Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, September 09, 1887, Image 1

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JEFFERSON COI :1' VOCIORIMMO MS 3. NO. NO. 5 'The Pioneer. Nowa:paper of sIeffere.on• Count 1 SENTIN y aournal—Independent in Politieta. The liorthwestern! Owing to the faot that our store is about to be rebuilt, remodelled . and enlarged, we have decided until the above alterations are completed, to sell everything in our line at from 10 to 20 per cent. below regulari prices. Now is the time to buy your Spring outfit! Oar stock is complete, and are receiving new goods right along. Before buying Clothing and Fur- nishing Goods -be sure and call at T F1 1 41 4 NORTHWESTERN. Halter's Block, Opposite Grand Central Hotel, M. r1 1 . J. D. GROESBECK, +1111f d yir nrn juil, co a o n k ci l c i a e m at p ing St Iptc):NT, Nails, Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, WOOD=FW_A_ReE, 01 7 R,OCK=IR_,Y, Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouton' gs, Plated Wars, Glassware and Bar Goods. Agents for the Celebrated Buckeye Force Pumps and Shutler Wagons, -o:o- - 17 TXT SII_011 in connection where all kinds of Job work and Re - A_ ill A_ pairing will be done. 1,1rOpposite Court House, Ito ul der Itliontana, c4c, CC3-, Opposite Court House, DEALERS IN Wines, Don, Liquors and Cigars, have on . hand an I constantly carry in stock Champagnes, Clorets, Rhine Wino!, Port, Sherry, etc., etc., Philip Best's Mil- wmikee Export Beer, pure hand-made sour mash whiskies ot leadiirtr distilleries seven. years old, Guckenheimer rye, Scotch and Irish whiskies, tin, rum and fruit brandies. Family liquors, old and pure, a specialty. Imported Fancy Drinks! Cigars of all Grades! :-,1\ - -rAlso a fine sample room in connection in which only the CHOIC- ST GOODS are handled. Jut Re -Opened, Minded! Boulder HOT Springs Wonlierful Curative Properties ! _IN ALL CASES -Of\ - Chronic, Muscular and Inflammatory Rheumatism; Load Poisoning, Constitutional Weakness, and General Debility. A PLEASANT RESORT ! FIRST-CLASS II01EL AND BATHING ACCOMMODATION. Reached by Stage from Helena, Butte, Wickes, Elkhrer, Comet, and al) Points in the Territory. Terms moderate. k - first-class Physician DR. IRA A. LEIGHTON 9 Is constantly attendan . For full in format on address, TROTTER & KEENE, Boulder, Mont. 1 The Windsor House. It LEN E & TROTTER, Prop's. BOULDER, Mont. Everything First-Class.f, a..)Sfra logit WEEK, BAY,.. $700 2.00 T BOULDER, DION J ANA, FRIDAY, IT EMBER. 9. 1887. • -SC 83 PER YEAR ESTABLISHED . 1867. No. 1 1st National Bank I OF HELENA. V. S. DEPOSITORY. Paici t up Capital, $500,000 Sunelus and Profits 325,000 DIRECTORS: S. T.glauser, Prest. E. 11. Knight, Cashier. A. fl Hotter, John C. Curtis, A. .1. Davis, Vice Pr. T. 1I.Kjeinschmidt, Asst. Cash. H. Parchen, R. S. Hamilton, J. HiMing. C. P. Higgins, T. C. Power. tEES TAYLOR, Carpentere‘,Builder All kinds of Doors and Window Frames, Stairs, counters, Etc. milde_to Order. Pleas, Specifications and Estimates prepared. BOULDER, Mont. F. MeGOWAN, PRACTICAL Brick and. Stone MASON. He has secured the best brick -maker in Butte, and %ill have BRICK FOR SALE at $10 per thousand. OTJIDEP,J 101 - T. CHARLES ENGLUND, PRACT1CA1 Boot and Shoemaker, BOULDER, MONTANA. i Mr. Englund has permanently located tat ong us, and those wishing anything in line will do well to call. I ;Repairing Neatly Done, ' [loots and Shoes made to order. Satisfac- tion guaranteed. - — The Neatest and Most Pleasantly Located Hotel in the City. HELENA, Mont. Three doors above P. 0. - Teq.oH sqxuagaleix etu, THE WINDSOIW.- STABLES, A. C. quaintance, Prop'r. Finest Turnouts in the City! Horses Boarded by Week or Month! _ Hay and Grain For Sale. -BOULDER; : MONTANA. Tas BUYERS , GUIDE is immed Sept. and March, year. *sr 31.41 pages, IN AL 11Y., inchcs,with oyes 3,500 illastratimus — whole Picture Gallery. GIVES Wholesale Prices direct to on las sm Inter a on all gooels for personal or family use,. Tells how in order, and gives exact emit of every- thing you use, eat, drink, wear, 4se have fun with. These INVALUABLE BOOKS contain information gleaned from the markets of the world. W. will mail a copy FREE to any all - drew upon receipt of 10 eta, to defray expense of mailing. Let us hear from yon. Re•pectfully, MONTGOMERY WARD 8, Ca: SIB\:di 119 Raba* Avenue. Unreal% $200 ,000 iN PRF.BENTS GIVEN An AV. Send us 5 cents postage, and by mail you will get FREE a package of goods of large value, that will start you in veark that will at once bring you in money faster than anything else in America. All about the $200.000 in presents with each box. Agruts wanted everywhere, of either sex, of all ages, for all time, or spare time only, to work for us at their own homes. Fortunes for all workers absolutely as- GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL z:ttnci'ztv.3 - - 11\\11. C°.' FHA NK FA RNH AN, Proprietor. The Palace. Newly Built, Newly Furilishei Throughout and Centrally Locattd. THE LE %DING HO' ri.a, IN BOULDER. The Tables are Supplied with the Rest in the Market. BOARD AND LOOGING $7.00 1.50 BOARD PER DAN Stacess Prom All Point*, Stop at Thin floteL Fine Wines,•Liquorr. and Cigars Imported Wines and Brandies a Specialty FRANK FARNHAM, Prop. 1 great naturgi law of \the survival of the fittest\ at political parties, like animals an vegetables, should come and go -fulfill their mission of good or evil aniqiisappear from the earth. I learn tliere is a pretty prospect of a first class family row among the democrats, tepon the meetirg of con- gress. over She confirmation of United States Tie --the rev Vortices, ii refusal to urer Hyatt's nomination t being led by Senator sesta of the Treasurer's stales from his office Jer- ome Burnett, an Indiana Republican politician, holding a . $2,500 clerk- ship, and replace him with a demo- crat of the Senator's selection. Sir. Hyatt is thought to be a mugwump, and Senators Vorhees, Beek, and Vance, all. members of the finance committee, announced their purpose to knife him when his name came up. There is probably more clerks of the several departments on leave now than at any pOriod of the present ad- ministration, for the reason tnat the republiceep clerks have about re- covered fin the terror of being dis- missed fier partisan reasons. 1 have heard of a lea;/ dismissals lately, but there will be a dozen soon in the of - 'Sep of tb supervisory architect of the trvausur)ity - because such a reduc- fs reireeyeeseeseAeary. Mr. Benedict, who is regarded as the chanipion bouncer at %Washing- ton, is on his vacation, and so the poor printers are having a meet' needed rest from disturbing alarms of losing thier bread and butter. A day or two ago, warrants for $16,253,000 in pensions were issued from the treasury ; still since the iirat of this month, the excess of receipts over expenditures is three million arid a half (tellers; and so tile enormous sur- plus goes piling up. The time al- lowed by law for redeeming trade dollars expires on' the 3rd of next irionth, the amount redeemed to date being nearly seven million mid a half -sometheig in excess of tile esti- mate—the difference !being ac- counted for by importations from China and Japan. At the last cabinet meeting only Secretaries Bayard and Fairchild were present., the other members be- ing on their anuual leave of absence. The President has been spending most of the heated term in the seclu- sion of Oak View, but, now that Mrs. • Cleveland and her mother have re- turned to the capital after several weeks absence, it is likely that Mr. Cleveland will be often at the White House. Alas! for the fair maidens of the federal city who dote on blue uni- forms, ehoulder-straps and brass but- tons, one of these military dudes - Naval Surgeon Ciawford--has come to grief for betraying a school gerl of fourteen, and the Edn.unds Utah law is about to make an example of him, it being the first case ever tried un- der that act. So it is a legal novelty as well as a social sensation, and the denouement is awaited with extraor- dinary iiitereSt. The gay Lothario's dreams are haunted by the dreadful doom of twelve months in time dis- trict jal and a naval court martial. The latest scandal in official circles c - omes from the Pension bIfiCe where re. of the clerks and a muter claim attorney are under arrest foe stealing the records of the government, in or- der that the lawyer might have the pa- pers convenient for reference, with- out the bother of going to that bu- reau. The clerk, poor fellow, fully confesses, but sae she wts not con- scious of wrong-daing, while the other party enters an isidiginant idea ol \not guilty\ in advance of trial. The penalty forthe offence is five years in the penitentiary; meanwhile Confectioner, the accused have given bail in $3,000 each. Dealer in Sounds Like Slander, A genius has invented a machine that will rake down a man's words as rapidly as he talks.. He tried it on his wife otie day, and the contri- vance get a hot jeurnal in less than C I -I I I N T -A- w- R. 7 ten minutes, and then it was ten thournel words behind. He is now CIGARS and TOBACCO, at work on an attachment which will Boulder City, GO Repairing Done Neatly dt Quickly. Main Street, - ; Boulder, Mont. j hension, for new art ies, prohibition calculation. 9 carry this or presidential felootion. The indepen- dent voter i little concerned over the new depertures, except to con- sider them a confirmation of his con- viction that /wither the democrat or es! the republicin party fully and Leidy responds toWhe wants and wishes of Sawmill near Beavertown the people* the United States. It II= prepared to furnish is but anotler illustration °Are Just Arrived!! STOVES! A Full 1.1ne of Heating & Cook- ing Stoves at Hel- ena prices. Hardware & Tinware a Specialty. ' WASH E THOMAS & CO ENOCH HODGSON Maim factnrer nt Lumber and Shingl MINING TIMBERS on short notice; Aiso deal in ell kinds of DOR F.1. 6 4S1...11) ENOCH HODGSON, Jefferson City. WM. II. PIERCE, Manufacturer and Dealer in Lumber, Lath „I) Shingles. Sawmills on Muskrat and McCarter creeks. MINING TIMBERS A SPECIALTY Carried at BOULDER CITY. A. S. KELLOGG, Agent. air Call on us for Reduced Prices. BASIN HOTEL Basin, Montana. Henry Joyner, Proprietor. Having just bought and refitted the lintel at Ba.sin we are now prepared to furnish the best accommodations to the .traveling public. Feed and lodging also for horses and excellent dare given them. Reuben Warren, Livery and Food STABLE Carriages, Buggies, Saddle Horses, Double Teams and Everything in 'Irho I.Avory Line. BOULDER CITY, MONTA.NA A. *RADLET, 13 1-2 itiatin St., - Helena. jeweler. - Watehmalto• INT C21- AR. Repairing and Manufacturing Se-=ele=_ \Vetches cleaned for it1.50, and other work in proportion. EN - Agent ifcor Lurtinious Door Plates. Post:Office Store! BOULDER, MONTANA. Stationery, Toilet Articles Cigars and Tobacco, Fruits and Con- fectionery, also a fine supply of ALBUMS AND PORTMON4IES A choke variety of everything in the stationery line &leapt in dock. Ed..hleSORLEY. Proprietor. CHARLES POND, Baker and And Chinese and Japanese Goods. FANCY PORCELAIN! and Montana. Soils see mem boilisee late mils is alloeseI Ce.,11,11•11, ariesorla wale Sea fell Iellaniedee .it sect stieS Ow sin dam* livestbewalbst Mil pay dins atm ts ES pot isy. ammo him mewl ewe • los d. ir siskyessger sit ilseaal sot eqnSre.L Yoe ars MOM It, TN...eV...Pena care in steel -rep ens d' Bah Inner AB brew. (From our WASHINOT The tecen lee party an of the Ameni large share (1!scussion a of political capital, and quite a vani tam n signifi convinced t great politic moves with increase the speed of his machine SeN411.I.Sell hundred revolutions per mintita, and he will test it at the meeting of two young ladies who have not seen each other for nearly two days. • TON LETTER. lex Correspondent] . C. Aug. 26, 1887. ganization of the La- e stilH later formation pare, now claim a ublic attention and g men of -all shades ion, at the national reseion is given to of views. From cer- whisperings, I am leaders of both the regard these alarm and appre- apparent that the mection with the y upset many nice 'which party will alone twenty thousand at state in the next women employed in shops and stores at from five to four dollars per week, It is high time that, these women should organize for mutual help and protection. \T ie gods help those who help themselves,\ and those \who would be free themselves must strike the blow.\ The fundamental obstacle to fair pay for women is the fact of their disfranchisement. Growing out of this, the greatest practical difficulty is their want of special skill and technical training. Women are al- most wholly excluded from instruc- tion in trades and handicrafts by cue tom and prejudice. The man ! or woman who can do one thing well Las a foothold from which to climb. Let the Central Labor, Union, which demands for women equal pay for equal work, secure for women equal opportunity to learn and practice di- versified industries.-Womun's Jour- nal. woetex SUFFRAGE A CHTISTIAN IDEA. The fact that the doctrine of Jeeus respecting the true relation of woman to man is not accepted in practice . by any of the nations called Christian, or by the clergy or laity of . any of the chief churches called Christian, seems to explain the Keying of Protap Chunder .Mo- zoorndar, who came as a missionary of the Brehm() Somaj from India to this country: \We accept Christ,\ said be, \but not Chrietianity.\ He found the ideas and the life of Jesus altogether admirable. Interpreting the ideas of the churches' called CiPt4stian by their written creeds and.. the daily lives of their ministers and members, lie judged them unworthy of the name they have assumed, and considered the theism of the Brehm° Somaj to be not only better than what they call Christianity, but a more genuine following of the great teacher of Nazareth. It ie best, bn all accounts, to dis- miss false pretenses, arid to look at facts as they really are. The eleva- tion of women is habitually claimed by clergymen as one of the triurepls of Christ.anity; bit in fact, in regard to the relation of woman to than, Paul's' doctrine of her thorough sub- ordination to_liusband aa well as fa- ther is yet accepted and acted on by an itnmense majority of nominal Christians, Protestant as well as Catholic; while only a small minori- ty of them accept *practice the doctrine of equality of eights be- tween man and weenie which Jesus taught. And the immense increase in the recognition of this equality which has been manifest in this country during the last half century has arisen not at all Worn church ac- tion instigated by the small minori- ty above mentioned, but from organ- ized action outeide the churches by people seeking to establish natural justice, and welcoming the co-oper- ation of all lovers of justice, quite irrespective of their opinions about CHA.S. K. WHIPPLE. , POINTS WELL BADE. 'Hon. Wm. Dudley . Foulke, at the recent New England Woinan Suf- frage convention in Newport, It. I., said: Only the day before yesterday I was talking with an eminent politi- cal economist who was onpossed to granting suffrage to women. Ile said: \What do you propose to gain by it? Will politics become any cleaner?\ I thought that they would become much cleaner, but that is not the main reason for suf- frage. \The reason that men desire to exercise it,\ I answered, \is that they protect in their own Way their own rights and interests. Suppose the question should be put to vote, whether a loan or a gift should be made by a township in aid of a new railroad --a woman possibly may be the owner of one hale the property in the township, yet she has no voice in determining whether she will be taxed to build the roed; she has no means of protecting her own, while every mail, whether he have proper- ty or not, can vote to cast this bur- den upon her. Is that fair?'' The I gentleman admitted that it. wae not. THE WOMEN''S . coLuxic WOMEN ORGANIZING. The movement to organize the workingwomen of Boston, inaugur- ated by the Boston Woman Suffrage League, took shape on Thursday evening, August is, in a public, meeting at Wells Memorial Hall, under the auspices of the Central Leber Union. • This movement for workingwomen, if judiciously managed, may achieve important results. In Massachusetts there are more than two hundred thousand who earn their support, by work outside of their own homes, at less than one-half the average rate of wages paid to men. In Boston there are \‘In such a case,\ said teeshe ought undoubtly have the right to vote to protect her property; lent that is an exceptional case.\ eNe,\ I answered, \that case is no: an eiception, but the rule. No q'uestion can arise in legislation but one in Yvhich she has ein interest similar in principal if not degree. Take a womati - who is With- out property, one whole rearing boys whom she is endeavoring to raise as upright men. The question arises, Shall liquor he sold imp the town? I do riot intend to advotiate the cause of prohibition when I' say that she has an interest in the iquestien quite distinct from that Of the saloon- keeper, and one WIlleb is at least en- titled to an equal voi ! e. Or perhaps she is a widow with y ung and beau- tiful daughters, an4 her narrow means and struggle JO' r a livelihood prevent her frcm e4ereising at all times that personal c re which might preserve them from he enticements of a libertine. Th ! question ariees, at evi at period in a girl's lifeshall the law cease to ititerfe+ and declare thafeet to be inndeent which, if committed upon chit hood, is a crime? Has she no special i teeest in this is- sue? Is her•intere t the same as that of of tha other x. of whom a very perceptible pa4 Is composed of whom more stringeet legislation is invoked? Look °Yee the whole field of government, and lwoman has her interest in every isske in just the same way that man has, though that interest is very oftek quite a differ- ent one. There is teither justice or reason in the oroanie law'which gives to him the political ilOvercignty which it denied to her.\ And what a waste goes on em long as we avail ours.ely la only of one-half of the vital force of mankind4 in the mighty organism of this Republic! One-half of its wisdcin, its virtue, its devotion, its enthesiateee, must lie helpless and inectlee, etieff see the work wrought by hende This is a crippled awl' deformed. human- ity. All we ask is that mankind aild womankind shall !be equally and completely free to 'grow and develop together into that efuller and more perfect stature which freedom only can enable us to attain. ! ' Mrs. Sarah Peters, wife of the , 1 1 3rit 7, ioudeti o ishc ti oiisul Philadelphia, in 64 ng her resilence there a school of design for women, which has grown! to, be the largest institution of its kind in the coun- try. The Philadellehia Record speaks N.J . :di pride of the 4chool for the corn- Lig year. THE PRESS ASSOCIATION Have a Large Gathering and a, Ceneral Good Tint e. As arranged 4 their meeting in Bozeman last year, the Montana Press -Association convened at Hel- ena, in the council hall of the new court , house, at 10 o'clock Thursday morning, Auguot 23, the attendance being quite large. . The proceedins of the Ilist meet - 1 ing having been published and ap- proved their reading was dispensed with, after which : President Alder - son's _ very able veiling adiiress was read. Captain Janice.: n .Mill, of the New 'Northwest, - then delivered a practical and able :in e herit ddress. The following new inelers were elected: Philip Schmitz,' MOntana et, Free Press; L die Sulgrove, Live Stock Journal; James B: Walker, Helena Herald; Wm. M., Dolliver, 'Helena Herald; Walter M. O'Dwyer, Great Falls Tribune; W. R. Herber, River Press; George Alderson, Avant Courier; J. D.!Whelpley, Billinoa Gazette; C. B. j Camp, Billings Ga- zettei Hon. C. Fledges, lieleria Her- ald; W. J. Peneose, %ping Journal; N. Y. Boss, Stevensville . Tribune; C. L. Haig, Mie - er. L. Samuel, Of the West Shore, Portland; S. Pi. • Patton., of Great Fails; Mrs. F. A. Retilds, of Wil- Jefrersitou City. Mont. lie, Moretana, end J. S. M. Neill, of . historical address of Will Kennedy. which was replete with personal points. They then adjourned to 11 a. tn. Wednesday, and afterward at. tended the theatre . by invitation of Manager Maguire. Wednesday, 11 a. rn.--A full, at. iondance was - present. The election of -officers resulted as follows: President -W. LI. Sutherliu, of the Husbandman. • First vice-president- II. E. Fisk, of the Herald. Second vice-president- Alex. De- vine; of the independent. Third vice-president- Le - e Mae- tle, of the Inter Mountain. :Recording secretary -Jerry (Jo, - tins, River Press. ,.• Corresponding secretary- A. K. Verkes. Treasurer--- A. K. Metteeson. Bill- ings Gazette. At the evening session the execu- tive committee was appointed. retary Collins reed the annual report. A resolutio i to appoint a coinmittee to look after legislation in regard to the publication of legal . netice- was adopted. An invitation was ac- cepted to attend the banquet Of !the Pioneers' Association Friday even- ing. Great Falls was'seleedas the place for the next annue! the time to be chosen by the . ceere - tive committee. Itesoluant* thanks were passed to the •retiring offiCials of the association, to. John. Maguire for the courtesies of ! the theater, to the local committee of are rangemente and the Northern Pacific for courtesies. T. The banquet at the Merchants' ho- tel was largely attended. • The af- fair was first-class in every respect. ; There were toasts, speeches and a good One generally. An Editor at a Circus. One will hardly believe it, lout it. is a fact that an Atchison, Kan., scribe is author of the followitei: Oh, the drums were heard add the piccolo note, as the circus • up town - paraded, end the shorn -off mule and the whiskered goat and the sic - pliant umber shaded. 1 followed it celuily at early dawn, my work and my labors spurning, and I harked to the sound of a rusty horn with a will and unhallowed yearning. Few and short were the tunes they played, and they paused, not at all to key; so so I slowly followed the route they made at the heels of the lop- eared donkey. I bought up a seat at the show that night, and looked at the limber woman, who tied her- self in a knot SO tight she seemed more like henip than human. And I eagerly looked at the wondrous bloke who swal!oeved some cotton blazing, and blew from his noiffila7a cloud of smoke till I thought lie syn.- sheol raising. Amid I Watched the clown as he ran nod rolled and sneet in a dozen poses, and . worked off a string ofijokes so old that they cem from , the time of Moses. Grand Central itotti 1/10 - 1T72 7 REED & RINDA, Pncee. The Leading and only Fir,t-class Lute! in Helena. Prices re:i.enatIv. Everything New 'and cl the La- test style. - - MAIN ST. Jefferson Market. A. C. QUAINTANCE, Dealer in Fresh Beef, Mutton, Pork, Sa triage, FLh, etc. In fact everything usually kept in a frs4.- class meat market. Moat Supplied to all PaiLna and Tie Cami:s at Reasonable .1-ates. M - Orders solicited e and goods delivered • Helena, were elected honorary mem- I B ,,, unt i al bers. Each active and honorary member was requested to furnish a sketch of his or her life as relates to connection with the press, to be re- ported at the !next annual meeting. Will * Kennetiv, It. E. Fisk and A. K. Verkes were appointed a com- mittee to report amendments to the constitution and by-laws. Ex -Agent C. W...Scott, of Butte, was strhek from the Toll as an hono- rary member. ! J. E. Hendey, chairman of the lo- cal entertainment committee, report- ed that a banquet had been arranged for Wednesday evening at the Mer- chants' hotel. The niembers also tendered complimentary invi- tations to the races . at the fair wounds, and- were present in force there during the afternoon. Ie the evening at '7 O'clock they reconvened in the ccurt hcuse end lietened to the were er Saddle and 'farness S II 0_ P John F. Sheehy, Prc,tp'r. ..eeying purchased a stock of loiniel4 leather and roonnting, I am now prepared to make any - thine in the above Ellett, or- der. All work warranted hand -made and no ehl:rge if not satisfactory. • Buggy TriralnIns Bone to Order. 1= 5 ..e.A..'1 9 = INT TS Obtained, and all Patent Husines- attend- ed be promptly and for moderate fees. Our office is epposite the U. S. Patent Office, and we can obtain patents in lees:hue than those reunite from Wa'sltington. Send model or dray: ing. We advise as to pat- entability free of charge, and we au.,:ie 119 charge unless phtent is secured. We refer here to the Postir - Supt. of Money Order Div., hod t of the U.S. -Pettiat office. For e'. o. advlee,tenns and references to actual el: eats in sour own State or cOunty. write. (7,. A. r474.iCIW Op. Patent Office, Washitigten, P ^

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 09 Sept. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.