Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, August 05, 1887, Image 2

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Jefferson Conuty Sentinel. - dz, W. H. GREEN & CO., • orriCI t P i:nter.• I • M On; fie :tee honed Every Friday 12 M.. Sharp. S. A. ROBKRTSON PlAll.f,SRER, Boulder City, Mui, of the accused, which will be sent to every police station in the United PER OF THE COUNT1 :states and t anads : -Arrest for mu r der Rev. Thomas Abbott li,abie to he ,7-.)IiIrl43(1 up by a gan ‘ , \N - . est, ao:is it tnas bio,Itt, 31 years -amp f r work. b f t_ of we, five feet six inohes high, - with are ai , i - a-v•i ready o rob those who do dark auburn hair, .lark brown eyes . work 1>c,-.iiles such a law Scuricatrrtos, per year, iu adtranc Stx .NloNTti8, $1.50--TunEE 3IoN1 tis, THE indications point to the usual democratic majority in Old Kentuck. THE cholera is raging fearfully in India. There have been no cases re- ported in Europe. THERE is trouble between the Pitts- burg iron workers and manufacturers and the indications point to many thousand -idle men as the result. Ir is claimed that 2(X) licenses to sell liquor have been granted in Mis- soula county since July 1st. This is at the rate of about one saloon to every 200 inhabitants, including WQ- men and children. REMEMBER that the fair takes place in Helen the latter part of August. It is probable that by that time the Boulder st Helena railroad will be completed, and the trip to the capital be accomplished iu a couple of hours. TIIE leather manufacturers of Newark, New Jersey, are about to close up their establishments. It is claimed that they can make no money, .and refuse to be dictated to by the Knights of Labor. Any excuse is good. TUE bounty law should be so amended as to exclude prairie dogs, which are generally found remote from the habitations of man, and the law should only permit the destruc- tion of squirrels on the farming settle- ments where they are very destruc- tive. McGattiGEL, the Chicago boodler, has reached the haven of all great American rascals, Canada. It is rumored that he will he arrested and returned to Clsicaoss. It is to be hoped that he will be permitted to remain where he is. We have too many rogues now. 4 31 A N in LaFayette, Ind., was re- cently granted a divorce from his wife on the ground that she was an invete- rate smoker and user of tobacco. The Woman's Standard thinks that \if the wives of all men who are addicted to its use should seek to be released from matrimonial bonds on that ac- count, the courts would be in perma- nent session, and lawyers would be- -come immensely wealthy.\ THE great Sun River canal has just been completed. It conveys the waters of the Teton river to the Great Falls of the Misssuri.. In addition to the great motive power it will fur- nish, it will bring into cultivation over one hundred thousand acres of fine agricultural lands. It has been under construction f4r more than two years. It has cost a large sum of money, as much, lumber and iron pipes have been used in its construc- tion. It will make Great Falls a ;booming town. THE drummer's license law should be the first matter acted upon by the legislature that is to meet in extra- ordinary session on the 20th instant. As the law now stands it. works a great hardship upon Montanans. For- eign commercial men can sell with.. Out a license under a decision of the supreme court, while our own deal- ers have to pay a license under our statutes, thus giving foreigners a great advantage oyer our home iner, chants. It should be repealed. MINING TROVREE.S. s here appears to be a great deal of trouble in the vicinity of Phillips- burg, Deer Lodge county, occasioned by the jumping of mining claims, and there is reason to believe that bloodshed will result ere the end is reached. History repeats itself quite often, for it is a fact that no sooner does some one make a valuable dis- covery, often after years of toil and the expenditure of a large amount of :gamey, than an army of carntorants are awl the alert to rob him of his property, and in Imlay cases succeed. Such crimes should be punished more Beverly thut the crime of high- way robbery. A with who commits a crime under the guiso of law, is a grater scourge to the community th In a dozen highwaymen would be. A man should be protected in his property even though he has made a slight error in his location. Con- gress should enact a law that would afford this class of our citizens ade- quate protection. There would be much more prosp,',-Hitg done than there now is, if who spend their time and money eeuld be assured .bat when they made a valuable dis- es'ery upon any unoccupied portion s the public domain it would be .r!wirs beyond question and not be ` e it 'H a vast sum of AN IMPOLT taT vesassiis'., Adviees from Wasl,is s ise of 30T's of July being- impiraT, tit I•)!- th,ise •Iio have up• .•••wool in ..Nlot,tJa:,, Ass, , t4.1.t Secretor kluldrow has de- cided that under the laws grant- ing to territories lands for school purposes, where the land at the date of survey was occupied by an actual settler his right to land is superior to the right of the territory and that where the school lands at the date of survey are occupied by an actual set- tler the territory is enptitled to select equivalent lands in lieu thereof as indemnity. Haviug made such se- lection, the indemnity land so select- ed is held in reservation in lieu of the school section upon which such settlement was made, and the school section, by the act of such selection, is excluded from the reservation, and therefore is an entry of a school sec- tion made while the selection of the equivalent land remained intact and was valid. This decision, it should be borne in mind does not affect those who have settled upen school lands after the same has been surveyed. But , many school sections were settled upon before the United States surveys were made, the decision will be a boon to many who had made valuable improvemenis before survey. wou ld full, slump. , far , and chit., (40on wa lk. wear--- .;,_`(.141re,.! (11;11111):1,,n,,,;, MOD - like a Pidl. Sherry'. ctc., \\ 11 : 1-H--- of 'IC11 lila 11 4 .SL NV111 . --ki ,-- -. H. 1 ,‘ , 11H ,111(1 W.! i ater. Hi•i and ptiv . ..• , 1 he cincinuati En- Imported Fancy Drinks ! Cigars of all Grades ! THE CROWS TO HAVE LANDS IN SEVERALTY. Special Agent Howard, who is as- signed tosiuty for the Crow Reser- vation is to allot land in severalty to the Indians of the Crow tribe, ia in- structed that the allotments to those Indians is to be governed by the treaty made by the government as provided by the act of congress, April 11, 1F3'82. By this treaty each Indian will receive iu addition to the number of acres specified in the act of January 3, 1S87 1 an equal amount To illustrate: of grazing lands. Each head of a family will receive 160 acres of agricultural lands; also 160 acres of graz_ing lands. Indian women mrrned to white men should be regarded as heads of families. The white husband cannot take al- lotments. In all cases wherein In- dian women have been married to Indian husbands and have children born of such marriage, but have been divorced from such husband, after the Indian custom, the mother should receive an allotment of land as the head of a family and should be al- lowed to select land for the children not under charge of the father, if competent to slo so. This is what should have been done years ago. The Indians would have been docile and self supporting had such a course been adopted 15 years ago and we should have escaped the fearful rav- ages of several Indian wars. THE ALIEN ACT. The press throughout the Great \Vest—the mineral and grazing re- gions of our country ---are discussing the Alien Act passed by the last con- gress. It was designed to shut out foreigners from feeding their flocks off of American grass to the detri- ment of small American stock own- ers. The fathers of the measure acted, we believe, in good faith, and So far as our ranges are concerned, they needed the fostering hand of congress to prevent their extermina- tion. But in most other respects the law is not what it should be, and our best legal minds have grave . doubts of its constitutionality. One of its features prohibits foreigners from ob- taining title to American lands, and it is a good provision too, but it ought to exempt mining grounds. At least the law should be so amended as to afford protection to foreign capital now or that may seek investment in legitimate mining enterprises. For- eigners ought not to be allowed to become purchassrs of large tracts of mineral lands and hold them on speculation, and thus deprive our citizens of the benefits thereof. But they should be permitted to purchase aid work mines if they so elect, but When they cease to work them in good faith,' they should revert to the oswernmeet of the United States and again become subject to re -location and exploration. A Preacher Wanted Murder. The discovery of ,t•-•' in the liver of Susie Beck, of Louis, es- tablishes, fron 1 e police standpoint, conclusive rss , of murder, and an almost u: , , spted chain of cir- cumstantial evidence, in their minds, fixes the et -L, , TbOn1J , Abbott West, Judi:Ann. Accordingly tt, ,, 1 1.--.1ed the follow- incs circuls- ss--• with a •titr- SAT) Anou; Ilat , t r!t\ 1.e ICU i- John E ssuirer, John If \k! :;;,, the lottery king, is quoted room i n connect i on i n at Ili), f15,000,00( 1 . a it - !. iVerbion to being his , Jay liteuki IS Ye: ;slid of • ,ly circle and spends all the time be cat s• see. Ex -Senator Mahone will re:, •- talk the war of the rebellion if he cam s it. Mayor Hewett, of N.-. two atenograpbers busy an , ' • • • , Secretary Lamar is a J e.' .t tie faneier, and has a small herd at he , Tu., in Oxford, Lee Clinton Scollard, the southern poet anti scientist, has gone to Europe for the eummee months. • Russell Sage has no children. The proba- ble heir to Iii, wealth is a nephew who is an old man. Professor (*navies E. %Vest, of Brooklyn was the first educator to organize a college course for women. Herman Strecker, of Reading, Pa, is said to be the most eminent authority in America on butterflies and moths. Dean Lo Breton, of Jersey, father of Mrs. Langtry, is described as having a fume Greek head, but a sensual month. Deacon S. V. White says that the recent losses of Cyrus W. Fiell have not crippled that gentleman ia the least. L. R. Hands, of Pittsburg, has expended $70,000 in two years Improving a mannuoth estate near St. Frances, Fla. Alexander Sullivan, of Chicago, ex presi- dent of the Land league in America, is con- sidering a fall tour of Ireland. Pet9r Barlow. who took part in the Ameri- can revolution tinder Gen. Washington, has died in Demerara. aged 130 years. Rev. C. T. Allen, of Pontiac, Ilk , one day last week mru•ried six couples, baptized three children and conducted two funeral services. Dr. Charles S.' Thomson. of Hartford, Commit., is the oldest living graduate of the Yale medical school. He was graduated in lt2s. Ex -Congressman J. Floyd King, of Louisi- ana, is short with huge chest and shoulders, swarthy face, iron jaw, blue eyes and very black lair. Will Carleton, the farm belladist, who has just been elected trustee of the Hillsdale (Ifich.) college, says that no poet makes a good schoolmaster. A. M.Gi lam, of The Philadelphia Record, is the coming amateur bicyclist of Peunsyl- vania. He is reported to have recently smashed several records. F. C. Maxwell is one of the mbet popular of Philadelphia men at the present moment. He has just inherited a fortune of $200,000 by . the death of a relative in England. Jules Verne lives at Amiens. It was his' custom to go to Paris once a monfe for a day or two wail a year ago, when lie was wound- ed by a pistol shot in the left leg. He still limps, cannot bend his leg, and is deprived of all exercise. Welter Murray Gibson, into prerniet• of the Hawaiian kingdom, is a man over 70 year' of age, but hale anti vigorous. Mise Howard St. Clair, a hatidsome California book agent, claims that the premier has failed to keep a promise of marriage, and that the sum of $100,000 will just About quiet the throb- bing!' of her more or lees broken heart. An effort at a compromise is being made. John 'Willard Young is the youngest non of the late Brigham Young's first wife. He is about 93 years of ago, and has ten tons and ten daughters. He says his father left an es- tate worth about $2,500,000. He wined M s 000 to each one of his children. Brigham Young has as yet no monument. He lies buried near wise was called \the Iron House,\ in Salt Lake City, and his faintly have not been able to decide on a fitting design to mark his grave. Gen. Albert Pike, poet, soldier, and grand commander of the southern Jurisdiction of From/sous, lives, at the age (AV, in retire- ment at Washington. Ho is tail, robust and handsome. Ho spends his tuna in his library - translating the Sanserit books of Veda. Gen. Pike has translated eeventeen volumes, of 1.000 pages each. None of them have yet been printed. The general is an accomplished linguist, and as well acquainted with modern languages as with ancient. THE SPEEDERS. Johustone paced a mile in 2:11 at Belmont park recently. Murphy recently moved Pottery Girl a mile in 2:2-'i3e and Kenilworth a nide in 2:26Si. The fast trotting mare Bello F. won the free for all trot at Stillwater, the hest time 2: ItO AVeeke gate J. B. Thomas a mile in 2:18 at Fleetmeocei recently. The first half was done in 1:013.LS. Mr. A. A. Bonner has sold to J. R. Larry, Esq., his bay inane Lyre, 2:28%, by Antenor, darn Peacemaker. Lab de Dab, a Baltimore mare, trotted an exhibition mile over the Pimlico track to a road wagon on June 25 in 2:29. Van Ness recently sent J. Q. a who at the Driving park in 2e233 ; ‘, and repeated in 2:20 alter going the half trifle in 1:07. John Madden has purchased of Dr. S. 8. Judd, of Michigan, a bay gelding named Gar- net, that has shown a mile in 2:243S. Eddie Medium trotted off a mile in 2:27% at Fleetwood recently. Gettysburg and CoL Stevens trotted a Dli&O in 2:ee, Don Carlos, Maud S. was booked to a sulky for the first timo last Satutday, and Murphy drove her a ini/e easily in 215 1 4. She can be ready to go in 2:10 in ten days. Queen Wilkes has met with AD accident, and the match with Garnet will not come off Unless Mr. Carter consents to a postpone- ment. May Inektnan Is prepared to forfeit the $5,0X1. eel which only' the CHOIC- — _ Soniet him:. Yon Net tl---eimeet b on d. • 13 , . 1 you too good - ',..arnetl?\ By ,:lif a home and le- , .15 by -Iwti teacher. The trifling sum o\ \‘\ • ei 10.:(1. when colleges advertise the sit course of instruction for $25r Because a new text -book is used that re- duces the labor of learning proportionately to the difference in price by the system being made simplier than heretofore, and more practical, besides being the most pop- ular method, having_ the indorsement of our congressional and professional report- ers everywhere, together with over 1000 graduates of our Chain of Phonographic Colleges. Boys and men on the farm, in workshops and elsewhere,—girls at home, In factories and at school have learned the art in from three to six months' study dur- ing spare moments, and been helped to po- sitions in offices by Mr. Scott -Browne where they have earned from $12 to $20 a week. Write and ask for a free sample copy of Browne's Phonographic Monthly and full particulars. Address D. L. Scott -Browne, No. 251 West 14th Street between 7th and 8th Aces., New York, N. Y. Consumption Cured. An old physician, retired from active practice having had placed in his hands by an East India Missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and permanent cure of Consump- tion, bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma, and all Throat and Luug affections, after having thoroughly tested its wonderful curative powers in thousands .of cases, feels it his duty to make it1fnown to his suffering fellows. The recipe sent FREE, to all who may desire it, with full descriptions for prepairing and using. Address. naming this paper, DR. M. E. CA88, 201 Grand St., Jersey City, N. J. Strayed or Stolen. One gray horse. weight 900 pounds. 9 years old and branded N S on left shoulder; on left hip P J Is combined. A liberal reward will be paid for the recovery of this animal. MAraaw Boulder, Mont. Notice for Phial Proof. LAND OTTICE AT HauctrA, Mont„ t July 27, 1887. f Notice is hereby given that the following -named settler has filed notice of his Intention to make final proof in support of his claim, end that said proof will be made before J. (' Kerley. Probate Judge of Jefferson County, at Boulder. Mont.. on neptember 10. 1887, viz.: Helen B. Griswold. widow of Cornelius Griswold, who made desert entry No. 1418, for the e la, se ti, sec. 21, tp. 6, n r 4w. Be names the following witnesses to prove his continuoas residence upon, and cultivation of saki land, vie.: James H. Miller, Lewis A. Wilson. Richard A. Rammer, William C. Jones, of Boul- der Valley, Mont. Opposite Court House, na. ci g ars, WHOLESALE8111E11111 GROCERS, 14 Ai 1:11- , Boers, Liquors S. W. LANORORNE. Register. Notice of Final Proof. LAND ()MICE AT HELENA, Mont., July 26, 1887. 5 Notice is hereby given that the following -named settler has tiled notice of his intention to make final proof In support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before J. C. Kerley, Probate Judge 01 Jefferson County. at Boulder ' Mont., on September 3. 1887, viz.: John M. Holt. who made pre-emption d. s. No. 6867, for the s w 4 of n w 4, lot No. 4. sec. 3, tp. 5 n. r 4 w. Ile names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of. dla?d: Monroe Dunk1e ee Joeeph gtt a, Caleb Thumps( Boulder,t. S. W. LAeeitioaez, Register. QUMMONS. In the District Court of the First 1 - 7 Judicial District of the Territory of Montana, In and for the County of Jefferson. Violet Nichols. plaintiff, vs. David Nichols, de- fendant. The people of the Territory of Montana send greeting to the above named defendant. You are hereby required to appear in an action broosbe.against you by the above named plaintiff In the Iristrict Court of the First Judicial District of the Territory of Montana, in and for the Coun- ty of Jefferson, and to answer the complaint filed therein within ten days (exclusive of the day of service) after the service on you of this sum- mons. If served within this oounty; or, if served out of this county, but In this district, within twenty days; otherwise within forty days, or judg- ment by default will be taken against you. aceord- ing to the prayer of said complaint. The said ac- tion Is brought to obtain a judgment and decree of this court dissolving the bonds of matrimony now and heretofore existing between plaintiff and defendant In this action, and awarding the cus- tody of the minor child, Guy Nichols, to the plain- tiff, and ordering that a reasonable provision be mada out of the property of defendant for the supeffrt of the plaintiff and said child, and for the costa of this action, on the ground that the de- fendant has wilfully absented himself from the plaintiff without any reasonable cause for the space of one year next previous to the filing of plaintiff's complaint, against her will. And you are hereby notified that If you fail to appear and answer the said complaint, as above required, the said plaintiff will take default and apply to the court for the relief demanded In plaintiff's complaint. Given under my head and the seal of the Dis- trict Court of the First Judicial District of the Territory of Montana, iii and for the County of Jefferson. this eighteenth day of July, In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven. J. S. Kula., Clerk. By A. K WsLus, Deputy Clerk. TnowAs JcTm, Attorney for plaintiff. SUMMONS. In the District Court of the Finn Judicial Dis- trict of the Territory of Montana, In and for the County of Jefferson. John H. Duffy, plaintiff, re Emma Duffy, de- fendant. The people of the Territory of Montana send greeting to the above named defendant. You are hereby required to appear In an action brought (le lest you by the above named plaintiff In the re • Court of the First Judicial District of HI ,- ' , TY of Montana, in and for the Coun- t of ., • •'• .11. and to answer the complaint filed t , • in ten days (exclusive of the day of , • the service on you of this summons. -, , 1 this county: or, if served out of tbls coal,' hut in this district, within twenty da,rs; 0th'- 'I .se within forty days, or judgment by defaalt ad be taken against you, according to the prtser ,,f said t-oruplaint. The said action Is Iv - • \ • ' e the bands of matrimony exist - Hainan and you on the ground ti si a ns absented yourself from the ny reasonable cause for the t!l 4 .4 next preceding the commenee- 11,- rp , t!fled that !! cot, Otto • .tie it SAID BY JAY' GOULD. 'I\ - he Ot \1 have fought my last fight on the Street. \I think a railroad train is the finest sigh , in the world. t invariably precede a relapse Of anyths . \Ther as many men on the street as cver to- were. 'Ti:. w,'at fortunes will Dot be made on the ,L't in future, is to be made in 111' i :I! ! ,AdS. ! 1.sses on Wall 6.t met are 1 : t on stocks or buying hat lel lee or .- „, .1 to gotC ! !' 1 to ex,,, t. --Iii its , . iti• :upans• tie owl, to t • AI S k's I ▪ .••ii ^ '; Elkharn rt of , 6 LL.', Dereit) , - ras, Attorney HMI h EPP\ 1,114 Salcon and 1 14. soeci Abit .tock or ‘‘ ines Liquors awl Cigars. 2 sr - %V . 191-iF1'e, or on Draosoe, 1r117.1.11 I FAIL 'e - Grace Postoffice, Jefferson county, M. T. Range, Little Pipe -stone. Brand, cat- tle, EE on left ribs. Draft horses and roadsters for sale. [30 . . 1888.] First publication May 27. Application for a Patent. U. S. LAND OFFICE, HELENA, Montana, May 23, 1887.A Notice is hereby given that John S. ar- rii, whose postoffice address is Helena, Montana, and Elias Merriman, whose post - office address is Jefferson, Montana, have this day filed their application for a patent for 1118 linear feet of the General Harris lode, mine or vein bearing gold, with sur face ground 522.9 feet to 565.9 feet in width, situated in Colorado mining dis- trict, county of Jefferson and Territory of Montana, and designated by the field notes and official plat on tile in this office as Lot Number 91 A. in township 7 N. R. 4 W. of principal base line and meridian of Mon- tana Territory, said lot No. 91 A. being as. follows, to -wit: Beginning at corner No. 1, from which the cor to sections 7, 8, 17 and 18, town- ship 7, N R 4 W bears 8 28° 81', W 1685.1 feet; thence N 937' W 565.9 feet to cor tio.2; thence N67' 11' E1118 feet to cor No. 8; thence 8 9° 37 E 522.9 feet to cor No. 4; thence S 65° 04' W 1128.7 feet to cor No. 1, place of beginning, embracing an area of 13.60 acres. Also for 1316 linear feet of the Leadville lode, mine or vein bearing gold, with surface ground 565.9 to 600 feet in width, situated in Colorado mining district, county of Jefferson and Territory of Montana, and designated by the field notes and official plat on file in this office as lot No. 91B. In township 7, R 4 W of the principal base and men-' dian of Montana Territory, said lot No. 91 B being as follows, to -wit: Beginning at corner No. 1 from which the cor to sections 7, 8, 17 and 19, township 7 N 12 4 W bears S 28° 31' W 1685.1 feet; thence N ft° 37' W 565.9 feet to cor No. 2; thence 881' 12' W 1316 feet to cor No. 3; thence 8 9° 87' E 600 feet to cor No. 4: thence N 79' 43' E 1315.9 feet to cor No. 1, place of beginning, embracing an area of 17.61 acres. Said lots are lying con- tiguous to each other and contain in the aggregate 31.21 acres. Magnetic variation 19' 53' E in all courses. The location of thiamine is recorded in the Recorder's office of Jefferson county, Montana, in Book 0 of lodes, on pages 744 and 745. The adjoining claims are unknown. Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion of said Gen'l Harris and Leadville lode, mine or sur- face grouud are required to file their ad- verse claims wIth the Register of the Uni- ted States Land Office at Ilelena, in the Territory of Montana, during the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the Statute. S. W. LANGHORNE, Register. Charles W. Helmick, atty for claimants, Administrator's Notice of Sale of Real Estate. Notice Is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of the Probate Court of the County of Jeffer- son, Territory of Montana, made on the 14th day of June, 1887, in the matter of the estate of Edwin M. Batchelder. deceased, the undersigned, the Public Administrator and sduilnistrator of said estate, will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, and subject to confirmation by said Probate Court, on Monday, the 15th day of August, 18e7, at 5 o'clock p. ne. at the postoffice In Radersburg. In the said County of Jefferson, all the right. title, Interest and the estate of the said Edwin M. Botchelder at the time of his death, and all the right e titie and Interest that the said estate has, by operation of law or otherwise, acquired other than or in addition to that of the said Ed- win M. Batchelder at the time of his death, In and to all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situ- ate, lying and being in the said County of Jeffer- son, Territory of Montana. and bounded and de- scribed as follows, to -wit: Lot number seventeen (17), in block number nine (9), as laid down In the plot of the town of Radersburg on tile in the Clerk's ofilce of the County of Jefferson, Territory of Montana. Terms and condition otsaie. Cash; ten per cent. of the purchase money to be paid to the auctIo• eer on the day of sale, balance on confirruatioi, sale by said Probate Court; deed at expense e: purchaser. A. S. Kriaaeaoo. Administrator of estate of Edwin M. Batchelder, deceased. BOULDER, July 22, 1€87. 3 h I A. C. Quaintano , Prop'r. Finest Turnouts in the City!llorses oared by Week or Month! S I Boot - GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, ETC. GIArT pow - apmp„, CAPS AND Frt.TE33M. T. A. NSTICKES, • 011-01.400.40410.40•010. , 69.16. ••••11•4•41P409.41•41644041•14.1150416 41141, 410. 010. ! S el. se ie• 4E0411i +lir ea 6046 , 61). 46. Afp •toei.a. 44. 49.411 , 4•041104Vaso to IR Ore, saatmolliw40.411 , •11. 411011• A Complete 1_,Ine Produce, Provisions Etc, - R0TT1_1131 EJ 1:R. CrlrY\. 1\101\-T7 k4ocial Ha' c ttiri La oice the East we are. aaw a;ed to pres-n pie of Bou'vl , :r a:'-\- f.: ;nity, and the a complete line of merchandise, col - --=:! everything in keeping with the wants of the pemH NVe have. a — of , Grain For Sale. poi : t ,1 1.f:= , _ T 1 v ;1 1 : li 1TriTTi oN TI TANA. iH ; Summer Dress Goods, Staples and Fancy Goods, CLOTHING, BOOTS i SHOES. Men's and Boys' Furnishing Goods. Just Received an elegant assortment of Ladies' and Misses' Shoes. Also Men's and Boys' light and heavy Shoes in great vari- ety, suited to all classes. BOULDER, MONTANA. H. M. PARCIIEN, Helena. WM. MORRIS, Bauble:. r• 1 5 a=c11..e=. d WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ID IR, T_T C4- a- e s , —Carry a large stock of DRUGS, CHBMICALS, PAINTS, OILS, BRUSHES, WALL PAPER WINDOW GLASS, PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, And TOILET ARTICLES. Also Lamps, Candies, Tobaccos, Cigars, IILANK 13001KS and STATIONEHY I ---o: .o— PRESCRIPTIONS PILLED AT ALL HOURS. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal the Only. 1 DEALERS IN GENTS' FREEING GOODS, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps. Notions, Etc. Also agents for A. Raymond & hant Tailors, New York e elegant suit patterns , and, are pr. to THO , PR keTICAT Genera Boot ..,hoomakor. HOULPLIZ, Enzlro.d ha , located -ding anything in Repairlitz oatt.‘ Done, 11..uts a'' order. Satisfz.:. on .trau'ieed. Taken sunli 74 6( ;kg! 1 , \ Viat. 1! ! !! ! .+ 4-I0 r,'..!1:(1#14] bbouider Vie propert7 •, .Is C011iplete 3 of Ryan &Leighton's old stand. —STOCK OF b , 6 4-1.' 4 (11 S --- 1 ,,,I V' . 1 ,..e.- 'l e / 41 =,/ -se is.-IIi, A., et itS ' N. GO( • 1') )09 ' W IN ES, 1.4.101. ).Wr* , ; itct • uppli Hs, (Miter, — le cfENTS' runmsnin GOODS, Best Bargains to be had in Boulder. ev.7.

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 05 Aug. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.