Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, July 15, 1887, Image 2

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— 11r7r • Jefferson County Sentinel. iti - FICIAL PAPER OF TILE COUNTY Entered at the Peatoffiee le Boulder City, • Montana, as second-class mail matter. !Baud Every Friday 12 1lET, Sharp. S. A. ROBERTSON, PtaietsueB, Boulder City, Montana. tiCDSCRIPTION, per year, in advance, f•:.1.00 SYX MONTHS, 41.50 ----THREE MONTHS, t1 THE wool -growers of the Terri- tory are in session at Benton. THE Manitoba graders are working within twenty miles of Benton. ON Saturday last the Manitoba track wss 82 miles this side of Fort Buford. WORK is being prosecuted in re- moving obstructions from the Upper Missoula. THE President took in the centen- nial celebration at Clinton, New York, on the 13th. Tne ancient burg of Blackfoot is still prospering. About 40 men are employed in the mines and all doing well. THE 12th instant was Chicago's hot day -96. It has averaged 81 for four weeks. The highest ever known there. Two Nez Perce Indians are making a tour of the reservations. They are Presbyterian iniseionaries; both speak English well amid were educated at Lahmi and in Portland. S. T. Ileuset, Montana's rustling ex -governor, -having just returned from the cast, it is reasonable to be- lieve that the contemplated branches of the Northern Pacific will be pushed to completion at an early day. Tins copper mines of the countrv have just conceived a scheme to raise the price of copper. All the princi- pal copper companies of the Lake Superior region are in the scheme., A rise would be a vast benefit to Butte. Sr. PAUL was visited with a plague on Wednesday night. Sand flies covered the buildings and ground and filled the air. In some places the streets and sidewalks were . cov- ered to the depth of Swro inches with the little pests.. e THE driving ttf IFge bands of cattle over 'the'' Se'f•yrilver bridge,, damaged it to an extetit as to make crossing impossible.. Thu. Benton and Helena stages go so . far and no farther. It has placed an embargo upon freight, and it will be several days before repairs can be made and travel resumed. _ Br the bursting of a dam near Murray, Idaho, on the 10th inst., the stage road was washed awae•--all the bridges on Prospect creek are gone. The stage containing the mail was lost, but the horses were saved by being unhitched before the flood reached them. One person, supposed to be a miner, was drowned. THE women of Indianapolis, Ind., are trying tee purify the city. They have secured a large number of dictments against owners and keep- ers of disorderly houses. It has been decided in some States that the own- er of a building let to a person who maintains it for immoral purposes is himself, legally, the keeper of the house. IT is tho opinion of Hon. Henry Wake that Win. Muth is still a mem- ber of the legislature. It will be re- membered that he resigned last win- ter, and afterwards the vote by which his resignation was accepted was re- considered. It is more than proba- ble that Judge Blake is correct in his conclusions. We hope so, as Billy is too good a member . to be left out. when important matters are con- cerned. Wsxmliston s .the Ilelena waterworks man, started for Benton this week. Desiring to feed his team by the way- side, he removed the bits while the team was hitched to the carriage. .1s might have been expected, the team took fright; the carriage was upset and Mrs. Wooliston was se- verely injured. It is astonishing how careless some people are when traveliug. A CONSTITUTIONAL convention is in session in Utah. The people are very anxious for self-government, amid as statehood is the only hope of receiving it, an effort in that direc- tion is now being made. It is not probable that Utah will be admitted %ere soon, but a good sign of the s times is the adoption of, a provision that polygamy shall be made a crime. This is indicative that the upholders of this relic of barbarism are fast leeing enst in their own home's. AN EXTRAORDINARY SESSION CALLED On Monday, July 11th, Governor Leslie issued , his proclamation con- vening the Montana Legislature in extraordinary' sessinn on the 211t11 day of Aug1. t next. The powers 31 and people Isf the Territory were nearly unanimous in proclaiming their disapproval of an extra session, but our Governor saw so many bad features in our laws that a high sense of duty to his adopted country and and her people impelled him to the course he has taken. The revenue law and the squirrel bounty law are the two obnoxioue measures de- scribed, but these are but two among many that should receiye attend n at the hands of the Legislature. It , is to be hoped that the convening of our law -makers new mark an import- ant era in Montana legislation. It is a fact, patent to all, that the laws as they now stand are almost as crude as the hand of man, can make them. If they act vell their part they will be entitled to and will receive the hearty com.eendation of all lovers of law and order; but should the mem- bers decide to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors the people will express their disapprobation in no uncertain sounds, and will bury every member of the body so com- pletely under the snows that no tropic sun will ever uncover them. The people of Jefferson County are anxious to know where the lines of' their county is, and it' is certainly not asking n great favor of the Solons to define them. The law compelling justices and probate judges to pay over juror feesto the tenuity treasu- ry is unjust and has no redeeming quality. • Persons serving in civil suits in said courts are entitled to and should receive the amount the law allows them in c - :aSts. The sum of $1.50 per day is less than the actual cot of livirries but when this is discounted 15 per cent. it becomes a burden • The law providing that the county shall pay all costs oF jurors in civil cases in the District Court is an outrage, and there can net be an honest voice raised in keep- ing it en the statute books. It has long been claimed that he who &ewes should pay the fiddler, aid this is more thee true when it comes to snaking the people of the whole county pay the expenses of a law suit between two private individuals, who in many instances never cotitri- bute a dollar to support the govern- ment which protects them. We do net con der the bounty law an un- : mitigat , d evil, but we are of the opinion ,that k should he so amended as to exclude prairie (legs, who by instinct, have their homes as far as practicable from the haunts of man. The deetruction of squirrels has been great and costly, but the money has been well spent; yet it is questiona- ble if the finaeces of the Territory will permit it to be retained with safety. , e OBSTRUCTING RAILROADS. The past month has developed a spe- cies of scoundrels hitherto unknown in Montana. This new species de- votes his time, and talent toplacing obstructions twon railroad tracks for the purpose of destroying trains, and thus wreak his vengeance upon the railroad company and its employes. Cases of this kind are becoming alarmingly frequent, and it is high time that the.miscreants were dealt with in a manner that they deserve. Our laws nerke the offence a Misde- meanor. This law should be amend- ed by the legislature which, will shortly convene iii extra session. A man who deliberately places obstruc- tions upon a railroad truck, should he punished by imprisonment for a pe- riod of not less than twenty years, and should loss of life or limb ensue by the derailment of a train, the offend- ing party should be 'punished with death. Unless miscreants of this class aro promptly and severely pun- ished, the fear of accident or death will deter people from riding on rail- roads. One man was recently ar- rested for air attempt at train wreck- ing near e•arrison, oil the Northern Pacific. He is now on trial at 1k-er Lodge. The members of time logis• lature should not lose eight of this niatter for it isamong the most im- portant that they will be called upon to consider. THE Parisians are greatly excited over the removal of Boulanger from the war office. The latest intelli- Lsenee is to the effect that thousands ef people are rushing through the streets shouting like demons. The German residents have been re- quested to keep within •(loots. THERE is said to be a schism in the ranks of the Knights of Labor. The :oes by withdrawal from he order is claimed at not less than 400 during the past. fourteen months. The loss is attributed to various causes, but principally on account of the Knights' interfereeee with other labor organi- zations. AN. EXTRA SESSION. - A Proclamation From the Covernor Convening the Legislature in Vxtra Seaslon on August 29th, 18S7. Whereas, There was passed by ttie legislative assembly of t le terripory of Montana at the last session thereof, an act ,entitled \An act relatink to a.ssessinfot and levy of trotea l ', ap- proved March the 10th, 1887, ender which and by virtue of its provisions, chapter fifty-three of the fifth division of the Revised Statutes of Montana, relating to revenue, nod all acts amendatort thereof are from and after the ffrst . slay of December, 1887, to stand repealed. And the said at of March the 10th is thereafter to bi) the law under which property in thef ter- ritory of Montana is to lme, asseesed tlir taxation and the takes levied and collected tor territorial and county purpteses; and, Whereas. There are grave doubts and much uncartaility whether the tribunal created by, said act and di- rected to assess certain property for taxation, to' leuy 'the taxes for 'terri- torial purposes, and to equalize all the ass.!ssments for each county, can under the statute legally proceed to organize and perform the duties as- signed it by said act; and, - Whereas, All powers and functions assumed under doubtful authority in such grave matters as assessment :Led taxation might lead to confusion, lit- igation and delay in collect* the revenues necessary to carry On the government; and, . . Whereas, there are other confu- sions and uncertainties in saki act: and, Whereas, all laws by whi'ch the agents of the governAlent make de- mand of the citizens Or taxes, ehould be so clear and eertain'as to preclude all doubtful construe -thins; and, Whereas, Said assembly pa4sed an act entitled \An act to amend aim act relating to killing certain animals,\ approved March 5th, 1887, which, tested by practical operation for three months and six days, promises to be a ruinous drain upon the public! treas- ury, having within this fraction of a year sent to the auditor's office and procured warrants Oil the treasury 'for over twenty-six thousand dollars; and, Whereas, Its demands were in- creased during the month Of June and first seven days of July milone to eighteen thousand dollars. And this experience of thirteen weeks, and particularly that of time last fi vti weeks, foreshadows and gives full warning that it would draw filen the treasury almost two hundred thousand dollars -within the two years befoie the elec- tion and organization of another reg- ular legislature; and, I Whereas, The mm em bers , iif the last assembly surely never contemplated imposing such large and questionab e burdens upon their constmtueits; and, Whereas, Serious errors appear in some other laws paseed by said legis- lature, which should be speedily cor- rected; and., • Whereas, There are other e rapidly iocreasing demands upon flit treas- ury under some existing lavis, which the public interests require, should he curtailed, and in other witys reg- ulated by further legislation; and, Whereas, The reasons for, calling tbe legislature in extraoidihary se: - sion were by .me submitted to the president of the United . Stj tea, and were be him duly approvo . on the thirtieth day of March, 1881. Now, therefore, I, Preston H. Les- lie, Governor of the Territory of Mon- tana, do by virtue of the poWer vested in me by the orga* act of said ter- ritory, and by the approval of the president of the United States, here- by order and call upon each and every membcr of the said legielative assembly of the territory onlontana, to attend and convene themselves in extraordinary session at Helena, the capital of said territory, on Monday, the twenty-ninth day of sISugust, A. , • I). 1887, at twelve o'clock In, of said day, to consider such impm tent sub- jects of legislation, and perform such duties as the general welfare of the territory may demand. In testimony whereof I have here- unto set my hand and paused the great seal of the territory! to be af- hired. Do' ne at Helena, ale capital, on this, the eleventh day Of July, in the year of our Lord, (mei thousand eight hundred and eighty -Seven, and of the independence of time United States of America the oie hundred and eleventh. [sEAt..1' PRESTON H. LESLIE. *., By the Governor: Wm. B. WEBB, Secretary of Montana. SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of an order of sale lii my halide. homed out of the District Court of the Third Judicial District of Montana Teraitory. hi and for the County of Jefferson, In the suit Of Edward W. 'Knight, cashier, against William, F. Hamilton. Samuel Mell>mbs, John A. Keating. John T. Mur- phy. William W. Higgins, John Pearson Cyrus Miller and Rudolph Siosson. duly attested the Zth day of June, A. D. 1897, I have,levied upon all the fight,. title and Interest of the Veld WIILLIm F. Hamilton et at In kid to the following described property Intuited in Jellerson Clunty, Moatana Territory. The undivided one-half of the mirth half of the southwest quarter of the northeata quarter end 4 the north half of the north half or the southeast quarter_ of the northwest quarter and the south Ulf of the south half of the 2ast quarter of the northeast quarter and the s h half of the south half of the northwest q of the north- east quarter mid the north half oft the north half of the southeast %tarter of the Sweet uter and the northeast quarter of tbe quar- ter of the northwest quarter of 'section number twenty-six In township number Seven. north of range number one east, eentainiz eighty acre s; also the undlied ene-half part in sad to the Pollock Bar Mining Ditch, so ea' In said coun- ty. Inel , MIng the water right tbareSo appertainant together with all and singular the detenement. heedatameits and • purtenanoes thereto belong- ing or any wise tpjleitalntng. Motto° is beteby given that on the 2.34 day of July, A. D.. IRRI. between the bout.; o19 a. in. and 6 9.1u. of s cid day at o'ciers 0. in.. In the town of Boa:Bier, In front IA the Court ROCie door, I will sell all the right., title rust Interc-st of the said William F. Hamilen et al. In end to the said above deeeribed property to the higheat bidder for cash in hand. (liven under my hand this the 300 day of June, A. D., 1997. Diann, lieNeu.L. A Sheriff. — Blanks! Blanli,s11 - Those wishing blanks of any kind can find them at this office at reason- able fieeree. Call at this office. F\ - ;; S 2 7 - 1—i Cgc. CC). 7 Opposite Court Hou5e, W. IT & TO., DEALERS 1N WfILESAI.JE 81 RETAIL GROCERS, Beefs, Liquorz ana Cigars, Have on hand and constantly carry in stock Champagnes, Clarets, RItifte Wines, Port, Sherry, etc., etc., Philip Best's 'Mil- waukee Export Beer pure hand -made sour mash whiskies of leading distilleries seven years old, (inekenheimer rye, Scotch and Irish whiskies, gin, rum and fruit brandies. Family liquors, old and pure, a specialty. Imported Fancy Drinks! Cigars of all Grades! Also a fine sample room in connection in which only the CHOIC- EST GOODS are handled. leen. Mute Sale iT1 +I HORSES ! I will sell at private sale, on the ranch of tile !ate Cornelius Griswold, about 20 Good Brood Mares, with ;heir colts. well bred, and weigh- ing from 900 to 1,100; abJet 30 113d of Fin Ram il0128, some of Nvilich have been broken; all well bred Three or four good saddle hi Irises, Eight Good Vloii Horses Also one thoroughbred CLYDESDALE STALLION three years old, weighing about 1500. Also one thoroughbred GALLOWAY BULL, Wagons, Harness, Road Wagons, Buggy and Saddles. For prices nod terms apply to the un- dersigned on the ranch, or correspond by letter. HELEN H. GRISWOLD, Adminiatratrix of the estate of Cornelius Griswold. MRS. F. KEMPSEY Has just teceived a most elegant line of SPRING and SUMMER Millinery Goods And is now prepared to furnish anything from a two-bit school hat to a twenty - dollar bridal ho. net, and will be pleased to see the ladies of Wickes and surrounding towns. Shop on up- per Main Street, WICKES. - - MONTANA. CHARLES ENGLUND, PRACTICAL Boot- an Shoemaker, BOULDER ' , MONTANA. Mr. Eaglired has permanently located among us, and those wishing anything in his line will do well to call. Repairing Neatly Done, Boots and Shoes made to order. Satisfac- tion guaranteed. Reuben. 'W'arren, Livery Rild Food STABLE Carriages, Buggies, Saddle Horses, Double Teams and Everything in The Livery Line. /30ULDER CITY, MONTANA BRADLEY* 13 1-2 Main St., Helena. Jeweler, Watchmaker —AND--- EJ INT G P Repairing and Manufacturing e - v.7 ele=_ Watches (leaned for $1.50, and other work in proportion. Avat for Lirainious Door Plates. Mining Application No. 1832. U. S. Land Office, Helena, Mont., April 28, 1887. Notice is hereby given that Albert sad Carl Kleinschmidt, whose postoffice ad- dress is Ilelena, M. T., and Anton Sheffier, whose postoffiee aderess is Basin, Mouttani, have this day filed their application for a patent for 1500 licy?ar feet of the Queen of ,the Hills mine or vein, bearing gold, sliver, etc.. with surface ground 600 feet in width, situated in Cataract mining district, county of Jeffersein and territory of Montana, and designated by the field notes and official plat on tile in this office as Lot Number 81 in township 6 n, range 5 w, of principal base line end Meridian of Montana terri- tory, said lot, No. 81 being as follows7to- Beginning at cor. No. 1, from which the s e cor. of see. 10, t 6 n, r 5 w, bears s 42' 10' e 2281.6 feet; thence s 410 37' w 600 fret; thence n 48° 23' w 1500 feet; thence n41° 37' e 600 feet; thence a 48° 23' e 1500 feet to cor. No. 1, the place of begin- ning. Magnetic variation 20° 15' east contaiu ing 20.66 acres. The location of this mine Is recorded in the office of the county recorder of Jeffer- son county, in books N and P of lode loca- tions. There are no adjoining claims. I Any nail all persona claiming adversely any portion of said Queen of the Hills mine or surface ground are reQuired to, tile their adverse Claims with the Register 1 of the United States Land Office at Helena in the territory of Montana, dur'ng the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the pro- visions of the Statute.. S. W. LANnnon..NE, Register. ALBERT S. Hovel, Atty. for Applicants. First pithiteetion May. 6, '87. .—mmilomesea (No. 1838.) First publicatim May 27. Application for is Patent. U. S. LAND OFFICE, HELENA, Montana, May Z3,1887. Notice IS hereby given that John 8.1 ar- rk, whose postpffice address is Helena, Montana, and Elias Merriman, whose post - office address is Jefferson, Montana, have this day filed their application for a patent for 1118 linear feet of the General Harris lode, mine or vein bearing gold, with aur face ground 522.9 feet to 505.9 feet in width, situated in Colorado mining dis- trict, county of Jefferson and Territory of Montana, and designated by the field notes and official plat on tile in this office as Lot Number 91 A. in township 7 N. R. 4 W. of principal Lase line and meridian of Mon- tana Territory, said lot No. 91 A. being as follows, to -wit: Beginning at corner No. 1, from which the cor to sections 7, 8, 17 and IS, town- ship 7, N R 4 W bears 28° 31', W 1685.1 feet; thence N 9° 37' W 565.9 feet to con No.2; thence N67' 11' E 1118 feet to cor No. 8; thence S 9° 37' E 522.9 feet to cor No. 4; thence S 65° 04' W 1128.7 feet to cor No. 1, place of beginning, embracing an area of 13.60 acres. Also for 1318 linear feet of the Leadville lode, mine or vein bearing gold, with surface ground 565.9 to 600 feet in width, situated in Colorado mining district, county of Jefferson and Territory of Montana, and desiguated by the field notes and official plat on file in this office as lot Ne. 91 B. in township 7, N R 4 W of the principal and meri- dian of Montana Territory, said lot No. 91 B being as follows, to -wit: Beginning at. corner No. 1 from which the cor to sections 7. 8. 17 and 19, township 7 N R4 W bears S 28° 31' W 1885.1 feet; thence N 9° 37' W563.9 feet to cor No.2; thence S. 81' 12' W 1316 feet to cor No. 8; thence 5 9' 31' E 600 feet to cur No. 4; thence N 79° 43' E 1315.9 feet to cor No. 1, place of beginning, embraciag an area of 17.61 acres. Said lots are lying con- tiguous to each other and contain in the aggregate 31.21 acres. Magnetic variation 19° 53' E in all courses. The location of this mine is recorded in the Recorder's office of Jefferson county, Montana, in Book 0 of lodes, on pages 744 and 745. The adjoining claims are unknown. Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion of said General Harris and Leadville lode, mine or sur- face ground are required to file their ad- verse claims with the Register of the Uni- ted States Land Office at Helens, in the Territory of Montana, during the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virttie of the provisions of the Statute. S. W. Laosommone. Register. Charles W. Helmick, atty for claimants. C/I 7.0 z t•• Art - ( <1 The Merchants Hotel. HELENA, Mont. Thre: door above P. 0. The Miners 1-lome. S _A_ 0 0 N wicket*, Mont. The bar is stocked with tine liquors, fresh beer and best cigars in market. 12 1-2c. DRINKS. 12 1-2c. HAMMILL BROS.. Prop'rs. -VI`HE WIN1)S011* STABLES, A. C. Quaintance, Prop'r. Finest Turnouts in the City! Horses Boarded by Week or Month! Hay and Grain For Sale. BOULDER, : . : MONTANA. The Palace. Fine 'Mtn, Liquors and Cigars Imported Wines and Brandies a Specialty FRANK FARNHAM, Prop. Taken Up. Came to my ranch lest wring, one light bar mare, 8 years old and branded 413 on left shoulder. She has a 3 -year old colt with her not branded. The owner can hare the same by proving property and paying charges. PRASE HULLER, Willow Creek. nallatin Co., Mont. —AND HARALEUS IN -- Produce, Provisions, Etc. BO TT I_JIDMT?.. CITY. MONT. 0::d Fresh Butter and, Eggs a Specialty. Having purchased a large invoice of goods from the East, we are now prepared to present to the peo- ple of Boulder and vicinity, and the Territory at large, a complete line of merchandise, consisting of everything in keeping with the wants of the people. We have a full line of Hats, Caps, Boots & Shoes, GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, ETC. POWT)MIR.,, CAPS _AND FUSE. T. A. \WICKES* 416 OP 411416416 49. DWI* Air 49.41646 6644 41, 46 46 46 4646 4646 Di* VP deg* Di 46 416 WOW 46 46 \ 4* 46 46 *4WD gott -3+ and444 Notolls! set* se-vt, sc. 4lo se410. 4f> ew Ole ,4*41•4e•• W4libetpst•om•sib 41s46 ei• ewe* A Complete Line of' Summer Dress Goods, Staples and Fancy Goods, CLOTHING, BOOTS SHOES. Men's and Boys' . Furnishing Goods. Just Received an elegant assortment of Ladies' and Misses' Shoes. Also Men's and Boys' light and heavy Shoes in great vari- ety, suited to all classes. BOULDER, MONTANA. H. M. PARCH RN, Helena. Wu. Molex's, Boulder. =archers. dc, Mormis, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ID IR:LT Gr a- Brr B, Carry a large stock of DRUGS, CHEMICALS. PAINTS, OILS, BRUSHES, WALL PAPER, WINDOW GLASS, PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, And TOILET ARTICLES. Also Lamps, Candies, Tobaccos, Cigars, ULANK 13040IiS and STATIONERY: c• :0 PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED AT ALL HOURS. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal Use Only. .A.TrIMINTrlaIDOINT I —PURCHASERS OF -- Clothing, Boots 3 Shoes, HATS, CAPS, GLOVES, Gent's Finish Goods, Mims' CLOTHING, Can save money by buying of F. W. COMBS & CO. Next door to Baptist Church. foi6e - ATTENTIONI THOS. F. MURRAY'S — STOCK OF— General Merchandise! • Is Complete in all its Departments. DRY GOODS, BOOTS & SHOES WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS, Miners' - - Supplies, - - Powder, Steel, GENTS' Best Bai'gi.. ins to be had in Boulder.

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 15 July 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.