The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, June 06, 1888, Image 1

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It, IIIA111111311. seer neeeleig beeramee ear - ‚Moe to Kenai» Tar der Caread hand betel and nlimeis met ill me for troi at tbr ivervin. llec Peet idireele• tic *perinegerchandeers. PLACER LOCA.TIONS. The fullowing locations of planer ground in Jefferson county were re- corded in the office of the County Clerk and Recorder between January 1st and February 29, 1888: By Wm. H. Gummenell, Ida B. Moore. and Charles B. Starret, sixty acres in Overland gulch, located Jan- uary 1st. By S. S. Street, J. R. Warren. A. It_ Smith. J. N. Street, James Wallace, Ezra Walker, 120 acres in Boulder mining district, being the shf. seqr. neqr., uhf. neqr. sew., shf. nwqr. seqr., uhf. swqr. seqr., shf. neqr. swqr., and uhf. seqr. swqr., sec 11, t 6 n, r 4 w. located January 2d. By Chris. Nelson, twenty acres on Golconda creek. Colorado unorganized district, located January 2d. By Wm. W. Rowell, Little Jennie placer claim, twenty acres, in High Ore gulch, half mile above its Mouth, Boulder unorganized district, located .e January 1st. By John C. Major, W. R. Bullard, Wm. Reinig, H. H. Guthrie, Wm. Jury, B. Collins, A. Weisenhorn, and H. Cowden, 160 acres. being the née sec 22, t9 n, r 3w, valuable for lime- stone flux, located January 2d.' By George Platt, A. McConnell. and N. J. McCoepell,.Jettnie placer claim. twenty acres in High Ore'gulch, two miles north of Boulder river and half mile south of J.. W. 011inger's house. located January 1st. By Jeer* Patterson. Fred S. Patter- son. and Perry H. Park, sixty acres in Boulder_ district, eing the eht_ Mytir swqr, nhf sercir swqr, and 'Alf taw4r swqr tee 11, t 6 w. iocatedJan- uary 2c1. - By Albert. P. Nickel. Ernest Toeff- ner. Henry Nickel.', Frank Hedges, and Wm. E. Lowrie. Montana placer claitk.kron gulch. 300 feet south of Kitty O'Brien quartz. mill, located • January 20th. By Angus A. McDonald, twenty acres on Bear gulch: near junction with Homestake gulch. Ilomestake district, located January 21st. By Jones H. Callaway and Charles fei-ty acres in Corral gulch, Colorado district. located Jan. 26th, By Thomas Davidson and Aurora Davidson, • forty acres in .McLellan gulch, near Crystal creek, located January 24th. By. Thomas A. Ray. Sophia Ray, W. E. Frederick, Annie l\yetilfaick, Geo. W. Cle'Veland. Sallie Ray, Vena Ray. and Thomas Davidson, 160 , acres in McLellan gulch, near Crystal creek; located January 27th. By A. J. Davidson, W. D. Smith, Wm. Hudnall, and R. S. Hale, eighty acres, being seqr seqr sec 32, and swqr swqr sec 33, t 9 n, r 2 w, located Jan- uary 27th. By H. S. Johnson and W. B. Gor- don, twenty acres, being the seqr seqr seqr, sec 7, and the neqr nee neqr, sec 8, t 9 n. r 2 w. -limestone quarry, located itinuary 25th. - . By Peter Larson, H. M. Keefe. Hugh Kirkendall, C. A. Broadwater & Co., and E. H. Beckler, two tunnel claims of 3,000 feet adjoining Wickes tunnel of Montana Central Railroad, located January 16th. By David Banta and -James Banta. placer 'claim of 400x3,000 feet at mouth of Overland gulch, Cataract district, located January 4th. - »Y . fiebsetiaa_Nieette, veauciaeo-Pe-.-- _ natti, Foral Francisco. Giovanni Beii- ade, Giovanni (intœnica. Gim Bacen- › netti, and Cesare ruffs, &Winn placer claim, west side of Elk Park, located December 30th; 1887. , fly ‚ John C.. Major, B. Celina. H. Guthrie, A. Weieenhorn, Wm. Jury, Win. Reinig, W. R. Bullard, and II. Cciwdea, two elaims, being the seqr see 16 and the . nwqr sec 23, V.M. r3w. - 320 acres, valuable for gOld and Ewe - stone flux, located February 1st. • By Thomas F. Murray, Frank Mur- ray, Frank McGowan. John McDer- mott, Thomas McNally, H. Coteau - non, John McDonald. and Robert McGowan, Golden Chief placer mine, on Big Boulder - river, quarter mile northeast of Lowland creek. located January 27th. ,By Fannie Butler, twenty acres in Boulder mining district, adjoining placer claim of Wm. Butler, located February 21st. NOTIÖE TO AS81.3SORS. Gov. Leslie has promulgated the . following notice to assessors, which is of some general interest as explaining many inquiries made . by assessors which do not seem pertinent to the principal part of their duty. The col- lection of statistics by weavers has seldom been very efficient. even in the older States, and a similar effect may be expeed here, notwithstanding the suggestion of the Governor. Still, it will do no harm for the assessors to be stirred up a little. The'Gove - rn - oeit proclamation is as follows: • Teaarroav or MONTANA, Exact:live Orrics„- , BaLsas, ?day 26,1888. ) - To the several County and District Assessors and Deputy Assessors of the Territory of Montana:- - The one hundred and tenth chapter of \Compiled Statutes of Montane' on pages 1,20-tci e l,2.10, provide: for the gathering through your oficial action, Very much of valuable statisti- cal information, necessary and impor- - tant - in making - nil the governor's an- nual report to the secretary of the in- terior, which will be due in the early days of October next. The moult and meager report on file in the auditor's office with reference to this duty as prescribed to be performed, suggests that you be reminded of this part of the service of your office. and I do most earnestly urge that the greatest care be observed and pains taken this year. to get full answers from every citizen to the long list of questions in the statute required to be asked, and that You make full report thereof to the auditor. ' If such full answers are secure and ,full report thereof made, showing the wonderful resources, product, enter- prise and business of Montana, with all its output of values and progress, its publication wiH astoniich our east- ern neighbors and attract thousands of good citizens and millions of capital to the territory. Pajama H. Lestre. ' Governor. A UNION TRAFFIC BRIO«. [Fawn the Townie:ad 1'ranehant.1 We have talked for several years about the necessity of a traffic bridge over the Missouri near this point. The bridge, however, has never ma- terialized, and the agitation must be continued from chapter to chapter until not only one, but three, bridges span the river at convenient pointa for the great and- increasing interchange of traffic between the thriving settle- ments of Meagher and Jefferson counties between the Big Belt and Boulder mountain ranges. The time is now ripe for concerted action by the people intereeted in bet counties to prepare and circulate petitions to the respective' county hoards for their con- sideration at their next regular meet- itteltretnE - 7. - Let us respectfully, clearly and firmly make our wants known to the commissioners through petitions, and we feel assured they will receive due consideration and prompt action. Act in this matter at once, that all preliminaries may be nettled and the material on the ground by the time the river is again frozen over. wheel the work may be more easily prosecuted- \ B.t8IN • , [SpeeinICorrewporigemer 'rat Aug] BA.SIN Sune2.-We have a stiminer- % fine -weather railroad depot here; that memo: a platfortu only. We have been left in the cold by the N. P. '11. R. Co.. why, the big guns only know, for there is certainly more traffic here; in Basin than at any otherplace along the line, Boulder, perhaps, exoteed. We have not even been favored with a side-track, a privilege that is general- y accorded to any woodchopper some consequence along the line, yet our merchants receive goods by thé carload, and the shipping of ore is. under Such eireueistanees, out of the question. We hope, however, the Montana Central will bring relief and soon. Some one from Wiekes Lek disposes' to give vent to his contempt for 511(.15 an old-fashioned institution as an arastra. Now, while we kitmv that that, man does not own the Wickes - smelter, we know' also that we have in the Bleeder a streak of gold as thick and as red as his beard, and that we can get it out with the anistra fast enough to suit mt, and that's all we want. General :Harris lias informed his friends here that he is expecting bor- ing machinery on the arrival of which work ou the timuel of, the Allantie will, be resumed. It is intended to advance the tunnel 500 feet more, which will bring it right into the heart of old Pole mountain. Excitement in the -Lowlands still -prevails-anduve r ry one,. who has seen the prospects there, pronounces theiii very promising. Of some minor mining operations around here we might mention the working of the Lee Mantle in Cataract. Basin,' the town, has a quiet aspeet, everybody is busy in the mountains, hunting fortunes. ' The St. Louis ho4 . :4 ---e) ». owned by L. Gouzie, is doing a ntshing business. The \Metchanb4\ is also well patron- ized and the culinary department of this latter moon is now in the hands of two charming young ladies, Misses May and Fanny Brady. StLeiro. MARKET FOR MONTANA HORS}14. o illenttin1tiver Prem.) Meows. Wm. Rowe and Jantes Wright came into town last -evening; having spent the day upon the Shon- kin range, where they were engaged in Venting and looking through tev- eral bunches of horses. While out Mr. Rowe made his third sah', to Mr. Wright, comprising this time sixty head of unbroken geldings, whiclit be - taken to Dnkota. Mr. Wright forms us that the Montana hone, when broken, is preferred by the Dakota ferment to any other; the soil in that section being light and eandy, they generally average about the right weight 'to do, the work; their powers of endurance are unequaled. and they can be kept on much less food than the overgrown eastern horse. 'Dakota, though slightly disfigured on account of her severe winters, makes up for loss time:during the spring and sum- mer, and is . fast coming to the front as a farming countrY, and is a number One market for Montana horses. Dur- ing the next two- weeks- Mr. W will devote his personal attention 'to the breaking and handling of this bunch, after which they will be ship\ pod and be ready for work upon reach- - lag the market. This makes a total of. over 'five hundred and fifty head of hones that have been Shipped from this vicinity to Dakota and the North- west Territory since January 1. - .• \And are you . really so badly broke, my friend.\ he said, an he tendered the tramp a penny. \Broke?\ was the bitter response. \I'm as badly broken as the ten com- mandments.\ TKO VISIIKAtit. BY ioN• Blab.lift, r. One morning whore ttiming um hier teem- - A own, hi à pares arkrbina. 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CARTER, Prentiss. Tremont/re .14r.rfe4aw, •* ...• ie r ni Internal .04. mar imp Drieffleie.„ 4 marap.unehretkanuary and July. Trammel. a anrieral h.akbuiusee.• elms en- pr.... 4 .a came erns uomadiaites. and Eimer. Will naive Maine an l'imerty and on, beadiserah red ante arnartanter. COmmaprat Pinar by NW' AL - Li 'dale Aàaelli2;11. bit 1.0)111.1. TI1F. PAINTER'S. is south Ja. -kan,. Mt_ 20,000 rt. c11 or Nin- ree Stiddi STOM •T 1101tKti. the Painter's. 19 south Jackson Ii., Maliataa, Lugarat usinsiornict à Masew lil , ft.ES. the e g s¡is e e,\„-- seeceJes/umeeet.„ ARTEKS BONTANA for the .11. • ..(;In ,. 1er - Windowlh\rs'atlon ?.• : .rrettabrattate tee endued tetnee4 • At • LOBBY, lb.. PAINTER'S, »mere 'Asekaile St_ Helena. ' .1111811,1111A 'THE LEADING 2:21cocela. efts Joke reirissitmegab AND 13C>C2b3M.Xltlaer133111241.1111b ln Monta-a, It. ?trynnah ‚hr. metered, lamer et JOB WQICI{. Whicb Yritl hr ereennd in the Mtn* etyten preeepay and at remeambie pricks. \ /barium's a inn stare ed ITATION FLAN& 11 0 10ES. SITISTS * 11111111L.S, FINE ETCH IS - As. Al' GOODS. FR% • eime»110 All order. ratrasted to tire eras mirk* preerpt attent,on JOURNAL PUBLY3/IING CO H7LINIA X0117A11.1

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 06 June 1888, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.