Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, August 26, 1887, Image 1

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JEF get ' Ns.). :I. y SEN INEL 411=1:113•141 , The Pioneer .1. 4 iovvorptiper of .1 (-Wel - own C't - ttant •• —A k'n.suily .11- ournal—In4lep(ndent in 1?olltiet 4 . BOULDER. ON'. 1 ANA. )AY. k - ( - ;t7S 4 T t Owing to the fact that our store is tegeel, we have derided until the t.vorything• in our line at from 10 N:4v is the time to buy your Spring are receiving new goods right slang nishino (-oetle is- sore and e'all at about to be rebuilt, remodelled and above alterations are completed, to to 20 per cent. below regular prices. outfit! Oar stock is complete, and Before buying Clothing and Fur - THE NORTHWESTERN. Holter's Block, Opposite Grand Central Hotel, J. 1). GROESBECK, 'JjqpthiCook, Heating s toyo 11alur al 1, 1 and Camp IEQ,BrI 1 1—‘, Nails., Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, -vc.roor= , CIRs0C1=1 : Rd - r, Lamps, Chandeliors, Sash, Doors and Mouldings, Plated War,), Glassware and Bar Goods. SI Agent s for the Celebrated Buckeye Force Pumps and Shutler Wagons, ) - ,c:iftej'bouN4\ ; 1( 0 : l a s v Re - TIN SII01 ) ' d % tt i l i e us re m ai dl r Haul der ,Montana, C©-, Opposite Court House. DEALERS IN Wines Beers Liquors and Cigars Ilave on hand an I constantly cArry, in stock Champagnes, a.irets, Rhine Wines, Port, Sherry, etc., etc., Philip Best's Mil- waukee Export Bee -r, pure hand -made sour mash Ivhiskies çt leadin , distilleries ',even years old, Gnekenbeimer rye, Scotch and Irish whiskies, t) rn, rum and fruit brandies. Family liquors, old and pure, a. specialty. Imported Fancy Drinks Cigars of all Grads! 'ae-a - Also a line sample room in Connection in which only the CHOIC- ST GOODS are handled, Jllst Re -Opened, :•?? Boulder HOT Springs. Wonderful Curative Properties IN ALL AeES Oh' Chronic, Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism, Lead Poisoning, Constitutional Weakness, and General Debility. A - PLEASANT RESORT ! FIRST-CLASS HOTEL AND BATHING ACCOMMODATIONS. Reaciscil by Stage from Helena. Butte, Wickes, Elkhcrr, Comet, and all Points in the Territory\. Terms moderate. ('first-class Physician DE. FHA A. LEIGHTON For full informal 'on address, TROTTER & KEENE, Boulder, Mont. t 4 Is constantly in attendan Th Windsor House. KEENE & TROTTER. Prop's. BOULDER, Mont. , ::;:lverything First -Class. \ 1. 83A33 PER WEEK,.. . DAY, $700 2.00 GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL FHA ‘11 FARNHAM, Proprietor. 011rougi all U8lltr0lly boc311. THE . 1,Ell N( - 1 - 110T - EIJ IN 130E7 I ,DER.. The Tables are Supplied with the Best in the Market. BOARD A . .1) LOOGING 17.00 BOARD PER DA1 1.50 Pituceos Dna All tin Stop at 'Thum lintel. • 'A leagegssa Est.' to lento 1847. No. it, -it. 1st National Bank OF HELENA. U. S. DEPOSITORY. Paid up Capital, ... $500,000 Surplus and Profits. 325,000 DIRECTORS: S. T. Hauser, Prest A. J. Davis, Vice Pr. E. W. Knight, T.H.Kleinschmidt, Cashier, Asst. Cash. A. M. Honer. John C. Curtis, H. M. Parchen, R. S. Mamilton, J. IT. Ming. C. P. Higgins, ; T. C. Power, LEES TAYLOR, Carpenter &Builder All kinds of Doers and Window Frames, Stairs, Counters, Etc. made to Order. Plans, Specifications and F,stimates prepared. BOULDER, Mont. F. McGOWAN, PRACTICAL Brick and. Stone MASON. He has secured the best brick -maker in Butte, and nil! have BRICK FOR SALE at $10 per thousand. BOTTIJIDM1R.4, CHARLES ENGLUND, 1 'RACT ICA I Boot and Shoemaker, BOULDER, MONTANA. Mr. Englund has permanently located among, us, and those wishing anything in his line will do well to call. Repairing Neatly Done, Boots and Shoes made to order. Satisfac- . tion guaranteed. The Neateat and Most Pleasantly Located Hotel in the City. The Merchants Hotel. HELENA, Moat. Three doors above P. 0. THE WINDSOR* STABLES, A. C. quaintance, Prop'r. Finest Turnouts in the City! Horses Boarded by Week or Month! tlay and Grain For Sale. BOULDER, 2 : MONTANA. - issued Sept. and March, melt year. Si - 312 Pages, S! a x11% Inches, w it la over 3,500 illustrations - a whole Picture Gallery. GIVES Wholesale Prices direct to cossrum , es on all goods for personal or family use. Tells how lee order, and gives exact cost of every.. thing you use, .at, drink, wear, Or h. we fun with. These INV ALl ABLIS Iti)4)K8 contain information gleaned from the markets of the world. We will mall a copy vaisac to soy ad- dress upon receipt of 10 eta. to defray expense of madding. Let as hear from you. Respectfully, MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. & 2f5 WaisehAveosies, Ckleage, $200,000 IN l'H ESENTs GI V EN AWAY. Send us 5 cents postage, and by mall your will get FREE a package of goods of large value, that will start you in Just Arrived! ! STOVES! 'till Line of Heating & Cook- ing Stoves at Hel- ena prices. Hardware & Tinware a Specialty. Repairing Done Neatly it Quickly. Main Street, - - Boulder, Mont. E. THOMAS & CO. ENOCH HODGSON, Matti facturer of Lumber and Shingles! sawmill near Beavertown I am prepared to furnish MINING TIMBERS on short notice; Also deal in all kinds of E.64,stovI1) \A; mint11. ENOCH HODGSON, Jeffers - On City. WM. II. PIERCE, Manufacturer and Dealer in Lumber, Lath - N ) Shingles. Sawmills on Muskrat and McCarter creeks. IZINLNG TIMBERS A SPECIALTY carried at BOULDER CITY. A. S. KELLOGG, Agent. :4 - Call on us for Reduced Prices. BASIN HOTEL Basin, Montana. Henry Joyner. Proprietor. 11•01110 Having just bought and refitted the hotel at Basin we are now prepared to furnish the best accommodations to the traveling public. Feed and lodging ale° for horses anti excellent care t ea% en them. Reuben Warren, L1VEfY FEd BOULDER HOT SPRINGS single baths in a well -ventilated and con- structed bowie and the Montana's Sanitarium, Whose Wa- ters Rival t hcs 3 of Arkansas. hat is There and the Reny Other I fa- pro‘ements and Luxuries the Man- agement Propose to Put There at an Ent ly Day. Oa Sunday last, just as Uw newly placed e ire bore to the good people of Boulder City and the rich valley and camps stir rt , intiing it the glad tidings that besides iiehtning communication with the outside ,,od tile FIRST FASSENOER TRAIN would reach Boulder at noon, thus petr- fecting the long looked for means Of speedy travel between them and their neighbors, a SENTINKI. representative was deepatched to make :. critical examitse nun of the Boulder Hot Springs whi4 are destined, at an early day to rank in fame nottmebHc . moes wateritg places on the continent. m Two miles from Boulder City, near the heat of the fertile Boulder valley. rigbt at the foot of the broken and rugged hills that wall in the waters of the Little Boul- der river on the sOuth, the Hot Springa bubble in all their glory. A ride of a half-hottr, along a smooth road, through green fields and . across the merry waters of the valley's brooks, brings the slat man, the delicate woman, the tired pil- grim and the seeker of fun and frolic to the hospitable door that opens to their resting place. The entire public min now visit the Springs if it desires to and not leave • Pullman car except to ride in a pleasant stage, free of cost, thia dietance of two miles. • CHARACTER OF THE WATERs. The careful analyses which have leeit made of these waters show that they are almost Identical with those of the Arkan- sas Hot Springs, of whose curative nod health restoring properties people of every clime can tell. For years the Boulder Hot Springs have been a sort of haven of rest nod health to the people of Jefferson and the eurrounding counties, but never until now hard persons from any greCtO distance bees able to reach them in anythiug like comfort and ease. The cures wrought by the Ilse of these waters, ioternally and ex- terually, for thOse who heretofore hate frequented the place are astounding and the best evidence can be seen in the por- mons of those who found relief. For rheumatism, colds, scrofula eud kindred ailments they seem to be especially :elate ted, and as strength restorers and tonics they stand in the first rank. The temperature of the waters as they emerge from the rocks averages 295 t- grees. One spring-- the largest- --Ben s forth a volume of water that - BOILS AN EGO itt three minutes in the open air. Thee are-ebi these apringe. eaelusive of! a cluster of . lesser ones which spurt up like water from a pressed sponge. Front thte six 18,500 barrels of water flotn et ery 24 hours. From the \dilater' . of springs mentioned a ditch carries the water to a high plateau where it is auceessfully ustad for irrigating purposea. There is a large reservoir of cold water, fed by the springs, which is utilized ad the bath -rooms to lessen the temperattfe of the hot water. This cold spring /Is I ... fringed with a dense growth I f bullrus and the Bible-reading manager --Mr. T, +t- ter-has plaited a miniature ark and itgit carefully placed on a soft and tastily tr. ranged bed a fat, rosy-cheaked bu y, • whom he has christened Moses.' Each Hight the ark is nhiced elsewhere in the teillrushes and whoever of the young lay guests on her way to the bath next (thy \finds this child\ becomes the queen lof I that day's festivities and receives ritaht royal consideration. THE a('commooarmas. For the comfort of iuereasing guests and the convenience of the establishment as well, the owners of this valuable prop- erty are pushing the construction adai- doted buildings, such as cottages, summer houses, a gymnasium, etc. There are now in first-class order and appointment a nit e hotel proper, containing parlors, edit, dining halls and airy sleeping naelis. Then there are twilit) furnished rooms ot the large bath house, opening upon tat. hallway, on one side of whit h toe loan rooms stand. Then there is a spumous ball room, liax85 feet in size, with elagent floor, bright BALL, a fine piano and a stand for musicians, an1 walls prettilt drup , d with pictures and evergreens gath ered upon h surto:totting hillsides. The STABLE Carriages, Buggies, Saddle Horses, Double Teams and Everything in The Livery Line. 30C1.DER CITY, MONTANA A. BRADLEY* 13 1-2 Main St., - Helena. _ Jeweler. rittehmatIcer 1\1 - at Pa A.T jR./- Repairing and tIanu lecturing e`w - eler 1Vatehes cleaned for *1.70, and other music compares favorably with the s:ring work in proportion, bands of Eastern watering places and Agent for Luz...Tabus Door Plates. never ceases till the waltzers cry enough ! when once the dance is on. Post Office Store BOULDER, MONTANA. Stationery, Toilet Articles Cigars and Tobacco, Fruits and Con- fectionery, also a flnsupply of ALBUMS AND PORTMONAIES A choice variety of everything In the stationery line always LI stock. Ed. bleSORLEY. Proprietor. CHARLES POND work that will at once bring vou in money • fruiter than anything eke in America. All Baker and Confectioner about the $200,000 in presents with each box. Agents wanted everywhere, of either And Dealer in sex, of all ages, for all time, or spare time only, to work for RS at their own homes. ri B a Fortunes for all workers absolutely as. u h [Ilil€S nd Japanese Goods mired. Don't delay n. neteerre • co., Portland, Maine. The Pala The HUI - KIM GUIDE Is Off a few rods from the hotel prea r is a four -room cottage. It was formerly the hotel. That was a few years ago e the counties sits spars( sealed and B der City was barely born. Just now s .me Helena ladies occupy this cottage Om ai'y for the prom( tars', but because of the fact that it is genenally set apart for a ois terous visitors, like Itelena lee vets and congenial spirits, from the territory at large, it was long ago christened PLUNGE MATH, which is '75x20 feet. with water four and a half feet deep and MO degrees tern eera- ture. This is the place for sport among the funateeking visitors - and the bright colors of the bathing suits lend, in the soft light of the moon and in the glad sun- shine, a qunintness at well as a charm to the merry scene. Near by the \big spriuga is found the amud\ which is so useful in rheumatism as it sort of poultice for the afflicted limbs. Its cures arc really marnaloue. Ail the baths can be made of any degree of heat desired, from scalding to cold, Within the groat ball loom are a spa- cious billiard hall, a nice, clean and cool bar room and 3 Club 1'0001, in charge 'of George Sanborn, who knows bow to wel- come the coming and speed the parting *Air** , ter'. A - • SO =mil for the prate:eel side of life at this health and pleasure giving resort. There are inducements besides these that are perhaps far more to lovers of sport and lovers of the beautiful in nature. A short distance below the Springs flaws the Boulder river, from whoee bright waters speckled beauties in vast numbers repay the patient angler. Upon the hillsides and among the trees are found in abund- ance the toothsome monptain grouse, while farther beyond, amid peaks and crags. the sturdy hunter brings doss it 'a deer or an elk in season. • When wearied with lounging and read- ing let the visitor move, a few hundred feet southward from the hotel and climb the hill to the STONEBOUND OBSERVATORY. ! From this point, high abode the surround- -lag hills, a most pleasing panorama, spreads before him. Upon the left, look- ing south is the main range of the Rock- ies, whore great rugged breast near the head of the valley has }tam) pierced by a giant traveler and a pathway hewn through the :frowning walls of rock and stone. That traveler is thfs Boulder river and the trail is Boulder canyon. But man's ingenuity and lore of meney have sun - eyed, laid off and built a level roadbed there, along which at an early d ty the mighty bee motives will pass, drawing at each laboring ttem great treins of cars that have been hurried from Man- itoba and the Atlantic and the Pacific Sena. Directly in his front the visitor will see the Elkhorn range- a strong arm thrown out from the mother range of the backbone line. Upon this range, some ten miles away, there a t! a dark spot vasi- ttle. Before many months an observer will see le great lo omollieO marking its pathway by a line of smoke and fiery breath,' burst from this snot and come fly- ing along the foothills' to Bouider City - That black spot is the wealth Of the DIZEAT WICKES T,CNNEI , A splendid monument tq American etter- ay, pluck and skill. Bet4seen it and him - s 'If lie will ace the pre* town of Bold - der, the capital of JetTeneon county, into tyllich four rialroads lead to bear off to market her vast wealth df mineral, agri- culturel and stock prodactions Beaiud him taixt1 the grim hills that shut off the owl:1mm view and literally limit a hori- zon nt his back. Upon his eight lies the lovely valley of the Boalder; peaceful,' fertile and dreamy, save for the vast mov- ing flocks and herds upon it, end the pret- ty (*Wry homes of thrifty farmers and ranehmen whose t strong fight hands have made it a shining gent, set im snow - crowned hills. The pleased observer, beholding all these things, notices that away off yonder towards the lower valley, the very sky seems to bud and is lhe smiling earth, and in ita warm embrace separate this lovely land from the rude outside world. It is a charming picture, almost forcintr one to believe that the Al- mhality created it with a smile and the smile has crystallized into a landscape. Good qualities of the t!Tittter. Among the ninny thinge that enuantr brings for one to enjoy is elie t pidcr. The spider family is numcrods, there Is -hug no less than fifty tribes. Alt of them Levu eight legs. with three joints in each, ter- minating in thin crookeel Claws. a inter- viewed one yesterday. tind the cceasitto was so impressive that it will long remain grtim in memory. The one I had the extreme pleasure of meeting had tight eyes in the shape of a letter V; on the front part of his head was a pair of el:arp crooked claws or forceps, which stood horizontally, and Which, when act in use, are hidden from view in little cases beautifully adapted for their recention, and in which they fold up Eke a clasp knife, and remain three between two rows of teeth. The outer skin is a hard, polished crust. From toy recent experi- ence I am forced to the cotehmion that as en entertainer thu tunassuming Ameri- cell spider is immenee. and never fails to extend a warm reception. Ile is remark- able rat an architect ard tat uoholsterer- has wisdom, foreetight und I:every-and he provides for LimselL his family and thc:r future. -Williamsport How to Avoto Heat. During three hot al:1 , a; gerecne olio Imre much walking to do ant avoid the heat very nicely by rreamaitot their perambu- roticns exec:a:Mg, to the shade of the tareete. If there io intath traveling cast And west to iv done, ticket the . forenoon, when the inet:t o lele cf the etreet is al- e -aye in the : bathe. Writing on streets which run timah and solith can be done - sufely in the afternoon. 'This advice is given for the benefit cf these* who are in (Langer ( f immtroke, hut ere ashamed to carry an umbrella. By a ear: tut tee of the ehetly title of atrects a perton r.ees1 no bc in the sunshine long enough to hurt him in the least. The recontineutLa- tam given above applies to art eq.; in gen- ere'. Of mine if a persoa, a bill col- lector, has to go along Leah titles cf strevt. he may have to change the time I FANCY PORCELAINE and the' when a defeated candidate, who had P wPot:e of; for ineatneet take the terth or over -th e cast side in the forenton.-Plorsician ' come to the Springs to remote ate. s m C lobe -Democrat . come by grief and chagrin, and perhaps • C I - 1 i\T _A_ VT AP, , by the memory of other ropee when trees Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigara served for scaffolds, crao led out of the CIGARS and TOBACCO, cottage at night and tried to hang him - Imported Wines and Boulder City, - Montana. self. The rope snapped and the broken politician fell. Ile left next morning and Brandies a Specialty has never visited Boulder valley since. fies, iilhassale• anew mirk vale\ RAD I they ens eased Mesta Meiathsi wfil Pa7 Be ,idea the Balla' outhuildines for ~nett S la 4 day Mee oat ysesiArlid camon ee FRANK FARNHAM, Prop. \ THE oisp STA08 CORRAL.\ 4 If its walls could speak many Polities/ seerets n mild be known ; and, perhaps, many story told of $500 won on a pat hand with n .ry a pair. Close beside this \Devils' Den\ is a tall scaffold, from which is suspended a swing for pleasant exerc:se and the amusement of the guests, but an old resident, when ques- tioned about a fragnient of what appeared to have been a rope that was hanging from the beam above, in low, cautious tones stated that that rope had a history: ! it had been there since a territorial (dee- diem Resift es Myer My. awe hew est esminei. Tee ere started Res lbws Mail tames ere sbedwety navel meg Rik fartawas. AS b me. h,rses and mileh COWS, there are apring houses of artistic and rustic deign, the A Skillttil Workman. Ed Peek. of 1voodottic4o Ga it.e.slan flame parts for his kihl iii tiotitg j.4.: that re- quire delicacy and accuracy. Recentiy he menaol the eitaling chain of a watch by shinty; a hole ED vniall that the point of a needle served as a rivet; 'Bosnia!) was the amount of /gala used that its alseuee coukl not b e detected 1.y tattles% big with t'e- iteedle afterwasa -Nsw York . faum. / -11 HOW TOMMY SPENT THE FOURTH. a year bad been a s...ving, Tommy Links of Pumphinville. All his given (limits and penr.L.-s small tin bank That he might enough of fire- works For himself and inn:rale buy, To have just a huuky Aory Time upon the Fount,' July. So, then dawned We 'welcome 111(1r:dlr.:, T,Attly and his comrade kid, lieath a cherry tree tpoether Long in cucsaItaio Ind, And RuLte'ikweitsly d Iiktd To net fin:works oft but where It would be the most 4onvcnientt To give folks nrouni aware. Soon they spied the 4uatry parson, A near sighted, bak divine, Driehtat down the bn 4 bolding Onthis mere by s 'd line; Up they styty dolt) btlntI hini. And beneatk his waren sot A torpedo art that started eld mar: upon S trot o _sae se 4 tx-4. _ I Goodner3 gracious! it lutes r.wful! 'low that old gray t4are did go, Iieediers cf the start!d parson s Frantic thouts of \ lioal—there--whoal\ As the rustics in their rw - ay; \Vowed a worse Rig t ncver had Scandalized that old t pike road Was their parson go mull.\ Tommy and his comraIie chuckled O'er the mischief Cagy had dene; Thought it was a \hos*\ beginning For a bully day of (lin: Later on, of tricks untearied, They a big firecracker lit, Tied it on a stray Tom cat's tail, Ant the feline took a fit. In a field close by, a Biddy rresh from Erin - 8 loreiy Sat milking a meek bofrhse, Then like lightning 'er a stile Leap'd the tria.dden'd n cat at her, All ablaze its furry And upset the faintira With her occrflowin • ,z‘., \4 '- __,--._ s - '1,........... , ---;:- trete Tommy's smiling inotlaT Biddy rushed 'mid pensive wails, And declared \she wad no longer Shiny where cats have devils' tailes• Vain was coaxing ton tam n her, So to Pumpkinvilie \goody\ Bade she, on that fatOd etining Of the Fourth day or July. As the purple r.hadcf., 0 twilight ' ilttvt. red soft and dirklv nigh, And, thank lIcav'n). r. -a^ lo.. 4 t u -as over 1 . Punk and For— • uurtlit .1u:3 - - Wicked Tommy and- is coinrade, With malicious onOnsarn, Llt their final ''nigger eh:1st:DV la the bay loft et rehmea. rote the culprits r, , :.'on were re:tea:xi From the barn of blitzing hay. Then by Tommy's s 'tidal daddy, a In a t iLtte of wild C. may. Never more shall ei or pernies Fill up Torarrry'r. batik to buy Fireworks -if his dadtty- knows it - Cu a future Fourth' Jule. Aorta • A Pleasant Time. \I have spent a waft delightful evening, Miss Breezy,\ remarked yoceg Mr. Waldo, of Boston, who ta in Chicago on business. \To a gentlemau far awry ftrom home an hour or two suclOas I have - ,;ast pasted is petmliarly gra 4h el a til nlos an , d a7f fully,\ refreshing.\ Miss Breezy. in \As it is quite ee v,\ went on Mr. Vaaldo, would be very glad ifl you and yew' mother would go with me for a dish of ice cream.\ \Thanks said the young lady brightly. \I presume mrannia it t greenish', and. as for . myself, Mr. 'Waldo; tut Mouth to ul ways e ido open for that sort of thing.\ -New York Sum Republished by rOnr\ I:testiest. Au editor of a counti•y paper haring been Invited to a picnic un i day when las paper had to go to press, called the boy who set the type and \Tom Itni golue away today and haven't tune to get out any more copy. Tea° my article headed 'Party Organization' and run it in again, putting over it 'Repub- lished l•y request.' Twit will save considera- ble time and you can go to press at once.\ When the editor returned from the picnic &al took up a copy of las paper lie tee -tine justly mum-Dant upon rending the following: -Party Organization. Itepulthslied Ity re- quest of the etlithr.\—Arkaniaw Traveler. It Wnsiet. He sat on the curheoue in front of the city hull, at the ful glare of the noonday suit, with the theentoineier seereing to mera etsa degrees. A polestriamawho carried an um- brella h one hand and a hanakerebief In tie other, thought to joke hu a little, and caital V . \ • ; s hot cizoigh for gout\ \ N sita• was the ',Mime reply. \Good landst but why not!\ 'Because Fee get the Canaely ager, mal this is just the tine for my chill. aey, is there any hotter teem this in Detro.te\ -Detroit Free Free. The Sawa , Old Iloy. Nov: t3 abstain (Nur: descry Pond . The urt!hitits nia4 dtsh urrx. him, .Ar.1 in the ruihe of - Doth in the same sub -tie -7;T him. Auel.when with billies in 41.1 hair Ile seeks t h,t cottage ixta - cr, The httb fictionist eseestes 'Toss but a yessieg shower. —Yotalars Gazette. Henry George Denounced. There was a large meeting of so- cialists at the Cuoper Union this evening, called toi denuunee the ac- tion of Henry George. Speeches were' male and resolutions were adopted denouncing - George, his platform and his following. Every mention of his natne was the signal fur hisses and cheers. The red flag was carried into the hall, and waved from the platform amid great an- { niattse. 83 PER NT EA It - . — COUNTY COMMISSIONF.RS. They Meet in Special Session, Draw Jurors and Order the County Warrants Bonded. BOULDER, Montana, Augusta a 18S . 7. Special meeting of the Board for tie drawing of the Grand and trial jarymen for the September' term of tire District Court. P Lom r be ese rt n , t, A A . . II M . choir:met, Geo. It is otdered by the Board that »ohm Li!ineckhes precinct.bespnted eonstablee for N That henry Joiner be appointed Juatlee of the Peace and Milton E. Collins con- stable for Basin precinct. That the petition for a schwa diatriet at Corbin be granted and the gottndaries be as follows. Beginning at Pewell'e house and running thence northerly tome Valparaiso mountain, thence weiferly to mud including the Alm mine, thence south etiater7y to and including Anita house out the Wickes : nd Cawhin road ; and thence easterly to and including Powell)* house, saiddisteet to beirtonratwdiatriet Not V: - That the tre a irer bond the outstanding warrant, of tie county in.6 pun cent bonds to sell at par. Teat G. M. Soilo he appoint( d as road supervisor of rot d d:striet 2, and MS. lieughten of road district 17. . The following named persons were duly drawn as grand jurors: Ben 'Telford, Clancy, John DoyleaMitchell. Geo. Beattie, Beaver Creek. Ed. Durnan, Bether Creek. David Kerley, Bedford. A. T. Duff, Radersburet. Frank Lowrey, St. Louis. Wm. Du:Atone, Radersburg. Louis Lang, Lower Boulder. Joseph Elmer, Fish Creek. J. .11. D. Tnylor, Whitetail. John Flaherty, Cold Spring. G. A. Douglas, Boulder. W. T. Sweet, Boulder. t N. Merriman. Jefferson elly, N. S. Campbell, Wickes. S. 0. Mackey, t'otnet. John Schmidt, Elkhorn. Pete McClusay, Gregory. 11. S. Houghton, Basin. - 'The following named persons wt.rt , titi‘y drawn as trial jurors: Jos. Trudgian, • David Bush. A. J. Bradley. G.M. John Ritehhart. W. B. Hobson. -J. It. Hildebrand. Win. Quinn. Tem Hughes. C. A. Felon. Tom Gallagher. Henry Breun. If. O. Johnson. II. Killian. C. L. Newkirk. .: 1. ,!t m li s e h n en r e l d ot y k .. J. N. Street. N v 1 ;n 1tIe B a l I ac alr. I .1. P. Dailey. J. A.\I(),41it Ben!, John u l, s m -o vy Johiaiek. a - • Benj. Townsley. M. W. O'Connell. F. 1'. Rouge. Jacob Blacker, Harry Gardiner. That the following table of distances be fixed and est iblishal from Boulder the county seat: To Radersburg„ 40 miles. To Bedford, 54 miles. To Placer, 45 miles. To Jefferson Ci y.12 miles. To Mitchell, 30 miles. To Montana City, 24 miles. To Chutney, IS miles. 'l'o Alhambra. la miles. To St. Louis. 50 utiles. To 'Wickes, 10 miles. To Corbin. 13 miles. To Gregory, 13 miles. To Coinet. 8 miles. To Basin, 8 miles. Te Woodville, 31 miles.: To Grace, 48 miles. To Whitehall, 28 miles. To Fish Creek, 38 miles'. To Pipestone, 30 miles. To Elkborte 16 miles. To Weber. 15 mil .s. To . Helena, 35 mike:. To Cold Spring, 25 miles. To Cardwell, 35 miles. To Three Forks, 37 miles. All persons traveling less hum one mile will not be allowed any mileage. Bonrd adjourned to August 23d, 1887,et 9 o'clock a. mu' BOULDER, Montana, August 23d, latti. Board met pursuant to adjournment, at 9 a. ni. Present A. Macomber, chairman; Geo. I anbert. It is ordered that a warrant for the sent $150 in favor -of R. W. Joffries.. for build- ing a dike on the Boulder. river. Road fund. That road supervisors along the due of construction of • II railroads be an - thorized to make arrangetnents with the contractors to pay them 15 per (mut oa t nil road and poor taxes collected by them. That the follosving sums be allowed oe the .contingent fund: . A. Macomber, two days Co. ('-em and mileage George Lambert, -- two days Co. Com *2\; and mileage A. H. Moulton, two days Co. Coin 5129.5° and mileage 'Board adjourned to the regular Septem- ber 4il) session. A. MACOMBER. Chairman. Attest: CHAS. E. STEVENS. CO. Clerk. 1. , ,r 160 -Tear -Old A Plalattelphia firm makes a practice of giving rri (xceilmit lace cap, trimmest with lavender ribbons, on which art' embroidered tie weeds, \One Hundred Neale.\ to each woman in the state who ayes tox; lebraie h,r 100th birthday. The West recipiynt of the cap was Mrs. Mary Branner, of Derry, who o -as borz. Ma y 17. Ma'. His Conscience Pricked Him. \D:dn't yau pay fare ta ice'!\ asked a Cass Avenue car conductor as he returned to an old man at lie front of the car, \Yea sir.\ \Why didn't you say you itad paid ellen I came the second timer -Me e t bilked this rood of a ride about three months ago and I thought yam litei found it out.\- Detroit Free Press. . _ Ct sesta on Her Dignity. Uncle Sam- --Say, Canada, you ought. ::s a matter of hpeor, dteeney and justice, to return .McGarigle. Canada---MeGarigle. McGarigle, wItrig aiea \.An Amerioan oftiehoider as lin -hide a lot of money belonging to the Cideage taxpayers. We want to gut him in the penitentiary where 1:•• can't do hay mor mischief to the community.\ \Did he have help?\ \Yes plenty of it. Beek McCarthy nn 1 a lot of others.\ - -Did you but Beek al( Certhy in tte e it( Miura? \ . - No.\ • Well, v hen yoe cage Built Mt Ctrthy it wall le tme eat ugh to talk to Es alley; 1 M •9:nolui Wertl.

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 26 Aug. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.