The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1899-1904, August 31, 1899, Image 2

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THE SENTINEL EL A. BOBS.ItTBON, PUBLISH all, boulder City, Moutaua U. B. Manager =lc • Lumed ilvery Thursday Afternoon. entered at he Postoffice in Boulder City lieataaa, as second-class mall mattes. littaiscaurrteN, per year, in -advert., WO T1118 PAPER g a r see, 0 Bereitaats lls8.a F!aacia as. OnBlwala. where tostracia=rertlitag em be wade tor It. P Newspaper Advertising Agent, II Iderchealee Xzeininse, bah Prandial is usr authorised spot. Thls paper Is tent on Aka in Ste edicts THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1899. Tux Pioneers are numerously rep. resented at Virginia City this week. Tits Standard prints a great paper every day, but the issue of 'Aug. 21), was • corker, having 78 columns of lire interesting news matter. It is one of the leeding papers of the country. A LATIC telegram says that Secre- tary Boot is authority for the state- ment that there is no probability of General Otis being relieved of corn• mend in the Philippines. Well, what- position does General Miles anyway?bold,. over Spain, at a profit that w. old E have made Shylock 'I guns were token from Montt , and other spanish fortifisatione, told should have belonged to us as spoils I of war, 'Jut Spain sold them et au. tion before the treaty was signet Interesting This governmetit protested against I the sale, but afterwards concluded not to push the protest. THE outlook for free Cuba is by no means as bright as it appeared to be a little while back. Strong influ- ences are working to make Cuba American territory, and one of the firs , steps toward that end is to post- pone the setting up of • Cuban gov• ernment. IT is likely to go hard with Sergi. Crawford, whose treasonable act at Wardner resulted in releasing a few prisoners. lie went back to where he committed the crime without the formality of extradition papers. If he is proven guilty he is liable to be shot. I n hearts of officers o • court- martial are very chilly when crime is proven. Tex United States will be repre• sented M the congress of the Inter- national Geographical society, which will sit at Berlin from September 28th to October -ith, inclusive, by Prof. Willis L. Moore, chief of the weather bureau; Ge.n. A. W. Gree- ley, chief of the signal service, and Ambassador White. Prof. Moore will tell the congress about new lines work in the meteorological line, and General Greeley will report on America.i geographical research. find all three will endeavor to persuade the congress to hold its nest meeting in Wishwigtone Gov. SEMI will meet theMentamt regiment in San Francisco about r' October 221. Ile will be accompa Med by members of hie staff, presum aoly Gen. Stanford, Great Falls; Gen. Rod I) Legge, Butte; Col. Tom MeTague, Peer Lodge, Joel be bop** that others will conclude tc go. The goveritor said that mem- bers of his staff who made the trip to Frisoo, including himself, would pay their own expenses, as the state has no fund from which such an expense could COMO. \However lie added, \we want to give the heroes the best welcome we can. It is unfortunate that the state is not in position to bring them home in • body, but that cannot possibly be done.\ CITIZENS of Whitehall received a very forcible illustration last week of what the trusts or doiog, and to what extent the people are paying tribute to the gigantic corporations that have grown rich under the be- .neficent syatein advocated by Presi- dent McKinley. The details of the creamery project were practically arranged. The; estimates for the plant were made, and the amount of money necessary for the enterprtse was agreed upon. Saturday the gentlemen with whom the citizens' committee had been negotiating in• formed the secretary that the prices of creamery machinery had advanced from 50 to 100 per cent, and that it would be impossible to start the pro- ject upon the busis arranged. Lett week this paper mentioned the arbi- trary advance in the price of mining machinery, an increase that threatens to hamper minieg operations every- where, and be felt particularly in Montana. The advance is not caused by any increase in the price of pro- duction --•t leant no one has heard of an increase in wages any where that amounts to more than 10 per cent. Therefore, the amount of the rise, over the increase of wages, is little more than robbery. The iron industry of the country is in the heeds of a few men. A year or tao ago the Standard Oil company or its magnates purchased the iron mines of the north, and have been gradu ally laying their lines to extort vast profits from the people. That is what they are doing today, mid the probabilities are that the common folks, the consumers and users of ni iscellaneous articles into which iron enters, will haye a dose of trust mod- ic:ne that will do for some years to come. Bryan mid other meti have said over and again in times past that the high protective system was a cloak under which the vast aggrega- tion of capital woillil seek shelter until they were great enough to defy the laws mid tin, courts. This is what has happened. ..The trust mag- nates defy the laws of the land, and laugh at 11103 courts. They have reached that stage where they have no regard for the rights of any one. and where the system of extortion has reached perfection.—Whitehill Zephyr. Tea Waahisgton folk not only wish to welcome Dewey, but they desire him to bring as many of the crew of his II Igship, The Olympia, with him as can be spared from the ship. This idea which was not sug- gested to the committee until lastweek, has struck a lopulsr chord; everybody is anxious me the men who carried out the orders which tie suited in cite of the greatest naval victories recorded. It will detract nothing from the honor ;hat will be so freely rind fully bestowed on Ad. mind Dewey, to honor the men be- hind the guns and under the decks who so faithfully anti- successfully carried out his orders. But this will all depend on peirey's wishes. A NEW Yorker cited the fact that a Wall street firm has recently dote a thriving and profitable business in old Spanish cannon to prove that Wall Streeters have their money- making facilities abnormally oped. The firm in quiastiou bought from the government of Spain, just before peace was declared, 500 . vit.- gusted brass cannon, paying ;little more than their worth as old metal for them, and bee gold nearly all of them to American museums, schools, 1 , - tiff parties, to be •x- bitiite,1 as ee“11 venire of our vict—ry ROADS TO TRUE HAPPINESS .k• Should Sot I odemlImmt• IMMO Dood• sad Should Iroril•I theSmall %. l. ou er ocampment Ceremonies Last Thursday Evening The Wickes Bnoanspment Ooneoli- dated With the Boulder Odd Fellows INSTALLATION AND BANQUET. The Schuyler Colfax Encampment No. Ii, at Wickes, was transferred to Boulder last Thursday evening which Increased the membership 21. Grand Patriarch Andrew Logan of Missoula and Grand Scribe A..T.White, Butte, assisted in the exercises. It was also installation night, and the following officers were Installed: Chief Patriarch—John F. Bergman High PrIest—M. Freeborn. Senior Warden—Frank Bernatz. Junior Warden—II. L. Sherlock. Treasurer—John It. Welter Scrlbe—George Fournier. A fine lunch was spread which the members enjoyed hugely. Outside visiting members were: Messrs. Ben- son, Teeity and Pescool, of Wickes, Freeborn and Oletem of Basin, and James of Elkhorn. The meeting was very Interesting and Instructive the members say. Happiness comes through the quiet acceptance of the talent, temperament and task that God bath appointed. Un- able to add one cubit to the stature, or make One heir white or blank, man is also impotent to alter his birth -gifts. Through heredity our fathers chose the life -work for us, and try as we may we cannot alter their choice, though we can break our hearts. To -day one part of society is making itself _miserable through an overestimate of great deeds and an agonizing desire to do strik- ing things. Yet struggling and agoniz- ing never did anything worth The first sign of • great piece of work is the ease and atalitheal with which it sitsilone by him appointed fur the task. .%sibther part of society destroys happi- hem by underestimating small deed' and duties. God's mountains ate. not made out of huge chunks of granite, but out of minute flakes of mica. Size has noth- ing to do with the rallied work, and man cannot be happy until he surren- ders his will and cheerfully accepts he one talent or two, or ten, count ing it honor enough to do his appointed work more perfectly than any other can pos- sibly do it. We do not need great and splendid things, but that common things shall he lifted up and illuminat- ed by a quiet and beautiful One of the secrets of happiness it found in the habitual emphesis of pleas- ant things and the persistent casting aside of all malign elements. We have read of a scientist who could not walk through a flower garden and see a bush eotereel with roses without carefully selecting the one blighted hiosaom Thus many pass through life, selecting the one Unfortunate event of the day and, lifting it up, they cast a gloomr over all our hours. Experts tell us watch is not impaired by running, not a man by working, but rust will apoi. the watch, and worry will consume nien's faculties. The medical schools of to -morrow must reckon with thu mental rouges of disease as truly as eveittv swiereiveve-en4reemeta. The streettetweetwra fill their wag- ons with dirt, litter, old paper, broker boxes and tin cans, and cast ,all this rubbish into the soil. Hut Nature re members only the good. She searchei out the single grain of wheat: sht nourishes it to a golden sheaf; she asks the rags and iron -rust to lend a rict gold to the yellow grain. No man can afford to remember the fears, the wor- ries and the misfortunes of his career Strange that the soul should rehearse its *arrows instead of its joys. ---Rev Newell Dwight Hillis, in Ladies' Home Journal. Treubleseme te the Army. During the civil war, as well as In our late war with Spain, diarrhoea was one of the most troublesome diseases the army had to contend with. In many instances It became chronic and the old soldiers still suffer from it. Mr. David Taylor of Wind Ridge, Greene county, P., la one of these. He uses Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and D9irrhoea Remedy and says he never found anything that would give him such quick relief, It Is for sale by the Boul- der Drug Co. \ &tray Notice. Came to my place on the 101.11 of Aug- ust, one bay horse, saddle marked, and branded O on left shoulder, weight about 900 It,.. Owner can have horse by paying pasturage and expenws of ad. TII0EAS se. Boulder. The largest and most complete line of . . . PIANOS IRGANS To Be Found in the sHie is at A. P CHUN'S MUSIC NOUSE, Helena, Montana. ' , hoe It. Instruments sold on month- ly payment plan. Every Piano or Organ from this House carries our person- al guarantee. We will positively save the purchaser from $15 to $25 on any other dealer's quotation. !'Correspondence solicited. - _ 41,..4k I Stick to it! s rum- THE Hand Made Harney Is- the beet in the long run. It is equal to three Rele of machine work I sell my lurid made harness as reas c , _ A is mot .A. o able, very near, as a factory made limos uk. lin hi/ eo n B out o li rat ea. Come and see my work. MIK@ GOLDBEEtti, Boulder, Molt. So the falling of the hair tells of the approach of age and declining power. No matter bow barren the tree nor how leafless it may seem, sou confidently expect leaves again. And why? Because there is life at the roots. So you need not worry about the falling of your hair, the threatened departure of youth and beauty. And why? because if there is a spark of life remaining in the mots of the hair will arouse It Into healthy acne ity. The hair ceases to come out: it begins to grow: and the glory of your youth is restored to you. We have a book on the Halt and Its Diseases. It is free. The Beef Aehriee FPOO• nnd obtain .11th. benefits y tt • - , the Re* of Lao VIgor, o shunt IL Itra.hettly un . M` •, 1)t, *It/ Ton , Irsn tits) be easily Private 5,i, field ' s It y. The Navy department has issued a general order •wariling a medal of honor to Corporal Maeneal of tbsi Maride Corps for gallantry aboard the Brooklyn during the fight with Cervera's fleet off Santiago. Corpo- ral Macrmal, then • private, climbed out on • six -pounder gun under the forecastle anti cleared it of a jammed shell, after severtl others hail failed. Thia feat was performed sliming the heaviest part of the action. try IL If Shiloh's Cough and Coneetunpthm rime, which is sold for the small price of cts 5(1 cut. anti $1 00, does not cure take the bottle back and we will refund your money. Sold for over 50 rears on this enisransete. Price 25 cts. and 50 eta Sold hr in.iihier I )(11,.! i. THE WE']'!' HOODWINKED. Dow , Not , Out Its Share ot (Ion- gressalooesi Aopreepriatioue. Throughout the elitire V1 eat tile plea of constructing resort titre to rtl under nai towel eOtttrol t., att.tre fl.sst ts.ter for irrigattol„ In uuiisusrsaHy .pproved, says the 1.0s Angeles 1 ones. NO MOD, 11001116111i. tour nor beneficial work can elei the attention of the California dele- gation in Quegress than a compre- hensive plan of irrigation for the state, and for that matter the entire western area. The annual appropri- ations by Cougress for the improve- ment of rivers amid harbors in the east and the Pacific coast are not more strictly within the scope and province of Congress oor mor far. reaching and certain in their benefi- cial results than would be appropri- ations for national storage reservoirs for the impounding of torrential and flood waters in the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains. Many of the moat conscientious and far-sighted men in the west are now advocating • government system of leasing the public arid lands at a nominal rental for pasturage and farm purposes, and employing the revenues for state irrigation works and other improvements. Where several co -owners abandon a claim, and one of them desires to re locate, he must proceed to \advertise out\ his former partners, says the Id I ni ng and Scientific Press. The su- preme court of Utah has rendered a decision In point in which It holds that such relocations inure to the benefit of the original Joint locations and that the relocator holds a title thus acquired In trust for them. The court points out that the proper course of proceedure Is for the one re- locating to \advertise out\ the others in the manner prescribed by the fed- eral statutes, in case he desires ti ) be- come the sole owner. — A Frightful Bleeder *III often cause a horrible burn, acald,cut t Bucklen's Arnica teethe, the t. the world, will kill the pain and , .es, It. Cures old sores, fever e , - felons, corns, all skin - :•-st Pile cure on earth. Only ‘. Cure guaranteed. Sold t., ) ,sse ihltig company. Kick Headaches, The curse of overworked womankind, are quickly sod surely cured by Karl's Clover Root Teti, the great blood purifier and tissue builder Money refunded if not sena ectory. Price 25 Olt, and 50 eta. Sold by Boulder Drug Co. f- red Powell, UNDER TAKER lOut LDER, Me /N IANA. Succemful Embalmer and dealer in tin ilertaltera Good. vekets of all *ire* flit nitty styles •• k 111 4\ Sr. PAUL MINNEAPOLIS DULUTH AND •01111T• CJ EAST 1. BOUTHI To; HELENA BUTTE SPOKANE S EATTLE TACOMA PORTLAND CALIFORNIA JAPAN CHINA ALASKA KLONDIKE ',ersatz, Agent, Om. 6, Fo• G. P. A Boulder. Nom, I se. estn. lune (,Izstibulecl Craias—Dining Cars TIME CAltl , hill 1 II I. TO MILLMIS Deily. amp' Sunday 310 p. us TO BASIN Monday, Wadneeday. Friday . 110a m TO ILLIIIIOBN Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday II 05.0 Pullman firct.Clacc and Tourist Sleep' ing kArs. BARTEAU & TINDALL, Proprietor ot :1 • WINDSOR STABLES Turnouts, HOISeSI Special Attention Paid to Commercial Travelers arimir patronage solicited. Main Street. Ronldor. Montana. 'Bus runs to and from all trains to any part of the town. ENLARGED TO 136 PAGES PRICE $1.00 A YEAR. )emorest's Family Mao - azAne Great Special Clubbing Offel For Prompt Subscriptions: • 11Emo REST'S for 1900 Is to he further improved ' end enlarged. Its Illieeella during the pest year has , encouraged the publishers to make arrangementa for Important and costly changes In this popular magszine• These improsisments will be appreciated by its readere. DE S1 (ill EST'S contains more matter, set WIC, mien- tin....1.1 and practical Bole any other one magazine. - Ii la a magsrine for tile us tutu' It elves as much general 1111011 . 1 . Ms an exclusively literary nictrooine. It treats household toph s RA f Itlly as R strictly domestic It Oa.* as nincli Interesting matter ter young people se a strictly young people's , pet.! --inn. It gives as much fwitilon news Is a strictly fashion paper. It Is benio full t oted, Ill Misted and carefully edited. I oitEsrs mAoA/IsCE Fashion Department is In every way f,,r sliesd f that 'tinted in any other stIon. Subeeribers are entitled each 'he lee k , fsshloris In a -Inhn's attire, at TIO coon nut them other On, 11,0 ,...•. CASTOR IA The Kind You Dave Always Bougist, and which haw bee* III 11.40 for user 30 sears, has borne the signature of and has beeu made under his per - social supervision Since its Infancy. • 1-4(6A \'\ Allow no one to dteielye you in thits. All 'teueiterceits, Imitations and \Just-iss-good\ are but 1:xptudnien1s that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA ICastoria is is harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare- goric, Drops and heeothing Sy nips.. It is Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic,. substance. Its age Is its guarantee. It destroys Worms mid alloy s Feverishness. It cilreS Diurrlitea and Wind ( edit% It relies es Teething Troubles, cures I 'onstipation alga . It assimilates the Food, regulates t.lto PR21,111:tell .\1111 Itt,Wt . 11, glRing healthy and naturist sleep. Tlo• ei' I ',,I1.1.1triS The Mother's Friend. CENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of • The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. • ^ I • • .• • Summer School at the ackman Business College ('ournee of study: B isiness, Pomo p, iriii.ind, IPitman, G reheat and Munson systems) typewritiog, E iglish, N von Civil Service, Ger- Spanish, Muffle •1111 T.,1, 14 r.phy. NO VACATION. Student's May Enter any Time Students may select their own studies. Each student advances . as rapidly as capable. Personsl attention given to each. All work planned anal under direct supervision of principal. Summer School—SPECIAL RATES—Sumner School. Instruction by mail. Day and night sessions. Apply to pri,ielpal for all inform 4t1 , 1n as tt, istetril, rooms,rate of tuition, etc tEE E. *It\ Mont Oiii late to the lti I I i I wi ill Fair 1- ‘‘ hat the Northern Pacific It') 11;1 , 11i0ile 1 Those 111110 111,10 to t fiend .1 it 4•1 I heist111:1.4 tAut then n yeareanteteriptIon tat Itere. , ri- , Si I:. I tor regi4tored letter or t heck, to 111 . ,MOREST'S NtAtiAZINE, 110 5th Ave., New York. Oily $2.75 Tor THE SENTINEL and DEMOREST'S Family MACIAZINE Mend Your Sabscription to this Office Base Ball Games and Horseracing Will be among the amusements. Crack players have been secured cm the 'Aso ball team and games are expected with Helena and Butte nines. In the absence of races at Helena, Butte and Anaconda thiteseasen, the rev -es scheduled will be first class, as many fine horses will thereby be available for the races at Billings. For rates and other information apply to Northern Pacific agent. Criss. S. Fes, G. P. & F. A, N. P. R'7, St. Paul, !dn.! , AROUND THE WORLD! HICKORY VEHICLES ARE GUARANTEED TO RUN 25.000 MILES w iama g • to ahool. 1.14, or ff a s , -optIng tn• ardal was; and taa .ite fof , k tai ea. •nrt skoloaa.• ri- 1,4 ‘'‘. mail a g,a , 11•,,R , 1 ; t,tak a y i r , troo ra hr of a S111,•1 •,ht Road Wa..a ;,;„1 fln•r g o.a.14, aro * goal 1,1,1d -outdo oork borauso N It. whweir ar I roars are . geht n.aile from 7 .11,12 II, k-ris. No. 140 .Se handi• timer Duarsatoe4 to S. arm' ta qa•lity to HICKORY BUGGY CO,, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Lb. bug \ tha\. ' . \ 7 \ t. \ 1\or\.m \N.. • Ride a trionarco Epiii Keep in Front! • •asisiti-ss•A MONARCH A\ DEFIANCE BICYCLES Are recognised the N. or1,1 -r as representing the highest opt- of excellence in bicycle coustructIon. $25.00 KING AND QUEEN $25.00 t, .2 ot tot yck on of h (I money MONARCH CHAINLESS $751. 0 .: MONARCH ROADSTERS UPI DEFIANCE ROADSTERS $35 0 1 :::=2Tattr..., MONARCH CYCLE MFG. CO., Lake, heisted & Fulton 5treets, Chicago. litraiKises NEW YORE, LONDON. HAMBURG. Srod 2/ , root* its stamp. for a derlr of Mooareti Playing Cession llinatrapsee Jessie Bartlett 14 , 6.0.111Jan SOaaelt, TOMI x5po r, Lao RIchardlon o and Walter JiMet. \ALL ROARS ARE ALINE TO A MONARCH.\

The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 31 Aug. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.