Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, June 17, 1887, Image 4

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Jefferson County Sentinel. AD V fitTItING TtlerE13. r.rwate Monthly. 'rrettper tr , -ek, 4/1 $ 1.50 iti - .hes, per month. 4.00 e quarter column, per month 6.00 , ine-half column, per month 81X) 'ie. co: area. per month 15.00 as brand relent one year, with pap'r 10.00 Legal advertising at legal rates. local notices 15 cents per line for first erungn 10 cents per line for each sac- -,extie insertion. WASHDATI'ON LETTER. [Front ear Regular Correspondent) WAIMINGTON, June 3. It does not require an extended absence from tkis city to note the unprecedented marCla of improve- ment apparent everywhere to the casual observer. - Public works vie with private en. erpris• in the adorn- ment of the Cal tal. The clean, sta 'both streets, embow- eyed with luxue:ant shade trees, with here and there ateautiful park to re - s. • lieve the monotiny; these being or- nausented by nit- , er a statue in bronze or marble, a foi nt,ain, or tastefully arranged beds f coleii or flowers; while on ever side architectural skill exerts its&• in reproducing fac similies of claw: , al and midiaval art, and of the toodtos renaissance, in the manisions of th' s rich, and the less pretentious, but none the less charm- ing dwellings the man of moder- ate means -al 3gether cempo;e an entrancing pict re. Localities th s ; we were accustom- ed to associate rith dreary wastes of common, amid agnant .pools, given over to the fro msotne antics of the frisky goat, ant , the dignified waddle of the more ilt% ate gassier, who con- tested the riglrt of occupancy with the everpresent roopskirt and tomato can; these unit !siring spots are now transformed in o beautiful rows of assthetically de, : geed houses, or more picturesque c •ttages with pretty landscape effec s. Thus the cultiva- tion of the be tutiful is proved to keep pace witk the true and good in our domestic e vironment. With each y• ar the number of pil- grims to this ecca of America in- creases; at fi t the happy bridal couple, inspire by the promptings of the little gof came; next, the prim teacher with h r following of merry school girls -t' e former bent solely 4 upon the seam for mental pabulum for her charm ng brood --the last, perhaps, dividi , g this most commen- dable pursuit v th a determination to have a real go d time; after a while the wealthy cls 's of leisure and cul- ture made the tisoovery that it was the proper thir to do to pay a visit to the social a, well as political cen- tre, before the nal departure for the summer to the- seaside or mountain resort. And , -the isolated excur sion party dev loped into the social 'custom, and it las, at length, become fashionable fot Baltimore, Philadel- phia, New Y . < k, and Boston, and even Chicago, to send yearly their quota to this attractive resort for wealth, intelli t once and refinement. The want of a proper conception, ill the average tourist, of the opera- tions of this g ;antic government, is •ery apparent The several depart- ments, whichi e but the vast count- ing houses of 'se nation, are a never ending source of wonder to the un- initiated. WI it so many people find to do, and the do have the appear- ance of bein busily engaged at something, is le first' ihing that int- pressee the s -entree Multiply the force employe by any of our largest business est* isitiniesits, by a num- ber which wil represent the greater extent of the overninent's transac- tions as comp red with those of the private busini a house, and you will form an *ppm imate idea of the 'leech; of the service, NATH.IAL MILITIA. ----- Appropriation, for the Western States sae Territories. WARD; NGTOM, June 10. -For the purpose of cs'yying out the act of Congress mak rig an annual appropri- ation to provic :arms and equipments for the militia the following regula- tions have beem issued by the war de- partment: T' e Adjutant General of the Army sha I annually, on or before July 1st of es .1) year, report to the war deprrtme t the number of regu- larly enlisted organized and uni- formed active militia in each State and Territors and this report will be the basis of t me action to be taken for the ensui g year. Requisitions for any or a public property pro- vided for in I iis act will be made by the governors , of the several States and Territorit s on the war depart- ment. The 1400,000 appropriated in the act wi . be distributed in the far western ates aud Territorials: California, $e 373; Colorado, $2,764; Nevada, $2, 64; Oregon, $2,764; Texas, $1,1W Alaska, $2,764; Ari- zona, $2,764; Dakota, $2,764; Mon- tana, $2,774 Idaho, $2,784; New Mexico, $2,7f Utah, $2,704; Wash- ington, $2,76 ; Wyoming, $2,764. Senator IN ells, in his lecture on woman suirrive at Abilene, took the ground that fro one ought to vote who cannot fight. Of course this would disfrs.r nhise old or infirm men, however inteiligent. It would dis- franchise all he disabled veterans of the war who tan no lottger handle a bayonet. A long as the old, the sickly, the halt, the Janie and the blind among melt are permitted to vote, some letter reason must be foetid for ex, hiding women than the firl that 11%*1) cannot fight. them all. Dr. Martha Ririe' in the only wo- man among the faculty of the Hontat- opathic College of Minneapolis. Miss Minna R. Pollock, of New York, translator and typewr ter, has been appointed by the board nf elder - men as commissioner of deeds. The women of New York have been granted more patents than their sis- ters in any other State. The women of Massachusetts, Ohio, Indisua and Wisconsin rank next inhorder. Mrs. Helen Campbell, since her \Prisoners of Poverty\ called atten- tion to the sufferiugs of poor sewing women, has rrceived hundreds of ap- plications from people who vr\ ant seamstresses. My faith is rooted and grounded that the cheapest, the easiest, the most natural and proper method of introducing reformation into public affairs, is to give woman a co-ordinate influence there. -Henry Ward Beech- en. Miss Winfred Edgerton, who re- ceived the degree of Ph. D. from Columbia Cobege last year, is the teacher of mathematics in the New York school of which Miss Rose Elizabeth Cleveland has become the associate principal., Lady Barberton lately gave a lee - turn on dress reform, to ladies only, in the Crystal Palace. The room was crowded, and a lady who attended as an agent of Worth, the great Paris dressmaker, expressed herself as much pleased with the costume in- vented by Lady Barberton. Miss J. E. Wright, L. L. B., the only woman_ in this year's class at the Boston University law school, grad- uated cum laude, and was heartily cheered by the great audience when she stepped forward to take her well earned diploma. I find nothing in the Word of God that 'teaches me that woman should not exercise the right of suffrage; on the contrem the whole spirit of the blessed book is just th opoosite. The Golden Rule teaches us to do unto others us we would that they should do unto us. Are we treating woman thus to -dry? ---Senator A. D. Harlan, Pa. Mils Lelia .1. Ro'iinson, of the Suf- folk County (Mass.) bar, thinks the West offers better opportunities than the East to a woman lawyer, and that the further West one goes, the more favorable the conditions become. Or- egon and Washington Territory she thinks the best fiels1 of all. Miss Frances Helen Coleneo, who has lately died, was a daughter of Bishop Colenso. and joint author with Col. Edward Durnford of the \His- tory of the Zulu 'War.\ Glic cell- tributed the political chaptertr - atul he the military narrative. After- wards she published a work called \The Ruin of Zululand,\ and was tending to to edit a number of her fath-' 1, er's letters. Her early death will be lamented by the Zulus. The Springfield Republican says: \Mrs. Zerelda G. WaHace who, at seveuty, has been making a speech in the Ohio Woman Suffrage Con- vention, is another of the women whose faith in the cause did not arise from any lack or neglect of home du- ties. Hee step/son, General Lew Wallace, describes her as 'the mother of thirteen children, of whom four have grandchildren.\ Mrs. L. F. Baldr, of California, is about to establish a colony of silk culturists in Maryland. A tract of one hundred acres near Odenton will he divided among ten colonists, and by next spring she hopes to have the experiment well under way. She proposes to raise grapes along with the silkworms, as the worms require but six weeks of care. Mrs. Bably is a member of the Woman's Silk Culture Association of the United Statists. Properly considered, the woman suffrage movement is, or should be, of the p:ofoundest interest to all the friends of labor reform. The ballot always elevates and improves the in- dustrial condition of the persons hold- ing it. The negro was freed without being enfranchised, but it was his ballot that put him on equal footing with the white man in the labor mar- ket. That women to -day are subject to inequalities of condition, unjust discriminations as to wages and terms of labor, as compared with men, is a fact. That with the ballot in their hands these . inequalities and unjust discriminations would CORSE, we be- lieve, is certain. That they should cease is for the interest of all people who labor, men and women alike. Once the workingmen grasp this truth the movement for woman suffrage will receive an impetus that will cer- tainly carry it to victory.-13eiston Globe. Mary, A. Livermore treys: No in. vestment of funds will yield no large an interest to an American city as the money given to found technical and industrial schools, where gifted and promising girls can be trained for such occupations at small expense to themselves. Their commercial value, alone, should give them prac- tical importance iii any community. And as industrial art and fine art have, in the main, the same elemen- tary basis, whatever promotes the former mule aid the latter directly or 'S COLUMN. indireeety ; ;led thus tho public taste will be er)evateei,and the public judg- Kate Santo n, the well known wri_ merit of art matters educated. ter and newspaper correpondent, is a • KANSAS W6.11AN'S EN FnuIENcit. niece of Daniel Webster. It to rend the informs - Miss M a Holley (Josiah A:- 0 00 '! v.'.!!.'i • ten's Wife) received $11,000 for the on ..---------' manuseript 41 he tiew botbk \Seinen- • r • ..0 :hi Saratinga.\ inu.2h jIt m , ' -- -- --m MTS. Cutter has received tif`arly 50.\ 014 e.tleti‘lci day wale fitipti.sed. five hundred letters about her book My 044 !y pieture of a Polit41: - Itiarc \hoots and Saddles,\ and aeswered wss one in Pro •idence, U. L, where I worked for the prohibitor,' ainend ment in April, 1888. The scene was stili fresh in mmmi mind -drunken men, loafers, oath*, parleyings, men who couldn't read the tickets. In con- trast to that, lot our polling-placei- All was quiet ss a church inside. No one was allowed to linger within fifty feet of .the pt Ifs. Outside of that limit men were _gathered, discussing the questions of th day. The room was as clean as • it conkt be. We filed in, gave our na nes and deposited our ballots. Mrs. R earned ber lit- tle boy in her arms. The children didn't seem to e suffering from neg- lect that day; the only sorry -looking ones were those whose mammas did riot vote. They cast longing eyes at the others, wile were nicely washed and dressed fo;• the occasion. When my neighbor, :itidge M---, his wife, little boy of three years, and baby of nine in nabs, started of, the children were not after. the croakers' type at all; on the contrary, they looked as if the chief en I of childhood was t o have a mother who voted. The two bright-eeed little ones were too hap- py, neat, and .osy to pose as speci- mens of neglect. Of one thing 1 am sure, the children of women voters were made clean that day; some oth- er children were not. I was gone from the house just twienty minuts is, Mrs. M - - seven- teen minutes. We noted the time for the benefit of those who seem to tlink voting wnuld occupy a woman's time ten hours:a day for a whole year. Oneswoman who hadn't time to vote, spent ' keveral, bourn people pass, \I'm afraid smite of the women did not Wash their dishes before they went -,1 said oe e woman. Lean over while I whispa it: A very violent opposer of thetiew law left her break- fast dishes urOl nearly noon. She wouldn't leave, her housework to vote, but she neglected it to watch hel neighbors, to !see who went to the pons. Our first vt\te is cast; the dread predictions art unfulfilled, homes are undestroyed„ :he women are going about tlitir wcrk as usual, the chil- dren seem happy as . ever, the sun shines as brightly, and the prophe- sied ills are not realized. IDA BE XTON COLE. Wyandotte, Kan. - - r - watching the hioNE ,to 4e, made. Cut this out and retrn tons, amid we will send you free, s nnething of great value and im- portance to you, that will start you in bust- ueas which will ; pring you in more money right away than anything else in this world. An one can do the work and live at home. hither sex; all ages. Something new, thet just coins money for all workers. We will start you ; capital not needed. This is one of the genuine, Important chances of a lifetime. Those who are ambitious and enterprising will not delay. Grand outfit free. Address Titt; IC dr - Co., Augusta, Maine. - 7f PAIADISE & klidi a da The only complete Carriage, Wagon Blaokemith and I'uln t Shop Iii Jeffersen county. Wain St roof Montana. Grand Central Hotel MOI•TT. REED I RINDA, PROPS. The Leading aad only First-class hotel in Helena.. Prices reasonable. Everything New and of the La - tend - - MAIN ST. Jefferson Market A. C. QtAINTA.NCE, Dealer Is Fresh Beef, Mutton, Pork, Sausage, Fish, etc. In fact everythine usually kept in a first- class meat market Meat Supplied to all Railroa I and Tie Camps at Reasonable rates. tar Orders solicited and goods delivered. City, Mcant. Pogofila StuPd BOULDER, MONTANA. Stationery Toilet Article - Cigars and Tobacco, Fruits and Con- feotionery, also a fine supply of ALBUMS AND PORTILONIA.22 A choice variety of everything in the • zionery line always In stock. 41,80111,F,Y. , Propri.. 1ViIlov burn Farm, Beaverhead 'e3H , Mont. I.11Pt 1.1) and KOMI. isRED Percheron and Norman' Stalliorc. (tud Mares FOR SALL 1 All Stock Warranted as Represented. Terms and prices to suit custom- ers. Write for Illustrated Ciitalogue. Visitors always welcomed. JAMES MAULDIN, Dillon, Mont.: Just Arrived! ! STOVES ! A Full line of Heating & Cook- ing Stoves at Hel- ena prices. Hardware & Tinware a Specialty. Repairing Done Neatly ICuickly. Neu street, • • Boalder, boat. E. THOMAS & CO. ENOCH HODGSON, Manufacturer of WIMP& Silitia.81 Sawmill near Beavertown I am prepared to furnish XINING TIMBERS on short notice; Also deal in all kinds of Tat EASED LlUMITE41.. ENOCFI HODGSON, Jefferson City. THEODORE FREYLER'S Saloon and Billiard, HALL. A Selected Stock of Wines Liquors and Cigars. g_17•Milwaukee Beer on Draught. WICKI41.4, - MONTANA. ( 000,000 PFOPLE USC • FERRY'S SEEDS D. M. FERRY & CO. SISI .k .. 'ad ' l it l FERRY &CO'S . war Der ....Ilkley. • rived SEED On& For 1887 will be smiled FREE to all applicants. sad to Ma sesseles cadosarre witness or- dering htealrei* tilLZIPary per. sea seta, G. 5... Fuldl or /Wow mu* sse.14 asd f ,./ Address S. R. MU a it. Detroit, Wok. WORKING CLASSES V e t e a t i i .e t i n o o n w ! prepared to furnish all classes with em- ployment at home, the whole of the time, or for their spare moments. Business new, light and profitable. Persons of either sex easily earn from 50 cents to $5.00 per even- ing, and a proportional sum by devoting all their time to the ihiainest Boys and girls earn ne trly as much as amen. That all who are this cmv send their address, and test the busine.s, we make the offer. To such as are not well satisfied we will send one dollar to pay for the trouble of writing. Full particulars and outfit free. Address GEORGE STINsON & CO., Portland, Maine. CHARLES POND, Baker and Confectioner, Arid Dealer in Cliinese and Japanese Gods. FANCY PORCELAINE and C r I 1•T A NV 1'R., , CIGARS and TOBACCO, Boulder City. WS. Livery L IL Montana. arren, Feed STABLE Carriages, Buggies, Saddle Horses, Double Teams and Everything in The Livery Line. CITY, MINNTA5A W. IT. ('ommeannOtt. Pt atailce addresa-Boulder, Montana. ,Range --Boulder Ailey. . Brand -Horses, CC on right thigh. Cattle -Perpendicular bar with a halt circle over the top, on left hip Veut on horses bar across brand. Butler. Cattle same range as the hones. Brand on right rib. .johaa Posta:Ice address is Boulder, M. T. Range Boulder Valley. Brand - Horsespq on r ght shoulder. ago r•osculice Address -Cold Springs- gauge Lower •Boulder. Patrick Witsitham. Postnface Address,Weber, Mont. Rases Boulder valley. Cattle branded or left rib. uorsee ot, left shoulder. .t, half circle revehed Marks, cattle slit in both ears. All persons are warned agait.s imitating my brazna a IA YU j FR F11) 1201111.11‘1. Grace l'ustonice,Jetterson county, JUT. Range, Little Pipe -stone. Brand, cat- tle, EE on left ribs. Draft horses and roadsters for sal*. GEORGE EA POINT. Postoffice, Ana- conda. Range, Boulder Valley Brand -Horses -Figure 2 on left neck. It. lE.1.111%TilE PostrAce address, Jefferson City, Mont. R .raeu, -----------------------., the vent is a bar eeicr the brand. attle, same. Cattle half 'circle on right hip. Range near Jefferson. WM. II. PIERCE, Manufacturer and Dealer in Linn ber, Lath -AND-- Shingles. Sawmills on Muskrat and McCarter creeks. XINING TIMBERS I SPECIALTY Carried at BOULDER CITY. A. S. xrzoaci, Agent. 'Call on us for Reduced Prices. Obtained, and all Patent Business attend- ed to promptly and for moderate fees. Our office Is epposite the 13. B. Patent Office, and we can obtain patents In loss time than those remote from Washington. Send model or drawing. We advise as to pat- entability free of charge, and we make ao charge unless patent is secured. We refer here to the Postmaster, the Supt. of Money Order Div., and tosfacials of the U. S. Patent office. For circular, advice, tenni and references to actual cli- ents in your own State or county, write to C. A. SNOW a& CO.., Op. Patent °lace, Washington, D. C. CHARLES ENGLUND, PRACTICAL Boot Ana Shoemakor, BO I; 1,'D )1.s -- - Mr. Englurd has permanently located among us, and those %lolling anything in his line will do well to call. Repairing Neatly Done, Boots and Shoes made to order. Satioloo- ttee geartateesi. J. P. DAILY, Isi.totnee auule..0 tomnet. Range from Boulder to Basin Qty. Brand - on left thigh. Cattle same aa harset. S A. I... lDUL,ANEY. P. 0. D.,ulder, Range Boulder Valley. BRAND. Cattle IX on left hip and marked with a double du - lap. Vent, IX on left shoulder. Horses - IX on left thigh. Vent. IX on left shoulder Also horses with Dianmomd 'J on left shoulder. ll.tes - v4 Kinear. P. 0. Boulder Val- ley, N. T. Range, Jeffer sun county. sna•en. Cattle: IC on left side, under half crops oa both ears. Mary I.... aeftlriess. P. 0. Boulder Val- ley, M. T. Range, Jefferson county. /MANDE!: Cattle: N with bar andenscored oa left side Horses:hams brand WAIL. litOG Ertel. P. 0. Weber, Jefferson ea., M. T. Range. Boulder valley NUM.& Circle bar on left shoulder, opea Ron left thigh. Horses: open Boa left thigh. A.. C. Qt...T.A.INTANCVa. -. 0. address, Boulder, M. T. RANGE OR north Boulder, Brands -Cat tie )-‘crossed on ribs on.both sides. Horses ---Q on the left shoulder. - Marks -Double dulap, up and down Vent - Cattle and horses, single brand on right shoulder. Ed -ward Cardwell. Cattle branded fig- ure 7 on left hip, with wattle on left law. Horses brand- -d letter C ‘111 right shoulder. Range: Jefferson ()Linty. P. 0. address Boulder Valley, Y. T. Range, Jefferson county BRANDS. Cattle: E R on rieht thigh. Horses: Sinele R on left shoulder. Vent, same brand on left thigh. J1ATRIO N . .J ')l( D N TeTersou and Fish Creek valley i.iL pow int of any parties dealing unlawfully in any stock with my brand on. P. 0. Fish Creek Gc)corow IN. P. 0. 'Whitehall. Range, Whitetail. Brand-rlorses-G with bar under- neath on left shoul- der. Vent -a bar over the G. He has an excel- lent lot of young hones for sale. M. W. Wkit.S.LIAA. P. 0. Weber. Range, Boulder valley. Cattle - Diamond lengthwise with fig- ure 7 inclosed. CON CLARK. C Boulder. Range -Boulder valley Brands -CC on the right ribs, wattle or right thigh. Vent same brand under the other on cattle Horses. C on left h nlder.Ven tbran d reversed underneath NV M. P 0. Cold FLAILEBTY. 3prings. Range, Boulder Ye BRANDS. Cattle -Horseshoe on left side and thigh. Vent horse- shoe reversed on left hip. Horses --- horseshoe on left thigh. Vent brand reversed on left hip Ititannard At , Lewis. AddreseGrace P. 0. Jefferson county. Range, Little Pipe - stone. Sixty -eve head of mares and colts for sale. 141 10 .1.:CIAL. Ncyr raf /6 ' Religious Betimes. Preaching every Suuday morning at the M. E. church, at 10:30 a. tn. ens time. lst and 3d Sundays, Rev. H. W. Curtin. bri and 4th by the Presbyterians. Sunday school at 2_in the afternoons - A- CI. U. 1 4 1 1r. Ceuteanial Ledge. No. EL Meets every First and Third Monday In each month, in Good Templars' Hail. Visiting brethren are cordially invited t• attend Jivo. F. Bazaar, it W. Wm Meows, , Rec. Geo. F. Cowan. M. H. Parkes. COWAN it PABEER, Attorneys and Counsellor. A.T IA A - VV . , BOULDER CITY, )11031111. Will practice is all the courts it Imam Territory. J. DOUGIINIEVEY. NOTARY PUBLIC, 13aulder, - Itiouttaatift OFFICE: • With Dougherty Bee Thenupson Campbell. J. M. balk CA1CPBELL IIMITY, ATTORNEYS - AT -LIM, BUTTE, MONTANA. DR. W. H. DUDLEY, Elkhorn, X. Surgeon to the Illkhorn mine. 161411,1 wtih permission to Drs.L. I Holtman and E. D. Leavitt, of Butte, If: T. Dr. J. C. Hunter, PHYSICIAN AND Str2413031. Graduate of the University of Plododieb phia, Pa., Class of Irs-a Office at Residence nest Char*. TEETH FILLED OR EXTILACTIND Boulder City, - • Imatons.\ ..0 1 A. R. ROBERTSON, Dentist :-: Surgeon. Teeth Extracted Without Pain, Filling and all Dental work dose La thorough manner and satisfaction guaran- teed. al/ - First two weeks in each month at the Windsor House, Boulder, and the next two weeks at the Russell House, Witco& (Do. el t ? 14 10 BEAST! Mexican Mustang Liaiment lisiatlea, Lumbago, Barna Scalds, WAIN Bites, 'truing. aimless, Corns, i Menasha*. \ Sprains Strains, Stitches Stiff Joints Jukes**, Galls, Boris, Spavia ' Oracles. Dateasioll Manisa Zrapidisk Hod AA, Saw Werna atheism% Saddle Sam, Ma& THIS 000D OLD STAND -11Y aseentplisbes for everybody *seedy ernes Mitcham/ twit. Ose of the remixes for the great Potaiwille of Ms Mustan g Lialmest Is fogad is he astveireal a ppl leabi My. Everybody needa sash a modielse Tie • Lumberman needs It in case of acoldesa Tit • lienfiewire needs it tor gencralLamtly -- Th. Cana ler needs it for kW Mamas sad Ids 11401. Th o ftl eels este semis is alwitys ea hie veal beach. Tim • MI nee seeds ft la sem et anwpmey. The ra ea awn , noels It-oani get &wig without it The Fernier needs is in his Yon\ kOs sad Si. stook yard. Tie• Steamboat man or the ik/MANNINI IMMO tin liberal supply admit sad selpre The Heree-fatie I er amide 110-11 Is Ids Sam Wend and safest reliance Th• Steck -grip wer naves 16--tt will sere haft thousands of toilers and. world of trouble Th• Railroad masa seeds it and wm seed le se los t as his life Is a round at weld's% awl dea f est The Basikweedeinan needs it Them Is souls lag like ft as an antidote toe the dosages te limb and comfort oak* surround the gamest. The Merchant seeds 11 about ha Mere same. St. employees. Academe will heppea, and when them some the Rastas* lialmeat is waged is own. Keep a Bettie la the Bow*. \Tli Uri bested economy. a Keep a Bottle is the Faelarl. hassedisfe use In 811411 et aceldsat saves pals and low of teepee Keep a Settle Always la the *sable lee aim wises wasted. 0 The 11117TICIRI 017/0111 111 ammed Rep& amill YkstsfAs, sassyear. XV' IRSI roma Si ilmeismairelat swig - ~moo dlialarp. OMNI Wlie1asal• Ihrions &treed 5.emeessessore aft all \seas Or pereemal ihmelly mem . Tend hew Ile order, sad ewes mulast Net se infeepo thaw yea Ise% eat, Orissa, weer, sr %ems took with.. Theme INTAILMAillal HOOKS contain tatersaillasi irIesemoll from di* usarltoto of tlw werldL will mall a *spy ?WI So soy saw drew *pea tereart et le eta. Ile ofiReoly espease of asstlams.• Let as *OM you. MONTGOMERY WARD & 00. Mr Vie Wabash Aweless. lAismapik 1/0. BOULDER CITY Saddle and Harness SHOP • John F. Sheehy, Iiop'r. A b aving purchased a stock of areas leather and mounting, I am now p to make anything in the above line l se. der. All work warranted handmade no charge if not satisfactory. Baggy Trimming Dome te Order. AWAY. mail getz a package$ 0, 200,00 , F w nc r l ill a rs Eins 5 r e: E n: postage, sad Ivini goods of large value, that will start you Is work that will at once bring you in aseaey faster than anrthingelik in America. All about the $20 . 6,000 in presents with esti box. Agents wanted everywhere, of either sex, of all ages for all time, or spare One only, to work for us at their own hornet Fortunes for all workers absolutel. 0 .4 sured. Don't delay, a. na.m.urrv a re , Port land Maine .

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 17 June 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.