Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, September 23, 1887, Image 1

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• - JEFFERSON COUNTY SENTINEL. V L. 3. NO 7 Tho Northwestern! Owieg is tkie fast that oar store is abet; to de relettilt, remodelled and enlarged, wephave decided until the above alterations are eompleted, to mill everything in eur lio• at front 10 to 20 ee, •ent below.rsgalar prices. Now is the time is buy your Spriug outfit! Oar stock is complete, and are receiving new goods right along. Behee lauying Clothing and Tur- oishing Goods be sure and call at THE NORTHWESTERN. Matte. Block, Opposite Greed Cestral Reis!, 1-1M1_1MW_A., M. T. J. D. GROESBECK, Co a o n k ci lj a e m at p ing Stoyo I1R-01•T, BrI 1 MML, Nails., Giant POWDER, CAPS and Fuse, WOOTO)E1r - VCT_A_Po, Lamps, Chandeliers, Sash, Doors and Mouldiu gs Plated War& Glassware and Bar Goods. Agents for the Celebrated Buckeye Toros Pumps and Untie Wagons, TIN SHOT In c ? Da•c ! .lon where all kinds of Job work and Re- pairing will be dens. or Oppoisite Court House, Moulder • A;.•;•:',F471fir4.0.... -- J-. - 710Losstsanus. • tre. Cgt. CO., Opposite Court House, DEALERS IN Wines, Beers, Liquors an& Cigars, Have on hand an'! constantly cArry in stock Champagnes, Clarets, Rhine Wines, Port, Sherry, etc., etc., Philip Best's 'Mil- waukee Export Beer, pure hand -made sour mash whiskies ot leading distilleries seven yeass old, Guckenheimer rye, Scotch and Irish whiskies, pin, rum and fruit brandies. Family liquors, old and pure, a specialty. Imported Fancy Drinks! Cigars of all Grades! farAlso a fine sample room in conneetion is ',Iliad' only the CHOIC- ST GOODS are handled. Jut Itg-Opligq, lig-Finisiteg I Boulder HOT Springs. Wonderful Curative Prnerties Paid up Capital, Surplus and Profits. 'rho Pioneer Nowrapaper of jefflersion County --.A Vamily Jourisnl—Indep.•aoloot i tootrioes. ESTABLISHED l'`'\ No. I ti te BOlUller): It. 1 FRIDAY. SEPTENIBER 23, 1887. Just Arrived! ! Nationa113are1 S TOVES OF HELENA. Ak. Volt .11,1.sam 4.) U. S. DEPOSITORY. Heating & Cook- UO0,000 mg Stoves atffel- 3215,000 ena prices. Hardwan & Tinian a Spccialti. DIRECTORS S. T. Hauser, Prost A. J. Davis, Vice Pr. E. W. Knight, T.H.Kleinachmidt, Cashier. Amt. Cash. A. M. loiter, John C. Curtis, R. M. Parchen, R. S. Hamilton, J. H. Mine. C. P. Higgins, T. C. Power. The College of Montana. Tua courara in Om classics. science -a, music and art. Instruments. apparatus and furniture aro aa.1 complete. Every reasonable comfort in the bearding d ! partsamit at cost. Both sexes admitted ea e q ual terms. lfer catalo g ue sad =fermatas. Address the ?mildest fter. D. J. licHILLAN, D. D., DEER LODGE, Montana. LEES TAYLOR, Car7enter&Build.or All kinds of Doors and Window Frames, Stairs, Counters, to. Order. Plans, Specifications and Estimates prepared. BOULDER, Mont. CHARLES ENGLUND, PRACTICAL Boot and Shoemaker BOULDER, MONTANA. Mr. Englund has permanently located among us, and those wishing anything in his line will do well to call. —IN ALL CASES OF_ Chronic, liuscu ar and Inflammatory Rheumatism, Lead Poisoning, Constitutional Weakness, and General Debility. A PLEASANT RESORT FLUST-CLASS ,H0 . 1 EL AND BATHING ACCOMMODATIONS. _Reached by Stage 'front Helena, Butte, -Wickes, Elkhorr, Comet, and all Points in the Territory. Terms moderate. s that -class Phvecian DE. 1111 A. LEIGHTON For full informat on address, 3 HOTTER & KEENE, Boulder, Mont. 9 Is constantly in attendants. Repairing Neatly Done, Boots and Shoei made to order. Satisfac- tion guaranteed. The Winilsor House. KEENE & TRWETER, Prop's. BOULDER, ‘1 . ont. 15Everything First-Class.f, B)\1) PER 14 Lee .14 '• DAY, I 7 00 .. 2.00 •Lt.q . t. 1 .1....tit- :at. • FREYLER & KEPPNER, Saloon and Billiard. HALL. A Selected Stock of Wines Liquors and Cigars. FirMilwaukee Beer on Draught. WICKES. - - MONTANA. () The MITTICILT GM:IDA isi 11.11.•Urot Sept. said Maras. SOt-is year. sir 312 pagee. 4 '.. • i tkii InaaJore,w itla over 3,500 tlisastratIons --- a ...heir Picture Gm Iler 7 . ti 1 8' ti.',7i N% t, -I , mak Pricra 4....,i to Cv/V-114 Mr -.70 0 TA alt g oods for po venom 1 Al t Cis Oli i 7 et., 1e11a how to at ti gr e4t C X 0.4 . 1. 00.14 Of •Very.• YU lax y to go..., ext.. dIliL. vrear, or hi ... ftto• titrtiLl• l'he we INVALUABLE 14st/4 , i cootaitatirs. ix•fitriti.tlote ilteasbetii I. tit , \ tilt, aye\ bta - 1 s of Cho world- Itit'• trot II MI nli a l'' HA,. F: to iiray ii.1-• sii-i.s. u,...,.a ri40,1 pa of !it 1 ta. to defte r aspen.- ,if mailing 1, c ,Mait brealir EFL OS is., It r •11 ,- .' T irttl i 7 W2NTGOlvilie's WARD di CO- allr ii• *YU W WM.& A 1 cum., Cidea g s, Pi. Repairing Done Neatly It Quickly. Male Street, - - Boulder, Mont. E. THOMAS . & CO. ENOCH HODGSON, Manufacturer uf Lumber and Shingles! Sawmill near Beal ertoll n • I am prepared to furnish MINING TIMBERS on short notice. Also (teal in all kinds of 1.4UNIESEILL. ENOCH HODGSON, Jefferson City, WM. E. PIERCE, Manufacturer and Dealer In Lumber, Lath Shingles. Sawmills Sawmills on Muskrat and McCarter creeks. LINING TIMBERS A SPECIALTY • Carried st BOULDER CITY. A. S. EILLOCIG, Agent. NrCall on us for Reduced Prices. 33 - 9MDER CITY Saddle and Harness SHOP. John F. Sheehy, PropIr. naving purchased a stock of harness leather and mounting, I am now prepared to make anything in the above line to or- der All work warranted hand -made and no oharge if not satisfactory. Obtained, and all Patent Business attend- ed to promptly and . for moderate fees. Our office is eppoeite the U. S. Patent Office, and we can obtain patents in less time than those remote from Washington. Send model or drawing. We advise as to pat- entability free of charge, and we make no charge unless patent is secured. We refer here to the Postmaster, the Supt. of Money Order Div., and to oMcials of the U. S. Patent office. For circular. advice, terms and references to actual cli- ents in your own State or county, write to e7. A. SNOW St. Op. Patent Office, Washington, D. C $200,000 .s rarsrprni olvirs AW AY Send us 5 cents poetage. and by mail you will get Vitali: a package of goods of large value, that will start you in work that will at once bring you in money faster than anything else in America. An about the $900,000 In presents with each box. Agents wanted everywhere, of either sex,,of all ages, foe all time, or spare tin\ only, tu Mort %Sr Us at their own hemp -- Fortunes for all w rk-rs elutcly as- sernei Don't delm ,:rr a co., Piwtland. Maine Buggy Trimming 9one te Order. Reuben Warren, Livery and Fed STABLE Carriages, Buggies, Saddle Horses, Double Teams and Everything in The Livery Line. BOULDER CITY, MONTANA A. BRADLEY* 13 1-2 Main St., Helena. Jeweler, Wattehmititter —A ND-- INT G IR\ Repairing and Manufacturing Te - werer.. Watches cleaned for $1.50, and othe. work in proportion. !IF - Agent for Le ainhus Door Plates Post Office Store! BOULDER, MONTANA. Stationery., Toilet Article Cigars and. Tobacco, Frulto and Con- fectionery, aloo a fine supply of ALBUMS AND PORTIIONAIEt A choice variety of everything in th• stationery line always in stock. Bd. Mo85RLIfY. Proprietor. IIHEEZ Es 01 BASIN. intereettuo Moine/ Notes With a Liberal eer.i.eiing of Pleasant Pf,rsonalitios - a Lively Camp. __--- From our .-2.-: 1, ,; respondent, G. C. Bibb. BA e, Sept. 14, 1887. THE INDEPENDENT. The Independent mine has com- menced active operations. A 200. foot shaft will be sunk immediately, and if the owners strike what they an ticipate, a large farce of men will be put on. Up to present develorrient the prospects look very favorable. ZylitsING STAR TRAMWAY. Mr. ildwin has commenced work on the Tramway which will transport ore &oaf' Cataract gulch. The prin- 1 cipal oei,ar of this little bonanza, Mr. IO i is a practical mining man, a',. , will make every dollar count Or txperoditures. It is a wise and 1u y syndicate who employs him. STRIEY 5 THE ATLANTIC TUNNEL. Mr. ( ! , n, the polite and courteous ate . t slent of the Atlantic tun- : nel, ee ened your correspondent that a ye ri had been struck on the north si ,' , of the tunnel, more or less impregre .ed with native silver. If it wee! . in the thousands it would no r- than recompense our un (billeted friend and general superin- tendentt Genetal Harris w ill yet rank among our millionaires. t Our oung an m d enterprising er- chant., enry Scbriner, is every day showiti his qualifications as a mer- chant, trizo quick sales and small profits. i Henry is a born tradesman. ' LAST CHANCE MINE. Mr. Thompson, a promieent mer- chant of Butte, has been here for the last two days negotiating a contract to get out a ditch to tun a concen- trator on his large dump of ore ex tracted from the above named mine. Capital is coming in slow but sure. • NEW sten. A new find has been discovered by Mr. Benson. Parties who have seen this property speak in the highest terms of it. Mr. Benson is an old- time prospector, arid has the kindly wishes of his many friends of being a bonanza prince in the near future. LoLo GROUP. Mr. Kelly, from Butte, once fore- man of the famous Belle mine of that burg, i. up on the hill doing his an- nual eillsesament w ork. He will be here gliMI snow flies. LTZZ 111=13 MIN a. Active \opehnicar 4- iii1'r - Mon commeneed on this valuable proper- ty under the experienced supervision of our good-natured friend, Mr. Dougherty. hiIs property is owned by lIelena caliTtal. The faith of this company is based on good, sound facts, viz.: a body of 33 -wince free milling ore. BUCK HORN MINE. This promising property, owned by Robert Gibbons and a Helena syndi- cate, is being pushed as fast as two men can work on 10 -hour shifts, and up to date is showing up some very tine carbonates of lead. Mit) is a rustler and will either make a mine out of it or dig it out. Success to you, Bob. CAARLES POND, Baker and Confectioner. And Dealer in Chijiggaild JaDallese Goods. FANCY PORCELAINE and C I -I I CIA ao -1 . TOBACCO, Boulder E Montatta rhr.e hk+ Ir.... to -.4, 1 . .•- at;t1. *14.,11 I 4, • sit\. V./7 k toot tioyote.,•! , tit V • ! ; oy . • S.., $1' p0 a,. Lire oil t te1,1:•1 o t7 , 7 •2 TI.M• Ilatf , 61011 II 04.05 , it•dP Mama% Atli arm. • HOPE MINE SURVEY'. Our friend, Mike O'Donnel, has been busy this last two days with Prof. Marsh, surveying the Hope mine. There is no use recording the merits and value of this property, but we will let this out, Mike has got his eye on a fine brick _mansion some- where in the east. We'll want a front hay window, Mike. NOTES. A pleasant eell was made on the following gentleman by your corres- pondent, and were I the President, I could not have received- more cour- teous treatment: Mr. O'Neil, of Smith & Gamer; E. Huot, J. McDermott; Joe Brien, Suitor & La Salle, Gus Heller, Thomas Bassett, of the Elk- horn saloon; Al. Turner, S. P. Carr, Louis Vogel, Frank Morgan, J. B. McKinnon, 1'. ',I cDonald, Daniel Gearing. BROWN STONE FRONT. Mr. W. Huot, one of our most res- pected citizens, is pushing to com- pletion his fine granite building. l'his will be one of our most substan- ial buildings when completed. Dame ltumor says Emery is going to get. yell I won't say anything, Euserv, sen 1 es a piece of cake. NOB HILL. M *. Chas. Smith has two carpenters hard o work on his new residence on re.. Hill. Charley never does things tea hal any one tan see by the finish he is giving to this pretty,com fortahle Ortle itome by the rippling Boulder.- What about a house warm- ing, Charlie? Don't forget ue. aseacna NTS HOTEL* Ha! hal How does that SOU ti d. Yea, sir; don't you forget it. Good meals. Gool beds. Polite treatment. Whe is proprietor? Why our old steed -by oid friend. Joe Brien, put that in your pipe and antoksit. Give ine a !natal, Joe, BASIN HOTEL. Or friend, Judge Jovtier, was ab- sent when your correspondent but his absence was made upfor iii the presense of his affiable and pleas- ant wife. To know this lady is to like her. She has the faculty of making you feel at home at once. Ni) ice to break. Lookout! C here comes the Judg •! Let me out or he will fine itse .10 and costa. nrit.nitNo s( , or Sni !. o ( 4T1)4\.1 :6 t,:i (it fin T ,leted thee 1 , ee el: se depots inol in.itoaso ir rto pito! ac _ nr4111111SMS=m --- - 83 ; PER A - EAR — are crowded by our honest prospect- He Shows why They Deliberately . ors and miners, whiling the hours R:eponeiblo away at the innocent game of bil- liards and pool. The bar is taken in cherge of by the bonifacoe,of liquor dispensers, Mr. O'Neil, failinerly of Butte. Polite treatment assured should you anticipate a call. TUB CoTT G Z. The cottage of Mr- O'Neil's is about complete and won will be oc- cupied by himself and pretty wife. SUITOR & LA SALLE. The new mercantile oouse of Suitor & La Salle is receiving a car load of freight, more or less, every lay. This firm intends carrying a large stock and will not be outdone in low prices by competition. T. HOPKINS. A pleasant call on our dignified postmaster elicited the fact that he was keeping up his end and the way of selling goods: Times right, Hop, old boy, look out for the ducats. or row of stately leoe..- MAG it DEIZ'S LCISION ,ge:iy these sampling rooms I Lewis and Clarke's First Map. Bozenaso Welfare: Tbe Lewis and Clarke expedition spent the win- ter of 1804-5 in the Mandan country. During their stay there, Capt. Lewis compiled a map of their survey dur- ing the previous summer, but em- bra2ed in addition all the country west to the Pacific ocean, sketched from the best information he could obtain from Indians and trappers. This map was forwarded to Washing- ton in the spring and filed in the war department, copies being sent to the Houses of Congress. The map was never published, being of course au- perceded by the map compiled by Capt. Clarke on the return of the ex- pedition. But it has great interest to -day, because it shows us just how much - , or rather how little was known about the Rocky Mountain country prier to the journey of Lewis and Clarke. A photograpie copy has just been shown us by Peter Koch. Some veers ago -he found a reference to this map in e'number of the \Medical Re- pository\ foi 1806, s monthly scien- tific journal then eublished at New York. Tracing the matter up, be found the only copy of the map now in existence is the original, sent to the war department, and through the courtesy of Arnold Hague, of the U. S. Geological Survey, he has just re- ceived a fine photograpic copy of the Its very inaccuracies are interest- ing. Frazer river was then suppobed to be the main fork of the Columbia, and that river is therefore represented as rising in the far north, and running matte te, the coast neat near Us mouth. All that part of the inte- rior, really drained by Clarke's Fork of the Columbia and Snake river, is made to drain into the Missouri and Yellowstone, and these rivers are drawn as cutting clear through the ranges of the \Shilling .Mountains,\ (as the Rockies are called,) and head- ing about where the Blue mountains of Oregon are situated. Near the geyser region ia a small stream called Stinking Cabin Creek, showing that at even that early day, before Colter's trip to Yellowstone Lske, something was known ab ut the volcanic phenomena of that sectIon. On Milk river is the following le- gend: \The Indians call this the river which scolds at all other rivers,\ Can anyone explain that name, or say what is the present Indian name of that stream? Altogether the map is well worth study by anyone interested in the his- tory:or exploration of the Rocky Mountain country. 8he Wasted a Mau. Jackson Palmer and Ella Anderson, a colored o uple, marched into J ustece Russell's office last evening, the dam- sel leading the sheepish-looking Jackson by the band. Approaching the rather bewildered justice, she produced an official -looking paper that proved to be a marriage license, and thrusting it into his hands, began chewing her apron strings, as she said: -glister, I'm been mity lone - sum dis las' yeahan' I'se wanted a man a heap. I dun cotchecl dis heah nigger, and we's gwine to get married. Dis is de fust time dat I eber cum to sich a place as dis here, and we wants ycsu to fix the ratifaxions.\ Justice Russell's eyes opened wide, but he took in the situ- ation and, with the best grace imag- inable, performed the ceremony, af- .ter which the smiling couple walked down the street, hand in hand, each casting terrible big sheep's eyes at the 0:bee—Savannah News. Planned and are for the Crime of the Haymarket. CHICAGO, Sept. 14. --The Daily News' Ottawa, th e special says: \At 9:9() this morning Judge Magruder began the announcement of the de- cision in the Anarchists case. Just before the opening of the court every on seemed to have a feeling that something was going to happen. Before the hour for the convening of the court, lawyers and reporters seemed to have that feeling and con- versed with each other in SUBDUED TONES. Even Barker, the janitor, who has waited upon every justice of the su- preme court of Ottawa, tip -toed around in the opening and dusting of the court room as if he were afraid of breaking the deathly stillness that pervaded the entire building. . Dep- uty Smith faltered and his voice trembled as he announ ye.' As the justices - court room, headed boy Chief Justice Sheldon, they appeared more digni- fied than ever. The Chief Justice waved his associetes to seats even more stately and his nod to the sher- iff was more stiff and his 'open court' less audible than on previous days of the term. Justice Magru 1er ap- peared FLUSHED AND NERVOUS, as he entered the court room, the cause of which was evident a few minutes later, when Chief! Justice Sheldon turned to him and in a voice which would have been inaudible save for the deathly stillness which pervaded the room said: \Justice Magruder, have you any announcements to make?\ The flushed appearance of the jus- tice changed to a pallor aud his voice was husky as he said: \In the case of August Spies and others against the people of the State of Illinois. No. 59, advisement docu- ment. The Chief Justice nervously turned the leaves of the docket to the case indicated, ellen the justice read the decision of the cOurt in the anarchists d the 'hoar Led into the MSC's. AS 11E COMMENCED READING , he regained his composure. His voice was 1 ar aed distinct until the o der fixing the death penalty and death by execution was reanhed when his -reading became labored, his voice husky and his manner showed it was with great emotion that he performed the duty he had been given to- per- form. Hay inglisiblesaithe a - Melon Of the court on the moat celebrated case it has been'called upon to decide, the justice who made the announcement, at once left the bench and retired to his room. The oral announcement of the judgment was affirmed. THE NEWS IN CHICAGO. CHICAGO, September 14. --The first official inforeation of the Supreme Court decision that reached the city was a telegram from the court cleric at Ottawa to the State Attorney's of- fice here saying: \Anarchists case affirmed. Execution Nov. 11th.\ Mr. Purcell, of the State's Attorney's offic . e, ran to the jail with the news. Following on his heels was a messen- ger carrying a dispatch for August Spies that heel been sent from Otta- wa by the agent of the anarchists. The turnkey, who took the dispatch to cell 125 and shoved it through the bars, lingered a moment to watchlhe effect it would have. The anarchist editor took the message, glanced frowningly at the turnkey, and then withdrew to the darker end of the cell. In two minutes ore) he called gently to thw old man who sits out- side his door as a death watch, and asked him to heed the yellow tele- gram sheet to Parsons. From him it h went to all the others, and at last as organized reached Neebe, who is only underLeague, to be officered by the young a, people themselves The members sentence of imprisonment. It count' all • _ l a se na pledge to use no oats .or be seen that each of the condemned men made ostentatious vul g ar language, neither alcoholic li- quors nor tobacco, and to seek to perform as many acts of kindness as poesible. A fine play ground on the premises is arranged - for them. okt their meetings, which are quite fre- quent, ell the formalities of a well- conducted club are scrupulously at- tended to—of itself an invaluable discipline for the children. The liasey John L. Sullivan has evidently donned war pint in earnest, says the Minneapolis Tribune. In addition to the challenge issued to Patsev Cardiff and Pat Killen printed yes- terday he says that be is going to Europe to make it exceedingly warm for Sake Kilrain and Jew Smith. Ile says that on his arrival in Eng- land be will go to the leading London paper and say: will fight, and hereby challenge to fight both Jake Kilrain and Jem Sin ith in the same ring wherever it may be pitched so as to insure non- interference by the police; and I'll allow the two men whom I hereby challenge to decide who shall meet me first. We shall fight to a finish for any amount of money they may designate, provided it shall be suffi- cient to make fighting an object, If either one of them shall defeat me. he is to have the stakes and the cham- piensinip. In case I dispose of the first one. I wish to resume fighting with the second man within an hour.\ streets M. Holloway has contract to (leo:: oo il , :ffalo, N. Y., for five venire,ate147.000 THE WOMEN'S Cato :el It is reported in Topeka that Mayor Metsker will appoint 'Mrs. M. E Geer, the well known female lervers as police judge. Dr. Alice B. Stock hate4of Chice.gme is makings sperialeeffort to have a large exhibit of literary work by wee men, at the Interstate Exhibition et Chicago. Mrs. Ada M. Bittenbeeder was 110111 inated by the Nebraska Prohibi- tion Convention as their candidate 1 .1.r district judge. Mrs. Bittenbeadet is a member of the Lincoln bar, and much esteemed. Mrs. C. L. PoxIcle'y is the Inventor of many devices used in kindergaatain work. * just now she is superintending the manufacture, at Springfield. of 500 models of a kindergarten slate. Queen Victoria has presented Miss Augusta Ramsey, the senior classiest CambridgeUniversity, with her royal portrait, in appreciation of the high honor gained by Miss Ramsey in the recent examinations. The Pennsylvania Prohibitory Convention, at Ilarrishurg, last week, declared that \A leeriest: should be clothed wish legai poser, their rightful due, to prsctit-ally and efficientlyNiefend 'twee and tenth* land' witl their ballots.\ Victor Hugo said: \The II I Se- teenth century belongs to v•oirian. III the twentieth century, war, the scaf- fold, hatred, royalty and dogn.a will havesslied . out; but man will live. Dr. Fanny Dickinscre of Chicago, is the first physician of the gentler sex to be admitted as a filfMlber of the International Medical Coneresa4 now assembled at Washington. Her specialty is diseases of the eye. All the training schools for t urses in Philadelphia are free. This is one profMiion for women that is not over- crovaded, and where women can earn d wages. The chiefequalifica- tines are good health, good temper, rserieral inteiligenee, amid a fair euni- umOsc . 1 .E 7izb i t ed e u tZ flea itiln. l)rttv, of 1 ndore e sent out by the Presbpterian thurch in Canada, as a medical missionary. has treated over 6,(X)0 patients in.tlie past twelve months, and thinks a hospital and training school for Hie- doo women would make thousands ef converts to Christianity. The higher educaton of wreets is not lessenirig their fitness to be moth- ers M the next generation; it is fur- nishing the mothers af the race to be, with the edueation and culture which will make the training of the gener- ation worthy of its origin. Figs Henrietta 114 - 1.1a.v the Nineteenth Century, advises the establishment, by women, of a col- lege in which the duties of the house- hold, the en of cooking, etc., may be t tuoht. The great advantage of this will be that it will raise the standard of domestic service. Mrs. Fairbanks addressed the Con- ference of Charities and Corrections at its session in Omaha, Neb., Aug. 29, on the subject of werk among children. She presented a paper by Mrs. F. H. Pierce, of Davenport, Is., emphasizing the Ate of kindness with children, especially young girls, and, above all, work nig girls. The Pall Mall Gazette says that \marriage is no longer an entirely one-sided bargain. It is tending to- ward the only true ideal of life-long companionship -ea partnership on equal terms, with elual give-and-take on bosh sides. \-% omen no lOnger freel bound to render that implicit obedieece which was considered de rigour in our great grandne days. and men no lower univer iaiy demand it.\ Mrs. Governor Clafilin, (or the pur- pose of a saving influence on the children who roam near her home, them into a Loyal EFFORTS AT COOLNESS AND BRAVADO. They took seats at their cell doors and read newspapers and books and smoked cigars, etc: Lingg, the bomb maker, whistled. Their 'wives and friends had been with them an hour during the morning, but about thirty minutes before the news came they were excluded and the prisoners locked up, each by himself. CeIcae-o, Sept. 16.—It is thought probable that the cou mei for the con- demned anarchists will apply for a writ of error to Justice Samuel T. Miller, of Iowa, of the United States Supreme Couit. Judge Miller is known to he strongly opposedeo cap- ita pnnishinent. His convictions on this subject may probably induce him to grant a writ of error, * should he be applied to for that puryose. elm Vote, Sept. 1u.—The streets are flooded to-day with anarchist cir- culars, denouncing the Chicago au thorities and the Illinois Supreme Court. The circulars are printed in English and German. A mass meet- ing is called for Monday evening, September 19th, at Cooper Union, to protest. Jesse Jaime' Murderer. Las Vegas Letter: I saw Bob Ford, time murderer of Jesse James, at Las Cerrill is, a mining town near here. recently. He is penniless, or about .4o, his blood money having been exhausted long since by riotous living. Ile is a haeger-on of saloons and gambling (lens, and manages somehow to make a liviiee He is cordially detested by the people, and miners generalle, who themselves are oftenvery rough in ways and le, but are too brave to db the that rewires) Jesse from earth. alone in all the desolate sense ef ttiverd. and it will always bet For Sale. Csrpei;ter Slain and I.cpt. Main Street. Apply L. TAYLOR. Mulder. wont-utr. TerrIv.ry. Washington Hand Press for Sale. Au 8 -column Wathinrton hand press for sale cheap. Call or ad - dress this <Meg. Lost. A gold senare-Ilnk chain necklace, wtth etiena, 2 ied sets in charm. Lost betiretn b„ A.Larson's Golden stir ni•ne and Emmett DALE'. }Ince(' aOl plemoe return to (Vanity Clerk's °Mee and greatty_cblige the ots For Rent. Two beautiful rooms in the Ryan block. They are well lionted, and desirous for any. reel of office. Taken up. A small serret hens, weight about 911 pounds 9 years sir and tranded 3 1 , 1 bt shoulder The owekr eon hire same by property ineu:re at this ornee. yen . Strayed From tbe ne:-Aborhood of Comet he November. s iSti ta ti r . w o r e fo tai ro oks mi ku l. l a h n o d rse,ntuoi bra evI th wh S iti oc htn i t ft hiset thirt hu s tondo:ors reword =11t be paid 11C for his relm- - ery. Address Nt mit: Pohl. GrAeo P. 0.. or ham JeffereOn Multi, Moot. — - Strayed or Steles From Elkhorn, the 13th of last April, tr.-0 horses; ens a tn.-ay, araodud with three bar s on left thighAe . belt circle corer them. The nthe y, braided with on right shouldeM , rt7 were shod when last seen. Tees drillers each will be psi for the return of horses to this place Jay II AZ r_rmst. _ Rusao Chairs. Geo. Mueller, Jr., has a tante of those beautiful Wisoi msimi RI : a , Chairs and Mineral Spec inieri Ft tones, wide') he sells very rex-or - labia. Ad- rir o • m at Corbin, NT. T.

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 23 Sept. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.