Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, May 20, 1887, Image 4

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• Jefferson ( unty Sentinel. ADVERTISING RATES. e se ssis monthly. One Inch. per week $ 1.50 Three inches, pet month 4.00 00e -quarter coluron, per month 0.00 tine -half column, , per month 8.00 , oae column, per month 15.00 (ele brand on cut one year, with pap\r10.00 Leeal advertising at legal rates. Local notices 1.5 cents per line for first insertion; 10 cen s per line for each suc- ceedine insertion. ; WASHINGTON LETTER. [From our Replier Correspondent.] W SIIINGTON, May i. Washington sciety is spending its time at the raco ; this week. It may be seen on the rand stand en [nesse. Cabinet and plomatis ci.cles sr.) nell represente and many notable people in the 'rids of polities, lit- erature, fashion Lnd the turf are there. Mrs. Clevelan. , alternates almost daily between the country home and the White House, and the President, just at this time, is representing his regular duties , ith attentions to the Queen of the S tidwich Islands. The Royal Hawaiia. arrived in the city on Tuesday eve ,iing with her alt n l- ents, and was driven to the Arling- ton hotel, where apartments had been engaged for her. In one of her par- lors the Queen found a basket of roses from the President awaiting her, at which she expre.sed much de- light. On the following day her majesty called on the President and in the afternoon Mrs. Cleveland re- turned the cull, after which the for- eigners were driven around the city to various points of interest. In the evening they attended some exercises given at the deaf mute college. The Queen is much interested in this kind of work, and the president of the college knowing this, arranged an entertainment and invited her. To- day the royal party was taken down the Potomac on the \Despatch\ to Mount Vernon, accompanied by mem- bers of the Cabinet and Diplomatic Corps. This evening a dinner will be given at the White House in hon- or of the Queen, to which the Cabi- net - and ladies, foreign ministers and ladies, Chief Justice Waite, General Sheuidan, Admiral Porter and a few others will be invited. Her royal highness is in complex- ion about as dark as the average mu- latto, is. of a medium height, and weighs,apparently, about 200 pounds. She seems to be about fifty years of age, but her complexion is too dark for accurate guessing at age. Her traveling attire was a long black mantle reaching to her feet, a crane veil streaming dowit her back after the fashion which prevails in this country, and ilrottrid her neck and hanging down a front of her dress a very long fur tippet, which looked decidedly unc mfortable on a day when ice crea and soda were in lively demand. A warmth prophetic of summer has settled down on Washington. Over- coats and mantles have been doffed and parasols, fans and such accesso- ries have taken their places. Every- body who works wants a holiday dur- ing the Drill week, even to the sew- ing girls and s:hool children. There has been some trouble about music for the Drill, and it seems Washiug- ton musicians will not be represent- ed. No local bands will play. Good bands can be brought here from else- where at a lower price. '141e diffi- .culty grew out of the feeling be- tween civilian and Government -paid musicians in the marine and artillery bands. It will probably lead to a defection in the ranks of the musical union and the formation of a branch .of the National League of musicians, an organization which exists for the purpose of protecting civilian play- ers from the competitiou of Govern- ment musicians. The Smithsonian Institution has just added another specimen of sculp- ture to its many precious relics. This is an idol from one of the Polynesian Islands which has recently been Christianized by French missionaries. It is about nine s feet long by three feet wide, is chiseled out of common rock, and is ry ugly. It started on its way to the Jnited States nearly a sear ago, frott its native land, and after many ne aventures, was finally landed at Panama, where it was quar- antined for a time. When it was dis, covered that it was neither dangerous nor ouptagiout, the idol was set at liberty, and a rain proceeded on its travels. It Is is carried across the isthmus cf P name on the ralroad free of charge , and then boarded a ship at Aspin , Pall for Washington. A few evenotge since some young doctors and deetists who graduated from the National University here had the pleasure of receiving their diplomas frou the hand of President Cleveland. 'k is the chancellor of the universit and Judge McArthur of this city the vice ,chancellor. The two wl d arm in arm at the head of the acuity and took their seats on the platform. The Judge delivered an Wrests during the even- ing which wit full of encouragement to women. ! le said they were going to throw the lours of these institu- tons wide o to women and place them on an lal footing with men, where they re they will attend the same s, be inoructed by She same p int, receive the Berne ,diplomas, a by the President of the United , which will carry :them any The R ed a bill re WORIell or them, and I the inter-. WOMEN'S COLUMN. Delaware itLIS raked the age of protection or girls from seven years fifteen. When women vote, good women will be just what they are now, only , more powerful. The Connecticut Legislature has raised the age of protection for girls from ten to fourteen years. A few years ago it NMI thought im- proper for a woman to be a foreign missionary unlese she were a mission- ary's wife. Now there are 2,4(k) un- married women in the mission field, besides, probably, an equal number of married ones. Mrs. M. Louise Thomas, president of Soroti-s has been one of the most successful bee -keepers in the country, making 10,000 pounds of honey in a year. Mrs. Lucy .C. Lithe keeps two sten- ographers busy taking down her sto- ries from dictation. She is also a no- table housekeeper, and has adopted shree children. Rev. Annie II. Shaw has been ap- pointed one of the committee on the Temperance Hospital of Chicago to be built under the auspices of the National W. C. T. U. J. G. Whittier and Mrs. Harriet Prescott Spofford are among the offi- cers of a Woman Suffrage League just organized at Amesbury, Mass. Helen Spurrell, of London, has made a translation of the Bible which is highly praised by scholars, and is said to be far more enjoyable to the English reader than the \revised ver- sion\ of the committee. The girls of Girton College, Elig- land, are said to amuse themselves by blowing soap -bubbles. This is a more harmless recreation than changing sign -boards, taking gates off their hinges, or howling through the streets like bilodoc Indians, which is the way some American students of the opposite sex take to blow off their superfluous steam. The other day a bicycle was seen leaning against a little church in New York. A tricycle stood by its side, and fifteen more bicycles were stack- ed on the church green. Their own- ers were attending the marriage of a wheelman and wheelwoman inside. Presently out came the bride and groom, in fresh club colors, and wheeled away on their marriage trip for a two hundred miles ride. The New Orleans Times -Democrat accepts the statement of certain liquor organs that the women who voted in Kansas were chiefly the demi-monde; and expresses itself puzzled by the fact that Kansas papers generally seem so well satisfied with the law, under the circumstances. The puzzle would be inexplicable if the state- ment as to the class of women were true. The only answer to the riddle is the old one -\The boy lied.\ It is predicted that, if women vote, they will turn into men, become \un- sexed,\ etc. But the chief differences between men and women are natural ones-, they are not the result of dis- franchisement. We do not find that voting makes a refined man coarse, or a quiet man noisy, or a peaceable man pugnacious. Every man comes away.from the polls just the same sort of a man lie was when he went there. Voting does not wipe out nat- ural differences of temperament be- tween man; why should it wipe out natural differences of temperament between men and women? Womaa Suffrage In Kansas. BY REV. It. CORDLY, D. D., LAW RENCF., KAN. The Kansas Legislature granted the right of municipal suffrage to women, and so the city elections were watched with great interest. In most places women voted in large numbers. This was especially true in towns where the temperance issue was prominent. Contrary to the common prediction, the women who voted were mostly those of the highest character and greatest refine- ment! It. was a very common fear that the low and vile would vote, while the pure and refined would ab- stain. But the reverse of this was true. One thing was noticeable: The women treated the ballot as a matter of conscience. They wanted to do some good with their votes. As a consequence, all parties were more careful in the selection of candidates. Another gain was a more orderly election. Even where the excite - the moral elements of the city. and, E even thoill4h defeated in the election, a Teal victory has been achieved. Th new itaelf, and shows 14 that a -(v iii e on ler friends for has won sTovEs go to the polls and vote modestiv as to the store and buy. t:ongregs• tionalist. A Line or Heating & Cook - A. Story. Sas FFIANCISCO, May - Miss Lillie Frances Brown, of Oakland, Cal., was so desirous last December ing Stoves at Hel of becomi;)g widtPw as to warn - Frank McK , e, a printer on the Call, an entire straiger, upon the repre- sentation that he was dying of con- sumption. She acknowledges that she was silly and foolish, but that hoes not maLe the molter plain to the people at large. They are ask- ing for some other and more reason- able explanatbn. They say the act was unnatura and wiwolianly. Ac- cording to he - to her story she sim- ply saw that a widow cou!d have more liberty, could do m gs ore and dif- ferent thin eithout being ta l ked about than a girl who never had been married, and so she dstermiatedeto find a man vrt o was comparatively on his deathbed, marry hitn, pay his doctor bills and funeral expenses in return for his favor in making her a widow. She was possessed of a for- tune of about $40,000. The plan worked well to a certain point. She found her man, married him, and paid his doctor bills to the amount of $500 or WO, but the man refusod to die,. He actually got well. This was something Miss brown had not counted on, and therefore she is in a peck of trouble. She did not want a husband, a lire husband, at least only foSat s/ ort time. McKee tells his version of the case to -day. He states that he was honest in his thought that he was about to die. He sent word to his brother in Oregon that if the latter wanted to see him alive . to come at once to Oak- land, but for 'eorne reason unknown to himself he regained his health. Later he had several meetings with his disappointed wife, and at one time she proposed that they had better try to accept the situation and live to- gether, but as he murmured some- thing about not knowing whether they could live happily together or not, she acted as though) she was half insulted and has not renewed the offer. At another time she stated she was willing to support him if he lived alone, hut as he had a delicacy about naming a sum that proposition was not consummated. The case stands at this point to- day. She is comparatively a girl, being only twenty-one, and has a for- tune; he is a widower and poor. Neither one knows what to do with the other. McKee is cred:ted with saying that he sometimes wishes lie had died when he had thought he was go i ng to, as it would have great- ly simplified matters. It. is said that 15r. De Puy, who waited on McKee, is largely responsible for this state of affairs, as he made certain mis- representations. Since the occur- rence he has moved to Lake View, Oregoe, with the intention, it is said, of beginning practice there. After Hot Water. A party of Helena capitalists went out to Boulder the close of last week and spent a few days at the Hot Springs, the noted resort one mile and a half from Boulder City. Fol- lowing their visit comes the rumor that they contemplate the purchase of the Boulder Hcvt Springs property, the improvement f the ground:, erection' of a hotel and the general transformation of that place fnto a summer resort with extensive accom- thodations.-Herald. We have often heard it remarked that Helena would like to have the earth, but really did not think that they wanted the Boulder Hot Springs thrown in. But they certainly would not move them from Boulder. HAY RANCH FOR SALE. One of the best hay ranches in Boulder valley, known as the \Jones Ranch.\ and belonging to the estate of the late Ralph W. Dildibe, is hereby offered for sale. It Is situated three miles northeast of Bould- er City, and is well adapted to dairying, stock raising, or growing hay for a good and convenient market, in which the de- mand for good hay Is steadily Increasing. For further particulars apply to RY DLD IINE, (ap1-4) Gallatin, Mont. - A. BRADLEY 9 13 1-2 Main St., Helena. merit was most intense, there was no Jeweler, Watchmaker violence. In no single case was a Repairing and NI auu lecturing - A N woman hindered or rudely spoken to. M G A. 7,7 The roughest and no:s:est crowd - would part asunder, and stand.back with the utmost respect, whenever a lady came to vote. The most exciting scenes were at Leavenworth. The city heti been r years ruled by the saloon element, who defied the sentiment and law of the State, The Legielature last win- ter so aineneled the law that further evasion seemed useless, arid the sa- loons of Leavenworth were closed. The good women of the city deter- mined to elect a council in sympathy with the new order of things. Two thousand seven hundred women reg- istered. They held meeting.? almost daily for prayer and consultation. When the polls were opened, 40) women were standie , g in line waiting their turn to vote. Over 2,000 voted d tring the day. Leavenworth never had a more exciting election, and sel- in ne world. dom a more orderly one. The old t,i ticket was re-elected, but the major. and Senate has ity was reduced from 1,700, two le g rv the employers of years ago, Io sixteen now; and this horn coekerel oi sale Ako, W\ andotte, • to provale seats for notwithstanding a pledge from the I . 'llaboutti Rock nit I Leghora eggs f„ r Double Teams and Everything in 'e , s - . • m sit down durintr old office es that the new p. di •v wiilfiti 1 : ( 1 ) * 7 l h 1 1 cry 1 ine ..s s is ts I. leis r`r 14 0 br I% II 1 1\Irti• t'rt k4 '•( Watches cleaned for $1.50, and other work in proportion. girAgent for Lumlnions Door Pl•oes. Just Arrived! ! ena prices. Hardware &TiliCre a Specialty. Repairing :one r eatly A ;ti:kly. Main Street. • • Booklet- 1 10es E. THOMAS & CO. mil HODGSON, M;o.ofacturer of Limber & S1111111E31 saN) milt near Beavertown I am prepared to furnish MINING TIMBERS on short notice; Also deal in all kinds of nit lIDSfe4.1.313 iuiBUIll. ENOCII HODGSON, Jefferson City. 0 Tim ntrYWRIP C , It ECM OS tammail he pc. and 111e rely each year . fill- Illa IP-,, x 1 1 , oxtektoaor. ttA 3,500 ill natratton • at ea hoot* 1' teet tare AN -a tarry GIVER) Wkolmtale Priers ,fireet to erwsent.111 ., .1Ik *11 v'0111. P. r personal or fansaly we.. .r.ila bet. to order, arid Oros assert rent of r gary , tilting yo a nee, oat- drink. vte , a , .. ter bare taxa with.. Tit ea, IN% Al.1 A /31.1 , ;.' ROOK .5 co nil LIR tnforrnatton attested from Otte markets nf the nor 1AL mill mall 11, °copy teltb:117. to any ad- der...* open receipt of 10 (-1 , , te afire.\ , expense of mielltum I -•••• 4 11.! te ear frt..= rem, 112.rspeetf(ttiy , MONTGOMERY 'NAPE ) & CO rye VS` @JIM& A • e . .. ,`,.. t: ki 004. BOULDER CITY Saddle and Harness SHOP. Join F. Sheehy, Prop'r. ATI tig Mir( tiased a Stock of harness leather aud mounting. I am now prepared to make anything in the above line to or- der. All work warranted hand-made and no charge if not satisfactory. Boggy Trimming Done to Order. THEODORE FREYLER'S Saloon an TALL. A Selected Stock of Wines Liquors and Cigars. 2M1waukee Beer on Draught. WI.ICES, - - 11ONTAN 1. _ - 1 2.1!1 6,000,000 PEOPLE USE FERRY'S SEEDS FERRY* Co. err \ the LARGEST MOUSIER :N• 13 M. FERRY I CO'S ertpti, AMIN. mu_, rtal• - ‘ , SEED ANNUAL For 18137 at: 'a* Wail FREE to Ian sad witl.,41. derioa it. /ereiwibl.te Prery per. •••• #0.0 epilog Gair• J... lurid oc renewbale. •itnria awed /.t A dtirMi S.M. ant a CIL Detroit. klisth.• • WORKING CLASSES Attention We are now prepared to furnish all classes with em- ploy:nent at home, the whole of the time, or for their spare moments. Business new, light and profitable. Persons of either sex easily earn from 50 cents to $5.00 per even- ing, and a proportional sum by devoting all their time to the busiuest. Boys and girls earn nearly as much as men. That all who Nee this may send their addresa, and test the buainess, we make the offer. To such as are not well satisfied we will Rend one dollar to pay for the trouble of writing. Full particulars and outfit free. Address Geostoc Selesoe & Co., Portland, Maine. Boarding & Loiging; Also a choice lot uf CHARLES POND, Baker and Confectioner, And Dealer in Muse aoi Japanese Goods. FANCY PCB:ELAINE ani 11 INT AW..A..PE, CIGARS an TOBACCO, Boulder City, Montana. NUTS, PITS It CONFECTIONS. 113uben Warren, mucinurt. Livery and Fed -- sAr. P000filee ;Address Boulder. Montana Range-Boulder ey. Brand -Horses, CC on right thigh. Cattle -Perpendicular bar with a half circle over the top, on left hip. Vent on horses bar across brand. William nutter. Cattle same range as the horses. Brand pp on right rib Postoffice address is Boulder, M. T. Range Boulder Vatter. Brand -- Fforses= on right shoulder. John Flaherty. ere - Za. is Address-Cold Springs Lower Boulder. Aug.) Patrick Wick httin• POStOniCa Addres. Weber Moot Rang e Boulder valley. Cattle branded or left rib. norses on left shoulder. I, half circle reversed. Marks, cattle slit in both ears. All persons are warned *gains imitating my brand Lu any %ay • • \OM :70 . 0 1 .4. • Grace Knotottict.,..) aerson county, M. T. Range, Little Pipe -stone. Brand, cat- tle, EK en left ribs. Draft horses and roadsters for sale. GEORGE LA. POINT. ireStalt i f 2 :0111 Ati/A Postoifice, Ana- conda. Harif,Te, Bou Idea Valley Brand -Horses --Figure 2 on left neck. N IC) BEAST! Mexican Mustang thiment Lumbago, Rheematimn. Bums, Ssalda, atialrat Bits: Brume. Bunions, Coral, Scratches, Sprains. Straisu, Stitches, Stiff Joints, Baakaohs, Sores, Spayin Cracks. Contracted Muscles, Ernptions, Hoof Ail, Screw Worms, sliwinnev, Saddle Galls, THIS 000D OLD STAND-BY aeoomplishes for everybody exactly what is elaanod for It. One of the rases\ for the great popularity of ao Mustang Liniment is iptind tu its nni•ersal applicability. Ireerybody needs such a medicine. The Lumberman needs It of accident. The Ifeneeerife needs It for L , ralfanally use. The Canaier needs It for kit , hie my& The illeeltanic aesde it al., his work beset). The Miner needs it In tea° of emergency. The l'istneer nee `.• it -can't get along without it. The Farmer ne.- '. it In his house, at. stable. sad Ms stock ya-' The eteamb.,nt ou,nnr 'Ar Huai u) rt • needs Ittu Ub.rlsuppl Y The li•rse-fancler n«.1,1 te-it is his best friend and safest reliance. The Stock -grower needs It -it will s av e alla thousands of dollars an la world of trouble. The Itailroad man needs It and will need Its. Long as 144.7• life IN a r- 'ad of accidents and dangers. The Back woodman an needs It. There's note - lug like t a- an so.i. iote for the dangers to lit- th ancl in tort which surround the : t \neer. The A/fern/tent needs it About Yin among his tempi .yces. Accidents will hapner,, and WIMS thee 'meliC Pluttang Liniment Is v. atttvd at or.ce. Keeps Bottle in the \: the •e.uttt.ty Keep , a Bottle in the Vstet•ry, 1:t.irotr , Ita. ts Dlie In Mae ks..t et' NI. ee. ji.ere a Bottle Always in the leiabie tor see whoa wasted. The lady who lost her arm on the Fourth $20U,thii,, , nd us 5 coats postage, and n /I/ 1 ( 1 PR 1 TB GIVEN AWAY. of July. Thais\ est. Nlosst Plv month Rock and ',exhort's. Carriages, Buggies, Saddle Horses, f •ht • PI ynmout Ii Itock aiti STABLE ssn will get FRES a package of f lirge value, that will start you in torL tl; %it ,N ill at once bring you in money faso , r Inan ativtl:itizelse In America. All st i mal t the presents with each boN Agents tt anted ex i•rVt% here of either sex, of all ag,•:, for :Ili time, or snare time only, to work for us t their awn homes Fortunes for all wil•i,er.• di+yv it tt +It T - rt A. I.... 1.1)1 - 1_,4NFIV. P- Range Boulder Valley in at NI) I aUle I X on iclt aol with a riouhie lu- '' .! X on It -ft Ialjor I orse- f t thigh. Vt , nt s IX on left abouldei Also horses with Diaintem - i *„! shoulder, Haw *I isse-ssr, P. O. Boulder Vs? M. Itar;;:e. Jeffer son county BRAND. Cattle: E on left side, under half crops on both ears. i on ft Mary I. .TeWhiea. P. 0. Boulder Val- ley, M. T. Range, Jefferson county. BRANDS : Cattle:* with bar underscored os left side. Horses, sarae * brand 41 , 111111111114 `, GRISWOLD. P. 0., Boulder it. T. Range, Boulder Vs Vip Brandt -Cattle: Square and compas on left side. Horses: G with bar oa top on left thigh. Vents -Cattle: bar ever brand. Horses: 0 with bar on top onlleft shoulder The cattle are marked with a dulap cut downwards. WM. it CrGr URIC P. 0. Weber, Jefferson co., X. T. Range. Boulder valley BRANDI. Circle bar on left shoulder, open R on left thigh. Horses: open It on ft thigh. A. C. QUAINTANCV.... -. 0. address, Boulder, M. T. r - NAXOS on north liouider. Brands -('at tie )- crossed on ribs on i both sides. Horses --Q on the left shoulder. Marks -Double dulap, up and down. • Vent - Cattle and horses, single brand on right shoulder. AI -sward Cardwell. Cattle branded fig- ure 7 on left hip, with wattle on left jaw. Horses brand- tql letter C on right shoulder. Range: Jefferson zounty. Fl. RYAN, P. 0. address Boulder Walley, M. T. Range, Jefferson county BRANDS. Cattle: R on right thigh. Horses: Single R- on left shoulder. Vent. same brand on left thigh. II A.It RISKIN a OM BAN ange-Jefferson and Fish Creek valley este) en\ Lie paia upon the tams/It:um of any parties dealing unlawfully in an stock with my brand on. P. 0. Fish Creek II. GOODWIN. P. 0. 'Whitehall. Range, Whitetail. Brand-Norses-G with bar under- neath on left shoul- der. Vent --a bar over the G. He has an excel- lent lot of young horses for sale. M. W. W 3E11. P. 0. Weber. Range, Boulder valley. Cattle - Diamond lengthwise with fig- ure '7 inclosed. . CON CLARIS - P.O.. Boulder. Range -Boulder y Brands -CC on the right ribs, wattle or right thigh. Vent same brand under the other on cattle. Horses, C on left h ultheVentbrand reversed underneath W11. 1 P 0 Cold Springs. Range, Potilder vs BRANDS Cattle- Horseshoe on left side and thigh. Vent horse- shoe reversed on left hip. Horses - horseshoe on left thigh. Vent brand reversed on left hip APP la annard & I...cwire. AddressGrace P.O Jeffersou county. Range, Little ripe. stone. Sixty -11\ head of mares and . (-tits for sale 4PICfA.I. NOTIC MIL 'Religious Notieee. Preaching ererv Sunday moral ng et the M. E. church. at 10 a_ in sun time tat Leid 3d Sundays, Rev. H. W. Currie, 24 and 4th by the Presbyterians. Sunday at 2 la thc after-nooa _ . . I 7. W. Ceelenuial ',Age. No. Vt. Meets every }Ina and Third It °vie, osch month, in Good Templars' Visiting brethren are cordially Invited to vitend JNO. F. Suranr,' M. W Wit Aims. Rec. Geo. F. Cows: M. IL Peri c! - . 7CW.6.17 17.LIT.ZI,r7. tOrfi(v.i' and ( BOrLDXR CITY, Will practice ia all the coon: t , -t eolastaa Territory. U. J. TNOUIGtla I :Writ', NOTARY PUB LC. Boulder, . OFFICE: - With Dougherty Bova Thompson Campbell. J. fri. DeiPp. CAM:SELL A L7T77, ATTORNEYS - AT- - LAW. BUTTE, MONTANA. DR. W. H. DUDLEY, Elkhorn, M. T., surgeon to the Elkhorn mine - 4.nsea wtih permission to Drs.L. X liolcet-. sis4 E. D. Leavitt, of Butte, M: T. Dr. J. C. Ranter, PHYSICI.AN AND SITRODON. Grath - fate of the University of Millais& phis. Pc, Class of 1873-8. Office at Residence near Church. TRETE{ FILIAL]) OR EXTRACT** Boulder City, • • Montana. Alex. J. Elder, Notary Public, and Colmar:met Office in court brogue. BORLDRIt CITY, - • M•ITTANA. A. R. ROBERTSON Dentist :-: Surgeon. Teeth Extracted Withott Pain, Filling and all Dental work dune in a thorough manner and satisfaction guaran teed. or First two weeks la each month at the Windsor House, Boulder, and the next two weeks at the Russell House. Wictes WM. K. PIERCE, Manufacturer and Dealer La Lumber, Lath D- - Shingles. Sawmill on Muskrat creek. XINING TIMBERS A SPECIALTY Carried at BOULDER CITY. A. S. XELLOGG, Agent re-csil on us for Reduced ?rive.. 1= 5 ..A.=INT T 3 Obtained, and all Patent Business attes& ed to promptly and for moderate fees. Oas office is epposite the U. 8. Patent 0 Moe, and we can obtain patents in leas time than those remote from Washington. Song model or drawing. We advise as to pen entability free of charge, and we mike se charge unless putent is secured. We refer here to the Postmaster, the Supt. of Money Order Div., and to offid.ais of the U. S. Patent office. For circular, advice, terms and reference, to actual *b- ents in your own State or county, write is C. *NOW ar. Op. Patent Office, Washington, D. O. The - Inclepenaent, Daily and Weekly-Helena, Mont. Independent Publishing Ce., Publisher,. Has the largest circulation of any paper in the Territory. Located at the Oapitel, , it is the organ of the dominant party, and contains the Latest Local, Territorial and Telegraphic News. DAILY, Per Year, $1!, Cash in Advance WEEKLY,\ $ \ KA if Not Paid in Adrenals MONEY to be made. Cut this out sad return tolls, and we will &sad you free, something of great value and im- portance to you, that will start yop isisasi• nein which will bring you in more mousy right away than anything else in this world. Any one can do the work and lire at home. Either sex; all ages. Something new, that just coins money for all workers. We will start you ; capital not needed. This is one of the genuine, important chances of a lifetime. Those who are sunbitions and enterprising will not delay. Grand outfit free. Address Taca & Co., Augusta, Maine. LEES TAYLOR, Carpetr& I1er All kinds of Doors and Window Frames, Stairs„ Counters, Etc. made_to Order. Plans, Specifications and Estimates prepared. BOULDER, Mont, CHARLES ElinUla PRACTICAL ILC: and MOC17....alrer 5 BOULDER, MONTANA Mr. Englund has permanently locateei among us, and those wiahiug anything la his line will do well to call :; to order. Sausfse- :. ,,ranteed Mc Miners lionie. 1 , -3 A. C w The bar Is stocked with fin:: ft esk beer and best eigsrs arisritet. 12 1-2o. :EINES. 12 1-24. 14ttletellt! BfiG, Prips'ut.

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 20 May 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.