Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, June 17, 1887, Image 1

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14-prommon.o4.4.14.1111 94 4011114 4 _ .1I 4 , F VOL. H. F SONG t___NTY SENTINEL. 'The 'Pioneer INferwmpaper Of .Tes fri-v-tivAln Count 1 3OULDER, MONT., FRIDAY - w Tlie Northwestern! Owing to the fact that our store is about to be rebuilt, remodelled and enlarged, we have decidod until the above alterations are completed, to sell everything in our lint at from 10 to 20 per cent. below regular prices. New 4 the time to buy your Spring 'outfit! Our stock is complete, and are receiving new goods right along. Before buying Clothing and Fur- oinbing Goods be sure and call at THE NORTHWESTERN. lioltate Block, Opposite Grand Central Hotel, J. I). G710ESBECK. & CO., 41 811(1wEil i Co a o n k d ,16C a e m at p ing s toyos. I1R,CD:NT, Nails, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, OIDE rVT_A_Ra, CROCK=1=2, - Y\ , Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouldings. Plated Ware, Glassware and Bar Goods. agents for the Celebrrtd Buckeye Force Pumps and Shutler Wagons, ---0: le— - TIN SHOP 1 p n a cr e ng w c l o n n be d • o ht ne re k o in p d p s o o si f te J c ob ou w rt or u k on a s nd e Re- lionlder Montana. J118111e-Opoott wile-Funi81101 Boulder HOT Springs. Wonclerft.1 Curaitive Properties I. ..__...., ALL CASES OF _ Chronic, Musculaz and Inflammatory Rheumatism. The Miners Eome. Lead Poisoning, Coustitntional Weakness, and General Debility. S A. I 0 0 N Wielteta, Mont. The bar i; stocked with tine liquors, fresh beer and best cigars in market. 12 1-2o. DRINKS. 12 1-2o. HAMMILL BROS.. Prop'es. SHERIFF'S SA LE. In the District Court, Third Judicial Dis- trict, Jeffersou county, Molten& Ten. Henry E. Kavenaugh. Plaint if, vs. The Gregory Consolidated Mining Coin - pan, the First National Bask of Helena, 'bele Cory - & Co. and Daniel McNeill, Sheriff, Defendants. , To be sold at Sheriff's sal du the 16th day of June, 1887, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 5 o clock p. m. of said day, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. in. at the court house in Boulder. Jed 'neon county, Montana, all the right, title a Id enterest of The Gregory Consolidated Mining Com- pany in and to the following real property, to -nit: All the corporate property real and per- sonal, Including its frauchise privileges, rights and liberties, now d i nned or that may be hereafter acquired he the Gregory Consolidated Mining f`otnps ny sad inclu- ding all the e Rteriy 800 lee of the Greg- ory mine, being the discovc ry and claim No. I west from discovery aid claim Nos. 1 and 2 east from discovery claim on said Gregory lode, each claim be ng 200 feet in length. *Ito that portion of the Compromise lode, so-called, which stand e in the name of the said Gregory Coneoriated Mining Company, being the *ester' • part thereof, with all the tips, spurs, angles over sur- face ground and improvements. Also the militate belongieg to the said Gregory Consolidated Mining Company, with the ores taken from or to be taken from said mine; all situated in the Colo- rado mining district, Jeffe.reon county, Montana Territory. And including all that part and parcel of land beginning at corner No. 1 of lot 48 A., the same being corner No. 46 of hit No. 45 A., made from the claim of the Gregory Mining Com- pany upon the Gregory lode and millsite and the northeasterly corner of claim No. 2 west from discovery claim on the Greg- ory lode, at rap 'rock 184121.8 inches in size marked 8M. C. 4,1.4 on our side and 1W C. 46 on the other side, from which quarter section corner on the north bound- ary of section four id township seven, north of range four west of the principal meridian; bears 42 degrees 50 minutes east at the distance of 25 chains and 46 links thereon from said corner south 5 de- grees 45 minutes east to corner No. 4 of said lot No. 46A., quartzite rock 3x10x9 inches In size marked 5M. C. 45A on our side and 4-46-A on the other side; thence from said corner south 84 degrees 15 min- utes east 125 feet to a quartz atone 15x1lx 9 inches in size marked M, C. 458; for lot 4513 on our side, and 4M. C. 46C on the other side; thence south 5 degrees 45 min- utes east 220.4-10 feet to a granite stone 15x11x9 inches in size marked 3S1 C. 46C; thence south 84 degrees 15 minutes west 625 feet to a granite stooe 15x1219 inches in size marked M. C. 46C; thence north 5 degrees 45 minntes, 320.4-10 feet to the southwesterly corner of said lot 46A., a granite stone 18x11x9 inches in size mark- ed 3M. C. 46es. on our lade audIM. C. 46C on the other ride, 820.4-10 feet to the northwesterly corner of said lot No 46A., a granite •iitone 10:13x7 inches in size marked 2M. C. 46A on our side and 4613 on the other side, 430.4-10 feet to a granite stone 20116x10 inches in size, the same being the northwesterly career of lot No. 4613 marked 33f. C. 46B; thence north 84 degrees 15 minutes east 800 feeeto corner It44 of said lot No. 4613, a granite stone 14110x6 inches in size, marked 4M. C. 46R; thence south 5 degrees 45 minutes east, 100 feet to the place of beginning, con- taining six acres sad 84-100 acres of land, more or less, and embracing 800 linear feet of the Gregory lode, to -wit: Claims Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 5 west of discovery claim on said lode. Also all that portion of land which stands in the name of the Gregory Con- solidated Minneg Company, with the dips, spurs and angles, ores, eurfacegrouud and improvements and its millsite with the ore taken from or to be taken from said mines, and all property of whatever description and wherever situated, belonging to the Gregory Consolidated AlininF Company. All situate in Colorado ruining district, Jefferson county, Montana Territory. Sail sale to be to the highest and best bidder for cash (Signed) DANIEL MCNEILI„ Sheriff. A PLEASANT RESORT! FM:IT-CLASS HOT.23. AND BATHING ACCOMMbDATIONS. Beaelted by Stage fron. Bette, Wickes, Elkhcrr, Comet, and all Points n the Territk. Terms moderate. A,Vrat-eloaa Physician DR. IRA A. LEIGHTON Is constantly in attendance For full informatiot. address, TE OTTER & KEENE, Boulder, Mont. The Windsor House. KEENE & TROTTER, Prop's. BOULDER, Mont. 'Everything First -Class. -1 1 , BOARD PER WEEK, *4 \ DAY, 17 00 2.00 GRANPCENTRAL HOTEL FRANK FARNHAM, Proprietor, Nevly:Bnilt, Nevlilunished Throaihoat and Centrally lined THE LEADING HOTEL IN BOULDER. The Tables are Supplied with the Best in the Market,. BOARD AND LODGING $1.00 HOARD PER DAY 1.50 Stage,* Fro la All Points stop at 'This Hotel. Taken U1 ' . One iron gray lions, 8 years old, weighs about 1,000 11a., and bears an arrow brand on left thigh. Own- er can have the same by proving prop- erty and paying cbargei. Inquire of Jos Fi,saciiItR, at Frank Hoopes' ra ich tm Lower Bet. I Strayed. Strayed from Philip Wagers ranch near Cornet, one red steer, two years old, branded W on hip, slit in right ear and hole in same ear. One white steer, two years old, branded W on hip, slit and also hole in right ear. A suitable reward will be paid for their recovery. PHILIP WAGEL, 41-im Comet, Montana. A. BRADLEY* 13 1-2 Main St., Helena. Jeweler; Watchmaker G- R - NTP. Repairing and Manufacturing Soweler Watches cleaned for $1.50, and other work in proportion. lefrAgent for Lu=inieus Door Plates. LEES TAYLOR, Carpenter &Builder All kinds of Doors and Window Frames, Stairs, Counters, Etc. made to Order. Plans, Specifications and Estimates prepared. BOULDER, Mont. F. McGOrAN, PRACTICAL • G'1111e .41w tle . A. ana Stone :AASI - )N • He has eeettred the best brick -maker In Butte, and e ill have ' BRICK FOlt SALE by the 10th of June. El -, M. T, EsTefiLlettED No. I6-10. /-- S •TOTIr . TInts.e.411C/4\ , p4rintie•vtt In\P9114 - 14r4w. 'NE 17, 1887. NO. 49 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF \'ELENA. U. S. Trisot.dt °ley, Paid up Capital, $800,000 Surplue and Profits 825,000 DIRECTORS: S. T. illeuser, Prese A. J. Deves, Vice Pr. E. W. Knight, T-11•Kleilkiehmidt. Cashier, . Al s diet Cash. A. M. Hotter, John C. Curtis, H. M. Parchen, R. S. ilar0Iton, J. H. Ming. C. P. Higgins, T.C. Power. SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of an execution in any hands, issued out of the Probate Cohn of mon- tane Territory, in and for the county of Jefferson, in the snit of Domestick Frey- ler & Son against Geo. D. Greee doily at- tested the first der of June 4.D.1437, I have levied upon all the righc title and interest of the said Geo. D. Green in mid to the following described property, situ- ated in Jefferson county, montane Terri tory, eiz: That certain building or dwelbug house situated mine west elide of mailiP street in the town of WickeR. Jeffereeie county, Territory of montane, now ot.ticipied by Thomas Crahan, Esq., and north from the residence of Wm. B. Gordon, and known as the old Win. Neill house. Notice is horeby given that Oh the 25th day of June A. D. 18r, bet,..lrip hours of 9 o'elock a. in. and 5 o'cieek p. m. of said day, at 2 o'clock p. in. at the town of Boulder, in front of the court house door. I will sell all the right, title and -interest of the said Geo. D. Green in and to the said above described property to the highest bidder for mall in hand. Given under my hand, this the 2nd day of June, A. D. 1887. Iticncii.14Sheriff. by Fitentie LIND6111Y, UnIte Sheriff. F4)11 SALE. One Hundred and Fifty Head of Stock Cattle; also Twenty Mulch Cows and Rev- ered Beef Steers, well graded up. Must be sold soon. Don ER Bans, C Springs. Notice of Final Entry. LAND OFFICF. at Helena, Montana. / May 11 1887. Notice is hereby given that nc t follow- ing -named settler has filed cif his intention to make final proof in Support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before J. C. Kerley, Probate Judge of Jefferson County, -Montana Territory, at Boulder, M. T., on July 2, 1867, Jacob 11. Evans, who made Homestead Application No. 2184 for the fraction NE3t SEW, fraction NW3t 8E4, Iry 8P,,f of SE, 8E4 or NEX, section towns - hip 6, North of Moir 4 West. He names the following nitnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of said land, viz: Joel M. D. Taylor, James Williamson, John Ander- son and William Magee. All of Boulder, Montsna. S. W. LANGHORNE, Register. . LONGEVITY NOTES. A colored man who is 105 y • ears old and who onoo blacked Washington's shoes was discovered the other day in Nashville, Tenn. If James Smith, of Freeport., Ills., had lived until July 29 he would have been 1(4 years old. He cast his first presidential vote for Madison, his last for Cleveland, had never ridden on a railroad train, and never eaten In a h?teL He died a short time ago. Renee of the southern negroes who baye reached an advanced age and really don't know how old they are, sometimes mark their ears up rather high. Near To -co, is an cid woman who beats them all She says ibe is aged 21)0. However, every out Mrs e Couch., of Rochester, has • just celenrated her 100th birthday. She is a very well preserved old lady, and is as brisk as most Vr0111011 thirty years younger. She sews inuch, and her eyesight ise , o good that she Usable to rend or thread a needle without the eel of gleams. During the past waiter she has made several quilts, and the length of the stitches is as uniform as though they were nuale with a machine. Amity Harriet Bellmtny, a spry old colored womign, is living at Butler, 5o., at the nee vanced age of 103 years. She was bore in Virginia in slavery and realm -eel by her mate ter to . Kentucky in early painter days, where she liked with the same family for more Hum eighty years. She had five sons, till of whom fought under their young master with Gen. Jive:son in the defense of New Oilenue. he 0:-I I. °titan's mother was torn in Africa, and she 6 oleo to recite glibly treat memory maul of the quaint negro folks songs and • talcs which her Hottentot mother taught her in the cradle. Aunt Louien Eglin, who is living at Vevey, Ind., at the advanced age of I-8 years, i still able to get out to prayer ineeteig and the sewing circle, and generally walks. too. Iler mind is clear, and she has a fund of enter- taining anecdotes about old time life in Vir- ginia., where the' was born, and -the early days of Indiana. Her father brought his family down the Ohio on a \floater\ when she was only nine mouths old amid settled iu Perry county, where twenty years afterward Louisa married Bill Egan, a young Ken- tuckian who came serum the river omi a bunt- ing trip. Her husband died in 1879, at the age of 104, and her eldest eon, now living in Indianapolis, is hale and hearty at 79. SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of an order of sale In my hands, issued out of the District Court of the Third Jleiicial District of Montana Territt ry, in and for the County of Jeffer- son, in the suit of Ross Deegan, plaintiff, hgainst Joseph A. Widmer, defendant, duly attested the 24th day of December A. D. 1886, I have levied upon all the right, title and interest of the said Joseph A. Widmer in and to the following de- scribed property, situated in Jefferson county, Montana Territory, viz: The one-half (%) interest, undivided, in and to the southeast quarter (34) of the southeast quarter (et) of section No. 20, and the north half (%) of the northeast quarter (4)and the southwest quarter( , !) of the northeast quarter (34) of section No. 29, in township No. 9, north of range No. I west, containing 160 acres, more or less, together with all and singular the tenements, hereditatuents and appurten- &Deese thereto belonging or in anywise ap- pertaining. Notice is hereby given that on the 18th day of June : A. D. 1887, between the hours of 9 o clock a. me. and 5 o'clock p. in. of said day, at 2 o'clock p. in., sin the •ewn of Boulder. in front of the court house (kyle, I will sell all the right, title and interest of the said Joseph A. Widmer In and to the said above described prop- ! erty to the highest bidder for cash in hand. Given nnder my hand, this tat 26th day of May A. D. 1687. DAstzt, Menthe., Sheriff. FRAng Ltaletear, Under Sheriff, The - Independent Daily and Weekly—Helena Mont. Independent Publishing P n bi is hem Ilse the largest circulation of any paper In the Territory. Located at the Capital, It is the organ of the dominant party, and contains the Latest Local, Territoriel Telegraphic News. DAILY, Per Tsar, 612, Cash in idritnee WEEKLT, 66 it a do Rh 11\ot Paid in Advaa.* Ii 4 4 Plymouth Reek and Leghorns. A few choice Plymouth Rock and Leg- horn cockerels for sale. Also, Wyandotte, Plymouth Rock and Leghorn eggs for hatching for gale in season, at my place In Wkles, second house on Boulder road. H. 0. Nann. Boarcling & Loan').\ g Also A choice lot of I CIGARS, NUTS, FRUITS & CONFICCTIOn. o:o MRS. E.. EITTICIIIETI, The lady who lost her arm on the Forate of July, 1884. Main Silt. WielLea. Meni TAKEN UP: • Came to my place about 18 no ago, one pale red and spotted or le steer, 5 or 6 years 01.I. brarult•:! • left thigh with something like a: Owner can have pay charges and province , property. Wsr Fz..AIIt:cTY. C<Nld Springs, Mardi 12, 147. Victeriano, an Indian, of Elan Jacinto, Cal., ohoe a chief of the Seranoe, is thought to be et least le5 years old. BASEBALL ---- -- Johnny Troy has been appointed manager of the New Haven club. Ttei make up of the Detroit team cost money, but it was well expended. The youngsters, Madden and Conway, have been doing great work in the box. Ryan, of the Chicagos, refuses to pitch for the same selary as is paid hitr for work in the outfield. The Chicago people are preparing to give Kelly a big eerption when he reaches theme tho Boston club on June 2.5. There aro now two one armed pitchers in the profession, not including Daily, namely, Ed Robbets, of Jersey City, and England, of Sandueky, O. O'Rourke, of the New Yorks, pleys well In every position he has occupied thin far. He has been catcher, fielder, first baseman and third baseman. Hardie Richardson, of the Detroits, was lucky enough to make the first home run on the club's grounds iii Detroit, ana he received an order for free shaving and hair cetting for a year. Several pitchers and catchers are now tak- ing their turns on first base, among them be- ing Hecker and Sweeny and Milligan and Reipechlager. Mountain, formerly a pitcher, also changed front the box to the bag. Nashville sold Larry Corcorau to union- apoL-. for something near a1,001 The funny part Is that Nashville would have sold hint for 5100, while Indianapolis would have paid $1,500, but as this wasn't known until after the deal both clubs are now kicking them- selves bemuse they didn't know before what they know now. ABOUT WOMEN. FOR THE LAO:ES. Wraps grow shorter. Antique oak is the craze in furniture at the moment.. Stringless tber gl l ess wea boune . ta are very generally worn for Latle shirred pokes for little girls are ex- ceedingly becoming. A new Part; dress is laced down the left side from the shoulder. Shoulder rapes are in greatest variety, the latest u. being made of rosary beads in light brown. White cluek gaiters are stylish for young ladies or country wear. They are supported t4 T be ho07 -, Ls l i a z. li o s le. bould not, to be stylish, open t.1.-tio1l..1somramp to down, bat any fanciful w:fy v in be a is mode. Thii nest India siike, in new shades, such as old pink, ma iee and moat green and violet, rueke ..he daintiest summer rule emelt. Yoteng girls who have walking dresses open at thcatlintat for a cravnt, tejal sailor hat to match the suit, will find theeti perfectly wear- tih,ain this season. It is,the swell thing now for the groom to give atarewell slimier to his beet man and lnhera, ten i the but in a farewell ditiner to her nieiden friends before the CO,113111011y. A new size in fashionable note paper and envelopes is perfectly square, of au unusually heavy c neity, and tt wee sheet dots not re- a ' fold. Gilt is m cry stylish this season in Paris for ornetn-uteig bats and bonnets. It ie in every coir eatable ferin. Lars, pins and feathers lespankled whit gold dust tire used. The great gilt tiazgers which keep the bonnet in place fo wo3 ri t t aar ) i ttii ;. lm t ,f ladies sthe livingc!im] u n c e e 4 h r at i A ct i m l . burn, Cal., Isine of au ingenious turn of mind, L - Vim eeeseeueted tasieeul met stylish locking sleeves a the ptelotan !Barley sat*. It tell t. e secks for tirsts , 4. The talkie is redly a italtatiot, of time now liszin mesh goods keown as cauv a,i01.11. A ewe , slime is very estate. Apieme un- lihimael are dime-tat:tett aznoug a l e eiai e s, an LIevee, each cola:lining thread; alai needle, alum% the gentlemen. Whee it gentleinaii flits a tidy with an apron of the same mate- riel as is in his workba be is obliged to hem hes apron. Prizes awarded to the quickest 5 . err end the beet ono. A column has been erected in Rome on Monte Patent, with this ineeription: \The neiennormg palace, once the property of the Malicia was the prison of Galilee, who was euilte of having seen that the earth revolved Ground the sun.\ A !tidy in Glenwood, Mass.,has a copy of The Linter County Gazette, dated January 4, !SOO, containing the notice of the death and burial of Washington, who died December 14. 1799. The sheet is dressed in raourning. Thu papee it in perfect condition. At a marriage of two gypsies recently, when the bridegroom was aseed if he took tie, woman to be his wife he replied: \Just as you say.\ After the ,ceremony the woman went out ot one door and the titan out of an- other, and they did not appear to be in the least interested in each other. John EL Dyer, of northern Vermont, who died recently, was an iizmnietise man, over six feet tall and of 300 pounds weight. It was necessary te make a coffin for him, and en hearse nes large enough to carry ii; so it was taken through the front window of the house New York city has a woman shoemaker. tee'a\4 placed ie re' express wagon, which was Mrs. Cleveland bets a penchant for parasols. They are of many sizes and colors. Queen Kapiolana is the firsaqueen who has crashed the threshold of the White House. The eldest daughter of Col. P.obert ta. In- gersoll lima beautiful soprano voice, said to bcs the purest and best in New York. Laien Nordics, tile prima donna, is a de- scendaut on her 1110aleCS side of the Mstho- dist revival preacher, \Camp Meeting\ Johu Allen, who was famed beyond the limits of his denomination for his power of utterance. Mine. Duplhais Kergomade, editor, au- tboreas of works on eilueation and inspectriee - generale des °toles maternelles, has been elected membre du cense') superiemar de l'in- strucciee publique, the first woman to whom the honor has fallen. The demand for Ilre. Cleveland's photo. graphs is stiil active. Fifty thousand have already Jean sold, and the Washington photographer who bolas the negatives; is printing IWO pictures a day. Time net profits in eight mont he have reached the stun of $7,000. Mrs. Phelps, the wife of the Aneeriegn min- ister at London, is aril to Ix3 a striking look- ing annatei. Sae is a' -out the medium leielit s her mete is nearly straight anti her mouth is lunall and very pleasnnt in expression Her hair, which is almost white, ts arranged is small, short, met Hugs about her fare amid over the top of her head. AL the back it is twisted into a soft coil. BOOKS AND AUTHORS. Justin McCarthy', \History of Our Own Times\ has netted bini about $35,000. Henry James rewritea his manuscripts until they arc almost illegible, be is so very testate els about construction. Mr. %Cilliam Cushing, who has done so inert) creditable work ni the lino of literary research, is laboring on his new volume of eAeionyinous.\ IL; has already collected torn 20,000 titles. Professor E. L. Youmans, the lately de- etheed editor tied founder of The Popular Science Monthly, left 'wheel him muaily rare and valuable utruseripts, besides a large coriespondeere, which includes letters trout Tyndall, Huxley, Darwin, Lubbock, Ageseiz aid Bain. Thew; are to be edited and 1ub- lishe;1 by IV. J. end Eliza F. A. 'Youmans. The mnitmeripts and other literary remains of Dante Gabriel Rotietti are to be saki at etzetion jmu Lenden. One item comprises forty -.-even sheets, another forty-five and another seventeen, these tieing published works. Proof of ballads and sonnets, outs- gival notes a lid some correspondence are else inelnded. Three were nearly all left by hint to an inn keeper's cite, a beautiful, ignorant woman, Cue eciensel of Itni famous painting, \Lelitle u barely large enough to receive it. Andrew Whitely, of Springfiela, 0., going out of a publie hall throw L6 overcoat over his sleneeers, and than, while he was talking to some ladies, it slipped off. Ile turned to Tick it up from the floor, but it was not there. lie could not find it anywhere, and teemext day advertise! • for it. It was re- turned to him by • lady, who said that when she reaelte 1 the eirect also discovered his coat lying upon her bustle. Sonic time rem a fine mare beloneene. to Cleurles II. Barnard, of Nom - timbre le lirolse ono of her legs very badly. Dr. Iluide- leper, of time' Uilivereity of Deensylvania, ameteated the leg, and, when the stump was heale - 1, listed an artificial log to the Mare, anti elle is being instructed in its use. The leg Is taken off at night so that she can ho doeu, rind it is kept on for a few hours each day. Amiparcialy the animal will soon use the artificial limb nal case. A clergyman of Auburn, Me., after eating hinehrese i.; a railroad eating house, picked tip vrhat be thought V, hi nag and went on journey. When be got home the bag was mailed in the presence of his wife, who was peeved to see lying tide by vide several bot- tles, which, -aceerding to their labels, con - tidied fire water of the strongest kind. The bag I...longed to a drummer for a liquor br e eze, and the drummer was probably also meerprieed 'when he found that in the bag that be had were three solid. orthodox sermons. QUEER NAMES. Judge Longenecker is the assistant state's attorney for Minuet. Blaine and Logan are the names of two city marshals in Illinois. The town of Weeping Water, in Nebraska, Is said to be negotiating for a towel factory. There is a politician in Si Louis named Rainwater and another in Denver named Drink water. It is said that there ie a man in Indiana t who waN naine.1 after Buebrumn. His name was then eaauged to Lincoln, from that to Grant, and he now calls himself Clevelend Smith. In the , old town of II—, in Vermont, nbout the beginning of this century, livetisa nian named C—, to Whom the unique idea bail occurred of following the order of the alpluthef in naming his children. In acs cordanee with this plan, No. 1, a boy, was imined Aebley Brigbam C—. The brief ex- istence of No. 2 was shown by her name, Deathhorn Epithenia. Then followed Foster, Gilmer, Hilarity Juno, Kathins, Lelown Nolills., Obadiah Polandcr, Quiretta Itesene, Serviab Trusty; and when this point was reached the old gentleman died, leaving a girl without a name, and his widow finished the list by slapping the intervening Maas and cellists; tho uu..aened baby &,. _ _ 1 tygeutwia PERSONAL It has been reported that kir. Parnell`, ill health is caused by cancer of the stomach. One of the quietest and least ostentatkate of the New York millionaires is Elias S. Hig- gins, who has made $ne,000,000 selling ear - Mr. John Tyler, son of President Tyke, hes for the ninth time been elected great worthy patriarch of the Sons of Temperanee of the state of Virginia. At the reqeest of the Japanese government Secretary NVLitney has ordered the admiesion into the nasal academy of 1.1. Nine a Japan - ca youth of noble fatuily, aged 17. Rev. S. F. Smith, the author of \My Coun- try, 'Us of Tine,\ ie vigocone old gentlemen of 79 years, acme. .oertn Chimp Ile wrote the song when be was 24 years old. Jay Goulds special train travels at the rate of fifty miles an hour. Mr. Goutl Is always accompanied it his tours of litspection hoc Superintendent Kerrigan and n Weuegruplier and typewriter. The uew envoy and- minister pleniieeen- tiary nom Turkey to the United Staten es a Chrietian, descended front a Greek family ; f nobility. Ile is small in stature, but portly in form, and is a bachelor. A. B. Choote, of Rockport, Mass., has a well preserved and legible copy of The Salem Gazettes dated Sept. :37, 179a. It contains the last address of George Washington to the people in relation to his sueresser In office. Sir Lionel Sat-keine West, British minister at Washington, is an inveterate lawn tennis player. Ile draws in the regulation flannel suit rind wields the racket all the afternoon. This sort of racket, however, is much to be preferred to some other kinds. William A. Nixon, the Washington corre- spondent of a New Orleans paper, is to marry albs Agues N. Dolph, daughter of the mil- lionaire senator front Oregon. The news- paper fraternity should see that among the wedding presents BM A paste pot and eneara James N. Bliffien, of Lynn, Mam e recently eelebrateil his eigatieth birthday. Reused to be called \Nigger\ Buffett) on account of his advocacy of the cause of the negro. He was the intimate friend and frequent host of Frederick Douelane Wendell Phillips. John Brown, Lucy Stone, Lucretia Mott and Wil- liam Lloyd Garrison. TALES OF DOGS. ALL SORTS. ! At 4 o'clock the other morrine a Lendon Dye ard college ittudents els. having pre- pared semposite pbotograph trent the liege- ve of 2e7 tliffereut persons. T10111, tishernaen in New Yerk will have to be careful t yeat. It ie unhawful to catch t .ut less than six inane long. Tai re are two Clariese labor ergitilizations' N Yeti; rimy, formed under the protect- ing elms uf D. A. 49, K.. of L. They have a inerabership of a)). A freight car, marked \perisbable goods,\ wai I- ft on a side track tha ot her day. When tlie ageut opened the door aft& r the departure of tile train, out walked four trumps. John fiennetto of the Yale senior tense, who has 'sem awarded one of the Townsend prizes, is a comousiter, and has paid a part of his college expenses by setting type during vaca- tion. police constable found three boys lying asteep in a clawed repeyard in Southwark. A large mongrel terrier was lying on the hope who were all fast asleep. The dog was at ewe, coverlet and Remelt:in, and when the eon stable approached his attitude became en menacing thnt the boys had to be wakened before the °Mew dared approach them. Pope, a theatrical dog, soon to appear in a new play, created a seesation in the bar - eon, of the Fifth Avenue hotel in New York recently. Ile walked in. went straight to the bar, put Isle greet paws nit it and took mi drink tenni n etetateass t n tubleg which the hark eel er held out to Line It was pure water nod the clog lapped it with great When t had drained every drop and licked the glee, dry be got clown ageinana sauntered leisure's - around the room. Has found] an old gas nieter in the alley, and he wasn't ten miuutes Alt -ding two - yards of string and a doz. He tied the \ntibInsh- ing voiceless liar\ to the string mid then lied the other enil of the string to the dog's tale It was a city dog, and instead of lighting 'tit with it at the rate of a mile in three minute-, be looked at, turned around, took nionnif ill look at the meter, saw I be disgrnse attached to Lira, and fell over on top of it— dead, Rez meta home clisappoilitecl.—Ex change. 'A St. Paul man has a pet dog of ehich he Is very proud. Oue evening recently, when the gentleman was returning home, he wive the•dog emerge from the shadow of a neigh- bor's fence with a ben in his mouth. The dog depoened the fowl in a secluded spot and then went after the house cat, which h seised by the neck and dragged to the feast. Without going through the formality of asking grace, the dog tore the chicken to pieces and helped the cut to some of the cheleest scraps.—St. Paul Pioneer Press. A Pailadelphia milkmen tells a queer story of two dogs. \Every morning,\ ho says, \as I pee; the corner of Twenty-fifth street and Reler,e avenue, two dogs rush out and accom- pany illy wagon front that point all over my route, returning with me until that corner is reached, and there leaving net I have stopped and watched to see if I could discover where they went, but except that they tore ;low» Twenty-fifth tercet, I learned nothing. The timing has been zoing on now for fiercest weeks, and it is the wore odd because several other milk wagons pas that corner emery , day, and yet the doge always wait for mires I have never given them any encouragement to accompany me, and I can't understood it; lett every morning, as my team approaches the junction of the streets named, there they are, waiting on the sidewalk, and they weer fail to fall 'la and follow me.\ FACTS _AND FIGURES. The Naval academy at Annapolis was formally opened Oct. 10, 18t5, Nearly 50,000 farms have been opened up in Kansas during the. past year. The first telescope used in this country for astronomical purposes was set up at Inia college in 1830. Twenty-five thousand persons ascended es the top of the Washington monument daring the year eliding last mouth. Somebody has discovered that 10,000 of our Indians are en fferi ag from consumption slid 7,009 are cfilicted with dyspepsia. The first steamship which ever crossed the Atlantic sailed from Savannah about May 24, 1819, and urrived in Liverpool on J1/110 The \Deacon house,\ on Washington street, Boston, was probably the first French ropiest building iii this country. It was built about teza Time commisioners of Harlem park, Balti- more, have made teeing and hugging in the park a misdemeanor, the penalty imposed thing a fine of from $5 to $24. The first omnibus in New York commenced running in Ittel. It bail the word \omnibus\. painted in large letters on both sides, suet wax a puzzle to most, pedestrinue, who pronouueed it varinusly. The mime was generally eup- posed to be that of the owner. Gen. W. W. II. Davis, United States pension agent in Philadelphia, during twenty days in the rtiontl. of April, signed his name :...4,37o times on as many cheeks. Oise goti pen onir vas used iii eianine, the checks, blatant doing great deal of other work. The pen spews to be as good as new, although it has been In use contently for over five years. The Rattail soldier takes 120 steps and cov- ers 'A yards a minute; the German soldier takes 115 stew and covers 96 yards a nitaute; the Fremich soldier takes.112 to lid steps amid misers 'X yards a minute; the English soldier steps; 110 and covers 95 yards a minute; time Dieted titates scidier seep. 120s minute and covers lee auras a meante under the now -

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 17 June 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.