The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1899-1904, August 31, 1899, Image 4

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moureao . comicommors• SIMISCHINIIIMAMILILe ARMY OF PENSIONERS The Rollo Are Lengthening as the Years Roll By, is a ilit••olt oi 1•444. eon., Spat& r1,04fti apprit.attosas tiara tia•is Yawa i's e sto•inta Stoats ins i tit, Wag. It is not probable that a thorough Idea of the cast to the government in dollars and cents growing out of the recent war with Spain and the present struggle th the Philippinea will fasten itself upou the people of the country for sUlUll tizue to come. When the Unit- ed Stites was 'drawing upon its every resolare more than • year ago, get- ting ready for the anticipated strug- gle with Spain, the expense of war was discussed, but there were but few who viewed the subject in all its phases. Little or no attention was paid to the aftertimith. The question of pensioning the Men who in the ordinary course of war would be disabled either by sick- ness or wounds, or the widows of sol- diens'whb would be killed in battle or die as the result of disease contracted while in the service, was scarcely touched upon. Yet in the years to eons. We particular phase of the short bait sharp contest will present itself with force to the statesmen whose duty it will be to provide for the current ex- penses of the government. The experi- ence of the pension bureau has taught that the great majority of men who have served in the various wars of the country since the foundation of the gov- ernment have not filed their claims for pensions until years after the war in which they were engaged had been brought to a close. As a result of the war with Spain there have been about 11,000 applica- tions for pensions, either from the men who were incapacitated in the service, or by the widows of men who died while with their commands in camp or in field. Seventy -Ave pensions have been al- lowed. the greater number of them be- ing to widows, who are granted $lit a month. Already the amount paid out in pen- sions as a result of the Spanish war aniounts to more than $11.000 a year, and when favorable action Is taken on the claims now pending this amount will without doubt be increased into the millions There can be no doubt that claims wit: iflue to be received at the pension bureau. Indeed, if past experience counts fur anything they have scarcely commenced. The num- ber of men killed in battle during the war with Spain was yr.. while 1,465 were wounded. These numbers repre- sent but a very small portion of the ones who are entitled to pensions. The vast amount of sickness in the various military camps in different parts of the country has made many invalids for life, Who have • just claim for support by the government. There are thou- sands of others who contracted diseases in the service, which, while they do not have the immediate effect of disabling the •ietirn will in • few years result in permanenelliebility and afford good groutrti's for application for • pension. rhere Ii no way of determining the ex- act number of these eases, but it is thought that they will number many hiuni as oils. 'rhe war in the Philippines promises to add thousand% of names to the list of those eligible to receive government aid. The number of deaths in action is already considerable, and is greater number have died of wounds received. The unhealthful couditions under which the troops in the Philippines base existed base been responsible for many deaths from sickness •nil for still greater number of partial or total disabilities. From present indications many snore will be killed or woaaded befotti the insurrection is erosible'. rhe advent of the summer season in the Philippines will no doubt prove some- what disastrous to the American 'sol- diers, who are accustomed to the north- ern and more temperate climate of the ['rifted States. The records of the pension office show tbit more than $2,130.0011,000 have been paid out in pensions result- ing from the civil w•r. The cost of the active operations of that war --that is, the , east of umeritaining the various until' hi the field ---was somewhat inure than .1,00,000,000. Thus far the *martin money for the civil war has been more than twice that paid out for the cost of actual operations. Nor is the end in sight. \rhe amount of pen- vion money paid out during the final year 1890 was 14,000,000 more than that of the previous. year. There is every reason to believe that it will be fully tS years before the amount of money needed or the payment of pensions of the civil war will be materially de- creased and fully 50 years before the last claimant has passed away.-- it ash- ington Times. StaL• Cake with S a. Slice broken rake into small pieces, and put it in a glass dish with alter- nate layers of banana sliced. Make the following sauce: Cook in a double boiler a mixture of half • cup of milk, half • cup of water, one even teaspoon- ful of sugar, half a teaspoonful of salt, and a heaping teaspoonful of corn- et•reh clilyted in cold water. When dente/ pdihik over The cake and bananas, and when it is cool, cover the top with whipped cream, or the bevel' white of an egg sweetened • little -Housewife. Lea - Se of II, WIllehe• at Lame. A lease of six inches of ground at 117 Franklin street, Chicago, for 91 years and one month, from May I. 1999, was necorded the other day. It runs from George Ta tgarber to Iliretn it. Peabody, and o Zc; ap annnal rental of p45. 'rhe pro ttelt a depth of el feet, and comprises the party wall between 117 and 115 Franklin street. -Chicago Times -Herald. For Over 50 Vesra. A a, alai and well tried nonedy -Mrs, it ,u as Soothing Syrup has been used 1 ,ar .aier years by millions of mothers their hlidree s teething, with per tett snores*. It soothes the child, sr 0 004 Oa grit*. Oa) • ail pain, cee..1 sledII 'ICI is /lie best remedy fur disrrhesIt I, f Joaeint .e• S truggtsfie tin all 1 ,, the wori.1 l'aentyettelteriti. a in •tio Its v•lue I, initaltiothte its lure sad ask tor Wry ss Soothing rlyr,p, and take ao 'tiler a a.,f putiseribefar th• ASHION s FANCIES. Sem. • I ton• (sir Them. 5.. War.. ii. /their Oven • Sallow coraplesiodi tuning up with bright colors, au.! this season the dark reds, yellow, pink, warm browns, pinkish mauve, and cream shades give a good variety to select from. Bru- nettes with \tallow complexions should maul wear green unless it Iwoenabiund with red or pink. A princess %rapper for a young girl who does not wear a wrapper outside of her own room, may be made of striped flannel with a ribbon belt and collar. All the edges should be feather -stitched with bright -colored floss. Such a wrap- per needs uu lining of any sort. The habit League rem tublea the barque usually worn as a riding habit, with a short tfise inches) fiat postilion backend* slightly pointed front; some- times the front is pointed or round bloused, plain or jacket shaped, with a vest and narrow belt if intended for is woman with a slender figure. Washing chiffon or mousseline de sole is one of those things so often read of but not found to be practical. These flimsy materials may he dipped into naphtha- remembering its explosive qualities -but they always pull in the drying, and their appearance will not deceive anyone into thinking them new. Lengthening skirts is not a very dif- ficult teak in these days, when the out- side of one may be trimmed with flat rows of braid, ruffles of ribbon or .of silk, bands of cloth or fold• of the skirt material, silk or velvet. The lining sod hair - cloth must be pieced down flatly, with no cross seams, a new binding put on, and the outside plainly covered be- fore the new trimming is put in place. Princess e 'ening gowns are not to be recommended to any person buying such • costume only once • year, for they do not make over well. A more sensible choice for a stout figure will be a skirt and Louis XVI. coat of black taffeta, making the latter to open over • fiat vest of heavy cream lace, with revers, a high et.11ar •nd small sleeves; have the length fully six inches below the waist line, and Into the five -gore skirt with two tiny ruffles. Veiling toilettes for evening wear are !nude up in the same way as silk, using taffeta or fine pert -aline for the lining, and having • gored flounce or full- length skirt with ribbon scrolls of num- ber three satin ribbon as a border. The waist should be round with the scrolls made of the ribbon slightly gathered on one edge and placed all over the fronts and the beck and upper part of the sleeves. Use • collar and belt of tur- quoise, deep pink, cherry, bright violet or burnt -orange velvet. The all -wool veiling is 40 inches wide, and costs from SO cents to a dollar and a half • yard. Tailored gowns never look out of style if well made. The jacket and coat style is certainly the most useful, as it gives • perfect street suit, which be- comes suitable for the house by wear- ing a silk skirt or fancy waist with the skirt. No matter What goods you se- lect insist upon having the mnterial sponged before it is made up. Blue and brown are the standard colors for plain loths or mixtures Bare a good silk lining of not too bright a color, and be prepared to pay from $35 up for the suit. Next to this Is the ready-made tailor suit at $20 and over, and third on the list is a suit of similar material made by a neat dresamaker, who will carefully regard the 'ditching as %ell as the fit, soul who will have the press- ing done by a tailor who has had skill and experience in handling a heavy iron and %hafting the garments with it, as the best of dressmakers cannot do - Ladies' Borne Jciurnel. ITALY'S INCREASING FLEET. - - Twin Heade*.N11h4.m Dollars Large- ly %% mitred Deri•g tar. Past Tweet, T•ar•. The board of admirals, presided ovet by his Hip\! highness the duke of pa- noa, has decided uponit e construction of a first-class battle* p, the designs for which are already tia coarse of preparation. Four new armored iron- ( -lads will also be placed on the blocks shortly, three in private yards and nor in the government yard at Taranto. They will be ri7o feet In lemrt IL vt i Gs die - placement varying from 10000 to,14.001 tone. In the beginning of June two: sixth -class cruiiiere, the Coalit and the Agortiat, will be launched at Csatel- lammare. They are 270 feet in length. 1,313 tons displacement, 7,500 borer power and 23 knots speed, and have vont 1500,000 each. The torpedo catch- er Condor is also a nevs addition to the Italian fleet, but I learn that her en- gines broke down during the first trial, whieh took place the other day, and they will have to be extensively re- paired and partially modified. Signor 1:endemics's report on the actual state if the Italian Davy. submitted the other clay to the chamber of deputies. could hardly be more pessimistic and has given public opinion something in the nature of an electric shock. It de- scribes the fleet as existing only in the past and future, as there are at present only. seven battleships which could be of any use and severely stigmatizes the reckless waste of $200,000,000 on the naval budget during the last 10 years, stating that that slim Would hare been amply sufficient, if judiciously em- ployed, to furnish Italy with an effIcient navy. In spite of a few grumbling voices from the clerical party, the pop- ular cry to -day throughout the country is for \more ships.\-Leatdon Leader. A Brief Trial. \Jim Traynor begged to be permit- ted to come home from the Philippines and get married.\ \In ten days he wall ready to Ire back.\-Clevelanci Plain Realer. Fl t5 'Ift le A M 11•1,04 la poeleilv• eon, A . 5 ot , the 1.44.Pill. l• qtal. So.'...' ..1. so • • te at Twairgaiete.e tor well winpasi •. by mall. L. 7 /Oh I irRit A, fra Warren It., New root CB/. SUMMONS. In 'lie dietri.1 our( if tift Elftb Judicial die nit ot the adete ..r nao.tans. tri and tot the Coati II •• lima., Cu troori ttris bri•aupbersol, ro, ' tor Dela , a, I, 11 - 1141a , Ine a., dnii, I ammonia a,. tale .1 tu the , • . , Aba it the oil. • it the r Mok I '1 'e • , 111' / 4 • ' irormer irr. , aerie • rror rliereol or rim Seri, • ,reoir or IhsWei •. L. tri 110 - fault. 1, ,nplaInt In Intcrlr, 7 tie shove ato'tluui,o.. nterit amid decree of • lila of the title to , flu the Blue Bell timia ed in Gregory nip Montana. it I. Plaint in the defendant, toil, 1st .1.1, of lo • L e Ile / the , n I )(tint y o •, • and to the nth) 1.11S. That tIlnell11, n , 11 ,,,,, thle it,. • •, a. a otriteepum. lir/ L arrest to I t tu oteinio . 'Uri for tin. it Of edkr • a o• ail pto ma's ae Li ,, , ,,.1 at al••1 rat, aiLu,,I to the lefendasits on or about the I.. 0 - dot hi intervention is Clied herein to 2 oent and decree of this court uuiet- • the said one- luilf Oil luteres4 In .eirtz lode mining clank is the ID - mii It Is alleged that on or about ' 10111 Ik9 luil, the bald deletidmit. 2,-, , ild make, execute said deliver to • • hereto a ourtain deed of con- tr. • • • ilhit 14 him an undivided Orielialf (1, ,.., of and to the maid Lim Bell !doing °litho. It Is further denied, Via . , r,,- , ,,I, tenor. that yola did ever gunk.. . . 5., hoy deed of eonveyance ..• above -named plaintiff In,) old It rnr . or either of theta. or that toe, *led . .1ii01f ha• any right, title Or interest In rim above -named propel tI, 1 1,0 you •re he • • a ni taterverior also mete or such other ' nor relief as may sewn . t said pr,,, . .. amrt, 1111c1 if you fall to appear and e , .... • - , militia/tat III Interreli theft us above pit . . meolor Will SAL the court fur the relief .• , • ,aainet you. lineal.) Witsell. Iii., . .. , lid the seal of saki Ooart his let li day el P `Aguei Peg A. J. ticiLl.o11 AY. Clerk, By Lima TanwoJruge, Deputy. C. V Kelley, Attorney for Intervenor. tint pub Ashy III Shot is Sale. W. A Clark I Eruthcr, Plaintiffs. 1 . Versus Gt:00 Mountain Mining 'ern paw, Defendant To be sold at SherliTs sale on the 2:k1 day of September. ISA. at 3 o'closa p. in , at the front door of the court home 111 Boulder. infere.,. count:. Montaneethe hallowing described proper ty, town The Goklesi Bottle Quartz claim, transferred defendant by dent said dewl Icing uf record book 7 of deeds. page 61/ 4 . The ituby Quart/ Mann slid the Ruby Mill Site, transferred lo lit fem./int by an assignment of op ! Dun. maid assignment being of record iii book or deeds, caw 617. The Columbia mill site. transferred to defend- ant by deed, said deed being of record lii hook 7 o• deals, page WI. The Sarah Quartz 1040 mining gone. transfer- red to defendant by deed, saki deed helm of rec- ord In hook Iv o! denim, pain. 115. The IlessItt Placer inIning claim I r oisferrelf to defendant by deed, mid deed being of teroni in h ook 17 of deeds, nage .11 AU Water Rights toinsterr d to defendant ha deed Mau Maitland E. I. rave*. said deed bring et Milord lo book It of dessis. bage 2ilL The Mill Slte quartz lode wining claim. i run• fermi to defendant hy rimer! said hens of record In book 24 of deed& Page Z17 The N'ietor No 2 anal the %Plot No 3 1.1tiortz lode Wulff, eliiltuis. tramteemd ter delefident by deed. saki deed being of neural In boot. II of deeds. page The Victor Ni'.1 quartz toot mining claim. transferred to defeeadmit dy decd. said deed Dela g O f record lii book of lreds. page 321 Above claims out mill site* are ell situated Jefferson county. Moulatm. marl are of record the (Aloe or therminly clerk anal recorder ad 2. county. In books WWI HWY. latrine Inehtiotitol Which reearralS refereore Is herr+, Made mom Psrticulisr d .seaription. Together 11th ell and envier the appurtenati nsa ttuneunto holotiging trf lu ittirahre eppertalia log ilitNnY I. ellERLoCk. Sher)ff. Clatter( A corbett. Attureei. for PlnIntiffs First pub Aug:11 Sheriff's Sale D. Y. kainville. I lilaitiff Versus Thltrie r lt HiStillear Defendant I Ti, be mold at sheriff's sale ouua the Iteth day of September,. 11,9 at 2 o'elorft I• fit the front dout of the court home In Boulder. Jefferseal county. Montana the folkeeing aleerrlbed prep erty town The Benno Illeadow Meow Mining Clem the amended notice of location of ellen Is of record In honk 'H'' of Plecers, st page 81.41 and trans. ferret to Patrick timelines. aairl defendent deed, said deed being of meow] in honk •31\ of dead' at page CV records of Jefferion county, hi°\ Tur tana the-r with all and singular the appertedan- Oes thermal., belonging or in any wise alter tabling HF:NRY L. SHERLOCK. Matte P. J Langan, Plaintiff's Attorney. Notice of Forfeiture. Peter lilac.. yr.lir luelrv MIA assigns Yogiffe hereby nutlansi that I here expendeo pill In tabor shit impoweenente Mr the ream lige IN 7. IRK upon the Swede quarts Irate mining claim situated in Colorado 'ninths district. In hick S of lode location. page Cle and the White Wermehruerta lode mining Clain, altuated IT, Colondo mining district In Mee 11 , ' of late kieallone at page 114. both chUme ettiateel in Jeffertion empty Montana. the notices of which heathen are of record in the limorder's office n1 said eoarity in order to hold said quartz lodes under the provislona ot section ZIA revised fatalities 01 the United Staten And within ninety days after the metric.* of tine notice hy publication you fall or refuse eieontrib- ute your proportion of jife In the two claims a• w eb expenditure as mow - nor. your interest III saint claims wi.1 become the preheat/ of [hexan- e:miner under mkt Melton 7831 reelsed statutes of the United Steles. IrE0111111 !MED*. Neflee. NOTICE IN if FitEBY HIVEN That the Map and Plat of that portion 01 the ToVitialte of lb ul der. deficilbeel as the Kate half of the Southeast quarter of Section Tweity nine. end the Nortnwed quarter of the Northwest gear', of Anetion Thir- ty-three In Townehlp All '6). North ol lunge Four lit Weak within the County of Jefferson nail State of Montana. containing use Hundred awl Twenty I Pan acres Is now on 111. 1. the °Moe of the u ieric end Recorder in and to, the pilaf ummt, Jeffer. W m. and the eppliesitinvis Me r l he pure -Mum Of town lots Anthill wild Towtolte of Houl em-. nx mapped Sad platted. will be rreelted from and deo tat date hereof by the undersigned. Dated, July 20. mai 04 11. PARSER District Judge and Frusta* *Southern hotel, DAN TES El', Proprietor. BUTTE, MONT. RATES: el 00, el 25 and fl.50 per ilsy. GIVE USA CALL, 1:0ItSES TO PASTURE. irue pao 'trig.. five miles southeast of it sil.lsr. Reasonable ret.e. If parties dextrine pasturage will let me %Ill coil at any ...nrrounding ti,vifl I'm- the stock, ant rtturn it w snted GI Mos 'ALMA, Bout ler, Mont Mir Kessler Brewery 4 - 7 - _ -- ,He1ena, Montana. liqvgest grid Most Coll1P 1 ete stql - e Montana Barley Malt and Best Hops Obtainable Only enter Into its Manufacture. Call for Kessler's Beer. BLACKSIETHING( .A.1•T1 -) +- ) HORSESTIOEING BECK BARTEAU, Proprietor. HEAVY AND LIGHT FORGING. ALL WORK WARRANTED FIRST C1ASS. BOULDER MONTANA. TIIE SENTINEL, Augatit1-1, 1885 S A. ROBERTSON, Publisher. C. B. ROBERTSON, Manager. Pinar ilavspapa 1 lefferson COON, aid Lodinq family journal. Subscription $2.00: per year, payable In advance. Sliorj L'ind 1jíP (( ffri in v , , • PiGLEHORM---11MINA and SPOKANE. BI1NT I5; Established 1883 and 18117. The largest, beet, moat practical end THOROUGH school.. Booties' through offiies from start to finisb in Bookkeeping. Shorthand Penmanship, German and Assaying. V - - Fine Rooms with Board at Student's Home. Shorthand, Penmanship and Bookkeeping by Mail. For catalogue anti Engletiorn'• Badness Educator. Al, rese Prof. Englehorn A Delitiff, Spokane, Wash. (For Spokane Colleges) Address POF, II. T. ENGLEHORN, Propr, Helena, Mont • Prominent !Mysticism. A prominct t York physician In &Ammer, . rats of ' Ripens Tsbolce with as hi , J her If. D. Raid : •• Several veers a emerted that If one wisbed ti '--\me a philan. thopist, and do ri • • eficent deed_ m (e that would the whole hu- man roe- better than to prneurp o Loceevelt ilre. pits' preecro • a , the ben, ef Ms Ritem• ^r.,- it to be put up b.: , u ketchoE find dietitian taal Ann,ns‘ the poor. 9111.1.• I nerrs•log. The lilt - gout reat :ill • !. store in America is that ..f I in & on ..rk City. A rep..r,..r. 4•,! I 1 , ,271 how l!rtetrits Well tociitlig bought a fi carton and eekrel hare much for thee\ lie era. ref...m-0.i to a gont lomat, u I.a. prou,-d to te the head of t Ion chliart- merit !Vila : • The sole of 121pann Tahnine in constar t notl is inerwaning, siapAriall rut lion influent 11,1 c/mr.n, let tbe tiwt t I ,.• .1 ilk ▪ F(Tr'•. - irqj otit of through the .r to friond. 1-intiefactarin an tilt I n.n1 is very gen. ral When on , .. ilms RrO I 41. 0 that R em.:anent ofortoraior fr them is to,i,lo This, 1 ta•licro 10 thrinigb their intrinsic merit, slo. h prr.. , w the bona fide chartetcr ef the nil vert ising. I think the general run of tit, imacti troubles \ ONett!1' 1 3 RF.I IF • n Steleely An el.ierl v hscl,or living at For-'lhoruo Mooches • pest of New York Cit. &Du wht• •./t kintwri 1.0 irra II war tnt •dvocao I 1;ipnr, Tislonleo for an. muss It pilot' or indigestion. said tA. , .T;. r as a,, visited her for the rel.... , the partieu irs • ; ..ior 110.41 alwave • 1,., ...elan and did s, an I had for one, but t o I. -dininod no beneficial . I rercr bad any faith Ira pato:, ri1eltICIII.N, !Mt ha:ling Well 3 Lidos recidninexideti eoy ill the Now IC. ,rk lien:ill con- clia , bsi to giro them a trial, and foutii filicv wore. Just what Sayable dein ACP never employed a plc. sh Ian and that means a saving of IN a call A dollar's worth of Rip•as Tab -sties hurts roe a month, awl I would not be without thorn now If it went my lawt dollar.\ At the time of this inter- view there were prament two r ter, who ep= tcd to their mother giving a tee. whit+ should peradet her In the, newspaper* bed to do t'.1. Ito. cider is.tly nrgnmi • \There Dray le Oiler er1A141 just like Minh, and I ostn , ort , I take mat pleasure In reessmillendLng the Tabular too any ono , afltaa 1,11 are wad. If the telling alarm( Carat in theipapers enables sow' , ''her lareflort afthilarly affected to lei ne greatly heneSted as I have l'ecr, I sec , rt.,4 ,, 1 jertiott The dart. h.- tPra. L nos iTog le ,w earnestly she felt nisnit the tweet - it Rho) had received, deeideri die wee quite right. new i• pots& mowaalnime ee• arm •raio n mnevad ter • papa l -mew awlewet gisenais an for ••• Si .sutdr• Ron. v., I hi , In. prow/ son astatinitilad triejka_mar_asal Ma ry.„. r5f th• (I • olamk.)Calt tie kid WW1 ey fealty - 55. 100.••• •i r l• 14w.. Waal, lie. net -o'rtarlIWIC:= I'ver ••••ma real will be liort ten 1:te asoi Tr WU.. spay filw , iwit e r mow mew aims agoras and Si some thisor ritneassad whew shops. shall g= \6 1 0••••••111111• sprroatALL ocksworr -ON THE PIONEER LIMITED =mg= - Staking etebee haemee aim =urea , by any rant ad.\ tw Paul \It .s world beater \ St Paul Globe. 'I'M 'beet Intuit' ins resireas storid ou cs w ialsre, --II. Paul , \Prominent and discriminating people Marvel at the tatakat1011 of deem°, and Colial or , by modern ter builders.\ lflaneamito Tribute, \Tan Pio:mita Limiran shawls today perfect Iii construction fromeuus Ii, [WM and the seine of moor and ousailtet.\ Istruselnetis Joanna \The reheat inspection besetkiers and takes the breath sway, for thes tuespaineenee rod beauty of It all le sirup', treenendOM \ Minimaptilla Timm. ' rim` Prof. r.Ittt 1.1511Titli lefties Minna &polls at 1 Al and Cal. Paul at 14:10 every evening lb the year for Milwaukee aud Chicago, via l'Idergo, Milwaukee and St. NUI Hallway ( !So extra Altirge +41 t111, train ) Fur tickets, berths an into, tilatIld apply to any hetet agent, or address, J. T. 1..X.)/1 LEV, Ain't Gen'l Pr1141 Aft , St. Paul. Mimi Te the il• UNION PACIFIC PAST LOMAT BAT'S The DIRECT LINE to Denver, Omaha, Katlas City, St. Nal, Chino, And All Principal Eastern l'oluts. Pullman reduce tileepere Free Reclining Chair Cars Pullman 'Foiirlrit Sleepers Dining tarn Meals a Is Carte For Rates or any Information, call on your nearest Agent, or address E L LOMAX, O. P. AT A. Omaha, Neb. OREGON SHORT LINE Intern,' I .,. the Esst arid ta tickets •1111 ALA eid have tie ;• • ; made at igalen ascl '' end at Ogden •roirr•le Oh \stern for all polio- , rte of a Pullman 1 Oat, - a -1 , ef sleeping and .• sot recio. , -c Ja• a ears, alawye sn.i Itira entire . train IS A' • , ! 'Jo Ii Via Salt Lake, DI • I \ , lialha or Rants, &'y. TO THE WEST Via Ogden and the Southern Pacific for Calif ornie, Via Hun ington and the 0, R. & N for Pottland end California. Train for East and West leave Butte at 4 p rot 4.11 t 'a 1 - nr1.1 West arrives at I •.m.aping car reservations 'Ilan call on or address N.. . • iss' airmail way, Bette, Moonset, H. 0. WILSON, General Agent. D. E HI:BLit:1% G. l' & T. Agent. S. W. ECCLES, General Traffic Manager, Salt Lake City. The Crystal Keeps constantly on hand, Ke and Bott ed Beer Champaign an I Sweet Cider, Ginger Beer, Lemonade, and s , ',A ea., hciosire Bottler of Crab APO Cider, J(GIN B. WELTER To FARROW Wu be .se.rol =IX Till PAMIR Moon. women. AUL ineereeles ter Tbil Pateet Record 111.110 Pw amnia. UELP - WANTED (.0 ass waste& to E Pert ream* the wit Oily teams 'fain etagatha asedet he mei Nam. , SOX to ii.500 lanais& Was Ng Logos si sat sif• geerrinttletg a ZATepTirgl. \ Tt A FREE PATTERN (veer owe glen -Miami to every wale scribes. Osly 50 mate a year. ; 11 . S i If It 8.114,101111111.,1.81 You Are on the \Right Road\ if oir ticket reads via 1111 ngs and t lie Burlington itoutA•. it s the shortest line to the Southeast -the only Iitic that offers through -ear err. t Ice from Seattle, Spokane, and Helena, to Lincoln. Si, Joseph, and Kansas City. Through tourist steepens twice. a week. 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The Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 31 Aug. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.