:. Charley Reed, the m i nf ,tru h, i: to appetite as I I am oat oepatienee with the gage lover- - Folds or pniln oUsilknet are moreleslituti- I Robin Oakmont° in Mr. Stetson's wrodute Not that there is anything ermine. with the able than rnei t iteeteror week sod 'desires : tion of \ltuddygore at the Globe theatre, , have r heneew e sesh, no. Ha 4,1 f aditko. \.3 'fr e_reazni of lenee continues, anti evIlify day Boston. ; full drese suit sits on him as mug as a 1 hen en inmetbaiii new in that metal towns to be ht. Mine. Bernhardt has not improved in her ' a nest. /Is shirt front is Minis elate, nod I reduced. e t eeing since she appeared in this country a is adoreed With the conventional siettle esill:e' Yonne wonten, wed to he religious eathu- Lov years ago. Santo of the old ere seente to stone. His outent leathers are Till Li.le, Lis , Geo. It. Sims, the English playwright earl . his ccEt r i4 ' xi° \ W I (i f c °1 • °r, L 'e s eY 4 8 mil ! iast.1 new carry the blackest kind at prayer be wanting. ', moustache its, the ladies , say, \ jua.t lovely I «tole; leir Let it. ,\ hooks. 114neal descendant of Jonathon Edwards. ?minx hrotlaurs. E he is40.44MASL4g 4)4 Jotn' ' mike* inoro 11, 41141.144\. ' its eery, are Olivine in \allies\ in Calif or- zake sone\1 0 :A ;) •_f map beat:tint ly. mid lais voi:v a:I who lavar It i. Intxlif..teci Abut within a year walking it with its tende news and room:aim. But he itiele r se.:1 he Matto long enough to eleuch t o t r i, i; ; 7 , , i t y ne Iv y t ii - r ost y , riteai su i l o y r wh h e o it w ive a titeenee o, 1.1iAl b a e s tmi t i: : ii , m itn ct il 6 , 1 1. r o n a e ro \ y es j ect ac i k h ets .. are among the newest . , Ettionsti0II . AP• 11 -kisectel4in* over her t` . •er , 1 11 e 1 *. ;,119%;•11 for Feting wear, and arereeemutended As teat as be lel ewinit ter :t,- -t a o t 1 he ;1,,, j 1:inty aucl stylish. .., - . .. Liii.3 etral - 0 a tes s eteeteeearily boutett•liat limited, (oct . amti. - , t , but in the dozen -or so of statilan i:FL:Az.c . c in Time. taiiirt of bla4k. chant -illy worn ; _with u reel life wbieb . it hum:; been My plc:teen! ( ...a. 1,:rqty3 bodice of black velvet aztakes a very peen to he toeimethat faintleireeith I tee - i..r t stylish etteliale-for :reerritions or smell' din. *st k ne w of ii lo.,.o•C making a-lei:in- aitaticete, lases and in a l lyeaye becosatig mei pretty. the reelect t wereen in Pitteleirg. See over 63 Yecul old, tives in ono room, does re 'a her own vtork, ine'udine the care of her Cern and the eelectiter, of her retest At the &nth of her Imusband his property was worth not 'less :limn C1,00 VX:l. -. Thn society for the C.,oreglafo Instruevon i .f Women. fami:inriv known cc the Harvard Annex, shows thst durinf: tbe past collegiate yam' thirty-two colleges and schools have sent women to the Annex. The eumber has been seventy-three-el-twee:a more than for the erevinue yeer. A share in the hem -case et at- tributed to having a 110i:ding for its sole use. There is an increasing demend for teacher , trained in tee IItu Yard met:mite PA. 8170 is :3 37:are fi!d. C.O. WM r4a`r;01 to Seven of the principels of the company' ' ' e• lice cousin, lerwell Cre•ley, re.qo has bcon that Col. Mmipleson has engezed for its scaeoti 4 Chestatet \Tura Over.'',' - tleitt ronao years. Sho wait recently striceee of UAL ea opera in Londoa, which began' The- f . U . ..allY LILA\ WO dO L1( {.2 - ,t. nt91rTrirsii• -II; J (I'll T Saturday, are Americans: Entine Notatle. 'Peel eel! ire Pftele el Pee ac's 1/ Who aims at us he ancient jeut— • Mrs. Toomey...Iv chit aless wictow, le oast or ',uoteetueet; tj 1;2 P.eee teeee a.11 ALL SORTS. The balloon for the Paris exhibition Of Iefie. will carry up 103 persons. Au average cleedeu campaign 10 Net' York city coats I be-esedidetee e or tiffr mg? portert MO,COtt a \ -.- Pa the New York enietresteury iteteestIO silver dollars pasned tlirough (ho banes of the clerks in one day for the purpewo of rode:II:idea. A little lace.: containing a abort later in Latie, se -mitten itten by Catettopher Columbue was reel at auction in Coloeno the other day for t•le100. It wee. a tanart Philadelphia boy who, wheu aseed how far tete presidents would reaeli if (ley etoel)a slow. enswcrcd: \From 1Var;11 inctron to Cleveland.\ It is estimated that lot -emotive whistliars cost., the New York, Now Hat en aud Hart- ford raProa.1, lose of steam, 15.000 a year. This appears to be pa3ing pretty dearly for the whistle. Postmaster le Davis, of the town of Solar, Jackson connty, , reeeiree the moderate r.alary or ten cent i; year ho roatmaster of Peel:, got thirty cents lest ,year, while the postmaster of Lear, Ark., got thirty-one In California the me:matte have three eta see of conehes, web (Imes as a dint Meilen. First c!ass incites elegant twitches, vvbero dressed people only arc elbowed; second ca\ for men of ordinary or rough elz - esa, and third elate for t. binameu und Net - roles. MATTCI1S OF Ra...CORD. Poston lower light was fleet lighted Elope 14, 1710. and the fere keeper was Joint Kay es. The Advertiser ti the oldest daily paper in Boston. Time first uutuber was issued on March 3, 1819. The in veat ion of the inovsing machine dates barh to 1&;1, when the - Manning Mower\ was jacrfeeted. The first actual application of gas to hziat ine purposes took place in England in 11tl2, when William Lturdneb toast rtiettel au apparatus for lighting his house and oftlee at Peadrutle Cornwall. The name \Cradle of Liberty.'\ as applied to Faneuil hall, %Vali used by J.mne 3 this in Eli dedicatory six:each, 17c11, after this build lag 11 ad been reestresteucted, and subsequent associntions raised this term to Limo dignity of a prophecy. Pt•ietion Matches were invented by John Walker, an ruglish chemil.t. in 1 - 21, and thr y began to find th( ir way into the United iltates . two or three years later. Alonzo a Stela/ens, of Springfield, La 1e113, was the flint to secure a patent iii this country. Laertel Cook, of Clareadon, N. Y., and William Hutchings, of • York, lie., were the two last survivors of the Continental army, anal by a eingulat• roincideace tbeee two ven- ei-able veterans, who were bore (be same year, 17e4, <lied the Fame month, May, Pell Time first asylum for idiots in this country wr.s established in a wine\ of the Perkins In- stitute, V.oston, in IS43. Now If ore followed with a similar asylum in 1E51. The first M- eant: itselum in the country was cetablirhed at eVillitunsburg, Va., iu 1773; the second at Somerville, Mass., in 1818. STORIES ABOUT CHILDREN. _ Little Robbie, aged 3, has a very iniluleent gnintlina, but m. ho ean be firm when firmness Li needed. The little fellow had been havieg Fenno candy; he asked for motr. \No wed she, \you leave had enough,\ lb begged, bet tem was inflexible. At last he rushed to lee fromit window, throw aside the lace tu t , tens, lift ti his eyes heavenward, and said, beseechingly: - Dotl, please put it into the Issart of this lady to give me some: more cared.\ • Said a rainisterts 1• year -old son: 'Papa, do yite ever ktok et me while you aro preach lag i\ II fpther t tWekin e r- tlat Do tens is little Int:t by supposed neglect - gild: *Certainly, Thy son; I often look at you and think of yea when I tun preaehing.• -But to -day did yea notice me at aiir \Yes I did, son, severnd times,\ said the father. \Well papa, did yeti see inc wink at you two or three timber' \Nee my EOM What did you wink at Ilk) for elicit I was preachinon Cj winked at you. min, to get you to stop. You were spinuing it tot , kIng.\---14t. Louis Observer. seed to get 8I a night for at a little mask hall. Lester 1Vallack's hair is now a yellowish white, in sharp contrast to his mustache, which still appears as jet black. There are Moe. Haatreiter, Mario Eeeel. of Caiciteo; Minnie Ilauk, Laulsa Dotti, Lillian Nordica and Vette., of PlidadelpLia. William Ilondersoa, of the Jersey City Academy of Miwie, Las p:obably had the longest experience of any manager still in actiee service in this country. Le has been connected with theatres Fence lee). At th t time the averaee salary of a leaderg num was CS, and C30 tall See woe° good tben. BASEBALL Anion, of the Chleagea, is 40 years old. The Boitons say the only team they fear is the Detroit. Ceecoran, who used to pitee for the Chi (\egos is still unengazed. A.nson and Claekeou are the champion billiardists of the Chicago's, but _Burns bent them all at. poet John F. Reece, tee new pitcher ItigliPti by the New Yorke, i3 said te pos3ees phettometue abilisiee Ito 1/ froiii Bangien, len. • - • • Big Ed Williamson, the Cameo altortetop, takes ketily to the new tee for pitehlug. If. promises to become a regular slur. Most of the new rules which have been m adopted by the league and American asaocin tiou originate:1 with Capt. Weird, of the New Yorks. The umpires - will have a rather easier time this seaeen, 'they are relieved ol tho high and low ball, and owing to the change in the manner of coaching. Radbourint says it's a mistake foe anyaae to think that Beouthers can't hit anythieg but a low bale 'let:links 'seat wheu it is ab solutely necessary Brouthers will corral any kind of a Will. A colored baseball league has been organ- ized with representative* in New York, Phil adelpeia, Baeituore, Menne Leuisville, Pit te- burg. 'Washington and Ciaeineatt. Tie selaries of the players will reege from esee e e73 a month. Tommy Fetterbrook, the noted basebeh player of league tied association fame, be not been idle thie winter. 'titer the bail playing aeasoa closed he went to wean patent cellar buttons, resors amad pencil pocett Amine. Tommy is a hustler. Twitche41, of tbe Detroies, is devoting con siderable time eraeticine the feat of maIi- ing a motion to tit row to filet Line, as if to catch a Wee runner, and thou turninequicky to deliver the ball to the catcher. • It mute is - done very neatly or it w.11 conetituts a balk. • LADIES' COSf.31P. Undressed kid gloves have a tendency to niako the hanee look linger. Emerald\' and dianionds are p. combination for Leger riugs now eapecitely in favor. The lone wristed laleet. - quetaires are still 11 Ora ; they are not in much wrineled on the twat as formerly. Yellow, brown, porcelain blue and old rose ribboes will be ueoti upon ebitdree's f rcrelts of white Preece iatiusook. Among the uovelties in artificial fleeces arc thistlen in every stage ot growth, oleo catkins and pussy weenie. Woolens are not so coarse and rough as last year, but rather brilliant wiel some weaat et the et> km of an improved mohair. I;louse waists will be extensively tieett for the euunner armee' of girls upward of 4 years old. Kilt plaited skirts will invariably ac- company them. For weddings, guest curds fit time torn' of litele Ulla& Satin tempos, and menus to match, are med. Time crJekty ball proteratuute with a pencil pushed Into it it u»senniuoa. Ladybirds le red enamel, woederfully true to nature, is another poimlar fancy for studs, pins or brooches; the former with sinr le in- sects, the latter with Hove attached to a ged bar. At a recent wedding the Inridesmaials wore cream gowns, with dark brown Lo=•, shoes, gloves, brown felt hate trimmed with vcIvit, end a small whip ut one with ivory LABOR NOTES. New York convict labor will . cense in Atieume. The new Kniehte of Leber building at iiiimeapolis will cost C-75,000. A Strive slesenmeer snakes his board and about fifteen cents in money each day. The teem:whip Sailors' union: of San Frau- :taro, have recently joined the Knights of Labor. A joke 0) iso r \ed etne nail Loewe- -Pee .1*,s334/ r.3-,e'reecitl wee The same old, weary', dreary story - eatteatee os setae we tee wen nee Of how we curioat d righters of Eve. • eteee te pare tecei Qt3 sea ace a (Though this lAtt•yr ) 'oelotuosino pla ii,tor ,- ,s in nos ra3 Etand On our heads a polmt C..: - rt .t..ttutuf iJa s 0;9 1.17! . . - .1x1 )3 esti In these comical tti lent% from the \fanny mates\ mina. coulee% It senacett Suitt tem, - -Art Printer. \Go It, Cotton Tail:\ There were numbers of old Confederate plea team is booked to play in Charleston, fi. eoldiersett the Stieelteru society leniquet, who, C., Itiaech ket and 20. like all soldiers, Were 'fell or storks amid re- Ieappal, Cincinnati's new third baseman, miuiseences. A Mississippi -veteran, who was ranks • with Pennelly . and McPhee as abase at Shiloh, related that as timing beetan at the runner. There is little doubt that he will break of day a huge eabbit niecel finite the pLy w i th the ntaint i n _'C arpentet e s p l am underbrush near Les regenetit and Mulled The new league rules are eeverely critieised away to the rear, displaying no amplitude of e white fur that might have served for -a flag of 'by Fogarty of the Philadelphias, who - asseri• truct ir the nntinarbatt , tf i lte4 A - int eht ..t ifiro teitau f eetestenei t of bettering tlaa game, it 101'.., It beak to where A was ten years ago, , lines. By the ttory telleiet side was another.' Miatiesippi nun, %tie:, as hp saw the rebeit • Manager Watkins says he would not trade seituipeeing &may, shouted out: \Co it, liaise° Richardson, of the Detroitsefor the Molly Cotton Tail. If it wasn't for my char. great. and 'only ellebael J. Kelly. lie actvr Pd be with yon.\-..:?e.w York Tribune, • that . Richardson can play in any position an time ball field. crochette•d. • . - The Gcnesta jacket Ls a fee ore en 't• - 1 little eirit Mid licie - s t and is wendevbaitliketbe , • Norfollejaaitet so lung W‘kraa : 111 4 41 a PP, ( Oc iat6 4 for a comfortable garmeet. It has two plaits in thee back and taro in front r being double breataed, EASEBALL. All the News. Wife eradleg the paper) -It's diseraeeful thet the papers should give match prominent e to Prize fighting. Here is an account ce a fight between the 'Little Mouse\ and '•Biey the KII,\.nearly a Column long. leusband-it's woree tuna disgraceful. 1 \ ie w emelt/ \ Wife -I don't know. I haven't finished the article yet -New York Stan. A flint to the Girls. The lover who writes 'the sweetest valen- tine poeuy beano marriatte, doesn't. ettenys melte time sort of itusee'ed who brine up the coal aud gently sootee e tvai g twa;:s live 3 cam rs titter the wedding day. e-tionier- villa Journal. Little Laughs. \This rays au esteemed contenteerery, \would be it good time for a congress et lee touts to agree upon unit:mat dleartneteetee\ • As we are the taiffess lox, tetppoet: we Owlet the other foxes to have their tails cut ofif- Washeigtou Itepuleican. It may be true, al; ttated, that Mrs. Cnn- nibamim, of Fulls, N. II., et trying to dig a hole web a spade Cuadverttenly chipped off her right ear mid simultaneously scalpel it pteir old gentletnau in the twit yard; lett that might have been the fault of the urericulthral imploineut.-Judee. Tbere hive. tx•ett, to this date, fourteen his- torical and twenty-two send ofecial accounts of the battle of Gettysburg, and ell Lae - el:Cm criticited and pronounced incorrect. 'We shall never get , a straight account until &nee sutler-till:es up the peu.-Pt leen. \I don't need giving up my neceties before they're kilt tm ore out, said a soseety young man yeste•rtitty, ebeeatee they icailt pertly crazy quilts, but. I'm going to draw the line on my married lady friesis hereafter.\ \Why r\ asked a friend. ft:Tee last lei, uf senrfe I rave to lira .—, ler husband leis been wearing ever eince.\-builtdo Courier. The Forty-ninth emigrees is an XL meet One. P. 5.-Tbie is one of Coneretsman Hemphill's style of puns. V.'e I nrchesed a lot recently, in bunches six bunches for a quarter. -Washington Critic. Old Lady (to young Clapper, who has rel- iantly • her across Drordwnt) exceedingly obliged to you, sir. Perhaps yeti would like to look inat the matinee ties afternoon. Hero is a ticket. I go on in (lie rratel pas de' Idequo - in the second act - Judge. • Mew Jennie Gray works a farm of IGO pores in Dortauagu twenty, Dakota, met says she would stock another oeie if the fellows who want to marry and wetle down would quit bothering hew Ile -Olga, let us forget our little quarrel of yesterday. tier here, I have bouget . yott a small bracelet. She -Monsieur, after your rude belmviot- yestertlay I lad expected some. thing more eutestmitial. Servant Girl to Mistress -There is a grure- man at the door, leistrees-Del ht . give you his name? \No lie gave ine kiss.\ .. km, that's Loy - brother Toni. Let f:t.\ A man in Miedlebia told his st if,' he I \leve.1 her better than lei oven soul\ ; The nr-ut has met:beep to church sr - . live years, a , his wife does not ittiow hew te take the Com- p nen . The difference uf opie ion let V. C:\.1 younl l'erry Belmont aud Senator Edmunds, whiteette John M. Council, formerly a league and ttoeitttien umpire,. has . been appointeil an umpire the International leteetee by Seem- ,* tare %V_ tete. Morgan E. Murphy, of the 13ostota team,. ie rut: youngest catcher in the league, as tie is bet 10 years of age. ile played with -11w Des -tote Blues last year. Matiatter Harry Wright has definitely de- cide:1 upon a touthern trip, and his The Detroit club inanagceneet hare wattle another appeel to the people of their city for subeantial support. This, they urgerean giet. by purchasing for P2.5 a measuw ticket, entitlieg the holder to eichniseion to 63 sched- uleil games. W ee; rateer early in the season 16 seliet how the clubs of any partictear leag'e 'will cank at the close of the season, but a Syracuse manager says that the international clithe will come out of the race in 01 . 63 followlpg order: lielva,rk, Iloebester, Syracn_so, Jersey City, Toronto, 13iiaj,rhamton, otdamil- too, Buffalo said Oswego. Doubtleiss, the 'Uti. a People will bieve something to irly ou Wes ioiet, The Baltimore lieralil- fieureeilealluelY1 \it is a liberal estimate -to say that Mike. Kelly will play total of lee gamete . deri t og time seasote They will average two hours (tab ia length, or tX)0 hours. Two hundred: aeti seity Leers will equal in round nviebers eleven fuel days. For these eleven d*eit this &seeable exponent of baseball gets 1.454.54 a C.:ewer at the increttible rate of $105, 4 J07.10 par tineura, and Beaten has bought this gold mine for t 15,001\ SPORTING AND ATHLETIC, • Slosem anti filet:acre . .., I he two great Lillie ot t experts, bo,:cvc tvi u ll t ul ag v. ain crow cues at Chicago tit Betting en the race across the AtLatitie rate:11 1 bet nesen lime Dauntlem and the Corente is slightly eta favor of the letter. a i• A rap i t,: -f et t i c:( Lt 11 •1 1 e 4 1 1- e l v l J 1(7 11 KI a l lo m fe t a c i h ad F t rey. It will be tor the world's elm:mewl-ship. - Myeatt the American sprinter, recently feated Malone Auetralia at 150 yards, anti . y w t as u-d-en - 4. turn 'beaten by lintelente tat teie A match race for -edeeliel a side, lee eevei Jim Gray and Sir Joseph, to occur at, the eVaelliegton Driving_ park, Chicago, : this spring, is among the probabilities. Itobert Vint, the little Brooklyn shoe- maker, won the recent tie dare go as you please race' in Pbilietlelphia, covering ell lint t, the eoknrd titan, was second. Time T1111, Field and is authority for the - Mat meet -that 1Villiam Beach, the clummien wailer, has been offteuti el0,000 come to this countre - to row teaudeur, Teenier anil lIenlan. - Covington, the celebrated 'jockey,- who was Terionsly hurt at New Orleans last week by the etwitleatal dee...baize or a . pistol et his even hands, is rapidly treovering. Covington last year rode iteover 40e races, %intents seventy - liven! them. - . Evan Lewis, the 4 :elf-au:tier,\ dereetial Jack Carkerk in a catch an catch can wrestline match at Milwaukee last Thursday evening, whining the first anal third ALM, Ca.rkoek these -camel one to go by de, fault:- It in fmnred tluit the injuries received perunencutly disaUti . Carl , .ec ft, from wrestling. ACROSS THE Warriaewe are tote et-ted up am cluteetwe leussia, so (hutpeetee ae Wor- ship cr.; they traect. 44';'• , . • any Lee irsued tirtlete to ravel oul. ter lan-nas of Frenchmen from Alsace. litIok r influx of r:x-ra bouffellinger., e•• - prevented action on the wtalia.tioa et tires et Louden 16.41. year. seems to he whether the British lien's tail -' There were 2.1 The piano caste :Tidier* in New York are The eagiees attache t to the Imel statluas about to aek !ler an iticreale of wages, ainoula- • reedit tr\ joorne3 s ntal used 4 4 ). 0 30,000 MI? , :lull be twee ed once to the het or twe:e to • ere to 11.3r eat. ions of.water. mantle a tleinatiti et' their employers that four- teett bout% tioaetitute a day. Mr. Bayles rovently appointed president et the board of liendeit of New Yolk city, is aa 41.1(.441,or- of the of Isehoe. • • the right, -Boston Advertiser. . Tbe thee; leas, I:nights of Lanier have • , • An item whicb will entetwetteame collector! It is understood that the pnvete etun.:crs given to Mr. ' t owel envies his stay lie:v Lara called for en etteweetture of eve lees Iteee et-lee:GU. 'Yet teem 'are ettretue cieties wko say -that Chicago is not C. ertat literary tenter.- - r liit:r go ?.;Ze the follow-nig: The son of the Pet:hese de Galliere b thought to iitedeai the ,finc64 t:ou ofextetago ie the woeite It . 0:14- e.: ( .1 votive:es, amid be has spont, (tear ;, - „•.. - iii,teg rettlyite; hie hobby,

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 08 April 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.