The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1899-1904, August 31, 1899, Image 1

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tease ewer the Lew Stem DR A. F. RUDD, Physician and Surgeon, JEFFERSON. MONT. A. It. ROTIE12TRON. feirrinoriii-Inisti I lest. Teeth PatraCted Without Pahl, Filling um all Dental work done In a thorough manner and satisfaction guano teed 3A8 AdM1Dietered. Boulder. Montana THOMAS T. LYON. Attaraq-at-Law, Boulder, lestana. °ante the Court Rouen J. H. MURPHY, A TTORN EY AT LAW. /office west side Main street, Boulder, Montana. W. L. HAT, ATTORBIZY -AT-LAW ISOULDRII, - - - MONT ANA. BOOTH & CAVANAUGH, Attorneys and Counselors al Law. Booms att. 59, an, Silver Boer block. Ills t e. 41.211, . - - %Iut.aan. Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine. Rotary Motion and Ball Bearings' For sale* , E. Thomas & Co. , Boulder THE SENTINEL. VOL, 15 NO 4. KIDNEYS, LIVER AND B OWELS CLEANSES THE 5YSTEM Dis fL s c lEjECTUALLY, 6° - L L )5 t4E ' AD Acri\ i 5 ovEacomis ..ei rX 6, FiABITuAL CotipSETRImPAANTIE NTlY ON ITS Why,. 10 GE? \tr im' EFF EcTs 6UT THe • ey fk, Vmr 4 assi P • , 04.1 • • ii I W. +148 No al. meets to Good Teo., I. halt, Boulder. Cyst aist toici It ',oar evenings at 7 ni vicuos brothers are coral II Med to attend V F. roc.. Waster Workman. ; fiasttrox. Recorder Lir. J.( lit NTER, Physician and Surgeon, Wakes speetalty of Chronic. lee loom and nodal mamma. Of110e, Bo t ider Rot Springs, Imes Pilotise-s-r- THE MIDI PENNSYRINIA, Heartily Welcomed Back From Philippines, One of the Greatest Demonatra- Lions of Patriotism in Thin Oountry PITTSBURG, Aug 28. -With can- non booming, flags waving and mighty cheers from hundreds of thousands of throats the Tenth Penn- sylvania voluriteers were welcomed today after more than a year's gill- lant service in the Philippines. The reception tendered the returning sol- diers will always be resilgEtiered in this city as one of the greatest dem- onstrations of patriotism that has ever taken place in the country. The decoration, of the streets and buildings were overwhelmingly rich and gorgeous arid the five miles over which the parade took place was practically an unbroken line of flags, flowers, festoons and bunting. Tbe reviewmg stand on which President McKinley and staff and other nota- bles stood in Schenectady park wax a magnificent work of art, composed of silk plush and damask blended tastefully in the colors of the nation- al emblem. President McKinley delivered an excellent and patnotio address. I,. A . V Al I Eft, M meat and got a boot. i t Imm o N1314'1311 ltIio1 Surgeon, in Sw one of the vnr- A Mother Tells Hew She Rayed Her Little Daughter's Life. I am the mother of eight children and have had a great deal of experience with ui,pdltles. Last rummer my little daugh- ter had the dysentery In Its worst form, We thought that she would die. I tried everything I could think of, but nrnhing seemed to do her any good. I saw by an advertisement In our paper that Cham- berlain's enllir, Cholera sn earrhoes Remedy wu highly recoil, -.led and e‘s. had in the h-osis It sorel Inv lioulder„ Altrut 'laughter - a life I ant initit.ue for emery m oth e r to know , wrist an exCellent Medi- i•lne it Is. Had nnown it at first It would have saved me a great deal ot anxiety and iny litlle daughter much suffering. Yours truly, Mee Om, F Ht•anYCIL, Liberty, R. I. For sale by Boulder Drug Co. Reasisettes asd the Grave Cason. Frederic Remington, whose accu- rate pictures of the west and of wes- tern life are known the world 'round bas been spending several weeks in Yellowstone Park sketching die leo- nous scenery there. While in tbe national pleasure ground he thought be would paint in colors a picture of the Grand Canon of the Yellowstone. So be told his man to pack up his plaits and breshee and drive over to Artists' Point, where Thomas Moran, eighteen years ago, pointed the cele- brated picture now hanging in the national capitol. After the easel bad been adjusted, the canvas stretched, and all the tools and colors made ready, Remington sat down and for a half hour, or more, silently gazed at that awful abyss of transitional splendors. Then he shook his head and slowly arose, reluctantly •les• cloning the task of reproducing those miles upon miles of delicately varie- gated coloring. The surprised help- er exclaimed: \Why aren't you go- ing to paint • picture, Mr. Reusing - ton?\ \No replied the big artist, t'a man's a d -n fool wbo would try to paint that picture. It would look like an exploded paint shop.\ Those who have viewed the resplendent beauty of the Grand Canon of the Yellowstone will not be surprised at this story; rather will they think the more of the renowned artist for his candid admission. It is worthy of note that more Americans are each searon coming to opprecnate tho wonderful scenery and natural curiosities of the vast play ground set aside by congress for their enjoy. ment. Travel to Yellowstone Park this season exceeds that of any pre- vious year. NoTtos: Any one interested in the organization or reorganization of a Sunday school in his or her commu- nity, or of desiring to torn) home claws, he or Mir would do well to correspond with Edwin M. H1118_, Of Helena, Mont., who Is prepared to render too/it:Lance to such persons any where in the state of Montana. Burets Harness on la the beet preservative of new leather and the beat renovator or old leather. It oils, softens, black- ens and protests. Use Eureka Harness Oil so year be. hansals. rem Old Ilse* mess. earl year imeriew lop, mai gas will net eialy leek boner bat wear keen este overy•rinerle alas-eg slew Dna ban sans w aye frattena Illeemayenowestes _ pit pe r\ t I .14-11or /eon t•rouseit 3 --A Vanally Jots r ftl.....leidetiesemedwont wElkeiteeowsrwitIlic, )111.1)Elt. Nelt..)NT.A.NA. Y • AlAll'ST 31.1809. wnelliallialMeatialleM, en_ CONCERNING CLOTHS'S MOTS& nioic DOKINICA . S'ittS • m aiseble latormatiew sie to rioter-ries Wass and Weenies* too. Timis. Ravages. 'flit month of June is that in which the depredations of the clothes moth, that most destructive of household pests, are chiefly lobe dreaded. Never eafe from it, in the steam heated atmos- phere of our city houses, the warm, /runup evening. of the early sutotuer, when furs and woolens, though little used, are still kept out in case of pos- sible need, are those in which it finds its greatest opportunities and works its most appalling mischief, mischief often not discovered until months later, when the cherished garment is found to be a ghastly wreck. Entonmlogiets tell us that this inno- cent looking little silver gray insect, smaller titan the ordinary house fly, lays 500 eggs; therefore it is no wonder that the progeny of a angle moth miller is sufficient to destroy a whole garutent and a large one at thitt. Your costly fur cape is lying on your lap in the carriage, as you take your drive, or tossed down on a chair as you come in. In amongst its silky hairs creeps Mme. Tines IlIcrolepidoptera and deposits her eggs where her ofhpring will find comfortable quarters and abundant food. Nature has provided her with the means of fastening the infinitesimal eggs eecurely at the very root of the hairs. Therefore when you give your furs a cursory examination and lay them sway until fall, alas and a -leek -a - day, when the fall comes the fur flies, and Ichabod is written above your beau• tiful wrap. So if you wish to escape such a catastrophe, be careful. Pounds of tar and camphor will not preserve your garment if the moth eggs have al- ready been deposited when they are laid away. Practical experience proves that while the moth miller objects to strong odors of any sort, the norm which does the mischief has apparently no olfactory organs, anti will du it. deadly work in the midst of tar and camphor galore. If there are no moths in the garments when laid away, and you wrap them securely in newspapers -moths, like other evil doers, object to printer's ink -you may feel reasonably secure that they are safe. The thing is to make sure that no moths•re In them, and that stone can get at them. A cedar chest is • nice thing to have, inure especially if you live in • fiat and it takes the shape of a box lounge, but a good packing trunk. lined a ith two thicknesses of nesapapera laid between the clothing at every luyer, is just as . Ito aei0U11 for the preservation of the Indeed, if you like, you may si. your rugs on the floor all summer and four wraps in thr wardrobe, end if you beat MIMI brush then/ regularly twice a week they are as safe as though packed away. I once asked a well-known furrier what moth preventive he preferred. His answer was: \A man with • stick.\ Then he went on to explain that all the garments in his shop were kept hang- ing in cedar -lined elosets, and once • week, all the year round, were taken oat and well beaten and eutniued. This proceeding rendered them per- fectly safe. Nowadays the large houses use cold storages, and your costly Mrs which they insure fur the summer are kept In rooms a here the air Is de dry as • bone and many degrees below freezing. Any venturous moth whc should gain woess to the safety deposit chamber would be at once frozen stiff. This is also good for the furs, since warm weather is injurious to their beauty. A month's wear in warm weather is harder on fine furs than years of use with the mercury at freez- ing. As the moth miller has &supersensi- tive nose, it rarely attacks any fur with • scent, however faint. Sealskin is corn- toratively male from their ravages, •nel the beautiful skunk fur, which, how- ever carefully deodorized, still retains • slight scent, is never molested. But in laying sway your sealskins be care- ful to see that every hair lain Its correct position. Careleuness In thi• regard is certain to produce a rough and robbed effect which can only be rem- edied by • visit to the furrier and ex- pensive treatment at his hands.--Chl- cago Times -Herald. Cep readies. One heaping cupful of flour, one tea- spoonful of baking powder, one pinch of salt, one piece of lard the size of an egg; stir the above Ingredients with milk to make a dough. Put one-fourth or more of a cupful of fruit, either plums, cherries or berries, and plenty of juice, in each teacup, and nearly 611 with the dough described above. Steam an hour in these cups. without Bring the cover. Then inn in saucers and serve with the following dressing. The juice of the fruit ought to run over the pudding when it is turned out: Dress- ing. -One-half teacupful of sugar, on• teaspoonful of flour, butter the else of an egg, salt. Be -at sugar and flour, then stir in the butter and pour over It boil- ing water. Flavor with vanilla or lem- on. -Philadelphia Peens. A osernsteres reuse. Mrs. Newlywed -So baby cried while I was out, and you didn't know what he wanted? Uncle Bourbon (from Kentucky) - Exactly, niece; and I loot believe he known himself. I tried him on ten- vear-old whisky, thrce-star brandy anti sonic applejack that 1 put up myself, but I'm darned if he seemed to know jut is hat he did want. -Judge. Solf-Preeleilled Sr... Disnairais•m••i. The attorney for the plaintiff in an action for killing a dog Ann! • tie - men of the jury. he s o • 3 gutsldog, a flne-appearing dog, a n I on hle dog, and it does not lie in the mouth of the de- fendant to rimy he rrns is worthless cur, because it is in evidence before you that on one occasion he offered flme dollars for one of his pupa.\ -Case and Corn ment. St. kr,nus Convent and Or- phanage Burnett. Several Hundred Children Rescued By Bravery wed Ck)olneew of the Sisters In Charge of tho Indtttution. FOUR LIVIIR WERE LOST. Naw Yonk, Aug., S. --The en- tire group of huildlags, with the ex- ception of the hospital, which com- prised the convent of S. Ignus and the orphanage, ill clisrgr of Domini- can Sisters, sits .ted near Sparliiil, Rockland county, *ere burned ugly today and as f sr as kuown four lives were lost •nd iOal,% were ittjured, two of whom will pr. lobly The t.,.. startcri in the lavatory at the nori .v...t .• rricr of the group of nionber. It soon communicated to building No. 1, cm- oupied by the older buys. The lads were awakened and rushed out. Word was quickly passed through the time buildings and the sisters is charge of each ildelel had all the on- cupants of the dorruitories out of bed. The work of getting children out of buildings was heroically performed by the sisters, assisted by some IM- P,. u well as many of the older boys. The alarm was telephoned to the nearest towns but when the fire com- pany from Piermout arrived, all hot the hospital buildings hail been de- molished. Deafnees l'a•not lie forril by i o c e l spplIcations we they cannot leo h the diseased portion of the ear. There is onlj one way to cure deafness, and that is by corotitutIonal retnediea Dearneme is enured by an Inflamed condition of the l er mucuous lining of • Ziletachisn Tube. When tido tube Is lamed you have a rumbling sound tw feet hearing, and when It Is entirely rioted, desfneme Is the result, and unlees the inflammation can be taken 4,ut and this tube reatored to Its normal Condition, hearing will be de - stored fo , nine cases out of ten are canoed by Catarrh, widish is tiothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous sur- face. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any Citile of I/earner (ceased by catarrh) that cannot be cured by !fall's Catarrh Core. Send for circulars; free. F. J. CHRS Kir & Co., Toledo. 0. Sold by 1)raggists, The. Hall's Family Pills are the best MUTILATE THE DEAD. Otte Reports Death of Four Sold- iers Ambushed by Filipinos WASHINGTON, Aug. 28. -The fol- lowing dispatch has been received from Gen. Otis: Hutting*, at Iloilo, reports four sol- dier, ambushed, killed and mutilated four miles south of the city of Cebu. Their names are not given. \He also reports that robber bands of Negros are scattered, and most of the same sre returning to work the sugar plantations. \Armed Tools who entered that island were severely punished, and conditions are now favorable to the formation of a civil government un- der military supervision as directed, with little change in Panay and Cebu islands. The withdrawal of volun- teers and regulars discharged under order 40 last year prevented an active campaign in those islands, which the meditated reinforcements will cure. That Throbbing Headache. Would quickly leave you, If you uaed Dr King's New Life Pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved their matchless merit for sick end nervous headaches. They make pure blood and strong nerves and build up your health Essy to take. Try them. Only 25 cents. Money beck If not cured. Sold by Boulder Drug Co. THE PARK ACCIDENT. rut One Passenger on Overturned Stage Escaped Uninjured.' SALT LAKR, August 27.-A special t• the TrIbuors from Monida, Mont., says The Yellowstone & Monlda stage ouch which left here at 11 o'clock Friday morning, was upset at .Delles, shout 60 mile, earn of title piece, at 10 o'clock the can.. rronleg, killing one person sod in- juring six °them The deed Mr. Joseph Lipman, Salt Lake Seri..iisly Ini..r• .1 Joseph Lipman, Salt I.ake s 1 other. sere slightly Injured. The •)nly Simeon ger on the . 110 was not burl wee Mrs Morgan, Is moor of Iii s p o t. her 1i kery. ef I ienyer The etrident occurred at night when the +ta k e room. hot A point known as the Divid• The stare struck a large rock turnine the co41 1 h over, dashing the occu- pants to the ground with a great Outwit. A'ter the overturning of the coo,it 'tuft horaeit ran away. Buy your Tablet. ,,t Bert Robertson o 'er' MARDI tiltAS OF HINETY-NINE. - - Hew the 014 Illstenerv se eke raise* Will So liderilec• See s r• gen•cerieas, ln the year of grace 1945, or there' about& the Old Settler, seated in hit favorite corner in the biggest hotel ot the period, will proceed to call dowr the incautious stranger who venturer to advert upon the inclemency of tio weather. \('old this Mardi Gras!\ hi will exelahn, ersurafully. \Why young Man. you dunno what you're talkin about. You ought of been herein 'eV I tepuse you've heard tell of the bile teed that year. She hit us on Sunday day before the carnival. (lee whiz! I'll never forget that morning. Whet I got up I couldn't see nothing at all but snow -just solid white, every which way 1 looked. Pretty .son along /rarer • man, plowing through the midciair 01 the street, holding • kind of a stick in his hand. 'Hello!' says 1, 'what's that you've got---• broom?' Broom nothin',' says he; 'that's • trolley pole. I'm ridin' on top of the car.' When I heard that 1 shut the window and told my wife it looked kinder blue for the pa rade. But, ray, it took more than s little snow to stop us them days. DM Hex come? Well, you bet your life he came. The river was horse solid, of course, but the cruiser Dee-troit was here, and she just turned loose • pair of them eight -Inch guns and blew • channel all the way up from the jetties. Yea, air, that's exactly what she did. When Rex landed, the chief committer man says, says hr. 'Rex, your majesty, what'll y' have?' meaning • hot Scotch, or something like that. But Rex straightens up haughtily and says: 'Dintnie • seltzer lemonade and • couple of 'electric fans.' Ah! my boy, that's the kind of men we had back In '99. Next day some of the strangers in town said there wouldn't be any pared*. Bless your heart! they didn't know as: I never did know just how cold It was when Rex turned out, 'cause I had only one thermometer up at my house. but 1 reniember the steam frau solid at the hotels, so they had to carry it around to the rooms In baskets 'stead of blowing It through the pipes. Yes, sir, that's a feet. But Rex paraded all the same, and an did Coto us. and, say, they were great? The horses wore snoworhoes and the men had Azle,. No, air. I don't mean the kind of sk•tes . jou're thinking iibout, but stirs -enough ones. It was a magnifieent •uertesa. sir! Why, the loos's that? WIII 1 join you? Well. I don't eare If I do \ 0. Times -Demo- crat. Disgreeed ea Heamble fii•Es•. Souther• grandson, who ass •rreet- ed for fraud recently. ad/cols/el pure alike kittens and Persian eats 101 be sent by express, and pocketed the money without sending the cat•, He pleaded extreme poverty as his ezeuire. -Cleveland Plain Dealer. Defame fee Gaines Pigs. Guinea ploe are i• such demand for laboratory purposes th•t the market I. rarely ono/stocked l'he little ani- mals, It Is said, are rery good eating, and by some are preferred to rabbits. - Albany Argus. Eallstsieut ef *leers. The War department is very much embrraiweil by the fact that large numbers of minors have effected en- trance into the service by repnesent- ing themselves to be over twenty-one years of age. The officials desire to have it stated !bat such persona can not be properly enlisted without the written consent of their partible or legal guardians, and when detected, as is almost invariably the cue, they are discharged without honor and with loss of pay and allowances. In most cases this necessary action in- volve.' much hardships to the boys and expense to their relatives, 1%•••••41. eve Treed it. In order to prove the groat merit of Fly's Crellal Raba. the WOK egeeti•• earl for Catarrh and cold in Head, el, hsee pre- pared a generous trial Size tot 10 cent.. Oro it of your drugfpet or send 10 cents to ELY BROØ., :al Warren St , N. Y. City. I suffered from catarrh of the worst kind ever sines • boy. aa.I I never hoped for cure, but Zly'm erosta Lila sterna to do eves that. Many acqnsistannes hated need It with sieellent reining. -talent 45 Warren Ave., Chicago, Ill. Ely'. Cream Balm is the acknowledged cure for catarrh and contains DO oteesins, mereery nor any Injurious ding. Fries, to cum. At druggists or by mail. A $40 00 Bicycle- Gives Away Bally. The puhlishers of the New Inirk Mar, the handitorn•ly Illuatritted Sunday news- paper, are gl•Ing a III gh tirade Bicycle each day f. P the largest lint of wiirilA made by tieing the letters contained in - T-11- F. • 1••11 H N IT A -It\ no more thaws in any one word than It I. f mind In Th• New ork Star Wehater'm DiPtionary It ie ,..cmIdered as authority. Two go on Immo tiem ( first leas LIMO keener%) will be given daily for wiwiond arid third beat Hata and many other valuable reward.. Incimi Ing dinner sets tea mete, Chins, oesrling silverware, etc , ate , In order of merit. ThIs edUCetional outset Is being given to advertise and introduce this saccessful weekly Into new homes, and all prizes • Ill he *warded promptly without par- tiality Ted'. 2 rent stamps most be in' clieed .r thirteen weeks trial Ittbserlp. thin with full particulars and Ilet of over :ton vslu•hie Ferranti. Contest operas sad & aorta commences Monday. Jun. ant closes Mender. August 21st, our lion can reach um any day between thew date*, and will receive the award to which it may be entitled f se that day, and your name will be printed In the follow. In): Iwo. of the New York Boo . Only one Ilst ren be entered by the Same par- son Prires are on szhibltioe at The Star bitch new ofitres Performs securing Mein ries mar have choice ef La Ito', (lentle men's or Jilvenilell' IBM model, (»lot Or slysi desired. Call et addreis Dept \X The New York Star, MS W. 59th Street , New York. •PresentilaysCboughts hi i. PAC • Irrom our epeesai corresposelein A Glance Over Africa. At a minor port of the Gold Coast • small but thoroughly equipped railroad is in existence, solely de signed for bringing mahogany logs from tbe upper Assinie river to the coast, instead of permitting them to float to the coast as heretofore. Th fact is cited as • type of the Million me that will remake Africa in th next twenty-five years. Railroads and electric lines, designed for put poses of pure commercialism, wil inevitably open the way for all the is modern and energizing in the ooloniing nations of the world. The knell is sounding for the Dark GM tinent, and in its stead will appear a continent whose readiness and ca pacity far development are almost limitless. is 1 - ‘111afillite Twenty-five years ago the map of Africa was mainly guess work. Large species were set down as des- ert, that have since proved to be productive, and the boundaries of the different interior territories were curved ill suspicious beauty and reg- ularity. The Nile, notwithstanding Sparks's efforts, was still regarded as a mystery. The traveler who chose to lot hi* imagination run nat re- garding things he dad seen, either asleep or a wake, could do so with impunity; beyond which point the yellow journals have warmly pro- gressed whenever they refer to Af- rica, even now. The bravery and devotion of Livingstone were then a new story and Henry M. Stanley had just started for the expedition during whose course he partially sur- veyed Lake Victoria Nyanza arid which ended in his re appearance ma the Congo, to pen ids great story of \Acrose the Dark Continent.\ Of course partial exploration had pesseeded all this. to WORT dire/aloes. In ItiLfi, 14. Barth 'oseed the t;reat doom and added to our knowledge of the Niger, only however to lmi•• the impression that this •ast river of the west coast was a feeder of the Nile. On this same river ales. Mungo Park in 1798 experienced a numlier of dubious adventures and •sphwed the river for •100 miles from its mouth. This sores tegioe also and inurh other of the African Mast; wail known and traded with by the Pluenicians of old, whose bowie are even now dug up occasion- ally by the inhabitant' if the Guises Inset and used as ornaments by na- tive royalty. In the South as early as 1682 the Dutch had possession of the Cape of Good Hope, having themselves ousted the Portngese and themselves being ousted by the British Yet after all is said regard- ing efforts made, territory subdued, and knowledge gained of Africa prior to Use middle of the present century, it may be summed up safe- ly as trifling and ineffective. Wire alte The pruerit .iav map of Africa is an altogether different thing. Tb• regions to the north and their con- trol, remain practically unchanged •loript, of course, Egypt. That is Eoglish in all the elemente that make for progress •rol /poet devil!. ooment. unt bre/ate/tied fuy sonitArn foes. Btit South, East and West the map has been re made !lased upon Stanley's uplorstions the vast Congo Free State --that pet plan of the King of the Belgians --now stretehee from the Atlantic ocean to the great equatorial lake,. On the moot) northward the Star of Empire has taken Ito way till even the Transvaal, owe thritigi t of by its founders as safe from all disturbance and ourosiming, him •'ready been left Veshind and linerleeria stretches out the hand of its rile toward the /ambosi arid onward again to the equatorial lakes ii, the Malt the territory has all beers malleably di- vided among the great European na- wino even though sot yet setilsel. Now that the partition lin, keen ef fasted, the int/ormolu/mil rare for commercial development and polo) cal supremacy has definitely started If the British are true to their genii.% and •Ii•• to their opportunities, there can be but little doobt as to the •ic. lot. Militarism in the north under General Kitchener and nomniteirolad ism in the south wider Cecil Rhodes, have already given the British a con- trol through the center of the conti icent, from the Mediterranean to the Antartic ocean with the exception of 'WO miles beenaging to German East Africa. The tale of Italy's port of 82.00 PER YEAR. , Enthrea on the Red Sea together • I with the region called British East Africa, •Itniert surround Abyssinia with British influence. At Delagra Bay, still owned by Portugal, the British iiitlionioe us su_preine and thus largely cots off the Transvaal from spites n oom IT1 u n Mallon . Then front abe mouth of the Niger to Cape Verde, British influence .s almost uninterrupted. tela It is not really difficult to glance ahead mid say what is to he, for gi. en humm) nature as it is, human en- terprise as it has shown itself, itild racial differences as they exist, One Can gins @Vet. More thai, • shrewd guess regarding the futoiri, : wen- ty-fi•e years will see an vast changes in Africa as severity five years haw., men in the United States, for the powers of the railroad, of electricity, and of modern machinery will he brought to bear upon the Africa', problem immediately, while Ameri- can effort went forward by the slow stages of the canal, the prairm schooner, the ,tlat boat, forward to, the railroad, now react rug •leo- Inc power. krona all sides the et. tack upon the undeveloped continent will go forward. luu each case the eommercial impulse will unconcious ly work out for the ;and the broader purposes of destiny, just as the in• dividual exertions of all our own workers hays, without direct inten- tion, set forward our country It, one hundred yearn until its la world-wide ii every sense. In leas than ten years, and possi- bly in less than five, telegrams for Cape Town oan te unit via , Iii fifuson years, possibly •veri ten, men can take tram tii the North of Africa and riii• to Its southernmost point. In twenty • five years the Transvaal will exist no more as a republic. It will have been swal- lowed up by the supremacy of the Hritish interests around it and in it. Delagoa Bay will no longer be Poe- Logout; In fact, it is doubtful if Por- tugal will then retain a single one of her potassium' on African so.l. She will have mold them outright or have been embroiled in the disputes of her more powerful neighbors and thus h•m • lost her territory altogeth- er. The I ' , ./igo Free Stale will be leas Itelgio and Mora English. The Coast yettlementa if the Golf of Guinea will lia•e spread beck into tb• Soudan and the different little principalities been lir , ,igtit under cirilrring influences The \Atm modirn territories on the north cow will still retain their form hut will have lost much of their vigor, ninon tit only haps of Mohammed intim is blow. 0 n xuataC41 et just that ao rt .if f•• naticism to which Lor.1 kdchener has administered such a crushing lo American capital and Arnswieen effort will have aided in the work The supremacy of the English speak er will not alarm us nor raise pr - tests, for while all his doings are not ideal, yet we know no rare that is bettor. We know, furthermore, and bays learnt mach in that direction in two years, that as the world moves on its needs will demand that the leadership of the world shall rest upon character, upon enterpriee, upon ability. Irvington, N. V. Thursead Teague , ' i . ould sot 'Sprees the rapture of Annie E. Springer, of ;Ir. heard at ['blade; ptila, Ps when mh• found that I tr Kings New I ilecor•ly for ConatimptIon had com- pletely cured her ef • hacking cough that for many year, had made life • burlen All other remedies and do -tore could give her no help ton she mays of this Royal ,ire -\It aeon removed the pain in my chew and I can now sloop soundly, some. thing I can scarcely remember doing be- fore I feel it. mounding Its praiser throughout the I &yens.\ tio will everv one who tries I rr King's New DleifinVery for any trouble ef the Thrust, Chest or Lunge Price 'Ali and COG. Trial bot- tle free at Boulder Drug OR Beery bor tie insranteal Attend I toilette This Tear. Never in tin history of our COUR- try wee there a grander opportunity than the present for educ•teni young men and women. What an auspic- ious moment for those who are just now on the threehold of life. Crand Island Business and Nor- mal College has for fourteen years been the leading institution of its kind in the western states and last year More than twice as many calls were rerei for its graduates as meth] be reipplied. Everything nec- essary fie- a vie seitsful start in life in taught , Business, Normal andShort- band courses. Expenses low. Board only per week. One year's time given on tuition if desired. Col- lege Record sent free, or for six cts, cull vend elegant catalogue. Address A. NI, HARGIS, President, Grand Island, Neb. What is Shiloh! A grand old remedy for Cough, Oaks and Consumption; used through Uas world for halt a century, hisscuredhanuswitgatle cues of IncIpleat consumpdos sad reliev- ed many In advanced stages. If yes ere' not satisfied with the results we will re- fund your money. Price lb ets.,110ola. and 00. Mold by lisralese Drug Oa The SKNTIWR1., Silt Months for 41.09

The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 31 Aug. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.