Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, April 29, 1887, Image 1

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1111P' aia JEFFERSON COUNTY SENTINEL. VOL. IL 'rho Pioneer Ne-vvitepaper of Jellfertson County A Vamily .Tournal..—Indepondent in Politic. BOULDER, MONTANA, FRIDAY, APRIL .?9, 1887. -r ) 42. The orthTestern! Owing to the fact that our store is about to be rebuilt, remodelled and enlarged, we have decided until the above alterations are completed, to sell everything in our line at from 10 to 20 per cent. below regular prices. Now is the time to buy your Spring outfit! Oar stock is complete, and are receiving new goods right along. Before buying Clothing and Fur- nishing Goods be sure and call at THE NORTHWESTERN. Halter's Block, Opposite Grand Central Hotel, 14MI.m1MMST.Pis, M. r rs. J. D. GMESBECK & CO., HARDWARE o a o n k a , li c l a e m at p in g STOVES Nails, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, wo07:3M1\T-W_A_P1=, CROCI-C=7\ Lamps, Chindeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouldihgs, Plated Ware, Glassware and Bar Goods. Agent' for the Celebrated Buckeye Force Pumps an Shutler Way • o TIN QTT - o p Iacomsection wkere all kinds of Job work and Re- pairina will be done. alrOpposite Court House, It wielder • Montana, Jut RE-Opollo[1, flo-N1113110[1 I Boulder HOT Springs. WonderfuL Curative Properties !. -- IN ALL CASES OF Chronic, Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism Lead Poisoning, Constitutional Weakness, ani General Debility. A PLEASANT RESORT ! FIRST-CLASS HOTEL AND BATHING ACCOMMODATIONS. Reached by Stage from Helena, Butte, Wickes, Elkin - rr, Comet, an all Points in the Territory. Terms moderate. A:Ira-else* Physician DE. IRA A. LEIGHTON Fee full informaiion address, TROTTER & KEENE, Boulder, Mont. 9 Is constantly in atteudaace THOMAS F. MURRAY, Proprietor of Boulder Meat Market! And Denier in Beef, Pork, Mutton and Corned Beef! Game and Fish in Season. Howe for Travelers. The City 1-lote1, Pogo infieRSON CITY, MONT., Newly Fitted Up. Newly Furnished. J. E. CRAWFORD, - Proprietor, Patronage Respectfully Solicited. Chu/vett Reasonable. Gallo - Ways for Bale. I hare a few very fine haif-breed Gallo- way btill calves for sale. The same may be seen at my place one mile north of Bewilder. C. %omega, Store BOULDER, MONTANA. Stationery, Toilet Articles Cigars and Tobacco, Fruits and Con- fectionery, also a fine supply of ALBUMS AND PORTMONIAES A choice variety of everything in the stationery line always in stock. 4. MeelORIAT, Proprietor. Willowburn Farm, Beaverhead Valley, Mont. IMPOICTIA, and HOME1310ED Percheron and Norman Stallion qud Mares FOR SALL ! All Stock Warranted as Represented. Terms and prices to suit custom- ers. Write for Illustrated Catalogue. Visitors always vvelcoMed. JAMES MAULDIN, Dii:oa, Mout. It.. ..TIEN1 4 41 - IlE SOU LAE.. Postoffiee 'address, Jefferson City, Mont. /Irani!, horses, Saaciiria a, Cattle, elle on right hip. Jefferson. ,older. Range near PARADISE & hicDONALD, The oily complete Carriage, Wagon Blacksmith and Paint Shop In Jefferson county. data Street, - - - Montana. Horseshoeing and General Blacksmithing. J. B. PERKINS & CO. Wish to inform the public that they are now prepared to do horse - shoeing in the latest and most im- proved styles of the art. Diseases of the Feet T eatni on Scientific Prin;iples. Lame, Inter- fering and Forging Horses Speedily Remedied. Corns,Contraction,Quar- ter cracks, quitors, thrush, pum- miced feet permanently cured. lialld-Madc Shoos a Specialty. Special attention given to trotting and runaing homes. We have in con- nection with our shoeing department preparations made to do all kinds or heavy forging and general job work. all which will be done at reasonable prices and satisfaction guaranteed. Shop opposite Dougherty Brothers store. Main street, Boulder, St. T. \ -- -e - We also keep Horse Liniments and Hoof Ointments of the best qual- ity constantly ror sale. J. B. PERKINS & CO., BOULDER. MONT. 2!!! 6.000,000 PEOPLE USE FERRY'S SEEDS D. Mt. FERRY &CO. 'rnitted the 1 r.(% 1.11' 4 leorid • g SEED AMNIA al. For 1887 will he leaded FREE to nil appheenta and to Leta season's customers without er- &Aug a. 1. wa N.C. to all glory tor. Bo* war, Gar- ft.thi or ,•••• &IAN! •A ••• 1.1 •••••1 for it Addzsee 9. 1E1111 la te. Detroit. \tote • • ' Iles - r• -411.1•• • I NI•44 Grand Central Hotel 1 -- 11_31\TA, MONT_ REED & RINDA, Poops. Tke Leading and only First-class hotel in Helena. Prices reasonable. Everything New and ot the La- test style. • MAIN ST. Estrayed or Stolen. One dark g bay horse, heavy black mane and tail, four white feet, branded NP na left hip. V on fore shoulder, and weighs about 900 lbs. Ile was running with what is known as the Kelly bend. A liberal reward will be paid. Inquire at this office. TOEN UP. Otte 2 -year -old steer, light -red, white in face and underneath belly; br incled B on left hip. Owner can have the same by calling on the undersigned, proving prop- erty and paying charges. . Jee. Poesy. Fa mwer, ALL SORTS. It is said that a large whale propels itself with I41 horse ) over. There hi one liquor saloon for every 142 in- t-titbit:lute ii Philadelphia. Kansas lutean ofaee which will have to seek the man. It is a postofece worth $5 a year. A temple and hospital for the benefit of the Cleliese residents is to be opened iu New York. March of the present year will be recorded In histore as a month remarkable for it largo nt : i .m inber of railroad aceidets u and disastrous fi Son..' ono Fettle/eel to the Portlairl. Ore., free library a borrowed book with the fol- lowing Inscription: \Whoever thinks this is a goo\ book is a whosier.\ The word love in olio of the ludian dialects it chemleinlamoughkunngogager. Fancy a sweet foeust maiden telling hetecoeocr col- ored brave that she chernlendismotteelanne- e goengers A little le year -old girl strayed from her home near San Angelo, Cal, the other day, awl was found aye miles away af:er being out four days aud three nights. She was very weak with huneer. but soon recovered. - Iowa ha'; 121101Vcattio than all the territories combined; more than any other state hi the Union except Texas; more milk cows than Texas; more hop than any othei state; mere corn to feed them, and more mash of rail oad to carry her products to market than any other state exceeit Denote. Boeton people will find it (Indult to believe that the following adverted:went Amerind in The Evening Post of Boston, In 11-12: \To be sold by the Printer of this Paper, the very best Negro Woman in this Town, who has had .the Small -Pox and the liensks; Is as hearty as a Home, as brisk as a Bird, and will work lixo a Beaver. Aueuit el, 1742.\ There is some reason for tile admiration generally felt for blue eyes. A contioieseur cyce states that nine ten ha of the railroad men, paces and others n - bo are selected for their keennew and correctness of vision, have blue eyes. Brown eyes ere eeautare • Gray eyes usually d. note intellievire and hazel eyes a talent foe music. The commonest color of eyes is gray and the rarest In Dieted. Columbia a white Man carried a Lee of whisky to an Indian camp, hoping to sell it at an advantage, to the simple chedren of the forest. But apparently they were pro- hibition re.I men, for they bound the man, forced hint to sit on the Leg time flays and three nights and then sent him home, fist keocking in the beads of the keg and lotting the good liquor soak into the ground. Of about 2,000 ofileers in the regular army of the 'United States nearly one-fourth ar men who have risen from the ranks of the regelar army or from the ranks of the volun- teer force that was organized to put down the ,outlier,' rebellion. There are, !however, now in tho army, holding commi4ens of various ranks, nearly 500 men whoever saw the military academy except as eilsitore or in the line of duty when ordered the. • STAGE LIFE. A Chinese theatrIcat - eritwiTaTry - ut Meaty actors is expected in New York. A Vienna musical magazine enumerates no lea; than 1,1:el works by the late Franz Liszt A 1.,ut 401) people arc required for the pro- deetiou of \Lotiengrin\ at the Eden theatre, Paris. Eliza iVeathersby elite. Nat C. Goolivini is raid to have been the best formed w man oil tee blaze. The very latest advertisement for opera 'Mem 14 to circulate a report that they w• re m the Riviera at t L/C time of the recent earth- quake. ' be Mary A• dereon's experimental pro- duct imi of \A eVinter's e ale,\ at the Th. etre 110eal, Nottingham, on Shakeerraire's birth- day, 1.5 to be on a very grand scale. Henry ef. Majelton. years seep one of the marveli of the circus ring, is still living in Pheadelpbia, but has been a confirmed par- alytic dem ISG1, owing to a fall from a trapeze. Mr. Sol Smith Ruesell is going to settle in Minnesota with his father-in-law, Mn- W illiam T. Adams. The latter, best known as \Oliver Optic,\ is now nearly 65 years old, and not in tem I health. The three popular composers, Franz von Suppe, author of \Fatinit as\ and -Bode-doe' Carl Millocker, author of \The Beggar Student,\ and Richard (knee, author of \Nanoo all resele at Vienna and are in corn - tom -table eirrumetances, Von Suppe owning a mplendia estate in the suburbs of the city. no is Gfi years of age, Milloeker 44 and Gene.) 62. The sofa upon which Theodora was ex- pectedi to die at the New York Star theatre tirlitted rattier al and rickety to Mlle. Bern& tiara, so bbe deLberately shook it to test its euetainiug power. Then it was seen that one of tem legs was gone. itd pine° being filed by a plain pine stick. There was some fiery Gallie sputtering in the star's dressing room after the curtain went down, and the objec- tionable old sofa was fort hwith removed. Detroit claims to be the home or (ho birth- place of a great many theatrical stars. Among these may ho mentioned Lawrence Banatt, wuo was a ca , hl'oy in a dry goods store in that city; Margaret Mather, who be - gait lifo as a newsgirl; M. B. Curtis, who .tarted life as a clerk; John T. ullivan, Miss Mao Clark, Ilea Minnie Miuldern, ens; Katy Malonv. Miss Neale Crow, George Tyler, known as -Signor Taelieri;\ Charles Bassett, Seoville, the tenor. and Miss May Fielding. SMART DOGS. As Aaron True, of Clarke, Canada. was go- ing through the woods the other day, accom- panied by his doe, which is part collie, part Newfounillatel, ho c,arno suddenly mee t a ta g gray wo:f. The eo^ D at once tneLlcd the beast, rind for half an hour the battle raged, but finely the dog got a throat bold and etrangled the wolf. A man in Pielusylvsutia has a very large and very wise crow, and a very hungry shep- herd dog chained ton kennel in the yard. Whenever the crow sees tee dog gnawing on a bone i.e inicaltes tie behind bins ana grabs him by the tail; the siehlen attack causes the dog to quickly wheel about to flail out what's tho. hut the crow holds on, aria goes around ivi.e the tail to where the coveted bone is, snatches it up, and in an instant is out of the reach of tin nine ry Everybody, says The Chattanooga Commer- cial, know - s Tramp, Ed Read's okl bird dog, that stayeel in the depot so long. Since lel Lit the city Tramp stays with the Lookout Fins company. They often send him on er- rands. Lest night they gave birn a basket containing a note to ii grocer to \Help the Are boys.' Tramp went to the store and returned I:; a few minutes with a lot of trash in the bas- ket. and as he eraared with it he looked aelinmed. They wrote another note, saying that the art Hes sent were not fit for a dog to eat. Tramp etunied to the grocery, and soon came bece; this time highly ele.ed, for the laseet contained nuts, cigars, apples and teeter artieles. Thai boys had e feast, and Tramp str.nucti as happy as soy f theta ABOUT WOMEN. The queen regent of *pain sees her eon, the baby king, only coon a day. A woman in NeweYei a city imagines her- self the wife of the creator, and will not be convinced to the contrary. Mrs. George L Loriilard will run her thoroughbreds te her own name this season. She pereoually streerviees all the operations and ex:median-es at her stock farm at Eaton- town, N. Y. Of the three daughters whom Longfellow iennorteLzed in that beautiful poem, \The Twilight Hour,\ Alice alone remains unmar- ried. elm lives in the old \Craig House\ at Cambridge with her bachelor uncle, Rev. Sainuel Longfellow. In the German capital the female element Is growing more and more predominant, owing chid ay to the fact that MOVO women than men go front the provinces to the capital, ane mere male Berlihese than ettnales from the city to the proviuccs. lees. Pole, the widow of James K. Polk, tenth president of the United States, is over SJ years of age, but she is in good health and she poseces a memory of unimpaired vigor. She needles in the oil Po.k homestead at Nashville, Tenn., a large, roomy, two story building made o_ brick. The Duchess of Cumberland, who has be- come mentally nalleted at Vienna, has, on th (Wyk.° of Profeesor B-ann, been placed in L.idleseortei private 'mimic asylum at Ober- dobane. The Duchess of Cumberland is a daughter of the kin e of Denmark. eee was marre d to the Duke or Cumberland Le 1873, and has hal five childreu. The sole sw-viving representative of the rev- olte !ery S. Tilton, of North Vedeideridge, N. IL Out of the army of per- sons who are entitled to minions elm in the only oho who receives Cu• h as the wife of a sold.ier of the revolution Mrs. Teton is now triae more than lie years obi. lier eus- band, Benjamin Stevens, participated in tee battle of Benuin e toa. In Philadelobia a colored woman writes for the newepapers, an 1 is considered clever, and else conduets a special departinent in the leading organ of the colonel race in this country. Mee Charlotte Forten, now Mrs. F; - --n-;k Grienko, bee written for The Atlantic Monthly. A colored women is a lawyer in New la irk city, and iu other cities of the north are to be found matiy colored women physicians. It is a little let curious to know Licit the first Sunday school in New York city was started by two colored women. Mrs- Ruth Smith, a widow lady of Bridge. port, Conte, $201110 years ago caused to be built on the boutheliet tooter of tier house a room buet entirely of blue glass, into which the sumight streams during the entire day. Mrs. Smite wears blue glued spectacles, dresses in blue silk and has her meals hi -ought to this novel room on diems of blue glaei e where she ems, sleeps and hews. It is stated that she has not been out from her glass home more than ten minutes at a tune lii eight yenta, during which period she has never felt a pain or an ache of tee sligetne description. lent few persons in Anserica, or even iii reneland as far as that goes, are acquainted with the real reason why Queen Victoria has so persistently boycottea tae Lash portion of her dominions. It appears that years ago. shortly after the prima r consoes death, the Dublin corporation refused point blank to grant a sae for the purpose of erecting a monument to his memory. Queen Victoria was deeply affronted at the time, and vowed then that she would not visit Ireland while ebo lived. During her fifty years' reign sbe has only visited the \Green Isle\ once. LABOR NOTES. - -- California is the third state to prohibit con- vict labor. In a state prison only Live of 1,409 convicts were educated mechanics. The Knights of Labor in Pennsylvania have decided to take an uctive part in the poatical affairs of that state. Five burdred restaurant keepers in New York e ity have combined to guard against possible strikes on the part of employes. \ In order to give the convicts labor, Illinois proposes to have teem print the text books i or tho public schools. Convict labor is pro - b ibi t ed by the consetuticsial r.inendlItcnt. The Connecticut senate has paned, by a veto of 10 to 5, a bill providine that nil cor penitents must joy their employes weekly Cl) per cent. of. the wages earned the precedine week and make full settlements each month, A:I the shoemakers belonging to the Knights of Later throughout the United States and Canada will speedily be included in a national trade u.seembly, eud u coneention for the pur- pose of eine ere ep it ('onetitution and bylaws wia In, bee' at Drodeiten on June 7. All pn:vious records of rapid construction of horse ehnes eare beaten last week by John Tunuty, of Cilieneci, in • inutch et the Cavalry Armory with Mark Walsh, also of Chicago. The best preview record was that of Dunn, at Detroit, who made 100 shoes in one hour and fort y-esven minutes. Tunney made his 100 shoes in one hour, twelve min- utes and C. nem seconils. The first blunt was complete Li twi nty -two seconds. About et* people were preneut, I i nelutliimg Tunneyei wee and infant sou, whet were given places of honor. When Tunitey completed his bun- dnsth slate anti broke the reeord, the baby was held uloft by its mother, and clapped Its hands and yelled itself hoarse with the rest of the audience. OUT OF THE ORDINARY. Laree nutnbers of lioreion; are removing to Chilmehua, Mexico, where they are estab- lishing a colony. A man in Texas has a beard one yen] and twenty-eight inches long and its breadth In tee uMiele part is twenty -03a inches. J. Delaney, of Reward, Mich., has a piece efebasswood which by natural growth hiss ta'ken the exact shape of a mates band. It shows the wrist, palm, thumb mei four fingers, with apparent seams of a glove on the back of the hand. Peter Forbes, of East Nisouri, Canada, at 9 o'clock one recent morning crawled into a bolo in a straw stack to look after a family of little pigs that had been there but a short time. %Vitae he was investigating the mother cause home, and she was angry when she : aw the invader. She wouldn't let Mr. Forbes back out, and he didn't think it wee to turn around. So there seas meeting to do but dig, and tee be did, and about 3 o'clock in the afternoon ho emerged from the tunnel that ho had excavated, a very hungry and dis- gusted man. Among the gutteda at an afternoon tea given last week by a proadueut society woman was the Chinees minister with several attaches and the young son cf one of the secretariea. Teo little teenw was, of course, the centere/ uteraetetin, espedeally wieb the younger mem- bers of the receiving party, ono of whom finally mid to ben: \Canyon speak Eng,li \Yea a little,\ he replied. \Let me see how much you know, then; what can you eayr At this a smile broke over the child's face as he Looked archly up at his questioner and said: \1 know enough to say I would like soly t e je. ereare.\—waAingtou Capital. DILL PNE. He Slakes Ta lal of Ills Hand as a Locals tier. Assrarreer,, N. C. The following constitutes the items of great kiterest occurring on the east side among the colored people of Blue Ruin: Plum Beasley's house caught on fire last Tuesday Hight. Ile reckons it was seemed by a defective flue, for the fire caught in the north wing. This is one of Plum's bon mots, however. He tries to make light of it, but tit wood lie has been using all winter was Lute Limb end when he got a big dose of hickory at the mine place last week it was so dark teat be didn't potice the difference and before he Lnew it he bail a bigger fire than he had allowed, In the midst of a pleasant flow of conversation gas collected ie the wood and caused an emplosion, which threw a passel (if live coals on the bed. The lion a was soon • solid ntille of flame. Mr. Beasley is still short two children. Mr. Granulation Hicks, of Boston, Mass., who has won deserved distinction ei advanc- ing the interests of Sir George Pullman, of Chicago. is here visiting his parents, who re- side Upper -Hominy. Vee are glad to see Ile Hicks, met hope be may live long to visit streets. Luc Ruin and propitiate up and down our Mist Roseola Cenliman has just been the recipient of a beautiful pair of chaste ear - bobs from her brother, vim° is a night watch- man iii a jewelry store run by a man named TeTany in New York. Roseola claims that Tiffany mattes a right smart of her brother, mei sets a heap by him. Whooping cough and horse di-eemper are [Leah) making fearful havoc among the better classes at the foot of tenni Ivy Beeline. We are pained to 1 tern that the free read- ing room, established over Amaletunation Lrowit's store, has been closed up by the p0 - bee. Line Ruin has cla mom' for a free tem- perance reaclitig room and brain retort lot ten years, and now a ruction between two of our best known citizens, over the relative merits of a natural pair and a doctored flush, has called down the vengeance of the author- ities and shut up what was a credit to the place and a quiet resort, where young men could come night after night and kind of complicate themselves at. There are two or three mea in this place that will bully or Lust everything thee can get into, and they have perforate' more outteigcs on Flue Ruin than we are entitled' to put up with. There was a successful doilies at the creek last Sabbath, during which biptiem was ad- niinistered to four grown people and a dude from Sandy Mush. The pa -'or thinks it will Lake first rate, though it iestia too soon to tell. Surrender Adams got a letter lust Friday from his son Gladstone, who filed on a home- stead near Poreupiee, D. T., two years ago. He says they have kid another of those un- precedented winters there for which Dakota is so justly celebrated. He thinks this one has been es - ell more so than any of the others. Ile eishes he was back here at Blue Ruin, where a man can go out doors for half an hour without getting ostracised by the ele- ments. Ile eays they brag a good deal on their ozene edwro, but he allows that it can be overdone, Ile states that wben the ozone in Dakota is feeling pretty well and humping itself and ,eurliug up sheet iron roofs and blowia; trains off the h -ark, a man haat to tie a clothe -shine to himself with the outer end fastened to the door knob, before it is safe to visit his own hen house. He says that his num-Let neighbor is seventeen miles away, and a matt might as well buy his own chickens as to fool his money away an seventeen miles of clothesline. lt is a first rato !Wee, and the old man wonders who Gladstone got to write it for him h The valuable ecru dog of our distinguished towueman, Mr. Piedmont Babbitt, was se- riously impaired last Saturdisy morning by an east bound freight. He will not wrinkle up his nose at another freight train. George Wellington, of Hickory, was in town the front end of the week. He bus ac- cepted a position in the livery, feed and sale stable at Sandy Mush. Call aemin, George. Gabriel Brunt met with a sad mishap a few days since while crossing the French Broad river, by which lie lust his leg. Any one who may find an extra leg below where the accident occurred wilt confer a favor on Mr. Brant by returning seine to No. Ctaa Pneumonia street. It may be readily identified by any one, as it its made of an old pickhandle and weighs four pounds. J. Quincy Burns has written a ear article for The Century .Magazine, regarding a bat- tle where lie was at. In tans article lie aims to describe the sensations of a man who is ignorant of physical fear and yet yearns to have the matter submitted to at -Mu -talon. lie gives a thorough expose of his trCorti it; try- ing to find a suitable board of arbitration as soon as he saw that the enemy felt hostile and eager for the fray. The forthcoming number of The Centpry will be eagerly snapped up by Mr. Burns' friends who are familiar with his pleasing and graphic style of writiacg. Ile destailx: with wonderful power the tense of utter ex- haustion which came over ban and the feel- ing of bitter disappointtueut tte:1 he realized that he was two ravay to fewer:pate mu the bat: e and too fatigued to male: a further seareh for suitable arbitrators.—Bill N3 - o in Boston Globe. Too Much Lamb. There s a nuirble iamb .orettre tombstone of an old --- GoirtcSlonittic and when an old friend saw it for the first he exclaimed: \flow appropriate! Wu; he of a gentle dis- position r \Whew! I gueas not. He would shoot in a minute, but ho always overfed himself on timing lame anti green peas what keled him, I reckon. Too mace teeing lamb and mint julep will get uway with the last of us. —Texas Sit tinge FrcpurIng for the Worst. Gent Iowan—You have a ni szore here. Milliner—Yes; it's very sieve we got it all fixed up for our Easter opening. centieman-1 would like to purchase a business of this kind if I could obtain it on retlfieltablo tennis. Milliner—For yourself or a friend? Gentleman— t. ell, you see I have a wee) and six daughters, and it's almost Raster.— Pitteburg Dispatch. Anticipation. While the eap is slightly starting, Amid the Lenten times departing. While just the slightest veri.urc is preparing to emerge, The musings of the maiden Are with summer pleasures laden, With the swinging of the hammock end the sound- ing of the surge. She Judges twilight flirting An amusement most diverting, With its foolish conversation so incessantly re- newed; With the evening sun thee -ending, She delights to watch the tilending Of the verdure of the landscape with the verdure of the dude. Her fancy dwells with flowers In the shade of pleasant bowers. Where the fairy footed summer winds most opp4itunely steal; When the verdoniss and bramble* 'hail suggest remantie rambles ifteaugh the old Druidic woodland or the pages 1.4cf!3•. ESTA BL I SUED 1867. No. 143-40. 2IRST NATIONAL BANK OF HELENA. C. S. fleposeitory, Paid up Capital, $500,000 Surplus and Profits 325,000 DIRECTORS: 1 . T. Hnuser, Prest. I. W. Kuielit. Cashier, A. J. Davis, Vice Pr. T.H.Kleinschmidt, Asst. Cash. a. M. Hotter, John C. Curtis, I. M. Parchem , R. S. Hamilton, I. H. Hinz. C. P. Higr T. C. Power. 30MM= CITY Saddle and Harness SHOP. John F. Sheehy. Prop'r. • eying nm - eloteed a stock of harness leather and mounting, I am now prepared to make anything in the above line to or- der. All work warranted hand -made and no charge if not satisfactory. Buggy Trimming Done to Ottier. Boarding & Loaging Also a choice lot of CIGARS, NUTS, FRUITS A CONFECTIONS. 0:0 }— MRS. E.. ESEEICIVER, The lady who lost het arm on the Fourth of July, 1884. Main St. Wickets, Mont SUMMONS. In the District court of the Third Judi- cial District of the Territory of Montana, in and for the county of Jefferson. Charles A. Falen, plaintiff vs. Margaret Falen, defendant. The people of Mon- tana send greeting to Margaret Falen the s above named defendant: You are hereby required to appear in an action brought against you by the above named plaintiff in the district court of the Third judicial district of the Territory of Montana, in and for the county of Jeffer- son, and to answer, the complaint filed - therein within ten days—exclusive of the day of service--after the service on you ot this summons, if served in this county, but if served out of this county and in this district, twenty days, otherwise forty days or judgment by default will be taken against you aecordiug to the prayer of said complaint. The said action is brought to obtain the decree of said court dissolving the bonds of matrimony now existing between the plaintiff Charles A. Palen and the defend- ant Margaret Eaten, and for such other relief as to the court may seem proper. And you are hereby notified that if you fail to appear and answer said complaint as above required the said plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in the complaint. Given under my hand and seal of the *,----e--ear District court in and for the SEAL county of Jefferson, Territory of Montana, this 16th day of March, in the year of our Lord one thoti- sand eight hundred :tad eighty seven. B. 11. TATER, Clerk, By A. E. WELLS, Deputy Clerk. Carter & Clay burg, Pit's Anat.. First publication April 8. MINING APPLICATION No. 1824. U. S. Land Office, Helene, Mont., April 2, 1887. Notice is hereby given. That Abner Gilt-, Nymphas B. Holwity and Levi Withee, of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Henry Turner, of East Saginaw, Michigan, by Caleb E.. - Irvine, their attorney -in -fact, whose ad- dress is Butte City, Montana, hero this day filed their application fpr a patent for 1300 linear feet of the Saginaw Lode min- ine claim, situated in Cataract ruining district, Jefferson county, Montana Terri- tory, the position, course and extent of the said mining claim, designated by an of- ficial survey thereof, as Lot No. 52, town- ship No. 7,'N. of range No. 5 W., being more particularly set forth and described in the official field notes and plat thereof on file in this office, as follows, towit; Beginning at the S. E. corner a granite stone 20x10 inches set 15 inches deep, marked 1-1911 for corner No. 1, from which the 34 section cor. on south bound- ary of section 33, township 7, N. R. 3 W., bears S. 63'31 E. 1871.5 feet, and running thence N.9'30' E. 600 feet; thence N. 80'30' W. 1500 feet; thence S. V39' W. 600 feet; thence S. 80'30' E. 1500 feet to corner No. 1. the place of beginning con- taining an area of 20.66 acres in this sur- vey claimed by the above named appli- cants. The location of this mine is recordad in the office of the County Recorder of Jef- ferson county, on page 308 in 'Book K of records. The adjoining claims are on the east survey No. 1909, the Regalia Lode, S. W. LANGHORNE, Begiiiter, Jos. II. Harper, U. S. Claim Agent. Notice to Creditors. Estate of Edwin M. Batchelder, deeeesea. Notice is hereby given by the under. signed, administrator of the estate of Ed- , win M. Batchelder, deceased, to the cred- itors of and all persons having claims against the eaid deceased, to exhibit therm with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator at his office, in the court house in the mild coun, ty of Jefferson. Dated at Boulder this 29th day of March 1887, A. S. liE1.1.000, Administrator of estate of Edwin M. Batchelder. deceased. Plymouth Rock and Legberns. A few choice Plymouth Rock. ind Le g , horn cockerels for sale, Also, Wyandotte, Plymouth Rock and Leghorn eggs for hatching for sate in season, at my place in Wickes, second house on Boulder road. IT N tee eeee 21 ,

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 29 April 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.