Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, June 17, 1887, Image 3

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Sentinel. esesaa=s__ --- eaese-3 L elks!! Those wishing bls -± of any kind can find them at this (Alice at reason- able figures. Call at ails office. Sash, Doors, Screens and Moulding at Ilelenii prices. L. Teoteon, 13onlder. • Go to F. W. Combs & Co. for a regular umbrella. Windows and cedar doors and shingles in stock at Kellogg's after May 10th. Special, bargains in ecoolen dress goods, 34 pieces that must be closed out, at F. W. 111141 t :Combs a; Co's. s. Persons desiring a nice, easy shave or a fashionable hair cut are invited to drop linto the New Barber Shop next door to T. F. Murray's store. A spleudid hue of la4iesa misses' and children's worsted tual Lisle hose must be • so l id at F. W. Combs & Cai's. Fur finishing luneber,, doors, windows, and moulding, call on A. S. Kellogg, Boul- der, after May 10th. 4411.1/ •For your hats, whether kowboy, Derby ec Slouch, go ti. F. W...Contis &Co. * After May 10th, go to .te S. Kellogg for seeder shingles, cedar doors and cedar moulding. If you want a tine suitiof clothes go to F. W. Comns & Co. Samuel Mackey was at the Grand Cen- tral, from the Ben Butler, on the 7th inst. A small lino of choice' table linen at bargains, at F. W. Combs ds Co's. All dry goods we now e4rry must go to make room for an extenst e line of cloth- . .4c ing and boots and shoes. F. IV Palms & Co. F. W. Combs & Co. itve received a choke - line of Gents' fine nit underwear, s fancy hose, line neck wear, a superb as sertment dt elegant straw hats, men's fine and common sense shoes and slippers. * For Boas of the Road Oiveralls, at 75 Os per pair, go to F. W. Comfes & Co. * If you are in need of a o alne dres.s shirt, • go to F. W. Combs & Co.' Silk, linen, cambric an bandana hand- kerchiefs, fine suspended .< and jewelry at F. W. ( owns & Co's. • THE FINEST Fr*NCIE In BOulder Valley fot\Sale Known as the Griewole Ranch, canataaing of -kJ° acres of pt•stoted land, and 80 acres filed en, on *bleb can be: As1210 tons of hay. All well fenced. gaol water - HMI spray of water brought down to stock yards and in the house -situated about nines from the city of Boulder. It is called o of the best stock and dairy ranches In the wine It is now offered for sale with 'all the appurte :flees belonging to the same. For price and terms call on I ie undersigned, or communicate by letter. Mt as (aISwoLD. AdmIalstratrlit. Proposals Wr4ated. -Mining company at the office Masonic block, Helena. until J F•ealed proposals will be M g 1(1.) or 21)0 feet of shaft at. mine at Boulder district- Th{ 92 feet. The skaft ! rill be opet Saturday, June 25, 1887. B J. W. Xi •ed by the Bawler. f the Secretary, in ly I. 1887. for Sink- - :heir Evening Star shaft Is now down for lnspedlon on order of Trustees. SL EY. Secretary. OTICE, t few of County Cterl and Recorder. ? • Jefferson county. Boulder, Moe June 15, '87. i There will be a special meett-,g of the -Board of County Commissioners at theaelera's office on Wednesdny. July 6. 188'7. for now transaction tyf all buNnees laid over from the litst regular session, * 4 and such ether Intsinfta as ma: I properly come be- fore thens By order of the CHAS. E. *realer. County Clerk. Strayed.: Two small gray horses-sone branded W on right shoulder and 55 ; n left hip: the other branded GP on rigle.shoulder. Bola shod all round. They are, supposed to. be in ('row creek valley or lower Boulder. i . The return of same or nfotanation of them will be suitably rewarded. Address, [48-1] J. D. GROE,FBECK, Boulder - ` TEACHERS' NORMAL INSTITUTE. -al ...L4 BoZEMAN, May 23d, 1$87. To TF...acIlEns:-A Teachers' Summer TT 'Normal Institute will be held in Bozeman i for tour weeks beginning July 5th. 1587. .. Board can be had at reasouable rates. In- • struction will be given in all branches taught in the public schools, and in higher etudies if desired. Much retention will be given to methods. , * TUITION FOB THE TEIIM WILL BE $10. If you wish to attend please write to eith- er of emtiersigned who are the instructors and managers of the Institute. Pnor. A. M. litarrooN, . Deer Lodge, Montana. W. W. Wytte, Bozernau, Montana. Dr. J. C. Hunter, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEOX. Graduate of the University of Pennsyl- vania, Class of a872-4. Office at Residence near Chian& TEETH FILLED OR EXTRACTRID Boulder City, - • Montana. Livery Barn for Sale. I will offer at private sale my barn with two lots, together with all the horses, bug- gies, wagons, etc. Term\ of -sale -One 'half cash and the balance tri one year. J. R. WAAREN. Notice to Cretlt.ors,, , ' Estate of Cornelius GrNereltE deceased - eNotice is hereby given by She undersigned atiministrator of the estate of Cornelius tiriswold, -deceased, to th s creditors of and all persons having clatms against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, withit ten months :if-. terlke flrst publication o this notice to the said administratrix, at Boulder, in the said county of ffefferson. HELEN B. GRISWOLD. Administratrix of estate of Cornelius Gris- wold, deceased. Dated at Boulder, this 4th day of .May, 1887. INSURE YOUR PROPERTY: - Indemnity against fire offered by the undersigned in the fonosving first-class Insurance companies: is Fire Insurance. Associallion of London. Howard Insueance C* of New York. Home Mutual Ins. Co. of San Francisco. Clinton Insurance Co. oir New York. Michigan Insurance Cosof Detroit. R. J. DOUG H P •RTY, Solicitor. Office -Main Street, Boul er, Montana. Strayed One black horse, eight years old, sad- dle marked on back; wen it 1400 pounds; branded X on left should r. FEL1 :Gregory, Mont Hot Notice. B. Amt., April 10, 1887. To all whom it may concern: The cos parttership heretofore existing between the undnrsigned, Wm. Trotter and C. F. Parker, in the hotel business at Boulder and Boulder Hot Springs, is this day dis- • solved by mutual consent, C. F. Parker retiring. WM. Tetorre n. e C. F. Patticen. ETCETERA. Fishing tackle at Groesbeck's. See \Proposals for Arborytin another column. Hazeltine, the photographer, will be here Saturday. Belden.; Gs>rnaan pair Tunic stops the hair from falling out. Mort. Andersoa, of Comet, dined at the Grand Central Monday. See notice of estray horses in another column. ---J. D. Groesbeck. Robert G.ibbings and his yoang wife lialre been sojouraing at Boulder this week. The racing program is not yet complete NI, but the leading purse will be $50. See program next week. \ II. R. Crumb and F. Davis, of the Black- foot mine, were guests at the Grand Cen- tral on the 12th. Herman Richter, of Helena, was on a business trip to Boulder this week. He is a live business man, and one whom we are always glad to see. Fred Ewing, a late arrival from Mil- waukee, registered , at the Grand Central on the 12th. County Attoruey. Joyes visited Helena the first of the week on matters connected, with his official duties M. W. Weber, L. Beck, A. J. Downs rind R. J. Bwarbrick, from lower Boulder, are stopping at the Grand Central. Call and get your photo's of Hazeltine, next Saturday. He is an artist that never fails to give satisfaction: J. P. Dailey, of Comet, was at the Grand Central on the lth.. Mrs. T. A. Wickes is now visiting rela- tives and friends in the east: We bespeak for her a, pleasant sojourn and a safe re- turn. Con Smith, of lower valley, was in town on the 11th. Judge L. N. Smith, while at the Wind- sor Wednesday, informed us that there were about 125 feet orwater in the Elk- horn mine. Every effort is brought to bear to pump it out. All will be remedied in a day or two. II. Good our popular horseman, so- journed a few days at the Grand Central since our last issue. Mrs. V. S. Ryder and her daughter, Miss Berta, left. on last Sunday's coach for Vinton, Benton county, Iowa, to spend the summer mouths visiting with relatives and friends. They will probably return to their mountain home, at Elkhorn, in the fall. E. V. Smalley, editor of the Northwest Magazine, is in Helena for a few days with his special car. He is accompanied by: Mts. Smalley and his son and daughter. Mr. Smalley wilespend a few days in Hel- ena and then proceed on a business trip to Philineburg and vicinity. George Benjamin, of Comet, was in Boulder on the 12th inst. The county commissioners spent a large proportion of their time during their late session in trying to solve intricate ques- tions coneected with our county roads and bridges. The high water played sad havoc with our thoroughfares. But they seemed equal to the : teak, and in a short time they will have them in good condition again. They will meee in extra session July 6th. G. II. Smith, a traveling agent for a prominent Iron Safe company, is regist- ered at the Grand Central. A party of a dozen or more tourists came in from the west Wednesday even- ing and went up to the Park on Thursday. They will visit the geyser basins and, if possible, the grand canyon of the Yellow- stone. Large parties of tourists are al- ready in advance of the opening of the season and indications are good for a larg- er travel to the Park this season than for any previous one. --Enterprise. Those subscribing money for Fourth of July purposes, will please hand it in to the consulate, Keene and Sweet, before the 25th inst. Somebody wrote to the editor of a vil- lage paper to ask him how he would -break an ox.\ The editor replied as fol- lows: \If one ox, a good way would be to hoist him by means of a log chain attach : ed to his tad, to the top of a pole forty feet from the ground: Then hoist him by a rope tied to his horns to another pole. Then descend on to his back a five -ton pile-driver, and if that don't break him let him start a country newspaper and trust people for subscriptions. One of the two ways will do it sure.\ ' The smiling countenance of John II. Shober is again a prominent feature with us. Also Engineer Wade, of Helena -who has bef 4 h doing survey work around the city. They both were gaiests at the Wind- Iry House. The Keystone Mining company of Boul- der wads organized on the 14th inst. The mine is lotated in Elkhorn and the place of business is Boulder. The capital stock is 100,000 shares at $5.00 per share. The board of directors for the first 3 months are: E. Ryan, president; Theo. Fuhrken, secretary; F. C. Berendes, treasurer. S. S. Street, E. McSorley, Wm. Morris, A. E. Wells, F. S. Wolpert. The next meeting of the company will taKe place at Boulder on the 28th inst. The exclusive privilege for the refresh- ment stand, on the Fourth, will be sold at public auction on Monday evening at 8 o'clock, in front of postoffice. Missoula Times: Chas. Allard and an Indian, whose name we had rather not at. tempt to spell, are raising a herd of buf Woes. They started in a few years ago with four calves, two bulls and two heif- ers, and now have fourteen or fifteen head They run with the cattle and c -an be seen a few miles west of the road to Flathead lake. The animals are doing well. Mr. Allard and partner are raising them for speculative purpoieS. Capt. Hiram Cook made a . flying visit to Helena this week on business connected with his pension. The captain was suc- cessful, however. • . - Objection i, evele in New York to drowning stet-, fear so many sunken barks mlgltol struct navigation. I The militia company ait.ut ly at 8 o'clo'ck at the cot rt house Monday evening, when the organization will be , perfected. A. L. Randall dined at the Grand Cen- tral on the 11th. Remember that those whose Beense ex- pire on the 1st of July, will have to pre - 'Cure the signatures of twelve responsible peraons belt ,re they can renew. Boys, you had better le looking around. Thos. F. Murray Is Liking in the sights at the capital, but alwar, having an eye to boat ness. itieders German Hair Thule is just the thing for gray bs ir. It will cause it to raglan its natural color. You can get it at the Windsor Barber Shop. Mr. Seliginen bought the whole business . of the Gregory Mining company yesterday, giving therefor about $250,000. John Moore is now prepare I to do all kinds of painting, paper hanging, glazing. etc. Give him a call and you will get good work. The auction sale of horses last Saturday netted Judge Warner in the neighborhood of $3,000. Z. N. Thomp• aon has put the Dunks bridge in good repair. This will be good news for the traveling public. An excnange notices the fact that a hen layed two eggs in one day. When she did that she certainly neglected some of her other duties. L. S. Hazeltine, the photographer, will be open here for a few days next week, and will warrant to be aye to do first-class work. Call and see him. Riedel's German IlairiTonic is superior to any in the market. It contains no sugar of lead, and is a favorite with the ladies. For sale at the Windsor ?3arber Shop. D. A. Larson is comparatively happy now that he has his better -half in camp with him, and she seeing to be perfectly at home managing affairs in his absence. • Geo. W. Houk, repreeenting R. G. Dunn & Co., Helena made us a pleasant call this morning. There is a new dreggist in town ---Wm. Morris has another farmer in whom lie is well pleased. The little fellow came to town last evening, anil the mother and son are doing nicely. The out -going, Jefferson coach was tilled with youth and beauty last Wednesday. The party consisted of Misses Brady and Dunn. Mesdames Concannon and Warren, besides several little ores. It was cer- tainly a precious cargo, ind \James\ the scatterer of the silk amot g the six -in -hand, was as happy as a bear m box of honey. Thos. Jonas, the clerls at the Windsor, has gone home to Little - 1:lack Foot on a visit. His motheerecenity died in Colo ratio while visiting her sick mother, and Tommy will - be under the necessity of bringing his little sister back with him. He heti our sympat14 in his sad bereave- ment. Wm. Ryan, who lately returned from an extended visit to Mot treal, Canada, his birthplace, and whither he went to settle an estate, says some queer things regard- ing the. customs of that country. Among them is the fact that they will not take our silver zponey except at a discount. We think he did well to immigrate from a country that will not tSase Uncle Sam's shiners at par. 4 A SERIES OP A. VEDENTS. Bruised Backs and 'thins, and Al- most a Water: Grave. Last Saturday rex .1 Wes. Poland made a wrong step, a id slipped, fall- ing against a window, breaking a pane of glass and Lietting his face quite badly. Wes how carries his head in a sling. Harry, while trying to stop a band of horses in the corral during the auction sale, was run over by a hroncho, bruising his body and barking his leg which he now carries it in a sling. Ed. Grady also tries to stop a run- ning cayuse in 013 Coacannon corral on Monday, but the eninial walked over Ed's body in such a shape as to cause the young mare. to get out of the horse business. He now com- plains of pains in his hack, and does not feel quite so suple as he did be- fore the fracas. Sam Mackey,at the r - Sioinet, became all of a sudden a hose -tamer, and while endeavoring to quiet an un- tamed steed received a kick on his leg that will cause him to stay in doors for some tinie. John Gleason attempted to cross the Boulder last Wednesday after- noon, but the current- was too swift, and the water carried team, wagon arid all down stream lome distance. John was fortunate (slough to get out, however, but certalnly had a nar- row escape. People hould be very careful in crossing th; Boulder dur- ing this high water. SPRAYS OF THE SPRINGS. James Ryan, a Helent Capitalist, has been sojourning& few daas at the Boulder Hot Springs. lie is in ituated with our future prospects. A. J. Seligman, Wm. -Wallace, E. W. Bach, Pete Larsen and wlfe,J. H. Skober, ii. P. Lowry, James F. riain, W. H. Ulm, Homer Thomas, Geo. W. Houk, Helena; Paul Manuel and wife, lime ; -Oecar Hsu- tkm, Kansas City; Mrs. B mard. A cloud -burst struck ! le Boulder Ilot Springs Tuesday night, and filled the plunge bath full of sahd No particular damage was done. The thing° was soon put in shape again, aril everything is serene and pleasant. Wm. Trotter never lets a little thing like tha l bother him. TAKEN UP. Came to my place a )Out 18 months ago, one pale red and Totted or ma steer, 5 or 6 years .ld, branded on left thigh with something like an N. Owner can have aerie by paying charges and proving p operty. W FLAHERTY. Cold S t ring's, Yee& 12, 1887. 1 per pi OF T„ tt . A Grand Celebration to Take Place in Boulder -Con • ..ittees Ap- pointed t ,, Mak- the Gen- eral i• 7,, : _ znenta Harp and KHdrt,i m e ses s , Hot - epee, June 15, 1887. At a meeting called for the pur- pose of taking under consideration the acIviealsility of celebrating the Fourth of July in a proper manner in Boulder City, held in Cowan & Parker's law office, H. M. Keene was elected chairman and V. A. Cook secretary. Moved and seconded, That the ex- clusive privilege of keeping a re- freshment steed on the grounds be sold to the highest bidder at public auction, in front of the court house, on Monday evening, June 20th, at 7:30 o'clock, and the committee on arrangements pledge themselves to protect, as far as in their power, the parties buying said privilege. A motion prevailed that a commit- tee of two, consisting of H. M. Keene and W. T. Sweet, to be knowteas the Finance Committee, to collect funds for defraying the expenses of said celebration. .1. H. Warren, Ed. Ryan and A.H. Foster were appointed a committee on racing. F. C. Berendes, S. A. Ro - bertson, Con. Smith, R. J. Dougherty, and Jessie Patterson .were appointed a committee on general arrangements. No further business appearing, the meeting adjourned sine die. H. M. KEENE, Chairman. V.' A. COOK, Sec'v• ALHAMBRA. Special to the nentluel. Nothing of any great importance has happened in the past week, un- less was the appearance Tuesday of the private car of D. 111. Root, supt. of the Montana Division of the N. P. railroad. All of us being naturally inquisitive,. were on the qui vive to know the errand of their visit, tho' iii an interview held With the gentle- man he informed your correspondent that he was simply making a tour of inspection of the road, and to make arrangements to put in more and bet- ter side tracks at this point so as to give them better facilities to handle their -business, which has increased doable in the past month. He was accompanied by Hon. T. H. Klein- schinidt, H. H. \Hill of Wickes, and D. M. Hogan, roadrnaster. Every day complaints pour in upon our innocent head, over the miserable coniiition of the road at this point, and we see no reason why their plea is not just., but I answer, \ where are the county commissioners, or proper party who has authority iii such mat- ters? We certainly deserve some re- cognition from their hands, being citi- zens and tax payers as well,and hope that they NW look into the matter. The Springs were treated to its first runaway the other day. A care- less driver leaving his team untied at the platform, it became scaredby the noise of a passing engine and started out on . their own hook to investigate the rurals. Fortunately no one was hurt, hut it was amusing to watch their manctuyers. , Sunday was a gala day at this place. Great crowds came out from Helena to spend the day; and in the evening Mr. James Conroy, the popular con- ductor, brought down a large party of ladies and gentlemen from Jeffer- son and Wickes in a special, but un- fortunately a severe rain storm set in as they arrived, which . put an end to their anticipated plea - Sure. We are making arrangerneets to have a grand blow-out here on the 4th of July. A noted speaker will be engaged to make an address; danc- ing can be indulged in at the paeil- lion day and night. Horse racing and ball playing will be one of the features of the day. We extend a hearty welcome to all to attend and celebrate the day in royal style. Dr. Rudd and lady, of Jefferson paid us a pleasant visit on Thurscl and took their dinner here. Miss May Redding accompanied her friend, Miss A. Keeler, to Helena Saturday, returning home Monday. R. E. Fisk and sons, of Helena, and F. R. sliVellace, wife and child clone out. to rusticate Sunday, tal.:sg their departure for home again in the evening. Captain Buck and wife and Geo. Boos and wife are temporary trans- ients here. Will Redding, jr on a prospecting t tains and to we has in this vicini There was a man here win for short, wh party, not m other nigh dy when borne, an with th story - give mor get , has gone forth our in the moun- li on a location he ty. ertain young gentle - m we will call Brown, o concluded tego to a any miles from here, the „ It being dark and mud - they were on their return d he not. being acquainted road, got lost. Such is the -but then we said we wouldn't t away. We simply add, be e careful next trip and you won't wet. M. A. • NOTICE. All parties knowing themselves indebt. ad to Eyl & Co. are requested to settle at once, as we are building, preparatory to re -opening business. Respectfully, EYL & CO G. A James B. Mch G. A. R. meets t month. Geo , , A. S. KELLOGG, Post, No.13, Friday of iach EYCK, Com . d. Adft, CI 'I WICKES IRA)t n, Special to the Sentinel. WICKES, June 15. -Wickes ia ce7 tainly a lively camp, although it hs but just started to boom. There ha‘ been many improvements made the last two months; several mica business houses have gone up, and the Main street of the place certainly assumes a business aspect. The Hatnil brothers are holding their own, and are certainly very pop- ular in this camp. They are live business men, and richly deserve the support they are receiving. Thomas Crahen still keeps at the old place, but he has taken out the petition, and has had the room entire- ly renovated, and it is now present- ing an appearance that would do F res h B u tt er an d . Eggn Sp honor to a larger place than Wickes. Work on the Montana Central tun- nel is progressing finely. Pete Lar- son is a model railroad contractor, Having purchased a large invoice of and knows how to push things in the East, we are now prepared to prese that line. We lately visited - his im- pie of Boulder and vicinity, and the one would be Su riSed to see the , large, a complete line of merchandise oAbi, &RETAIL biH -A N D DIA. I AS Produce, Provisions, Etc POuDEiR crr - r. '2;(D4 ° ' :\ mense store room of supplies, and amount of goods he keeps on hand everything . in keeping with the wan to supply his army of workers. 1:We have a full line of Street's livery stable has removed across the street from where it used Hats .! fitted and ceeverted, into a neat sa ) to be, and the old place has been re - loon where tnueic, both instrumental and vocal, charms the average caller. Fred Taylor, of Butte, is one of the artners, apd they are doine• a. good usiness. Mr. Bradley, who at times assumes the roll of comedian, tonsorial pro- fessor, miner, etc., is now turning his attention to mining, he having dis- posed of his barber shop, and talks quarts -so fluently that a stranger would never think for a moment that he once upon a time haridted a 'raz- to the gonen'e taste. - He is has ble to be a in Rlionaire yet. Billy Blacfc, who rerently located' here from Bozeman, has a nicely ap-' pointed saloon --in fact, it is the neat- est place of the kind in town.* The' floor of the saloon proper is covered with oil -cloth, and the bar is tastely arrangesi and stocked with the best of liquors and cigars. His store -room is filled with the ardent, iiiesidee an- other separate upsrtment that con- tains cigars, etc. The club room floor is ornamented with a fine Brus- sels carpet, and the walls are adorn- ed with Aide -splitting, pictures. Billy is hospitable to his many patrons,and his succ'e - ss is undoubtedly assured. OBITUARY. EARL Lewis, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. fohn M. Lewis, was botn July 14, 1885, and died June 10, 1887, aged 2 years, 10 months and 26 days. But little did we think that Little Earl, so full of life and so robust in health would so soon become the vic- tim of disease and death. But the grim monster thrust in his sharp sick, le., and this splendid boy was seen to struggle but a short time With* the great enemy of our race, and awn to fall back in the cold embrace of hi whose hold cannot be broken for time. How lacerating to the he of those who loved him so wel beholi their own darling child from their -embrace, ancr to kno be cannot return to them aga there is a bright side to the Earl hail gone beyond th death -- Far above all cares to dwell. Where now the streams of 11 Whose Influence cam dispel The darkest gloom of nigh There neither sorrqw nor Can ever be known again. a rts to taken w that in. But picture. reach of ng light ; pain ,BNJOT' What a truly beauti Nkttlii gives us gra glens and oierrtis, a of enjoyment. W Verfect.hotilth ; majority of peo disheartened, di with disease, w this feeling, I obtain satief ArIgust Flo% disease, as Liver Con sdenty-fi Binions Coative na o awl date IA*0 C. t i f world we live in: ndeur of mountains, nd thonsende of means desire no better %Olen but how often does thel feel like giving It scouraged and worn out lielethere is no occasion for is every sufferer eau easily actory proof, that Green'ti ver, will make them free from when born. Dyspepsia and inhibit are the direct causes W- ye per cent, of such maladies as nesie Nervous Prostration, Dizzi- ness, Indigestion, Sick Headache. G . • f the Head, Palpitation of the Heart Clothing, Boots Shoes other distressing symptoms. Three s of August Flower will prove its nderful effect. Sample bottles 10 cents - . ry it. Caps, Boot GENTS' FURNISHING 0 -LA TT 1= 4 0W 1)=, C ecialty. goods from t to thepeo- Territory at , consisting of s of the people. s & Shoes, GOODS, ETC. .A.1='S AND PUS. T. A. W icKE.a*. 11011111..41144. 46.46 04*** SP WOO** 40 64 , 1* ife• 44 VP 111, Sri&ewes* es 4114.- OtIODS PI* Goods 4.41* 4119 4 116 4.1* le 40 Ilf* 411. 46.4110.46 EV 40. A Summer Dreg CLOTH Ju Lad Bo 4.416.411,49150.***11.4.111**,10416* 410 411. 11191.41* OW. Complete line or S Goods, Staples and Fancy Goods, ING, BOOTS SHOES. Men's and Boys' urnishing Goods, st Received an elegant assortnient,of les' and Misses' Shoes. Also Men's and ys' light and heavy Siioes in great .vari- y, suited to all .classes. BOULDER, MONTANA. II. M. Penenee, Helena. Wm Mots -Is, Boulder. Ina=chcia. cSt avZoxris, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Dizzy err st, Carry a large stock of DRUGS% CHEMICALS, PAINTS, OILS, BRUSHES, WALL PATICR, WIN.DOW GLASS, PATENT MEDMINES, PERFUMERY, And TOILET ARTICLES. Also Lamps, Candies, Tobaccos, Cigars, NI{ SCIOKS and SP.A.TICYISTIEFtlY 4E-- PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED AT ALL HOURS. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal Use Only. .A• r l ir r i Ml\T r ri CD INT -PURCH kSERS OF - HATS, CAPS, GLOVES, H. W. CURRIE. Gents Furnishing goods and evening at the Methodist Church. There will he preaching next Sabbath morning „ PROPOSAL FOR ARBOR. S)aled propobals will be received until Tuesday, June 21st. at 6 p ra., tor the erection of an arbor Religiolus Services. at the Court House. for Fourth of July parleoseg, pia is and specifications of which may beseen at 5. . Dougherty'a lilde4hoold be marked, \Pro - Iwo LI for Arbor,\ and addred to F. C. BERawnEs.. B. A. ROBERTSON. K J. Dot•GHERTV. 'Managing Com' tee. ' M. 13. 'll`A..Y1....0.11,„ Whitetail Ranee. T Reco, „ :.nd. Old brand without the pright--thus T Brand tor cattle -Inv ted j upright down. Broken and unbrokenhorses for sale. ERIN & EASTRIDGE ARE PRACTICAL ABARBERS k ND Hair Their place is neatly fitted up, and they le etfuctfully ask a liberal share of the `Next deer to T. F. ‘Ieer.a, i BOUT - CLO NG TIII Can save money by buying of M11105 F. W. COMBS & CO: Next doer to Baptist Church. rowATTENTION I THOS. F. MURRAY'S STOCK' OF General Merchandise! Is Complete in all it Departments. DRY GOODS, BOOTS & SHOES ri INES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS, • eat ura'kll'INT1 lies, • Powder, - steel, f.. f r-t,to apit i #r„ *c :az rim- 1 , 3 tms \j . H Sr/Asa/Ada aS ••• Best 13 - fgains to be had in Bo

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 17 June 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.