Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, May 20, 1887, Image 3

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• a - Jefferson County Sentinel. ! Dr. Frank, of Helena, has been intei- ! viewing the popular landlords of the Hot i . Spriegs and Windsor, Messrs. Trotter & . Scene, on the subject of utilizing these healing waters on a mere elaborate scale. The doctor makes business wherever he goes. We would be glad to have him lo- cate among us in this the future great Boulder. Windows and cedar doors and shingles in stock at Kellogg's after May 10th. The later -Mountain has a fine picture of Mlle. Rhea. She is as \beautiful ite a butterfly. The dress that she wears in the fourth act of \Camille\ was originally made for the Queen of Holland. worth 10,000 florins, but the old lady 'grew so \phat\ that she could not wear it and con eluded to dispose of it to the greatest prima donna in the world, and hence Miss Rhea dons it. W. B. Baskett has resigned his position as manager for Bach, Cory & Co., Wickes, and is now engaged in forming a mercan- tile company with abundant capital to open a stare at Granite --an institution much needed at that camp. Mr. Buskett will be the largest owuer in the company. He is a most energetic and competent young business ruse and teranite will be lucky in receiving him and his store. His position at Wicket) will be taken by Eu- gene Pleat -Independent. . Townsend Trenchant: A distressing ac- cident occurred near Canton lastSaturday, by which Ike Harrington's boy, Jessie, was seriously injured. The lad was driv- ing a sulky plow on the Hughes ranch, lied in some way was thrown in front of the plow, receiving a horrible wound in 'ilia; face. Dr. Belcher was summoned and attended to the unfortuaate boy. He de- scribes the wound as being more disfigur- ing than dangerous, ripping open one side of the face, cutting through the upper lip, partially-stelittingthe nose and then run- ning diagonally across the forehead. ETCETERA. We had a delightful shower of rain last Thursday. Vegetation is booming. Reek Riggin and Stickle man will preach in the Baptist shurch next Saturday even- ing and Sunday. Sash, Doors, Screens and Moulding at Helens prices. L. TAYLOR, Boulder. , • Mr. thin and wife,ek,f. Elkhorn, have been recreating this week at the Boulder Hot Springs and Windsor House. . IL Goodwin, of Whitehall, sojourned at the Grand Central on the 14th and 15th. After Max 10th, go to A. S. Kellogg for cedar shingles, cedar doors and cedar moulding. D. B. Newcomb, N. P. Express agent, has transferred the agency of the express business from Dougherty Broil. to Bach, Corey & Co. For finishing lumber, doors, windowe, and moulding, call on A. S. Kellogg, Boul- • der a. after May 10th. We are glad to \learn that Miss Maude Perkins has fully recovered from a severe attack of the measles. J. P. Dailey, of Comet, partook of the good things at the Grand Central yester- day. - Mrs. David Hoopes is a guest this week at the Windsor, and visiting friends in Boulder. She will probably return home on Sunday. J. B. Perkins has returned after an ab- sence of nearly a month. The commun- ity at large missed him while he . was gone, eiCecially our horsemen. Welcome back, Jim. Aayone knowing the whereabouts of James Wilson will confer a favor on his brother, Win. D. Wilson, by addressing him at Jefferson City. Jos. B. Brien, one of Basin's most popu- lar and social business' men, paid the Grand Central a flying visit on the 17th. The Grand Lodge of K. of P. held a session in Butte this week, and nineteen ----subordinate lodges were represented. V. A. Cook, of Boulder represented oer young codge Ed. Maguire was the guest of George Phillips e at the Grand Central on the 18th. Mr,-W.S. Powell and bride were over from that Wine th ite al With last week. fer a short resit. Aire. Powell is e char • ing and attraCirve lady, w11 . 6 will be e vet- nable acquisition to the society of athat. seetien.--Fergus Coeuty Argue. The urbane and jolly ciw.. Ilessfeldt, e, • - of Crow Creek, was in town on Saturday. Charley his averY -encouraging reports from his mines near Virginia City, and, , expecte to reap in the neighborhood of ae • • $100,090 the coming season. -Courier. 46 'il.IX oboe,' Of Basin, wait the guest of • ,‘; F. Smith at-. the Grand Central this- saseeseeeek l : ' • • • • aaseeta ke feneral of the lab . ;. e 7. Styles oc7 e ettreed he Helena, on Motu ty the 16th es- at., fron0he •Eciscepai•el irch, a lar . ee • 2.-cioUtseOf 'friends attending the remains • • . - ]• tO 1-0e- CeUr-ttry. . Zito was greatly respect ed and esteemed by all. . . ' \VS•Channell Milted Boulder a few . days ago, accompanied by hie family. He - hails from Walla - Wale,. and is a son -in- . law to Mrs. Frank Farnham. They in- tend* . remain permanently . in Boulder, 3ohn Smith, Of the volley, had dinner it ' ' •Grand Centralawith Matt Smith on the 1.8th inst. _ . •-- • ltnetor & - Perkins are now ready to do *Mande -of bleelesmithing ai.d .. heavy their shop on, Mein street Oposio. Warren livery stable. Special attention paid to horse shoeing and ailments of horse' feet. • Florence Thomas, of Butte, suicided on the 17th, by morphine.. She was formerly a reeident of Helena.... No- particular . cause aa.signed ; - 'but did it on general prin- ciples. She originally came from ,Salt, Lake, and was only 18 years old • ' • Jeette. Paquie has openeida -e* meat market in -Elkhorn, and receives his meats from - the • Concannon establishment of Bouldir. He is doing a nice business and writs to befiving good satisfaction to his ustomers. ''rank Farnham, the hospitable host of the Grand Central, is always glad to see his friends from the neighboring camps: John W. Reeve, wian haeleased the Turn - ley saw mill at Elkhorn, was at the Wind- sor Tuesday. He is supplying that camp With lumber, lath and ahangles, and is making things boom in hi i line of buse ness. He don't send away for his job Work, but ordered a large lot from the BENTAEL office. Adelaide Randall will appear in /Jolene, and Mlle. Rhea will entertain theatre -go - Cis hi Butte all of next week, commencing on Monday evening. Those two cities will be highly . honored by t mesa charming prima - donnas. ' We are in 'receipt of a irogram from 'Billy Mack, manager of t Helena Coll- . . scum, and the most promi utt feature of the performance seems to t the \Editor's Troubles.\ Excuse us, B, ly, we have all the troubles we want her, , without going to Helena to see -them 'is idly portrayed again in a .farcleal Muldoon'e Pic- nic suits us much better. M. McMahon, wagonma ,cr, is stopping at the Grand Central.. m place of bussi- *esti Is next to William Rien's blacksmith shop. • D. A. Larson', with ae outfit, paseed through Boulder Tuesda y morning en route to Basin. He goes thence to build seven miles of wagon road from Basin in. to -the mountains for a Helena company ip order to enable them to work successfully flue placer diggings. Work is progress- ing on his quartz claim a few miles north of Boulder. . 7 ' Monroe Salisbury,lhe great stage man the northwest; has been in Boulder the e ast week; a guest at the in Ile is ALHAMBRA ITEMS. ALHAMBRA, May 12, 1887. Special to the Sentinel. The Springs hotel, contrary to our expectations, which we referred to in our last letter, has not changed hands yet as expected, but negotiations are pending which we hope will be con- summated are long Should it prove true and the partids who are wishing to take the - place get at the helm,we _fen prophecy for them a prosperous ftiture; inatiritich as they are gentle- men' Well known, popular, accommo- datin i ef add teo . e a , I t, and ifie right - men lor such a popular re- sort which they will surely endeaVor to make it. • 't 'James CoUrriy, farmer popular condector on the Wickes -branch, on whom the ladies always smile, who is now running A cOnsiructien train or i the , Boulder . branch, stepped off the train Sunday arid shook- hands with' his. friends - , whom are legion. COme egain, Jimmy, itird next time _stay' longer.' . _ The Misses Keeler, tvto very charm- ing and estimable ' yoking . ladies cif Helena, 'have . been . v4ii . ing friends here the past week. • They.are So de- lighted with th.eir stay that they have, concluded to prolong their an- other week. .Miss Maude Caven, - of Helena, came out Saturday to speed the day ' with her trietid Miss Boatman. lieHt2g an ideal day,. the Springs were thronged with visito from 'Helena, Jefferson and the sur- rounding country, all bent on enjoy- ing themeelves in such ways as best befiqingftheiii. Messrs. Chad( ourue and Hugh Mc- Quaid, the irrepressible, of Helsna, 'are domiciled here and say they will stay e week. • Messf4. J. Whyte, W. Casey, Nevelle, 6f - IIel4na, and J. B. Hickle, of Jerson, formed a merry quartette as they sat down for a Sunday dinner. ...J. P. Jacks a took a jaunt to Hel- ena Monday, strictly on business, so he said. N. Chowning, land agent of the Northern Pacific railroad, who is al- ways 'welcome, made us a pleasant call this week. Supt. Hill, of the smelting works at Wickes.atopped over a train Sun- day in conjunction with Chas. Moss, took a look over the ground to see what facilities will require to rush the work on the flume wriich is now an assured success. D. Welsh, line man of the Tele- phone company, Carfle out Thursday and put an instrument in the hotel, going thence to Wickelf where he was put in two more. The trains go by loaded every day now. It is either Wickes, Boulder, or bust. Wilson Redding:, of the Hotel de Alhambra, has returned from n Boul- der. whither he went to sit on the grand jury. being well pleased with his visit and what he saw of the corn- ing city of Montana. M. A. Just From the \Pen.\ J. W. Shannon returned on Mon- day last from Deer Lodge, where he had been to conduct Frank Goiters to the Penitentiary, to whichhe was sentenced during the last term of court at this place for attempt at ar- son. Mr. Shannon says that the pres- ent Warden, T. MeTague, is proving himself to be the right man in the fight place; that the discipline of the marrige.ment anc Use cleanliness of the apartments arerespecially notice- able and will Certainly secure the approval of the most critical. Mr. 'Shannon_ says that he met a number of old friends in Deer . Lodge, whom hisheidtcosee in the east, but insists that he did not find them nor army SAMPLING WORKS. Another Ent huelastio Meeting, and Committees Appointed to Further the Enterprise. At an adjourned meeting of the citizens of Boulder and the surround- _ ing mining camps,' to consi ler the subject of erecting eare l eii e eks in Boulder, J. r. Kerley wa.. elected 'bait -man and Alex. J. Elder secre- tary. The committee appointed at a 1 -inner meeting to collect informa- tion in reference to the cost of build- ings, lots, maliinery, aria such other matters as would be proper to lay before the meeting, made an intereit- big report through their chairman, Mr. Currin: On motion, the report was accept- ed and committee discharged. The report was thoroughly and ex- haustively discussed by Messrs. War- ner,Currin, Stevens,TenEyck,Pierce, Fletcher, Kerlev,Berendes and others. Mr. Chas. E. ,Steveria,-a mining en- gineer, who has had a large experi- ence in eoeducting sampling works in Colorado, gave a very interesting account of conducting such works Uri that State. He described the ina- chiaery used in many of them, and the inanner.of handling the ores au- tomatically and by hand. He spoke also a.9 to how the ores were handled and sold. He said that it would stim- ulate work in prospecting and mining to have works and a market near the mines. His remarks were very in- teresting and threw e. great deal of information on the subject. WM. - N. Ten Eyck, a practical as- sayer, who was a student at the School of Mines *den, Colorado, said that last ye had visited many of thr sampling works in Colorado, and described the warmer of conducting the business there. He was listened to with much interest. After sonic furtheeremarks,on mo- tion, the Chair was authorized to ap- point a committee of three on orgarr isation. The following -persons vierp appointed: :11. G. Warner, Geo. F. Cowan and Alex. J. Eider. On raotion, Chas:E:Stevens, 11.W. Curtin and. Win. N. Ten Eyck were . appointed a• oommittee to revise ther, report submitted at this meeting and slake siieh other suggestions in refer: , -,„ once to the construction oetne works lied the Lnaehinery to be used, as may occur to thema - On moths% the meeting adjourned to meet next Wednesday at 1 o'clock. The revisad report will be publish- ed next week. Bui ng paPsr at the Boulder Drug Store.• , ELKHORN. • Special to -the Sentinel. ELKHORN, - May 17. -The Elkhorn mine . still continues to make improve- ments.' The mill, which has been in- competent for, shine time to reduce thd\ ore . furnished by the nei tic, has recently been etilarged by the addi- tion, on -the sootheastern side, of a building 18x24 feet. This 'furnishes room for three extra pans and set- tlers. This arrangement of the pulp as fast as it is produced by the twenty stamps now in opera- tion. The rich strike which was covered alew weeks since on the 650 -foot level continues as the drift e“ends and its exact size has not yet been determined. The mine is inexceilent condition and the out- look was never better. The Clark einelter is being . put in thorough repfir by the superinten- dent, Mr. Wolleston, and it is confi- dently expected that it will soon commence to work the C. & .. D. ore, of which there is at least a thousand tons on the dump. [From the Independent] Dr. Hogan, a young M. 1). recent- ly from Albany, N. Ir., aud Chas. F. Boyle, have leased the large body of mill -tailings Which were corraled ky Hollinbeck .famieson some five years ago, about half mile below the and are working them over with great success by means of a combitia tion of the various Cornish processes, their lioncentrates running over 100 ounces per ton. R. S. Kelly is building a tram way from a neighboring gulch to the will for the purpose of transporting cord- wood i etc., for the use of the Elkhorn company. This is quite an under- taking, and Mr. Kelly deserves suc- cess for his esnergy and push. At present the great demand is for teams to haul freight from Jeffer- son and to work around camp, it be. ing almost impossible to hire a team for a day without securing it a week in advance. There will soon be - a diamond drill in camp, which will be used for pros- pecting purposes. This will be a great advantage to investors in stock schemes, as for almost a nominal sum they can find out whether they are about to invest in a wild -eat or not. The promoter of the scheme is Chas. F. Boyle of Helen P.. The Elkhorn brass band, fourteen pieces, have recently reorganized and are now under the efficient instruc- tion of Mr. Chas. F. Boyle, arid are making rapid progress. They meet twice a week for instruction and prac- tice. and will soon be in a condition to compete with the 'beat bands in' the Terriary. COMET (WANGS. s e e, lel to the Soutinel. Ceatere 'ley 17. -To begin with the lV t her, it. has been simply \beau- tiful\ ef late, just enough sunshine to niiike one thin;, spring has come indeed. Mr. J. P. Dailey, our enterprising hotel keeper, has been absent for sometime attending te a !ego! tangle. The sudden death of Thomas Gun - dry, at Butte, was great surprise arid .shock to the residents of this hamlet, as he left (rem .only a few days previous in tile -beat of health, apparently. Some of the ''boys\ talk of organ- izing a ball nine and if they succeed will probably - challenge - some of the . \kitights of the diattnotur in other parts of the country. The school teacher got a “roseate\ over his eye while playing ball the other day and I guess he couldn't be prevailed on to join the projected \mine.\ - James Downes, formerly of Comet, now residing in Boulder. has bee,: • town for the past tele devil• and w move his family to entre town. - We have a g . ill . Nve•ie eur i . a- regular wit, Whi; convulses the boys with laughter every -time he speaks. With all due respect for hi - timidity I refrain from giving ;. - name at reseut. Witness the fol- lowing: 'I he other evening he mis- took a peddler's wagon for a small circus and tad everybody to take care lest the royal Bengel tiger might play a joke upon them. ENJOY LIFE. What a truly beautiful world we live in! Nature -gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. We desire no better wheu in perfect health; but how often does the majority of people feel like giving It up dieheartened, discouraged and, worn out with disease, when there Is no occasion for this feeling, as every sufferer can easily obtain satisfactoty proof, that Green's August Flower, will make them free from disease- as When born. Dpipepsia and Liver eomplaint are the direct causes of seventy-five per cent, of such maladies as Billiousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Costiveness, Nervons Prostration, Dizzi- ness of the Head, Palpitatioa of the Heart and -other distressing symptoma. Three doses of August Flower will prove its wonderful effect. Sample bottles lOcetits. Something Yon Need -Shorthand. \Why?\ Became it will aid you more than anything else in acquiring knowledae. Because it will help you to a good business. \How can it be learned?\ By the aid of a book studdled at' home and lessons by mail from an accomplished teacher. \At what expense?\ The trilling sum of $6, including book. \Why so cheep when colleges advertise the same course of. instruetion foe Because a eew text -book is used that Iv: ducestee labor of learning peeportionately to the difference in prics,lg the system being made Brreplier thanlitretofere, and more practical, besidoebeiug tlicinost pop - Wei megeod„hiving the miloesement of our congressional and professional report- ers everywhere,. together with over 1000, graduates of our Chain of Phonographic Colleges. Boys a*nci- men on -the farm, in workshops and elsewhere, -girls at home, In factorma and at school have.learned the art in from three to six mouths' study dur- ing spare moments, and been helped to po- sitions in offices by Mr. Scott -Browns where they have earned from $12 to $20 a week. Write and ask for a free sample copy of Brewne's Phonographic Monthly and full particulars. Address D. L. Scott -Browne, 28 Clinton Place, New York, N. Y. Blanket Blanket! Those wishing blanks of any kind can find them at this office at reason- able figures. Call at this office. Prepare for a Good Time. Trotter /is popular * MONTHLY 1-101 ,-, it Boulder Hot Springs, Friday Evening June 34, 1887. No supper. Tickets $1.00. They will also giee a 0-1 = 2INT ID I3A..1.11.-J On Monday Evening. July 4th, And a erst-class supper. Silver Cornet Band will furnish music. J. H. Miller, leader. TICKETS. Including Supper, '$3. wm. Tnorrea, J. H. MILLER, General managers. Keene will give one of their ESTABLISHED 1867. No. 143414. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HELENA nepository, Paid up Capital, $500,000 Surplus and profits. 325,000 DIRECTORS: S. T. /hurter, Pt -eat A. J. Davis, Vice Pr, E. W. Knight, Cashier, Asst, Cash. A. M. Holier, Jelin C. Curtis, M. Parchen, R. S. Hamilton, J. H. Ming, C. P. Higgins, T. C. Power. Notice to Creditors. Estate of Edwin M. Batchelder, deceased Notice is hereby given by the under- signed, adeinistrator of the estate of Ed- win M eeider, dezessed, to the 'cred- itors all persons haviug claims against t.., said deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the fire, publication of this notice, to the said adneinistrator at his office, In the court house In the said coun- ty of Jefferson. Dated ist Boulder this 29th (ley of March 1887. A. S. XIML000, Administrator of estee:aof Edwin M. Bietchelder, decee-ea Notice to Creditors. Estate of Eli Holbrook, detAtatied. Notice is hereby given by the under- signed, adininiatieitor of the estate of Eli Holbrook, deoeuseed. to the creditors and all persoes in claims against t A said deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within foer melees DELINQUENT PERSONAL TAX ,Netice is hereby given that if the fol- lowing personal taxes are not paid on or before the 16th day of June, 1887, I will attach and colleet provided by Anderson Mere Comet . Allan A. F. IL, Elknerie Betts David, feh km's 13 Baxter L. IL, Wood ille ...... 2° 1 44 6 77 Baldwin Sas., Woodville 18 86 4 41 Callahan Dan, Bedford Cobble Sam. Cold Springs 4 59 13 42 Craig J. R., Fish Creek Collingeexxi Bruce, Woodville 16 94 Cheneweth James, Woodville 10 70 Denzil A, Woodville 10 52 Dodge E. G .. Wood ell le 12 02 Estes Hark, Basin 10 52 Gibson G. F., Waive Creek 20 02 Howard Patrick, Placer 7 01 Hughes Peter, Bedford 27 22 H W, F Bedford , 4 89 Hazeitine John, Elkhern Hoiromb R. 11.. Radersburg 1 4 1 5 9 9 i Henley yn Bros.. wit. W . ., i 'V v V ( i )od no v vr in C e reek . . 13 97 34 71 Houle Joe, Woodeille flit:mu George, Woodville 11 18 14 76 Hartwell G.11. es W. It, Woodville 17 14 Harlow Frank, Boulder 6 84 Johnson Mrs. M., Bedford 26 8 8 3 6 5 Lapoint Geo., Anaconda, :use James, Bedford 4 59 ieue Lewis, Woodville 8 10 10 7 9 16 7 , =rence S. G., Woodville.. a Frank, e NIcllonough John, flaney 8 15 McGowan Frank, Boulder 3 44 13 6 7 12 1 Monaghan R.. Bedford Moore F. W., Dlkhorn 16 6 t71 NeVille John, St: Louis O'Connell James, Elkhorn 2 9 3 9 11 5 Petts Wm., Willow Creek Ryan John, Bedford Shull J. D., Radersburg 3 32 St. John John, Woodville 12 15 Smith Antonee 41 11 49 12 58 Staten J. G., 'Tobin & McMahar,Alhanabra 56 05 Wilson B., Wickes Zurrack Frank, Woodville 11 16 9 49 4 F. C. BERENDES, Treaenrer and Collector Jefferson Co. FOR SALE. One Hundred and Fifty Head of Stock Cattle; also Twenty Mulch Cows and sev- eral Beef Steers, well Erected up. Must be sold soon. DOHERTY BROS , Cotd Springs. 3ITHE WINDSOR STABLES, GEO. A . ()OK, Proprietor. Finest Turnouts in the City! Horses Boarded by Week or Month! Hay and Grain For Sale. BOULDER, t : MONTANA. FOR SALE A Bauch of 200 Acres in the Sub- urbs of Boulder City. The undersigned offers for sale his fine rimeh adjoining Boelder. It consists of 90 acres of good hay land, from which can he cot annually from 80 to d00 tons of merchantable hay. Balance of the hind agricultural and pastural. Irrigating ditches cover the entire ranch, with the oldest water -right in the valley, a branch of the Boulder river runs through the -ranch. The improvements consist in part - of a large, neat end good dwelling house, milk house, stables, corrals and other out houses; law a good well of excellent per- manent water. This is a splendid property, alongside a growing town, and will be sold at a bar- gain. Call on S. S. HARPER, On the premises, or at this office. Boulder, May 12, 1887. 81fERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of ID execution in my hands, Issued out of the District court of the 2d Judicial District of Montana Territory, in and tot the county of Silver Bow. in the suit of Goa. thillich against Ed. C. Wein- rich, dilly attested the 18th <ley of April, A. D. 1987, I have levied upon all the right, tide and interest of the said Ed. C. Weinrich, in and to the following des- cribed property, situated in Jefferson county, Montana Territory, viz: The undivided interest in the Muce Quartz lode mining claim, situated in the Homestake mining district. Recorded in the Book of Lodes, page 45 of Records of Jefferson county. Nutice is hereby given that on the 6th day of June, A. D. 1987, between the hours of - 8 o'clock a. ma., and 5 o'clock p. of said day, at the town of Boulder, in front of the court house door, ttt, 1 o'clock p. m., I will sell all the right, title and interest of the said Ed. C. Weinrich, in and to the said above described property to the high- est bidder for cash In hand. Given under my hand this the 13th day of May, A. D. 1887. Delo McNeree, Sheriff. lpy FRANK LIND•ila, Under Sheriff. [No. 1831.] Mining Application. U. 8. LA:sn Orrich, Ilelena, M. T., April 25, 1887. Notice is hereby given that the Emmit Consolidated Mining Company, by Hem - Baud M. Cooper, its president, whose post - office is Helena, M. T.. has this day filed its 'application for a patent for fifteen hundred linear feet of the Miranda Lode. Mine or vein bearing silver, etc, with sur- face ground six hundred feet in width, situated in Boulder Unorganized Mining District, County of Jefferson and Terr i tory of Montana, and designated by the field notes and official plat on file in this office as lot No. 86, in township 7 n, range 4 w, of principal base line and Meridian of Montana Territory,said lot No.86 being as follows. to wit: Beginning at corner No. 1, front which the quarter section em-ner between sections 27 and 28, t , ship 7 n, range 4 w beams 36° w, 4, feet; thence s 75* 15' e 1500 h ' -e n 2' 5o' c600 feet; thence n 73 w 1500 feet; thence 2' 50* w600 feet to place of beginning. Magnetic variation 200 45' to 22 e, containing 20-22 acres. The location of this mine is recorded in New Store New Goods W. H. GR NEN & CO., tfertelqustr-teris WIMIZALE &RETAIL GROCERS, —AND DRAARRII iii Produ( Provisions, Etc. 416 41•411•40.4110 411•4 1 6.4. - Y. •10. •fr e Et 4* 440.14. 410. 4110 46 , 46 41ir 4ft 4It 49. 40 , 4! 416 40.116464404111. • 46 440 4,4* 414.4. *a. , OP 41PrAiu eoes.gees. es.* 4/5. Aft , 4* 46 41S. are wee setfreesessesw epee ee•4040., L.T . MOT. Fresh Butter and Eggs a Specialty. Having purchased the entire stock of Messrs. Eyl & Co., and having secured a large invoice of goods from the East, we are now prepared to present to the peo- ple of Boulder and vicinity, and the Territory at large, a complete line of merchandise, consisting of everything in keeping with the wants of the people. We have a full line of Hats, Caps, Boots & Shoes, GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, ETC. GI A fr POWIDMIZ, CA_PS InTIE3111. ==== -w= NEW GOODS HAVE COME! Lawns, Nansooks, Piqes, Embroidered Robes, Laces, S'wiss Embroideries, And an endless variety of all kinds of Dry Goods. HATS, Elowers, and other Hat Trimming in Variety, WINDOW SHADES, ETC. Come before the wagon starts out I T. A. IATICKES, BOULDER, MONT 424 . A. H. M. ?Attu's:4, Helena. WM. MOIVAIS,Boidder. 1 5 axci - a..exa. 2\Zorris, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ID IR_ mu - a- G-IrTB, Carry a large stock of • s l ev 1 • DRUGS,_ CHEMICALS, PAINTS, OILS. BRUSHES, WALT . ; PAPER, WINDOW GLASS, PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, And TOILET ARTICLES. Also Lamps, Candies, Tobaccos, Cigars, BILAINIK 13001iS and STATI4CO3 - liat'Y I o PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED AT ALL HOURS. Pure Wines and Liquors fcr Medioinal Ilse Only. Auction Sale! Saturday, 3 wise commencing at 10 a. in., the entire horses, mares and geldings belonging to this recorder's office of Jefferson county - , I). G. Waruer, consisting of about 100 head in book 0 ol Lodes. The adjoining dein', .f work horses -broke and uubroke of all ants are the Vivion Lode, lot 87 on the !wes south. TERMS: Cash for amounts less Oise Any and all person cleiming adveraelv *75, or notes drawing 10 per cent interest any portion of said Miranda Lode, Mine ci - r eel' annum with approved security. surf- ce gretund are required to file their W T. STI-EF.T, Auctioneer. adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Helena, the Territory of Montana, during the sty d period of publication hereof, es they will be barred by virtue of the t iro% ion lie Ratliff , . will sell on 11, 1887, herd of Bonds Called for Payment. ()flee of Treasurer of Jeffereou county, Boulder. Mont„ April 15, 1897, S Notice is hereby given that Jefferson minty 10 per cent bonds No, 138 to 178, . pay - his old . friends in the \peii. — -'.7ipe in face, cites foot white, dark striee e W. Leetionottee, Register. both inclusive, have been called for Sovember. a buck skin colored mare; white after t h e fi rst pi ll ) Ijc :i t j, )gl t sf 0 1i ; tiotoe Cl. A. R. - :i ,)•1 ,eft shoulder, weight hoo to :+\..4? i l'A t,/ the said adininiltrator m in; ,ifip•;. i m ; iit)1IN Nee Feee, Atten nee for .e pplicant. meut. Interest ceases May ia, nese. ! ,, a ,,, e. t , o il w not Boulder, in the isenee of' .I ef - ' It ia ilereUy ordered 'k it the forep,ousg F. C. Be St N Dee, Treasir. eeneg back, white saddle mere e, brand •si ‘ delighted with our- little city, end was ye- . ' James II. McPherson Post, No. 13, l'r.iitbly went toward Pony with other - ' - Public Al RAU) is-trater A S KELLOGG Notice of Application for 'Patent be pub- . iished for the period of stxts - dayo ((en 6. A. R. Attentioa California. - He will probably have four - horse N --- I luctant to return to -the balmy skies of '', G. A. IZ. meets the 3d Friday of each ' 0 :1+ , 'A. .1 liberal r !ward will be paid '-Jrf .11e1 Adtuinietrator of estate of Eli Hol- consecutive weeks), in the .1 eae•laiseoe Jos 1 1 McPherson Post o. 13, will ' horse steck on the Butte end before long. RSu F. KEMPSEY Has just received a L... .t elegant line of SPRING and SI \7iR Millinery Goods month. GEO.-TEN Evale, Oom'd. I A. S KELLooa, Adjit. Strayed Away. Brayed away from Comet, someume in tier re.turn or for inforrriation lettLliti; to 11,'T recovrir). C (41 . Nr1 4) (ensile/ Mese ! hrook, deceased. Dated at Boulder, th 10th clay of March. tees; Ze.-4 CoUNTY !\43 a weekly e ewspaper, peelished at Boulder, M. T 14 NV, T. ‘VGW ( 11 , 0k1t. Ftt s aiMPT And is now peepared to feretee azeyeeing from a two-bit Bcheol hat to a twenty - dollar bridal bonnet. and will be pleased to . see the ladies of Wickes and surrounding towns. Shop on up- per Main Street. WICKES, - - - MONTANA. .. Seta art orates, trrt Ibtee irlirs smile t• G ,„.„,,,,,_,,„.„.„,„‘„,:,,,.,,,.--„,....- ..„ tor. =:.. Andi , Te aL ,,'h-., -0 pi * :!.eft: frc: ,,, 1LS ic *Z pe , c.ay. :-•in4 LailS% e•f . , --- -- 5 ,. , 1 • ,4' ,, Etih,..r me , 'VG , : F . IV' i>1 1 C4.401/ki r•,4 , e , ,•1 , e , . Y,.. - 4 wr.i.•eved frac I i3 , 10‘. •ArlIK, rtnr .a 4ftet, sin alwoWtei y unite of Et tilE illairlork...•••• At lb 'Am meet •It Wickes on Friday evening, May Lime. 20, lee7. (-;!)- TEN liTtii: C. iii r At Swarbrielt's Lime lido, cei N. 9 F;ri Ione, -Ad) fee -0e. 40 r -r.. , 4--; .\.`t j Gou t h .,%t+ and -* Clfitilltr! r

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 20 May 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.