The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1899-1904, August 24, 1899, Image 1

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4 14 la r blirt 4.1144 , ` wir , sr s AND BOWELS riE - & if ovi RC OW 3, It' - • NO V ACTS GENTLY ON THE ,THE SENTINEL. ti Pioneer :N.- as oprsis.e,r ast Jesserreon it.•,,00t:s —A Vausailly Joursanal.wausic pendent -1)a saw,-.,, Ili' I. BOULDER, KONICA-NA. THU I f Lk , AVG 1 .4 2, 1899 — — 82.00 PER YEAR. <4.40'6 , los -,,,ittzt. \ er various an a sundry delays, p -iporiements and clinappointinents, we succeeded in getting the niern• beis of the party together. The pt.rsorinel of the party ia this: Two ulster', one • Suotchnuan, the other it Pennsylvania Dutchman. A Mich- gentlern•n who has the distioc- ii of being the descendent of some irdy Hollatider, a New Yorker, a KI DNEYS, LIVER 'Nebraskan, two Paddies both natives , I Montana however, mid last but lease a Scotch Irishman from ‘I ssouri, who expects to be natural CLEANSES THE 5Y5TEM ii ,, d < - -nEFFECTUALLY he party started from 15Julder at 8, in, .s. 8, 1899. aY17 v Eps a day graffiti. but one obstreperoua meinlier 44EITUAL c 0 , 1 511Pa. ioN PERMANENTLY EC IS. n of his doee there it Er lom.f rf Tet Geetv eft - MAN F rts BtN Gr,. I 'It iIt in and ' I . /of DR. A. F. RUDD, Phyalcian and Surgeon, WI I MONT. \ Tceth Zxtratei trr,iromel J • it: t• teed. • Gas nna TirromAs Att:ney-at Law, Welder, leetana. Ciftleatn the Court llense J. MURPHY, ATTORN&Y AT LAW. ,Uilice west tilaie Main street, Boulder, Montana. Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine. - r AriliNi tr o Rotary Motion and Ball Bearings. CAUMNIA SwirCa. of the party had been aent on a bus- bies, ('') tnis,, , i•ut to 'Whitehall on the I rig, and owing to was impossible for him to get away from Whitehall until morirlay morr.- Mg, and even then he was very re- .'t.luetnt in leaving owing to the fact reiissiAerso.etwereSsi 'ass s• tit that it was raitinig at • lively rate. Neverthelesn, he succeeded in get. ting started and though it continued to rain during the entire journey to 13 udder, he arrived safely and was received with open rants by the other members of the party. Understand, Offloe, Boulder Hot Barnum, however, that •H in our party are men. L. A. YA.WTEH, M. D., The only event of importance der - ii r.zroil, hog boy first half day's drive was the loss of our only frying pan. We tried to comfort and console each :tor n our great beieavernent. By we arrived at Willow Springs. This was formerly a very large city. It is estimated that the inhabitants riumboasd at least fifty thourend,but during the financial depression of the lout administratisn of G. Cleveland, the Prairie Logs were forced to rem* overations and depart to regions unknown to await the return of Rispiiblic•n prosperity. Tbst they here flot yet returned to the deserted city, the reader may infer. To return to ,nit story, we lunched without the Use of our lost frying pan and forgetting our troubles journeyed on our way rejoicing. We continued to rejoice until about 3 o'clock when it began to rain. Who said it never rains bard in Montana? Anyhow, it rained and continued to rain. When it was simnly pouring down one eagle-eyed member of the party, by nama Cowan, espied some large feathered °textures in the gage brush near the road, which for the sake of brevity we have decided to call curlews. The alarm was given and with a quickness that would make the old minute men of Revo- lutionary fame green with envy the whole party flew to arms and in a ffy had dismounted and in their eagerness to prove their boasted marksmanship braved the driving storm. Soon the report of various and sundry rifles, resolvers and shot guns rang out and three of the op• posite party fell wounded and bleed- ing. One man, in the cruelty of his heart, went so far as to use a 45 cali- bre Winchester in destroying the life °I a half grown curlew (?). It is needless to say that the mangled body was riot recovered in entirety. The wind continued to blow and the rain continued to fall. In the dim light of early nightfall that same eagle eye lieleCted the borne of a rs,,, Inc. looming up in the mist. As we drew near the sorrel -topped gen- tleman from Pennsylvania recognized it as the home of Mr. Thmopson with m who he le slightly acquainted. Through the rourtly manners Grubs we were pe to pitch our tent in Mr .'s lot and put our horses in hi 'ern. After eating an r Dr. J. U. LI( i Physician and Surgeon, gates snort:tit, of throttle. lie ti npertal I/I MAM& elegant supper prepared by the firm of Torrence and Davis we retired to our tent and told stories until we (hopped riff to sleep nerchatioe to dream, aye there's the rub. For what is it that speaka to us in dreams? Was it • voice from evermore; or that bread we ate the flight before? Froin there toil z mail, did it rain! After resting for a time at Size - wait we tircere through the scenic ardpiottarerque canyon near Chest. mit. Here the Scotchninn's failing cropped out arid he proved hin.self to be a veritable kodak fiend. And, too, the Scotch frith Missourian did not altogethei acquit himself of tbe weakness. We camped oyer Sun lay at Gard- iner and on Monday morning started early for Mammoth. Here wei were held up and relieved of our guns which bad done such terrible execu- tion among the curlews (?). Then to Yancey's and beyond to see the Fossil Forest and Tower Falls. On this trip one of the native Paddies arid tie Pennsylvanian proved their great failing, viz: a propensity to drown grasshoppers at the end of • line. We cannot tell all that has taken place, but promise to write again. We are just leaving Mammoth for the Geyser Basins, and if we are never heard of again, tell our friends that we shall expect to meet them in the great beyond. R. M. D. Mammoth Hot Springs, Aug. 18th. Beanies,' Cannel be i'ereel by local applications as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that Is by conttltutional remrcilea. Deafnesa Is caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucuous lining of the Eustachlao Tube. When this Gibe lo lafiamed you have • rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and whoa is is estlrely °booed, &tames is the result, and unless the Inflammation ean be takes out sad this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be de - stored forever, nine rases out of ton are caused by Catarrh, which Is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous sur- face. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars; free. F. J. CmakiltY it Co., Toledo, 0. Sold by Druggists, 75e. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Ancient Order of Ceited Workmen. Burnt, August 22.—The Ancient Order of United Workmen of Mon- tane met in tenth annual session this morning in Miners Union hail, H. A. O'Hara, grand master workman, called the meeting to order. Ile was assisted by Past Grand Master Workman T. N. Averill, Grand Foreman .1. M. Rhoades, Grand Ov- erseer J. W. l'ace, Supreme Repre- eentative George Pascoe, Grand Re- corder J•meis Sullivan, Grand Re- ceiver Henry Elting, Grand Guide George T. Toseg, Grand Worthy hider Guard U. P. Williams, Grand Worthy Outer Guard F. L. Grandy and grand trustees, Charles Wegner and J. 13. Trevarthan. The session today was in the main devoted to the reception and reading of reports of officers. The grab-) re- corder reported mernbarshie July 31, 1898, 4970, new members 157, rein- statements 426, transfer by cards 104, total 5,657. During the year there were 943- suspensions, 123 withdrawals by card, 1 expulsion and 58 deaths. The greed receiver's report showed that *117,14130 had been expended during the year, leaving • balance. of $,495 64. Grand Master O'Hara's report recommended the engagement of special workers to increase the mem- bership, and that • missionary fund be appropriated to be used in keep- ing two canvassers continuously in the field. ,IY•r Over AO Tears. An old and well tried remedy --Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup harfiSeen II /ICA for over 50 years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It softens the gams, allrc.- ores wind colic and le the 1..-t ,iiiody for diarrhea. It is pleasant to the taste. Sold by druggists in all parts of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Its value is incalcuable. Be sure and ruik for Mrs. Winslow's Soothing ilyrup, and take no other kind. Tell Year Slater HOMEWARD ROI NIi Montana Regiment NAN From Liu ila en Trausports. WAsumotos, Aug. 22.- --Gen. Otis cables from Manila that the tinning of the Zealandia and Valencia with the Mon- tana troops and discharged men on board lias been de- layed by the prevailing ty- phoon but, that they will leave today. A Mother I 1. so, hayed Ber Lire. I ant the 1, itiree and have lied a Croat lie.' • t \ pertettee with 'medicines. IAA suniluer my little daugh- ter had the desentery in its worst form. We thought that she would tie. I tried everything I could think of. bet nothing seemed to do her any good. I taw by an advertisement In our paper that Chain- berlsin's Grille, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was Warily recommended and sent and gig a bottle at once. It preyed to he one of the very best medicines we eve' had in the house. heaved inv little daughter's life. I ant anXIoUs for every mother to know what an er !client ate,11- due it Is. Bad I known It at first It would have saved ,me a great deal itt anxiety and my little daughter mucb suffering. Yours truly, Nils GNU, F. HI itmiitit, Liberty. It. I. For mile by Boulder Drug Cu. MINERAL PRODUCTION. Increaeod Ninety Per Cent In This Country in Nineteen Yearns . WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 -The of- ficial report of the mineral rodeo don of the United States for the cal- endar year 1898 was made public to- day by the geological survey. It shows that since 1480 the total value of the mineral production of the U. S. has increased from 11309,3141,600 to $1196,880,002 in 1898, nearly 90 pe. cent. The normal mere**e deduced from this record of 19 years is at the rate of $18,000,000 annually, but during the five year. since 1893, the in- crease has been nearly *25,000,000 annually. In 1896 the totil prodact was the largest in the history, ex- ceeding that of 1892, which hold the record prior to 1898, by nearly $50,- 000,000. The par value of all metallic pro- ducts in 1898 wait $344,008,180, as compared with $302,198,702 in 1891, a gain of $41,897,628. Ail of the metals except nickel, made large gains, copper, lead, zinc,'aluminuns and antimony reaching their maxi- mum in both production and value, but while the amount of pig iron producded in 1898 was greater than in any other year, the value of this. product IMP considerably less than in,1890 and 1892. Glorifies News Comes from Dr D. B. Ceres. of Wash- ita, I. T. Ile wrItee: \Four bottles of Elec- tric nitters has cured Mrs. Brewer of scrofula, which had caused her greet sat - feting for years. Terrible sores would break out on her bead sad face, and the best &mann could give no help; but her cnre Is complete and her health is excel- lent.\ This shows what thousands have proved, that Electric Bitters la the best blood purifier known. It's the supremo remedy for eceema. teller, salt rheum, tit- cern, bolls and running sores It stimu- lates liver, kidneys and bowels, expels poisons, helps digestion. builds up the strength. Only r,a cents. Sold by Bold der Drug Co. Guaranteed. Capitol Strike Rill On. Ilict.erva, Aug. 22.-- The situation at the capitol building remains about the sarne. The stonecutters did noi go to work today and apparently will not. Representatives of the union today ` informed Contractor Soss that if he would procure a new foreman they would not object to Foreman Hamilton being employed on the same footing as other mem- bers of the union, but the contractor would not doneent to any such ar- rangement. The contractor leaves tonight fcr the east to porchase stone cutting machine capable of doing finishing work and with it in position he will be independent of the strikers. As stated yesterday the questioa of wages is not involved the contrac:or having been paying the union scab S7i a day. mg Noll“ ra. A beautiful complexion lain Im I , y CI, ; without good, pure Nerd, the - yoo.. •, only exkla In connot (Ion with , gestion, a healthy liver and Karl s Clover Hoot Tea te di, , • .,, the boweit, liver and knot , '• them in perfect health. Pre an oft immel' Slid by Boulder Drug Co. '-rt v m is of ta.t. • — IN .-nik '9 -' , o1 $1 tat • tI. - N ' rho r -t I -liuci to.irest\ Mender Dead. W.W. Stone, known throughout the United States as the \blind ad- dress\ reader of the city Postoffice, died at his home, No. 502 Jefferson avenue, Brooklyn, Aug. 15, from heart failure, says the New York World. His success in supplying deficiencies in addresses was won- derful. His memory was remarkable. Given the name of • small country poetuflice in the Limited States, be could MUM, the state in which it. was located or how many tit • similar name there were in the United States. During his Mug service in the city Postoffice he became an expert in deciphering handwriting which to others would hove been illegible. Owing to thia proficiency he was promoted to be chief clerk in the office of \directory searches.\ Ile was originally appointed to a clerk ship in the Postoffice elm June 13, 1855, and served continuously up to the time of his death. Mr. Stone first began Hie study of deciphering bad addresses while general clerk, lie carefully corn piled a manuscript book of the names of all the streets in the United States. lie was several years in completing this volume. The num- bers of the houses in) the streets were indicated. The book was recognized by the General s.„tostoffioe Depart. merit in 1880 stid ciThlies sent to all postmasters. Thin la an instance Of how his system worked: A letter was received from Roumania ad dressed \Miss Maria Bellew, 10 Al• phonso street, America.\ By re- ferring to his hand booic Mr. Stone fouhd that in the United States there were two Alphonso streets, one in Charlottaville, Vs., the other ii. Providence, It. I. He found, how e ver, that the streets in Charlottes- ville, Va., were iii t numbered, but 'here was • No. 10 in Providence. The letter was mint there and it proved to be the right address. Some of the addressee submitted to him were worse than the Navy Department's cipher code. It is asserted by his fellow employees that oat of HX) letters supposed to bear illegible addressee, Mr. Stone could correctly readdress 95. Thera is only one other clerk in the office who can carry on the work, 0. G. Manger, who will doubtless succeed Mr. Stone as chief clerk. He has been in the department for fifteen years and has been a close student of Mr. Stone's system. Mr. Stone was sixty-six years of age. A $4000 Bicycle Gives Away Daily The putilishers of the New York Star, tli• handsomely Illustrated Sunday Dees - paper, are giving a High tirade Bicycle each day for the largest list of words made by using the letters contained in N -E -W Y-0 It K All\ no more times in any one word than It Is found in The New York Star Webater's Dictionary be considered as authority. Two good watches (first class time keepers) will be given daily for second and third beat fists, and many other valuable rewards. ineind• Inc dinner seta, tea seta, China, sterling silverware. etc , etc., in order of merit. This educetIonal contest is being given to advertise and int:elece this successful weekly Into new homes, and all prize* • be awarded promptlf without par- tiality. Twelve 2 cent stamps must be In- closed for thirteen weeks trial subscrip- tion with full particulars and list of over 300 valuable rewards. Contest °pane and awards commences Monthly, June 2fith. and closes kiiinday. August 21st, 11499. Your list ran reach its any day between these dates, end sill receive the award to which it may be en' for that day, and your name will , 0e , 1 In the follow lint Issue of the • t m -I, Star. Only one Hat can be ' • ha same per- son. Prizes are on '•'' • .n at The Star business offices ------ clea may have i lies', Gentle men's or Ju yen I - • • • • color M. sire desired. Cali m iii,- is Dept. \E The New York Star, TM W. 39th Street. New Y‘rit. leble Is Veer Opportimity. r - , , ;4 of 1., • -1: r, OM, P. f r .• vor r - F - it Ir. (if,' ti & trate t, • rent. -iv PA,' ; is re. ik St., NCI!, II-, I • T tr..ot Cream Balm 1.• Oen his statement. \It is it posi- tive F $. catarrh if tised aadirfcled \ 3 I 'FR YEAS. POSIT' AII). Itev i•vaneis W Pastor Centxall'rea. 1'horrh, 114enit, Mont r. r.11, rly's i'rearn Bairn is the s MINING am Scientific PRESS ems f.a. ratan+ and contatne r:: krt., •ry nor any injurious Ir-ttg, 541 cents lie ILANICIT SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. Atteed College This Year. Never mu the history of our coun- try was there a grander opportunity than the present for educated young men and W0111011. What all SU/00- ioue moment for those who are just now on the threehold of life. C rand Island Business and Nor- mal College has for fourteen years been the leading institution of its kind in the western fatten and last year more than twice as many calls were received for its graduates as could be aupplied. Everything nec- essary for a suc.seasful start in life is taught-- Business, Normal itudShort- hand courses. Expellees low. Board only $1.50 per week. One year's time given on tuition if desired. Col- lege Retord sent free, or for six eta, will send elegant catalogue. Address A. M. HAUGES, Preildent, Grand Inland, Neb. ICA lig:' AXLE:. the GREASE rood. helps the team Saves wear and expense. S. I everywhere. e1A50A/10 OIL 00. Ask your Druggist for • io (tall To Al L E Eli s Com Baia Iniorioa•drag. It ,ekly Absorbed. Iteiiaf at *or*. It oloon• end cleanse. the ?swage.. row 14 HEAD allay. Initanormore sfid • Like ti.s. ; Trial CATARRH ' 1 tt MI.% 'Kew Ti*. The largest and most complete line of . . . PIANOS ORGANS To Be Found in the State Is at A. P. CHIN'S MUSIC 110115, Helena, Montana.• tateelle Instruments sold on month- ly payment plan. Every Piano or Organ from this House carries our person- al guarantee. We will positively save the purchaser from $15 to $25 on any other dealer's q uotation. Weorrekpondetice solicited. M INING ad SLR:NTS(1 NTISTR YVAN 'PRESS 24 Pages erk! INDISPENSABLE TO MINING MEN.

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