Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1885-1899, June 01, 1888, Image 5

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THE JElfirkilSON COUNTY SERTINEL BOULDEP, MONTANA, JUNE 1, 1888. geollFroToworof NoiCourtilooso. 441 ' \ < 11:10 4 -\•'=\1••••••, Billy Ross striking a bonanza on his Ella prospect Fred Uler going to Basin in the rain to keep out of the wet. Warren's carriage loaded every day with passengers for the Grand Central. Murray's 'bus flying to the trains. McKenzie trying to find his girl. Col. G walking home from the Springs at 1 a. m. Johnny Berkin taking a photograph of the \picknickers\ last Wednesday. Wm. Trotter coming down stairs at 2 a. m. to turn off the gas in the parlor. Judge Kerley looking for the fellow that stole his beer. Attorney Hay making a boquet of flowers for his best girl. Frank Woodman getting home from the picnic too late for supper. Some aspirants for county offices putting on their sweetest smiles. Joe McNally rolling out of a buggy going around a corner. Mart Barrett irrigating sage brush in his garden. John Dillon showing Dave Kinear how to'make soda water. Col. Graham taking in the theatre. An Enterprising Town. The Great Falls Tribune came out en- larged last week to a six -column quarto, and a fine illustrative map on the inside In the shape of a supplement. It pre- sented the compliments of Chowan & Burghardt, who, we suppose, are trying to sell off some of their real estate. The people of that little city do one thing to the queen's taste, and that is they put up money to boom their town. We sent east and had a nice map of Boulder and sur- rounding camps electrotyped, put it at the head of two columns of matter detailing the advantages of town and county, and after printing that a couple of weeks found that our exchequer had been increased just ten cents, and we were out the cost of the map, price of composition and other expense attendant upon printing of the same. That is the difference between Great Falls and Boulder. If the Tribune eisittriSeAsa4iLat article, their people would of immigrants Tot-esf r g,opies of that paper expecting that Great Fall; iv,othandreds some of them. A Queer Disease. Uncle Philip Smith was in town this week, and is hale and hearty with the ex- ception of his legs. They don't seem to work exactly right, and it is very singular too. In walking on level ground it is with the greatest exertion that he can walk at all. In fact, sometimes he has to stand perfectly still until his propellers take a notion to operate. And yet he can go up stairs or down, or step over any- thing with the greatest of ease. He is getting pretty well advanced in years -82 but retains his usual vigor with the one exception. We hope he may entirely re- cover in the near future The New School House. McGowan & McKenzie have com- menced the erection of the new school house in earnest. Lumber, stone, sand and lime are being hauled • there in pro- fusion. Scrapers are at work excavating, and in a day or so an army of workmen will be engaged in erecting the mammoth structure. These gentlemen are skilled workmen and no doubt this building will be a thing of beauty and a joy to our 3it- izens for a long time to come. If they keep up their lick the building will un- doubtedly be ready for occupancy at the appointed time. Good luck, boys. The Northwestern Clothing House. J. E. Landsman & Co. are well entitled to be classed the leading clothiers of Hel- ena. They had a large and varied stock of clothing, gent's furnishings, etc., but notwithstanding this fact, Mr. Landsman hied himself to New York and there pur- chased a large stock of the latest patterns, and made in the merchant tailor manner. The firm is now enabled to sell at prices that defy competition, and goods that are classed with the very best Remember the Northwestern clothing house, Helena, when you visit the metropolis. SENTINEL JOB OFFICE. The SENTINEL Job Office is supplied with all the latest fonts and styles of type and our facilities for turning out Lob work neatly and expeditiously are not surpassed in the territory. The Wickes Tunnel. Work is progressing rather slowly on the south end of the tunnel, from the fact that the water seips through so fast that it is almost impossible at times for the men to work, but Mr. Larson is doing all in his power to alleviate this. It would be strange, indeed, if they should happen to strike a running stream before they got through, such a thing would not be im- possible by any means. But it is to be hoped that they may be able to work along in the even tenor of their way until the work is completed. On the north end all is working favor- ably, and should they be compelled to stop work on this end, the tunnel could be finished from the other. Silk Ribbons! Those of our lady readers who would like to have aiegant, large package of extra fine, Assorted ...ns_ (by r. In different widths and all the test' nameable shades; adapted for Bonnet Strings, Scarfs, Trimming for Hats and e • Saws, Fancy Work, etc., can get an astoniahltgr bittgain. owing to the recent fail- ure of a large wholesale Ribbon Manufacturing Co.. by send only 25 cents stamps), to the address we give as a special offer this house will give double the amount of any other firm In America if you will send the names and P.O. address of ten newly married ladles when ordering and mention the name of this paper. No pieces less than one yard In length. Satisfaction Is guaranteed, or money cheerfully refunded. Three packages for 60 cents. Address. LoNoON RIBBON AliENCY, JIBBZY Cm, N.J. SEND TO D. J. HENNESSY & COMFY, BUTTE, MONTANA, FOR SAMPLES AND PRICES OF Dry Gods, Carpets and. Clothing. The Newest and Best Sided Stock at the lowest Prices in the Territory, Goods sent on approval, and may be returned at our eipense if not satisfactory, Visitors to Bide are respectfully invited to call and inspect our sin ad stock, WICKES WARBLINGS. SEEN FROM TRE WATER TAICE AT WICKES. From Our Special Correspondent. WIcKEs, Mont, June 1,1888. John Maulshagen to a friend, business Is business, money talks. No thanks, don't indulge. Teddy will pay 30 cents for Pen Yan. J. II. Baldwin -30 per cent interest on investment. Cataract tramway. \Coffee Bill\ and Fatty Jack of black- smith fame laughing for a wager. The former's dove like ripples and Jack's gur- gling only to be compared to the peculiar sound of the fluttering wings of a part- ridge resulted in a draw. Chas. Starrett advocating prohibition and summing up the possibilities of Big Foot district. to dtteers.Cauby and M. McQuirk trying Capitalists trying to lAira h a a a,.., for $500. Al Willis gathering wild flowers. Go- ing again. Tne ooys runoing clown bullivan, Coffee Bill's right hand man, after his late scrap. Jake Loeb of the Little Palace in his inimitable role of \Call again.\ Ladies and gents playing croquet on the Wickes hotel lawn—me too, Joe Bush. The latest out—a trus fissure bedstead. Jack Briscoe try to induce St. Paul cap- italists to put up a concentrator to concen trate the indications of the Serious lode, Cataract. Attorney Green buying a thousand mile ticket on account of increasing business at Alhambra. Coifs* Bill telling a friend Important secrets. Jackson holding the winning cards at loo—boys at the \Wickes\ catch on. It EWs. Great excitement exists in mining cir- cles owing to the big strike near the Blue Bird and Pen Yan mines. The outlook for the coming season becomes brighter every day. Old timers say that there has never been in the history of Montana a better chance for prospectors to have claims developed if there is any kind of a show of paying ore. Logan, of Bismarck looking for an op- ening for a first-class bakery and general supply store. Wickes will probably catch him. An evening train three times a week to Alhambra Springs is talked of during the hot season and will be a great accommo- dation to the great unwashed. DEPARTURES. Mr. Cox, wife and daughter, relatives of J. S. Magen, for Gloster, Montana. J. E. Busk, Alex Street, J. B. Loeb and R. Engdahl for Helena. M. Taylor, of the firm of Dean & Tay- lor, for a trip east, and it is rumored that he is nOt conaing back alone. Mrs. Carpenter, wife of our N. P. agent made a short visit to Helena. James E. Stites, Henry Braund aid Con Peterson, our estimable mining magnates, have all been expelled from the Bachelor Club for unba.chelor conduct in taking un- to themselves a wife. ARRIVALS. J. W. Reeve, of Elkhorn, the noted saw mill rustler, was in the city during the week and is going to move his saw mill outfit from Flkhorn to the Cataract district to manufacture lumber for the new concentrator. ' J. 0. Briscoe, of Helena, paid a visit to the Evening Star mine Monday, to set a going [the mammoth improvements con- templated. Bert Lathrop, of Helena, was seen on the streets to -day. He is the general man- ager of the Bamboo Chief in the Boulder district, and work will be started immed- iately under the supervision of John Mor- ris. If there is wealth then John will find it. The Wessel dramatic troupe have billed the city for two nights this week, Friday \My Pardner\ will be put on the boards and for Saturday \The Black Flag.\ Wm. Brennan, of Boulder, looked the town over on Monday and telling his dem- ocratic friends that he is a condidate for sheriff. MEMORIAL DAY. — - Almost the Entire town Turned Out to a Picnic. The 30th, Memorial Day, was spent in a quiet way by those who remained' in Boulder. But the most of our citizens hied themselves to a beautiful grove (!) near Pierce's saw mill, and then and there had a glorious good time. Everybody took their lunch baskets with them. Mrs. Chas. E. Stevens had two large freezers full of delicious ice cream, Mrs. Hack Concannon had an ample supply of lem- onade, which together with a case of cream beer, which was furnished by Mrs. Geo. Pfaff. afforded ample liquids to wash down the superb repasts that had been prepared by the ether ladies. The cloths were spread upon the grass and all the baskets emptied thereon, but In excellent style, so that all partook with a relish. chip- munks There was plenty for all, and considerable s• for the ground squirrels and chip - another picnic on their own hook. The gregete together and have ticipated, and much credit is due to Mrs. W. B. Gaffney and Mrs. Stevens, as they seemed to be the instigators of this most enjoyable affair. We all returned home early in the afternoon in time to witness a game of base ball between two improdoptd Boulder clubs. A LARGE ESTABLISHMENT. What James B. Perkins is Doing in the Blacksmithing Line. Boulder can now boast of one of the largest and best appointed blacksmithing establishments in Jefferson county. There are five men at work in his shop and all are kept busy shoeing horses, repairing carriages, wagons, agricultural impliments etc. He has employed the celebrated Jim. Maxwell, of California, to do shoe- ing and other fine work. Mr. Rightenour is a first-class wood worker, and is appreciated by all patrons in his line. A man to do a general busi- ness of this kite: !.as long been needed in Boulder, and J. B. Perkins has come forth and will in the near future fill this long felt want. We bespeak for him a liberal patronage, as his work speaks for itself, and his charges are reasonable. his shop is located near the old stage barn, across from the Windsor stables. Give Jim a call and he will do you proud, as he takes great interest in his work. A Close Call. Green Bros. at the Amazon, came near losing their fine thoroughbred Clyde stallion \Time 0' Day.\ He was taken with a sudden and very severe attack of spasmodic colic, which would have 80012 have terminated in his death had it not been for the skillful treatment of J. B. Perkins, who was immediately called. He I soon brought him out all right. It would haye been a great loss to the community as well as his owners, as he was valued at two thousand dollars. Cheap Rates. The Northern Pacific railroad will sell round trip tickets to St Louis and Chica- go conventions at one first class unlimited fare for thc round trip. The tickets for St. Louis will be sold on May 30th, 31st and June 1st These tickets will be good to return until June 14th. The tickets for Chicago will be sold June 13th, 14th and 15th and will be good to return until June 28th. If any further extension of limits are agreetrupon due notice will be given. For further particulars tail on or address A. L. Stokes, general agent„Hel- ens., or James W. Caig, agent, Butte. Stock Holders' Meeting. The first regular annual meeting of the Boulder Building and Loan Association Will be held at the Court House in Boul- der, M. T., on Wednesday, June 6th at 8 o'clock p, m. for the purpose of electing officers to serve during the coming year and for the transaction of such other bus- iness as may come before it. Only those whose initiation fees have been paid will be entitled to vote. Proxies must be in writing. WM. MORRIS, Chairman. R. J. DOI:0111MT; Secretary. LAID DOWN HIS PICK C. K. Hatch, an 0 Id Tiner, Has Gone to the Diggings ibove Special to the Sincrum.. ELKHORN, May 29.—Aeother of Mon- tana's old timers is gone. M. C. K. Hatch, who for the past twenty tears roamed over the mountains of M>ntana till he knew all the placn gulche and was fa- miliar with the lay of the And from one end of this vast territory tithe other, has laid down his pick and shd-el for the last time, and his spirit returtid to the God who gave it. Mr. Hatch was a soldie from Massa- chusetts in the late war, ani was employed as sharpshooter. FinallYbecoming dis- abled, he was given an onorable dis- charge. liot long afterwar he came here and has lived the life of tl average pros- pector, alive) s haying abunlance \in sight\ but nothing in his pockets Recently he has been cutting wood up cm Mount Baldy where he was taken 111 abt. a week ago. Friends with a team climod romr urvals iu 1111111 MJ 11+401 last ounday, since w.hich time he has received all the attention that kind friends could give him till a little after noon to lay, (Tuesday) when he gave up the strfg-gle and passed away. Requiescat in pa:e Rentals in Boulder. It is possible that somi of the business men of Boulder may awdie to a realizing sense of their normal ondition. Consid- ering the fact that railrd monopolies are about to entekhis, the tuture metropolis of this superb territory 4 Montana, which contains those vast rescurces, causing in- fluxes of immigration, ye must take into consideration very mary ideas. One of these consists in a discheure to this effect: Should some capitaliat enter Boulder and erect a series of cotages with neces- sary accompaniments, wiich would satisfy fastidious parties, with ieasonable rentals attached thereto, he woud not only prove himself a beneficial auxiliary to the com- munity, but would be a mountain in the surrounding elements that tend to build up and make A prosperous town. In- quiries come to us every day for cottages, and the only answer we can give them is that there are none. There is ground here in abundance; sawmills on every hand and in almost every gulch, that manufacture excellent dimension lumber at reasonable prices; skilled labor and laborers are reasonable, and there is no reason why we can't have a dozen residences built within the coming six weeks to accommodate those who wish to rent cosy, comfortable homes since they haven'tithe Gleam to build such for themselves. The Fourth of July. In accordance with a call published last week quite a number of the business men of Boulder met at the court house last Sat- urday evening to consider the advisability of properly celebrating the coming Fourth of July in Boulder. S. A. Robertson, of the SENTINEL, was called to the chair and Wm. Morris was made secretary. After some discussion it as decided that Boulder should celebrate with procession, orations, music, base -ball game, horse races, fireworks, and all the usual accompaniments. A general com- mittee of arrangements was appointed, consisting of J R. Warren, W. T. Sweet, R. J. Dougherty, Wm. Morris, and C. W. Barger. This committee will have the au- thority to arrange the programme, collect the neccessary funds, and appoint sub- committees for various purposes. This committee met Monday e 'ening and elected the follow officers: j D C o h u ah g i rizt ert 7 : Wm. Morrie; secretary, R treasurer, F. C. Berendes. The sub -com- mittees will be named later as their ser- vices are needed. In order that the cele- bration may be a grand success it is hoped there will be a hearty co-operation on the part of all the citipna of Boulder. Bent to Warm Springs. Ole Iluseby, who was iu the employ of John Sund, laying stone on the Parchen & Morris building last week, was noticed to be a little beside himself. After the foundation was completed en this build- ing, Ole started for the valley, and when in the neighborhood of Mr. Ed. 'Ryan's, he laid down on some brush. Parties passing by told our sheriff that a man was acting queerly, and deputy sheriff Lindsey in company with Mr. Sund was dispatched after him. When found his hands were lacerated badly, and bleeding profusely. 1e was taken in charge by our worthy jailor, adjudged insane by our honorable probate judge and sent to Warm Springs. am aims -aro 115•=11 IMAM FREE OF EXPRESSAGE. In order to increase the business of our Mail rder Department, we will deliver all goods to any accessi- ble part of the Northwest, free of expressage when the cash accompanies the Order—carpets, linoleum, wall paper, tents and trunks alone excepted—and we are the only house in the Northwest that so delivers. We have the Best Assortment of Dry Goods, Suits and Wraps for Ladis, Misses and Children, Carpets and Wall Paper, Men's Cloth- ing and Furnishing Goods in the Territory, and we have the de- served reputation of selling only articles of a superior quality and at prices as low as the same goods can be bought of any Eastern house. (...... Return the goods at our expense if any cause of dissatisfaction II whatever shall exist, and we will return you the purchase money ;1 r i promptly. Write for samples and quotations. II J. 11. 130YeR, J14,ec Co., 1241 - tte, Mora. 11 CLOSING OUT SALE. We will sell for the next go days at greatly reduced prices our stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats & Caps, - BOOTS AND SHOES, GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, C=CCIery\. cSZ0C In order to close out our store at Boulder. Bach, Cory & Co. New Goods ! New Styles! Low Prices! Just arrived from the East the largest consignment of goods ever brought to the Territory. Clothing, Cents' Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, Dry Goods, NotionstBoots, Shoes, Carpets, Oil Cloth Window Shades, Queensware, Glassware, Hardware, Tinware, Staple and Fancy Groceries, &c., which will be sold regardless of cost. Orders by mail will re- ceive prompt attention. Don't fail to give us a call. SCHREINER & CO., - Vc.rICKS NEW DRY GEE STORE. Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Ladies' and Gents' Furnishings, Men's and Boy's Clothing. (In Ryan 45,; Leighton's 13104 -Ii., M. Goldberg, DILSIMB IN i•T Boot &ages Hand -Sewed Work a Specialty. Our Ladies' Shoe Department is Complete 1 Full Line of Boo's and Shoes for Boys and Oitas. L# t tel0 SV:e3 and Best loia,'tf s. 1301.12-1,..D. - ; 1.101•TT..6-1\T.A... ESTABLISHED 1867 No. 1049. 1st NationalBank OF HELENA. U. S. DEPOSITORY. Paid up Capital, $500,000 Surplus and Profits, 325,000 DIRECTORS: S. T. Hauser, Prest. A. J. Davis, Vice Pr. E. W. Knight, T.H.Kleinschmidt, Cashier, Amt. Cash. A. M. Holt,er, John C. Curtis, H. M. Parchen, • R. S. Hamilton, J. H. Ming. C. P. Higgins, T. C. Power. \THE MATCHLESS. \ I have Just received from New York a complete line of FASHIONABLE MILLINERY! for the spring of '88. which I offer to the patroniz- ing public at very low figures for cash, also Ladies' Parasols. Collars and Cuffs, Boys' and Doll Hats. etc.. etc. I shall add to my stock from time to time fresh supplies of goods of the latest stylcs. Please call and I will take pleasure hi showing you my goods whether you buy or not. Mrs. Lura Sanford. FO011fri JULY EE3.A.LI\ —AT TUE— Boulder Hot Springs There will be a Grand Ball on the even- ing of July 4th. MUSIC WILL BE RENDERED BY CARPENTER BROS. ORCHESTRA F Silver Corn el Y Band, of Boulder, One of Wm. Trotter's usual Excellent Suppers will be Served. TAKE IN THE Grand Celebration AT BOULDER During the day and everybody come to the Ball in the evening. TICKETS, Including Supper, $3.00 A first-class corps of flocr managers will see that everyone enjoys themselves. BY ORDER COMMITTEE. WE S' MOTHERS! DAUGHTERS! BE YOUR OWN PHYSICIAN! A lady who for years suffered from distressing female complaints weaknesses, etc.. so common to her sex, zulcl had despaired of a cure. finally found remedies which completely cured her. Any sufferer can use them , and thus cure herself, without the aid of a pn)- siclan. Two recipes and full directions free. Sealed. Address Mits. W. C. HOLME:i, 668 Broad- way, N. Y. (Name this paper.) MATRIMONIAL For infvrination and circulars re- garding the InSernational Marriage Bureau's Se- cret Syptaat t enclose 2 cent staMp. eon &MIT, 2137 Wabash Ave.. chime°. Illinois. GO Wee are ewe% 1st Some who No S ostiss eak,Pertissa„Maiee,will receive free, full informatiott about worn which they can do. sod live ad besne,tbat sfil pay earned over IMO .4.,. Miner signamiagegeNt. them from $6 to az peg 6*. lieit s tw a s to not required. You are Maried-frea. Owl al ass asuiaalaleamostatarlillidaloloss. ..••••-• • r • • . • 4.1

Jefferson County Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 01 June 1888, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.