The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, April 25, 1888, Image 1

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• • • -.4r • »itI. • 5 l I \- '17c2t.X.1. , ellreoztt absza.e/ • t tralt•yr \UV ci ce Sad ea,3r , tap. 3.843t3. T HE A2.-sA W EEK I.Y NEWSPA PER PC 13- halted every Wednesday at Boulder. Jefferson county, Montana Territory, at auhrerip price of if a year, payable atrietly in sidyance. It will be the aim of the pubfillier to fundsh to the aubscribers a complete and timely report of all the local happe tut of interest in the comity, and to make sure of Chia he will endeavor to have every aotaion of the county represented by. ail energetic and reliable correspondent. Due mention will be made of anything likely to advance the. interest» of the county and the various tamale mud valleys within Its borders.' Editoriidconment Will be made on all questions of local interval, and questioas of genend Interest will be,fibieussed as may be 'deemed adfiria- ble. Such selected matter or items of general news as m•y• beinsertee will be th ghly edited, so that matt, r at HO importance will not find a place in the columns of Tua Auk. Time paper will be small fit size, but the editor will endeavor to make every line in it readable. . • While it will be tlàe aim to secure thoroughly re- liable and responsible correspondents, the editor dis- claims any personal rempuniability fur Ntatementa or opinion» expressed by uorreapbtalents. . Tug Mix numbered among ins active friends and supporters gentlemen belonging to both the great political parties of the day. ln deferents, to their ex - premised wishes, the paper will not asstune the chain- piotuthip of either party. While thus rt• ll ll Ming neutral as far -es pp - tithed parties are concerned, the editor reserves the right to discuss when deemed ad - ‚'niable such questions of political eccatomy am he may consider of importance or «armst to the readers of the paper. Anymirrisugmters. - As the atibmeription lists of local papers are 'seldom 11 ever sufficient to support tlàe paper of theniseives, THE AidE will, in socordance with the usual eiostone, receive advertisements fur insertion in its columns. The advertising apace, however, will not be allotted to encroach too much upon the space devoted to reading matter, or to interfere with the principles enunciated ill theparagraphs above. Advertisements will also be subject to acceptance by the editor, who will endeavor to exclude fruiu the eta ttttt 11/4 of Tug Ant anything of at fraudulent or diereputable char- acter. The terms of advertising will he as follows: Five cents per line of Nonpareil tthis type' for the Beet Momentum three cents per line for each muhaequent insertion. Fifty cents per inch of col ttttt spate kit the first itutertiou, thirty cents per inch for each sub- sequent illaieni011. utivertesement received for leas than two lints. Change* in advertisenit•uts are equivalent to first husertions. Twelve lines of Non- pareil make an inch. The following table will enable advertisers to estimate the clan of advert istementic, time. 4 times. 3 months. Oulu«. 1 yr. Two line* e 10 ig) 211 Itt/ AU .ft 50 es UU Three lines 15. 42 1 20 2 25 4 DO Four lines 20 be I tin 3 en' 61$) Six linen 23 70 2 00 25 7 nO One inch 50 1 10 4 (S0 7 rn) 15 tit WILL KENNEDY. llarthit . ÁSD • PROFESSION A,1, CAROS. THOMAS JOVES, AFONEY AT LAW; BOULDitt limns» OIXIIPTY. Morruse COWAN It PARKER. Amman sad consmes s? WV, Boulder, - - - Montana., Will practice in all the Courts of Montana Territory. , Digs F. COWAN. M. II. PARKint. _ - xi)\ L. HAT, • TY • ATTORNEY - AT - 1..1W. • - • °Mee . in Boa, Cory & BOULDER, : ; t Mf/NTAr,. - r A. LI11011T012, M. De, t. PHYSICIAN Aso sniff EON, BOULDER, MONTANA.. Office in the Ruch, Cory & Co. building. • PHYSICIAN VC BOULDER HO'T SPRINGE SOCIETY ImIEETINas. 17 - of P.••••ROel.DER 1/)1)0E. NO. 19. MEETS KS_ d , every Tuesday night at 1.0,0. T. hall. Mem- bers of siaterjodges are cordially invited to attend. W. N. TEN EYCK, C. C.. F. W. Comas, K. of R. & S. / . 1 A. R.••••.1. It. MePli ERSON POST NO. 13 holds . Its regular tamp -the* on the bet Friday evening of each. month at the I. O. 0. T. hall, in Boulder. Comrades visiting in tide viciait* are vs- vited to camp with um.. A. S. KELLOOO, Post Commander. • J. H. Adjutant. TOXSORIAL PARIAHS et the W IN 118óW EOM. BOULDER, MONT ASA.. SID,T121 11112-CII1TING, and 111R-DRESST3G Done in the Rest Styles and on very Reasonable Terms. SLadies and Children promptly waited upon >and • Sat infection Guaranteed. B.411.03E1C, setts Limited,I Wholesale and Itetail DEALETIN • ICarelt.C,C II. I 30 „ lints and Caps, s r-IDocosi, • (3-1,1>TU'S' t IN( AND • FANCY ...NOTIONS OP ALI, KINDS. • — )0( — , CAPS, - large men - P'crlas7c13r, AND Is kept eo4o.tantly on hand. Ranch lititter and Ir.gics —AND— ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made a specialty by this house. Richest market price paid for BUTTER EDGE; AND i \ LL KINDS OP COUNTRY PRODUCE , VALLEY COUNTY NEWS. [From the Townsend Trenchant.] John Ripley a• hotel at Tostou convenient toliIit,dePot. J. W. Sharts hide house at Town: send was burned last Week. 'Lose $100: , P. M. Worthingham was elected School Trustee of the Townsend dip-; triet. Jack White has -located a stone - quarry on -the sehool seed& opposite Townsend.. Dr.•atul Mrs. J. J. Belcher have re- turned to\ Townsend after a winter's Visit in the east. • Thomas Lanahan has \retired from railroad Work at-Tosion, and -is- now a rancliman near Cantoii. Among the first - industries startiml in Townsend after the canal is com- pletedwill be sampling works. Miss Minnie Willett, who has been residing With relatives in Kansas for four years,. has returned to TOwnsend. - Mrs. A. Frank, of Ravenna, Ohio, is visitinglier sister, Mrs . .- Lou Potts, at Townsend, and will remain during the summer. A crazy man escaped from --Sam Al- lebaugh at the Townsend -depot one day last _week and at last accounts 'was still at large. Ore from lodes at ,the head of Mon- tana gala', above Diamond, is being loaded ill cars for, the Helena tuunpe ling works to handje. - John Torrance; -Northern PaCific ex- press agent at Townsend, arrested on (large _of embezzlement,. has been found not guilty by the district court - . . The itttenda.nee at the public school 'in Townsend has decreased so much lately that one .lot- the teachers ha's been relieved from berviee, leaving one teacher to handle the school. Dr. D. A.' MeDonell died at Town- send on the 8th inst., aged about fifty years. 1 - le was a native of Scotland, emigrating to Canada at in early' age and coming to Montana in 1866, re- siding in Meagher county until his death. BASIN BUDGET. [Special Correspondence of THE Anal BAstx, April 20.—O'Donnell, who hit Morgan with the :rock last Mon- day, indicting such serious injuries, was discharged by Justice Suitor on preliminary examination. It is refreshing now to look Upon thé grasses already tinging the hill- sides and the valley rands with green, for it tells of work on the mines and placer claims with renewed energy. In .keeping with this the placer gulches present a scene of activity. Operat. dons upon the Penn placer lands are about to begin on a large - stale; over hundred ffen will find employment'in building sluices, digging, etc. •A con- siderable force of men.will also be put to work on a large wood chute near Basin, under the general superintend- ence of Mr. Well feltim - thas it: Besides these operations Mid numer- ous- others on the., quartzmines here- abouts, the arastra some half -mile &Om Basin, up Baiiiiiéretik, is being refit- ted and thoroughly repaired fora sea- son's fun under the manage -ment of Pat Doughty, well known in the county. Men are noW•repairing . the ditch which coriveys water to thy arastra, and all necessary prepara.'. ... , U011.14 for crushing . and washing are being • • GENERAL NEWS:. Ex -Senator Conkling is dead, and Dr. Agnew, the celebrated physician whb7,9.ssisted in performing . a surgical operatiim on the sick man a couple of. weeks ago, Was only a day or two be- hind his patient, both men dying of similar diseases. • a, RADEItSBURti N w's. (Special Correispondenee of Tile Autc.1 April 20.—The meas- les are about through with the town. I beg leave 'to inform the alleged leadersburg eprrespondent of the Sen- tinel that the old eourt-liouse belongs to 'School District No. 6, and hence will hardly stand a* a premium for any pnperunill• scheme. Mr. James Wood doesn't seem very happy over being once more boosted into the Commissionership. He is too busy a inan to desire an office. Reverends Hall anil 114 dt.lugs have just 01.0s441 . 11 very interesting meeting of two -weeks eontinuanee here. Con- siderable interest was aroused. and lat. us hope that good will be the result. The Good Templars had a ver'y pleasant Open -Meeting last Saturday night, literary and musieal exercises entertaining the audience. The -farmers are pretty busy seeding theirgrouod. The spring is late and backward. • Although experts and pilgrims visit - our mining district almost every day, nothing of much money value changes hands and the mining industry just oow is quiet. Ijoth the yatling and Blacker . !nines are 'running °lily small crews, but will start up under full force goon: St. UMW parties are bond- ing mines between here and Dogtown at low figures- The only thing left for the Miner to do is what he is do- ing—waiting. UNomic. METHODIST CONFERENCE. — The IC ‚1h\ 'Merit+ - Cfriderelle -the Methodist Episcopal Church South convenes in lIehina to -morrow, April 26th. The following topis will be dieussed: Claims of our work hi -Montana upon' the home church—B. E. H. Warren. Difficulties peculiar • to religious Work in Montana. and how to over- come - them—A. C. Coney. The great need of revivals, and how to promote them—E. C,' Finley. Women's work in the church—R.- F. Beasley. ,. • • Sunday school . work—II. W. Curren. . The Christian Sabbath—R..8. Clark. 31odern scepticism. Its causes mid curt--C. .W, Sanford. Class meeting—T. W. Flowers. • Churches and parsonages.' - Their relation:4 to success fn r western .work. - : —E. J. Stanley. Relation of the western fiork to for- eign mission:4.-11. C. Flee or. Religion in the family. --- 7 E. L, Lee. Thé pastor, Reli. Wm. If. Britt, of the charge in lleléna, is making pre- parations for the above mentioned min- isterito meet and expects new imetus to chüreh work in the capital city. The Rev. L. B.Mateler is still in the states engaged in neeuring and sending out laborers for the Montana work, which ho hopes to have supplied by the next annual Conference session, which is to conVene . in Butte City . in July next. • • rItEnt: mu! itr BE Two. This one iis niekt.his wayward fate eries out Again:it the leech, the calomel, the bed. Oh! ineonaitlerape persdn, cease to polit— l'es meta be dead! wl A - thin one bath the ndlten: he ban wooed; • Vainly, eta**, Ills wooing it has aped. . • • Well—even in this therentsenfort, rightly viewed- - Ile might be Wed: . And here is one who whines; hilt all is sWelit Away in polite; he lout bad tó \fall.\ He nhould, I think, be cheerful that Ws kept Safe out of Jail. „• , But late 1 lost a twenty -dollar hill— And did I wring my hands that I had Ithinilerte Not I, indeed! I'm very thankful still • 'Teem, not a hundred. • Month, should I e'er espeitze when walks. arc Kul, And my geoid elaviele involve in wreck. Serenely, I ahould very glad It's not my neck. Olt! lewd me -•;-hotter riot to make ado At the few nniterles•of otir eon lot There's milliona ot 'cm—it we only knew!— . We haven't got. • • .--igreectof. JEFF NTY M I N (Montana ihimdumg Rev. iew 'rite Stu, of Me West. lovatod ill Jef- ferson county, sold souse 200 tons of ore yesterday. It runs alsiut $70 in gold, silver, anti h -ad, The El i:.:,1)•1 mine, in Jefferson ( . 01110y...ship1ed about seveitty tons of ore . v•est'erday. It ws•nt $50 to the loll Ill gold, silver, and lead. Gibbings Co.. owners of the .11U idle mine , lovated iii J Aterson coun- t y has ore ill town - for sampling and sale. It runs about 8 Phi in gold and •-ezilv•er....._.$80 Weld :è titi t\ 010 . 1 IttlIti'Vti A ne.ty strike leas just been made in - the -./, f:. mete, Elkhorn dis- triet, at a depth :26o feet, of a 3! ! „- foo6 t•ein of iii', N% gives 102 . 15; ounrus stitnee.; gold. :Ind .110: per vent. 'lead per toll. . - Total value per ton. $2:IS. 4 .1ii. .‘t a meeting held Monday night of the stockholders of the St. Paul and !Plena Mining and Milling t'ompatty, it was, deeidid to illertit-i• the worl:ing 64ree till their property it!, the lloulder Névt Monday they will begin running* viouhle shifts. A row body of gali.nt ore said tots. in sight. • _ F. '11:1..‘NTAlat.1 Of his II,\ invootion. tin' telanta- graph. Professtsr Elisha t ; r a .• .' i If hligh - land Park lil., said 11- . 41110i : III\ invention '(itt eau sit down in pair office in Chicago, take a penvil in ylotr hand, write a mes, -; ;I ge III 1114., and ;4:.; your peneii moves a pencil here in my laboratory moves simultaneously and forms the same letters and words in thsaine way , >. What you writ's. in Chi- cago is instiintly , reprodneed hers. in foe -simile. - You -may write itt iti\ la it- guage; write in shorthand il' stti like; use a code or cipher; no matter', a ,444isti/e is produced bers'. if you wish to draw a, picture it is the same; the pie - tare is produced 'here. The- artist of your paper can, by this deviee, tele- graph his piCtstrem of a railroad wreck or other occurenee just as a reporter telegrapha• his description , in woris. The two Pencils move synchronously and there is no reasoli why a vino' it of 500 miles cannot Ir. Wtrektql , g,,s en,;-;;- ly n.moneöf tetaiii1.-, , . The telantagt•a ph will supplant the telephone for many purposes, for it will have marked ad - - - vantages over it. It Will bit noiseless; !eh's affected by induction . ; and no mis- understanding can result When ,one ; penion wishes to eninnutaiinte wî th another by the telantagraph he wishes .a button, whieh rings an annuneiator . xelainge, or in the -cave of (lie . 'person With whom he wishes to con- verse. Then the first party takes hi,. writing pewr% ,' from its holder, and this may be a i n orpencil; and writes his message upon a roll of paper. As he writes so writes the peneil at. the other end of the 'wire. Di writing, -your pen or flown is attached to (we small W ill`44 and . these wires regulate 'the curri.nts Whielt control the pencil at the otlier end of the wire. But - these wires givi. you no trouble., You hardly 'know they are there, 'and can write with Its much facility as if they were absent. Nor is there any doubt that it can be tisedentinnereially. It will not cost any more than $15 or . $25, and it works much more. perfect than the telephone. '' _ •, . _ . ' II,U•SER ON MON'TAN'A. ---- Ex-Govertraefiamuel T. Hauser, of Montana,.... a western pioneer, politi- eian t _lxinker and several times a niill- ionair Was - tit the Fifth avenue - hotel yesterday, says a New York paper of e . recent date. '-Would it be of, much advantage, govvioor, to moutalia admitted into the Union?\ he Was asked. 'Yes, for this reason. A great many people living east imagine that the government in a territory is al- . most anat•elly. They - do not under-_ stand that a territory has benelleient • laws and c4,tlľhr , tIf justict; Just like the' 'Mates, atisl ltenee they ilo not rare to - risk theit• lives in *welt a country. MI mtana Is•rrittsry to-thsy is as orderly • and prosperous as Net% York: in fact more 's° ill proportion to the inhabit- .. ants. While we have quite a tisle or immig ration pouring in 1 believe that a, „ 01 „ 1 a„ l„scome Itotat,. it win inereaste fourfold. The omnibus hill? 1 do not believe it will he elleetive.:' \If Montaiitt were admitted into the l ' siiim. it wouhl go for President Cleveland, would it ton?\ •• N'es. Isustana. is sienntenttie and gj••0 ' It'Ve1111111 Itc en' Mr. itiable is a,•,•>. litiptIlar, t(t), ill file ter- , ritory, and. in fact, generally through - .1)111 the west. 1 do not know any re- publivitit who eould sitake ' st stronger rim in the west. nips 1111111P creates a great deal of enthusiasm. Rut we are Sn engage.l iii ili•‘t•im ping the indus- tries of the territory that polities aro a seeottilat,• matter. \Last year Nlontalta produeed mOre 1 ' 141111 hut' aUy . other state or tet•riti try. The ('little business too, is enormous. The raisers make a erode - of ha w , 20 1.. 25 per vent, and that moan, something wlisal it. is known that the I aluatnal ofeattle in the ter- ritory is $roos10,0110 at least. Cattle r. t isers never stil „ N• reverses to any ex-' 14.111. The year belbre last was the r tints. ill It thousand years, perhaps, that ile4grasit crop failed. The result Was that a great' . .ntisny cattle died in Iii.' winter. %Ve enslave 5,000,000 pounds of wool, Sheep growers clew ahstut 15 vent .- - The bill. I suppose. is op- poss•d Ill Moistana?“ -No it is lust. It may affect the gt•owerei some, but tint Noyer , \ Mach. Copper is cm the free list end we pro- duce great quantities of it. The fact, however, that we export it will show that it call go on tize free list without damage. • If Ores had been placed ou the free list Montane, woald hitye been heard frinn, and with' no uncertain sou nil.\ 11,ATRONIZE ' THE In)Ci1)I':IL pi 7 . ( tifIK)121141 • Poit DRUGS. • P.VrENT MiillhiINF,S, _Madge - tie Lamps, Ch msep, Peery, Cigars, Tobiesa, A full line of . ( I t 1.1.1i.:INT ANT) (1-11.4-Ti1'uri 5.41 4 1)41DPI Ill stock. Sixty different l'alti•ria d W «SS. Xi Xsi ddsdàs 311 In mlis.k, us -hi' -la will he mold at Helena prices, Call • I fld'd • Ili\ lataot ireidgon. PAROHEN PAnPsuelsoO, A maytlaimtg you neetl in the Iliac of PAINTS, - 1,1•:( :AL ,‚ FAIT' S EM ENTS. 'Ikr../41»:EtT LAND, FINAL PROOP—NOTICIE FOR \ Publicati • ll'ED STATES LAND OFFICE, • Ilei,ssA, MONTANA. Mandl 22, VINIE. Notice is hereby given that MAR' A. BROOKE, of Whitehall, Jefferson «molly, Montana, IOW fil.'! notice of Ode:Oh/it to make proof OH her «lawn land t•laini No. 1219, for the aw% taw see 3 I,,ts I and 2, and ''!4 g% !WC 4, ti• I a, r' w, before the Clerk of the District - Court in and for irttenoin county, Niontsuta, at Boulder, on Saturday, the Nth day of May, Iteet. She naines the following witornmen to prove the complete irrigation and reclusion joui of maid land: Frederick Palmali, Eli Maley, and William B. Herne*, of Whitehall, Montana, and John W. linker, of Hope, Montana. t4. LAM:HORNE, Register. • Eingpiiblieation March :Di, Pee. C ARRIA(41:re Hire. J. R. 1FA MIEN is, now r ing a handsome car- riage to the train% for the Grand Central hotel and when not in use for thM purpose it is at the service of the Wadi° tu,r trips to the Ilid Springsorehrewhere. IT ALP A CORD OF, WOOD wanted at Tas Mat e ' - .11: - 1 oilier in ealluutao for subscription. larANTED —TWO Olt THREE COPIESOrTine TT AGE of the ¡MUM of March 21st ale MIL Mom. mend Wilda office. \7

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 25 April 1888, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.