The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1899-1904, August 24, 1899, Image 3

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• eiNCOITAIROW 'IMMITIPX2nIgro' 216113 , 11TZAZIMMIII, THE SENTINEL THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 18W SPRAY OF IRE SPRINGS Try 3001111n 5 s sew I sad baelaa tweasr. The high mountains put. ou their night caps Monday night. Race Goodwin and John Moore were over front Wi.ite hall 'Tuesday. Fresh lard rendered every day by J. Mrs held of the Boulder Market. Bishop I ta will preach at tie M. E. rIi, I. A cordial invitation is extended t ill. Nick Pcseiitil is having a little fun with the Loy\ alter returning from Europe. Ile looks well. Examine Iliirkhrand's stock of la- dies' and gent's watches In Boulder drug store before purchasing else- where. Four horse load of fresh beet went to Elkhorn today from the Boulder Uarket. L. Q. Skelton attended the grand lodge ef A.0. U. W., which convened In Butte Tuesday, being a delegate from Boulder lodge. Dr. Vawter has charge of Dr. Blo- wers' practice at Elkhorn during the absence of the latter physician from the camp for a short time. Cappel & Hasbrouck 1,0,01t, 125 of horses from J. M. D 1 r and Race Goodwin, price alx,1.1 Co per head. Ile shipped them to i For Bale—A desirsi :••• r.. fn southwest part of to, c, 11 , 10 door, cut buildings and •• .1• improve meats; three iiiti luquirecr Mrs. D. A. Itightenour Ifiii,:der. J. E • • t: town las; I ,; I ts 40 the SEN I 1 IA, as I I - .1 regu- larly once a ,% car sincr• he I. citing of the paper fourteen years Th• soothing and !mann,: Chamberlain's Cough BenI. - am taste and protnpt sc ' • have made It a great fl%, pie everywhere. For sale try. the B.,: !- Drug Co. Hon. 11. M. Hill, of Clancy, Moi turned from his visit to Ittlfr rh . a. He expresses himself greatly pi, r,r•r1 with that part of the country and may conclude to go there to live per. Grand Representative. of Encamp- ment Logan, and A. J. White, Grand Secretary, are In the city and attend- ed the I. 0, 0. F. this evening, and were chaperoned by John It. Welter. Mike Welter sod John took the En- campment degree. Rev. B. E. H. Warren. I he past, r tbe Methodist church at 1%a -I and three Epworth Miss Lillie Sewell, Mi' a •.1 I h,;• son, and Mr. Patrick Lunn n, r • arrived Tuesday and will attend the iseettion of the annual conference. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Ahvaya Bought Boars t Signature of t ful I. ,ci. (.1 I' old meats, and fresh every day at the Boulder Mars• t When you go to Helena and feel like taking a social drink, go to 18 North Main street, and see [)uric McDonald, and ask for son!. Old Crow Whisky. lie keeps • • boat, and the finest cigars in 1r This morning the rc i .: .1. conference of the H. E. .1.. r convened here with about is , r * five visiting ministers In att. •. , i,ince, Bishop W. W. Duncan, of Spartan burg, N. C., presiding. The confer ence will close on Sunday evening when appointments of pastors for the current year will be announced. Master Willie Concannon is the owner of a nice little garden this summer, which he has planted and tended all himself. Ile presented the editor's family the other day wit h mess of his fine white wax hear, from his garden, which can't I., ts•at and if we were running a county fair Willie should have a blue ribbon, elite it . Wild has our thanks for a IneSS , f choice string beans. We've bean Ilvtn' on the fat, 0' the land this week and no nilstake. The Montana end of a Kansas cy- clone, as a contemporary puts it. which visited this section Sunday evening, did considerable damage around Boulder. At I). McNeill's ranch a roof was blown off a shed,the hay was blown from the stacks, and a large tree was literally twisted from Its roots, I'p the canyon at Rogers' place, a haystack was cone ipletely overturned. Similar damage Is reported from other ranches To Cleanse the System Effectually yet gently, when costive or bilious, to permanently nverrome habitu- al conatipation, to awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without Ir Stating or weakening them, to dispel head- aches, colds, or fevers, use Syrup of Figs, rade by the California Fig Syrup Co. Comparipg the sizes of toilet soaps with Ivory Soap, the Ivory Soap should cost four times as much as the toilet soaps. It is exactly the reverse, and when y,ciu buy Ivory Soap you pay about one-fourth as much for I. The best people use Ivory Soap for their toilet and bath; because of its purity, the effect upOn the skin is beneficial. IVORY SOAP IS 99 1 Y PER CENT. PURE. 110..M., IR •1111110110 • 111/.1.4 00. 01•006111.11 Epwerth League Ceefereeee. The Epworth League conference convened In the Methodist church Tuesday evening, President 1). 13. l'rice presiding. 'rhos. Van Sect!, president of Wesleyan University, lie;,,,,a, delivered a very interesting address on \Early Decisions and Training.\ On Wednesday morning a sunrise prayer meeting was led by Roy. It. 11. Saift. At the opening morning service . It, S. Clark presided over v aii .pwortli League Live feast, which was followed • organization and reporta from 11.'d Commit- tees. \ • • ,• • -7 on \The Dovott!!!. kc. 1 • •' !seder, \ hy Miss Erie Morris, of - . ens, was then read by a delegat,, Mies Morris not being present. Rev. C. McPner- son gave an aeldreas on \Charity and Help Depart inent ;\ Mrs. J. H. White discussed \Bible Study and Church History,\ and Rev. Geo. C. Rector \The League's Emmet. , ••• ture.\ The president's a 11, -- listened to with marked sr Rev. S. It Tabor led the II IFCIISSiOn upon -1 • I •i.iiiary Department.\ „! a Whisner not be - leg • ;;.-, Rector gave the ! 17 The 1,-.egate- !.i.!!!• Rev. J. B. Tabor and wife, Deer Lodge; Rev, D. B. Price, Helena; Mrs. Lucy Flowers, Victor; Rey. U. C. Rector, Olive Ferguson, Aline J. Brandenburg, Bozeman; Rev, Wm. Cornwall, Clyde Park; Rev, A. A. Walker, Deer -Lodge; Rey. R. B. Swift and wife, Stevensvile; Mrs. J. H. White, Her. J. B. Lister, Big Timber; Rev. B. E. Warren, P. Cun- ningham, Elizabettt Sewell, Ella Bryant, Laura Davit, E. Helena; Rev. C. McPherson, J. W. Kemper and wife, David and Lucy Kemper, Butte; Rev .1: F. Forbis, Belgrade; Rev. R. S. Clark, Whitehall; A. Col- let and wife, Florence; Mrs. J. W. Cook, Elkhorn. Do k Conaiimpiton use proven 1 feticide!. I he be cured wit', sumptlen cure tee for over fifty years. Drug Co. n\W ..r, Science ',Elect is augh can ,gli end con- , ,..sitive cumin - sold by Boulder Letter Letters for the f.•; • persona re- main •! _ti -r, Mon- tana, post ittii A Anderio!!,, Gamon. dames iistefano Geoffrey, Dan Killian, Henry ewgoise, John Pstrick, Mn. Chas. In calling for the hitters 111.Mtill 4Ry Ful- vert.lsed. A. If Foe', M C runt [MCC. Of .0W0114 • DBL . Highest Honors, World's Fair Odd Medal, Midwinter Fair Jerald leaking Powders souteletag elase. Tag, lejerlevis Is best* ezitsonal MID SOCIAL Mrs. F. Powell is visiting friends in Butte. o Miss Lottle Warner has gone to His- soula for a visit of several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Christianson from Butte are visiting Mrs. Charles Scharf. Miss Pearl Beckwith from Butte, spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. W. B. Gaffney. Mrs. Emerson and little Miss Witte of Butte, are visiting Mrs. F. C. Bet.- endes and Miss Gladys. Mrs. Machete and daughter who have been visiting with Mrs. Barteau returned to Butte Sunday. Mrs. Dodley Milford is It, to the grand lodge front lodge, Degree of Honor. A. U. Mrs. J. C. Hunter went to lir..., Tuesday to attend the grand lodge session of the Degree of Honor, A. 0. P. W. Mrs. M. L. Hewett, of Basin, has gone to Chicago where she expects. to • !icr in the hope of th. St „ , st,,--nall who has been *to Normal school at Dillon is visiting her uncle, P. B. Mills, and also other relatives and friends in this vicinity. A party of ladles and\ gentlemen came down from Basin thia afternoon on a pleasure trip to the Springs. They were Joined here by Mrs. Field and son Arthur. Miss Rosa P. Dows, of Washington, D.C., has been appointed a teacher In the Boulder school, to take charge of the department taught last year by Miss Brandenberg. Atlas Fitzpat- rick, of Iowa, who received the ap- pointment at a former meeting re- signed, owing to Ill health. Several ladies were the pleased reci- pients this morning of some lovely boquets of flowers from Mrs. E. It. McNeill who is a very successful am- ateur florist. One of her successes this summer is *passion flower which is now In full bloom, of which she may justly feel proud as It le a rarity In this sr.. t r, TO 4111FA 4)Lf) IN OW S DAY Tat,. an ante- ellen 1 , '•1 , 01 nion.y If I , la;). !. rur.• 26c. The ren,,ine lin, i. it , 4 ror Poch t A1, 14. Shift Is Being Won. I t i t , agitift ( Lit h o inable for hats and bonnet. t- match coetutnes Ber o ,:ere hats of wheat colored straw tr, e the oro•renn coy fared with heather an I are tom mod with osettee and streamera f heather to le Cluny is ,me of the Ir, at wiain laces this rrearn liergere the new name for the wide brimmed diepherdess hats. Lace scsi f pass once around the neck and are then knotted juat st the bust, Fine tucks are still very much used in both silk and thin materials. - From \Current Fashions,\ in Dem- oreet's Magaiino for S.eptember. District court. rally re, the Judge Parker dec• ided iii ltir sit Vittntlft. Mr, Cralio tti 111 (lit I list iti s.,'Ceetting liv allq. ,, ,t1r,cut I— ullion if cou ity ,,f NIr re• • iii, also was entitled to the wuilt of general road supervisor and the pay therefor, the same as bed been ailowed by law to his predeces- sor. Owing to another change in the law after NI r Nit NeilCs election, placing the uorh itt thy, hands of the commiooioners aa formerly, they de- nie i Mr. Cradle the right to it. Mr. Cralle brought suit to have his status established. Nellie Doherty vs. henry Dahl. mail; demurrer to arnendod corn - taint sustained. J. '1'. Carroll vs. Oleson & Luson; diainissed its settled oti application of plaintiff J. B. Felts vs. Hope Mining Co; dismisoed on application of pi'tf. I! rriseull vs. Mary Buckley; die- m,— I on application of plaintiff. ii k I. vs. Oliver Boyd; dt,ii , H,cation of plaintiff. - ii.dd Mountain min- ing an c„ % defendants niotion for • MOW Peter flood vs. A. P. Curtin, ad- ministrator of the estate of Mary Ryan, dee.; change of venue to J,ew. is and Clarke county. Frances Barteau vs. Serne—Ilttlie. Samuel Erick- a i s \V B. Doletity and H. S. -,ed as settled. 165 'X' An, Xi X Basra Ow 14 led TN 411O tirrirt 81.161 ih g er,tvm if 144, 11!!,, is tear Y. re! Has she I k ,`' ,, II so, con- stipation, :ache are the pLincipal s .ses IN ,r•er T,,e lira cure r aalf a centu- ry. l'rIce , • ••sk. ,uey refunded If result. are s .1 sailer. tru-y. Said by Boulder hr. Pure Tea kages at grocers' Schillings Best C. B. ROBERTSON, 1307,..E1I MONTANA ILUSIC MUSICAL MERCHANDISE PECOTOGRAI'D.:: ILATER:ALS STATIONERY NOVELTY GOODS Popular Songs, Sheet MIMIC and Inentructon for the Piano, Violin, Mandolin', Goiter and Banjo. Fii.• steel, gut and silk Strings, Br Tail Pieces, Pegs, Picks, Tuning Pipes, Music Racks, NI Paper and Folios. r eras, Standard thy Mt«, Sal s , !V index Photo Paper, Paste, Powders, Hypo, Psase partorit I tore Frames. Composition Books, Tablets, hans and Penholders, Lead and Slate Pencils, Ink, Paper and Envelopes, Crepe Paper, Visiting Cards and \Pegamoid\ Aluminium Paint. Vapor Bath Cabinets. The Bank of Boulder Boulder. M outmost. A., President. JEW ParraK11011, Vies -Pa -es. F. C. Beausreas, earthier A. Botcher erues Patterson, F C. Berende. F tt Itean. l's Iltisn, DO A 3ENERAL B &NUN() BUSI- NESS. Troublesome to th , t tiny, Inlring the civil war, vs 1..11 as in our late war akith dlarrh..ea ws.s on. ,,f vrchange Sold on the Principal the most troublesome dfikesscs the sm.) Cities of Europe. lied to cortend with In many Inntences It became chronic and the old .ol lier. fain auffer from It Mr DAVI(' Tft)loi of Wind Collections Will Itoosit's Prompt Hid e . (;roone county, I' , I. one of theur uses i'hamberlaIns t'ollo.Ch,dera a nd Attention. Diarrhoea Remedy and says he never found anything that would give him pitch iptick relief. It is for sale by the Boul- der Drag to. Ranking hours from 9 a. in. to 8 P . ID • , J. B. MAXFIELD, Proprietor, BOULDER MARKET, BOULDER, MOISTANA. Dealer in Home Slau/ltored Meath. Our \Own Cured\ Hams and Bacon. Pure Kettle Rendered Lard. Sausage of All Kinds. Fresh Fish and Oysters. Butter Eggs and Vegetables. 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The Best Kinds at the Lowest Prices. , ..inter is coming soon we can show you TWO CARS of !,\! and Ranges from which to make your selection. We call your special attention to the latest au!! ens in air -tight coal and wood stoves In I , %are,nally t,, • hiP !11, ' , wet in the world. 6affney Mercannle Co. H.,tilder. Mcnt - In Sevonan mar - rawriss • • • • • aeons/Ise WINDSOR HOTEL, BARRETT & DETOUR, Props First class hi Every Respect Rates, $2.00 per Day. Bowder, Montana EVERYBODY SHOULD PARTIOIPATE IN Dewey's Welcome home. Is the title of • new song written to commemorate that rapidly approach. ing event. The words are grand and inopiring, and the cover in colors, with portrait of I , e wey and a picture of his flagship, the Olympia, is a work of art Everybody should show appreciation of Dewey by swelling the grand chorus of welcome which will go up from ocean to ocean on the day of his arrival. The prodisher of THE SENTINEL ha, made arrangements to furnish this 50.-oent publication to its readers FOR 20 CENTS, POSTPAID. Send all order. Publisht , i The Sentinel, Boulder,' Mont.=

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