Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, May 27, 1887, Image 1

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A • • JEFFERSON COUNTY SENTINEL. VOL. II. 'Fiats I'iont‘t-a• Nvswietsitsise.r- 4)t .IestlilArssessi Ctssinty-e-A .Tosarn1tl--Iistieti4.aniesst Ilk IN/Mien. BOULDER, MONTANA, FRIDAY. MAY '27. '7 NO. 46 The orthwestern. Owieg to the fact that our store is about, to be' rebuilt, remodelled and enlarged, we have decided until the above alterations are completed, to sell everything in our line at from 10 to 20 per cent. below regular prices. Now is the time to buy your Spring outfit! Oar stock is complete, and are receiving new goods right along. Before buying Clothing and Fur- nisittng Goods be sure and call at THE NO !loiter's Block, Opposite Grand Central Hotel, i rm 'IMI.J1M1\1 1. .A.7 I ra .J. D. G ROESBECK. & CO.. pflur pa Cook:Heating Hc11 UT/,'.u, and Camp SI Vi 1 l a Nails, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse WOODMNNCT_A-1 2 2)=, Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouldiugs. Plated Ware, Glassware and Bar Goods. Agents for the Celebrated Buckeye Force Pumps and Shutler Wagons, —oto-- TIN SHOT) In connection where all kinds of Jab work end Ftc- pairing will be done. re - Opposite Court House, • Just 110-01idllEd, - Mont.anss. ib-P11 1 1113110[1 I Boulder HOT Springs. Wonderful. Curative Prcperties. IN ALL CASES OF - Chronic, Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism, Lead Poisoning, Constitutional Weikness, and General Debility. A PLEASANT 1*. F1SORT ! FIRST-CLASS HOTEL AND BATHING ACCOMMODATIONS. Re/seised by Stage from Helena, Butte, Wickes, Elkin -Tr, , Conlaki o r 41 al) Points in the Territory. Terms moderate. A-trot-4514as Physician • DR. IRA A. LEIGHTON Is constantly in attendance. Few full information addrese, TROTTER & KEENE, Boulder, Mont. The Windsor House. KEENE & TROTTER, Prop's. BOULDER, Mont. t icEverything First -Class.' BOARD PER WEEK, DAY, $T 00 Mr - Orders solicited and goods delivered. 2.00 .IcOror-eson City, Mont. Willowburn Farm, Beaverhead Valley, Mont_ IMPORTED and 11011ElliltED Percheron and Norman Stallion 1141 )1 area FOP SALL 1 All Meet Warranted as Represented. Terms and prices to suit custom- ers. Write for Illustrated Catalogue. Visitors always welcomed. JAMES N1AULDIN, Dillon, Mont. jErifi\TIE Postaffica address. Jefferson City, Moot, Rrand, Horses, Sit on right shoulder, and the vent is a bar over the brand. Cattle, same. Cattle ha R circfe on right hip. Range near Jefferson. J. P. DAILY, Post/Ace ad& Comet. Range from Boulder to Basin City. Btand \on left thigh. Cattle same as harses. PARADISE & M1ONALD The only Carriage, Wagon Blacksmith and Paint Shop In Jefferson county Male Street Moataisa. Grand Central Hotel 1-.1=_JI\T.A., MONT. REED k R1NDA, PEors The Leading and only First-class hotel In Ilelena. Prices reasonable. Everything New and of the La- test style. - M AIN ST . Jeffferse,r, A. C. QUACNTAlirCE, Dealer In Fresh 13oef, Mutton, Pork, Sausage, Fish, etc. In feet everything usually kept in a first- class meat market. Meat Supplied t: all Railna - 1. and Tie Camps at Reasonable rates. GR AND CENTRAL HOTEL PHIOMEC Store FRANK FARNHAM. Proprietor, Netyjuilt, Newly Frished ThrollEtiont and Centrally Located. THE LEADING HOTEL IN BOULDER, The Tables are Supplied vs ith the Best in the Market. BOARD AND LODGING $7.00 BOARD PER DAY 1.50 Fs( l'rons All Points liftop at, '1'hiso Iffote)1. Taken Up. One iron gray horse, 8 Years old, weighs about 1,0410 lbs., and bears an arrow brand on left thigh. Own. er can nave the sauce by proving prop- erty and paving charges. Inquire of J01: FLET(• at Frank Hoopes' ranch on litIrltyed. Strayed from Ptailip Wagers raneh near Cornet, one red steer, two years old, branded W on hip, slit in right ear and hole in same ear. One White steer, two years old. branded , :ittr on hip, 41;1 sod aleo hole in ridet ear. A suitable re w•nril will be timid for their twos cry. ‘i, 41 1.9 Como , . )1 1.DER, MONTANA. Stationery, Toilet Articles. Cigars and Tobacco. 1.'rui*., c,na Cm. fectionery, also a fin 11 supply of ALBUMS ANT', PORTMONIAES A choice irie-t f ev •rythIng in the stationery line always in s.or Ed Mo8ORLET, Pro : Jrietot for hi:itching: Plymouth 1:- 1.o..•si, White and lime it 1,1 ie, o elemen, In genre of Sol IF. Itzro. .1 ell .rsoa City DEAR HUSBAND, COME ats)ivIEI ire:1, inbedve to a Giranger m,mber of the ill:noes legislaturej deetr 1,:isban.1 coine borne to me now sone set 'er42 . so y eked war - 1 Li I-ince 1. :t 011: why ekn yolk Doi onne And s\' I the thing -s em the farm' to,d u oh. in vu were elected last Lan If I ,a r It hut once let you CO YOU st: rrly cult roinc e'er the winter Ks, •,,, : one: Of course I believed ii waa so. Hinshand..1,nr husband, come borne to me now, I'm Kiliffiug the: 0.1or :.t spring: You've s!ai,1 esolvh to the eripital there- \ ra %fifer onvta.r my wi n: . n o Itoi:orso is teawing the• slablo Ii c niad, The• colt s in e te:rrihl. The- hei,r,r has get a ohlte calf, Aud the catticare Inarelluir roe you. Iteusistu n i, dear neinterinet. , :nnie home to now, i a eke to 0: , 1 , ne yau'r**14 Whet/ you p -t. 01r,,;.1 slits your sad re. solves, Ati,1 c1r,,-11 , -; h Stu/ one and that' Tour re: , en.:::e I, pahl hy the inn;!,,•est 'Any round„ But take: the sh..rtese cut when Tour •p,e•-bes are Poe twee-die.dee, but sonic way They don't hide your ta-,, , die-41“--dutn. The voice of your Betsy lat calling you. dear; Its nearly the time to Ineeke soap ; And some of the women an-.. .4/Lying-, may I'M giving you m,st Imineh n•pc. Thpy t Dere is deepere.te tl:rtine up there With widows and • ,..1; 4 . • uot a fee. I haven't been the me)rning you left, Dent, Joseph, hew it a :th you\ Come home: Coale holm,: You bear me, you raecat'. Come home! -t 'bin -age Ileraid. • - (Hying Barnum His Turn. And here in the old Park hotel occurred the famous trick played en Its mum in Tom HiggiusoiSS barber shot. w :: was in the basenseut, where there is a I mrber shop now and has been for thirty v..ars. Tom was a wa g and Ms s hop war a (coins local install- • lion. \Tout can't I get shavai right awayr the great showman said as I. hounced into the shop. \Guess not,\ said Tom, \all the chairs are full and people are waiting.\ \Can't I get any oati to., give me his turn?\ klannuni asked. \You might try that Irishman.\ It was a marvelous Irishmen that was re- ferred to. He looked as if belted lean wait- ing for a barber all his life, be was so un- kempt and shaggy about the head and face. Barnum bought him off by promising to pay his hill while in the barber's hands. Tom shaved the Irielintan and whispered in his oar as he shaved. Ho told Min he might as well get his hair cut, end the in that lie' had better have a alumna). After that ho sent him back for a bath, and, catching him when he mune out, got him to have his hair curled and his mustache dyed. He didn't look g pnything like the same Irishman. The bill 'amounted to $15 and odd (ante. Barnum paid it and was delighted with the joke. He had a pie- - tare made showing the Celt as he came in and &she went out, and that picture went all over the world-Julian Italith in Kansas City Times. Boatels Culchaw la Low Ufa. In Boitton even the street *enders feel the influence of the Athens of Attica. This is it,' way a salve seller talks: \That's right, _ ; ...'hinnan, come right up. Don't mind the east wind, which, as our friend Emerson used to say, pierces our solitude. This salve would have made the Concord Philosopher stand the weather better. Only three boxes, and going way down east/ How toeing)! Wily, Ms LoWell said, that is the vague Orient. This salve would cure the vagueness every time. Curet minituis. (Bad to see so many boys here. Mayne boys! You, too, need at !mat one box each. Does Joseph Cook use iif Of course he does and Matthew Arnold called for a box as soon as be reached this country. He eisiel ho heard it was sweet and light. Move on, gentlemen. A box in each trend and two in your pocket will ballast you. Ibis tut ism us. \-New York Mun. A neatly Secret Society. Onsahe yOu men ern *try mys- terious about your secret societies. Guess you don't know we gide have a secret so- eiety, too, Omaha Man -Really, I did not; you hare kept your secret well. \Yee we have one; it was formed last night; but Its object is a secret, you know.\ \I suppose so.\ \Yea you we all the members are to be true to each other under all circumstances.\ \Of course.\ 'And tell each other all the secrets they bear. Isn't it splendid r -Omaha World. Must Maki'. e\* .14 777 - e0 e • els; *()).)‘,- Miss Ingenue ,anxiously, but sonteiv bat ab- sent inintleilly, referring to her dog)-Ilit does not match my Iszteqne at all, and I want hint clyal. If you can do it without taking Isles apart Fit leave him. -Judge. The Scripture Complied With. It was in an experiences meeting in an African M Sereh over in N'irge - ,ia, writes a a s •• ertegxuelent. • , w convert had 6(411 in Ins 0, , Relied tel , I the bretio ea and the see, :-. II the st his life, and more too, with all their ations. He had confemed to eveuy cries , knowu in the statutes .4 every sin 1; nown to the decalogue. When he ilausee for breath, gasping At his owe wickehtees, a brother ia the gallery sbouted solemnly: * ••Put out diet lamp!\ \Why for!\ tteked the pastor. \Cox said the solemn brother, \ile •ik-s' sinner dene return.--Cor. lkistem Tray eler. Without Warning. Lady iin uptown storei-IVIny, Mrs. 8., this you, and in mourning! I hadita beard I hat-that— idra ft -Yes, Mr. 8. wte. lael at rest two weeks ago. Lady -I ant so shocked! %Vas his death • R tit Mrs. 8. -Very , without warning. Ho died of a cold contracted only the t la 3 be!'ore Aren't the snips lovely I- New 'S . - rs Not a Fair Show. Ma;;;4! rate (to prisonem ---Vo4i are charged \4i1 Icogdruid:. and disorderr . ,, anal tosatilt. I: of a I )Latch ilia in. 11' bat liave you to s.,ly fur sou;selt! coiner -The pOiit Yillan arrested ine too scam, s'er honor. If be bad given me tittle fur two tulip* th - inks I would have throwe my arms tauutid that Dittchman's neck see' c .: 111a1 him \brother.\ -New Yeti: flreat News far the lia/d Heads. About three unile-4 f rem I'riorvton, K tine 11' iison Warehouse , load, hn a 1--•:1.1 -f the Stevens sleek, Ion'., i;vais:;) Iltit about an aci•c on -17.e. Tnr , earth is of a greenbdi 1 0 . ‘ 1, 1r Awl no wee. sets of any kiiid was ever known to grow 1:: it, and during the .tryr , t %ett ,, ,t; it w , r • 'vie Peter Blauk, a native of district, canmu to towfl last All, mal e arise-ding to his lueet wee •; friend*, drank too minas Late that , • s. g he sad- dled his old gray mule and e..,: , .dpted to weind his way home. NV hen the n icier and the ohl mule came to the creek, either by the Whitley of the merle or by some mystic hand, the oh!, entrust went into the marsh aod spilt Uncle Pete. The soft, damp earth proved a soothing balm to the bald, aching bead of tho ohl Ili:tin, and' the excitement of the day was soon foreetten in a dreamless sleep, from which in.• ..•••;c. avrakened next rileIng by the heat , '4 . to sun, to find half of I, is head aud left uvered with mud. About two weeks after the accident Uncle Pete fonts! that all that inert of his body that had been covered with mud was covereyi, with a fine growth of young hair, Sk Valentine's Day Ise came to town and showed to a number of our most prominent men a tussle/int growth of hair three and ono -half inches in length, covering his left sick and half of his head. At first his dory was laughed at, but, since a bald head is a source of great aneoyanee to the owner, a few that were sensitive on the ICW8 of hair be- gan to view it in a different light. For the past two weeks about twenty are wearing skull cape inlaid with this muck. Yesterday several took off their caps, and to their great toy and happiness their betide were coveresa with a fine growth of young hair, but unfor- tunately it was red as a beet. The owner r of the marsh has had it in- 'clqpel by a high plank fence, and sells the meek at th: a pound, and the, dentatel is be. comitog so great that be can scarcely fill all time orders.- Louisville Commercial. Nu Laughing Matter, elose--I don't see nuMn to laff at! JelTerson-Co'se not; you can't see yuatelf. -Judge. A Nevrepaperatim's Marriage. -- \`\:1 1 Clint emcee Dreesr is married. Ho slid it as he does everything else, in the full possession of his (mutt he and n great hurry. Ile dropped down In Washington about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, hustled around to all the notes paper ofilees, advised the editors of what was alevut to luilkeeit, tola them not to take the trouble to semi reliortere to the ceremony, as be would write it up himself, jumped on a street ear, get of! at the Capitol, called out Dunham, eaaanue Lawler and iseveral other members, said \howelosiu\ to them, officially instilled them that he was to be married at 11:30 o'clock, ran over to tho senate, announced the fact to Farwell and Cullom, hurried up to Umo reporter-.' eellery to see if he had missed any one, made?' general proclamation of Ids intent toms took a herdic to a printing °Mee, es tete up an :teemed of the weakling in Ad- vanee, and with fifty printed slips; of It id his pocket started for the house of tlie bride. 'rue minister arrived, tied the k achteittle tittle; Dresser kissed the bred her be must be going, In eel down to local isowepapora left print/41 slips containing hie own account of the wedding, inked that It ho given prominent place in the society 1'44111011SL, then ran to Newspaper row, where he distributed the announcements with a lavish hand, amking that they be telegraphed over the country as a faVor to mi fellow journalist antho would do as much some time in re- turn, Thee hn retunied to his bride, took her on his arm, caught the 10 o'clock train eolith wit. posies for two in Isis pocket and will trareL for three tyeeks.-Washington Cor, sb .- ITTo News. Mr. and Mrs. Bowser. On one occaximi, it hen I was giving baby a bath, Mr. Bowser haimened in, and it wasn't n ,t im i e L e ger e Mr. Bowser had made up Ids mind that the child's feet were too large. \Nonsense Mr. Bowser: Ills feet are all right. See how chubby and healthy they are.\ \Yee and gaze upoit their size! I tell you, he was rut out fin- • giant! Ire two years my 600iS WOW( lit him!\ 'Tatum!\ \You may pahaw all you will, but he's go. ing to lse a monstrosity! It won't he five years before you'll see an advertieetnent in the papers reading: • Greatest wonder Of the Nineteenth century; Gig footed liowser, sou of Old Marc and Oki Woman Itewscr, of Detroit. Biggest Morsel any human this world! No. :ns tics ct crone within mile- of fitting him! rat, happy and Ita.„ pays the hill: \Y's that's what you'll see, Mm -is, Bowser, aistyait'll grin and tiekle over it and dead- brail your way in every afternoon. I won't! 'rite disgrace will have put me under the sod. lynst away, Mrs. flowser, but don't you s . .are to let that young Un know I'm the slighteit relation to him -not the slightest!\ -Detroit Flee l'rette The First Spring Lie. George Browns, who lives up cas: ef the Catholm church, was rending, a mad ( - icor nt Nick frillieti's grovery the DO. - morning. He thereupon procreate' to alis . gorge es- slid tale: *nice, when be lived iit Ohio, le ' ••erved his valuable binl dog act- ing strae , Seeuring the dog by a stout • he waited to see 'what In ken than two hours the th,g mad, lie flew at the young to- and I t. it furiously in a dozen places. Tine dog 54)011 died. In about three weela the tree scent mad. Its Iliadic waved '\ mei thrashed about, ell the hark fell WT. and the tree diet! in horrible agonies.-tienesee (Ills.) News. .1 Funny speetaele. thanha Youth-Al)! Dick, been on ton er- r ain! I Se, Little' I bc kYvs, trt 's -net me to the store 'II your stste. , is at home I letliere, ,! nco.uti,1 is 11h you, though I. suppose I migintict t\ sta) thg, as I've been 4144;b4.t. let.*, ' \1‘ ish you vt.,a.04l.-Lticli ('-(Cl. Say muse in the leek door with an , ' and ,lou't step ho' A rr,ingiii,z a little , stirpre., , , 'ii?\ jest laugh to kill juarself o hen Yrtu WO the way Sin &tad that chum of y, goes on w hen they think no cam's lookii;', --- Omaha World. \MTH ALL HER rAULTS. • It's truo sbe writes a scrawly heeS . l'uts in two 'ea -. where: Into, And spells “dog\ with an extra - g\i Gut not a girl in this wide -Jane! Isbell' so dear, and vt ry few Otetaentis as sweet LS sae to me. Dear thin,-;`, she atanetimes says \I seen,\ \The)\ %WS .. %Ts not,\ or \tie be you\; \Them's yonrs,\ \The).'s good\-barsh tie my 4-:::rst But she in still my lovely queen, 'shose heart beatsart: to runic roost truss And will be yet for many years. Some say that love is bUnt,, and I Would add that, hove is deaf also. Thougle grarnmoriess and spelling bad. My levy is handsome, sweet and shy Tbe sevret of our love you'd know? Blues only live sad I'm her dad. -*Nark Leuectt in Judge, The Vengeance of Barber --How will you have it cut! Mr. Do Junes -Quietly. sah!-Tid Bits. I warble: Bermuda is the subject of my pe-ans. Ora, OntaliS, Dot to say its be-ans. Let others sing its myrtles and its lemons. My muse will celebrate the produce of its gem - nines, The lowly onion takes up moat the lee: It dots the land for many a mile on mile. Its perfainses wafted to our noses, And mingles with the scent of roses. The smell -ewe have to make tbe most of; The taste -no mortal here can boast of, Foe when they're ripe -that very stay, They dig them, pack and ship away: Potatoes go in countless nutalxv; Not one Is left the ground to cumber, All arc sent off: the rtock gets short, And then the cry is: \Let's import.\ -Hartford Daily Times. Dividing the iturden. Mrs. Tiptop -Do you knuw, nay dear, that. fashion now requires that ladles must wear Len tep costumesI Mr. Tiptop -Lenten costumes!,_ Are they' exie•nsivel \I am sorry to say they are -fearfully eo, It's% some now. sort of cloth, but I will have to have one, dear, at once.\ \Humph: Scents to me I'll be the WM! that will do the sepenting.\-Ornaha World. Sib. Begged to Ile Excused, Coachman (who has approached Mrs, Brown for more wages) -What eould Mr, Brown say, Item, if I was to ask ban for rise? Mrs. Brown (who knows her inzahandlt dispoaitioni- Well, Henry, as I never indulge in profanity you must excuse nte f rout venturing an expresaion on thee sub. ject.-New York Mereury, She Had Plenty IM Company. A fair haired chorister was necking apart. amnia. She knocked at tho door of a board- ing house in Yorkville. Sue was ughered Us to the landlady, who looked at her somewhat severely, and remarked: \I never let rooms toiailies who are alone,\ \Oh it's all right, theta,\ simpered' Tottie ; \for l'in hardly ever alone. - -New York Mee. MINOR CASUALTIM The ample - es of Austria rerently walked eights.° ratios in one day. The street car drivers Isere on : strike, probably. -Lowell rCitizett. Since Tennyson has been raised to the peer. age, his pipe is the only thing about hint that appears to be of common clay.-Loweli Citize ;cd l io . A looking treasury girl says there • will be plenty of work next month on the avenue for recorder of dudes.- iVaettings ton Craie, There ex° ten different fiseCurts in tine Ger- man reichstag. Even Ignatius Donnelly could fitid something to suit hint there. -Phil- adelphia Call. In tho barber's chair: Barber -livers a little oil on your hair, boss! Viotim-Tes, think it tt grease with it. Barber -Oh, lard: Next leellaishington Critic. A most exeellent point with respect to Lent is the fact that it lasts only forty days. That was tiw retuark of several leading citizeus with respect to the deluge. -Judge. Charley lIaitewater-Do you notice how lepulehi-al my voice is? Mn., C. IL -That is quite natural, tuy dear; it comes front the place of departed spirits, you know. -Life. If you ward. to meet all your friends, just undertake to run along the street to catch a train. Every mail you ever saw will lie on hand to pen the time of day.-PleiladViphia Call. It is evident that the negro cannot be cdtf- catmi. An old darky near (1a. 5 has °illy thirty-six children, and tet ho does pot know half of them by name. -Lowell C w i ou t4 ;1 'n' be poet, entering Ike editorial, sane- \IVInat shall I write about!\ inquired the turn, \You hail better right about face,\ re. plied the editor, pointing to the ilooro-Yon. ere Statesman', Ae Omaha man fired at a burglar the ether nigh but his life was saved by a pack of can - ti e in Lis vest pocket. The bullet stopped at e ace of spades, evidently to warn tho bur Oar that, Ise ought to earn his hying.- thl fr u17 ,, \ .. ' ; . rl'I ie f • t.;i,:•.t(•3 of (be insane asylum at Mid .ietown, N. 1., thinks he is the president of it e United States. We doubt not that at times the president of the United States internee hi:nisei( to he aq litigate of an insaue say lune Citizen, sees, give us a rest!\ seta a young roan an - pat: Atly to a little boy who was busy plying him wish questions. The little fl‘l low 'It eiked at h en a moment, and thee, milli the utnio4 intic-senee, said: - Well, you re.4 aail talk \-Columbia (S. Ca Record, \Mamma - said lit Ii , Clara Von rioini:,-an, \the new bonne, Main , . .1, clew:. spook j'rich ver .. Y well, does chef' \Certainly any dear, tie.‘ pure raribian ac. tvI • it i \ •i\ell it isn't a bit like yours,\ ptni\estesi ill 1. c,ara, cilia Inns greet fa: ii Cm t,..r neatiema.-New ‘ - ork Sun. !dr.s. Frwturteseeker lend hiuti»g 1.1., who is oil and rim -h. that her daughter would !stake him a good uoal hit lug we be. ''hie - cry much in love with yott, !: • •tltzt,r , s:ivoiy, \1 ant se :y, ! o t r e 1: s ha a f Tis t an ; o d n imug Lite ) Wei taste,\ ea' a:.11cr Peteee,r, CHICAGO'S NEW NOCLEm The Delight of the City 0 ra-s , the Melees - tag of air. Puliman. Never sitice the great fire of VC.' I has Chi- cago society been to profoundly• -tad as it was ve-terday when it became se ittiout ig !lambert of Italy had ' Ail our ---I fellow townsman, Col. (,t..1-ge 11. , a knight of the first wa'er. At first :elide es to the gettulnettees a the \'me indulged, but when later tam the clay it hocam w' o kno rumor watteredited at the headmen ','ne Italian legation. the joy of the , .0 .. •. all restraints and manifestetl itself tit • variety of ebulli- tate'. Pullrann et, we t. of itago ele• has be , tinguished I. thnt the shah , 'Lrst citizen ---ed in SO die- Lity. It is true .nceti the boon se investing tho -erick IL, Wiuston with the order of the Yellow Dromedary, !Mt the negotiations fell through as soon as the eminent Amer:eau diplomat declined to al. vance the shah the natal golden pietolea which his serene majesty expected as an ,vi. deneeof Whistoini good faith in (hoe premises, In spite of these facts which we have stated It is true that Mrs Pullman is the fire - ) citizen of Chicago to be recognized and bottoreil by it crowned bead of Eueope. As smear as we eau come to it, Mr. Pullman's elevation to knight. hood was brought about in this wise: Last year be made a tour through Italy, anti when he reached Naples he mill upset King Hutu-- tort and made a formal contoiaint touching the railroad facilities with which his majesty's kingdom is and always has been aerated. Ilie majesty was struck at since with the harming, the eloquence, the earns -staters Hie sang (rout e and the suaviter in mode et the petitioner, and he besought him to .euggast nit improve - Went, if he could, upon the nyetene of travel then in vogue. Thereupon Mr. Pullman caused to he made by the Herculaneum and Pompeii Mnnufacturing oompany a palace sleeping coach, which he pre - witted to King Humbert, with his emu- plimetits, demanding use recompe,ise for the dietinguished gift further than the privilege of appointing and controlling tho porters toe' s hi oar. The grateful IPUtentaisi readily granted this request, for he was charmed, positsvely delighted with the luxur- ious ititiovnt ion introduced by the entery,rie. K ing ing A ii n ti ne n ricet thert n. For dwnoth tl in ie uee gbt it ira t six u i arou tmt na ths ; the chances are that be would be tre%eling still if he had not beau compelled to suspend operations until after the senate voted bint another appropriation. At time end of tise %ix months the king fouud hinted( out of pocket, about 1,:d1u,tioit tires, and about this tinse Mr, l'ullinatt's porter in Naples, tame Mamma Fiozzo, begnnm bUyitig corner lots and erecting tett story apartment buildings on the principal Neapolitan thoroughfares Kings, however, are liberal folk, Anti well can they afford to be, even when dealing with a Chi- cago busine:e. man. So when King !lumber; fell to thinking of all the plea.sures mot to say benefits) he had derived front his iSit montes' experience in Mr. Pullinatas euesett, he peel not even the tribute of a petesing thought to the financial outlay involved, but =titer set his wits to work at inventing anise weans whereby he might further daainguith the gentleman wham he viewed in tine light, of a benefactor. The rerailt is this elevation of Mr. Pullman from the ranks of the hot polka to the dignity and the title of it mar.. chore. which in 111.'11n:tan at:tries eovetepoosle to the kati,-;htitood of (Ireat Britain. the but* yars of Beetle and the Ilutnimslitim nsf SIAM, Rig. Pietro Coma .4.1 Canute\ mei-entry of the Italian legation is this city, tells ems that when the official communication feels his 1 majesty reaches Chicag it will -become lite duty of illo coined at this twin: to proceed at „once to Mr. , l'ulionates patntial residence nit Prairie a velem... aterr there, in Use tireati.ifte 14 Pie itnliail legation and in the liallele 4 / 1 Wig Catholic majektv, to club Mr. Penman a marcher() or (as Mr, I'ulltuais may pie 4er to be called) a chevalier, Sig, del COMata pays that \tuarchme\ is protgoauced \inar-keeety and that *chevalier' is pronounetel eehee. val-ya.\ We are inclined to thine that Mar. keesy sounds just a trifle MOTO high toned tban sheocalya, and wo hope that Mr. 1%111 - man will choose that title. Sig. del Comma tabs us (urn het more th a t ems of the first things the Markocey ['whaae. will here to do will Lis to choreic a coat of arms, for a martresy without a coat rat antes would lie an' anomaly which the Italian pse tentate could not well endure. With a view to relieving the marktiessy of much anxiety and labor the signor has compiled • coat el arms which he wiil submit fix the mar. keeey ai approval anti adoption. A copy .4 this is given above. This chaste designs represents a shield en. grailed, bordurerl and vert, with a support- ing figure at each side; the names are what it, the vernacular of kerakirY ie called ex. pet -tan) and clernaudant; (be shield dexter is quartured- a that L. to say, divided into four berths or compartmente, which nre left blank for posterity to fill; the shield aivarter Ls ilecorated with the portraiture of a smah feather pillow i.ste...ant, this being the benahlte symbol of luxury and ease, --Chicago News. It Made a Difference - In the early days of Denver good Dearest Smith used to preach at tho meeting imams when the congregation was too poor to pay for a preacher, which was about nine months omit of the twelve. Ott a certain Sunday somebody rushed past the church door cry- ing, \Fire!\ just as the deacon heal reached the point where he i'stetialest to clinch ills re. marks. A dezen or MOM) of the eottgivga• Hon rose and made for the door. \Do not leave the house of God in this un- seemly manner,\ thundered the deacon. \But said a man at the door, - it's your larStene, deacon.' -Then run, run, for God's sake, 'caws. 'taunt i insured !\-Den ver Republican. Ordinary In Philadelphia. Scene in a street ear: New York Man-. Good gracious! What is this! [Ills hat is smashed.] Philadelphia Man (reading the. paper) - a AVItat is the matter! New York Man-Muet be an etirthipinke. (Is thrown violently agalust tbr wind There it is again! Let me get out! I'hilailelphia Man mill readingi-Pray is, calm:this 'rim ear Is of! the track.-- 'hiln(lelphia Cali. Ycm Fu.rthet I\ee for It. evieesocriteg l',Itg I 1.4ought of 3 -, •-..; :5 C' tere1:4, 11-Lettf(•?- it tit tously - ' It es 'd 7'1 have a chance. Gintitio collar t ut touts forsit. --Pusk. • •

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 27 May 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.