Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, September 02, 1887, Image 1

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\ efts - JEFFERSON .COUP:TY. SENTINEL. t.). 4. The Pioneer Newswantaor of .Jorreroon County -..A Family Journal—Independent in Politica. 13OUL4DER, 0.- ' A N RIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1887. 83 PER YEAR Ile Northwestern! Owing to the fact that our store is about to be rebuilt, remodelled sad enlarged, we have decided until the above alterations are completed, to • sell everything in our hue at from 10 to 20 per cent. below regular prices. - Now is the time to buy your Spring outfit! Oar stock is complete, and are receiving new goods right along. Before buying Clothing and Fur- nishing Goods be sure and call at THE NORTHWESTERN. Holter's Block, Opposite Grand Central Hotel, 1-1MLAM1NLA., M. rr J. D. GROESBECK, niu Co a o n k d ,H ca eat p ing Stor I U5 1111 IlER•Cpw, Nails„ Giant l'OWDER, CAPS and Fuse, Lallips. Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouldin g s Plated Waro, Glassware and Bar Goods. agents for the Celebrated Buckeye lore* Pumps and Shutler Wagons, --0:0--- TIN SIT 01 1 In;7ieti\where all kinds of Job Re- paiifwillbedtmeopsitegurtouse I3o ill der Montane', =1...1 de.. CC , Opposite Court House, DEALERS IN Wines, Burs, Liquors and Cigars have on hand and constantly carry in stock Champagnes, Clprets, Rhine Wines, Port, Sherry, etc., etc., Philip Best's Mil- waukee Export Beer, pure hand -made sour mash whiskies of leading distilleries seven years old, Guckenheimer rye, Scotch and Irish whiskies; gin, rum and fruit brandies. Family liquors, old and pure, a specialty. Imported Fancy Drinks! Cigars of all Grades! ,e - -e''Also a fine sample room in conneetioe in which only the CHOIC- ST GOODS are handled. Jlistlie-011oliotl, $11E-FinishEq! ESTABLISHED 18117. 10.41). Just Arrived! ! 1st National Bank STOVES ! OF HELENA. U. S. DEPOSITORY. Paid up Capital, $500,000 Surplus and Profits. 325,000 DIRECTORS: S. T. Hauser, Prest. E. W. Knight, Cashier, A. M. Holier, John C. Curtis, H. M. Parchen, R S. Hamilton, J. H. Ming, C. P. Higgins, T. C. Power. Thrilling Scene' in the Richmond Cos - Testiest When the Ordinance Wss Adopted Is 1861. Apropos of the late informa- tion that a Minnesota postmaster has the 'original ordinance\ of Virginia's esscession int8(11, and that Fitz Lee, . her resent overnor, will take steps ing Stoves at Hel- ' to recover it for \future reference,\ it may be interesting to many to know of an incident closely connected with the passage of that R i el M e i d Pr t , • H art i w3r8 & Ti nvin 3 4 0 6 3 4 ordinance,..and which, it is safe to Asst. Cash say, precipitated its passage by at Repairing Done Neatly & Quickly. Main Street, - Boulder, Mont. LEES TAYLOR, Carpenter &Builder All kinds of Doors and Lumber Pill Window Frames, Stairs, Counters, Etc. made to Order. 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Having just bought and refitted the hotel at Basin we are now prepared to furnish the best aecommodationeso the traveling public. Feed and lodging also for horses and excellent care el% cn them. Livery aud Feed STABLE Carriages, Buggies, Saddle Horses, Double Teants and Everyt his); in The TrAvery Line. BOULDRIt CITY, MONTANA HOW TIRGINIA SECEDED. A Vull line of Heating & Cook - ena prices. Manufacturer of least twenty-four hours. Taking it for granted that all in- telligent people know the history of that period, it will suffice to say that among the \straight-out\ recession - iota in the convention one of the brightest and most eloquent was Jas. P. Holcembe, who had resigned the law professorship in the university to take part in the great political battle of that day. upon -roll-esti at its organization, were members of the convention, re he found to be more than two to one against secession. The sessions Were continued through weeks and weeks. Finally the \straightouts\ determined to take advantage of the information they had received by the \grapevine telegrae\ (as secret in- formation was then termed) to the effect that President Lincoln was about to call for 75,000 troops to \coerce\ the South, and in caucus they selected two as spokesmen on tbe ocCasion. These were Janes P. Holcombe and, George W. Ran- dolph (afterwards Davis' secretary of war). The plan was to move the adop- tion of the secession ordinance and trust to the effects of the speeches of these two gentlemen and of the call for 7N,000 troops to secure the ma- jority vote in its favor. No step was left untaken to secure immense out- side pressure. The hall was packed with the beauty, wealth and influence of Richmond and the entire state. It was a magnificent assemblage, strangely contrasting in point of ap- pearance with the solemnity which pervaded the floor where the mem- bers sat. Behind the speaker's chair the United Stites flag gracefully being, its stripes and glittering stars perfectly distinct iti all parts of the hall. A signal, unnoticed by the assem- bled multitude cal!ed a member to his feet with a motion TO ADOPT THE RESOLUTION dissolving the connection of Virginia wislohe United States government. The resolution was read amid a si- lence that could *1 most be felt. Just then a messenger hastily bore a tele- g etni down the central aisle and handed it to G. W. Randolph. All eyes were turned toward lie i occupied. At this instant the silenee was broken by the words, \Mr. Chair- man!\ and every face turned upon the man who uttered them, while the presiding officer recognized \the gen- tleman from Albemarle --Mr. Hol- combe.\ It is not now nor here , proper to outline the fervid oration —for it was an oration—Mr. Hol- combe delivered. The purpose of this article is to narrate the incident before alluded to. Mr. Holcombe had caught the eye, 13 1-2 Main St., Helena. ,ear and heart of the vast throng by his first titter:Ince, and he held them, painfully strained, as each powerful sentence rolled over the bowed heads of the patriotic \union men\ about him. Al the end of a superb utter- ance a page quietly handed him the telegram before mentioned. A quick glance at it was enough. In a mo- n.ent the orator seemed twice his usual size. Straightway lifting high his splendid bead and with white hand .throwing back his dark, waving hair, in a tone that rang clear as a bell, lie said: \The president of the convention, in his opening address, most beautifully and felicitously di- rected our thoughts to the flag of our country, which so fitfully and grace- fully adorns these walls. There was expense of alling. Lot sas hear Crum ALBUMS AND PORTMONAIES a time, my coutitrymen, when my m .7e - aveler, Wattc.1 —A N isW kor Ilbpairing and Manufacturing Teweler_ Watches cleaned for $1.50, and other work ,in proportion. II - Agent for Lu=lni.sus Door Plates. you.. Respectfully, MONTGOMERY WARP & CO. & see wanes Avow. Oblings. Po. $200,000 tar PRESENTS GIVEN AWAY. Send us 5 cents postage, and by mail you will get FREE a package of goods of large value, that will start you in work that will at once bring you in money faster than anything else in America. All about the $200,000 in presents with each box. Agents wanted everywhere, of either sex, of all ages, for all time, or spare time only, to work for us at their own homes. Fortunes for all workers absolutely as- sured. Don't delay H. a•ia.Err • co., Portland. Maine. The Palace. line Wines, Liquors and Cigars Imported Wines and Brandies a Specialty FRANK F.kRNFIAM, Prep. -+t.. BRADLEY* Post Office Store BOULDER, MONTANA. 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It was followed by the 4 -benedictions of patriotism wherever it floated, whether in the holidays of peace, nights of tempest or days of battle.\ [At this point he paused, looked over the vast audience for a moment, and teen opened and read aloud the telegrani aforementioned. , Had is bomb burst amidst that as- semblage it would have been no more startled. It told of Lincoln's call for .75,((X) troops to fight the South. Not a sound broke the ter- rible stillness that followed its read- ing till Holcombe riontintied] \But when I think of that flag lending its lustre and its sanction to the mock- ery of free government that now dis- honors this land; when I reflect (holding high the telegram) that at this moment it is waving over sat- ing batteries of destruction seeking with shot and shell to reduce to ashes Southern cities, and is borne in advance of Northern armies, car- rying the desolation of fire and blood through Southern homes [sensation throughout the hall], the stars that beamed together in light and glory fade from my vision. I sea but the EMBLEMATIC STRIPE in the red field of blood, and turning pained and indignant from the dese- crated banner, the native sentiment of liberty and patriotism comes burst- ing from every fountain of feeling - within my bosom! Gentlemen of the convention, the true colors of our country are the spirit and prin- ciples of ,our fathers! Let us live under them in freedom, or perish with them in honor!\ When the echo of the last sentence, that rang out like a bugle call to battle, had died away and the spellbound spec- tators could find voice zo shout, there arose such a storm of applause and sympathy as has never since been heard in that historic city. There was no need for more words. The question was nut and the ordinance passed by a greats majority. Hol- cotnbe's eloquent tongue, aided by Lincoln's demand for troops, did the work that was followed by so much of death, misery and woe; of ruined homes and hopes. In a quiet corner of the garden at his home in Charlottes- ville, in the shadow of Monticello, where Jefferson lived and died and was buried, James P. Holcombe's ashes repose. From the rocky ridges of Virgin- ia's mountains and the green valleys beside her western rivers, to the sandy shores where mad Atlantic's waves forever break -a conquered foe—are many and modsst memorial tombs of her mighty dead. Scat- tered throughout the world are her sons --the \soldier boys\ of that pe- tiod--dragging at each remove a lengthening chain; and to those of them who -are in 'Montana to -day, this little article is especially direc- ted; for though it will bring back memories of dark days which, thanks to God! have departed forever, still, in this era of peace and buried ani- mosities, it is believed that to those who were buttoned in the blue it will serve, for the . men why were the gray, as a passport of friendship and a letter of introduction. Atout Wont( n. Mrs. Goff, of Pleasant Vallee, Wis., who was elected town treasurer, has just secure] her, office in spite of vigorous opposition oh the part of the male officeholders of the town. Mrs. Henri' Ward Beecher has en- tered into arrangements with Mr. Ed- ward W. Rok, of Brooklyn, to fur- nish a series of articles for news- papers. they will be weekly, written especially for women. Dr. Juliet Monroe Thorpe, daughter of Ohio's President of the W. C. T. U., Mrs. Henrietta L. Mon- roe, has been elected to the faculty of the Ohio Medical College, at Cin- cinnati. This is a rare compliment to a gifted woman. A daughter of Ogden Braille, of New York, and, niece of Bishop Neely, of Maine, .hlts won a diploma from the famous Paris School of Med- icine, passing a brilliant examination and receiving the maximum mark. Her thesis was \Iodism and for an hour and a half she was shrewdly and ably questioned by four of the lead- ing professors of the school, each of whom had been provided with a copy of the thesis. She wore _the black gown and white fiehu prescribed for candidates. Two sisters were the first to open an establishment in Chicago where type -writing was done to order, and stenographers were furnished for all kinds of reporting. By accuracy in their work and promptness in keeping their engagements, they developed a large and renumerate business, which they held against all competi- tion. Miss Marian E. Sheldon, daughter of Mr. W. E. Sheldon, has recently admitted' to the girls school of which she is principal, in Adabazar, Turkey, the first Moslem girl who ever en- tered the lists for a regular educa- tion. Miss Sheldon began teaching iti the language after being in the country five months. Site has trans- lated two American text -books into the Armenutn. Adabazar, 'where she is located, is one hundred miles of Constantinople. The turkish gov- ernor of the province has, through the agency of Miss Sheldon, become much interested in the education of girls. Crushing Tyranny. Basin', August 28. -The police author- ities have forbidden socialists to celebrate the death of Ferdinand Lasalle, on pain of a fine of 500 marks or two years' impris- onment. W I LDEST,WICEEDEST, USSEDEST. The \Holy Terror\ of New Mexico Turas Preacher Among the Cow Hem Comanche Bill, the \worst of the gang,\ has turned preacher. Here, is a sample of his style: \Fellers you are mavericks; there is no brand on you vet. Your moth- ers and sisters, ad mebbe fathers, belonged to God's outfit, but you strayed away before the spring round -up commenced at home. You became a maveriCk, and every autfit has men out after you to catch you and mark you. God's outfit has hun- dreds of men hunting you, and so has old man Devil. God's major domos are kind, good men, who will take you to a green range, with plen- ty of pure watur, an' you'd better get his brand on $ou right off. You're (lead safe with that outfit, but you mustn't monker along nibbling at all the green ersiss you happen to see along the Veil of life. Old Mall Devil will rope i and brand you ef, you do, and then when the final round-up comes,iand they cut off all brands but theirs own you will find voursefs brows' short burnt ran c around on the of hell. You re- member, fellers that dandy green trail that led down to the Pinevetas, and how Bill Archer fed his herd. along there, thinking green graas and shade trees end good water wa's all along. Yoe know how they got down into that canyon and struck nothing but Sail before they co storm struck t of the outfit. exactly the trail fer's outfit. are on that tr better turn off and alkali, and how id get out a sand - m and killed most iWell that's the way is that leads to Luci- good many of you il now, and you had n a side trail. The devil's- branding rens are built, the irons are hot, and you can't save yoursefs or ture back if your heads get in the dillies that lead to the branding pen. i You'll be alkalied and sambstor j ned and stampeded through the ca and pits of hel yons and mountains , and the heel -fly and li and screw-wor is and black -legs will torment you s long as time lasts. Ybu'll be quarantined forever against entering the pastures of heaven and will be bel.(1 just outside sometimes so you can just look over and see what you lost by being too broncho to allow white herders to rope and brand you.\ ' His talk affl i cts his hearers because it is evidentlySsincere and because of its quaintness and \rangisli\ charac- ter. Ile mayslo much good. Who knows just is -hat instrument God may choose to invite estrays back to the fold? He certainly has a wide range toi work over and he will find numberless \mavericks\ therein. THE LAWN PARTY. An Eye Witness Tellsof a \Swell\ Party in High Life in a Mon- tana Tewn. ,A gentleman who was an eye -wit- ness to a “lawn party\ recentlygiven he one of Montana \first citizens,\ who aspires to political fame and posi- tion whem Montana is admitted, and who was with the \old timers\ sips: The lawn party given at the resi- dence and grounds of our citizeu, Mr. ,was a dandy affair, and was attended by II the big bugs this city. This is a neW form ( f amusement imported from the East, and it beats croquet all hollow. There waa a bag race Jack --- and Tony , in which Jeck got beeutifully left and Tony carried off half the gate money-. The greased pole part of the et:- tertainmenii was a glittering success. Many of our leeding citizens made desperate but futile attetnpts to shin Meat Supplied to all Railroal and up it, but our mayor knocked the Tie Camps at Reasonable rates. rest of the crowd silly on the climb. The fat men's race would have goods delivered, made a dog (lie laughing. The con- testants were Fatty -- and Charlie ,and the way they waddled off wasn't slow. Fatty tips the beam at 299 and Charley at :-104 pounds. Their speed was somewhat acceler- ated by the playfulness of sortie the ladies present, who prodded them with their parasol!. The race was tie, and the contestants tossed up a quarter to decide it. Charlie won. The pie -eating match between Birdie -- and Lvddy , two of charming young ladies, was a very exciting and ehjoyable affair, and ended in Birdie eating ten full-sized pies in fifty minutes, while 1.44 could go but nihe and a half. Birdie carried off the prize --a n cicie-plated revolver. The dog and rooster fights and wrestling and jumping matches were greatly enjoyed, and Mr. --- fist lawn party was voted the dandy en- terfa't !nest of the sow.ien. MISS ARTA CODY. A London Journal Dee7ares Ehe is far Superior to the loud Fashionable Women. Like other hard-working men, Ilun'tels Bill finds delight In going out of town from Saturday to Mcnday, his favorite resort being the Oakland Park hotel at Weybridge. To this quiet resort he 1154 taken quite a fancy, and Ids commandin;: figure is becoming familiar to the habit- ues of the place. Col. Cody has beret lately joined by his daughter, Miss Arta Cody, a young lady who inherits her father's handsome features and graceful hearing, and whose well bred manners compare favorably with wild antics o! the pork packing prince huntere, whops, day seems to have departed. Indeed the whole bearing of these quiet Western folk in private life is in singular contrast to the blatant loudness of the American women who came here in search of notor- iety- a goal which they attain, if ever, by the aid of stuffed corsets, pearl powder and bad language. By the way, there is good reason for the quiet smile of con- tentment which decorates Buffalo Bill's face now. It is all very well for dutchcss ess and countesees to rave about Col. Cody's figure, but the figure which the colonel thinks the nicest Is the head:some .one of £1,200 a day clear profit which he is raking in by his show.- -Loudon So- ciety. EON EONS FCR WOMEN. Some Things it will Please and ben- ifit the ladies to read. Mrs. Col. Grant, says a long brines orresponden*, began this season to lightest j\er mourning, and wears dainty grimps of mulle, ud lave with black dresse-, straw colored bonnets and lawn has trimmed with . pretty colored plarntes Her fingers ars jeweled like a princess with clusters of msrvelous beauty- all diamonds. however-- and whether in a little neglige of muslin or a tea gown of silk and precious loom, she is as lovely in manper-as a poet's Ideal. Night gowns made in flue percale la two shades of blue, heliotrope i r pink. are novel and especially desirable for use when traveling. yachting, or cojournins at summer resorts, They are not as or. spicuous as time. made of white materia!, ard in one of these a lady is prepared for any sudden ionnergem.y. Traveling dresses foi. August are almOst exclusively made of gray alapaea. with the vest of white pique, aud with these a soft felt man's hat of cafe au lait shad • with a long veil of delicate blue wouuel arc it -id the throat. The ensemble is cool looking and clean. A changable silken loose cloak completes the ontift. The latest in combination jeweler is in the shape of sun, with sixteen jagged rays or flames sproutiug from a cluster of eight large stones forming the body of the jewel. The ormetient has, a brilliant appearance and can be utilized ay ape dant. brooch or hair ornament. One iovely style for dressing the hair has the front in natural -looking waves, with the top covered with loops, puffs and twists held in place by fancy pins. An- other style shows the same beautiful nat- ural wavelet and mounted high on th • head are puffs and a shell comb. Pearls are the favorite stones wora nos The earrings are enormous, but compoee,i invariably of a single round hall. It can- not be to large, with as trifle and insigniti cant a setting as your jeweler can make. Fashionable purses are growing longer and slenderer in shape, the corners of the flap are strengthened with heavily wrought scrolls of silver and a heavy silver di. k forms the clasp. our most between Grand Central Hotel 1=/\\T_A_ MOINT 1 1'. REED & RINDA, Pusses. The Leading and only First-class betel in Ile-lena. Prices reasonable. Everything New and of the La- test style. - - 3141IN ST. Jefferson Market. A. C. QUAINTANCE, Dealer in Fresh Beef, Mutton, . Pork, Sausage, Fish, etc. In fact everything usually kept in a first- class meat market. rjr0rders solicited and Jefferteon City. Mont. BOULDER, CITY Saddle and Harness SHOP. John F. Sheehy, Prop'r. .taving purchased a stock- of harness leather and mounting, I am now prepared to make anything in the above line to or- der. All work warranted hand -made and no charge if not satisfactory. Buggy Trimming Done to Order. Obtained, and all Patent Business attend- ed to promptly and for moderate fees. Our office is epposite the U. S. Patent Office, and we can obtain patents in less time than those remote from Washington. Send . model or drawing. We advise as to pat- entability free of charge, and we make no charge unless patent is secured. We refer here to the Postmaster. the Supt. of Money Order Div., and to officials of the U. S. Patent office. For circulair, advice, terms and references to actual cli. 'emits in your own State or county, write to C. A. SNOW\ Op. Patent Office, Washineton, 1). C •

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 02 Sept. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.