Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, August 05, 1887, Image 1

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JEFFERSON C VOL. II. LINTY Nts-cs - eirpaper of . - Er fres-non County-- S. .1<,ith-!1.1k t)(1<- !.4 tit t in rtAit tem. BOULDER. lIONT , HUD 1Y, AUGI'ST The Northwestern! Owing to the fact that our store is enlarged, we have decided until the Boil ererything in our line at from 10 Now is the time to buy your Spring aro reativing new goods right along nisking 4iloods be sure and call at about to be rebuilt, remodelled and above alterations are completed, to to 20 per cent. below regular prices. outfit! Or stock is complete, and • buying Clothing and Fur - THE NORTHWESTERN Zoltees Block, Opposite Grand Central Hotel, 1---1M1..Als.T.Es.., M. T. ..•••••\- J. D. q-BOESBECK :4,11qpil Cook,Heating cli nva .11ouun (II U, and Camp Ow Nail, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, WOOID=1•TWA_I?..M, C1R,OCK=2 ,- Y - , Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouldiugs , Plated Ware, Glassware and Bar Goods. Agents for the Celebrated Buckeye Force Pumps and Shutler Wagons, TIN STIOP In . conaection where all kiuds of Job work and Re- pairing Will be done. rlf Opposite Court House, Just N-Osomtl i Alontoina, 111 1 11 1 telt Boulder HOT Springs. Wonderful Curative r7ctcrties IN ALL CASES OF- Clironie, Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism, Lipid Poisoning, Constitutional Weakness, and Creneral Debility. A PLEASANT RESORT! Vilifier -CLASS HOTEL AND BATHING ACCOMMODATIONS. ele Roseited by Stage from Helena, Butte, Wickes, Elkhcrr, Comet, and all Points in the Territory. Terms' moderate. A:Int-clan Physician DR. IRA A. LEIGHTON Is constantly in attendance. For full information address, TROTTER & KEENE, Boulder, Mont. ' The Windsor House. KEENE & TROTTER, Prop's. BOULDER, Mont. tg:Everything First-Class.:1: BOARD PER WEEK, $700 \ DAY. 2.00 GRANDCENTRALHU HOTEL FRANK FARNHAM, Proprietor. -NetY Built, Heirly Furn!shefl Throalkout and Centralli Located. THE LEADING HOTEL IN BOULDER. The Tables are Supplied with the Best in the Market. BOARD AN.D LODGING $7.00 BOARD PER DAY isetsiiEll 18(17. N't, 1 te FIRST 11 Tito \ I, I; N OF V. I-4. I - 4-1114)Mi eery, Paid up Capital, .... 8500,000 aorplue and Profits. 325,000 D I RECTORS : T 1'1 eser, Prest. E. W Knight, • Cashier. A. J. I/avis, Vice Pr. T.II.Kleinechmidt, Asst Cash. A. M. Holier. John C. Curtis, H. M. P.•\chen R. S. ibunilton, J. H ; e C. P Higgins, T. C. Power. 1 1 A '4 V ' • „ LLEs I t Carpenter a Bun'acr All kinds of Doors and Window Frames, Stairs, Oounters, Etc. made_t0 Order. Plans, SpeciAcations and Estimates prepared. BOULDER, Mont. F. McGOWA N. PRACTICA L Brick and Stone MASON. Ile has secured the bost brick -maker ; in Butte, and u ill have ' BRICK FOR SALE at 410 per thotzeand. • 330T_TIMMIRi, M_ T. ---------- Notice of Dissolution. Notice is herebygiven that Ale partner- ship heretofore existing between J. 1). Groesbeck atid Frank S. Lang, doing busi- ness in Boulder, in the hardWare and stdie business. the !Inn name being J. D. Groes- beck & Co., Is hereby dissolved by mutual consent, Frank S. Lang rbtiring. .1. D. GROEFIBECK. FRANK S. LANO. Eggs for Hatching! Plymouth Hocks, $2 pea dozen; White and Brown Leginerns, $1.50 per dozen. In- quire of Soviet linos., Jefferson City Montante -1.-revass70 , -- fields are *rarer. het atom who with te SOMICIO A Co. , tland. Matae,will receive free, full farm rnatn.n shoot wort whirls they elan do. and hes at hetne,that w:.I pay thorn frees ISIS M pee day. lioote have earny,1 nver I Ins day Other sez,yonneoroll. Capital nttt rovt.tirt•I You are slatted fret T111114 who rivet at 011..C• age absohney mire of snag hale forams. All Is new. Strayed. One black horse, eight years old, sad- dle marked on back: weight 1400 pounds; brandea X on left shouldea FELIX SANDRRS, Gre,gory, Mont Ask Your Dfuggist for Morgan's Kidney Cure! For Kidney and bladder affections, female complaints and digestive disorders. . FOR BALE. One Hundred and Fifty head of Stock Cattle; also Twenty Mulch Cows and aer. era! Beef Steers, well ended up. 'Must be sold soon. Doti MITT Buns, Cold Spring-. The - Independent Daily and Weekly—Helena, Mont Independent Publishing Co.. Publishers. Has the largest circulation of any paper in the Territory. Located at the Capital, It Is the organ of the dominant party. and contains the Latest Local, Territorial and Telegraphic News. DAILY Per Year, 81. 4 ! Cash in Advance WEEKLY,\ 66 64 25 ir Not Paid in Advance Boarding & Lodging. Also a choice lot of CIGARS, NUTS, FRUITS & CONFECTIONS. -{ 0:0 }. MRS. 1.11.12CIFIFIR, I or the American Nen 1, Se •- Weitney au ices thai the • H, which bare been pending a nemth between the navy department and the Hotchkiss Ordinance company, have cultninated in a contract, the effect of which will be the establishment of a branch manufactory for Hotchkiss guns in this country. \Our military sup- plies,\ the secretary Bays, \have here- tofore been made abroad, and the creation of an establishment for their manufacture in • this country fill mark another and important era in the reconstruction of the navy. The cortleeny's investigations havo ,.. e . kisit- ed the fact that. taking tive rtority of American machinery in comider- ation, the guns might made as cheaply here as abroad. It was a matter of necessity with us, either to set up a manufactory of our own or get the Hotchkiss company to come here, since we can no lower affrird to depend on other countrieS for our war material. This contract %vith that of the Bethlehem Iron company, it is expected will enable American ship- builders to build and srm ships en- tirely from American manufactoriett.\ There is no policy like politeness; and a good mannet is the best thing in the world, either to get 8 good name, or supplV the want of it. Private Sale OF HORSES! I will az , 11 at private sale, on the raneb of the 1st- C vuelites Griswold, about 20 Good Brood Mares. with their colts, well bred, and weigh - pig from IWO to 1,100; about 30 110,A of Fills Ram Horses, some of which have been brokeh; all well bred Three or four good 9widle horses, ' Egt Good Wort Horses, Alen one thoroughlgO. CI_ DILE STALLION three years old, weighing about 1500. Also one thoroughbred GALLOWAY BULL, Wagons, Harness, Road Vt'agons, Bum and Saddles. For prices and terms apply to the un- dersigned on the ranch, or correspond by letter.- HELEN B. GRISWOLD, Adtninistratrix of the estate of Cornelius Griswold. thwin „elm HOTEL B.,,i„. Montana. Henry Joyner, Proprietcr. Having just bought and refitted the hotel at Basin we are now prepared to furnish the best accommodations to the traveling public. Feed and lodging also for horses and excellent care given them. WILLIAM L. HAY, Attorney and C0111210P at baw l Boulder, Montana, Will practice in all the courts of Mon tans Territory. Iteuben Warren, Livery NE[1 The lady who lost her ram on the Fourth S '1' A 1 ) ) 1, of July, 18(34. Main St. Wickeas.1*Lollt Carriages, Buggies, Saddle — 0 The Ill'VER!V fal/IDDR ts lamed Sept. and March. *vela year. 4,1-- 312 pages, 8% tt 11!•-•j, Ilite b c I, , v. tea over 3 boo illustrations - a Whole Picture Gallery. GIVES Wholesale Prices direct t.,) eon...niers on all goods for personal or fatally Ilae• TelLp how to order. . and Os r• exact mot or ei cry - thing 10 ,,,t1 use, eat, drink. wear, or 'tee« nit. with. These IN VALUABLE Irs4SIKS contala infornt,Ntlon gleaned frorti the mat kr ts of the ovorhi. Wo twill mall a copy it'Itlilt.: to any ads , areas upon receipt of 10 cts. to defray et zpeas.t , of mulling. Let tart hear from you, It, s per t full 7 , MONTGOMERY WARD & Co- rte a: ewe N.- to.iivotth Avenue, Chicago, (14. 1.50 $200, 0008end us 5 cents postage, and ter PRESENTS o I YrIN AWAY. Stagre , as From -411 Point's Stop at Thia Hotel. The Merchants Hotel. HELENA, Mont. Three doors ahove P. 0. The Neatest ani Mest Pleasantly Located Hotel in the City. Newly Fitted and Newly Furnished throughout. Ladies and & Gents' Baths, Barber shop, Tier and Billiard hall, with all modern improvements. SAMPLE ROOMS with special ac - corn tnodations for Coramercia1 Travelers. 'Bus to all trains. THOS. O'BRIEN & SON. Proprietors. l,v mail you will get FREE a package of of large value, that will start you in ee that will at once bring you in money than anytbingelse in Americo All eut the $200,000 in presents wit. • x. Agents wanted everywhere, I : sex, of all ages, for all time, or spare time only, to work for us at their own homes Fortunes for all workers absolbtely as- o sured. Don't delay 0. HAT.LIIT a CO., ine Portland, Maine. F Horns, Doable Teams and Everything In 'The I.ivery liorLDX1: CITY, MONTANA A. BRADLEY, 13 1-2 Main St., - Helena. _ Jeweler,. Watehiitakei- --AND---: 1•T G _A_ 77\ Repairing and Manufacturing Te777 - clem_ Livery Bnrn for I will offer at ettee• as • • liritTr!*t1 two lots, together e th all the IP gime wagons, eti Terms of )\ .7 7 .1 - • A .1 4 half cash and tly‘ aelauce in one r Watches cleaned for -41;0, and other work in proportion. for Tei Door Plates. Wines, Liquors a and Cigi:- ImportA anti FRANK VA 1::`:Li.'01, Prep. ••••• ‘ s , THE LADIES, OARSMEN AND YACHTSMEN. Mrs. George E. Pickett is a tall, slender, ' Stately %roman of middle age. Louis Lorillard is having plans prepared for another steam yacht. Harriet Bomber Stowe says she will write The texture, weight and length of a rod are no more. Her health is broken. inInelilii ti i ie g agents riol ., lee agen to succew in the sport of Ll Mrs. Rachel oyd makes $1,500 a year g teaching chemistry to students of the- Ne• B. Low, the well knot,» rigger, braska state unirensity. ' served his time as an ()lacer on a United States Elizabeth testi, the \queen of confidetice war s hip. operators,\ is under arrest at Philadelphia for It is 110tV conclusively provea that . eels for de att: i tn em pting to swindle persons by a lottery thewest part lira ail flies. The' are also spawn destroyers and an enemy to all sante the ll presid ias Mi e ll n ic oi ll eri F fe o , ISo ha n s l, bee ft n oe c a li r ose rt i illi p ti recel vo o ) f . e raL The members Of the Varuna Boat chit of /*widen frequently ran down the lower bay arid up the Shrewsbury to Red Eauk without a *t. William B. Astor's steam yacht Nournia- hal 'is in commission fuel cotentauded by Capt: Samuel Freestone. The boat! is going Rose Elisabeth Cleveland says the truly j abeoad this winter. American girl will lore and honer her coun- try and be at all times ready to serve her country. She will not imitate foreign fash- ions and_manaers. tres3 of the Brookinge D. T.) Agriculture! college. ' Of the 00:(00,e00 women and girls tunic* British rule India, 90,500,0M cannot read or write at and many ot the other 300,003 can barely dOcither. Mrs. leaner Wilkes Banta, of Brooklyn, A Matter of Temperature. celebrated her 1(511 birthday a few days since. nav Noah Raby, of Plainfield. N. J., looks like \e you no fears,\ tho piracher said, diately the answer came back; \You can't, lug through the summer. 1eo you not see the woe ahead, \Of this wild life you lead? 80., but is 115, and suppoi is himself by work - papa, for I'm sitting ou it!\ -Babyhood. Mrs. 'Celia Monroe, colored, died at Kansas _ Oh, pause, young man, take heed. City a few weeks ago, aged l`25. She was \Think of the pituishaent with awe, aunt the Bible story of Ruth and Boaz, which Fred undertook the other (lay to tell his going about a 'few days before her death. Which wait.. for such as you. . his mother had been reading to litin. \Oh , Mrs. Dice Boffins. of Moberly, mo. ,, is 93 . Thlnk of that place whose fire might thaw e sail, ‘tiuttntea read awl the widow of an 1812 soldier. All of,her The polar ice to dew,\ Aunt Esther,\ h Fanny and me a bully Bible story about a people were active petriots in the reeolution. \T I h H an is k h s e:a \ rr t .ai ll d .as tli t c o s ug en : i t n e g s n l i e n. a r t r i L i - e .i r t , l; a stele . man that was weeding in his bay field. awl ! his name ens Borax.\ -Boston C-ouricr. Pareatly e pauper died in the St. Iic(r- ` 1 Your picture d9esn't terrify- ' At least not In this weather.\ Nathan, 4 rears of age. Nurse said: . to the age of 118, and whoee death oectued t l°12. . Ter 'And, Major, 'e'er 'And. \Nathan if you will take your oi!, that will . a - help to make a big maa of you.\ Just then. F. J. Mauren, of Portland. Miele, has in Right bete let us make a stittettieut. Wit -Col. Peet, who is exceptionally tali, pneaea by the window, and on spying •him Nathan said; \Ohl what a lot of cod liver cil CoL Peet must have taken.\ -Merchant Tree:at. Iliasurprisiug to observe bow many per - was believe , the Atlantic will be selected to meet -the Scotch cutter Thistle in the races for the America cup. , The schooner yacht Harlequin, - built for Henry Stanford, of New York, at Beth, Me., has been launched. She is commanded by Capt. William B. Paris. 'Tee canvas of Gen. Chas. J. Paine's new sloop yac-et Volunte.set will be completed about the middle of next week ancl will be immediately shirped to Boston. Feed Hughes of catamaran Cyclone and Irex fame is amusing himself and friends with the steam yawl Tarpon. She is:en-oiled in the New Jersey Yacht club. , The amateur champlonthip pair, Freeman and Caddell'. of the Eureka Boat club of t! Newark, ilea the oat box oar lock a ' claim quotriority for it over the modern ow , el. Gandaur and mate are still thirdtianr, for _elcublo ecull gore aka have issued -anode:. ' challenge to Teemer a d Ham. Hanka sill • probably be Gauthier's partner. • , . kJ' is stated that negotiations nre pertains.; for the sale of the schooner yacht Coreeet, the 1 winner of the last ocean, race. The boat is still at lier owner's wharf, Small Brodklyn. _ Tim English cutter yacht Galatea hes sailed • &gantlet all the big . sloops exeept the ?intim, and its'ut. Henn is /411MittIS to have Iler meet the ahick racer that vaequishea the -Genesee. The steam yacht Viking, formerly 1 Owned by the Into Samuel J. Tildru, is tient com- manded by Capt. J. A. Wheeler, Who . has been hi the service of R. II. White, her present owner, for one year. A -The American Yacht club will announce . the eates of its 'tumuli cruise in a few days. All preliminaries have been erranged„ and like former years, one of the iron steamboats will ho chartered to take the guests arid mem- bers over tho course. El Baleen' will be accompanied by three or foie- professional oarsmen on his trip to saustralioo St. #olm, theabacker of Csapdaur, win funfish a portion of the stakes that 'Rari- tan is to deposit...en - his match with Beach. Hanlan will abandon the rowing ranks after the season elosia!;.. Ho is tired of earning a bard living, be Mlea er . taeiteieekrareeetraftefaanerfreatrist tato peeled No. G in the University crew . which was defeated by Yele this year, Lien, fine epechnen of manhood. He tips the scales ut 170 pounds. and is 6 feet 2 Metre: in height He is ecol, and if the remainder of the Crow was made of men of his caliber the crimson to a certainty would have lowered the blue color of Yale. SOME OLD PEOPLE. - -- Farmer O'Leary, cf Elitton, ie OVU* 112. LIGH1 ANC, AMY. - fr Dainty, hot Dangerous. Her enchanting little boot From beneath her jantity suit Ventured ant. That she knew witchisig charm, Without meaning any harm, Who could doubt! Just a single little trainee Filled my life with wild roinau-o--. vras caught! Sparkling eyes and soft brawn hairf Hers was just the besuty rare I had sought. So I wooed the charming maid, First enchanted. as / said, By her taxa. Now, alas! I'm well aware Boots ant tempers seldom are Built to suit. .... For our Mem:ship ripened fast, And, before a year was pae.te We were wed.' Now both boots and ether things Recklessly she often slings At toy head, -Gomm-title Journal. Computing the C.eiste A bachelor one day set tho table' fu hii lonely abode with plates for himself mul tut imaginary wife and tiro -children. Ho then sat down to dine, and as often as he helped , himself to food he put the same quantity on each of the other plates and surveyed thee Prospect, at the same time computing the' cost. He is still a bachelon-Pioneer. Freees The lintel Conundrum. Nervous Waiter (at a Wie)-Did you up to Sarah Bendiardt's room? hall Boy. -'-Yes; she's got her pet tiger with her again. -, \So I beard. Did you knock at her door?\' \Yee.\ \Which came out of the door, the tatty or , the tigeria--Ontaha World. - Lie Didn't Understand a \Yuman, lib tried to steal a kiss from pouting lips, As sweet and fair As roses from which the w,i1.1 bee nips Ills nectar rare. The maelen liluahed and coyly turned her head From hint away, Asd though idie neither struggled, frowned cof chid, Nor said him nay, Nor newel a disposition to resist (The chance he had e He backward drew and straightway .id detest, - And the was mad. D'7.: DID. The maiden rat so near my crin, Araund her waist I threw it, And then, not meaning any harra. I kissed lar ere she knew it. She threw an angry glance at me, Her face grew red, and then , She frowned and said: \I'd like to soo You just try that again!\ \Why certainly, sweet maid,\ I said. . Idid-could I be %tamed t This time she only blushed and said: ! \You ought t a be ashamed:\ 1 :4444 + 44146 - Courier -Journal. Condensed Court Itcenrd. Prisouer-I am a Lank cashier, sir, and took a million from the safe to speculate with. If I had not lost it I should have re- turned it. Jiid,ge-I see, lucre bad luck, (beta ail. Yoe may go. Another Prisoner -Your honor, I held up a inan for $50 Si' then went to a gambline saloon with it. If I'd tnede any stakes I'd is given the Mall his monev back, sir. Judge -a -Ten years. 'call the next ease.--- Oinalia Wont]. Mrs: Lnugtry says her reasons for taking oat naturalizat ioe papers and becomiug an. American are because she likes the country, its institution$ people. customs, and expects. to live a yeal f, %1 1ne (1;o d anti does not desire to o. sc i i a r. Mrs. Wilson, of Lamar, Mo., is engaged La tho silk industry as a southwestern experi- meat. She hes raised 15.000 wonns on the • leaves of the osago orange tree. the cocoons and reeled ieml wo O id ff ert an ig tI mi s t. e is prepering knitting Mrs. Edgar T. Welles, of Eartford, has met with an unhappy experience in Londote She went out shopping the other day, and upon returnina found that a thief bad en- tered her room ond stoic jewelry to the value of $6,030 awl a considerable sum of money. The only member of the late Horace Greo- ley's family now thine it his daughter, Miss Gabrielle M. Greeley, who, four years ago, bought her father's house and farm of eighty- two acres at Chnppnqua for $10,000, and now iedsn i se res . des the in company with two female fr , According to gossip, Princess Louise, eldest -daughter of the Prince of Wales, has already refused three eligible young mini, and now a fourth is danging on the hook, waiting breathlessly, it is supposed, for her decision. Ho is a ituteiren prince, and, as Russian princes go, a fairly good fellow. Hattie Bretton, of Chattanooga, desired to wed Oliver Ting, a ytiiing grocer el that. cite, awl her parents were opposed to the union. Recently she went to her lover's store, joined hint on the scales, and a friendly parson znarriel them so quietly that the cus- tomers present were unaware of the cere- mony. Miss Alice Decker, of Milford, N. Y., the neknowledgel belle of Otsego Lounty, is an - eccentric fuel 'luring equestrienne. She rides a vicious horse without bridle or saddle, guiding him with her riding whip, and sends him over fences, and ditches with no more cetemony than it she was in a rocking chair. M4sa Decker is le : years old. ..- There orrivetkOr lfairVanadiartrfOlthIrk age from Japan a tall, aristocratic WOillan clad in black flowing robes bound at the waist by a broad leather belt. She proved to be Sister Olga, a mationary of the Greek church in Japan. She is the Countess Olga Ponta - tine, member of, a noble Russian Some years ago the was in attendance Olt the czarina of Russia, but finally entered a religious order. She is in poor health and is . now on her way to St. Petersburg. — STORIES OF CHILDREN. - - A Sittle 3 -year -old girl was reproved for disobedience. On repeating the offense the father said to the little offeneer: \1 bate a strong inclination to spank you.\ Inune- Doetor had onierell cod liver oil for little Our little Walter manufactures the most convenient participles for the ecension when- ever an uncertain verb gets hi hisevay. This morning he was oblig,Cd to pick up a large number of button ti which he hail carelessly upset from their basket, and after the task was done he aimixel up atld said - cheerfully: \Papa now I've got 'tee all puck up!\ -Baby- hood. A 3 -year -old boy veleta on a visit to his rel- atives stepped his Flee and approached a n indulgent auntie whet' she was seeding raisins for-000king purposes. Kuowing from expe- rience that something odd would 'be forth - Lair; alms house whose health was goo' up Nets a volume Writen by Sarah Perrin. not d 81 years, whieli deals with the'history of the Portland end of }Hula county. Mrs. Magdalene Dowse was tern iii Linens - ter, Pa., Dec. 22, la83. She arrived hi he diana iii 1a45, and has lived with her childeen in Milton, Ind., and Bennett, Ills., evee valet She is small in statues,. but well preserved (T- one who has Se011 so many years. At ineseat she resides in Milton. In the whole Peuesian empire there die ennually 200)0 men above Lea seers of age -a thira- port of the yearly obituarys-OaJ about 100 years of nee, flfty-five to sixty-five over 120 years old, twenty above 110,; and eight above 1a5, while two or three die alma - ally whose ages range from 140 to 155 years. • The ohleet person Dr. Denlop hns ever sere coming if th childewas not invited to have was a mein Denied Jotiepli Creeiy, exhibited at some of the raisins, the atuitie refrained from Wood's Musenni, Chicago, who had doe - asking him if he woofed any. Surprised at 111810.3 to prove that he WAN 13a yours old, and this manual cond0 on the pert of . his rein- who looked to be Seal. Atzether case, per: tire, the little Isleet; stood it as long as he sonelly vouched for by Dr. Dunlop, is that of cosld Mid then 'a:tilled out: \Who did you Mr. aria Mrs. Davis, of Detroit Mr. Denie fay hero' to, tie; este' Ills raisin feast was is Wand kis wife over 60, and both are in ee- provided. --Chic 'oune, celleet health. Little Helen, 3 years old, cut her thumb; the kept very quiet about it until it beeen to bleed, then she screamed: 0 mamma, mam- ma! cern() quick, the gravy's all whenining out!\ This same little girl, with her papa, mam- ma and little brothere, was spending one summer at her graudisaat. One day at din- ner, grandpa having iso unseal tarter a family. than usual, was soinetehat ebeent minded and waited on all except Helen. She sat quietly back in her chair alai raid very demurely: . \Poor little girl! Poor little Helen r-Ilaby- hood. LITERARY PHILADELPHIA. want it understood that we are re the moe tooth and toetail, heel and eyebrow, corn, bunions and scalp; that this is as much our country as anylexly's, and that we shall eot lift u shovelful of earth nor tote grass, except in the shadow and under the folds.of the flag of tho Ueion.-Macon (Ga.) Tel:grape. Cu'ltesien Properly A ck no w hedged. I \Before being lynched Wel:leo:ay night, says one of The Bell's Dakota exchanger', \Col. .11os:dealer handed us .:713 awl requested that The Hayralee be continued to Ids family for apother year. The colonel is a gentleman and a public spirited citizen. Our best wieedi accompany -Dakota Dell. Philip Lyou, who dial at Atlantic cite, N. J., the other say, was the ot lest Odd Fellow in the state,lbeing over fifty years in the order. He was 101 years old at his death. When eyed- etghty yearn old be grit on the board, being employed by a tailor. Odr. : Lyon' was a re*rkabie old man, for his sight was gool, bit memory unimpaitol, arid .11e worked fell ten hours every (lay. lie walked above, with ease until 00 yrers old. At the time of Me death he had ftel possiesiort of all Lis mental faculties. Ha was the-et:ether of twenty-four L'ilielreta, six • , of whom are living. . Marquis Biddle -Cope now lives in Rome. j Mrs. Bloomfield Moore is worth ale 0ee,000. Rev. Samuel Longfellow has gone Lack to New England. Foster Knee's history of Charles the Deal was a SUCept.s. Mrs. A. L Wister is a sister of Horace Howard Furness. The author known ae Henry Hayes is Foster Kirke's wife. Prank Stockton'a sister Louise is showing a good deal of talent I Wayne alacliengh is said to be writing a histnry of Peunse !Lenin. John Bach Insainster, the bistonan, is called the Anieriean Macaulay. Peiv e It. E. 'I lienipeon is considered nit antberity on ceinome • ceiestioris. Ito - rice Howard Fe; - t Skakeepearean schelar. is •I ;4-, t ; te-AttrulteS. Mrs. ho .1,s1 liceen Harding Davis have Roe ee.-, •tha populai ity as writers. • IN ASIA MINOR. Twat has 30,600 people. Cappadocia has a population of 40,000: Aniasia is a town of 20,000 inhabitants. Turks pay very little attention to their Cf•Ineteries..• It costs Turkish workmen about five ectits'a day fee living expenses, postme n are armed and travel' in Feptritls., 1.1.elas of horse ; are stationed along the road :tad progress is kept up night and day. j A laborer's wageti is fifteen to tweuty-five cents. llaeons and, carpenters are compere - t ively well paid, receivilig about ninety coos a day. THV COST OF WE13. An ordinary dark eri;;c'csht I5. An ordinary teeny wig is worth t-20. ezte wares Ls ea3 to eari He nespendeth. Yon still persist in using., i 'easel -ye with great regret, The needlessly empensive Cigarette. Be. You should set- a good example, But you stem to quite forget That you use a thirty dollar Vinaigrems. --Life. A Ooestion Answered. Omaha Man -Are those pug dogs intelli- gent? Omaha Lady (proud owner of a puee-Ole their intelligence is almost human. \I em seirpristel to hear that.\ \I can't begia to t711 you bow much the dear little fellows know. Ilene- me! Janet Jane! Where are your Jane (.1 serveue-IIere, mum. \Rue out as feet as you can bring tho dog ia. TiaL ineaug.\-Omaim 11 - orld. - summer'. 'The dspo aro glad with balmy airs, Mee s...iett no longer frown; In eneads the dandelion /twee Again its golden crown; In pools we hear the gleeful shout. 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Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 05 Aug. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.