The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1899-1904, August 17, 1899, Image 2

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srissraismusceor crcetranwir asintrimeratz a . scarrx.azimrst. niircrixr•mraa.. THE SENTINEL., 8. AL ROBIRT8024, Posusann, Boulder City, Montana. V. M. Ronnwrsen, : Manager TAMA Ivory Thursday Afternoon. tutored at the PostonIce In Boulder CI%) Montana, as seoond-claas mail matter. fitrationtrriou, per year, la advance,$2.CO T A P P A I' 44 and MI asresants 'Exchange. San Prams is, t,ruta. where contract& fOr adverUsing can bona& for It P VISHRR. Newspaper Advertising Agent. A-i• Merchants litettange, San Francisco. Is our authorized agent This paw Is keel on die in Si. Aloe THURSDAY. AUGUST 17, 1899 Tits . extreme length of the session of the Senatorial committee to con- sider the financial question may be accounted for by ths fact that they are held at • famous summer resort. THE disparity between a $75,004 reception in New York and a $11,000 gift house in Washington, will doubtless cause Admiral Dewey to wonder why the - figures were not reversed. THE South Atneriean- combine against the United States turns out to be only a trade alliance. It could not well be otherwise. Where would the South American republics be today were it not for the protect- ing arm of the United States? T H E eight transports for the Phil- ippines now in the harbor of San Francisco are being prepared for the earliest possible start. General (Ms has asked for rapid fire gun., which are especially adapted to the warfare in the Philippines. The Ordnance Bureau has ordered the guns shipped. SENATOR BURROWS set the people to thinking in his recent interview in Washington during which he made the statement that the chances of the Itepublican party in the , next cam- paign would be very alight if the Philippine war should Be in progress a year from now. An • result the administration is going tc make a riZperats effort to force the Filipinos into subjection. Biro grass is believed by the grass men of the Department of Ag riculture to be a highly valuable acquisition to the sub -arid regions of the west. No plant can grow in a dry soil, and the d fficulty in most plants is that under such a condition they not only fail to grow, but they die. Brume grass, while no different from other plants in it. ability to grow during a drouth, can yet main. tarn its life under conditions when other grasses die, and start off again in new growth as soon al welcome rain arrives. A. K. IC ItRk Es, editor of the Boze- man Chronicle, has just issued a book bearing the title, \Pieces for the Pa- pot,r by Aka irtirkes of Sourdough Creek.\ It is a collection of huizoc- nis and poems from the editor's pen, which have from time to time appeared in tha Chronicle. Mr. Yisrk- es has for a number of years been rec ognized by the Montana press as • bright humorist. It is presumed that the book is the result of • rise in \S .urdough Creek,\ and such being the rase may Brother Yerkes have true good fortune to see an annual rise and find ready site for all the leaven that runs over in the shape of the pre ssnt interesting little book. The mere fact that business is ac- tive and n ((((( ey made, is not proof of prosperity. This question most •I - ways be: I/0 the few or the many share in the prosperity? A proaperi- ty which enriches those who are, rich sod leaves the poor where they were is not a condition over which we can congratulate It is, per- haps easy to note the increasing growth of monopolies, but a full re- •lization of independent enterprise comes very slowly, and may come too late. We can realize locally how the great mercantile establishments in the center of the city have crushed otit the smaller stores itnil nonle clerks of independent merchants. Iii the earns way, of course, throughout the land, the great iombinations which are taking possession of the manufacturing est•ldistimenta are m.sing employes of independent m anti fact urers, or retiring them from activity, entirely. Possibly th e two pie are for a little time realizing some advantages from these combi• s ttioos. They can, and will. manu- facture more cheaply, and sometimes may give the people some part of these economies in ct °spew goods But they are not philanthropic insti- tutions and they are not organized or controlled by philanthropists. Why Net a Creamery! 111 1 Would it not be a good phut for IMMO of our farmers to get together end start a oreamery? It would be such a saving of work to tbe average farmer's family, amid especially tbe wife. have it down in the Lower Boulder somewhere, so as not to have the delivery of milk too far off. The butter would be so much better, and there would be ready sale for it all over the state. As it is now we have to send • long way for creamery butter, and there are lots of people who will have no other, as it is al- ways firstclass, though it costs more. I et our farmers look into this matter • little. State Frees Association. There is no doubt that the mem- bers of the Press of Siontana will be right royally entertained when they meet in Anaconda. Marcus Ditly's town is always equal to any emer- gency. The litter Mountain's Ana- conda correspondent says: W.W.Walsworth of Butte, presi- dent of the Montana Press associa- tion, came down last night, sod with John McMurray, secretary of the association, fixed September 5 and 6 as the dates for the next annual meeting, which will be held in Ana- conda. A local executive committee was appointed as follows: J. H. Durston and C. 11. Eggleston of the Anaconda Standard, John McMurray of the Anaconda ItIcorder, and Peter Towey of the Inter Mountain (Ana- conda department) A great (teal of the plans of entertainment are at this time known, but are not made public until the executive committee authorizes its publication. Suffice to say it will be the 10th anniversary of the Anaconda Standard, and the occasion will be made a grand one at a titne when the press gang are in town. The meetings will be held iti Standard hall. An entertainment at the Margaret theatre, which is the best in the state, a banquet which will be unprecedented in th3 history of the state, will be given at the Montana. There will be a trip thro' the smelters, and it is expected an excursion to Spokane. - lists !totes. The Stockholders of the Eva May held • meeting last week and deeded to begin operations on that property at once. The shaft will he sunk 200 feet and other improvements will be made. Snoring will begin about Sept. 1st. Troublesome I. the Army. During the (+di war, as well as in our late war with Spain, diarrhoea was one of tbe most troublesome diseases the army had to coctend with. In many instances It became (-heed(' and the old soldiers still suffer from It Mr. David Tay lor of Wind Ridge, Oreene county, P., is one of these. i1e wiles Chareberlain's ('holers and Diarrhoea Remedy and says hs never found anything that would glee him such quick relief. It Is for sale by the lieu!. der Drug Co Beets lids Strike Yes? Muddy complexions, nauseating breath come from chronic constipstlob Karl's Clover Root T... Is an absolute cure and has been sold for fifty years na an at.... lute guarantee Price 2:sc' and roe . Sold by Boulder I)rug Co PIANO * BARGAINS To reduce our stock of sec- ond hand and slightly used Pianos and . Organs, some of which are as good as new, will make the following low prices: Worth Now 1 Stanley & Sons, square $75 00 $25 00 Elnerron \ 75 00 \2: 00 75 00 25 00 5.300 *500 125 00 50 00 I Windsor I Vow & Sons 1 Emerson I Rudman, upright 150 00 100 00 1 Martin st Hamlin 160 00 110 00 I Mason & Hamlin \ 225 OG 115 00 I Marshall & Wendel \ 2u0 00 125 00 I norther 2$0 00 150 00 I Hallett ez. Dewitt 230 00 150 00 1 Decker line. 150 00 295 00 1. Selmer & 51,10 00 350 00 I Good High Tep Organ 65 00 35 00 1 rise \ \ 0 100 00 50 00 TERMS OF SALE: All amounts less than $50.00 cash; over $50.00, $25.00 cash and $10 per month. '111. no Wt. I I le: A P CURIIN MUSIC NOUSE, W. HOUGHTON, Manager. Helena, Montana. MIMI? 01 YOIL Pulse You feel the blood rushing along. But what kind of blood? That is the question. Is it pure blood or impure blood? If the blood is impure then you are weak and languid ; your appetite is poor and your digestion is weak. You can- not sleep well and the morn- ing finds you unprepared for the work of the day. Your cheeks are pale and your com- plexion Is sallow. You are troubled with pimples, boils, or some eruption of the skin. Why out purify your blood it 0 1% will do It. Take It a few days and then put your finger on your pulse again. You can feel the differeace. It is stronger and yodf circulation better. Send for our book on Impure Blood. If you are bilious, take Aver's Pills. They greatly aid the Sarsaparilla, They Lure constipation also. • tee*. es ewe 00411.1efil. Write Ibsen freely all Um par-0001ms in YOU, Mae. To. WIU net,, a Pr.A. P TZilver Oft. J. O. AY Lewin HE ASKED TOO MUCH. A Resew Who Severna& TWZOIN the .rseitod• of the one 51 It was in Bradford. An old man was 'bout to step in front of a ant -am tram q.,,ing at full speed, when, a band seized Ititu and flung him back. It %I...a nar- row shave, and as soon as the old 111101 realized it he extended his hand to his rescuer and exclaimed: \You hate saved my life and I can never repay the debt.\ • \I deserve no thanks,\ WSW the modest reply. \But you deserve more than thanks. I ant u rich ntan, and I want to give you some enbatentiel token of my grati- tude. Ilere- let me write you s cheek fur-\ \1 couldn't accept anything -really, I couldn't,\ prote•ted the other, \but there is something you might do for me all the same.\ r \Speak and if shall be done.\ \You arc a rich man and I know you It; name. I am secretary of the gas company. Etery month ellen you come In to pay your bill you melte a tremen- dous row for half an hour and declare that we are highway rubbers. If you would only. agree--\ \Not to make a row over my gas bill? Never, sir, newer! You saved my life, and I ant ready to draw you &check for C in.otio; but, as for foregoing a prat i- lege granted only to free -born Britons, I can't ourrender it- couldn't do it if you raved my life a dozen times over!\ Tit-11its. The SENTINEL, Six Monthg for $1 00 Shot in the Back. Maitre La burl, Counsel for Dreyfus, the Victim. Ambushed on Bin Way to Court. Would be Murderers Escaped. Rims's, tug. 14.—Two men ambushed Maitre Labori,coun- sel for Dreyfus. One shot was fired, hitting Labori in the back, and he fell in the road. He is still alive, Maitre Labori left his house alone for the court at about 6 o'clock this morning. His residence is situated in the tin- burbs of the town, about a quarter of an hour's walk from the Lyme, the route being along a solitary road beside the - River Vilaine. He had reached a point half way on his journey when two men, who had evidently been lying in wait for him, rushed out of a narrow lane, and one of them fired a single shot from a re- volver. The murderers were only a couple of yards behind Labori and the shot struck him in the back. The wound- ed man uttered an agonized cry and fell flat on his face. The murderers immediately fled through the lane from %%Melt they had emerged and I loth escaped. lisssies, Aug. 15.—At eight o'clock this evening, M. Labo- ri was removed in an ambu- lance to the residence of Prof Bash, in a suburb of Rennes He stood the journey well, al- though naturally fatigued. The doctors tonight are ex- tremely hopeful of a speedy recovery, but consider it would be unwise for him to return to court until there is abso- lutely no danger of a relapse. Red Hot Frew the lion Was the ball that hit 0. B. Steadman, of Newark, Mich., in the Civil war. It caused horrible ulcers that no treannent helped for 20 years. Then Bucklen's Arnica salve cured him. Cures cuts, Ionises, burns, boils, felons, corne. skin eruptions. Best pile cure en earth. 25c a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by Boul- der Orug Co. Reams.. ss Cirri& Eirprepa cars are now running on the street ear tracks of Pittsburgh. They are built on the sante principle ie. United States mail ears. There n doors, one in front and one in tlo The Interior is made of the finest wo,r and has several shelves for package.. All along the route recently people looked with curiosity on the new ear. Few had any idea to what use it was to be put. In McKeesport flocks of chil- dren ran after the car, imegining it was one of the show variety. -Pittsburgh Dispatch. Vie -riles Night aid Day. The busiest and 'nighties' little thing that ever was made Is Dr. King's New Life Pills. Every pill Is a sugar-coated glebule of health, that changes wt &knees Into strength, listlessness Into energy, brain -fag Into mental power. They're wonderful in building up the health. Only 2.5c per ton. Sold by BoulderDrug Co. CALti,\ — CRIVI4 - 0 A largo 32-P.114n Motrtint,litan Paper. Ivory eniutrin Bristling With AND A COPY Of 1HIS PAPII7 12 11:;ttnths THE DAILY 3ULLETIN (Sursday Included) $6.00 A VI AR. ASTORIA The Hind You Have Always Bought, and which ham beet Iii use for over 30 y ears, has borne the signature of and has been made under his per- Mill:a supervision vi iii',' its Infancy. • • .\'\ e ' 6 \ 4444 All, 110 0110 tin itei . i.I10 )011 In this. All Counterftitm, Imitations and \./tist-as-good\ ure but Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children- Experience agaInet Experlim•nt. What is CASTORIA Casterla iI4 is harmless substitute for Castor 011, Pare- goric, Drops end Soothing Sy rumps. It is Pleasant. It contains nett li.•r Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. II a age is its guarantee. It destroy pt Vu ortits arid allays l'eacrishness. It cures DlarrInea and SS not Colic. It relics es Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the, Stomach and Bowels, pit hug healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Punnet -A Thu Moth.•r's Friend. GENUINE CASTOR IA ALWAYS Beare the Signature of • 444M The Kind You Hate Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. Summer School at thz '\ackman Business College Courses of study: Business, Pentnitnahip, S'iorthend, (Pitman, Graham sod !dunsori systems) typewriting, E iglush, N rin tl, C.vil Service, Ger- man, Spanish, Music and Telegraphy. NO VACATION. Student's May Enter any Time Students may select their own studies. Etch student advanoes . as rapidly as capable. Personal attention given to each: All work planned and under direct supervision of principal. Summer School—SPECIAL RATES -Summer School. Instruction by mail. Day and night sessions. Apply to principal for all inforrnetion as to board, rooms,rate of tuition, eta NARY E. JACK I t N, Prlsnlpul mad Proprietor. Kiennschmidt Sleek, Helena, Meat. BARTEAU & TINDALL, Propriet or id the WINDSOR STABLES Filli Turnouts, Gentle Horses, Special At Paid to C , rnni-rt ai I ravelets tirYour solicite4. Main Street. Bonldor. Montana. 'Bus runs to and from all trains to any part of the town. UHF WINDSOR HOTEL, BARRETT & DETOUR, Props First class in Every Respect. Rates.i$2.00 per Day. Boulder, Montana Ride a MJnarch '&0; Keep in Front! MONARCH AND DEFIANCE BICYCLES , 1 re re.ognized the would riter 30 representing the highe,f type of excellence in H. to • oustruction. $25.00 KING AND QUEEN $25.00 I h h.t • ul 0,, s.i .', .,nh lot 11 money MONARCH CHAINEESS$15'11. MONARCh IOADSTERS$5022: DEFIANCE ROADSTERS $35L MONARCH CYCLE MFG. CO., lake, Halsted & I ulton Streets. Chicago. nranchee NEW VORK LONIN)N. NAMNURf). 711,• in *tamps for s .1.04 Monarch flaring Cards illu•tratine Joust& 11.00•41 Iint0. Alleyn ttn,mii. To oopor. Lon Rirtinr,11.on lona Vk sit., Joon*, \ALL ROADS ARE ALIKE TO A MORARCH.\ WI ch A us IC Iti Ca A I se , L drd mod ' ly c for eng Th tea SRN sev In met The of t was A tur hos und ney Dr. glad tap feat the anti ens hag been F. I Teas g ists furo Meo In V in LI log, D aM was He Max glve who and log t was ty throi Sat ti agalt ml Bo Sign ware t rack ot eteni prent engli gotte In th I hat spark blow' the ho I Id some (u win Turn' the d stock heuse been fire g pa fly' Effectblllon al rex and lb \Stalin aches. made

The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 17 Aug. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.