The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1899-1904, August 31, 1899, Image 3

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1111110 0 11111401111111111111, TILE SENTINEL. THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 18S/V SPRAT OF IHESPRINGS Weether is delightful School begins Sept ii Next Monday will he Labor day. Try &billows Beet tee sad baking powder. The preachers are guile anti SO are the chickens. See the Northern Patine ad of the excursion to Billings. See the new Gaffney Mercantile ad. It tells volumes tri a few words. Epwortii League trustees, meeting next Saturday at 2 p. III. at the par - Bona ge. Louis Betz, representing the Black Bat cigar, of St. Paul, was In town this week. Preaching at the Methodist eh ti rch next Sunday at II a. m., arid at Basin in the evening. The Basin Miners' Union will give a one dollar ball on Labor Day, Sept. 4. All Invited. Spring chir•kens dressed right at home, fresh and tender, can be found ready for your Sunday dinner at the Boulder Market. The very popular Charley Kessler, of Helena. was In town last week,and renewed old acquaintances. Mike Relolg, the leading grocer of South iHelena, was a guest at the Boulder Hot Springs last night. Rev. R. S. Stringfellow will hold Episcopal services at the court house next Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. Examine Hildebrand's stock of la- dles' and gent's watches in Boulder drug store before purchasing else- where. Carl Haglund writes from Stovtovp, Novvbyas, Orebrn,, Sweeden, that he Is well and happy, and must have the SENTINEL. Only $11.70 LO Billings t, - ) all those who desire to attend the big fair. Tickets on sale from 10th to 16th of September. Chas. Reuter, of Butte, represent- ing the Why Cigar Manufacturing company, was doing business with our people last week. Doc. W. S. Magill, an old tinier of Ilelena, quietly passed away Monday night. Doc was a noted character, and very favorably known. The rate on the Northern Pacific to Billings will be $11.70—one fare for the round trip, to attend the Bil- lings County Fair. See ad In another column. For Sale A•desirable air room house, !n routhweat part of town, g ood well near d , or, cut buildings and other Improve moots; three lots. Inquire of Mrs D. A. If igleenour, Boulder. I he soothing and healing properties of Chsruberhon's Cough Iteinetly. Heat - is,t taste strii itrompt an..1 permanent cures, Neve mole It a g reat favorite nil i the peo. lie ,V0rN where. Fur sale by the Boulder Mug Co. CASTOR IA BLAIR INJURED BY A RUNAWAY TEAM. He Now Looks Like He Had Bean Struck by One ot Dowey'e Battle Swim. 'Ii Ills and Doe lila hand a nal row escape front ti morning last. Titus was g oin g lomic and Blair Jumped in to ride t- Ewd Ryan's house When they were going down (Ii, iiit bill, a bronchi, which Was III the team, Jumped down the et!' buttmerit of about ten feet, pull- ing tire other horse and bogy!, with Wm. The vehicle upset, ifia,ilulling under the whole business, it, I is now the worst bruised roan you ever saw. The team ran some distance pull- ing Titus 0Y er the ground, be holding on to the lines, until the team was stopped by A. L. Dulaney. Titus was shaken u'p a little, but Blair looks like he had tackled one of Dewe ) 'd battle ships lie was Insensible when piked up, arid was brought to town and treated by Dr. N awter, who 110011 brought him back to the land of the living and where horses run away. Ills face Is black and blue, but the most rierious trouble is with his right leg, as one of the horses stepped on his thigh two Or three times appar- ently, and came near breaking it. He is gradually De proN ng There are plenty of fishermen now a days, hut no catch is MO MCC SS those to lie found at the Boulder Market •I• CIS 7IL .111. . Bonn tn. 15s KM fog Him &ial7 Bought a v enue of • PERSONCI AND ON I IL. John Flaherty and wife, of Cold Springs, visited friends in Boulder this week. Mrs. Dahlman is now visiting her old home in Minnesota, and will be gone a couple of weeks or more. Mrs. Emerson, and Miss Gillie, of Butte are spending a few days alt pleasant nome of Mrs. F. C. lii r Miss Tennessee Morris, of If visited a few days the past we, Miss Mary Wickes, returning home Monday. Mrs. S. Rob't Fair and daughter*, who have beer. , ;,ping at the Hot Springs for t month, returned home to I • • . ' ly evening. Miss lead , roI. . I iowden, superbn tendent of the Mot tana Children's Home society, came out last Saturday and left a little buy in the home of Henry McCauley, down the valley. Miss Zeurie [Telford of Butte is vis- iting with Mrs. Dudley lialford, but expects returning home in a few days, arid will probably be accompanied by Miss Lynn Hungate. Miss Annie Pierce has returned from at extended eastern trip and r Jaunt. A tear h looks b. trim ers fc - , .otonous one at heat, hero • : es , i.i ursions are enjoyable. MI14+ erce is the guest of Mira Jen- Pr lint will return home to PO , . I ill. Strike tug? St I ri. , ,ku‘eatIn g breath For Wants and Children. ruit fri.rt r wash patio° Earl's , er H.. t an absolute cure and lbs Klad Yu Haas Always Basglit Ilse been sold for fifty years as an abso- lute guarantee Price 21k. and 50c Sold by lioulder Drug Co - - 11TORTHR A. Dears the tegnature of J. B. Max field rI lie Boulder Mar- ket went south today after a band of fat cattle. Another four -horse load of beef, pork and mutton went to Ba- sin Tuesday. It keeps the boss busy buying. Ii. S. Hoover lately of Wooster, Ohio, and who bought the Livings - Lou Eatg,rprise, accidentally killed himself while cleaning his gun in an upper room of his house. He leaves a wife and son. Ills body was taken east for Interment. W. B. (;affney is now cleaning out the old shaft on the Rochester with a large force of men, and will soon place a whim thereon, and fully pros peet the property. Indications are that he has a good mine It is near the lietijainIn property. Word was received In Boulder last Monday morning of the death of Mee olark of Helena. wife of the elerk and recorder of Lewis and clarke county, who died during the morning hours of heart, failure The derwased was 23 years of age and high- ly respected. Col Bill Trotter has returned from Smith river %alley. and is now a guest at the Windsor. The colony I tie vet listed Letter in his life, and casts many wistful glances at the old fa- tririte hotel that has sheltered him so long. Mrs. Trotter and Hattie Holmes will return In a day or two The baseball 'Is had a royal LIMP last Sunday. The Basin and Boulder business men composed the two nines resulting in a victory for Boulder tole. The Age says. the Sir:err/get reporter being stet \Hurrah again and glory be, the next game was worth going It's to see and lioUld- cr rooters were transported to de- lights of heaven, the Butte Juniors' et - ore was ti and Boulder 7 The game was hot from first to last, the playing all was clean and fast. - Te Clams. the System Effectually yet gently, when costive or bilious, to permanently overcome habitu- al constipation, to awaken the kidneys and liver Us a healthy activity, without 1r Meting or weakening them, to dispel head- aches, colds, or fevers, use Syrup of Figs, aide by the (Wigwam Fig Syrup On. Roasting ears, the finest in the land, at tbe Boulder Market. When getting your supplies for school next week, don't forget that you can get tablets, pencils, pens, lob etc., of Bert Robertson. Born to Brush Beckwith and w I fe Thursday, Aug. 24,IeV9, a daughter. The young lady and mother are doing nicely, while Brush wears a ten dol- lar smile. One boquet was admired so much by the Boulder ladies that Mrs. J. B. Max fleld has adorned the marble slab at the Boulder Market now with two beautiful glass tams Flowers, you know strengthens one's appetite. A large number attended the Ryan picnic last Sunday front Elkhorn and the valley. It was given in honor of the Misses Maguire, who will 50013 re- turn to schtal at Ogden Miss Prettn Ryan managed affairs nicely. Ye re- p, was kindly invited but could !pa attend W Ii 1;artney. li t Leighton, Chet Sweet, John Nottingern, Otto Riedel went over to Helena last Monday to witness the bail game Between the Billings and Helena tennis The game was badly played, and it is thought by many that Helena hap s ol e ly by m istakes lint riiir folks fared pretty well, bringing home nearly a I hunts - anti of lawful money of the Putted States They all re i w,rt a good tine., arid returned home in the evenin g . • •risna ewers cases., Highest Hews, World's Fair Geld Modal. Midwinter Fair Avell liable, Pewdlese 114/1.14111111/4 phaNs. They are lejselea Se belle TO CLEAN MATTING. To make soiled matting look fresh and bright prepare a pailful of warm water with a handful of salt and four tablespoonfuls of Ivory Soap shavings dissolved in it. With a clean cloth squeezed out of the mixture, wipe every breadth of the matting, rubbing soiled spots until they disappear. as dee \ dee ARE NOT cit iS, .0 ,,,seworin th, is, .n4 remarkable ;sealant* SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY. The By lays four Smell each summer, and Si egg• each time It has beeh determined that light la an important factor in sugar produc- tion. recent investigations showing that the sugar content if the plant ta Aeperolent an the am, 'tilt of lii ret sun- li g ht received The Edinburgh k S4.4 , 512.11(11 t orporaii lion made an appeal to parliament for power to deal with street advertisin g abominations, includin g the enforced Iluniluat Ion of wall spat -es at ni g ht. Six !her cities are seekin g or ,•hatain the •Aillle permission. Late reports in the experPnent• at the Schlesbusch dynamite worts near Colo g ne say that Prof lantiels method of employing liquid air a• a blasting agent has proved so satisfactory that it hem been adopted on a large e..e.le in the Simplon tunnel. German chemists, who have suc- ceeded in prtoluelog •rtItielal that citn compete •ticce•afolly with the natural product of lirinah Id,a lie Straits and J•rit, have established ii,rige works at Ludwi g shafen for the manufacture of this article upon •11 Cs tetuat ye seal. The Ina ust ry In tile east has already been seriously affected by competition. Portugal'• Iron ors deposits are •A I rat tan g attention, and Unproved trans- portation faeilitias aiiini. are needed to il.aure their Immediate development h. -,I •nd 1.towb hematite deposits i.•ttur tt, Cuba, in South Alerute . )... 111111,1 the t,rinit of the l•zere, In N•;rth Aletotoyo, there is a bed iif brown hematite yield - SS to per cent uf 3 ri 5 p.r of iiiiiaphoros. arid Roth Mexico mini J•pan prop..wie to es- tablish life saving alit sign•I . 3 stecris slung their eosins and MIL empi. the Costob night signals, which arc now g enerally used by the army and li g h*- house service. They wars invented by the widow of ('apt Coition. of the ,k me r• loan r,rps It is said that she/ la the ot,iy woman who ewer invented an ar'irle !hat rrroirl hi. e d opoe y by the noiltary naval service. Relgiuni a expanding Ii. industrial Aeld and la establishing important elm - ?sect mum ;r; }tussle and the or•t,t A ahlptould in k) yard and •ngi neering works are being ounetructecl it Sic - °lairs the (Mutt Russian naval *teflon On the Black sea The head q uarters of the oornpany are at lionfilonet, near rhatelin•au. in itelgiurn The •hip - boding department in Isving set up with facilities for building two largest type armorriada and sin merehant VMS. , INils of the largest tonnag• Robbed the Brave. A etartlisor Inehient, itf which Mr John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the subject, is narrated try hits follow , \i was i n most dreadful condition My skin was almost yellow, eyes sunken, ton g ti• coat ed. pain continually In back and aides, no appetitc-- t radually g rowing weaker day by day Three physicians had gives me no Fortunately, a friesd &drilled trying Eleetrie Hitters', and to my great joy and snrprise, the first bottle made a decided Improvement I contieued their use for three weeks, and am now a well man I know they saved ray life. sad robbed the grays of another victim.- No one should fail hi tr y t he m . Only 50 cents per hot - ti• at Boulder Drug Store Threw having charge of the arrange. men? for the picnic to be given by Hibernian+ at Central Park neat Monday, Lahor day, the proceeds of which are to go towards th e f on d b e - ing raised for a monument to the late Geoeral Thomas Francis Meagher, have advice* that there will be a large attendance from outside points. The reduced rates made by the railroads and the worthiness rif the cause will combine to draw thousands to Hele- na. The railroads allow the reduced rate for three days so that many will c me Saturday and not leave until Monday night, the coming ball games acting as an additional incentive - Herald Tbe Nene Nursery. Ti'. undersigned Is engaged In the wintery business In the Bitter Root valley, and is prepared to take orders for standard apple, crab apple, plum, pear and cherry trees, for spring de- livery. None but the very hardiest kinds are grown, and purchasers are guaranteed to get the varieties they order. My trees being acclimated I can guarantee them. Bend in a trial order, sad at the proper season in the spring the yaw will be shipped to your nearest &Tot. Send now for prices. T. A. McLatars, Carlton, Mont. Died From His Injurit 4. D 1.yon, the Jefferson county ranchtnan who was kicked In the head by • vicious horse last week and brought to Heleaa for treatment, died last evening at St. Peter's hoe- pltal. He never regained Amsclous- ness. The unfortunate man was about 70 years old, and a respected citizen of Jefferson county, residing near Alhambra Springs The funeral was held Tuesday at 3 p. in. from St. Paul's 'itch, Rev.Ven Scoy officiat- ing. Ir f , • -rit was at Forestvale, say sT leierta Herald. Des' , &Sr: N et, r .1 ( her to our present county attorney, '1'. T. Lyon, and was favorably known in Boulder. Our young county attarney has the sym- pathy of the entire community in his sad affliction. TO CURE A (01.1) IN oar Iv a g rot. I saetise lir. in... All SM. e ine ry.',1.11ri.ory fl * J oe, The • iv '5,. rn Schilliags Best 'trod Or,iv 111 Pac The Bunk of Boulder Moulder. NI ts n Cana. A. Ilstcexa, Prealdent Jitters P•TTERSOE, VICAI-Pree. 7. C. BENZEDRS, Cashier DIRE(TORS: A Belcher Jeer* Patience; Berendea, E, IL Dean, Ewd Ryan DO A 13311111.1.:. B kITIEING 817111. E88. /Exchange Sold the Principal Cities of Europe. Colieotions Wll Reoeire Prompt AttentIon. liankiniz to .r. Icitn Si/ a rn. to 3 p rn C. B. ROBERTSON, BC101.1.111, ItIONTAITA -a. • -st. Popular Son g s, sheet Nliisie and Instructors l'isn• • VIO1ILL, Guitar and pimp MUSICAL MERCHANDISE Fine steel, gut and sill( '41rings, Bridges, Tail Pierawr. Pegs, Picks, Resin, Tuning Pipet, Music Racks, Mugu , Paper mid l.'olons. PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIALS Star Cameras, Sf Roden! p iry late. Sohn andVitulev Photo Paper, Paare Developing l'iiw.1ors, Hypo, 14,440 putout Picture Ernmes STATIONERY Composition !Lows, Tablets, rens and Penholders, 1.nail and Slate Peecils, Ink, raper and Envelopes, Crepe l'aper, V sitin g , Cards and \Pegamoid\ Aluminum Paint. Vapor Bath Cabinets. THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE. A Profitable Suasion field Herr 1.1tml Week, 1 - Amtu.0 lull. on l'; rottidett A titstst At tol.Atittloe and Many tumbril. o A ;tat trant. • I mg u mu -one sod A p poliituion 141. The Montana Annual Conference of the M. E. Church, South, held its 22rai session at Boulder, 'beginning Aug. 24th and closing on the 28th, Bishop W. W. Dunes'', of South Carolina, presiding. Tine session was one of the most successful nit the history of the eon- ference. All of the preachers were present °inept Rev. E. J. Stanley, one of the pioneers, who was de- tained at borne on aoeount of his family's health, lie writ • letter to the conference, which was read, and which reveal° I the fact that his first sermon was preached in the old school house, near wiser. the IL and D. school now stands, to • small o mgregation, and that be dug the trenches for the foundation of the present church building located hers. The reports from the various char- ges revealed the fact that every preacher had been at work during the year and with entsouraging re sults. The Epworth Leagues and Sunday Schools showed a lecided gain in members and ..fulness. An organisation was perfected for • well planned year's wore in the Epworth League, with Rev. I). B. Pejo.), president; Miss Janie Hall, Miss Ida Bryant, and likof. Brum• motto, rice presidents; Rev. Charles McPhearson, secretary; Mies Marga- ret Knowlion, treasurer; Rev. A. A. Walker, superintendent Junior de- partment. 1/r. P. H. Whisner, church exten- sion secretary, of Louisville, Ky., was present and presented the work of that board to the delight iit the brethren generally. Ile also deliv- ered an address in behalf of d r wom.ii'n llome Miesion society which was presided over by the president, Mrs. JolOIS011. cif Mahone. The sermons preached by the Bishop, Dr. Whisner, littva. Rector and Swift, were highly appreciated and no doubt will result in bringing forth fruit for good. The address of the Bishop on the admitting of Rev. A. A. 'Walker into the conference will long be remem- bered. It was • plain, practical religious talk and dealt with subjects of vital interest to the cause of Christ. Brother Walker was ordained deacon Sunday morning by the Bishop. Revs. W. G. Forbes and I. R. Ilubbs were ordained •lders Sunday evening in the presence of a large and appreciative congregation. Resolutions of thanks to the people of Boulder for such royal eutertain• ment, and to Rev. I. R. Hubbe, the local pastor, for his courtesies and generous hospitality, were adopted by • rising vote. A resolution of thanks to Bishop Duncan and Dr. Wineries, were also voted by the oonferenos. Tbsp esal session will be held at Stevensville The following are the appoint- ments for this year: Presiding Elder, S. B. Tabor. Helena, D. B. Price; East Helena' A. A. Walker; Butt*, J. M. Settle, one to be supplied; Boulder, I. R. Hobbs; Townsend, L. Bramble; Bozeman, G. C. Rector; Belgrade, w. G. Forbis, Whitehall a n d Will o w Creek, 14 E. II Warren; St•vens• rill, and Victor, ft Is Swift, ilam• iIron and Corvallis. W T Deer Lodge to be supplied; Clyde Park th he supplied by J. A. Gordon , Big Timber to be supplied 1.y 3. B Listor. Transferred tint 'torus mission conference, Joeepti Whiteside bii peranuated, R. S. Clark; supernitm•- raries, T. W. Flowers and F. .1. Stan ley. Rev. S. 13, Talior starred Si 'ntl,iay night for Fayette, Sf ii , the seat .4 the Missouri an TIIIR r rrn feronro I; • secure new men for the fi•Irl, there being a call for three or four ',lbw Clitt lie, I itraminle only •Itetided the conference Otle day, being called borne rat acrotint of the severe lln..s . if liii ib,to Nsay a Lee\ with diarist from an other nip,, Inealde g irl with an offensive breath K arl . , (lover itoot Tea purifies the breath IA; its action un thee Teemed*, wk., as noth lug .lsc will gold for years on absolute guarantee Prire iii cts, and riki %vb., T oo go to Helena and feel like taking • social drink, go to IS North Main street, and see Dune McDonald, and ask for some Old Crow Whisky. He keeps the best, and the finest °igen in the city. I • • a. r, MOM a 1111 • \All work and no play Makes Jack a dull boy.\ a ap, Get your wife or .,v,iretheart a \KODAK\ and make her happy. (The Gaffney Mercantile Co.) are agents tot the ▪ 1.1 ASTMAN 1 SODA 1 WODS .ii• .t full line of Kaiaks, Films, Dry Plates, Tri- m of.‘ eloping Outfits, at prices as low as they / a be pure i ,ed for in the East. WAVEALY 13ICYCLES We are, also, the agents for the 'WAVERLY,\ one of the , 1 best wheels in the market, at prier,‘ within rue.‘ it it .11I. We the awf•ncy for the \RUSHFORD - farm and quail/ ,'Lao the \RACINE\ platform spring wagons, buggies and carts. Wood, iron and steel Wheelharrovo4. POWDEA Then again, we are agents for the \HERCULES\ powder, caps and fuse. STOVES Also, agents for Detroit stoves and ranges, which we ship in CAS LOTS. PAINTS AND OILS We have added a new department recently, in this line. Paints, oils, varnishes, gasoline, etc. All kinds of brushes: paint, varnish, kalsomine, and whitewash brushes. VUPJITU Look at our brass beds, china closets, book -cases, wardrobe, dining room furniture, lounges, etc.—a full line of the NEWZ8T things. 13EIDDINQ We have just received, the prettiest down quilts imaginable, all colors and sizes; also, blankets, pillows, etc. CARPETS AND RUGS A full line of ingrains, body brussels, velvets and axminsters, at prices to suit all pocket books. Gents , Furnishing Goods I.i this department we strive to carry only up-to- date wearing apparel --Gents' undenvear, outing shirts, gloves, ties, overalls. Full lines in dress, sack, and cut - a -way suits. GROCERIES lit our grocery department you will find that we make a specialty of CURTICE CANNED GOODS. They excel anything that can be put up at home, and cost you less money. We have just received a shipment of the finest JAVA COFFEE ever brought to your city. Try it. CROCKERY Anything you want in this line we have, in fancy, as well as in staple, goods, glassware, stone crocks, etc. LUMP COAL by the ton, or special rates on car lots; also \Cumber- land\ blacksmithing coal. the Gaffney Mercantile Co. Boulder. MGntana. • a a • ' J B. MAXITELD, Proprietor, BOULDER MARKET, BOULDER, MONTANA. Dealer in llome Slaughtered Meats. Our \Own Cured\ Hams and Bacon. Pure Kettle Rendered Lard. Sausage of All Kinds. Fresh Fish arid Oysters. Butter Eggs and Vegetables. We Strive to Please All Our Customers, and Solicit Your Patronage, THE WINDSOR HOTEL, BARRETT & DETOUR, Props. First-class in Every Respect. Rates, $2.00 per Day. Boulder, Montana.

The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 31 Aug. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.