The Age Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.) 1905-1909, June 03, 1909, Image 1

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THE AGE- SENT I Vol. 24 B oulder Mercantile Q. 1 1110 11 v % re l l; ei r r e ier ifl a ft i : . tze i d n : ( f ),I f i l t iff m e BOULDER. Mt INT.1N.1. TI11 . 11SP.11 . JUNE 19IM. dirty linen of respectability, f \Quality\ ttl them them do it, or othcruise, let mee their ()ea difference» there'. washing to be done, let without the ineetterence of any newspaper. Becatibe we dig 8 ,..1 Spring Hats delve into things political for . the people's wefart, we decline You can pick your Spring hat, derby and the soft bats in positively awl most emphatic all the newest shapes and shades. Shirts All the latest style- , the Monarch make, none better Shoes For men, women and children, the latest in Oxfords. in Oxblood. Tan and Patent Leather. The most complete store in Jefferson county to select from. \Perfect\ Fireless Cookers We have ¡list received the \Perfect Fireless Cooker. Call and examine them and be convinced that your cooking can be done at your convenience. You will not then be a slave to the dinner hour. The \Perfect\ Fireless Cooker is extremely durable awl its first cost will soon he deducted from your fuel bill. \Special. - Welcome Gold I oin Range for 135.00 Groceries Our stuck of tiroceries is complete. Our prices are right and we want your trade. Boulder Mercantile Co. : The Boulder Exchapge. BENJ, WAHLE., Yiopriete.r. '1 1 11u. Liquors, Imported Gi Wiries for th c 11 unie. __A g ent For Centennial Beer 4 411111..11::1:1!1:1::-.1-+++++-:-1-'11111:411111>H÷1-1-1 111111111:11111:1-1-1-1- 7 1 t Wines, Liquors and Cigars I I Fehrs. Buthseiser, Butte and Basin i Aulieuser.Buselt Beer on Draft A i Beer in Bottles. 1 BOULDER MONTANA 1 1 -1 -1 -1 -FI --!-:-1-1-1 .±-t-1-1-1-4-1-e4-h- , -1 . 4.-..--H- I 1 11 1 ii 1-4 -t-t-t-t-,-1-. .. !11111'111:1't „ HALFORD & HANUHILD „ ...Post Cards and Pacifies... confectionery, Stationery Cigars and tobaccos Papers. Illaaazincs etc Poatoffi. e %.‘ {_Candy Store ... rs. Joillison Boulder livery anti Feed Stable Barteau di Tindall, Props Bus to and from all Trains fjt v Transfer Line, Everything' First Clams in the Livery Ruttiness Passenger', and Fr -eight taken to surrounding towns and Camps. 1111114PN boarded by t he Week or month at Reasonable Rates. John 'firkin was . over froin 1Vickes. doinga of the right. Common to t reilsill el I Ile deposit s It t Not of Our Stripe. government. If every ',dead ‘V'' an' Ple'its\1 fit 11 , 14' that SCIII I I II rses this veek. distriet should receive interest Miss Kathryn 11'init is in the Mis, - Elizabeth Crane is visit- ou funds that lie idle in the bank lead in the StillId011'IfiS contest. ing in Bu' t. some of the best people are in- for „Hattie.: at it time, you would Th..trun g atF Hotel. t e r 01 $ James Brown's Butte address volyetl. We decline to wash the be able to reduce .. our school reasonable and the best Have in .• ,.. _ téixcs just t tait much. Second: town to •,.. t ct the is- I Weal. is .. i ll i :e t1:11 .\\ 1 . 1:1 “ t i o n it A il:; \11 ;e ile t . urto.d the t% 11.% all' \\ .- .1111.1wIle.1 t.. pa . y . oat Inquire ha 11.1n>...ittes dout for- . first eA the u' „„I; from Helena laze» attutially? If NNecouill pay get it. ha Ne the Ilse Of t Ill. money ost Bi‚ i l \ ‘ : i t 'i t n .e klai ll iN k • j e 'i ry.\ ;,, ! u d s t4 It il . E.t: ii S ile t i o . sif . ) f rie i' v‘ ii- il: u tr i. :e l e o t f iL L.'i re U :u tY la r r c' er u sl ie- u rt,pin e• p 1 I o i aromally. .. e veldt] six moil, I.,. i il e. t e. a d of tie- Harry 11cCullougli, the firm no, Mwr.-Itt'.• bunks get tii i y I jai °i l l oil the reads Batikier dé. .11c1:allough m-,,,,.. Fi L r et ,„..t e Julaisoti retut L. - money for which we bad to um\. All of 'rhea, are populai citizens. ed ti..aite Saturday. alter visiting hard tither states ha , t.. to :Seve• al of the boy, ,:atne up a :unpit ut ..eeks NNItb friends in ally to sip blander and ‚e' el iii Illal.1' bunks pa y niterest alto from the pi ‚lige and invested Kole the differences of fine people w W. a lit iN ‚alien -b.: t axe,. iire paid i a weat . , ‘ „ w apparel ti „ t i ot i o ,„ Bouidet 'Valle.. .......ataites ought to know bettet than ..ulit t t•ett,i nuttuall:. 1\ b ',. not ‚ti i..;., They '...ere an 't' ot the piettietit bottles. Liu earth. publicity. Mont 'in,. ' %I the nem , ''le''' 1 \ del I . o'lli..ol lit fil? it I Ilk tiê I t i. ,ubi ,t e tt I, titled . The ''- No we'll have auto.'\ it ;el t he i ;1 :payer- nominate and ,,,,,t ,,, a „ . , ‚ twat .1.-, ..t the 1 3 1.oil, el, I U. 1. ineil • t, 1141 * .t ill Or Ili 1, tun é a i • I ' llIC Ittlt•si styles ii.i iloelo e. al ii o , l e w le t t L a t I t i r l a I. ,..,1 Boulder's CALI I/U . \ Pi Shirt . . 'Pit' . ,,iid .\1 ‚or spa:e doe, not penult us to pub .a.:. II I.., progress Illull %%it II siiiir.‘.... .ti Jarnee .1 ‘ItIrl - F1.% 1' tin' ii\ - t ''''''\\ -tilli '''' \ ilen I ' nil II\' ijnY Id'ilè2 %I'll \ , •1 a ' u',.-' '`PisililZ h ‚ là tbe prof/Taut of tue cluaint.\ in ta Ne-. I V.I ill a hook to Ilia' \%pee\iit s and rail. routs. Illell's got !lie prItillity (*mil». l'io.% !lie titi olley . The\ eliillrile Uppllildiflg t11/11 the ‚ Ont.. ..... lali 1 11 , soit'.. tin'? t\' , '\ llIld'r Editor Tresetat anti JatIleè. ilie I lie o out risuriolis iltle.o...1 of 12 boast . Jima Marra.% never it. 1 - \ear .ii the itiiiihi.l. mi.1.• i u. Itt -i.»', wib probably start a faits his left hand to 1 valizé• 'j',- edit I take it it, li''' county hie man. Jim is /111 empire the book. No wonder builder and when be builds bc that Boulder bank is making huddle well. When a friend, profit of -15 tti 5to per f•ent per he is a friend from the feet up, i annual. If a bank .-har4f.s. staleart and as immoveable as m4.1.clittat 1 tt or 12 Ina: cent. time and as lasting its it2i Ii\ eff pay Few men live at this 'Ia . % po- eider- lie I Oil 11Pleilar his rate finalities toel 11. -te -1 , 1 bettig .1 Iff.nrtit gaueral s i a le i I 1 t 1 . 1,•• t.. the. community . Ii. Make!. wealth lie senile\... tills Wally , .'11? oft.. %,11.. pay a household mill. 'pt.\ and t tol' cupboards for Nor,- than ail. ''tu'' 4 .i the' 111.0i% l'itiZeliN that other day Ff.\ know stand I.N t hi- SIMS? many «lutant i*-.. but the world %Nutt:. rolls on. Boulder slamili feel T l'11 1.1t elated at Mr. Murray's invest triP Iii', 1ekertitan as chief itteehanic. all appearanis-s. but isissessia u show dn . % ti''' bank I in d.rimist n't \ 131 \\ \\\\..‘\ claims in this locality and as brini\\it tunitiew he siddi gal publications run - no piker there mill something , in th\ .1ge-Sentinal. they fait ot them. .111 I». tenderly and legally eared Th., one of the cir- of 'Ir and N1rs Geo, E Prit- ..t\i.tit Ł1111 u arias on the Butte Miner, chet t. oliadelii ill last Wteeek Phil is health' , front birth. r i' .. 11 1,7 % I .,. f s r\ t il , ' , 1\ 1, )) h t ...,., \ ; ; . 1„ fl i i :,. 11 . et. T ' iii t t \ , ; t it r a t u li d e ;L I .; .11 .2 i4; m t . i111 ¡ t e n-a i ma r . e u r t h I o e ol s „id,.hug ,„ t .grooriest for another heat. the political steed S i l. Fr, am! aretuy wed ;It 11.. ‘ 1 ‘ i'i II tn i n i n „ 1 „,,,,,, it V.». lutr.% rived at 1 tartan in company %Nan sineerely than:: our magi'. Nevada a'''! Edit.a. Ellsworth. ' f \ t. Ito ti' '-‚t , .111r11.1.! .bur 'are fie 'Ir. Nichols owns oral good \qtt N \ I t , gie t i tt i ir iu t mining po pert tes over I 1 1 ,r,• 'ir a11.1 Finesty never betray...It he ing nearly at it. .1.e.t. merettity .ine mule.- tor a h is , raw ., au tamest purpose. GC to the ro:r Farm. tv.• u;ipt ee rah. eaolirh TO the. t it•iously Inclined to troth the 21i1111Pitel gOseil of the log at the public ..rib and roll usurper 'I,.' loiblie funds and in the arnis of count% funds let appl . % tf) litho than thent cast off the litery appar. Ilolt iloollry ii lolelloloPr Id social etit greed and lay about him tt, g jibing ill re:tittle e...teey. izarb of r ioverty Instead of delightfully etaioyed by the batik. intteuing at a feast of plenty. Pr awl name . : naaiget recreatisai; in the yards ..1 gar - ‚nation. of an empire:- titiatidal rushed vPittlure bestalligleat %% Mt etaltdit t. ex.intett eideteIttr. ke 1411111/11 -11 - [Iola to the fetofwr :tut atorities, on a pauper's oath t., »owls ad- mittance Into the poor farm and partake of its Lumpitalit y its viands f:,lif d u. 'r-t-. 'i nu+ il' Cot 1.11. Solid o 11•1111-11 • Id Hill té., I.1 t t Ito tirst f‚t the arek For ail old.. Fisloisd Taal. II one, tte 11 o't 01- ...ulna • . 'roll- ter. funds, lives ir, the ptuper If. ti) I touloloot Merf- the coat t Sat ul,ia . % e :e arid all3s the interest cri tiu•ti u ot: it In t te lg. , • It) talo- to as..iet 000 to go tu fat ten the po.n - :« 1 ».-111 oho I it SUltsi.1 It., 1 1 1 , 1111-11ltol: lilt 41 too Le- u -i --i a-nd be wbt., glut t.,rà et at.- oft1.1 di a writefip ‚Itt' -to, ma. 1.• 11...e»t 1. ; tji ouely atnizet, the jute', f..r tor Is.. it , Ni o na titia tie r pe.tpir 'ind in 'Ls- .-. support of the pauper poor t.. li lo , • • Lo•liallooli melee. 14•.1 ••‘ lo1/1111 ItIlitiP% trace, té, 110 , , ',airman and I, „WI /).-put . . \1 . •\ *\. \' \\ '\ é ount 1t tot lie rein, people \iii'. created it tot ' an eminent ritining..ngutteer trot , . alp) he preparitilf to do lAward .1 Finestv thing \‚‚I'then' _ . Wi• \Oat to mu . % a kind %%oft!' Notice. Vu r Stet ifi Pat Mantitag Were Janie* Itrou tt, ge..rettiey.t ma t . - \f „i d and manager of Chi. ui-ac- ii\'- to find the espial utf a better paper. ts the only duly taut horir- mein ne \guild elhautst tittle ...I person té, sign !woofs of pub - ...1,1\N ems %pare ('ir then. are oration ot to transact otficiani ‚(‚ui -e s ae! : as Paddy .11t1 . 1 hale.itteeps* ialfantelllte slits:: iron, the F ai t \. of 11.e. less rfertnissioà, so tO do is vet, 'timer to I teat ..1 dui in \t'' ale titi- said James lelltoll , • -era .110 lollt to:Pr:own t. fend at..1 tténs l 12 per crut tu am laud. e r ',tog a ¡Ong des assion li\ r u • ca ll g et ill\ 11.e. it 41. ers would linger longer per hap - were gin. money, h ee.ent tag given heel. ' tended I. a them So us ti, make the n\ al.' t, ! bliss hey - find tiff. tomb a àa,,,sing exit from t it i tu it\ 'earthly to that eternal 1. 12 pet rent sltvli,c1. mould be lie the garb of a pauper . get into . the pout foil Ill lilts 'Ent Awful Ears. Lditor James Itnew lif wider Aim -Sent Inei I have read sit h interest t h. several art I le.PPO ‚our pa pet iii relation to the stand y bave taken on regard to lie county funds. etc I do not agree with you about loati• iii» the money to the taxpay .-i--' as it is not practical. I do think there is a way that the taxp.,:. 1.114 could Or hone.fifed ' Why has not the. logislature , passed a law etaupellitig banks to pay interest on fund - deposited with them. ľ''-: y dollar that the banks pay tis intereirt into the treas urer, the taxpayers have that much lean to run the count .% iloo oi ot,dit 111 o I de...4111g ut \.'\ ['\ I\ : ''\ • ..,, diair %%Oh mu 1» molt to a, t. applanted Ho n I NN.....1 fleien., The itl..r ‚eft) s111.i a III t;,. b. '1115 !WI flinetlf111111›,11taille, ut• ute.e. ottr I %I net.' 1- Sa. lie et.' 0.1.. Lod %toe\ Ito tIlo oM11 I ao.1 frow ',111. It al..° t.1 t . , dite111. It . \‚Ii'.\11 too II> ortilt' alo: li.orit lie he sae and Lis .11111. Shoit..; Boulder put . 11an a ger 11.-1 . ortnark. .a Jim at the IlatiLat • flute:. 1 i o I. a t i d . %hurray \.1 iiii111.1..t\ II'', Sprint:P.. 1 t 11.1 the ti.-t 'mi . : - thing bf , s1 t hat s'' '.'.i Eddie ens titian- % 1 t Hama. , enzineet, 11 ,,unos,1 arrival and being ac. one ot It. P. :qtr. e a .. I;, 1/>, ti Ott:t Igo oottittattied family. they to., threw about him thf mantle of protection \ :‘ st . \ i- minained one %% hole . 1.1 Itt -t ‘ \` ;split...hint; and floundering t ' ‚\ : I\' plunge Mi''' stood oh th\ rail- „\ k i wis oe1 set.\ Sleet.- ter one tear.. suhetip- 1 “.1.14'1 - 1: 'ertireki i7tlt.rIttItrtilitieleg'tlim:td.. iu'iI f e, f 4 ) 1 11 % 1 P . I n t the set ire. loetio.tireol 00%% #111 1.1 foorty .1f oo t irs. . p e em on n e torlooili free of charge' shodmiker ana t1I -.Its,. work May., Ins partner. continued (al made ..f 1 ... 0 1 bunting, will be lilt t i ,.,t ; , t »ho t to Corbin to attend to min- atantiar\ sae ite. feet, mg in n interests ad sidetracked sterescepe and 100 •1(11.11 ti\ ; 1 1 :1 , 1 ' 1 Ify :III ells tit lit\ ii 1 he latt...11 of splendid fellowship éin Monday Ed is a splendid onto Mr NI0Corturick, Both ‚Ir t' of the rcal typical demo- and ‚Ir. >Jells ento‘e.1 the hum- é , rat is a democrat loy pit ality ; war old friends, the al atilt staunch advocate of those manager an\ Ws estimable bet - .1. ect ter half 3:àîai 1 Aftaci. ,to.ot 111)\ Lee, e. • do.o ti(.112bietres.• cortiréiot, 4Itlie Li. 148‘IN \ - se-' is'' 11%).),Iwar.1 totà.i 1 , 1•..L'is- ..f.tsà. Jame- wade a tr.,. Pori I I lilo téneld returned how. iron, work 'II ‚t'.' ‚alley Thurs day 11.• .h.parted Saturday for Marti:son tat 'tut la a hy- drate. ram f..r l'at :oti; Ritey •hessientat, \'‚s iloilig lateeittree‘ in and around Willow reek the tirst of the nee., Jana.- Senhorn arid Salim , Parker ‚Nero visi:tag in this 114.1 , 111entio et nj it few olnyoi . 4 i ne p ' M lifIrrIllgt 011 ! • feld'Ultt tlio'Nor da. s Ye iaaccnia Standard's Big :remi.. - ar Offer. The W,..rlr1 I•tiptograhed..\ cdumercial F.eintain Pen conanteraaIStylo Ink Pencil writ e t..r booklet giving full de* crupti.n ..f each 'Fee standard • 'loco. dà • Moat. a keen coned\ ion for (.1)1.1)1from. set that I ant ietylng: '2 ' Né • ¡filar oUlli be entertained

The Age Sentinel (Boulder, Mont.), 03 June 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.