Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, July 15, 1887, Image 1

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• VOL. 11. e e • f icz.1 .e _ The Plionet.r Newaspisper of ,..Teffersion Ctostrity-rAi .issurnal--.Tnittepestsletit In Pont ies. 11()I . I.1)111, MONT., FRADAY, JULY 15. z Tr . -t -re - .ete. .116.-.•*/ ' • NO. 40 1 ho Northwestern! Owing to 01,2 that our store is about to bf: rebailt, remolalled and enlarged, -tv o have decided until the abovo alterati.sns are completed, to se.11 evervtl2ing in our line at from 10 to 20 per cent. below regular prices. Now is the time to buy your Spring outfit! Or stock is complett., and . - &re reL:eiviag new goods. right along. Before buying Clothing and Fur- itithing Goods be sure and call at THE NORTHWESTERN. ../ . 101t9e8 1310)k, Opp. Grand Central Hotel, J. D. GROESBECK, 4tats 111.11yilf6 ci°:nkcilgatlipng Slovfl IEQN,& - ` 4 r1\E\IP.21\..i Giant POWDER, CAPS anti Fuse ta. Lamps. ( 7 handeliers; Sash, Doors and mouldili g s, Plated Ware, Glassware and Bar ligents.for the Celebrated Buckeye Form rumps and, Shutler Wagons, . TIN SHOP In connection where all kiudeof Job work :ind Re- pairing will be done. Seff - Opposite Court House, kloul(ler Jili 11PrOpEld, Montana, Boulder HOT Springs. Wonderful Curative Properties ° IN ALL CASES OF Chronic, Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism. Wad Poisoning, Constitutional Weakness, and General Debility. A PLEASANT RESORT! FIRST-CLASSHOTEL AND BATHING ACCOMMODATIONS. Reaclied by Stage from Helena, Butte, Wickes, Elkhcrr, Comet, and all Points in the Territory. Terms moderate. .A.rst-claas Physician DR. IRA A. LEIGI-ITON, For full information address, Is constantly in attendance. TROTTER & KEENE, Boulder, Mont. The Windsor House. KEENE & TROTT1ER, Prop's. BOULDER, Mont. Everything First-Class.p, 8)A,33 PER WEEK, ‘. DAY, $700 2.00 GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL FRANK FARNHAM, Proprietor, Newly Bailt, Newly Furnished Througlout and Centrally Located. THE LEADING- HOTEL IN BOULDER. The Tables are Supplied with tipo Best in the Market. BOARD ANT) LODGING *7.00 BOARD PER DAY 1.50 Stagroos Vrona All Potato; Stop at - rtib-, Taken Up. One iron gray horse, 8 years old, weighs about 1,000 lbs., arid bears an arrow brand on left thigh. Own- er em have the same by proving prop- ertv and paving charges. Inquire of JOE FLETCHER, at Frank Hopes' ranch on Lnwar odder, Strayed. Strayed from Philip 'Wagel's ranch nenr Comet, one red steer, two years o/d. branded W on hip, slit in right ear and hole In same ear. One white steer, ttvo years old. beanded W on hip. slit and oleo hole el right Per A suitable reward wib be for their recovery. PHILIP Ni 41-1m , Corn eintnne.. FIRST NATIONAL BANN; U. 4. 1)sp4iLory, Paid up Capital, $500,000 Esrtai.raien IS117. N 0. 1 4 £S). Or HELENA: Surplus and Proata 325coq DIRECTO : S. T. Hauser, Prem. A. J. Davie, Vice Fri E. W. Knight, . Cashier, Cas • A. M. /loiter. John Curtis, \ II. M..Parehen, R. S. 1ianailton, J. 11. Mist. C. P. Higgins, T. C. Powerl LEES TAYLOR, Carpenter& All kinds of Doors and Window Frames, Stairs, I I Counters, Etc. made to Order. Plans, Specifications anl Estirns. prepared. BOULDER, F. McGOWAN, PRAC rr( AI, '•7• bricz aarA 1IASO'N. Ile has secured the* best hrick-maker it Butte, and N% ill have BRICK FOR SALE by the 10th of June. - 1 1T2 - ,Notice of Dissolution,. Notice is hereby given that the partner ship heretofore exist•ing between .1. D Groesbeck and Frank S.Lane,delniz bin;i ness i Boulder, in the hardwe re ana stove busiuees, the firm name being .1. D. testes beck ct Cu., is hereby dissolved by mulea consent, Frank S. Lane retiring. 1 D. G ROE/SM.:CF. VRANK S. LANG. - Eggs for Hatching! Plymouth Rocks, ' $2 per dorm; White, and brown Leahorus, $1.50 per dozen. In Of. Sorog Br.oe., Jefferson C.ty Montan*. eDre Whrorb sr* se l s n r e. M ha t* owwlw,heo mn*, AtmOn &Co ,rortland. voeset recei ss t y • fee, roll iaorm•Sloa O.t wort wtIA can tireahome:that pe Len1,omW. $perd Soekayo 1 k . 1 f ..111 I ads, Either Ors. yaw, Or dd. Ca *at , 14 y,,,s are Aisred treo. Ttce•wbw 0/11 atart at •• are auso:..tely sure of sna g lath Somme& All le 11•11. UI • --- - , ----- Strayed. , One black horse, eight years old; sad Oh! marked on back; weight 1400 pounds brandeet X San left shoulder. Foots SA SDERN i Gregory, Monti • I 4-347.1 Notice for Final Proof. Land Office at Helena, Mont.,\ - Juno ii, 1887. i Notice is hereby given that the fort lowing nanwil settler has filed notice , of his intention to . make final proof i I in support of his claim, and that saiit proof will be made before J. C. Kerlei ProJato Judge, Jefferson county, ai Bouidef, on July 23, 1887, viz: HCH'r ry Killian, who made homestead 94 plication No. 1348, for ths wi net net nwt see. 14, tp. 5 n, r 4 w. i He names the following witnessei to pro ‘e his continuous residence up on, and cultivation of, said land, viz; Edward Bran, John' T. Holt, Janie* B. Holt and Monroe__Dmils, all of Boulder Valley, Mont. S. W. LANGHORNE, Register Ask Your Druggist for Morgans Kidney Cure! For Kidney and bladder affections, fema4 complaints and digestive disorders. Woman's Work. the Inter -Ocean gives its 70,000 subscribers the sensible article of '11. W. Higginson, in Harper's .13aza4 which advises that there should be \a moral equivalence of married part tiers.\ Not one will, hut two, an equal rights as in other partnership Mrs. Florence Kelley Wischene wetskv read a paper upon .•The Nee of Special Training in Philabtliropi Work,\ at a recent meeting of the Collegiate Alumme of New Yorki, Miss Grace H. Dodge; Dr. Hall, ot Vassar; Miss Woodward, of ,Sinit* College; Miss Edgertriri, of Wellesi lev; Mrs. Frances Fisher Wocd, anti others, participated in the discussion Woman suffragists tha women are going to he an 'important factor for good in solving the great problem of -human rights.\ Wo neri admit. themselves human also, an4 hat, therefore, ,hninan righ. a applieit to them as much as men. NN onnta milli age is but the on -going of Chris' tian and no o :vex Of earth can stay its progress.- Coe K oltakee G.izette. Tae Wane n'el Etiticatii.nal and ledustiili Union, of Buffa.o, N. V. are trt ing to have two M omen apf r•nt to fill , the vin ncies i.i di+ (1. TI-USLet`z, 10: t State I 4,:ine Asvium. ta-t an nual irport of the asviun( showe 'hat 2 It) oo• of 398 patients are wo teen. In M ,,sachusetts, Main am Iowa, womeit have been made trus .t -es of insane aivlums, and in evert case with good re.mits. CC: :troziyit , -- .4 r - 11muev I for insidimtion the lest of this . t: :omit As *was of course beievitehle, Toei bleyele tour ormeM1 the world I; to be the subject ef a -hoe:. I:r. J. II. CZO.N)VA meruoirs of nix -non, i.:- • A. LAW AGIN It. •eeur eeturee has rot a bra.a' new man, Tac leapt's' areathet can't come near Woe t.od &today Leine Lrieht and warm. I t eaugln rI lieei to go and boar him; leet If I imose'd 'twat fashion day. Vette women errilsot like faney paler% -Taa,tise my mind Li sereecn time, I'd okayed et Itoese riad raid tbeL;C:ir,t.f.tra. detente, rautt valeablound unpublished mat - 'I'm al anlIrreoll fanioned e but ter, tri.1 he leued lete ha May. - riat istat decent. OA yachtsmen and s-eteestes f the turf will :levee:eat find soprerliiiag to interest thenein --.;;x)rte mid Anecdotal of B.) - i1 -no -3 1 33' C. T. S. 1.1. Itieherdeen. 11r. Ju'len Ilav. thorn:), utile° pelt is kept very \Mee' by rei eceilinels upon it front r.11 ounrtere, 4'0111r:4i:es to tho eureees eeyo s at a very cateetainiile so -y, entitled \An 111 The first num' e r of errs. &ewe.: eldiee's esomeolastic monthly, Dress, will awes: el May. It will open a vieoreue war on the fetich of fashien, and aerootte a Indica' reform In the feminine wardecaie. The poet Weittier is written the intro- duction for le hippie's *chime of aesa ye on uwit \Ameiisan Li. ereture,' reecutly publi e lled. The De:to i critic'e lite • remarks seem to be emrsideraLlo ht, q '1.3 , and uniformly ere -client la quality. \Josiah A:1 , 11's Ivito'!. _has been spending her winter hi 1Vaehitoetea and at Old Point 'Comfort, nil duly chronicles her experiences •attcl17&etv:itions i:t \. \ Pensure Enert ion.\ Those who are partial MTh's speciosa humor will find that just the sort of book they like. Whaney's lethy with a copy of eParaiiiie 'Lost.\ on the octet -ion of her ehrietening. If the favored ineant wi:1 stuly that line poem carefully she will lot al.le in a few year.. to appreciate ;be eieh • plilitneehy '.elother Goose's Melodies.' 11. Bernard Cdtpentees \Liber Amorie\ stands well the test of crildeima On both sides of the Atlantic, and idol:4m. rank toe one of the most me.ltorious V amines of verse pub- lished duiing the year. Its taultsnre those cf ail excess rather than a paucity of knagiea- tien. • ern y;orntr.1 Wm:cr. • The author most in demand at present hi i For elotteet witleyesailirel Grace area*, , the Dostoe 'allele libroreMeT T: Murf rye, rex ween cut earnente COVIlf\ aLIA T.13, :1;4 alias Cluorlee Eebert Cradtloc - 1.- - effewellee_e -elm. C. tett:a:42 ta hurnoetca IlaieloVe. -----e-- -- - Mies Jconett and Willintu Black are Dees ie - order. Thackerne- is gaining oa Dickens, but .-----A-I-14?- \ :11I C14itei 211:7 C4 ' 113Par\°14 - there is more call for Scott than for either of Cloitareil are eery e'er:petite:ie. Tleere's therm one quite young elio`a G ot an aunt wleeil sec loves very demly, 1, the child does cols, uu- Mr. George Bancroft resented Secretary dertindeverythi. . .....11teeaunt is eineie, but she dose not heel to he'reoloeg,_ although judzinz by the ched's reeherks theitose iOn of wife L likely to IM a very tryiug one. ` Tim gentleman who it tile object of flattering in- teresthes been Wiese habit of making ;long and frequent. eallsoI .Thee calls the child has ''. Worcs. The last, one tho child aeeieteil ce sttaiied with come re-ard to We aunt she ACROSS THE SEAG. Ilcr imperial niajssty the queen oL.Ene.-: -°Iiti • ntup ed '' t L e l :, u \ P e t l i i 3r e . MI.1 sadly, \which wouldiyou land fleVer travels without teLing Ler bed rath:. r do, tall: to tit.. .Jones or go to Mfuu- along with her. • • The eters-es-3 of Austria is about ta 4a.tilish ' e t:. Janes (it it ao rankles; a subject s , a volume of per atIveetures.while ydoloting funeral right tie:le-Sae Francisco Clore ineoguito in the Levant. Ana I 3•3y worne c.ct ht.., emir. ii ceere every f iiit.1 nat.& ref..!:210. 'levy mem thee 're:trate:it 4.;1 :J Atel put in :or:r for to pla it, oed reiz. an 1 ter It tiosva in froa; There oteeeet te Lie e Lev aeie te 'They bey tee L tra-O, bats - there ,.., . Awl maize een her yet with trietiaine Mid re:ea:re fr. _lin' aut. until Tlx..y leek tee - Anti betake. hint . Who *pulaa7t •it,it.t.r.7.C.;:lt up a memo., - I say les aw;u1--tind I ray. There ought to 14 clew teein it. •.tet ro n•hen I v -as rearres-wIty I lien at iee erre wile worth a stein', : Tsee- :.::\.:el :eels tot feela foreet To moiee tee ate.her of tater beta's . Or eeace tote tent, with huttoos l i p Areteleen, i 1 meSieot /sows to tree 'cm. I tread Aunt ia.2;: t y 1.1.1CS declared There meet te Ise a Lea- aein 'era. \But s'ic was q:-.2 7 r -. I recelleet The loan:: teat I ece tem stianner Teel Isee col reees on tee sale. Ac.1 so it I. 'se to evsrowne her. Fur n-een nee rate; tee: buneh o' lace, Neese art ifitiel Maas Iu.a. eles-jazt iced v. Ler eyes arid said: ( il l 'Teem ought ta it a law nein It.'\ Good Ceusio Mph\ stops and smilea ' lIer tneneht .toset ate, new direction Tao centena hte - tile-teen and now Cane ea ter p: -..s rneceaa: - --- ---7.......__ Zeic quite Coro te., modern OA:, , That maece the a ,,t or :„.., than woineni I saw oae eitl • Ili -iglu noes The Duke of Co:mate:lit le to ree ern (mom India in MY, lioW, nliemi bete to be.appoiated \1 . 7e) have a lei p -at our house that to the cm:mein:1 et Aldersleot. use any oil,\ £2.4 a small boy reeentl The emperor of German? has 'lever beett i .. , a - neighbor of his father's, where leo was il le .i.g. . inclieed to Movers) puieulbs Ilia table is 4e l heeled v. ith pamphlets ttlaatine, rfelely of ra-,ss no', toeny,\ said the neig-hbor me eary matters -- redIFYirnialVir'e7 esirVer ei the Duke of Ar;•,y11,ii new a lady aibraliced in ytart. She nun -vied late in Hee Sir Jelin /a...Neill, an mid:none pliyeieinn mill ledien stateentaii. The Entpreas Eugenie will hold n solemn function in May. The vetunimm3 ef her huss band and eon wiil bt. placed in the new and splendid mauesletan wake -few bar built M. Eateofe, the Ruesiatteditor, is a man cf medical :az:), with gray hair brushed back from a broad forehead, a eimet elite heard, and a faeo bearing the marks of ago and over work. Cesare Canter, of Milan, the Catholic his- tcrian o has been elected to saceeed Leopold foe Ratite as extraordinary member of the Institute of Prauce. rite Is more than 80 -sears oil - Lord President Inglis, of the fieotch bench, is about to retire, lie was an able eounati wheel Jeffrey met Cockburn sat upon the bench. In his prime be tees unquestionably the ablest Scotch advocate of his day. A Mitigation baud that was to play before the czar et St. Petersnure, had a uovel ex - Each horn was taken to pieces and searched for bombs, and even the catgut of tho fiddles was minutely examined before the players were aliened to appear before the emperor. The latest thing in the way of observing the queen's jubilee is n proposal that fifty famous reighs'e novelists shall write a novel devoted to enine year of the 1.\letoriau reign, and that the fifty volumwt, uniformly bound, be presented to her majeety. We are not toel who is to find the **they famous English -noveltelee\ or whether the queen is expected So read the stories after she gets them. ALL SORT3. IIave you evet. thouelit how very few bar- bers are left !lauded i Malaria is tlio name of a new postofllee in Mettienherg county, A novel written by a B. and 0. official is moan tO be pubithed in New York. -E xeha nge. Them may be a great deal In this. Sortie of the carpets in the White lIousa.are to be replac d. l'hey have been down - since the fall of ltafti, and are worn into holes. A now postefllee in Pittsylvania county. bas list beau named. Piggy, and Beet -Lea Pigens has just been appointed its peetmuster. A mitt `who sent $10 to a Philadelphia ad- dress in answer to an advertisement of the finest feed cutter in America, received in return a set of false teeth. The strength of the lion in the forelegs is only 89.0 per emit. of that or the tiger, an .1 the strength of the hind legs 0.9. Five men can caeily hold down a lion, but nine men alie re- quired to hold down a tiger. Time vat has always been a favorite animal with the Mohammedans. They have a tra- ditiou that the l ir: T hee on a certain occa- sion, being ealled to quell a riot, cut off the sleeves of his robe rather than disturb a cat which secs sleeping upon it. The chewing gum habit has seized the In- dian. 'When the noble red man gets tired of working hie jaws, and feels tlisposed to give them a rest, ho easses the \chew\ to another, who'neratieatele it until his jaws ache, and then it is paiesel on to Leo third or tenth as the awe may be. ACOUT WOMEN. There are 500,000 more women than men in England. Meet Nilasou's private fortune is said to exceed $!,000,0 0. Ler husbeed has only a moderate fortune. According to a uew Ohio law, the veiS e must the headiand to support the family when he is unable to do it himself. It is a man elms fact that the best cattle reporter in the United States abetted be a woinati-Miss Middle Morgan, of Tho New York Times. lairs. Dinah lduissei: Crnik thinks that women united to bad Iniehands oueht, for their children's sake, to leave them -net by divorce, but by pelietnl:.eparatioe. 4 b on't • ta ii ettutieusly. /31.y.divramiN,..81.,14tout ot his- own head, niel don't burn a mite of ell -nor wick neither.\ \But how doce he light itr \Oh ho tellies the other one,\ odd ten qoall boy initoeently.-pot riot tree :roes Thig LIME KILf s sl\CLUi. A VSiten Clara Case \Toolecn Fee end Diepostod, or. 'Do case of Brudder JarneS \ Warren, of Mier II:11, Tema., will be futelloken p,\ said Brother Carilner sot he tem 1 thdteet- and trinket to Eider Too to push .at :her empty herring IXrx into tje etevr. \en -udder ira reel cLeie:s dat he am bewitched, • an' ho has e.-rittesa-to die club to ask itte =Whin' to drive:de evil specri Ls (twee., thas Jolt to fish a imra dat do witches tako las tile innlo outer de he'n at night, an' ride Irttx all elk r Len t ry: an' Bradt's! r sPecrit henels ponsin` ober his fare en' his War o' nights. Dis club will do su or Mei If lee War a local member we'd hittu elites!: tan minite. As he ran an CA3UALTIth. A eel-roe-sem:lint says that se:;0,0e1 in N Ter!: doe' ee very far.\. .1s reoquently roe* ai far as Cenatla, torosay.-Noteistorti Lereid. Withia six feet ei( !lie gravestone of Thule ky ray Ia one ins:Tibet: \Ile done white . ho (Nada.\ rfarray's grarnaratical inarbla- has twisted half round tryino- to torn its tenet 411 t.h14.-.-.11ta Californian. teosca Parks, If Boyabile, Oa., died Oa other day of :ncetsles, eget! 1s3 years. never was so es/lame:I of himself in his life. Bin ' It's a wire child that -resembles its rieeest ro n relatiets-Dzetstaik Boyce or The hanging of the Arinreitists having heel ale, an' fur away, we she1-cros3 his aame off p-..;soned until next fail, .thaee gellaterei baohe an' sen4 him eflehul potis tlat ha mu wi.h r.pemmct th Li eu s uapo r to tnii: a loceenced man.\ - call bey reierateely re:erred to dis reatter of Journal. retishua, ata' if incenbers can't lm en - l' laceiel dey kin be fired out. 1)e. 4 - of ghosts, 1:elegoblino mm' v.-iteltee has p.essel atay,An'eii cult'kj limn who can't belie a it hes no Lieneet LO die dub. Mettle, dare ws a Woe when witelhat went chaeln\rcell do keintry on an chi ratv boned mule, searhe e -o - pie letif to death an' leavin' a trail of fish an' ismolie, but thisrja hey chaneed. Da wedder laiia't right fur 'Om now, an' do rurtpece give 'Oelnek cellar an' Send leen to de work'amee..\ eelebbe epeerit liahde hey bin kiel on Bend - der •Warren, but I Coale it. I guus To:mes- a* whisky lied a good deal to do eel it. • All o'\easa juet listen to taie whea tenet:at de f ust l e cern:alai:it ef spot lit handsNI in Detroit 'l 1 be (colored by a scene to make somelxely's 1 art aebel B3 keerfel how unimewn hands pule yes- lefr. Do member ef di::: eltiO who 3.20.3 a witch had better keep powerful quiet alemt it eel he'll be turned olio- to de kiekin' commit- tee to be dealt seed. Do seekretary Will, rite to!Drudder Vearree det we hey dun suo libel - fur lien, an! notify cur branches at Ghetto- . ;epee an' annevele telt be leis bin fired.\ - Detroit leate. I'rew. i • i • A :Scriptural Problem. Luck, Arthur had been gieleg les . little n4le a few lessoes from the 01.1 Trion ald -he hail dealt for seine tiele uee stare of Cain teel Abel. eiencle,\ sre.1 the little Utica, tee eht- fullje \Jat . you very . corny for Foe. ell 1 1 so 1 1 .yr li , y, _ no, :my child; why should II be .- .. _ I' Well, be e -as the first one that went Ii the , 1 bad place wasn't her r . t ,, „ Yes, be was the erst print the petit fo . n r 1 ittell, just think how lonely lie Must have bern with eohody bee the devil to keep Lim coftipany l\ -New Yor.. .11..reurs. the Taking Ai:vantage of Circemstanclee. .i c . 1 . '''''Lleal C.i ate In the Far West. • A Walla Walla, elan who t isited Seatla re cently wae teem ley .a real estate agent ta r4 - 0 some t.e.vit lots its e late addition to the Queen City. After trave'ling several miles t-bieleegh the woods tee agent stopped the team; alai poi:licit cut the Iota -\Are no ill. hi Sea ler eeee 1 ;Walla Wallin. \Oh yes; this loe ity Is one of the best ea Seattle,\ the egene an- swered. \I was in Tacoma the other tiny,\ saiill Walla Walla; \imil I will swear Divas offered these sane\ lots as the meet desillable part of Taconta.\4-Portland Oregonian. : . Doinestitt I.Ife• in Georgia. Georgia Man -4 went ter borrow some more money on nit farm. , Oseha Finance -What did you do trite the !sett . . . \Used it up digging a cyclone pit.\ \Ali! I -.e. What improvement do you want to make next r \Wall you s. -'c, I want ter put a lot of banging beds out in the erceard.\ \Hanging bedal Vehat under the ennopy are th y for!\ \Thera is for earthquakere\-Ourdes World. Pre;fantlVen -- t t:e -- Plains. After they hasli.e got to their ) tuppieg place the tleiver thus adirlressal time Pike: \Welt yeti, ran liven r I\ eSee e e! me sekart\ repeated the Pike, as if the comp:int_ tutt was intim than he desert-ol. \No I can't Lea- horse evorth u cue,. Yeuel just enter boor 'eto Green. lIc's tee) boy who can exhort the impenitent mule. I've known a ten ine.13 team to renounce the ffesh 'and heel eeeee peuudi through a loot of ilay mud under cee e his outecuringe.\-.-Chilago Ilereld. .as Is \Vail f•treet. \Your husband is ia Wail street, I be- leivee\ elle quelled of limo other wonirtn. \Yeekn.\ \Very pre:ea:ems business, I have heard.\ dituno.\ \But if the netrket take: a had turn he is liable to losee hie \ \Oh. hardly that. I/o gets ell 'per weak for i.unnine, an elevator in a big build- ing, and 7 never even hears' him say titere was -a martet near there. I feel perfectly safe, nutelma-unieratene elevator cables OiVO OUL- Wall 3treeiNcws. Cor.ldn't esork Witteout Jji,s Tacos. - Reerer of lentiteetiary to leeseliarrectl Lear- glar-Well, noose -um are free again and *cu have S5 ht your :pochst. This will take on to some place wilere you can get work, and I hope you with he lie henest man In the future. \Yes; sir; I ellen try hare not to appear here again.\ I \Well why don't yea ,-1-0!\ \I ant mettle; t'or my Lit of targlars' toiels that e -ere tease leom we weca I eamo htlre. , leant work svititout tools.\ --German Joke. Wetted First Class Relief. ; A gentleman who was in Charleston eluting • the earthquake relates that lit , obseri ed a neero escape fm -outs a building juet before) it fell, then throw tiiinself on bin knees and cry!' I ' 1 0. 140e cum down. cure down, cane down au' help eet rum yo'sell, thete sent1 ye' son, Ob 3m Un elli.1.2's kin) I' IsEeeerte , ere' • that sardine., whet' , eked ^ „ ' ' mpto (eight last noight ever at Tim's,. whin - lie knew 1 had a previous eneneement. Direireed ef I den't thry him DOW!\ \lice wanted to bight nid Oini rillely now. Put Toko teat. -me thett\-Judge. me, di yea? up yer fists. like nine, e she y . /I i and yen cuing DOLS- - An Asp.-rsion. John came down rather late looki the last roee of earnmee before last. \I don't want any bre:tetra this m toe said, Starting for theeloor. \Yoe might ewe set yil stey home rnritN1. \The saloons are all elesed t 'Sor exclaimed John, clioaneointedl thet appearing to Orighten up. \Di try the back ecerse' But she only cast a glance of we etentempt at him, raid he passod out. -- burg Dispatch. A Easily Won. Rebinson--Did you ever notaxe 1rosu, the habit Dumley Ire of saving -\lei:ate; 1?\ to estory remark made to hen? lEtrown-No ; I think yeti re lam Robinson. & Amon -Ill het you VI that yo can't a remark to him that Le we: 't bey \Ilirliettes that?\ Brown Outs up the money and costs •Thittuley)- Will you have etemethiug toIrink, Dena y I litamloy-Donteerelido i -le2w York No Thu There. \Young Mon Go fellow ger-\1ou ti. pear motions, sir. Fellow Paasenger-Yee, I wart to 1:: wat time o' dry yee7 much; but I reea you wear teSo watch chains, mid I doa't e tempaia you-. Young Man (buttoning his coat; ?sir); I foolish' v cline -eel both of mywetteliftio run down lest night, but I UAW: utmust be hi the iw4gluisn-bood 40 or to o'elocle or t herealreuee. -teew York Sun. Seine I:entire, Anyhew. treskient of Yonne Ladies' remieary- But, Aurelia, the gentlemau that leis east , visited you was certainly not your brusher! There wasn't the sligniest family resereitlance. Aurelia (.piqued) -I can't hell) it at you doll% want to believe it -he was at least .1 VCALEitl, that you telly rely upoul-Fliegenue , Blotter. • No Wonder. • \You say the murdered man it as lenuing r.guiust the fence when the prisoner hacked him to pleces,7 creels cseanained the Weyer. \Now while - this was taking pace How did I you stand!\ 4 . I stood ughttet,\ was the trembling re ' -iy. --34(1 3 1u. \Who is the ugliest woman in town?\ aske4, the stranger. \Can't tell yeti' replied the eitizem; “sho never comet in mail liftee' nneutes after the entertainment begitise- Berdette, Jar Gould is reporteal to hare rai:11: '114 main I have made has enslaved me.\ Base it around then, and become a ft -co maxi- Beetou Globe. \You have no Wen,\ said the landlord; \hotv mu --h it costs to ran teiie hotel.\ \Oh; ye, I have,\ said Whitegoods, I paid my bill this mOrning.\-Burdettei Clergyman (to dying man) --re joyful; brother; you will soon be in a better place: Dying Poistottime-The ideal Why, dear this you can't have emu Lex:toe at nli. Yenta* jeet arrived by rail, I olipose.e-Oid Jake. A Man whose face showed the ceeects of a tight vvih his wife ceplaitied to the judge --teat his tileilesure:ecnt vens owing to a riee td iron, \how so(' asked the judge. \At kart,\ said the rrieoner, eite teas an advance Li rraile.\-Texas fee:tines, Ii o gives ttris who gives quietly. Giving quick givea hi:n the chance. -New Orleans Pieneentie. it i bad encea o .^% to break party ties; hitt it isn't half SO einharraezino, to have there 'work eround under your carc-Durlingtoe Free e'ress. People who are always ia high spirits soorl weer mit, says a physieiaa. It May be, but;. people Who are always low spirited weat other peoele Item: A Citation to Ladies. OC TiLOnZ Tr.,-...1.ACRI:11,0CS osuatg roes.. Mr. Pompey Beelelh-Well-a-now that have thoroughly celestine(' to yen t:at my upnvietions are with regard to the ileherice question, I will proceed to---e'But-a -I ant redly e frail I begin to pereeive--a-that nis; views on the subject fail to arouse your M. terest, klise 3.1eshani!-Adapted from l'unelst A Cottn:ry Idyl DI•slpssted. ft \ ,n - s / . 7 / --- tti eeeeet from Cousin Mt's letter td • \Now that tii beautiful month of May had come with its attend.atit train of luxuriant flowers, I envy your lot 01st there in the coml.= try. I can imagine you roaming over the shady need and grassy ineadowl, drawing life and lie.alth from the warm rays of the une clouded sun. Lucky fellow. • * 5\ The above represents :into going to the vile lege for Boles letter. --Judge. AU Itollow, TIdIIow, sionote. !Mistakine - the doer young -Mr. Cipher waleed into the dentist'e billee instead of the deetor'e. \Do. -tor,\ ho groaned, \Bin in bad shape. My head aches all: the time and I eau't do anything with IL\ \Yes yes,\ said Dr. Toothaker cheerfully. \I see; big cavity iii it,- must be hollow; you will need to have it filled.\ And seeing his mistake young Mr. Cipher epoloeized and went out and toe! IG all around as a capital good joke on the Den- tiet.-Berelette, in Brooklyn Eagle. An Appeal to Conscience. Ornalla Datue--1Ily dear, Easter is not fat' G. Husl.:id-Not far, that's a fact. °Anil all tiooil people should rejoice at course.\ !\Do ye -a suppose any human being can re - Li ca old bonnet like thisr--Omahof Won 1. They Diittet Ifear What Was Isromisesie I3.trin Boy-elaineen, I see that our\ Mr. Lowell has been taking to the people ot Ciacago. elataine-YiT, &NU'. Little Poston Boy Oiftee some celitempLi; tioes-17e11 4 what do you fancy such people V/LItit to Tit for Tat. -Teley were sari diseharged by your bite eumloyese? :Servent- Chet (applying for Ala:lane I harcu't asecd you yet wily your former gel left you. -German Joke. Peel a silver retie dude, with an Craphasis rude: Of a damsel aeceil wham lei swiftly pursued, \yew this rain will ems.: _ As a clesee. cecese To eszere her umbrella and caseate: bet 'Tor the stye.) of her arias atel l5r trinunieett ' =penis She's a maiden of taste and of far:Son, I guess; If It ism - t quite grace hr her motions I trase e There is strength, which b better, I'm bound to' ceuessa. \Now he said, \wie I meLe a ties:ling eJ Irene es. oses.r the trneete ew t hope teee weal give MO' the :hate.\ Then hp ereene her \Coca Heareatt`aie cried, \Exeure me,\ he statameted 4 \I've made n take.\ Cried tee taziera, \vele eerooi leeretes the mathel witt you? Comeae bike, there be sheitte' a'r tee; I are tatieeit jaunt - To the co:ear lieyaet, Tie eta a C.o.- ree-eieei: ! ea th-- -.\ Art.. - •

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 15 July 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.