Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, April 15, 1887, Image 1

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a ffe '71 4 . - - •eff • a ‘,‘ --\k, -a1.1\ _ ER - 4441) k ON T ( k, ••• • VOL. II. ( s) : 1 _ 4., The rion4e4eir Ne-wstpetiser of .lefiti-reson Cessadety-.-A Family ....11otartual.Fadeisentient in Polities.. INEL. liurLDER, MONTANA, ORMAN', APRIL 15, 1887. _ ee't - NO 40 SWWWINOWS. I-101 B\CDER„ The Northwestern' The off season of the year has arrived and ample time for reflection abounds. With pride we point to the past season to a trade beyond our most sanguine expec- tations. With increased facilities we shhll aim and strive to make The Northwestern Clothing House Jost what its nowt implies. Our buyer is about to start for the East- ern markets, where everything worthy of merit in the clothing line will be secured. In the ines-uthne we shall positively sell the bal- allele of oar winter stock at such prices that will secure for it a ready sale. Be sure and call and get our prices before purchasing else- where. THE NORTHWESTERN. Eolter's Block, Opposite Grand Central Hotal, M. III. D. GROESBECK & HARD INARE co.92.,,Ijaematping STENS Nails, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, WOODMi•TWA.P,M, CR.,003=1:2, - Y, Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Monldins, Plated Ware. Glassware and Bar Goods. Agents for the Celebrated Buckeye Force Pumps and. Shutlar Wazo 0:0.--- mirN sllo p In . enrineetion where all kinds of Job work and Re- pairtug will he done. arOpposite Court eat IL lloialtier ▪ • ▪ • • Mon teens, Willowburn Farm, Beaverhead Valley, Mont. IMIeutt t.t, .kod HON., az.ED Percheron and Norman StitllIori itnd Mares FOR SALL. ! All Stock Warranted as Represented. Terms and prices to suit custom- ers. Write for Illustrated Catalogue. Visitors always welcomed- . JAMES MAULDIN, Dillon, Mont. U. .1lENNIF: SOU1-IE, Postoiliee Jaddress, Jefferson City, Mon'• i'Sliass lirand, }torsos, oik Cattle, same on rii_ht Range nom Jefferson. PARADISE & MONO, The ouly complete Carriage, Wagon Blacksmith an. Paint Shop In Jefferson county. Weill St reet, Montana. Horseshoeing and General . Blacksmithing. J. B. PERKINS & CO. Wish to inform the public that they are now prepared to do horse. shoeingin the latest and most im- proved styles of the art. — Diseases of the Feet T eated on Jut Ro.opoild 0 - Railfilimiti f S e c ri i Scientific i a fi n c d PriA rorg lp n i g el l . orLaaens Speedily e I e n d t i e i r; ter cracks, guitars, thrush, pump B oulder HOT Springs. micedieet permanently cured. Wonderful Curative Properties I --IM ALL CASES Of— - Chronic. Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism. Lead Poisoning, Constitutional Weakness, awl General Debility. A PLEASANT RESORT FIRST-CLASS HOTEL AND BATHING ACCOMMODATIONS. llaad-Made Shoes a Specialty. Special attention given to trotting and running horses. We have in con- nection with our shoeing department preparations made to do all kinds ot heavy forging and general job work, all which will be done at reasonable liriees and aatisfaction guaranteed. Shop opposite Dougherty Brothers store. Main street, Boulder, M. T. :117rWe also keep Horse Liniments and Hoof Ointments of the best qual- itv constantly ror sale. - J. B. PERKINS & CO., Reached by Stage from Helena, Butte, Wickes, Elkiicrr, Comet, and all BOULDER, MONT. Points -in the Territory. Terms moderate. A Snot -class Physician eret6,000,000 PEOPLE USE DR. IRA A. LEIGHTON For full information address, TROTTER & PARKER, Boulder, Mont. FERRY'S SEEDS 9 D. M. FERRY it CO. Is in attendance. I ars sdrsittisit. Oa* Constantly Boulder Drug Store. WM. MORRIS, - - ---0.I> PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED DAY ANSI NIGHT. Pure Wines and Liguori for Medicinal Purposes. Have on hand a large ruesortrnent of Druggists' Sundries, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass. Wall Paper. Lamps, Candies, Ti.baccos, ect LAMPS! LAMPS!!LAMP'S A full variotv and all attachments eonstantiv on hand. THOMAS F. MURRAY, Proprietor or Boulder Meat Market! Anti Dealer in Beef, Pork, Mutton and Corned Beef Game and Fish in Season. lAkilltr A. world 0.1. FERRY 1 CO'S lianstraa../. r.401,• a 111,4 SEED ANNUAL For Mae win se swim& FEEL to ea aorhcsats. tad td Last wileaus% coot amini grit twat or. daring IL all. Lowry per_ sow ti.M. 11 Gar- Irt• 'd a. -wow SL LDS 0,041 for it Add S. M. maity a IL Detroit. Meet. _ - Grand t A. utral Hotel 1 / 1 0/\11'. REED I RIND, PROPS. The Leading and only First-class hotel in Heletia. Prices reasonable. Ever, thing New and of the La- test style. - - MAIN ST. _ Extruyed or Stolen. One dark bey horse. beery hbe k mane and tail, four white feet. branded N on left hip, V on fore shoulder, and weighs about 800 lite. He was running s i h what is known as the Kelly band. A ahem/ reward will be paid. Inquire at this °Moe. TAKEN UP. One 2.year-old steer, light -red, white in face and underneath belly: branded It on left hip. Owner can havc the stereo by c&Iling on the undersigoed, proving prop- erty and paying charges. J. POOR UTERAnY NOTES. It i sai,i that Miss Clevelende neW novef Is -- to be called • •Itax anal cx Res-\ AL tic Iwoespe I to beteg out a volume of \Sostreilirs\ coserine a period of forty y CAM ia 104 eventful he. Vomiter Reeemn, the on) , rurvivine mem- ber of Jefferson Davis' cabinet, proeo es to hie eiteanintstencea of the Confed- eracy.\ George IV. Peck. of - Bad Bov\ fame, has written a now book. \h.ow Private Geterre Pece pia (Iowa the Rebellion.\ It is said to be eornewliat diff.otiet from The Co diary war ismer* Robert Grant, the Beaton author. is only fle years ow. In. father's Demo was Patriek, anal his mother was a dawehter of ion. loam - than Mason, United Motes senator in the early part of the century. IIjahnar Iljorth It. mast make be- tween his profesernehip at Colutiebil coliece and his writiags, at hohtilTf1. 1 1100 . 1,6Ar. lie is a bee, robust, red Rai .eered nun& not at all leze a \literary felier.\ Mrs. II -valet Tayier-Upton, daushter of 'Ion. Elijah Taylor, has been ototaged in Washington for some snoreks upon in tamer - Cult les:orient series for Wide Awake, en- titled \The Children of the Whits House.\ P.laborate att.:els on Mr. Rider Haegard appear ei The Pall !stall Ciazette and Tim New Yore Tribune, which aceuse the author of \Slie\ of plagiarism 'set a large scale from Vanillas t:oorter '•14aicurean.\ Mr. Rag - gaol's resters are anstionsly waiting for him to plagiarize some mons. Aa in England, Ili:than heads the last yoara reeonl of public -atlas' in America. There was 4S2 works of 84/1011 published during leee, segaiest 471 milieus hooks and 115 re- lating to bioeraohy. The general list ton sista§ of 3,7Cri volume', and the \library volunws\-that a pirated works chiefly -of I,L41 publicatime. A book ere Wee \Is Monde des Prisons,\ just published by tho.fortner chaplain of the famous Roquette emcee meson, Abbe, Moreau, 11 exciting at deal of comment on amount of the s ures it emitains upon the treatraent of the isoners there cm the pert of the director the common jailers. Teem is even talk of anther being prose - cutest for libel by the Snit nutted f unetionary. ART AND ARTISTS. Charles Jay T-ylorlof Puok and Halve*, fill& his annual earnlient to he about $8,000. Tine -ode Thustraip; who furnishes a double (M i r to Harp. re Weekly every week, flour- ishes his pencil to thelime of O10,000 a year. Edwin A. Abbey is said to make betweee $15,0e3 end $30.003 a gear. Ills drawings for Slot Stempel to Congos , \ are yawed at goo,. Amotig artist, I tnisrien who make $10,- 01 a year are tl do Grimm, of The New York Teleresie. Walton Chase, C. S. Rein - tart, Ilarry Fenn tuid Alfred Parson.. James Ii., o venerable artist, hat nearly completed a Ige size portrait of Gen. Ve. T. Sherman. The celesta' se eePrteeeled s a aitlhag Rosalteet Ilia right arni resting upon a elle& ' There la preen:tato, be erected in the ea- - hedral of Loam. Frame& a moue/tient:0 oltueuf Iteno Iteliert Cavelier de la Sane, explorer of the great taken and the Ilis- sheippi river, it foamier of the Pretieli ec'ecay of lemisiene. Ho wits a relieve of I teuen. Asstruch original statue \Vit Mart -band de Masques',\ was placed in the Luxembourg garden a few days ago. The masks which ere said to be very life like are those of Car- p-aux, Feuer, Gotimel, Victor Hueo, Corot, Balzac, Delaeroix, Dumas.. di Ban v le, d'Au- rerilly, Berlioz, and Ganibetta. Hubert ihreoerir, 1.1 an adaress lately de- livered bafore the Stiisbury elOtool of Art, in 'dean onsiantet upei the m Onset a in- st..0 Alen aricene 1 at South Kensington. Ile n thitainere that it was ormipkeely wrong 1 s all E aelisien et swear by South Ken •re ton, the tirade will bring forth tr011ie lively answers and retorts. RELIGIOUS NOTES. Hon. Robert T. Lincoln, late secretary of War, was elected a truutee of the Second Pre.- byieratin church, Chicago, at its annual meeting. The Presbyteries Minhsterial aueociatIon, Philadelphia, hae a lopted resolutione request- ing the legislature of the state to establish he laie the Saturday half holiday. h n Sam Jones hen finished hit sermon and is about to tele) a special collection for some good object, bogeys: \Now all the vaea- bonds may go out,\ and nobody leaves. The most remarkable revival recently re- poOcel. i:a proportion to the size of the place, is that at Sedalia, Mo., where 1,000 persona have professed couveration, mid the name abandoned claws have been reached by re- tie -toes influence. Tho vest majority of Queen Victoria's sub- jects ilaeC00,0001 are neither Protestants nor Cetholiee, but Hiudoos, while the Mahone edam:, 40,000,000 In number. are thenwelvte mole numerous than the Protedants of all denominations in the empire. !bebop William Taylor bad named the steamer which he is to US* on the upper feotigo for his wife, \Annie Taylor.\ Duriug their married life of more than forty years Mr and Mrs. Taylor have been muds sep- cleated by his inealonary work. The Connecticut Congregational club has elected lion. Yung Wing as president for the ensue% year. Mr. IVing is a eative China- nalee and anis ed in this toiletry nearly twenty years ago. After a resieence of a few years he became a naturalized cities n, Joined the Con acute church, and mar- ried a Ilartf lady, who died about a year aoa. SCIENTIFIC. The habit of administering inedicittee in capsules has received a set back m the me itouneeinent that, if there is any form of al- cohol Li the stomach at tie:item of swallorr. ins the capsule, its gelatine ie rendered 1i:sol- ute:. When the stomach has been rendered free able front excewee i.a strone, meth- cince aliottel not be given in caps:Ilea, as they are not lieoly to be diwol vele Am. exchange says t led Cm tleteetive camera 12 so constructed tete the tench of a sp ere starts it noiseloes.y into a elret, mei is rari• ouray inclosed so as to mem:610 a peper erweret paekage, baud see. he!, etc. Teo I-:' .t en -entice: LI this lino ie the \ somera, - a 'las .k, shatieg rata she a r:a a sviiini is (tarried muket the viol, tli mane eye of the lees dole& duty as un inno- cent looking button. Liformetion drifts bore from abroad la the effeet that a firm of Berlin etteintser.s it now inee ue n deviee few stenaline t:. pot ese.• a traio by menus of uteren- - y. The thSeetiou of tom rail of the lino caueed bY the to-•;sagti at a train is ceased tu p. tee ueoe rlaetie diupbragnt of a rewire Geed tin4ltr tied containine mercury. The in u foecul up a side tube so t o to eenepl e te ami tee - Iris -al circuit and ring a bell or work sonic cat err indicator. WESTERN ZEPHYRS. Proem whisky is sold at ten cents a heath it Ile .aehl, D. T. An i torten social, with the therniotnet_e beam(, woe one of the eve its in !.'i . \2:1 saciety at Kenleall. D. T. A merchant Ii a far tvest town received an feeler from a country cusOimer tor -oae eel eel rye, one new testament; ouse but: her latife, a b o called what's On ilr) Litast and cue Jra' deck?-Ilenauant Traveler. Indian Jerry, of Fresno Flat. Cal., recently ended • s etteitoo of 1,000 lays for laliag en - other Indian. II° celebrated Ws return to came by 'lie murder (if a second lialLais and is now id jail awaiting trial. In a trial before a justice of the Ivaco at Lee' City, D. T., during the temporary ab- Settee of the cotut, this plaiuttff wilipped the defendant title the attorneys kept the crowd back se they could fight The court then ro- tor. oil and the trial proceeded. Iletilt Hewitt, an old timer in Arizona, wee' into a semi in Teems' a fosirdays since, and, after inwehmeing a vest, ordered his out one thrown away, but soon remembered that he had left tee/ in one of the poekets. lie succeeded in Bastin tee) of the amount A sheep herder arrived in Virginia City, Id. T., the sober day to collect his was. - After getting his money be said: \Well I guess you'll have to And me another job.\ \Why what's the matter,\ inquired the bOAS, ''arvu't you satisfied with your situation?' \Oh yes,\ roiliest the herder, 'but your old sheep are ell dead, and you've got to get some more if you want me to work for you.\ A Nevada newspaper says that a citizen re- cently saw two Paste Indians dig a hole es a snow bans, go into it, and wrap themselves in a single hialittete Prepa story to a night's rest. In the morning he saw no signs of the Indi- ans, but a mound of snow marked the spot where they went te boa. Ho was sure that they had frozen during the eohl nielit and prepared to dig out the bodies, lint tee first threw of the shovel brought the bucks to their feet welt grunts of disgust. Instead of being frozen they were moist v.eth per- spiration. The cowboys have a language of their own which no \tenderfoot\ may attain until he has served his novitiate. They call a !torso herder a \horse wrangler,\ and a liorse breaker a \bronco buster.' Their Aced La often a \cayuse and to dress well is to -rag proper.\ When a cowboy goes out on the prairie he \bits the flat\ Whisky is oanuay aleturb- attire' and levet ia to \chow.\ Ills hat i3 \sexily Lis whip a \quirar his rubber coat a \'slicker\ his leather overalls aro . 4 elinps\ or \chapperals and his revolver is a eel\ Bacon tat \overland trout\ and unarauilet1 cattle are \marvericks.\ GREEN OLD AGE. - - - Rose Collette Collongio, born in Italy, in Me, died in New York last week. She ens right years iii thi t eountry, and when the landed hors was quite an active woman. Mr. and Dirs. Diodset, of Gilroy, Cal., are eupeosed to Le the oldeet rnarried couple in that state. Their eget are aa not e7 respect- ively, and they have been married seventy- nine years. Michael Krueger, of Mancbester, Wis e Tres' torn 113 years ago in Posen, Prunda. Ito is the father of nine children, seven liten,; seas. an 1 when the seveuth son was born Aiwa:lel received a letter awl e50 from the Kite; of Prussia. Henry lionneau, a Frenchmen, of New Bed- ford, claines to be lue yeurs 01d. lIe was b o os in the province of Qut bee, where ho nuirriel his first wife, by weer. be had twelve lee drew Ile merriest it second tine., an4 five more chedren were boru to lo os Ohidiah Vela -era, nit itunato of the Curnhe,. Land county', ills., ponr house, was been it; laviatucky, in 1767, and is etertequently years old., Hie form is bent nearly tioulno, be I, blind, end yet until a few weeks ago he was able lie do work to keep hint out of the poor house. Mrs. Mary Temple, colored, who died at New Bedford, Mane, was probably the oldest persou ii k tile city. She claimed to be more than lde years obi. but her family, putting her ago at the lowest 'wettable figure, call it 9e. She erns boru a slave, but escaped from Washington sixty years ago. Two itiannoentesartans have come to light. 0110 id Mr.. Priscilla Goodsell, of Norwalk, Conn., who was 100 ycars old a week ago, and the ether is Mrs. Patsy Nelson, of Cole IIill, R. C., who is 107 years ole, and has 11 elliklren, 76 grandchildren, 80 greatorande ehildreu and ;el' great-great-gmainiehikireu. CATS AND DOGS. Charles Johneore of Griffin. Ga.. says that be has neat that turned from jet black to Gray trout grief at being separated from his ceildren, to whom it was greatly attached. The pet cat belonging to Mrs. Lucy C•in. of liannibul, Mo., broueht n 111011S0 in:0 the parlor recently, and with it a erenll piece of iwper money. Mrs. Cain thought nothing about the isecuerence until one day last week, when she discovered that a roll of hills was missing from her bureau drawer. Then she put te o and two together, and begrui a vie- orous search of the premises. The missing bills were finally unearthed its a corner of the cellar, where a colony of mice had made a nest of them. At the time of the recent strike of the to- bacco etcetera I ii P. Lorillard Se Co.'s factory in Jersey City there were two pet cats ie the factory which wore inseparable. On) of them went out with the strikers, but the other reueained in tho factory, mid when the stile° was over the striking cut went beck with the Iambs It refuessi, however, to as- sociate with the faithful cat. The two met by aceitleut the °tiler dsy oa one of the ilonss of Cie factory, awe the cat that went out pitched into the other cat and thrashed it. I Now the victorimis cat trate Is about the factory with a red, white and lea° Tarlton around Its neck, placed there by ita IuLbts of Lab r admirers. \,'e won't vouch f r this tale but it ie laterestine. ITEMS ABOUT W01103. - - --- Ma-reliant in Scotlanil is a mere shopkeeper. 7..r:tales.esen ia Isolatel ineaus mercy mmmi arileue a lei-hrayer, carpenter, etc. i. meet two centurke ince nwant murely a esiebe;itercr hi the Catholic thurcie Beeester, sew -ter, retelster were once the of the baker, iewer and reader. ea Tjr ee ; ; -r!' e - :ai ll: •corti lW L I' ee gi e r d i car Ivi : 1 27ea rti c: re g c o res-, ° c c :Co l ite r\t4 i . i o stsse \ih ady cot\ i ail unconxioue thet ter ▪ drri:cal fsota ,Itali, a famous street La y the ememeeturers it e. tiin:78 ea:led atiai or taf:e..y, the trete. re.ittee of (ho watered sil.oa reseml.1- : coat. d's Prayer as iwiated La the Ot. eee' vtoteon tan berg !Ay wortee, of whiee eleo-tr. epees, poseere, tesuetatton, de- liver, 1 u ivrer, geary--- Leo Lille, wel lu t Ca' tee leo . , hes wswais lu La. ie. (4: : : POLIIII are 1.6 - . V.‘.t asu s its Ge.setis vo:e les ... res, of wiece Jai hutavo are Nixon. w eal the lour terse% te eite dobtila gospel Levi_ fifty -(our words and over, oas Is iiesecee PERSONAL The Sultan ell Turkey has 4e4 elves. It is nasertot that Mr. Blaine will go to Europe in ay. tk: il i iator Mahone's suociessor, Jolla IV. Dan - Hs, m in is suet to resemble Edwin Ikesth In feature. It is said that Dr. Oliver Wendell Rohm% platys with a big gray top of the bumming va4 Two ktY aterrabeni of the British house of par- liament have lost their eyesight -Dr. Rob- ertson, the Brighton member, and Me Mae- da:mkt, an Irish representative. Jelin L. Sullivan says that all America is behind him.. 11th. be true, then \all Amer- ica\ never' heal a more opportuuo moment for kicking itt all its life, George II. Corliee'the great engine le:aster, wet at al proprietor of a general store in a New York town. His first attempt at inven- tion -n machine for sowing shoes -was made at that ten e but was not a sucemo. Phillips Brooke says that when a rio her lo -lug. him a baby to admire be takes the lenhy, turns it over. bolas it up end says: 'Now, that is is baby.\ lie thus postale tell- ing any white lice regarding the baby 'a merits. Pope !so XIII. hits a famous toles -goo of laces, which has lately received an im- portant addition. Tie. , design is copied from the Rezzonico set, made for Clement XIII. by the V' -net nuns. The cost of reprodue- Ine it was Wele n yard. In the house of 'r. A. at Llewellyn Park, is a peculiar mernentn of Beecber. The inventor at nee time requested (ho preacher to ressak a fere sentences este the phonograph, so teat Elision is now the only man W1b0 can revive tee sileneed voice of the dead preacher. Sir Charles Deka) has inherited a fortime from it relative who bore a minute euphoui- oust!) , pronounced Snoeks, but spelled Sew - crooks. The tante peculiarities of protiunete- t inn prevail largely the mouth, where, to in Illehtiel. Beauchamp is \Beaehant and Tad- iof\rro is - Tolliver.' Ex -Senator Bailee, now in New York, has 'beet levity Mg during the past winter, and a new engaged its some literary work touch - upon the colored people. his trt atment at the IZow York hotels is precisely the same at -corded to white guests. The oil family Biblo . that belonged to elfary. the itioCeer of Washington,\ is sti:1 in ceetersee, and in kept in a bran -2h of the Vaashineton family in Virginia. It emitains the family register, reconline, the birth of George Washingten, Feb iti, 17We. The has a cover of cloth woven by the bawl of his mother. 'cairn Lieutenant Emory, who figured so pro:nioently in the Oreely relief eremitism, was building his house fei Coe:relic:A eve - mine, Wn-.hington, he noticed the lure rout the Is !Lent over the port co •here over the Diet- ininieter's house acroes th way, met bed a tomi'mwk put over tee port coeliese of 11-: owe hours Minister Thornton used to con- sider it a gool joke. Alwa'•am Lincoln was givin a rnirw) of tete by the Whigs of his district to pay b. • peennai expenses whet he ria for cotigeseet. After the election wan over be banded back claltre \I del not need it,\ lie sail, \1 midis the s envies ou my own haeso; any eatortaia- talent, being at the limeys of friends, ecet ate nothing; atel my on:y outlay was seventy - flee cents for a liarrst of eller, whic's some taen bench insist:ea I Minute treat them to.\ ACROSS THE SreAC. Nether wine, al-, porter or brandy has erer been um rate -tercel Its Japan. The latest eetinuttee piece Bel:aunt at the held of the beer drink -log countries of Europe. The conetumuion per capita is sire teithe in excess of that of Ger/limey. A nwent ernitlaerai ion in a rernoto Ceinem village destroyed the ancestral 'home of the family of Coufucius wed, mdl its literary and a tisaie treasures. In the bu: 'ding, erected about fee B. C., generation after generation of the maki heirs of the Chinese •pieloaoplier have dwelt in unbroken lint for 2,500 years. Intelligence front the IItey Land inform: US that in Jerusalem, ea I he tercets nnee trot by Kee; Davi I, may be beard the shrill whistle of the steam engine. The city has,' in tinehist twenty -fly° y - ears, doubled its num- ber Of buildings and in other respects keeps pace with the great cities of the modern world. A very remarkable operation h -is jest been performed by Mr. KeetIcy at the Vest Lon- don hospital. A child was brought It lancet; a large ramie covering nearly the whole of its cheek. Ile transplanted the mole by ex- , ceanee. That is. lie removed the mole from the cheek to the arm awl planted flesh from the arm on the cheek. Everything succeeder' perfectly. . It is probable that the artesian well now being bored at Pest'a wel be the deepest of the kind in the woad, having indeed reached n point entitles; it to this promieeito). It is oink for the purpose of supplyine tbm kites other public establishments with hot water, the temperature aimed at as a noxi- nein* being 170 dege, with a volutne sufneieut for the wants of the whole city. I The nostoffiee in India is regarded as so neraruhaas an agency by (ho more ignsonnt natives that iii some out of the wat places the very letter boxes are worshiped, In one 4...A.At.! a man posted his letter in a bee mail thoutol out its destination to Inform the presiding spirit, whom he aueposed to he ma the inside. Another native humbly took off his shoes as be approached the box, went thrive); various devotions before and after pc:ethic his letter, anti finally put some cop- pers before the box es a propitiatory offerisig, retiree; iii tee LIM) attitude of humility. SP )RTINO. Vercetling is :lowly but owely golue out of favor It (his country. The 3 -year trotting filly Spi7rn has leen se' 1 for elelle, a high :J:01' t col ter with out a record. Pateey.Carrli1 saes he will challeneo j sto lintith, the English pugilist, as sooa as Sinith arrives in the country . . The faetese heat made on tl:e (Nein; the winter wifs by Fannie II , aeleee, 1.1nliate-- ton, Ih.b. 17-a atonal heat. There are now sixty-eight clubs belcroeile. to the United States Lawn T. I 1.4 neerne- tion. Last year at this time them were but. arty -one. A curious athletio feat has been ee 8 4-eted at Dover by a %non tunnel Drummond, ti ho aecomplb lied the self imposel walk- ing from fielitirk, Beet:awl, to the en -st ot the Enelish chemist. Ile p remote journee i m twenty-aeur days, Leelee r. sees only oil Onad aye The distoree •oesrelei tal mikes. wi:1 walk beck te John have a email, anal masnificent belt, enfelematic of the lummiouship of the world. AleveelY :Od diamonds have been secured by Pat t;ateede, ew emet , aro poor, crosuwea, L1GJ-I'T AN AIRY. A Payieg 11Will1.111s., H:' bad limo saying he would eke to get into Lomt:, rying laesined which nopeirml only a stud l capital, %vixen the squint epel. lane letelmucs1 Lint aside and said: .\You seem to be a pates good sort cif man s anti Fil put you on to a good thing. Mei • out i b)1.) . .LizOt t 6.1141 Wall your wife\ ule 14 I've sold three amid kin caret utter a fourth, nod 1 ,, t ewe of teem fetched leo: thee felea. Go off like beit cakes out there, total the clumite agrees wait aon.- ValI Otrect. \ewe. Ce( This reasesgh. A farmer eh) named LW sew Zeriatisr Itceause che was such a One lesphyr, roceiv ea a rt.-bough from a teeif thst wits tough. Aml now ben a little bit 4.14.:phyr. - Exthimee., Net tke Sasso. The redoubtable Jineny Whetter *rote the other day to William Schenk Gilbert as fele lows: \I like 'Paiddygorta muses. Leg lade taw name. Why tiot say Bloodygure at sawed It's the same thing.\ TO which Gilbert replied: \Ant pleased you like the plume hut caul a -s -re about the eynonyttaito uwatazig of bloody and ruddy. Cow would yeti like Lee to say I liked your bloody cheeks\ Tilere is uspopular and distinguiebed menu - her of the press in New York known es Alfriat Balch. Ile has one peculiarity. Ile is novel - known to smile. When the abuse story was read to him be quietly mum:Iced, without taking bis ciser eve of his mouth, eYsel It's funnel -In fact it':; funnier than antthese. in the piece!\ --Boston Transcript. New York Newspaper Guilty. {Carafe/eft at great expense by the Eseettema &Mere For English mad The New Tort Sea, For scandals seek The Timer; And always read TU. Kea Tuft Wa:14. For full details of crimes. 'Ti... best to take The leibuto for NesIll of the late epriseag. And silvere 'north roue' always Cod The Commen-ed ad rertieleg. For intercstene keens of That Democratic ghost. The Civil Service, go and buy The daily leveeing Peat And If you'd like te mad eiLeet D. !Nutley Field and teethes, Ineest your money in The Ufa - 'Tie better than another. rut if truth alone you ware. Free front all taint a nee We thine you'd better get your Dees From out the family Bible. - e Irrankt 7S' -s. reingwerdh daughter Is a ktroag, etey eel, but withal quite pale. A laay . akin.; to her mother about her time atbe. y, re:narked: \I saw your daughter the ether eveneee, . nd she wee looking quite pale loft she we y deateter 'Dole -ate !\ replied Mrs. Li, ea it.11 a sniff of oce-n. 'No.. indeed I'd venture there sine ma girl in Wasbinest, on society as indelinate as ay daughter is.\-Wciabingtola Critio * Parades... A man in drunkard's ways in east, Ills head is heavy when WO light: We say he's loose wiles he is tam, And loose when he is tight. 43or.r 6 ;\* Sun.. What Aleohol Is (boost For- Juflee-lu your drunken fury you strew vets:' pistol and dangerously yowl/led an ue- orerading num. Cawhoy-Y es jedge, that's about the tato of it. Judge -Whisky has got you into sellouts • rou'.ee. If it had not beers for whisky you s a:d not now be under arrest. Cowboy -That's where you're a little off, edge. If I had beeu sober I'd have killed hint deader titan n door nail, instead of only cripplite him up a little.-Womdmiamgton Critic. Is a Blow, winds otM lar.b. arek.ra beeriest blow( Yon have my full peruiisesea; rut give to, once a wee* or so, A 'little triterinission. Just bowl around and raise the Jami e it wise I had jour power Blow (vu -testy ways, too. ie you must, Within a stogie hour. Play havoc with the Wake' seats. Defy theta to keep warm - You may convince the miler Moe There's cool in dress referee. Thee blow, ye tereceee. witithr War. From to southwest - But. pieroc, once in a week so se, Gin us a little mete _-Sio_nierville „tetras*, A Change for the Were\ Tomekins-How are yon! tilla s itay, I win soy yen that bill the nest time I mete you! Joheson-You have Leen saying that for months. A little change wool.] suit :me bet- ter. Tompkins- Oh, well, try not to Wee you any more. --Life. The Usual Poem. Put up the toboggan, Afoot we will Joe on; To as later's effete rports too longer WO 4bl:A - Though the eolith** ie tette, Grease up the bileyele, There comet!: a season we mortals can aparitoe Pateh imp the }awe leant& We cannot tell wheel The hour we shall take off our hats to as threw. Oct out thelnaeball bets, And shake tap (he ball mats. leglie the fair &noel a glad <Set -rising.. Iloraestssi.4. - fle Wed Experienee. 'Want to hire a mane' asked a blue tuned erupt.- of a Clark street anloonikceper. \I'd like to get a rood fellow to take charte of the 'mine room, - was the reply. \i'm the man you are looking for, t be n.\ \Good hotel at °peter,: bottles?\ \Pulliam corks, you ineenr' \Yes.\ \You Loot I vo been in premier for the pad tweuty-five years. Ileixes a cork e I've been polling off sumd 011 every itisett tett morniao since the war. What better 'loom- Inenantion do you want! Pull corkef Welt. 1 simnel erailo if you will but sibout,\.. CtUrag. , licrakt. '1101 1 Bulliran shortly Itietaiveies manager, which are to be used i nieknes up the belt. New York men Isle ee'lel'ousiv contributed toward it, amid Llats-'. s.ays he can get *l0(00, if necessary, fr. them. This is better than a belt uuder t sae. It NleUlintlegt HIM). -Yts,\ mid Mr. tiataberkins as he ituareit Imek front the- desert at the dinner taboo \They do say that a womazie work is lever done.\ \And that is juet where thee no right,\ oast Mrs. H. promptly, - anti eitiglad to WO that you are begasitstig to realize as bet it time I have.. 'Wile% mails yea think of RS\ \That pie,\ returned :emit/seekers sptietly.- Merchant Traveler. Food for Theagise. anywry ,\ said Mr. Fly agree, savagely. \Yes assented Mrs. Ilya way „ s west , \they are. I always did like the men better.\ stud then Mr. Flyaway finished his breakfast with it great deal of silent thought -Joie -tad of Win -ration.

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 15 April 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.