Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, July 01, 1887, Image 1

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JEFFERSON COUNTY SENTINEL ••••-•• VOL. IL -ego The Pioneer NT.c•Nwogpaitpeir of Jetrerroon County• -•• , A 'Family Journal 9 Independent in ten. BOULDER, MONT., FRIDAY, JULY 1, 1887. NO. 41 The Northwostern! Owing to the fact that our store is about to be rebuilt, remodelled and ealarged, we have deuided until the /abov• alterations are completed, to sell everything ia our line at from 10 to 20 per cent. below regular prices. New is the time to buy your Spring outfit! Our stock is complete, and are receiving new goods right along. Before buying Clothing and Fur- nishing Goods be sure and call at THE NORTHWESTERN. Holter's Block, Opposite Grand Central Hotel, r1\.. J. D. GROSBECK, +iugp o Coaonkd Camp ,Heating stn . limp 111 U9 IIC 0 1\T B rr Nails, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, WOOD TWAP, CROCIC=PIY - , Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouldings. Plated Ware, Glassware and Bar Goods. emu for the Celebrated Buckeye Force Pumps and Shutler Wagons, H 0 : 0 -- H - TIN S lloppairing will ) lioulde•r v here all kinds of Job work and He - e done. t Ir Opposite Court House, • • 151ontanel, Jut RE-Opnoq, • N-Filriligleti I Boulder HOT Springs. Wonderful Curative Properties ! --IN ALL CASES OF Chronic, Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism, Lead Poisoning, Constitutional Weakness, aid General Debility. A PLEASANT RESORT! FURST-CLASS HOTEL AND BATHING ACCOMMODATIONS. Rearkied by Stage from Helena, Butte, Wickes, Elkhcvr, Comet, and all Points in the Territory. Terms moderate. /411re-chose Physician DR. IRA A. LEIGHTON 9 IS constantly in atteudance. FOP full information address, TROTTER & KEE . NE, Boulder, Mont. The Windsor House. -^ REENE & TROTTER, Prop's. BOULDER, Mont, Everything First-Class.r, BOA10 PER WEEK, $700 \ DAY, 2.00 GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL FRANK FARNHAM, Proprietor, Newly Built, Naly Finished Throughout aod CEntrally Met THE LEADING HOTEL IN BOULDER. The Tables are Supplied with the Best in the Market. BOARD AND LODGING $7.00 BOARD PER DAY 1.50 Stages From All Volutes Stop at Thin Hotel. Taken Up. One iron gray horse, 8 years old, weighs about 1,000 lba., arid bears an arrow brand on left thigh. Own- er can have the same by proving prop- erty and paying charges. Inquire of JOE FLETCHER, at Frank Hoopes' ranch on Lower Eierukier, Stra3 ed. Strayed from Philip Wagel'srancit near Comet, one red steer, two yeare old, branded W on kip, slit in right ear and hole in same ear. One white steer, two years old, branded W on hip, alit and alai) hole in right ear. A suitable reward wil Ise paid for their recoveiy. PHILIP WAGE I., 41-1m Cemet, Menton.. Mining Application No. 1827. U. S. Land Office, Helena, Mont., April 25, 1887 .110tice is hereby given that Emmit Con- solidated Mining Company, by Housand M. Cooper, its president, whose postoffice addreas is Helena, M. T., has this day filed its application for a patent for one thous- and linear feet of the Emmit Lode mine or vein. bearing dive*, etc., with surface ground two hundre:$ Ret in width, situated in Bouldsr, unorganit.0, mining district, county of JeffersiA nl,-terr:tpsy of Moa- tana, and designnted by the field notes and official plat on file in this office as lot num- ber 85 in township 7 IL range 4w, of prin- cipalbase line and meridian of Montana territory, said lot No. 85 being as follows, to -wit: Beginning at cur. No. 1. from which the quarter section con between sec' s 27 and 28, t7 n, r 4 w, bears II 65' BS w 811 6 feet; thence s 2' 50' w 200 feet; thous.. - 7$* 15' e 1,000 feet; thence n 2' 50 200 feet; thence u 75' 15 • w 1000 feet t place of beginning, contaluing an are* o: 448 acres. The location of this mine is recorded in the 'office of the county recorder of Jeffer- son coon?, in boo 0 of. The ad- - - - - - ESTA BLISLI ED 1867. No. 1 03-11). FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HELENA. U. S. Inepleittory. Paid tip Oaciltal • $300,000 Sursatu it ieCTOHS 325,000 S. T. !Wiser, Prest. A. J. Davis, Vice Pr. E. W. Knight, T.H.Kleinschtnidt, Cashier, A. M. Hotter, ohn C. Curtis, II. M. Parchen s: I I am' Itori. J Ming C. P. IV • T. C. Power. Asst. Cash. I ! 11 4 F te. • Carpsrit,raer All kinds of Doors and joining c airnients are Vivion lode, lot 87 on the north; the Maudlin lode, lot 90, on Window Frames, Stairs, the east; the Sheridan lode, lot 89, on the so lve u s t t h, and the O'Connell lode, lot 88 on Counters, Etc. made to Order. Any and all persons claiming adversely ililY portion of said Eminif•Lode mine or surface groued are required to file their prepared. adverae claims with the Register of the • united States - Lattd• Office at Helena, in the territory of Montana, during the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they Will be barred by virtue of the provisions ef the Statute. S. W. LANGHORNE, Register. No. W. EDDY, Att'y or Applicant. Fi t publication April 29, 1387. ining Application No. 1828. U. S. Land Office, Helena, Mont, / April 25, 1887. .. 5 \otice is hereby given that Eininit Con - so !dated Mining Company, by Housaud M Cooper, its president, whose postoffice address is Helena, 31.T., has this day filed it application, for a patent for fifteen hun- dred linear feet of the O'Connell Lode mlue or vein, bearing silver, etc., with sur- face ground six hundred feet iii width, situuted in Boulder, unorganized, mining klistrict, county of Jtffersors and territory of Montana, and designated by the field netes and official plat on file in this office a4 lot number 88 • ill township 7 n range 4 W of principal base line and meridian of si,krntana Territory. tind lot No.88, being as f Bows. to wit: ; :Beginning at coil No. 1 from which the , q udder section corder between sections 27 a d 28, t 7 n, r 4 w, bears n 73' 27' w 271.5 f et; thence n 75 ° 15' w 1000 feet; thence s2* 50' w 600 feet; thence a '75„ 15' e 1000 feet; thence n 2' 50' e 265 feA; thence s 75 0 15' e 500 feet; thence u2° ', e 200 feet; thence u 75 0 15' w 500 et; thence n 20 50' e 135 feet to place f beginning. Magnetic variation 19' to 22° e, contain ing 15.72 acres. , i The location of this mine is recorded in the recorder's office of Jefferson county, In book 0 of Lodes. : The adjoining claimants are the Vivion lode, lot 87; the Estunit lode, lot 85, and Sheridan lode, lot 139, on the east. • Any and all peons claiming adversely iinv portion of said O'Connell Lode mine Or surface ground are required to tile their t overse claims with the Register of the 'tilted States Lilted Office at Helena, in the territory of Montana, during the sixty days' period of pulalication hereof, or they will be barred byt, virtue of the provision of the Statute. 1 S. W. Lassonottsu, Register. JNO. W. Etiov,FAtt'y for Applicant. First publication tApril 29, 1887. • Mining Application No. 1830. - U. S. Lund' Office, Helena, Mont., ( April 25, 1887. Notice is hereby given that Emmit Cop- sotidated Mining Company, by Houaand M. Cooper, Its prbstdent, whose postoffite address is Helena, M. T., ha.s this day filed its application for a pa t ient for fifteen hun- dred linear feet of thre Vivion Lode mine or vein, bearing silver, etc., with surface fround six hundred fret in width, situated in Boulder, unorganized, mining distriet, county of Jefferson and territory of Mon- tana, and designated by the field notes and official plat on file in this office as lot num her 87, in township 7 n, range 4 w, of prin- cipal base line add meridian of Montana territory, said lot No. 87 being as follows, to -wit: Beginning at cor. No 1, from which the quarter section corner between sections 2'1 and 29, t 7 n, r 4 w, bears n 50° 05' w 330.7 feet; thence a 75 0 15' e 1500 feet; thence n 2' 50' e 600 feet; thence n 75° 15' w 1500 feet; thence a 2' 50' w600 feet to place of beginning. Magnetic variation 20 0 30' to 22° 30' e, containing 20.22 acres. The locatlen of this ;nine is recorded in the office of the county recorder of Jeffer- son county, in book 0 of Lodes. The ad- joining claimants arc Miranda lode, lot 86, on the north; Mandan lode, lot 90 on the east, and the O'Connell and Emmit lodes, lots 88 and 83 en the south. Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion of said Vivian Lode mine or surface ground are required to file their adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Helena, in the territory pf Montana, during the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the Statute. S. W. LANGHORNE, Register. Jrio. W. Vann, Att'y for Applicant. First publipatiou April 2,9, 1887. [4-347.1 Notice for Final Proof. Land Office at Helens,' Mont., t June 9, 1887. Notice is hereby given that the fol- lowing named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before.). li. Kerley, Pro_ate Judge, Jefferiaon county, at Boulder, on July 23,1887. viz: Hen- rv 1iIIian, who made homestead ap- plication No. 1348 1 for the wi net [lei owl Sec. 14, tp. 5 n, r 4 w. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuotet residence up- on, and cultivation of, said land, viz: Edward Ivan, John , 'I'. Holt, James B. ifik i k i;d .Monroe Duoks, all of Boulder Valley, Mont. S. W. LANGHORNE, Register. Ask Your Druggist for Morgans Kiditey - Cure! For Kidney and bladder affections, female romplaints and digestive disorder\. Plans, Specifications aril Estimates BOULDER, Mont. F. McGOWAN, PRACIICAL Brick aid Stone MASON. secured th best brick -maker in sit ,. He has Butte, and will have BRICK F R SALE by the 104 of June. .. 33 0 ITIAD 14 T Notice of asolution. Notice is hereby g en that the partner- ship heretofore ex in between J. D. Groesbeck' and Fran S. Lang, doing busi- ness in Boulder, in t hardware and stove business, the, firm na e being.). D. Groes- beck it. Co., is haretAdissolved by mutual consent, Frank S. Labe retiring. J.; D. GR . OF.SBECK. FRANK S. Leo. Eggs for 'latching! Plymouth Roc s ks, $2 per dozen; White and Brown Leghorn*, $1.50 per dozen. In- quire of Souse, Mos., Jefferson City Montana. GOL • Sella are saaret bid lbw who write ee ritt.,eonCa., Portland, Makie,will receive ret , full defmnamtaa shoot yolk which ie.., can do. an, bibid beeeektbst ea/ asm fr o m'''. to $25 per day. Some have awned ',set $ 1.1 a day Either .ex, your.\ meld t.apitel v' &Wool y sure of anus little fortunes. AU la Dew. root requi ; V i Yoe are warted fie,. More who wart at once Mining Application No. 1829. U.S. Land Office, lielena, Mont., / April 25, 1887. Notice is hereby given that &limit Con- solidated Mining Company, by. Houatind M. Cooper, its president, whose postoffice address is Helena, M T., has this day. filed its application for a patent for fifteen . hundred linear feet of the Sheridan Lode mine or vein, bearing silver, etc., with sur- face ground six hundred feet in width, situated in Boulder, unorganized, mining district, county of Jefferson and territory of Montana, and designated by the field notes and official plat on tile in this office as lot number 89, in township 7 n, range w, of principal base line and meridian of Montana territory, raid lot No. 89 being as follows, to-svit: Beginning at con No. 1, from which the quarter section corner between sections 27 and 28, t 7 n, r 4 w, bean; n BO' 36' w, 478.7 feet; thence a 2° 50' w 600 feet; thence 875° 15' e 1500 feet; thence a 2° 50' e 600 feet ; thence n 75° 15' w 1500 feet to place Of beginning. Magnetic variation 20° al0' to 22' e, eon- taming 20.22 acres. The location of this mine is recorded in the office of the county recorder of Jeffer- son county. in book 0 of Lodes. The ad- joining claimants are on the north, nett lot 88, and Emma, lot 85; amnion the east by Mandan, lot 90. and on the west by O'Connell Lode, lot 68. Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion of said Sheridan Lode mine or surface K round are required to file their adverse claims with the Regiater of the United States Land office at Helena, in the territory if Montana, during the sists days' period of publication hereof, or tii, v will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the Statute. S. W. Lasonostase, Register. JNO. W. EDDY, Att'y for Applicant. First publication April 29, 1887. [No. 18311 Mining Application. U. S. LAND OFFICE, Helena, M. T., April 25, 1887. Notice is hereby given that the Emmet Consolidated Mining Company, by Hon. sandM. Cooper, its president, whose post - office is Helena, M. T.. has this day tiled its application for a patent for fifteen hundred linear feet of the Miranda Lode, Mine or vein bearing silver, etc, with sur- face ground six hundred feet in width, situated in Boulder Unorganized Mining District, County of Jefferson and Terri- tory of Mont:Ina, an? designated by the 'field notes and officia plat on file in this 'office as lot No. 86, in tpwtothip 7 n, range 4 w, of principal base line and Meridiem of Montana Territory, said lot No.86 being as follows, to wit Beginning at corner No. 1, from which the quarter section corner between sections •27 and 28, town- ship 7 is range 4 w bean. is 36 0 12' w,4'79-7 feet; theuce a 75° 15 e 1500 feet; thence n2° 5o' e 600 feet; 0.ouce n 75' 15' w 1500 feet; thence a 2° 50' VI 600 feet to place of beginning. Magnetic variation 20' 45' to 22 e, containiug 20 -22 acres. The locution of this mine is recorded in the recorder's office of Jefferson county, in book 0 of Lodes. The affjoiniug claim- ants are the Vivion Lode, lot 87 on the south. Any and all peraon claiming adversely any lairtiomi of said Miranda Lode, Mine or surf cc ground are required to file their adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Ileleues in the Territory of Montana, during the sixty days' period of peiblieation hereof, or they will bd . barred' by virtue of the provisions of the Statute. • S. W. LANGHORNE, Register. ,j0LIN W. EDDY. Attorney for Applicant. BEECHER'S SENTENTIOUS WISDOM. A Partial Collection of Proverbs from Plytnonth Pulpit. Every farm should own a good farmer. A man never Las good luck who has a bad The mass es against the elastes, the world over. A man who does not' love praise is not a full man. A men must ask leave of his stomach to be a happy man. It takes longer for lann to find out man than any other creature that is made% Flowers are the sweetest things that God ever made and forgot to put a soul into. A man without self restraint is 'ilea barrel without hoops and tumbles to pieces. Whoever makes borne seem to the young nearer and more happy is a public bette- ubepTcotiolte greatest event in a hen's life is mode r' a n egg and a cackle. But eagles never cackle. A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks that ho gets as much as he deserves That cannot be a healthy condition iti which few prosper and the groat mass are drudges. Communities are blest in the proportion in which Money is diffused through the whole range of population. Gambling with cards or dice or stocks is all one thing—it is getting money without giv- lug an equivalent for it. Newspapers are the schoolmasters of the common people. That endless book, the newspaper, is our national glory. One of the original tendencies of the hu- man miud, fundemental and universtil, is the love of other people's private affairs. This is a good world to sin in; but, so far as men are concerned, it is a very hard world to repent in. It is a bitter wcrld; it is a cruel world. Poverty is very good in poems, but it is very bad in a house. - It is very good in maxims and iii sermons, hut it is very bad in practotel life. . A oaw is the saint of the barnyard. She could - tie fat if she only 'moult be selfish. But she economizes beauty that she may be pro- fuse ill milk. No city bred man has any luusieses to ex• pert satisfaction in a pure country life for two months unless he has a genius foe Isieure and even laziness. Debt rolls a man over and de • er, binding him hand and foot and letting hint hang upon the fatal mesh until the long legged interest devours him. Our government is built upon the vote. But votes that are purchasable are quick- I sands, rind a government built on them stands upon corruption and revolutien. A man is a great bundle of tools. He is bo:ei into this life without the knowledge of Low to use them. - Education is the process of learning their use, and dai gees and troubles are God's whetstones with which to keep theni sharp.— Appletou's \Proverbs from Plymoti44a-itaapiti, - Biggest Balloon of All. Capt. Morton, the well known Birmingham aeronaut. is building a balloon w4ich is to whip creation. It is to be made in thirty sections, each sixty feet in length, and there is upward of 3,000 yards of sewing to be done by hand and machine. This fabric, which is being manufactured in France, is an intermixture of silk and cambric, and will be woven very strongly, but to weigh as light as possible. Capt. Morton intends having it coated with a special preparation, consisting of the best india rubber, as he considers, after many years' experience, that it will be better adapted in every way for ballooning purposee than the old fashioned method of oiling. He also finds that it forms a perfect gas holder, and offers a better resistance to the ederecnts. The valves will be improved upon, and will be fitted with four powerful springs, thus keeping (ho shutters as close us possible to the plunge, nud preventing a leakage of (ho light gas. The netting, although light, will ho of peat strength, aud Messrs. Gorton & Sons, of Dudley, will supply the materials, which will consist of tbe finest Italian hemp. Capt. Morton expects to complete the maelnue for Whit week, and hopes to arrange for its ascent in Birmingham. He will use it for his voyage in August from Dover to France in the Channel balloon race.—Eoston Tranicripts Spain's National Odor. I remember a charining French friend of mine, who used now and again In give him - !elf a treat of gigot stuffed with garlic; after which meal he would drink a few glasses of tafla, smoke a ciearetto or two of corporal, and then call upon me ani invariably kiss me. His breath was attar of roses or es- sence of bouquet compared to the person cf an average Spaniard. By an extravagant and continuous consumption of garlic these people, men and women, get it lute their elatee F: oat their skins it pusses into their dothes. so that thee walk about in a small ereonnl atm° -phere of garlic indescribably sickly and sickening. A Spaniel] gentleman remarked to me one day iti a Madrid s.alon, while praising Eng- lish women, their beauths, virtues, etc.: \There is only one fault I deterted in them— their skin has no perfume. When I kiss a Spanish Lady's band' I smell that delicious national odor that we all adore; but an Eng- lish lady's baud, thou:eh delicately white and soft, does not absolutely smell of anything.\ Ho missed, poor fellow, that taint of garlie.— Madrid Lotter. Poll Tax on Foreigners. There is some reason to believe, judging from the tone of Novoe Vrempt and otle r leading Russian jourtues, that the tite on foreign 'residents in Russia, which these journals so strongly advocate, may ehortly introduced by the government. A report us eurrent that this tax will be fitted at 1a0 gott rubles per annum, which makes tabout rubles in the ordinary currency, or about 425. The effect of such all Impost would tif course be to drive out of the country the more skilled and industrious'artisaus of foreign nationalities. Like the foreign paespoit tat, It will act as another check to Russia's fore l e n emli( If such a tax were limited to the n Iteed i soWOrtign houses atel ageecies hi Rus- sia, there could be little or no objection to it s The English principals of euels houses would, I tun sure, agree in the justice of a limited measure - of this description; but it is ex- tremely short sighted to make it so sweeping in it -s appliention.—Odessa Cor. Loudon News. Photo Matrimonial Souvenirs. A new eharni or novelty will henceforth be associated with fashionable weddings. Mr. Roche ood, of Union square, ba.s arranged to photograph wedding brake, groom, clergyman and \best friend,\ at the homer of the parties or at the church, before or after the ceremony, by a new adaptation o f the :magnesium light. This is as goal or better than a marriage certificate, and certainly au interesting souvenir of she event —Home Journal, --- WHITE HOUSE GAINS Ako LOSSES. James Monroe dial in New York inaolvent Buchanan ieft over t• - \ , j,tY , X) to lin nephews and nieces. Mertin Van Buren din not save 'Duct, out of his salary, but left fet00,000S Adams was poor, but by 11; wise, able mamagetneet he never 4 uttered %emit • Fillmore left the \Vines Houle a poor man, but by a second marriage becanie wealthy. James K.. Polk left about $1n0,0e0. As he had no children Mrs. Peek received it all. Pierce did not do Jewell. Fifty thousand dollars was his limit., ailekre Otle to inherit IL Of the earlier presidents. Washiugton was the wealthiest. At his 'leant his estate was valued at 8500,0ea When Jefferson entered the White House be was a wealthy man, but he lost Ins prop- erty and died insolvent. John Tyler went to the White House a poor man, lint he managed to save enough out of his salary to live in comfort President Arthur woe a very high feeder and spent a great deal of mouey on his table, but he managed to save about al00,000. Andrew Jackson was counted a rich man in hie day. The Hermitage, which he lett to his sulopted son, is now the property of the state. When Andrew Johnson left the White House be had about $130,000, a god deal of which was lost by the failure of the Freed- men's bank. Mrs. Hayes ran the finanrial end of the house during Hayes' ailtineist ration, and that she is a financier is proven by tnearnowit saved out of his salary. Madison was wealthy when he became preeidetit and left a handsome estate, which Mrs. nladiem's son, Payne Todd, squandered, and left her a poor woman. Garfield was not in Ale loin; element to save much money. He left about n-40.000, and the gifts Mrs. Gartiela has receited have hued° her a wealthy woman. A receut writer says that President Cleve- land :wet go out of the White In 'use wit babont e1n0000. He will have to look after the pennies pretty closely ',luring the remainder of his term if he wants to do it. Grant never saved much of his salary, but the generous gifts of his frieutls made Lim independent. He lost his all in the Grant - Ward failure. The sale of his book has place; nis wife in affluent position again. WHAT THE FINGERS TESTIFY. The American hand is smaller than the English hand, but the nails are not as hand- scof out' inbe grandmothers, hare gone out of tV e bands with rosy palms, so beloved fashion. It is said that people with imagination are apt to have long, taper fingers and beautiful finger nails. The good natured critics are said to possess small, well shaped nails, and their handwrit- ing is somewhat ang,ular. The American nail suffers from the dryness of our climate, as a foreign picture painted on panel suffers from the sante cause, inplonmey has a long.sauipple hand and a beautifully kept finger nbil. The handwrit- ing of a diplomatist looks like a snake crawl- ing away. An aptitude for criticism is shown among People who bite their nails. These peopleare eptical and severe, uncharitable aud. bitter. they Write a small, cramped, illegible baud. The Chinese have finger nails so long that they could write with them, The tenacity of I the Chinese nail, which does not easily break. would indioate that they have more lime ie their bones than we have. The English nails are almost universally rosy- and shell like, and, cut to a rounded. slightly tapering point, kept always scrupn lously clean. The skin at the 'ewe is misled back to show the on, a little eeete L a u moon. The onyx of the finger nails is eareruile cultivated and whaled by the Creoles et l'n(e- Orleans to show that they have Ito black blood in their veins. No matter how fair the complexion, the valuable sign of pure blood is wauting to the octoroon if the onyx is ACROSS THE SEAS. The average age of European girls wised they marry is 213 years, while that of men its 28 years. Mc Prince of Wales owns an Ainericarl orezai, is used at family prayers fa/ accompanying the singing. The palace of the mikado has been liehted for some time by electricity, and the Edison company has closed a contract to illutniunto the city of Tonio. Ralph Disraeli, nephew of the late lewd will soon be graduated at Cants brenge, Etwetatel The queen, it is said, will push him at once into public life. Queen Vietenia has declared her intention of \patronizing\ a projected exhibition of beloaleang to Mary Queen of Soots, and has asked that a caralegue of the when ready, shall be arnut to her. A proposition hats been made in a Lundell paper that the words \Wee- Out\ be painted in large letters with luminous paint near the exit of theatres, to guide the audience in case the lights shout(' be suddenly extinguished. The Duke of Rutland will not hate gas put anywhere in Belvoir castle, his ancestral sent. Lamle; are used all over the kerne: so build nes, and a servant who has spent fifty yeare in the ducal services occupies his whole time iii Oiling the bowls and trimming the wicks. A tuna has been started for the tine-hese of John Milton's house at Chalfoet St. Giles, Buckinghainsb ire, to devote it to the purixis. of a museum and a reading room. The owners of the cottage have refused rum offer from nit American visitor to purchase the building for removal to the United States, Gen. Boulanger is described by n recent in- terviewer as \a short mint, rather stoutly built, with brown neje, ;mown buard, rather' a red face; above all things, quietlooking r.1 - most to commemplaceneas. lIo wore tbe or- divary French civilian's dress of black frock coat and trousers, with only the single red spot in his buttonhole.' Anna M. Longehore Potts, /I. D., is the name of an Ainerieau Quakeress who is lee- turing on physiolony ana hygiene to Londoir auditors. She boldly asserts that the human race is not desceuded from monkeys, and that the regulation dress of men and . %cornett is ridiculously unhealthy. Shopoatiersee a strong vein e of humor\ and is drawing ig The books in the British Museem are bound on a principle, historical works being in red. theological in blue, poetical in yellow, natural history in green. Each part of a volume i's stamped with a mark by which it can be dis- tinguished as their p.onerty, and or different colors. Red indicates that a book was pur- clue-al, blue that it came by copyrigna, and yellow that it was presented. STUDIO GOSSIP. Mutikacsy looks GO years old, but is very much younger( Lendseer was good at drawing at, 3, excel- lent at 8 and an artist rut 13. The ten sketchee of \Old Paris,\ by C. Mete you, promise to be pppulate Detaille is only 33 years old aua used to 1,0 , time favorite pupil of tfeissonier. Rosa Boitheur is 05. She is director of the Paris free school of deeign e for young girls. wbieli she founded. Dubufe, who died three years ago, painted trinity pictures. but the one by widen he i.e t known in this country is \The Prodigal . Son.' ! The annex (now in building) to the Metro- ponton museum will have to progress with great rapidity in order to accommodate Mien iVolfen pictures by next fall. A French art journal status that there are iii France alone 4037 paiiitere, end that ce: that number 12,000 have had opportueities df • (lisplaying their works at. exbinitions. Sir Joalma Reynolds received a guinea each for his Pretraits. head and bust, and 1,000 it' full length, which was a largo price for those days; yet te was always embarrassed for money and died deeply in debt. I /furdinesyn 'Death of Mozart\ is ia Wash- ington; There is a probability of its being pingbased for the Metropolitan Mu.seuin Art. It is about half the size or the \Christ Before Pilate\ and has been er.hibited Paris and Londelt. clouded. I Few persons are aware Um' Alfred Bier - THINGS WORTH SEEING. The remains ef a ma.e.bidonof the Urges; sien have been discovered lacer Atlunta, Ca. A G -months -old child, weighing only ten and one-half pounds, is it aubject of curiosity near Capac, Mich. 1 Jacob Welch, of Ritchie county, W. Va., I cut down a hollow maple tree the other day, front which ran twenty-seven full grown squirrels. It is reported that a man in Pennsylvania has a hen which recently laid an egg ineasui ing six and a half by eight and a half inches. The hen is a black Brahma, and is old enough to be on the retired list. Tho news comes from Ireland that during a recent severe storm at Caselecoincr Llack rain fell, sufficteutly black to etain any white cloth. The water of the local streams and cieterns was discolored, mid in many places could not be used for domestic purposes. Two petrified articles Inive been goitig the rounds of the uowspapemi_ one, a etrawberry discovered in Georgia, ann the other, a log, • in Dakota. It is suppotesd, however, that they are one and the same thing, the berry Laviug grown to the size ief a log by the time it reached Dakota. A thunderbnit which swooped down from the clouds at &bore'', in Sc itzerland, tee other day, struck and demolished a large pop- lar and spread havoc for seine Lundieds of yards around comparable to the effects caused by the explosion of a powder neigre zinc. The shock also, smashed the window, in a house three-quarters of a mile away. -WORTH MORE THAN A MILLION EACH Mrs. Kate Terry is wi•rtli nearly fe6,000,0 0, Mrs. Thomas A. Scott counts her wenn!' at 65 : M rs.: ( 7 t .;:oi M John Jacob Astor is worth about ss000 6v:1( 3 5 : it :w oo:I : Ed 000b6 wit u. t $ o ' Stevens, ,0,voo o . : New York city, has Mrs. 'Jetty Green, of s !law York city, is Mrs. Psolsert Goelet, wierth $3,000,000, owes her fortune to hardware} Mrs. Jayne, the widow of the patent medi- cine titan, is worth t 3.000,000. ii0 11 11 : 1 1 1 . -0 M is a i l: l s o h l a v il o O f a . l j t il o i b n e h r Ig ts is t eight m king. il- Mrs. Martin Bites eves left $1,a10,C00, which her huebaud made ip drygoods. tire Joseph Harrison. the widow of tie man who built the first railroad in Russia, I $1'(X i l.)'\ Jan 14e. ies Brown received from her bus - bend's estate about t4,000.000, which is as ac- cumulated in binikiett. Mrs. Josephine M. Aver, who gets hi', money from patent medicine, is esT.iniated be worth 64,000,000 to $.5, , 00,000. stalt was born um Dusseldorf, in 1£30. He came here at an early age, returned to Dus- seldorf, and studi: d there, and in Rome, liwitzerlend and Germany. Several ef ills paintings are owned by the United Stator government. THE LITTLE ONES. Little Alice, when xnael why her tore V . i.uld come out of her shoes so soon, said. \Why 'course I know. it's bemuse toes wig- gle and heels don't.\—Babyhood. A 4 -year -old tot to -day hie ited three older playmates into an iceeream ssloon, where she mandfleently ordered four plates of cream. When the tleteetalsie keel had been eaten she calmly proceeded to - walk out of the plate without paying for it. The proprietor stopped her. Looking tip In bie face III the most in noeent manlier in time world, she lisped: ain't got tiny money, sir. I'll pay you when I'm Inarried.\—Philadelphia 'News. Col. Jerome Bonnparte's little sou, aged S. who is moiled Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, must be a genuine American. for Le recently told his mother that lie thought cbildren ought to be consulted as to their names, and should not be named until old enough to choose for tnetnselves. ' - If you could choose your name,\ said his mother, \what would it be?\ \Powliattan promptly answered the' lad, who bad been studying American his- tory at school, \for no was the eine( of thirty tribes \—Exchange. • A little 4-yearsold &outlander has a pen- ebant for playing with the hydrant in his parents' yard, and often eucceeds in getting Irititself rind the gress thou ongbly wet, despite the numerous cautions of tie mother to keep the water Welled off. Last week, when it sadden spring shower interrupted his gam- bols on the lawn, he rushed into the house. amid, with mu rueful countenance. exclaimed: \Marnmn the 11 esil Father's forgot to turn off the hydrant and the grass is all -getting wet.\—Indianapolis Jennie]. STAGE LIFE. Joseph J. fferson has never been iu Texas, but hopes tee play there neat season. Mr. Loudon Mc-en:ail:tilt arid 3Iau(1 Miller, daughter of Joaquin /1111er, are starring in Harry Mhier _announces that he is to build the finest theatre building in the United States. It is to be in Brooklyn and will be finished in two years. ' Emma Abbott sap she t• the only pm -Inns donna in the 'world who sings public* seven times a week,. and +die can sing thee* notes tinnier titan any other, excepting Sens Mich. Harry Brandon, a Ilayearl*1-31-eas was a year ago a chorister in a New' Yor's (-Lurch. It is said that there is not snow on the so - preen() register that be ctuteolntmeen nii(1 ate - tarn, lie is now in WItabineton, receiswg , f ro:n S25 to $100 a night. „ • •

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 01 July 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.