Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, June 03, 1887, Image 1

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/ etes •-• • . JEFFERSON COUNTY - ^ 'rho Nowspaper of *Tefreroson Vottnty.A Family alournal.--lindepentient in Pont icw4. VOL. II. -1.- )11.11EIt, 71r4 Eim).\ - \ - . .11 - NE • !,-7. #1, NO. 47 The llortionstern! • Owiug to the fact that our store is about to be rebuilt, remodelled and enlarged, we hare decided until the above alterations . are completed, to sell everything in our line at from 10 to 20 per cent. below regular prices. Now is the time to buy your Spring outfit! Or stock is complete, and are receiving new goods right along. Before buying Clothing and nisking Goods be sure and call at THE NORTHWESTERN. atlter's Blook, Oppoette Grand Central Hotel, 1 1. 11..JM1\1 11 ..A= 7 Mae a ll . J. D. GROESBECK & CO., +1Hri t rquign Cook,Heating (Imp and Camp '1111in), \ iFe-QMsr, Nails, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, • WOOID=17 - W.A.TRe, CR.00IC=Re - Y, Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouldings, Plated Ware, Glassware and Bar Goods. /agents for the Celebrated Buckeye Force Pumps and Shutler Wagons, TIN SHOP fl; - ; ) ,17 e glle w dl e l r e e . ael1/111;ii:o(i)ftejbou7:) r1:11L o t i t io n o d Re- Ia./alder ▪ • • Just Re-Oloo[1, MO •• 11111 Montana., N-Ftintisho•ti Boulder HOT Springs. Wonclerful Curative Properties ! -IX ALL CASES OF Chronic, Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism, Load Poisoning, Constitutional Weakness, and aeneral Debility. A PLEASANT RESORT! ' , MST -CLASS HOTEL AND BATHINC1 ACCOMMODATIONS. Readied by Stage from Helena, Butte, Wickes, Elkhcrr, Comet, and all Point.s in the Territory. Terms moderate. A.:trat-class Physician DR. IRA- A. LEIGHTON - Is constantly in attendance. For full information address, TROTTER & KEENE, Boulder, Mont. The Win&or Ho use. KEENE & TROTTER, Prop's. BOULDER, t. Everything First -Class -go 123A:10 PER WEEK. \ DAY, $TOO 2.90 GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL FRANK FARNHAM, Propriotor, Ng'llyjuilt, Newly Furnished Throughout and Centralli Located, THE LEADING HOTEL IN BOULDER. The Tables are Supplied with tht Best in the Market. BOARD AND LODGING BOARD PER DAY 1.50 t5tatirens Frovn All Points Stop at This Hotel. Taken- Up. One iron gray borse, S years weighs about 1,000 lbs., and bears an arrow brand on left thigh. Own- er cn e hat e the eame by tirov isle; prop- navino . thartwe Inquire of _ . Jet. Feeerce m reit Ileopea‘ reltc!• cr.teeter. Stra) ed. Strayed from SVAgol'e ergs Comet, one red *teen two te. , ase old, breveted W lee', slit in right ear and hole in seine ear. One while ateer, two to • ..tre old. branded W on hip, hlit and alto in right ear. ut. suitable reward will • for their recovely. `4 111;1 .,.,.t.Me-wenn. LADIES' G065 '.4e‘„ The slang word for the leeks' now La ' he rocker.\ i 13 1-2 Main St., tieleon. 1A.. BRA MA I 'elfreee eler, AN' et teltsreetle V' 1- -e N - C3- IR, \Cr Repairing and Meuefacturing 70-c77-eler Watches cleaned for $1.50, and other work in proportion. Agent for Luteinieus Door Metes. LEES TA LOR Carntrie. a uilaer All kinds o1' Doors and Window Frames, Stairs, Counters, Etc. made to Order. Fur - Plans, Specifications aril Estitnataa prepared. BOULDER. The Miners EOM°. S.A.T_JOOINT. Wickes, ... Mont. The bar is stocked with tine liquors, fresh beer and best cigars in market 12 1-2o. DRINKS. 12 1-2o. HAMPAiLL EROS., Prop re. MONEY to be made. Cut this out and return tout, and we will send you free, $ unething of great value and im- portance to you, that will start you in busi- ness which will bring you in niore money right away than anything else in this world. Any ono can do the work and live at eome. Either sex; all ages. Something new, that just coins motley for all workers. We will start you; capital not needed. This is one of the genuiuo, important chances of a lifetime. Those who are ambitions and enterprising will not delay. Grand outfit free. Address Tnee & Co., Augusta, Maine. PARADISE & IOW ALP The only eons - peep Carriage, Wagon Blacksmith and vuint In Jefferson county. stain Street - Monteas. Grand Central Hotel Ise101\TT. REED k RINDA, Pnors. The Leading and only First -clefts hotel in Helena. Prices reseouuble. Everything New and of the La- test style. - IIIAINST. Jefferson Market. A. C. QUAINTANCE, Dealer III Fresh Beef, Mutton, Pork, Sausage, Fish, etc. In fact everything, usually kept in a first- Class meat market. 'teat Supplied to all Railro2. 4 . and Tie Camps at Reasonable rates. Orders solicited and goods delivered. ..feilreiroson Cit v, Mont. s Prto Stoli I BOULDER, MONTANA. Stationery, Toilet Articles Cigars and Tobacco, Fruits and Con- fectionory, also a fine supply of ALBIIMS AND PORTMONIAES A choke s variety of everything in the Stationery line always in stock. Ed MosORLET, Proprietor. Boarcring & Lodging Also &choice lot of CI GA II S , • NUTS, FRUITS a CONFECTIONS. — 0:0 ?--- m.m-4. I, DIRCJ1FR, The lady who Ion her arm on the Fenn:: of July, 1884.. 'Maio teIt e Vt . i(-1.t-p.„. T.1,KEN C.;11!;o • Sc.' &iota le atoettis re:1 lied spotted o- roan sotee t; 1 ears old, brane. left t; wit witl) seniethltie N Owie.;1- cell Lava samo tov paving c h ere s ail • ! eees iit' prop e stv xt F v . teee. e ee, e(a ! , •T, r! . Iewe A K:e e city Iftey who is 1 . et: tuan•ied ss el r . • 4 , ' ts Venetian r. , : lace petti- 1. :: ..• 1 ,....:: ee o irs l: r. teig e Wet: Is_ . :et it in. the church an•I Romeu i tu 'smile brides • • ! ' a- altar unglorel or with only one 'seed kid gsee on, tho other belie; • 'eseee by tee Lest brulesazuee, . The waists of dresses for yetrug wonwn are airport all made with the effect of a cromed Reim front and the log o' mutton sleeve& Basque's aTO but little worn by young girls. Colored bengaltnes are seen on silk ceen- torte sousi are plain, some striped, plaided turl barred.- The colors are very preen% showing old tapestry ehades, eidle the fabric is reppol and very pliane e a . At the ball at tho castle, in bublin, on it. Petrel:a day, the Marcelo:tete of London- derry tame 4 white Irish potietti embroidered with thanwoeks fn pearl\; and trimmed with an cequinte quality of Irislellace. . Como of the most awbantiag triumphs in the nay of Easter bonnets are mede of gobo- lin blue ot old rose or Nemo or luciole saes, soft, lustrous failleo combined with cream colored silk mull and trimmed with loopsof feather or pearl edged ribbon. A pretty deem recently worn at an artist's studio tee was in two shades of silver gray, The bodice, train and draperies were of cloud gray velvet. The front was swiftly arranged mass or silver gray crepe dee-bine eteibietise eyed with telk of the same anode. To wear with her travelin dressa bride chooses a close brintreed E i lish round hat either of dark straw, the co of the deem, or with the crown covert -4 with the dress material, a velvet brim sada group of -loops or bows of glee grain ribbon s with corded or looped edges for its trimming,. Tailor made gowns. wheii of the finest cloth, in dentate shades of tan, dark cluunote and oven white, and embiendered with deli- cate traceries of gold cerd and braid, and decorated with tiny gold usera jacket but- tons, are pretty enough to wear to a ball, but they are not suitable for thae puriewe. Great latitude is still allowiel in brides- maids' toilette They may wear frocks, which must be short, however, no& trained, of white • or tinted silks, with overdremes of point d'esprit, tiled° just like a dancing frock, but Well in the neek nett with half 17sng skeet s, or tluiir dresses may 1* of crepe do chine or Cline silk combined with moire antique vs corded silk. • • PERSONAL ---- — Adam Forepaugh resembles Cl/num-Noy IL- Dcl ii Su Sitaoson, a brother of (ton. Grante toilt -t e wn i u \ e d i ted recently at Faudoin, O., aget101. Gen. Ceerge 11. Sheritissi in his locturecalls Col. Bob Ingersoll \a morel and intellectual Anarchist.\ Time Asters of New York own about 7,000 houses, and keep several architects in constant employment. , Ilete•t• Richner, of Vail, In.. weighs 270 pounds, is 7 feat eSa Males high, and is only 21. old. W yegl ije l iti the next ten years all the present general ofeleers of the army, except Miles and Merritt, will be retired for age. Time iron ore on the lands of etotteaster General \alai' in Wisconsie is likcey to mane bim a umilimonaire in a short time The riallest young man in Philadelpeia so - ca -et. Ls August L. Jessup. Ho is only 24, and Las an Mamie $70,003 a year. A youne Chinaman, employed by a cigar arm rat•k row, New York, bes eon the sowed pries for ornanientel drawing at the Cooper tweeter.) James Reasell Lewell sal 1 the other day that if a public man should die he believed a reporter would try to intereiew him and find out where he wee going. The old storepipa hat worn by Pretideut Livieoln when he left Springfield for Wash- egton to be 11.1.1111^111'ated 1.4 the property of t ieoege Gibson. of Turk. George W. Childs is a great peOlean. Hu will not go auywhere in a voleele if [me can tree el on foot. Ile walks from Lis town houte to his ofeos and hack eecey day. • Although Justice Stephen Fiat& is over 70 years of ego, he does not exec above 5. His health 'salt -erne perfect, and lie can go tletouga A season of 4inuent with the bietof them, at Ho often begins his -daily work at h s acs 6 a t../ i tte \. of th oldest carliele in the country, if not the °lame is Edward Gould, wile has been crehter of the National Teatime' batlike of lesetlanel, Lie, eta - the last eite-three years, and still holds the position, though an octe gel:tartan. - \Nisk\ Smith, of Kentucky, at one time called the Landestuost man in America, is now about 50 years of Iwo, nest can let ten cent piece at tlfeeen pares with a revolver nine times oat et ten_ Lle married a daughter of Horace Greeley. The autograph of Attorney General Gar- Inntl is the none in the cabinet_ It is a sere* of mere iteratchee, weisii can never It: de - eloped inte A. II. Garland. lie elways adds Ark. to his itaine, and as tees eomparatieces keeible, it foams the key to time wbols 'sig- nature. Ras Alula, the Abp.:Mean s chief, is 45 years pee II0A 0 a short, stout man, teisseolato col- ered, eilet never laicise, is always haeglity and domineering in manner, and takes de- light in flegging his sei•vanta. He cannot 'a.1 or elite, is superstitiotei to an extreme teerree, amid IS, even for All Abygailliall, gross- ly tiecntiow. FACTS AND FIGURES. hioet of tee iik used for umbrella eovars Is brought front France. The piper bottle la the latest evidence that we live in the age of paper. A factory at New Haven is manufacturing 60,003 ',meads of oleontargarine mutually. • The French aro ativaldng, hes every year, cousampticra of tobacco in this is erectly on the inereiase. t Iron boat is thought to have been in 1717, on the river Fuss in Yorkshire. It was fifteen feet long, and math: of sheet Iron. Nearly all the t hair sold ii, this country cone* froni .1 Germ wy, being ote t ;• sst from t! • )- girls iii thee: teen - mud ewe •saturieg, ta) per os.L twine used e • lens !•.ai t '!. •• :hews, te • tiginesr whe rail the i pass sa -A . tram ie e rlee i ese 0(1 tm I eee reeeeei i 1till, is ' tee 1_1 •k; ote , ; ,u we ll :eta . et tee neuen MI •.‘• K ee It is ty fe t tleemetete Miley tens and IS 1.0 be Preol v et ) w et a rks...aro if t!....) powa.. The Lexie of th' !, • •aeresen. eAteeleALL. - ----- Burns, the perinea) contract signet, fa play- bre great. f I ..-;'•,101*(s. o t ee e w e -, • • ,e; aro tettiug much store on base running this season. Radix:urn awl Stenuaeeyer are as effective now as they were under the old rule*. kienneers, of the Metropolitan club, will male a good catcher, but he needs practice. Harvard's nine is handicapped this year by the lose of five of its best :ma, elm gradu- ated last yezif. Manager Ellesk, at the Kansas City club, has purchased the release of Liey cad leine feoni the league. • Itostee's old catcher, is con- sidered one of the beet catchers in the Bouteern leaene. Caet John 'Ward thinks there is not a MAD on the diamond wive learned to play beec - h:LI/ because he expettel to make it a pro- fit:eject. Goldsmith, the old time Celeage pitcher, is trying to get himself in shape for another ma- ven_ He as under time care of a Detroit physician. • Al Spaldirie\ was the lest proloseimial to 'get a Lig salary. Ile was called the \Four thousand dollar pitcher\ front getting that sum for one eeasou's work. The St. Leuis Browns have been presented with three pennants, repneentiug the cham- pionship of St. Louts, the championship of. the Anie.rican association and the champion- ship of the world. While it is admitted that Curtis Welch is the greatest &ajar in the American teuocia- tion, it must also be aslant:eel teat Mc Tatnany is the most desirable man, on ac- count of his throwing and batting. Some of the Southern league cliibs are al- lowing betting rather openly on their grounds. Blacklegs and the pool box all but killed the netiozzal game hi the north a few years ago, and the southerners should take Warning in time. Dire - 7tor Abel, of the Brooklyn nub, says that be does not believe much in young blood lie believes that it is by far the most profitable to buy a well tried player than to experiment with young- out's, and that it takes AU old beat! to play bull. When the Brooklyn , olue wants players it will buy well tried once • • LONGEVITY NOTES. In Wallingtorte Canin e thire is said to be WOTTLIII years of age, -who has rabies( 4 family of fifteen children and six husbands, all of whom turned out well. A man in Now Hampehire, 90 yeani old, is suffering from a severe attack of wlempina cough, His moteer, mm ho died recently, bad the whooping cough ellen she was 10J years Jew leane, of Kent county, Mich., lies the matiascuipt of a number of poems written by his grimier/ober, Thoteu Thompson, a soldier Mello revelutionare ear. The poems were oumposed in 1640 when the author was 104 years old. One of theatotable persons of .tesetbsy e lrenttielt* la d P Il alsy ugg, of Bu g nucleate, who will be sown 105 pews old. It is &gel that about a month ago, while either, she fell from her horse mut dislocated her hip, and has leave been confined to the house, but otherwee she enjoys good health. John 'Tipton, a sexagenarian resident of Taylor county, Ills., has jest begun the study of Greek. His life has been one of incessant toil on a fame, with scant opportunities for study, but every year ho put aside a email Juni out of his milling; and thinks he has new enough to keep him in comfort, for the rest of his days. Ile never went to school in his boyhood, and did not learn to read and write until well on in life. Washington county, lee, has a veteran of three wars is Isbant White, who says that IA was born in southern Georgia in 1776. He was ore: of those who fottela behind the oetott bales under Gou. Jacksen at New Orloins, and thinks it was a bullet from his musket that ;decal Gen. Packepeam, the com- mander of tee foreeson that Occasion ; He served a.sainat the Indians in Florida in 1830, and wee a volunteer undue Ceti. IV iu- field Seett Jrm Mettieo. his love for \Old Hickory\ amounts almost to reverence, and lie rays that ho 4otes for hint at every presi- dential election. In the lower part of Coffee county, Ga., lives i1v, ‘Str.tford Davis, it retativecf the ex - president Of the Southern Confederarer, who Is now 10G years old. He served through the war of le12 and the Maxican war, but has never recta pensioa for his services and has never asked for one. When 2tt years of age he married a Mies Lot and now has children, graadeteldron and great getuel- chiltleen to the number of 27e. Li 1872 his wife died after nixty years of married life, and recently he led to the altar a elushing bride of 50 summers. Mr. Davis has been stroug 111141 healthy until tine year, bet is now CIUi i tAiL ee tbl (n the phiutat ion of Caleb j. Harris, near Turin, Oa., lives au aged colored woman, who claims to be .100 years old, and hoe pretty good proof that she it correct in the state- ment. Her 'eldest living child is between 80 and 90, and has great great great grandchild- ren. Iler youngest deb], with whom the is now living s has several grandehadren. She does the cooking to: a family of elevee, and, in addition to her Litelien duties, duels time to du all her sowing. Her eyesight is almost as gond as it was fifty or serenty-eve_ years ago, and she has never had occasion to use glasses, never took a dose of medicine and never needed the sees ices of a physicia». THE SMOKE OF GENIUS. -- Sbaleispeare did not smoke. in a Whiff. Ben Joiaton hived his long Clete Addison was at hie best wise% remising. Daniel Defoe tea,. a devoted disciple of smoke. Mark Twain bas said that he nettle :XIO cigars a month. The celebrated Mr. COIlgrere patronized a \eburch warden\ pipe. hir. Rustin, Mr. Gladstone and Prisfesece Tyndall are non-smoker% Mr. James Payn smokes tee whole time while engliewel in - composition. Steele usually wrote and puffed at the etese time—not newspeper puile, however, * Wilkie Celline said that tobacco was the beset reee irritable nerves poiseessrd. I/r. V I . essell—Ball Run Iluesoll --was comfort • •:u4sesta.ined by tobacco on nanny trying Mr. laarwin found that -two little paper ttigarettes of Twitter tutstesees\ rested him ween he was tired. Itobert Boehenan thinks that tobaetto .s in valuate's, is • is a T11, petrtialo t • •r a clay pee s , a, •- -•;•. Mr. .t •1 .-• • • at 4111•1 for • -a great thing es ewe. M Lee e this witty /erne:flume e es tent !ta sleds smoke 'useful beet:, to • i a ton be bail th feet but bet Is t *ti- ro ed re. ;:; seemed.\ DRAMATIC t.ND MUSICAL. Memo. Ristori is writing her memoir:1. IL F.,ider lieggard's \Shy\ is 1,10 3 , dratea- Elwiu Booth will close hisseason at Kansas City on April 30, Thomas W. Keene, the tragedian. is epee acting, after fifteen treinthe' rest. Mimeo Hank lately appeared ia Wean - nen\ in Amsterdam, the compaey euaging Dutch to her Italian. Henry Irving will appear on Juno 1 hi Byroe's eWertter.\ May 10 Miss Terry will be seen in \Tee Amber Heart\ rely Bine!, the well known expellent of burnt cork comedy, wilt be the recipient of a complimentary benefit in a few roces, Id l oo t lo it . possi in tbo ble ti,. 1 d et ot th at ere se i be a n zoo ly ..\ t i w ilo o \Boston sut,u sar e -ill Lead cee, while the old atensibys, Knee Bari:aloe, etc., will form tho other. George II. Jtssop and Frederic Archer nave written a comic opera in two acts en- titled \Alice which has been accepted, and will Fret:ably be produced by the Boston Ideate neat Se71.50:1. • Clay M. Greene, author al-lel:Lee Itasikin'e pew play, wee learn in San Iranciseo, iS of medium beigie mad is now 34 veers old. Ito has been writing plays for years, but has- been uniformly unsuccessful until recently. The Paris Conservatory will never get into bankruptcy because of its pension list. Felix Lecouppey, the eminent piano teacher, has just -gone into retirement, after baring ha - parted instruction in the Oenservatory for forty-nine years and nine months. The life pension ho is to tweive is 1,C30 francs, or less than $270 a year. John A. Elleer will in a few weeks retire front the management of the Pittsburg, Pa., Opera house. Ile began his managelial Career iii partnership with Joseph Jefferson in 1853, and many years afterward intro- duced to the public for the first time a young girl who has stew: become famous as Miss Clara Morris. Miss Disler. the actress, is his daughter, At the testimonial to be given to C. W. Couldock at the Star theatre, New York, May 10, commemorating eis fiftieth anal. viesery on the stage, the ft:fleeing artists will appear; Felein Booth, Lawrence Bar. reit, Joseph Jeffereote John Gilbert, James O'Neil, Kyrie teeleiv, J. Barnes, It. R Man- tel!, Fanny Davenport, Mrs. John Drew, Margaret Mather, Mimi Annie not* and others, Henry E. Abbey has aireedy secured peg - sage for Europe on the etetiniship Servie, of the Cunard line. ehich sails on Nay 14. With him veil sail Mine. Pate, Mme. laklmi and Sew. feline, Del Flieute. Viriuui and ban- . Mine. Patte will give a series of con- certs on the continent, and it is rumored that the firm of Abbey, liehrefeel & Ginu have hail ii renewal of Patti's coutraet for threo yew - 4. OUR JUNIOR PARTNERS. Omit' eldest, not yet 3 (and 4 very small talker 'generally), on returning from a long erive. wee unereased andenitno bed. s ptrettlee - inw tilebby emelt, to Coney. etenewel \Dere's no place like hinue.\—Babylioed. A good mother of this city was horrified the other day Iv - ben her little daughter in- formed her that she had her hair eut at the blacksmith shop. NVIwn asked to explain she replied: alba Smith cut my hair. and lie is hlack, isn't her —Burlington Free \eloneity said a small boy the other day, \do little boy lumen wear shoes aust stsx•k- ings in summer timer' \No my son.\ \Do they go harefootedr \Yes.\ \And do they stay out after suneownr , \I presume so.\ \Well &lee the itiwilickle their feet when they twinkler' The fond mother was nous Pi\ed. A shtste -ilba ti z m e ong i lg o e -a . little boy went with his father to see it cult. Ile patted the colt's head and made qttits a fuss over it, until filially the stablemaii told him to be careful that the clan did not turn roteel atel leek lane 'Mee the little chap sTent 1401120 hi mottser asked him what lie , - thought of the colt. \I like hint pretty wee,\ WEIS the reply. \flen reel went: front, butbe's awful wild be N h C ld elie :1 , — w Ex luise elai era u:;e nclfather bes s eie Ilfo at a cabin boy and aniseed as a millionaire, was peel by her meteor ono twat e dorms for phis r eseed up front the carpet, ti lexp the baby from retells; them. *i•Narile,' weisi Nellie, as her stuck of pennies inet•eared, \do you knots - what I am going to de whe n 1 have six eentsr \No answered euroe. - \I am goblet - to buy it paper of phis and scatter thee , over the flew, and then pick them up,\ replied the young financier, who was barely 5 years old, • —llab Small Ted Tedbeeruue the owner or a pair of new sloes the other day, and of course ho wanted to put teem right on mid wear them. His mother aersunded him to let her take them off, however, raid lie seemed quite in- terested in her explutiation about the pao. prkey of keeping the new shoes nice and pretty. \Now. where shall we put them, dal -liege - said Ted's mother, movie?: toward a high wall cupboard; \where shall net put the new shoes res that Teddy can have them when Ire wants them?\ Tea smiled win - weepy, a nd with iecontrovertbie logic re - pew!: \Put Non on my feeL\—Boston Itta-cord. - A dear little unit piwees1 si Chair in front of the mirror as soon as she lied finished mating her prayers, end, climeitie up eit it, began to Weisel lice. hair vieorously, \Ileiy Annie,\ hal you d r th l e ta 6 ii tl e riu Dot i 't in t o- o the u r Iltu \r tse ISY tIta 3 t Y rou bj.. t usk rill Muss it again as soon as you put your head on the pillow. And, beeities, you are keep- ing iiintuala waiteig.e \Minima Allen,\ said w e ak, teeing aroutel with brightening eye*, \didn't I des pray 'if -I slieuel die before •I wake,' cad wouldn't 1 trent to walk into heaven with rey - hair all brushed:\—Balay- bood. SPORTING, , John Meelahon, tee sasear mid elbow %elev.- tier, is Out a Clutliengt, to any note hi the United States to wrestle bite for ;LW° a side. Vital Be Daley, of New thisiane, tile cham- pion fencer, challenges any fencer ia New York to A Mate! for II 0 and the champion- ship. The led trek, bicycle road race, witieh will tatio place at St. Louis in May. is arousing great interest &snow; sent; distance wheelmen. Several valuable !seizes aro offered. A grand heaulneap Laleyele epee race, a die- tetic° of t Went:: • - niece, will - take place at Chicago on line ete Among - tile pemirotepa ieyelees who will take part are awe - ails, Van Sieklen cud flarznen, E. Lenge, the eilitiliteeni outi mile will:ice ef •ti115;1 Attiletic club, wia go to 1:tig. ' end compete for the seven mile •....up at litoureridge. Mr. G. la M. Sacks ,.! J. Meleenti,-it, the Spartan Harriers, go on his 0 ; ‘ . ..,10 teat e 'teems ie As. attest. eti ores, is a eChtl',..' black, nee, u.,,• • ; I. 1:01 he plattees, &Oa Ls in himself. !sat 1-4 in en•it. ere it : 7, 71 1, it L I • NM for a Good Tim, Tooter & Keene will give one cif their popular MCI \I' 2. / 1,1.' I IC> Pt.\; at Boulder Hot Springs, Friday Evening :Noe kl, 1887. No supper. Tickete 41-0V. They will also give mm a RAND 33-FL.T...,T.J On Monday Evening, July 4th. And s CM -class supper. Silver Cornet Band will furulah music, .1, II. Miller, leader. TICKETS. Including Supper, $3, WM. Titoreou, J. II, Mieteet, General managers. 11SUICE YO11 PROPERTY, • Indeuanity against fire Is offered by the underaigneel In the feilotrIne fleet -clues Instiranee companies; Fire Insurence Association of London. Howard Insurance CO. of New York, Home Mutual Ins.Co.of San Francieco, Clinton Insurance Cu. of New - York. Michigan Insurance CO, Of Detroit, 11. J. DOUGH ERTY. S011eitor, Office—Main Street, Boulder, Montana. Notice of Final -Entry. LAND OFFICE at Helene, Montana. / • May 28 Notice is hereby given that the follow- ing -named settler has filed notice of his intention to make ilnal proof its support of his claim and that 14id proof will be made before J. C. Kerley, Probate Judge of Jeffersou County, Montana Territory. at Boulder, M. T., on July 2. 1887, vizi Jacob II. Evans, who made Homestead Application No. 2784 for the fraction NEM SE! ', fraction N SEX, free, SEM ol n e e, SE' of NEU, section 32, towuebip 6, North of Range 4 West. Ile names the following witnesees to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of said land, viz: Joel M. 1), Taylor. James Willi:en/tone John Antler. eon and William Magee. All of Boulder, Id on tae a . S. W. LANGHORNE, Register, 14447.1 Notice ft.r Final Proof, LAND Oireice at Helena. Mentena, April 27, 1887. Notice is hereby given that the follow. ing named settler has tiled notice of hit intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before .1, C Kerley, Probate Judge, Jefferson county, Montana, at Boulder, on June II, 1887. viz; Adam L. Dulaney, who made homestead applie-atioie No, I444 for the . southweet section 22, tenet/04 5 north, range 3 west. He names the following . witnesses to prove his cantinuous resideacts'epon, and cultivation of. said laud. viz: Thomas A, Je nee -Hole Willem II, lenieney and -WORM_ G. Davis, all of Boulder Valley Postoftice, Montana_ S. W. LANGHORNr... ItegiSter, ----- --- Notice for Posting Of Settlement of' Amount. ID the Probate Court, iu and for Jefferemi County, Territory of Monteua. In the matter of the vete% of Louie Schmedtlen, deceased. Notice la hereby given that George 1). Green, administrator of the estate of Louis Schntedtlen, deceased, has rendered and presented for settlement, and filed in said Court his final account of his administra- tion of said estate; and that Monday, the fith day of June, 1887., at 10 o'clock mm. in., has been 'duly appointed its the time mind the Probate Courtroom in the court house in Boulder, Jeffer:on count'h Moutane Territory, ae„the place. by the Jiedge of said court, for the settlement of said we count, at which time and place any per, son interested in said estate may appear and tile his exceptions, in writing, to the said aceoent and contest the seine. J. C_ KF.RLEY, E s aid e clerk of Probate Court, Dated Boulder, May 211, 1887, FOR SALE A Ranch of 200 Acres in the Sub- urbs of Boulder City. The endersigned offers tor *ale his five ranch adjoining &odder, - It consists of SO acres of good list - lend, from which cue be cut annuelly from 140 to 100 tons of merchantable hay. Balance of the land agricultural and pasture]. Irrigating dttches cover the entire ranch, a branch cif tite Boulder river runs through the ranch. The improvements consist in part of a large, neat end good dwelling house, milk hottest, stables, corrals And other out :houses; also a good well of excellent per, no i n l e ti n s t is w a p at s er l . endid property, along' side it growing town, mid still, be sold at a bar.. gain. Call ou 8 On the premises, or 3, li oratt A hrs at' Me e, Boulder, May 12, 1887, FOR SALE. One Hundred and Fifty head of Stork Cattle; also Twenty MBA Cows end AeV, eral Reef Steers, well ended. up. Mile; be sold soon_ DOHERTY, BROS. Cotd Springy, Notice to Creditors. Estate of Cornelius griewold, cleceued Noce is hereby given by the undersigned administrator cf the estate of Cornalige Griswold, deceased, • to the creditors; of and all persons having claims againet the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within ten months af- ter the.firie publicatiou of Bile notice to the.aaid edminietratrie, at Boulder, is the said touchy of Jefferson. - Heitiet B. GRIgWOI.R. Administratri x of estate of Cornelius Gris- wold, deceased. • ODated at Boulder, this th dey of Maye 1887. Notice to treditors. Estate of Edwin M. Batchelder. deceased, Notice is -hereby giveti by the uuder: signed, administrator of the Pettit° of Ed- win 31, Batchelder, dee - cowed, to the cred- itors of and all pereema, hevieg claintt; against the said tieceaeed. to eehibit them. with the necieseery voucher's, within four Months after the first Deistic:01(m of Otis notice, to the 2441 administrator at his office, iu the court itouee in th ie staid roue, ty of Jefferson. Dattai at Boulder this L'011a dee - of March 1887. • A. S. KLetexio, Administretor of est:de of Edwiu Battle .. (ler, decessed. I ? . k7.c.l.ittiOit Not ive. Monte A • u ; 1 Fie. - To en it may cote eartneeseT eeeeefore under Tre - e:r and C. l'arker, in the hotel be - it Be e :, and Boulder Hot - Is eev solved by •\-; 1%, retiri tie '!\7 . • nese

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 03 June 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.