The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1899-1904, August 24, 1899, Image 2

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4rityrimmusclaw clartramenr annorwicerarci. aiewmastmt. areverrAiairal• THE SENT! N a A. ROBRit'reitiN euelasese, Boulder City, le.,nieria it Iton En ts,,n Macsoir leaned Every Tlanraday Afternoon. !Littered at the P.,st.)te..e In Boulder City Idesitaaa,M all matter. euescairricie, per year, in advance, 11.2.f0 T i lls I s A • • Adv.-III/4, 4 • 114 and 116 Ron Ks. ban,. tut „Anse ▪ l . 4.114W,11,1,, IN be/ r oak be weal* Writ. r visite', Newspaper advartIst m a g ent, El • hteichreata' Exchan g e, Rau Irrareou. Is WI lau llsor 1...1 appal Thls paper Is kept us Mein Is la ...Ike THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 1899. DEWEY and Funston hats are on sale, and can now be purchased by anyone; but Dewey and Funston heads are as scarce as ever. TROUGH no one in this age will gainsay that the pen is not mightier than the sword, it is apparent. from the experience of Mr. Bryan, that in his case the voice is • shade better than the pen. UL1CeR eyi donee as to the growth of the present Canadian contention regarding the location of the Alaska boundary line, can be found in • comparison of official British and Canadian mope. In the essential points both maps agree and both sus- tain tbe American TIIIC suggestion has been made to provide jailers with photographic outfits. and when crowds surge around the J ail, take a snap shot at \the influential and respectable citi• rens\ which all newspaper accounts agree compose the mob element. The kaiak would be • more \telling\ weapon than the shot gun. Ii has been decided by the Poet - office dopartineht to extend through- out the country, as soon ao practica- ble, the plan of re g isterin g letters at private residences, by havin g the letter carriers attend to the work while makin g their rounds. Of course, this will only apply to what are known as \free delivery\ offices. Tux next Congress will, it is gen• orally agreed. attack the policy of the administratimin in needlessly pro- longing the war, and there are many Republicans v. ho see in the Philip- pine situation the only dark cloud in the horizon, for if the war is not ended within a year from now, the renomination of Mr. McKinley would mean certain defeat at the polls. Tun returnin g volunteers from the Philippine' are receiving a royal welcome from their friends which they richly deeerv•. They have not only upheld the honor of their own country, but have won golden opin- ions from others. The Japan Herald in commenting on the recent visit of some of the volunteers to Tokio, sail: \They have shown us that gentlemen can be fighters, and have proven now that fighters can be gen- tlemen.\ Ev Key time there are labor troub- les, someone proposes forming • new political party, and the recent dis- turbances at Cleveland have started certain agitatcirs in New York city Oh ti is line, but it will amoiint to nothing. Labor can get even with both of the parties through the ballot box, and it is right there where the reform should be g in. Labor can always command what it wants if it will not be blinded by party prejii- dice but vote for men and not par - ties. lustiona sera who are now flooding to our snores can reed, in the pro posed action of the authorities at Washington, relative to the Tallulah stair, the advice not to give up their foreign allegiance, for if they should be injured or killed by a mob, even though they were themselves \parti- ceps criminis,” the Federal G-Yerh- Merit will be bound, according to precedents already established, to provide for themselves or their fami- lies. Oil the other hand, should the same trouble happen to them after taking on American eitizonahip, they would receive nothing. All this goes to show thst precedents are bad things to establish, and that some times a foreigner receives better pro- tection than one of our own citizens. I ,s vely Mistrial that Major imiei a off will rennin In supreme\ cii sit„t the Philippius .1slande at least for some time. Should be request to be relieved, Major Gen- eral Lawton has been regarded as a probable successor. This is the de- cision reached by the President and Secretary Root during their confer. untie at Lake Champlain. Secretary Root made DO secret of the fact, that the president wants Goners' Otis to retain control at Manila, and so in- formed Gen. Miles in a long confe-- once. Dissatisfaction is expressed even by the friends of the adminis- tration at the decision of the presi dent to allow General Otis to con- tinue his efforts to suppress the in- surrection, but it is alleged that ,fr. McKinley wishes to give him chance to show what he can do with a largely increased army. General Miles favored sending additional cavalry. but the idea did not prevail with the new secretary. The friends of General this say that he has fought thirty-two battles ill the Philippines and won them all. He can therefore hardly be called • failure. He Fooled the Burgeons. All doctors told Renick Hamilton, of West Jefferson, 0., after suffering 18 months from Rectal Fistula, he would dle unless • costly operation was performed; but be cured himself with five br1 \ es Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the Surest Pile cure on Earth, and the best Salve in the World. 2.5c cents a box Sold by Boul- der Drug Co. Death Miter. J. F. Lynn. The sad news of the death of Rev. J. F. Lynn, formerly pastor of the Presbyterian church in Boulder was recently received by friends here. His former congregation sympathize deeply with the aged and bereaved parents, at whose home in Knoxville, Tenn., he died on Aug. 8th, aged 3.5 years. A Knoxville paper states: Mr. Lynn's death was learned with regret. He was a young man of the noblest qualitlea, capable and well equipped for a successful career In life. The grim reaper, death, struck him down In his usefulness. Rev. Mr. Lynn graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1888. Im- mediately afterwards lie took • theo- logical course at Auburn and Union Seminary, graduating there In 1/019. He then began his life as a minister of the gospel. For three years lie was pastor of a church near New York city. Being an ardent believer In missions, he ac- cepted a call of home mission work at Boulder, Montana. At that place he labored for three years with good re- sults. His health, howeyer, was bro- ken, in his arduous labor. He return- ed to his Knoxville home, where he gradually failed in health until his death. A Life sad Death Fight. Mr W. A. Blues of Manchester, Iowa, writing of his almost miraculous escape from death, lays \Exposure after meas- les induced serlot a lung trouble, which ended In Consumption. I had frequent hemorrhages and coughed night and day All my doctors said that I must soon die. Then I began to use Dr King's New Dis- covery for Conatimpth.n, which complete- ly cured me. I would not be without it even It It cost 15 00 a bottle. Hundreds have Lind it on my recommendation and all say It never falls to cure Throat, Chest and Lung troubles” Regular size 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Boulder Drug Co. Oa Every Bottle Of Shiloh's e.insumption core is this guarantee \All we ask of you is to one two thirds of the contents of thie bottle faithfully, then If you ran say you are nut beneetted return the bottle to your drug- gist and he may refund the price pain.\ Price 25c, 50e and 111. Sold by Boulder Drug Co. Eatray Notice. Came to my plfwe yin the 10'h of ACM - nit, one bay hrirse\ saddle marked, and branded on left shoulder, so-Ight about 900 lb. Owner can have horse by paying paaturage and expense of ad. T41011440 HALL, Boulder. I Stick to it ! THAT THE nand Made liarnes Is the lyest in the lon g rum It iv equal to three sets of machine work I sell my hand male harness as reas (triable., very near, as a factory made hunts.. Come and see my work. MIXS GOLDBRRO, Boulder. Mott. IS Y TURNING GRAY? What does your mirror say? noels it tell you uf wine little streaks of gra r' Are you pleased? Do your friends of the same age zoo* this toes of power also? Just remember that gray hair never becunica darker without help, while dark hair rapidly becomes gray when once the change begins. will bring back to your hair the color of youth. It never fails. It is just as sure its that heat melts snow, or that water quenches fire. It cleanse, the scalp also and prevents the formation of dandruff. It feeds and nour- ishes the bulbs of the hair making them produce • luxu- riant growth. It stops the hair from falling out and gives • fine soft finish to thr I'S r as well. W. ha..• book on the 11.. /sod Scalp SKI'S you sney ass.- f. if ,: 7 1 ' s.1 ' .> \ uot „to. true you •spooted ft - it, Yup,. write it. •datroos, ill S 'Ii The Appetite eta (lost Is envied by all poor dyspeptics whose Stomach and Liver are out of order. All such should know that Dr. King's New Life Pills, the wonderful Storneut and Liver Remedy, gives a splendid ap- petite, sound digestion and a regular bod- ily habit that insures perfect health and greet energy. Only 2.5c, at Boulder Drug CAI, Chstattna CleastI r . 'II, committee on library in the Soo- tily school of a 011e of Port - tail's suburban village• reirently de ter milord that some of the books in the II,, sty were nut c lardy proper for Sun - Its) reload books, and took It upon ts. expurgate, lite library. llo, 1....ka in ,pication were of a high class from a literary standpoint, and the objection to them .as that they dot It !each religion, Its Sunday -reload should. The committee went usei library ...irefully and picked out thr 10611101 ISIOt !fleet their id, so of vs hat the Sunday school at/until should be, basing 1ire110U1Sly determined that they should be burned. When they had been laid aside, ever, it was deuided that it ,SKI• too bad to burn them, and the matter .as finally compromised by voting to pre sent them to the library of the other church in town.—Ketinsfhibki..rt I Me Journal. Of leterest te In C. A. Snow C. and moi.t • lawyers, v. • United St.i;. 1' , ; ington, D.1 o It.. ha , patents for iii. ii iii 17,lso , ch or., say that, owing to the conditions In the United States Pat- ent Office, patents may now be more promptly procured than at any preyl uus time In their experience of twen• ty•flve years. .db. Ma T CO lrg. x A. lbws de IR KM You Hare *leap bused Newer* of 1Z;ted NOTICIIC: Any in the organization or 1 , of a Sunday school in tos of her commu- nity, or of desiring to form home classes, he or she would do well to correspond with Edwin M. Ellis, of Ilelena, Mont., who is prepared to render assistance to such persons any where in the state of Montana. _ \ W. L. HAY, ATTOKNEY•AT-LAT BOULDER, - - - MONTANA BOOTH A CAVANAUGH, Atioragya an Counselor! at L. humus. It It S. allVor 44:, te But City, - - .11111 et uta. _ Fred Powell UNDER TAKER BOULDER, kiiINIANA Successful Embalmer and dealer In Un dertakees Geode. Caskets of all sizes, and many styles in stock. To Unaided Crain—Dining f,ars ST. PAUL MINNEAPOLIS _ _ DULUTH TIME CARD—BOULDER. eeci P i t:mare, EAST& SOUTH: roi HELENA BUTTE SPOKANE TO BASIN SEATTLE TACOMA Monday, Wednesday. 'friday . 1101a. at PORTLAND CALIFORNIA JAPAN CHINA ALASKA KLONDIKE TO HELENA Dally, except Sunday. V Hein/AL Agont, I Ca. S. EON G. P A HOultior Mort ke eon. loos TO ISI.KHOKY Tuesday Th I' l'allmaa Iirst-k..lassaad I wrist slecp- iag Cars. BARTEAU & TINDALL, Proprietor 01 WINDSOR STABLES 1 1 I Iumouts, Special Attention Paiiito 1.. Iillilf'i'i L111 — Your patronage solicited : Main Street. Houldor. Montana. 'Bus runs to and from all trains to any part of the town. li('ntle Horses, ENLARGED TO 136 PAGES 2gIONEWskrAWF-- ; ,I)F - 11ORL I I M AGAZI.V MAPSIONNtaa avelers PRICE $1 00 A YEAR. 1 )cmoreses Family Magazine. DEMOREST13 for 1900 is to he further Improved and enlarged. Its succeas during the past year has encouraged the publishen to make arrangements for Important and costly changes In this popular Me g szloe• l'hese Iniprotements will he appreciated by its readers. DEMOREST'S contains more nuttier. artistic. scien- tific, social and practical than any other , ,ne magazine. It is n nieviine for the whole family. It gives as much general matter elan exclusively literary Wit s : 1 1 ,0 It treats househ.ii I as fully as a strictly domestic journsl It glees an .0. • matter for young people as a strictly • •:, pohlIcatico. It • '.• '• nek , LI a strictly fashion paper It it beauti- fully printed, s'• ' I nspar troent Is in every wily far hlead of that contained !II DEMI .s,, -OM/Nit - ern are entitled ear h month to pat- tern. of the latest ,e, itt no emit to them other than that neces- oiry p011lage Si No Better I 1,, t.iit than a year's subscription to Dernoreat's hi a g e- •Ine can lye made 11,nit 01 00 by money order, registered letter or check, to DEMOREST'S MAGAZINE, 110 5th Ave., New York. Great Special Clubbing Offer For Prompt Subscriptions: Only $2.75 for JAE SENTINEL and DEMOREST'S Family MAGAZINE Send Tour SubecrIptIon to this Office. 1 Ivl ts is s ProutoiesDtion,ChrethiF bras and liest.Costalas Maar _alui,Morplant nor Mearal NOT NARCOTIC. ApinfectRemedy for Constipe- tion Sour Stomach.Diarripea. Worms ,Convulsions ,Feven sh- aess end Loss OF SLEEP. TOL Suede Signature of Cf•<V/Y\ --- NEW 'YORK. %I 11 . 1)011% 3i(I •• EXACT COPY OP WRAPPER. CASTORIA For Infanta and Children. The Kind . 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The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 24 Aug. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.