The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1899-1904, August 24, 1899, Image 4

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URAla Thin, Pale Children One satisfaction in giving Scott's Emulsion to children is they never object to it. The fact is, they soon become fond of it. Another satisfaction is because it will make them plump, and give them growth and prosperity. It should be given to all children who arc too thin, or too pale. It does not make them over -fat, but plump. It strengthens the digestive organs and the nerves, and fur- nishes material for rich blood. We have a book telling you more on the subject. Sent free for the asking. SCOTT & BOWNE, New York. Wit Ask Him! Who P JONES OF BINGHAMTON, BINGHAMTON, N, Y. S What? Why on cales \He Pays the Freight.\ Epworth Le eagu Pr ()old, Silver and Enamel League Pins, orWriting Paper with League Emblem .... U Bert Robertson. HORSES TO PISTI. , Fine paseirage five miles southeast of Beulder. Reasonable rates, If pollee desiring pasturage will let me know, I will call at any surrounding town for the stock, and return It when wanted Gwent.. 'Lexie Boulder. Mont. Wile Sheriff's Sale. D. Raltivilie. Plaintiff, versus Patrick Hastings. Ikefondtuil To tan sold at nherlfrg gale ii Ti,.- halt al, of 1.kgdeinther, 11Alu. at 2 door oX the court lw's... oduuty, Montana. the Jolt..., g eft\ Went: The Beaver Meadow IL amended notice of Iodation of a in bOok .11\ M Plassra. • page as (erred to Patrick Ilasttngs. said at dried. said deed being of record iii deryl• at page RD records of Jeffers.. Montana Together Al lb all and it agular the atinurteoan Landow cre thereuttto belonging or In ani wise upper- /11CNItY I.. SIIKItLOCK. Sheriff J Langan, Plaintiff's attorney. Notice of Forfeiture. Peter 0' Ham, your and inodins You are hereby wanted that I have expended WM In labor and Improvements tor the yea:. 1144 11117. 1100. upon the horde quartz lode ruining claim satiated In Colorado mining district. In book ti of lode locations page thi, and the White Weasel quartz aide mining claim shunted in Colorado raining district In 1/0011 W of hale location. Al page 441, both claims eitualed In Jefferson CalWiky.Eontana, the 11011cen of a hall Ment101111 are of record hi the Itmorder's Oboe of said county In order to hold said quartz lodes under the provisions of section £124 revised statutes et the United States. And within ninety digs lifter the service of this notice by publication you fall or refuse to contrib- ute your provortlini of $140 In the two claims us such expenditure air et/ trallti. your interest iii said claim. wl I beonne the property of the mil, scriber under wild Ned Ion £144 revised statutes of the United Matta I.Eultkilt IMMO*. isainferastrisx.. tri.inielet. X411ey,,_ Sallee. NOTICE IS HEREBY GITY.N That the Mop gild /Moot thst p.0100 01 the l'ownsite of Soul der, described its the Nest half of the St•Uth,fgfit quarter of Section Twenty attie.and the Northwest quarter of the Northwest ii.arter oh Seetion Thir- ty-three In Township his (hi, North of /binge Four (11 Wert, within the County of Milers= and MON of Montana, containing One Hundred and Twenty Plin acres Is now on file In ths idiot of the limit and ttecorder Ili Mini 101 the sold county of Jeerer - son, arid that applications for the purchase.' town Iota within said Townsae of Boodier, sa mapped and platted, will be received from and attar the date hereof by the undersigned lotted. July at hi U. r.00nat District Judge and Trustee. HELP WANTED 6 63 as voted to 23 Oo I CM11 Ihreice 'maga tles 7410 ova, misses scsaal *rat* went be *oat sham. WO to 12= sinew Data sag licitteas of sat is. outward oei vilutle laforstaa not net ce mud. POTOMAC =IL tistriC1 sr.X.7Z111. last Wish 'S. .Solitheni DAN TEIVEY, Proprietor, MONT. RATE4 : $1 00, $1 25 arid $1 50 per day. 'Lit K t5 A cti.l.. The Crystal Keeps constantly on hand. Keg and Bottled Beer, Champaign and Sweet Cider, (dr.ver Beer, Lemonade, and Soda Water Eiclusive 03111er of CrahAPoleCider. JOHN B. WELTER 4 p *4 ru_siiik. - -.1 -itt,1M-1: 4 .„„J CA:WORN/A .7 Best Newspaper. Ti4e StUrtal , c l izi o rz i fig or A Largo 32-Pago Metropolitan Paper, Every Coktrnn BrIS Weary LIVE NEWS. ilno A CL)PY OT THIS PAPER 12 Vs:t.tlis tor • $2.80, • • • TiciE DAILY BULLETIN (Sunday Incle:h (I) re. 00 A 1K/ it lb. salt v; P' 5 arj• : wear - Kessler Brewery -Cc Montana qvgest qqd Most Complete Ystqblisimiellt ill this St4te Montana Barley Mali and Best Hops Obtainable Only enter Into its Manufacture. All tor It t.,11 , r's lieer. BLACESMITEING( ) HORSESHOEINC1 BECK BARTEAU, Proprietor. HEAVY AND LIGHT FORGING. ALL WORK WARRANTED FIRST CIASS. BOULDER MONTANA. - ard inJ .e(kri l <7 H I ENGLEHORM HELENA and SPOK AN E. Established 1883 and 1897. The hugest, beat, moat practical and THOROUGH schools. Matinee; through offices from start to finish in Bookkee;,Ing, Shorthand Penmanship, German and Assaying. • Fine Rooms with Board at Student's Home, Shorthand, Penmanship and Bookkeeping by Mail. ± a a-- -e'-- Fur catalogue and Englehorn's ii‘i.,Iness Educator. Address Prof. Enalehorn & Dehuff, Spokane, Wash. (Fur Spokane Colleges) .444,44wwwwwIta.441. • Prominent Pbyoletinn. A prominent New York physician In diecussing the merits of 'Buxom Tubules with a brother M. L). said • • Several years is:e I asserted that If one wished to beoonie a philan. thopiet, and do a beneficent deed — one that would help the whole hu- man race- nothing ormld be better than to procure the Roosevelt Ilos- pital preecription, sehleA le the 1..4 11,1 trer Talides, and cause it to he put up in the form of a ketchup mad distributed among the poor.\ tales °cream! ng. The lareeet retail drug store in America is that of Ilegeruan & Co. on Broadway in New York City. A reporter who went there to learn how Ripens Tab - Idea were selling bought a flve.cent esu - ton and asked: \Do you have much call for these 1\ Ile wits referred to agentleman who proved to he the head of the depart- ment. Ile said : ' The wale of Ripans Tubules in eanetant and it inermaing. due especially to t he influential character of the t.s.timonials in the daily pr, and growing out of thews, through the reoommenilation of friend friend. Satisfaction with them very general. When once they are begun I notice that a permanent customer for them is made. This, I believe, is through their intrinsic tnorit, which proven the bona tide character of the advertising. I think them specially useful in the general run of stomach troubles.\ Address POF. H. T. KNGLEHORN, Propr. Helena, Blest. As Elderly Lady. An elderly lady living at Fordiram Heights. a part of New York City, arc1 n he w-te known to be a warm advocate of Ripens Tai • (..r • v case of liver trouble , r &aid to ay:pixies' who - the purpose of learnir lam of her came: ' employed *physician ; i, a; (ii. the bat occasion I ha; nut at that time obtained no results. I had never had faith In patent medicines, but has ,,.grie4ri Ripens Tabulet recommended Ye: highly in the New York !fervid eluded to give thorn a trial, •i , found they were nut what me demanded. I have ne, a physician since. and • ` . r • O W,,rt s Tat\... a month, ; would not la , la nit thorn 7 - - •• If it were my , th.1;rix. * .1! time of ii. A - vi e w tlor ‘k • La prftnel ' . „ tm-a '1, 1r to/ -11•0.1 giving ft • h I parade her non, • \1 , -1. in kit to do 1,1' or -plied : \There : o11 1,1,' mine. I r rent plowattro l '. 11;111t.any one 1 n 0,0 telling about now.',- rl.. pdpera some - I...1 t o b e ;„ ;,, flied RA I ha this lb ino tern, c- I shout th, , ahi. had decided she was quite right. • DOW Sty)! •-• • ft , 31131[1,1g13,1,4.7•1.01•SpOaksdll -, • ••• , IlLst n••••tr as'eat arm.. • - eon area ...T. TIM low-nen-red , - r • tee ,••••e• win the a. .. v, ages, .1 re. r.i. • ot. , 130 Its. g•r••• r3.1141, ••••••• EDITORIAL 0011!dhl h.:NT c • • THE PIONEER LIMITED ft ON Irderver bort. r.r.A.I.rt.rml 1;j. (111 rail. 4,1 ht. Paul l'Iocirvf \IL it a SOK Id heater.\ ird rata! (itobe. \The 'best thin( the railroad %orlt.I , pro- duce. '' - St. l'Attll I Ilrq..tter • I.•.0.10ent a.:01 .10.A -1000,0.10g at (II; rit,./t1;,t; rind Al•••1,03. by orti...ter, ,r IrwIrlt•re 111311,3311011A • it..1.1; • I OIL I ,ON11.1{K I 'HI KO tO•OlLth , L lit c..7;ntr of .u, . / 1, • ....col .r.sor;11., •I• thr ' OH- . treskrLy ;I 1, dli Is 1•1101,0 111 The Pions's' L141 1E1. 10 0\ NI ddic &lions at 7.110 and St. Paul at 5:11) over) eveuing In the year for Milwaukee and Chicago, via ChIcrgo, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway. (No extra Aare on this train For tickets, berths or tern [nation, apply to any ticket agent, or address, J. T. CONLEY, Asal Gen'l Pass. Agt , St. Paul. Minn. To the F 114 UNION PACIFIC ST FAST TIME ... LOWEST RATES The 1)11LECT LINE to Deliver, Omaha, Logos City, St. Paul, Chicago, And All Principal liastet n Points. Pull/nem PrOnce Sleepers Free Reclining Chair Cars Whim n Tun net Sleepers CM'S Melds a I. Carte For Rates in. any hifermatiou, cell on your neireet Agent, or aadreaa E I.. LOMAX, D. P. & T A. ()Malts, Net , . OREGON SHORT LINE Intermountain Line to the Eon and West.' Paasengere by purchasing tickets elm the Short Line to the East and West have the choice of several routes Direct connections are tnad• at Ogden and ()ranger with the Uplon Nei& and at Ogden with the RI* Grande Western for all point\' peat Enjey the comfort, - of a Pullman Vestibuled train conidetlue ef sleeping and elegant reclining chair cars, always fresh and clean as this entire train Is made up at Butte. TO TilE EAST Via Salt Lake, Denver, Omaha or Kansas City. TO THE WEST Via Ogden and the Southern Pacific for Catifortila. Via Hun. ington and the 0. R. & N. for Portland and California. Train for East and West leave Butte at 4 p. In. daily. Train from East and West arrives at Butte 1:45 p. to daily, For tickets, sleeping car reservations and further particulars call on or address No. 19 Elle Broadway, Butte, Montana, II. 0. WILSON, General Agent. D. E. BURLEY, G. P.& T. Agent. S. W. ECCF Goners' Traffic ' Lake City. MONEY Ow Mier and we ens.. retn.t• born VI .iimglon. Send model, dressing or photo . with dewerip. [Ion. R advise, If pen, - r fr. , of 'barge Our fee not dce A P:oinolitei, \Hove - To PATENT Good Ideas ' I lI 1 '.1'f Of( Ot; - , Fiaftim.,• 511 C. A.SN OW dc.CO. a' , • .11 r• (-) I ki.1; 1 1 A ITLIZN • er Only SO cent• a yea,.wen selegtion) to sad MS CALLS MAGAZINE A LADIES' MAGAZINE. 1-ohr 3ntsrl fe , Strt,h, tt m In,I 4.0e. • 1. ri ..1,0g Pats, Pattern.. -a MS CALL BAZAR. NS Yils-fteme-Alliewance Patterns r '••• 'war] ; mm m r., r McCA1.11. CO., in los West 1415 SI , Nee Vert .77'14. ' ,i'\11 1 1111trigt Burimvon Route • 1 ou Are so ou the • 'Right Road\ if your ticket reads via Bit lino and the Burlington 4 Route. It is the shortest line to the Southeast—the only line that offers through -car ser- vice from Seattle, Spokane, and Helena, to Lincoln, St. Joseph, and Kansas City. Through tourist sleepers twice -a week. Ask any Northern Pacific ticket agent about them, or write to I H. F. RUGER, Passenger Agt,, Helena, Mont. 1 H. B.- Sarum, Gen, Agt., . Billings, Mont. 0 11W110111M11111111111RISISINSII11111111Einin ilinciEllaii 11.1•11.11. 1 1• - • SILVER THE ISSUE IN 1900. _ $ 4. $ TheSilverKiliglit-Wdictifin ... The Le (hog Bimetall c Paper of America. .-- [ U, a Senator W, M. STEWART, Editor. — A correct •ccount or the doin g s of Congress given each week. A fens ily paper for the home •nd 2 re - aide. All the is, portnnt ha poen i n g•of 0 .L e week, condensed, in new• col inane T A large circulation in every Stets mid Territory. — Soboortption Price, St Per Tear, ' . Send for sample; •gents wanted. -- Money the Priong Imorum at. ano Piogra.s Haws Kurt SIop It 1) Monti Sow! in Ages The Money Qiiestion disclose,: in the light of experience and Weary. cm (ii,, I Vuhlishing Co., 1.141.16• 1 16. •N, SO YEARS' EXPERIENCE PATENTS Tflaf , Y Manna DE al , . mg C- o+0iC.•tta . . . • . . . Scientific A r 141. r 11'..0• rt.. 0t r • el • sr 1 at .1t. ;N. I MUNN &Coy American. , r ny • New York • PENSIONS, PATENTS, MISCELLANEOUS sslaints against the Government ALLAN RUTHERFORD, (Formerly Third Auditor U. S. Torkeory ) Attorney and Counsellor at Law. Solicitor of Amertran and Foreign Patents, Trade Mark• and Copyrights. Practices before the Supreme -- Court of the U. S., Court of Claims, and all Departments of the Go, ernment. Special sttention given to claim• of officers and Itnliaterl men, for Army and Navy se, - vice in the hlesican War, War of the Rebellion and the War with Spain. Also Claims of Government Contract- ors. Collection of Accounts. Refers by perrnissem to Hon. Geo I.. Wet. Heron, U S. Semen, from M•ryland, General 0. 0. Howard, U. S. Army, George C. Henning, President, Traders National Reek, Washington, D. C., and others. No charge for advice. Correspondence solicited. Offices, Atlantic Building. 928 and 930 P Street, N. W., Rooms, 95, 97, 99 and roc), WAS 10-1 NOTON, D. C. - IS•CoelloArlotirinerinMil i\STEVENS FAVORITE\ nIFT,r7. • 4 I : 1 I tim ft • 22 -inch barrel, weight 41 pounds. • ! Carefully 'awed and tested. For 0 -22., .25 and .32 rim -fire Cartridges. 0 NO. 17. Plain Open Sights, $6.00: No. IS. 0 Target Sights, $8.50 0 Ask your dealer for the \ 1.1 l' , i- # a RI Eli.- If he doesn't keep it we ' will send, prepaid, on receipt of / priCe. Send stamp for complete cata- logue sh Laing our full line, with Ali- o:11)1e . nformation regarding roles aria ammunition in general. — J. STEVENS ADM AND TOOL CO # —emir F'. O. Box ; • CNICOPEE PALLS, MASS. 4411e4Ifee•selb/211~11seAbeVillielt

The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 24 Aug. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.