The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, June 06, 1888, Image 2

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W • Cil -./1-1E\ PUNT Merit' inse--Mils. bale. iss.r. MirldfOLlECEl . ALE AND RWTAIT. bailer la Ceircsaztowione, Px-cawrianionnsa, Iralcsaar, AND zr Biet23./LT113. iit....s.sert NC. Pt . yvvninit, Ch/bralIII Wniniao. lloota awl ethroons„ limits and Caine Silk Ilimaalkaradallalla; • itib e eem, Irsary nataara, eta. SOPPLIPS FOR MINIRS MILLE». AND RAILROAD COP- nucroas Harr or STOCK iiiLARGIS Qtrarrmia &rail Part Os min um Inia Tea Cos as loggimireil THE AGE - - - BOULDER, MONT. WEON»DAY. JUNE 6, 1888. THE 8T. LOUIS 001TVENTION. The National Democratic Conven- tion met in St. Louis yesterday, there being a large and representative at- tendance. Hon. S. 31-. White, of Cal- ifornia, was made temporary chair- man. There kerns to be much enthu- siasm in favor of Thurman for Vice_ President. Sr. LOUIS, June 6.—Watterson everything is agreed upon except the preamble to the platform. - Wattenson wants; the President's Message en- dorsed. while Gorman favors the plat- form of 1884. There may be a fight on it in the conyeation. POLITICAL POINTERS. A Democratic political elub is one of the probabilities in Boulder within the next ten days or two weeks. Candidates should not forget the value of printer's ii in a canvass: Announcements will be run in Tux Aux fim now until the conventions are held, for $5. strictly in advance. It is undertood in the eastern part of the county that John D. Ripley. of Radersburg, will come before the Re- publican county convention as a can- didate for the nomination for Sheriff. Ile is quite popular in that section. It in intimated that W. C. Whaley, of Bedford. will be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for County Assessor. He is a bright, active, en- ergetic. and upright young man and ought to be able to make a good race. It is hinted that G. H. Merrill, the Wickes constable, has aspirations to- ward the Republican nomination for the Shrievalty. There is no question but what \Hank\ would make a good officer if he should be the lucky man to win the prizes of nomination and election. MINING NEWS. .• • . , that mine would be 'immediately re- sumed. If this is true, it will be good news to the prodpectors of the Bigfoot district. At the administrator'd sale of the estate of Michael Donoghue. deceased, last Saturday, the arastra and other mining property on Cataract creek was sold to Wm. R. Gibbings for $175. The annual Meeting of the stock- holders of the Bigfoot Consolidated Mining and Milling Company ia adver- tised to be held at the office of Carter Clayberg, in Helena. on Friday, June 15th, at 7.30 p. m. If only one in ten or twenty of the mines of Jefferson county proee to be good ones, this will be one of the greatest and most prosperous mining sections in the world. Anything that will aid in the development of these mines should have the. hearty encour- ment of all good citizens. The & And lead in the Whitehall country is showing up so well that the owners, Northrup and Scallon, have determined to sink fifty feet more and then crosscut They believe they have a fine property which will help along the bocin which is coming to Boulder and Jefferson county. Mining matters on Beaver creek are -very activ`e. Prospectors are numer- ous and are meeting with good success, while mining experts visit the district nearly every day in the interest of capitalists looking for good chances for investment. There promis» to be great developments in this district the coming summer. Mr. A. G. Clarke. of Helena, was in town yesterday and said operations ou the McGregor mine. in Boomerang gulch, were to be resumed immedi- ately. This mine has hoisting works and concentrator which have been shut down for about two years. The resumption of work indieiaire; an ac- tivity in mining matters which is full promise for Jelrson county. The Suneatal lead. in Dogtown dis- trict, between Crow creek and Boulder, and owned by Menem. Allen & Car- penter. is being steadily worked with substantial and increasing prospects. The main shaft is now down about seventy-five feet. where there ina well- defined vein of galena -silver three and a half feet wide. assaying from $50 - upward.— Townsend Trenchant. Conaiderablenaining activity is be- ing manifested in the vicinity of Ra- dersburg. New locations are, being made every day. and old locations are being developed. J. S. Keating is putting over twenty thousand feet of new timbers in the shaft . of his mine, getting it into first -clam shape. The Blaeker mine hoisting and roasting works will begin operations in e'arnest in a few days. Five bars of bullion came down from the Elkhorn Saturday. The country around St. Louis is full of prospectors and some rich lodes will probably he discovered in that district this summer. The Boulder Sampling Works will be in operation the latter part of this week on ore from the A. M. Holier mine in the Elkhorn district. The annual meeting of the Relief Mining Company is - announced to be held at the Company's office in Helena on Tuesday, June 12th, at 2 p. m. ' Work on the Grizzly mine was shut down last week, but it is understood that arrangements will be perfected within a day or two for ,the resump- tion of operations. A. M. Bolter. Esq.. of Helena, was in Boulder Sunday and is reported to have said that the small pump taken from the Elkhorn mine would be sent to the Grizzly and that' operations on eut shaft will be sunk a blemished feet deeper, with a Cement each fifty feet - The force put on at present will be i -- creased ina short.time Hon. J. W. Bumkett will have direct ehargeof the operations. with J. J. Bonner as *we - Recent &mays in Helena of Jeffer- son county ores are noted as follows: Babcock & Cu. have a sample from a claim at Placer showing $36 gold and silver. John Fisher ham three mm- the rear of the building and exploded pies, running as follow*. No. I show» it with a fuse, the length of the latter 14.58 mac» silver, $13_56 gold: No, 2 allowing the rascals to get away with 48.12 ounces silver. $35.e gold; No.3 their hides unscathed. The explosion 4.37 silver, $10.55 gold. The new de- tore away a considerable portion of velopment in the Janes if. Kees mini; weatherboarding from the rear of the s h ows 99 . 16 ounce , s ik er. , 8120 gold , structure and did other damage to the and forty-four percent had. Oiae house, shattered every window -glass samp l e f rom t h e hd . ,;„,, m i me in the - building, and created great dis - s h ows 29 . 16 ounces s il ver. 86 go ld, fif_ may and distress among the ladies ty-five percent lead: another sample who were present. from the same mine gives 16 ounces siver...$90.43 gold. Wm. Huddlestoss. of Scratch Gravel, has ore assaying 29.16 ounces silver. $57 gold_ Another assay of the Janie, R. Keesiegircs$181 gold, 75 ounces silver, and forty percent lead. County Attorney Joyce has an eighteen -inch lode assaying 348.48 ounces silver, $8.51 gold. SurveyorMarsh haying recently made a trip through some parts e Jeffelbson county, thus talks to a Hel- ena Indeprodeol reporter of a kw of the min» which he saw: traveled along up Cataract sleek as Ear as the Boulder Chief mine. ibis »Me has recently made a rich strike. which shows up as well a. any hitherto made. affair, as well they might be. They There are a astaher other mimes immediately raised $250 in cash to be offered as a reward for the detection spoken of in the district and every- hodnappeured in time highest spirits. of the perpetrators, and it is probable the county will not be put to very At Elkhorn there were revise - ted a number of and recent ramikea Al much expense for their trial when un - the Copper King mine there was round earthed. Certainly that section of the some very rich ore. The camp is booming and the guleh is full of pros- pectors. At Mount Pisgah four im- mense leads were found. three of ail - A DASTARDLY' OUTRAGE. ver and one Of gel& Mr. Bries, of Bata City, is working_a mine alibis own • in Sunrise gulch. This mineisa recent discovery and shows ore of a very high grade and will doubtless de- Yelop into good results.\ . THE PROHIBITION TICKET. Charles Grove has a very promising mining claim at the head of Johnny's gulch, in the Dogtow-n district. The, lode is called the Long Brandt. and it said to be eighteen feet wide and yield- ing ore which runs fifty-six ounces of silver to the ton, with enough lead to run the value of the ore up to $80 a ton. Grove is simply running an open I cut on the lode and has taken out so ' much ore_ t4tshe is now rigging up teams to Uhrl eighty tons to the Toe - ton smelter to give the rock a practical test. • The stock of the Bigfool mine, in the Bigfoot district., has been bonded to a new Company consisting of Hon. J. W. Buskett, Jerry Smith, Dr. L .A. Leigh- -ton, and R. M. Crane. and these gen- tlemen have already begun operations for a systematic development of the property, work being ree;umed on the shaft yesterday. The bond is to run four mettle and the price set Cen - flie stock amounts to about $26.000. It is to be hoped the development will prove the mine to be m good as antic- ipated, for the benefit of all concerned and for the good of the whole district as well. The district only needs the successful development of one such mine as the Bigfoot to become the scene of extensive mining operatioes. Material and supplies and a force of men went oat yesterday. The pres The Prohibition COnTradann in seso sion at •Indianaporm last week plated_ in nomination for President General At Radersburg on Saturday night, Mity 26th, a most cowardly attack was made on the Good Templar lodge while in session in the old court -house build- ing. About seventy members, young und old, men and women, were assem- bled in the lodge -room on the second floor. At half past nine or ten o'clock some villains placed giant powder in Whether or not it was the intention of the miscreants tO do its much or more damage than they did or simply to give the lodge people a fright, can only be surmised. Under any circum- stances it was a _despicable piece of work and its perpetrators meril the severest punishment when discovered, as discovered they certainly' will be. It is most fortunate that theaffair did not result more seriously. Had the explosion sprung the walls so as to let the second floor drop' down there would have probably been loss of life as well as injury -to body and limb. The people of Raderburg and vicin- ity were very much exercised over the county wi plate of become a very undesirable idence for all who. are discovered to bela any way implicated in the affair. BUILDING NEWS. The frame -work of the new resi- dence of R. M. Crialle in the Warner & Sweet addition is up. Groesbeck & Simpkins built a good plank sidewalk in front of their new store -rooms 'the past week. Jerry Smith has bought the three lots on Second avenue where the Stage Company's stable is located, paying -.therefor $1,200. and will probably build a brick business house the com - Clinton B. Fis - É, of New Jessey. and IME summer - for . Vi President Mr. John A_ Brooke: Mr*. Emily W. Snow, sister of Mr. the , A. S. Kellogg, lut Monday bought of of Kansas city ' The \limin g 1.1 — Judge Elder three lots on Centennial tele g ra p hic re p ort °f the P latf°rm avenue in the Elder & Parsons addi- adopted: tion. to build a cot - The prohibition party in national residence the convention aseembled. acknowledging Almighty God an the rouse of all BOULDER HOT SPRINGS. power in the government, do hereby declare that the nianufacture. impor James McIntyre and wife, Mrs. J. - tation, exportation, transportation and 11\L„..„___mm_ell°gg• Messrs. Harrison, Weleh, sale of alcoholic beverages shall be Jau, Knight, and Ernest Mein - made a public crime and punished as lee, and MissesZessing, Kellogg, secure d t h rough asuesu b aeuts to our Miss Kellogg, Mr. and Mrs. Capt. prohibition most be Qoffon- and Murran. all of Wickes, such; that such 'atonal mile state constitutions. ea _ Cook, Mrs. Snow. and Mr. and Mrs. forced by adequate laws. equally sup- W. T. Sweet, of Boulder, took dinner ported by the ad m inistrative authority. together at the Boulder Hot Springs and to this end the organization of a last Saturday. It was one of the im- promptu reiinions for wIttch the old Michigan people in this section are emoted. It was a very pleasant gath- ering and enjoyed by all. Among other visitors at the Hot Springs thie week were T. M. Lowry, Butte: J. C. Keeley, Boulder, Mrs. Wm. Mulvey, Lower Boulder; R. Mc- 8orley. Boulder; A. E. Miller, Elk- horn; E. B. Northrop7St. Paul; E. M. Jameson. Elkhorn; Frank Farrell, T. Joyes, Boulder,, prohibition party is imperatively de- manded in the state and nation: that an adequate public revenue beingnse 7 emery, it may properly be raised by import duty and by equitable assess- ment upon property and the legitimate business of the country: but import duties should be so reduced that no surplus shall be accumulated in the treaeury, and that the burdens of tax- ation shall be removed from food. clothing, and other comforts and nec- essaries of life: that the right of sa- fe -We rests upon no mere cireumetanee of race, and where, from any cause. it [Speehdrorrespóndenee of THE Ariz] has been withheld from citizens who BASIN. June 4..—The ladies indulge aie -o' suitable age .and mentally and in horse -back riding and it is a delight morally qualified for the exereise of ars to the eye to see the graceful forms intelligent ballot. it should be restored of Mrs. C. Sanford and Mrs. A. Bold - by the people through the legislatures ware in the saddle. handling their of the sevetal states oe, mach educa- fiery bom- e an only born Amazons can. tienal hasis as they may deem wise; Mrs. Molinelli and her sister, Mime that monopoly in land is a wrong to DeVee, the former, the wife of Mr. Lam - the people, and the public land should heti Molineili, editor of the Sunday' be reserved for actual eettlers, and that Rerord, Helena, have been rusticating men and women should receive equal at Basin for a week.„ wages for equal work:, that our immi- A. M. Bolter and E. W. Beattie, of gration laws should be enforced. so as Helena, prominent capitalists, inter - to prevent the introduction into our ested in Basin mining and real-estate country of all convicts. inmates of property, have also paid a visit to the dependent institutions. and others camp and Basin will get there, by physically incapacitated for self-enp- and by. port, and that no person -shoed have Tar Ilanin girl. In a natural way, the ballot in any leer who is isot a , She smile., in him bier .weet and so guy. Takes hold of her chap .br her beam a citizen ‚n tueUnited finites. That be etub notivot bay. ' her Igo, GAM-wale:R. BASIN BUDGET. BUSINESS NEWS. Reynolds & Knutson have taken a contract to paint Groesbeck & Simp- kins's new store -rooms. These gen( tlemen are said to be excellent work- men in painting, paper -hanging, and similar lines. They think some of lo- cating permanently in Boulder, and it Is to be hoped they will dose. P. J. McGowan and Ed. Wienie- have lessed the Deacy saloon, have neatly refitted and refurnished it, and last Saturday opened it for the visits of patrons. Under the management of these two popular young men it promises to be a favorite place of re- sort. Wesley Pool, who was tending bar for Mr. Deacy, took Wiemer's place in the Windsor House saloon. TH wiNnisou BOULDER, MONTANA. THE WINDNOR HOUSE Ili the Leading Hotel in Boulder. Its rooms are large, warm, and well light- ed. The beds are comfortable and clean. The Sable includes the bent of everything the market atTordo. The hest of attention is given to guests and every- thing possible done to make their stay pleanuit. Sib -Charges Etoyeerbonablt.,. - «* lerlraaa 'Bs. To AND Ai. T...-aa Botriansit user senzons AMD 110 1 r/M1.. WM. TROTTER, Paoriurroa. 'Mime — Syringe have moat Wondernil Curative Properties In all fonni at IFILIn.eyanmeatico UPrcanalblena AND IN Lead Poisoning and Genera . 1 Debility. —).s— • The Springs is a MOST PI. le. AS N rr • KB:80121r For Maxie wisit are overworked and weary and who desire a few day.' relief front toil and busi- ness mot want a few day.' recreation. Bon is asap Rai of Den bandana and iatia us Pis r in hues or a» uri. Pau MUM To AND FROM ALL TRAINS MONTANA SHOAT UNE When traveling every tee should mo. eider well the questions of economy, comfort, safety and speed, these q esti one being of the MIMI importance in a journey of an hour as in one of several days' ride. An examination of the map will convince anyone that this is the moat direct route to and frota all the principal points in Cen- sivtPaut. n trai jasoutt a n d Nor- thern AN Ertl II M Tle80- .Its I iwAn. ta, Dakota and Montana. Our epuipment and time are excellent. Our rates are the lowest, but this fact is something which speaks for itself. Definite figures and maps can be obtained by applying to any Agent of the Company, or the Gen- eral Passenger Agent. The following are a few of the Principal • Points reached via this Line: Sr. CLOUD, Smnr emeriti, Faxon', Cauoxsros, Sr. Vi NIT, litrrcrinceos, PATNIIWILLE, Moms, Arrueros Arm Bancxsicamos,Muor..,_•Werxwrovrs, A awn - DEIS, ELLENDALX, WAUPWrON, FARGO, GRAND Foaxs, Gasrms, Dsvna Lax:, BOTrINZAII AND BUFORD, DANOTA; GLAI- GOW,DAvrze (Pr. BELKNAP), .4sliNN113017111, FT. 131:11Ton, GILICAT FALLS. HELENA AND Orrin, MONTANA; Wimps°, Mammas, AND ALL PACIFIC GOUT POINTI. Partied seeking farms or Molina\ loca- tions will find unusual opportunities for both on this line in Northern Dakota and Montana, also in Minnesota where the Company bas for sale at low prices and on favorable terms 2,000,000 acres of ex- cellent farming, grazing and timber lands. For maps and other information address, J. Bootrwavra, C. H. Wmanni, Land Oinininiasar, Gael Pus. Aft Vg. PAUL,, MINN. A. MANVIRa b W. 8. Atax.usexa, --- *WI ganITrallananagin BOULDIOR 111XCHA.N431 , 114 - MOULDER, MONTANA TERTRIORY. Schmidt ár Propriatorm. , W_MouisAus AND RETAIL DIALERS IN IsICjeCTC,R.Mal CZCA-.A.Z1LOIMI. AGENTS FOR _ CeMennlal Brewery & Montana Bottling CO. • — - Keep constantly on hand a supply of: ZEO Ati? BOTTLE BEER, CHAMPAGNE ...I, SWEET CIDER, GINGER ALE ARD FF A 1.0 111 EA 1 1 ,, osap imams bit sad firth be, ALL CIRRI OP Syrup Soda sad Cress. Soda Vain. Strupontla re. EIL4011, ROTE', ¡ND 11.11IIT DUD' SOLICITED Aoriers to Courawasioa Pears Ira Ciutœrs. aer. BAR FrErrazs ter'

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