Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, June 01, 1888, Image 2

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THE JEFFERSON COUNTY SENTINEL, BOULDFJ3, MONTANA, JUNE 1 1 tee' Jefferson County Sentinel. FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 1888. Entered at the Postoffice in Boulder City, Montana, as second-class mail matter. Issued Every Friday 12 M., Sharp. SPB8CRIPTION, per year, in advance, $8.00 Six MONTHS, $1.50 --THREE MONTHS, $1 WE can discern a bubble or two in the political chaldron. Dwelling houses to rent are needed badly in Boulder. Who will start the enterprise. IT is a certainty that James G. Blaine has stated in a letter to White - law Reid, editor of the New York Tribune, that he would not accept the nomination for President. Next! TAFFY seems to be a commodity in this section, but good men will have none of it. They are willing to go in on their merits alone, and trust to the desires of the people for suc- cess. Jeers:Roost county is fourth on the list as a mineral producer. It won't be long before she will be third—for it is a settled fact that she will go ahead of Lewis and Clarke within two years. THE Wild West show is at Staten Islaud. They opened out in full blast on the 30th ult. Buffalo Bill seems to be a drawing card wherever be goes, and is said to be making money fast. Pete JULIAN is now the manag- ing editor of the Miner, while Mr. Hayne is pushing the faber in the city department. This makes an ex- cellent team, and the Miner is get- ting better every day. THEY talk of tacking Senator Thur- man on to the tail end of the demo- cratic ticket. Won't that be one in- stant where the \tail wags the dog?\ But then Mr. Thurman has an- nounced himself as out of politics. IT is stated that the anarchists will resume the publication of their pro- paganda, \The Alarm.\ It will be transferred from Chicago to New York, and printed in English, Herr Most and Henry Landon, two noted anarchists, will have a hand in it. We think it just as proper to hang an anarchist in New York as in Chi- cago. Just so they are hung, it makes no particular difference re- garding the location. GEN. WARREN, of Butte, has re- signed the chairmanship of the Re- publican Central Committee. Some- thing must have gone wrong at the late election to cause the General to . take such a step. The Republicans will certainly lose a chieftain. S. W. Graves was chosen to fill the vacancy. The resignation is supposed to be on thekrounds of certain actions in a cau- cus that were dissatisfactory to the General. SENTINEL readers must not forget that \eternal vigalance is the price of Liberty,\ that it cannot be pre- served by mere assertions, 'symbols, or display. We may erect a statue put on a pedistal as high as the clouds and placing a torch in the uplifted hand of the bronze goddess, call it, \Liberty Enlightening the World;\ but unless principles—sacred, just, honest, eternal, divine principles, are thought more of than mere parties, measures or men, the statue of Lib- erty will be but a mockery of the very principles it is designed to ty- pefy and exalt. MONTANA PRESS ASSOCIATION. We are in receipt of the proceed- ings of the Third Annual meeting of the Montana Press association, held at Helena, August 23d and 24th, 1887. They were printed at Great Falls Tribune office, and it is a cred- itable piece of printing. The an- nual address, by Capt. James H. Mills, should particularly attract the attention of the press, and especially that portion which refers directly to the \cash in advance and discontin- uance on expiration.\ This proposi- ti m should be looked into carefully. We have several hundred dollars on our books that should be sent in. Newspaper men often get censured for not printing better papers, when the truth is that there so many delin- quents on the books that it is at times almost impossible to pay the neccessary running expenses of the office. Printers want and need their money f every Saturday night, and silould have it. The other inciden- tals iisavie to be paid with just as much -prom ptseas awl regularity. Pay the printers for raw papers in advance and you will nine tiptoe out 'of ten get satisfactory returns tor . vo.ur nveatmenta. II IF •k .1 COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. Special Meeting to Accept Bids for Excavating the Court House Grounds. BOULDER, MONTANA, May 24, 1888. Special meeting of the Board for the accepting of the plans and specifications for the new court house. Present—A. Macomber, chairman; A. H. Moulton, George Lambert. It is ordered that the following notice be published in the SENTINEL: NOIICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the Clerk and Recorder at Boul- der, Jefferson County, Montana Territory, for the excavations required in the erec- tion of the new court house. Specifica- tions descriptive of the work can be seen at the above office at any time during of- fice hours up to the hour of 12 M, June 4th, 1888, at which time the commission - era will meet and award the contract. Said Commissioners reserve the right to reject any and all bids. By order of the Board. Board adjourned to May 25th at 9 o'clock A. M. BOULDER, MONTANA, May 25, 1888. Full Board met pursuant to adjourn- ment 9 A. M. It is ordered that the bond of W. P. O'Brien, constable for the Wickes pre- cinct be accepted. That the ground plan for the new court house submitted by Paulson & McCon- nell, architects, be accepted. That the following notice be published in the Sentinel, Helena Independent and Butte Inter Mountain: NOTICE TO BRICEMAKERS. Sealed proposals are desired from the brickmakers of Jefferson, Silver Bow and Lends and Clarke counties, Montana Ter- ritory, for the furnishing of Three Hun, dred Thousand Brick, more or leas, at the depot at Boulder, Jel i erson county, Terri- tory aforesaid. Proposals from all parties must be ac- companied by fair samples of the brick they intend to furnish. The bids will be received at the office of the Clerk and Recorder, at Boulder, Jefferson county, Territory aforesaid up to the hour of 12 M., June 19th, 1888. The Board re- serves the right to reject any and all bids. By order of the Board. That the fallowing sums be allowed on the contingent fund: A. Macomber, 2 days Co. Corn., mileage and telegram, $35.50; A. H. Moulton, 2 days Co. Corn., and mileage, $20.80; Geo. Lambert 2 days Co. Corn. and mile- age, $34.00. Board adjourned to regular eeselon June 4th, 1888. A. MACOMBER, Chairman. Attest: CHAS. E. STEVENS, Co. Clerk. THE HELZNA SMELTER. A Conundrum as to Where it Will Be Located. • Rumors are rife in regard to locating the Helena smelter on the bar near Wickes. This would certainly be an ex- celleot place, but the way the matter now stands, is not that a smelter is needed at or near Helena, but a seine liar has to be established there in order that Great Palls shall not be ahead of the metropolis. If the matter is ems simply of a financial venture, we do not see but what the bar at or near Wickes would be as good a loca- tion as any that could be found for Helena capitalists to invest their money in, with one exception—that of Boulder. Of course, all admit that this is the best place in the country, but it might not then be considered a Helena enterprise. Go ahead, gentlemen, locate it at or near Montana City, if you want to, just so it is in Jeer - on county. We don't want the earth, we simply sent Jefferson county to come to the front. In a fe%c days an election of officers will occur, and then thet location will be made. The following have been chosen to manage the affairs until an elec- tion is held: S. T. Hauser, J. T. Murphy, 0. R. Allen, A. J. Davidson, A. J. Selig- man, II. M. Parchen, A. M. Hotter, all of Helena, and R. R. Rossiter and .1. L. Haberman, of New York. There is one thing certain, if the water could be secured from Dominic Freyler, the bar at Wickes would be an excellent place. THE ACTUAL FIGURES Nearly $24,000,000 in Gold and Silver Produced by Montana Mines Last Year. Herald: Assayer Braden has transmitted to the Director of the Mint his report of precious metals produced in Montana dur- ing the year 1887. It is based oe a thor ough canvass of the mining districts of the Territory, an examination of reports of mining companies wherever practica- ble and conservative estimates of the pro- duct at a few places where the actual figures could not be obtained. The result shows a total ef $23,796,085.23—an in- crease of nine millions of dollars over the year preceding. It is a showing of which Montana may well be proud. Following is Mr. Braden's report, show - ing the output in each metal of the sever- al counties. Counties. BeaverheV: Choteau. Deer Lodge Fergus Jefferson L & Clarke Madison Meagher.. stissoula Park Silver Bow Total .. Gold. Silver. Total. t 85,115 47 5 367,387 81 Z.71. 77, 42,352 Cii,\ 6,040,947 74 85,330 06 896,928 37 10,la 82 5,286,814 1,518,148 28 81.513 26 64.284 01 4.013 48 955,881 50 1.394,76242 1.4,12.766 '79 7% 61 6680) 77,574 00 8,097,266 88 9,993,148 38 56778.536 28 $17,817,548 96 23,796,085.23 $ 58.502 98 ZI.771 77 8,464.473 81) 85,330 60 1,791.930 79 10.1119 82 8,699,601 01 1,518,9E3 97 107181 26 141,809 01 4,01.3 48 The Eckert WilL The will of the late Mrs. M. A. Eckert was admitted to probate yesterday. It names Dr. W. L. Steele for executor, with- out bond, and bequeaths legacies as fol- lows: To her sister, Hattie N. Ewing, of Chicago, $500; to her brother, -John K. Anderson, of Bloomington, Ind., $100; to her brother, Wm. J. Aederson, of Monroe County, Ind., $100; to her brotile!, James H. Anderson, of Bloomington, $100; to her brother, Henry 11. Anderson, of Chi- cago, $100. To her mother, Nancy C. Perry, of Harrodsburg, Ind., the five acres of land with house and improve- ments, on which she is nOw living, for the period of her natural Ufe; ales so her mother, $50 per month while she lives. After her mother's death the property willed to her goes to Martha Taylor Eck- ert Schwabe, of Portland, Oregon, who is named as residuary legatee. The will ill- ete her remains be sent to Bloom- ington, Ina., for hasten TERRITORIAL NOTES. The democrats of Deer Lodge are talking of starting a paper there. August Foliar, an old timer, died in Helena at the International hotel, last Tuesday, of dropsy, aged 54 years. John M. O'Neill was knockmi down and robbed in Butte on the 28th. He lost $160 in money. No clue to the perpetrator. Dave Beerum is now engaged in practical mining. We hope he may soon become a quartz king, es he is a jolly good fellow. Tem hoises were shot in Bozeman last week, by the deputy veterinar- ian surgeon, that were afflicted with glanders. They were owned by Mr. Hendrickson. He was allowed $10 a piece for burying them. Chas. A. Clayton has been con- victed of murder in the second de- gree, for the killing of Maddux, by a Silver Bow district court. It was a great surprise Ito the people, as nearly all of them supposed the ver- dict would be justifiable homicide. James Martin was arrested Wed- nesdey on a warrant charging him with cattle stealing. The complaint was made by George J. Allen of the Upper Yellowstone, from whom Mar- tin was aocussed of stealing a calf and confining it in the barn of Joh. Moreno. Martin had an examination before Probate Judge Kelly, who bound him over in the sum of $500 to await tbe action of the grand jury, in default of which he was remanded to jail.—Enterprise. MINING DIATITR.S. Rich Pockets of News Extracted from Mines and Otherwise. There are a large number of mines in what is known as the Little Boulder dis- trict, (but really unorganized)that deserves more than a passing notice. They are sit- uated between the two Boulders, and about eight or ten miles from town. They are the Red Cloud, owned by Marron, Mc- Laughlin, Cain and Roes; Julia Gould, by John Barry; Queen of the Hills, Farnham and Jeffries; Emma, Billy Ross; Silver Butte, John Brody; Little Billy, !south of the Red Cloud, Forbes and Ross. Here Is where the famous placer mine of Jerry Smith is located. Mr. Smith was up this week and informs us that he is working three men and the clean up promises to be a most satisfactory on. These mines are all beteg werked, and the near future promises to develops some bonanzas. The location is very high, but easily operated by a tramway wben we get a smelter here. Ih The Sege country. BASIN; May 26.—[Special Corres- pondence of the Independent.}—A large force -of men have gone up to the BouldetriCiiief mine to erect hoist- ing and other mschinery and this val- uable mine will now be worked sys, ternatically. The lessees of the Lone Star ;nine have begun work, while work on the Atlailtio ie expected to IA resumed any day,a large force of Italian miners being on hand ready to sign with Gen. Harris for the sea- son. The booster people are hard at work to keep the ara.stra supplied, which is running day and night. The clean-up will take place at the end of the month, and a good result is anticipated. The Argonaut, owned by J. J. Thompson and Messrs. Henglewood and Shaw, the latter two engineers of the Northern Pacific, railroad sur- vey corps, is showing some fine ore in a large vein and is worked to the full capability of the afore -named gentlemen's purses. The Penn Placer Mining company employs about fifty men, under the direct su- perintendence of Engineer James P. Reed, Esq., of Philadelphia, is gen- eral manager of the company's af- fairs. All these mines are in the im- mediate vicinity of Basin, as are many more real good mining proper- ties. HEALTH AND FASHION. IMPORTANT TO LADIES. When you find the leading modistes and fashionable dressmakers of a city like New York uniting with New 'York's prominent physicians in the recommend. ation of an article of female apparel, you may put it down that you have discovered something worthy of more than passing notice. I've hit upon that RAJtA Avis, and my wife says itis my duty to make it known. The trouble with most appliances for the arrangement of woman's dress, ac- cording to the rules of health, is that they interfere more or less with the iines of beauty - and grace, and everybody knows that the average v oman (God bless her) would sacrifice health to style any day in the week. Here, however, is a case in which no sacrifice is required. Let an old married man, old enough to be your grandfather . , talk plainly to you, dear Miss Gotham, on wear corsets? Of course you do; well then you are aware that in the ordinary corset the greatest discomfort arises tram the fact that most ladies break the clasps or front steels of their corsets or that it holds them in such vice likagrip that it is impossible for the body to &Mune any other than an erect position. Now suppose you found a corset made of ex- cellent material which would fit you like a glove and obviate all this! The article of which I speak is Dr. Nichols new wadd improved Spinal Supporting Corset, in troducing in its construction his celebrated Patent Spiral Spring Clam, pronounced by the leading modistes, the fashionable dressmakers and the most eminent physicians the greatest invention since the introduction of corsets, rendering it im- possible to break the steels Or clasps and making the corset adjustable to any form, = cling readily to every movement of the y, and relieving the most delicate and vital organs from all injurious pressure. The sole manufacturers and owners of this ralitinble patent are the well known firm flof O. P . , Nit:hots Co., 384 and 386 Broadway, e'w Itorlf w4o want ariell4 in all parts of the country to Self' Vorsots, Xisctrul Hair Pins, otic. No experience required. Four orders per day eve the agent $150 monthly. Our agents report from four to twenty salt* daily, $8.00 sample corset free. Send 10 cents post- age for sample and terms. Ladies who do not desire to at as agents can obtain Illustrated ciroulers descriptive of this great invention on receipt of 8 cent stamp. Not only is it the best fitting and most convenient corset in the world, but is the only one which has received the unani- mous indorsement of the medical pro- fession. iliATQA usIC ETCETERA. See the new ad. of Harris the clothier. James Sites, of Wickes, is in Boulder. Bob Harwood is sojourning at the Springs. Victor ice chests in family sizes at T. F. Murray's. W. H. Dickinson was a visitor to Hel- ena this week. Prof. Swallow and John S. M. Neill, of Helena, visited Elkhorn Tuesday to ex- amine some mining properts. Screen doors, windows and fly traps at T. F. Murray's. Dr. and Mrs. Hunter returned yesterday from a several days' visit to Helena. Lady equestrians are becoming quite Common of evenings. They look quite pretty, too. Try our \May Blossom\ flour at $3.25 per hundred, put up by Grand Forks Roller Mill Co., and equal to Pillsbury's best. BACH, CORY a CO. Religious services at the Methodist church on next Sabbath morning and even- ing, conducted by the pastor, Rev. R. F. Beasley. All are invited to attend. Ex -City Marshal Jolly, of Butte, who by the way is a jolly good fellow on general principles. is about tore-engage as a disci- ple of Vulcan. He made an efficient of Beer, and although retired it will have nothing whatever to do with lale troserel popularity. He is a splendid blacksmith, and we wish him success in whatever bus- iness he may engage. The Boulder baseballists went up to Brennan's sawmill last Sunday to play the second game with the sawmillers. They played, but alas, poor \Yorrick!\ came back with an imprint of Waterloo all over them. The game stood 62 to 6. Say, boys, which side had the 52, and which side the 6? Try our \Orange Blossom\ graham flour put up by St. Paul Roller Mill Co. BACH. CCM i Co. Prof. Brown has returned home, and at this writing is probably telling the Hoosiers how he likes it in Montana. He expects to return again in the fall with his family. The professor gave excellent satisfsction as a teacher, and we hope nothitg will deter him from returning to Boulder. Pri:kly Ash Bitters warm up an invig- orate the stomach, improves and strength ens the digestive organs, opens the pores, promotes prespiratien, and equalizes the circulation. As a corrector of disordered system there is nothing to equal it. II. 11. Parchen is out from Helena look - after the construction of his new building. A. X. Hotter came out to Boulder to- day. He has large interests here, and seems to be pleased with the business as- pects 4 our flourishing town. A valuable gray horse was stolen from the Qiien mine at Elkhorn this week. Canlidates for office should make their announcements through the SENTINEL. It will only cost $5 from now until the 60 , 11 .- a lt( m s meet. Georgie Cowan saw his father digging a little dlteh in the front yard: He ex claimel to his mother: \Cetne reitmma, and see pat; I didn't know lawyers could wOrk I\ Rev. D. Spencer, of New York, will preach In the Baptist church next Sab- bath at us. m. and 8 p. m. Mesdames F. C. Berendes and R. J. Warren returned home from an overland ride to% Helena last Tuesday evening. Race Goodwin, the jolly old bachelor, was their escort. They express themselves as having had a nice time, as the weather was warm and pleasant. Col. Trotter, of the Hot Springs, is making grand preparations for a ball on the 4th of July. This promises to be the grandest affair ever at the Springs. Try our \May Blossom' flour at $3.2,5 per hundred, put up by Grand Forks Roller Mill Co., and equal to Pillsbury's best. We are informed that the Montana Stage company has secured about forty additional mail routes in Montana, Idaho and Washington. The stage business is not entirely dead yet Jerry Smith has purchased the three lots and barn belonging to the stage com- pany, of Supt, Townshend. Consideraiion $1300. This is a very desirable location, and it is probable that Mr. Smith will dur, ing the summer erect a fine brick build- ing thereon: Brickwork is progressing finely on the Parchen & Morris building. A pengraph of the building shows that it will be a fine structure. BACH, CORY & CO. Try our ''Orange Blossom\ graham flour put up by St. Paul Roller Mill Co. BACH, CORY a Co. Dante) Wortnian, of.. Lafayette, hut, has located among us, having bought a fine location in the Warner addition. His family will remove here just as soon as he can secure a residence. This gentleman is a contractor of years' standing, and is competent to erect buildings of any size. His ad. appears into -day's SENTINEL. Theo. Fuhrken, of Elkhorn, has sold out his mercantile business to Schreiner & Co., who carry a large stock of general merchandise. The 4th or July committee announce that preparations are being made for a grand celebration at Boulder during the day and a ball at the Hot Springs in the evening. Read the ad. in another soluran. Our citizens are beginning in good sea- son and will leave nothing undone that will contribute toward making a grand success of the Fourth of July celebratir. A reception committee will be appointed to receive visitors from neighboring camps, and a cordial invitation is extencied to all to add their quota of etitertainment to the day's programme. Messrs. Hagan, McMillan, Gilliam, Ed. Mahoney and James O'Connell and wife, of gikhorn, were in Boulder this week. /44 w itb time to begin to pre- pare for the Fourth of July. The silver cornet band boys are practic- ing from two to three times a week, and there is no doubt that they will give us excellent music. Let us start the ball a rolling. The Fourth will be here within six weeks, and we should celebrate by all means. J. J. Donovan, who was in charge of the surveyors in this section some time ONNER MERCANTILE COMFY. Montana's Greatest MERCANTILE INSTITUTION! r1 1 1-11R•MIPLA PILICDOIRee Sixteen Mammoth Departments! Conducted Strictly on the Principle of ==.4.7—.IING WIT= ..A..1 -11,a_ Dress Goods, Notions, Domestics, Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats and Caps, Trunks &Valises, Tailoring, Dress Goods, Notions, Domestics, Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Wall Paper, Dressmaking, Custom Shirts. Solid for Catalovlio dll Pi co List. Mail Orders Promptly Filled. 0 NN= 17, M=RC.4's.NTII.J=CO2v=\=\ iVIONT_A-1\TA-- ago, passed through Boulder last Monday en route for Butte, but his objective point was Tacoma. He will either be placed on the construction or operating roll, but he did not know which. Mr. Donovan is just returning with his beautiful bride, who in the future will make his western home cheerful as only a Boston lady can. Home Enterprise. When in need of wall paper do not buy from samples, but go to the Boulder Drug Store where they carry goods in stock, They will sell wall paper as cheap and border cheaper than you can buy in Hel- ena. No trouole to show goods whether you buy or not. DOICKLYASH k, BifTERS iA .,... em ,,..„ liniALLYEITIctinCf nat E3 itli mo SENNi e t\ It has stood the Test of Yellin, RAKE-RUCHU \ CIn g all Diseases of the BLOOD, LIVER, STOK- ACH' RES, &c.I rilrf tPuriTe W the Blood, Invigorates and Cleanses the System. DYSPEPSIA,CONSTI- PATION, JAUNDICE, SICKHZADACRE,BIL- IOUS COXPLAIN18,ac disappear at once under its beneficial influence. It is purely a Medicine as its cathartic proper- ties forbids its use as a beverage. It im pleas- ant to the taste, and ae easily taken by child- ren as adults. powny ASH 511111100 sots Propritytors, fir.Lotasaad ILLsrus Orr: WM. H. PIERCE, Manufacturer and Dealer in Lumber, Lath, —AND Shingles. Saw Mill on McCarthy Creek. MINING TIMBERS A SPECIALTY Carried at BOULDER CITY.. A. S. KELLOGG, Agent. Weal1 on us for Reduced Prices. ENOCH HODSON, Manufacturer of LUMBER and SHINGLES Sawmill near Beavertown. I am prepared to furnish MINING TIMBERS on short notice; Alls0 deal in all kinds of 1)1LESSE.J3 DRENNAN and CO., Manufacturers and Dealers in BRIDGE and DIMENSION LUMBER Mining Timbers A Specialty. i Saw-mill on Sloan's Gulch Postoffice, BOULDER, MONT. LEOP. SCHMIDT. 43E0li GE Vi'AFP SCHMIDT & PFAFF, Boulder, M. T. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Liquors and Cigars. Agents for Cen tennial Brewery and Montana Bottling Co. Keep constantly on hand a supply of Keg and Bottle Beer Champagne and Sweet Cider, Ginger Ale, Buffalo Mead, Orange Lemonade, root and Birch Beer, all kinds of Syrup, Soda and Cream, Soda Water, Sarsaparilla, Etc. Saloon, Hotel and Family Trade Solicited! Agents for Compression Pumps, Ice Chests and Bar Room Fixtures R. M. CRALLE, CIVIL AND MINING ENGINEER, U. S. DEPOT! MINERAL SUTtvicYoR, Procures U. S. Laud Patents of all kinds. OF - The most thorough attention will be given to all business entrusted to his care. OFFICE in the BACH, CORY & Co. building, BOULDER, MONTANA. DAN'', P. WORTMAN, Gmerai C4NTRACTOR & BUILDER All manner of material and labor fur- nished on short notice. Estimates for Material and Labor cheerfully given. Intending to locate in Boulder a share of your patronage is asked. Notice for Final Proof. LAND OFFICE AT HELENA, MONT., May 31, 1888. Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before J. C. Kerley, probate judge of Jefferson county, at Boulder, Montana, on July 10. IN:. viz: Horace Welch, who made homestead application 1666 for the east half of the southeast quarter and east half of the northeast quarter of section 18, township 1 north, range 4 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon. and cultivation of, said land, viz: Sherman F. Tuttle, of Fish Creek, Mont; Harrison Jordan, of Fish Creek, Mont.; William H. Newkirk, of Hope, Mont.; John W. Gilkey, of Hope, Mont - S W. LANGHORNE. Register. Notice for Final Proof. LAND OFFICE AT HPLENA, MONT., May 31, 1688 Notice is hereby given that the following -named settler has Sled notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim. arid that said t roof will be made before J. C. Kerley, probate uft* of Jefferson County, at Boulder, on July 10, 888, viz; Joseph Elmer, who made homestead ap- plication No. A121, for the west half of the south- west quarter of section 20, township 1 north, range 4 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: John W. Gilkey and IA iillam H. New- kirk, of Hope, Mont.; Sherman F. Tuttle and Harrison Jordan, of Fish Creek, Mont. 8. W. Le11011011Nx, Register. Notice to Brickmakers. orrice OF COCNTY CLIME AND RECORDER OF JirrEasow COUNTY. BOULDAR. Montana, May 25th, 1888. sealed proposals are desired from the Brick - makers of Jefferson, Silver Bow and Lewis and Clarke counties, Montana Territory, for the fur- nishing of Three Hundred Thousand (301,030) Brick. more or less, at the depot at Boulder, said county Mid territory. Proposals from all parties must be accompanied by fair samples of the brick they intend to furnish. Rids will be received at the dike of the Clerk and Recorder. at 13nalder, said county and terri- tory, up to the hour of 12 M., June 19, 1688. The Board reserves the right to any and all bids. CHAS. E. ST County Clerk. Reuben Warren, Livery OA .F00q STABLE Carriages, Buggies, Saddle Horses, Double Teams and Everything in The YAvery Line. Bou LUIGI?. CITY % MONTANA N it EAST! Mexican Mustang Liniment Lumbago, Rheumatism. Burns, Scalds, Stings, Bites, Bruises, Bnnions, Corns, C171=1.31:1131 Scratches, Sprains, Strains, Stitches, StiffJoints, Backache, Galls, Sores, Spavin Cracks. Contracted Insoles, Eriptions, Hoof Ai% Screw Worms, 68winney, Saddle Galls, Piles. THIS COOD OLD STAND-BY accomplishes for everybody exactly what is claimed for it. One of the reasons for the greet popularity of the Mustang Liniment is found km its universal applicability. Everybody needs such a medicine. The Lumberman needs It in case of accident. The Housewife needs it for generalfamily WIC The Caaaler needs it for his teams and his men. The Mechanic needs It always on his work bench. The Miner needs It in cam of emergency. The Pitineer needs It—can't get along without H. The Farmer needs it In Ids home, Ithi stable, and his stook yard. The Steamboat man er the Boatman needs it in liberal supply afloatand ashore. The Horee.fancier needs Is his bees friend and safest reliance. The Steck-grewer needs It—It will save him thousanfts of dollars and a world of trouble. The Maltreat imam amok it and will need it so long as hiallialesedoeml of accidents and dangers. The Backwoodsman needs it. There is noth- ing like It as an antidote for the dangers to life, Iltnb and comfort which suiround the pioneer. The Merchant needs it about his stomenrong his employee,. Aoddents will happen, and when nose come the Mustang Llaiment is wonted at once. Keep a Bettie is tn. Hisao. 'Ti. the best of economy. a Keep a Bottle in the Factory. Its immediate use in case of accident saves pals and loss of wages. Keep a Bottle Always is the Stable ter use when wanted. Notice to Contractors. OFFIcE or coexist CLERK OF Jlimmeon Co. BocrumnI, Montana, may Stith. 1888 Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the Clerk and Recorder at Boulder, Jefferson Comi- ty. Montana Territory, for the excavations requir- ed in the erection of the new court house. Speci- fications, descriptive of the work can be seen at the above Office at any time during office hours up to the hour of 12 K. June 4th. At). 1888, at which time the commissioners will meet and award the contract. Said commissioners reserve the right to reject any and all bids. By order of the Board. CHAS. R STEN-xxs, * County Clerk. Notice of Contest. U. & 1 4\ P\F a l l i f a = ri l Efr a ' Complaint having been entered at this office hi Nat bias W. Weber against Charles F. Howard for abandoning his Homestead Entry, No. 1733, dated February 2. 18%, upon the east half of southeast quarter of Section 14. Township 4 north, Range 3 west, in .1 county, mont.ana, with a view to the of said entry: the. said parties are hereby summoned to ap gt this office on the 27th day of June, INA teabdi., a. in.. to respond and furnish said alleged abandonment. SW before J. C. Kerley, County, madam& at 0 1 o tOt k;ligi I •

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 01 June 1888, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.