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HUM!, ROCLREIL TALLIT t BETTE TRAL\S Soutti-boutmL North -bound. rationger .a. in. 3.I5 p, us. Freight 12.03 en \ The pamenger train for Boulder k -a' Helena at 1.10 a. CS1 NESS N ()Tic e„... EALED PROPOSALS. s..71 Semite Propene» will he received by the Com- mittee of Arnuistenienta of the Pointy' July Cele- bration up to Thunallay. June 14th, at 4 p. en. ,for the re...4: of an awning and the funaishinet ef tettrrie for the name.. Flan, and liperalhatiorin may he J.resi at the oilier of the Secretary. He order té the Cam - nattier. R. J. - DOUGH latTY. Sea-retary. FOR SALE. Three corner Iona 1n Sweet's addition to Boraldeir. Enquire of A. K KELLOGG. ors von saelir„. f d . A. W ICKIP14 °aerie for ‚ale • few choice Iona, near hia realdence, at reaumnable rate.. sop iiranze dies J (ST ILECEIVE» .4 NEW 1.1., Ice -Box and egad Milwaukee Beer eau always be kamund on draft at his place, optaaite Bach, Cory AM as miabszscelguat restx- csakinisu. For the nre sixty dare I will ‚ell my entire Maack of Saab and Doors at a docount for „ash. Now is Ilene tu get a bargain. , LEES TAYLOR_ ‘ re_Cli ALL DAY Moll TO n (YET. AT 441JEDF.31;et Sahema'..eappunite Beek, Coryk Cat'a, 'F OR SALle-n ON CORNER OF MAIN rftreet and Third avenue, Boulder, 30030 feet. Inquire al. D. OR >BECK. RENT. -TWO SKCONISSBOBY FRONT 1. Roans, very equitable for odium. Juquire at the 'budder Exchange. C HICKENS TAKEN ON Sr '1UPTION AT Tag Aux office, at market prier. D C»219e beszy• wie11-1›ase.ssz- From Samplen „f trlaVrlilag g.” to the Boulder lirug\Staare of Farehen A. Morrie where Ike <tooth' are curried in stock. They *ell wall -paper m cheap and border cheaper Owl you out buy in Hele- na, and you can we the entire roll. \THE AGE - - BOULDER, MONT. Wresusear, Jusrie q, fug. ZaC)C:14111..7•• 111C31113Wele1C)3e. The school bonds were not sold last Saturday. The changeable weather is bad for the general health of the community. Remember the meeting of the Build- ing and Loan Association at the court- house this evening. W. H. Green has secured the con- tract for building the Sun river canal. 110 miles(thie summer. - Mr. John Berkin, who has reeently ‚studied the art of photography, is do- ing some very fair work in, that line. The numerous rainstorms this spring have been good for the grass and grain and have saved the farmers some irri- gation. C. H. Hatch, an old-time prospector of this country, died in Elkhorn on the 29th ult. He was an old Ma)er- chusette veteran. Mr. J. W. Reeve is moving his Mill from Elkhorn into the Cataract dis- trict and will be ciing lumber in the latter section in the course of a week or two. The Good Templars last Saturday evening decided to subscribe for twenty shares in the Boulder Building and, Loan .Aasoaation, It Was a wise are well as a 1:46c -spirited determina- tion. • Gentlemen who visit Boulder for the first time are generally much pleased with its location and with its prospects and express their belief that it ought to be a good town. Whether or not it becomes such depends to a considera- bio extent upoft the actions of its own citizens. Weasel's Dramatic Company will arrive here from Marysville by Fri- day's train and will be taken charge of by the Montana Stage Company and conveyed to Virginia City and other pointe in Madison county where performance; will be given, and thence to Dillon. Two fine thoroughbred mareowed a fullblood Holstein cow were bittewley rattlesnakes the'other day on Harry W. Child's fine stock ranch• in the Crow creek valley. The cow died but at last acesunte the horses had been saved. Rattlesnakes are said to very numerous in that section of the county this year and also very large. The Helena huiependeut late Friday reported the shooting near Clancey of W. T. Tompkins by a Mrs. Gordon. the ball taking effect in the neck but not inflicting any serious wound. The story is that Tompkins a month or too ago went away to work. leaving bite wife utterly destitute. She their went to live with Mrs. Gordon. Thursday the man returned, went le Ceordon'ts. and began abusing and maltreating his wife. Mrs. Gordon. interfered when the man turned his attentions toward her and she was obliged te shoot him in self-defense. PROBATE COURT. Judge Kerley had several Chinamen before him' last Saturday for refusing topay their poll -tax, but all of them managed to get free. Oise was too young, another too old, and a jury acquitted Charley Pond *supposably on the ground that he had not been properly notified. , SOCIETY ITEILS. • \\..s; '-'PLA,CER IJ3CATIONS. Bert Cununins and bride have' gone The follnWing locations or placer to housekeeping at rieree'a sa‘mill. ground in Jefferson . county were re- Mr. and Mrs. James E Sites,''' of corded in the office of the County Cork Wickes, visited, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. and Recorder betweiV . eli 1st and Berendes, of ihits place, last Friday; May 31st, 1888: It is very reliably reported that M. By Frank C. Whetstone, Christian Harry D. Taylor, of Wickes. and Mil* Culver,„ .Emil C. Eyl, and Arthur , Ida Whipple. of Townsend, will soon BOotIteighty acres of placer mining assume the responsibilities, of wedded ground. b e i ng parts of mes 7 an d le , Quite a party or ladies a uÀ gentle. t7n, r3w, locuted February 17th. By John H. Geiger, twerety acres Of men from . Wiekes visited the Boulder Hot Springs last Saturday for picnic planer ground, being the uhf \wqr ne purposes. Several Boulderpeople ac- qr sec 23, t,9n, r3w, located March let. eompanied them from town. .By C. T. Collier and Sanford Wood, The Good Teuplars of Boulder pro -7 - twenty acres of placer ground in t7n, pose to have a picnic on the F our th - o r 'ire, Kalamazoo gulch, located March July. A committee of arrangements has been appointed and more definite particulars can be' given next week. A wedding within the next day or two in the social circlets of Boulder is talked of among the posted ones. One of the parties is comparatively anew - comer while the other is an old-timer. \ The Helena Independeol reports the marriage in that city on May 29th of Mr. Me. J. Campbell. of Claneey. and Miss Lizzie Thompson, ,,er Aberdeen, Dakota, 'Squire Terrence O'Donnell officiating. In arranging plans for the Fourth of July, lovers of the deice will not forget the grand ball which is to come offithat evening at thé Boulder Hot Sptings. Preparations are already in progress and every effort will be made to have all who attend enjoy them- selves most heartily. Gus. Matthews rather played it fine on his friends here, gob* into Helena ten days ago and getting married to Mim Emma E. Boatman, the next day striking for the west coast to find a new home with hi bride. The couple were married Monday evening, May 28th, at the residence of Mr. Wm. Hamm. Rev. C. B. Allen, of the Bap- tist church. officiating. ' (PERSONAL G. IL Merrill, the popular and effi- cient constable of Wickes, made a brief - visit to Boulder last Sunday County Assessor Cook returned this week from.a trip around the northern and eastern sides of the county in the line of his duties. He reports a fair increase in the amount of property found for assessment. AO. Simons, of Helena, and Col. Perry Starkweather, of St. Paul, were patrons of the Grand Central hotel Monday and favored Tire A.GE office with a call. Ijoth are old Michigan veterans and -'embers of the same - regiment. - ---------- L. f3utor, Esq., of Basin, was a 'vis- itor to the county capital Monday, re- turning home yesterdae The gentle- man has recently been . - commissioned a Notary Public, which will be a great convenience to the people of that pàrt of the county. Before leaving for Germany some two weeks ago. Theodore Fuhrken went into 'court in Helena and took out his final naturalization papers. He *as afraid to go back to the old country without them for fear of get- ting premed into military sen -ice. Among the numerous guests regis- tered at the Windsor hotel the past few days were Geo. E. Bocs, aríanager Xtet-of the fineerreteintingeitablish- meets in the West, Whose advertise- ment appears on the first page of this paper, H. M. Parchen, who came out from Helena to see how the fine new block of Parchen & Morris, druggists. was progressing; I. Greenhood, the well-known Helena dry -goods man; John Shober. Esq., the próminent Helena attorney. accompanied by Miss Melee; W. C. Whaley, a young but active politician of Bedford; H. IP. Brown, -A. G. Clarke, and A. M. Bol- ter, three well-known básiness and mining men of the Territorial capital; W R Giblringe, or Basin, who came &Wu the creek.te attend an adminie- trator's sale; and E. B. Northrop and J. K.\ Kingsley, two St. Paul men who are getting interested in Jefferson -county usioing property FOURTH OF JULY. '\'' The Committee of Arrangements on the Fourth of July celebration are at work making the necessary prepare- „tione. • Thecommittee will probably meet next Saturday evening to ar- range the . programme for the day. Among other things in course or prep- aration is the extension of the guar -ter- mite race -track into a half -mile truck. It will be 'plowed, harrowed, and rolled, and put into first-chete shape. 13th. By Richard Knox, twenty acres in t7n, rie, Kalamazoo gulch, located April 3d. By D. 11. Winter apd George Mir- genthaler, twenty acres in Basin gulch, located April 6th. By John Gagnier, Gagoier placer claim, twenty acres, in Sawmill gulch, a tributary of Lowland creek, located March 22d: , By Daniel J. Stannard, Goldbriek placer claim, Little Pipe:stone mining district, -located March 31st. By J. T. Lewis and T. N. McCall, Chief placer cl -aim, Little Pipestone district, located April 2d. ” By T. N. McCall and J. T. Lewis, Rocky Mountain placer claim, Little Pipestone district, ioůt4 » April 3d. c By Christian KIM1 ' homas Mc- Donald, E. W. Beattiel, and Wm. R. Gibbings, eighty acres placer ground ill Cataract mining district, located April 12th. By Gregory M. Lyons, Samuel '.II. Lee, George H. Casey, Patrick j. Bro- phy, ()our K.- Lewis, Wm. Lewis, Walter Lewis, and James E. Jacobs, Powderhona No.' 1 placer mine, 160 acres in secs 35 and 36, t6n, r8w, near Grove's ranch, located April 7th.' By. T. M. Carr, Gregory M. Lyoni', -----4- rearge - 11. Caiseytricir=4;--Brophy7,- Oscar K. Lewis, Wm. Lewis, Eugene O. Dugan, and Samuel 11. -Lee, Boulder placer mine, .160 acres, in iteca25 and 36, t6n, r8w, near Grove's ranch, 10- cated'April 9th: - By Frank E. Keeler, Mpses D. Rider, Wm. B. Gordon, and Geérge .M. Jones. eighty acres of placer ground, being the nwqr seqr and swqr neqr sec 34, t9n, r3w, located April 17th. By James Hammond, George W. Davis, and Mrs. E. W. leavia, 660x 1.500 feet of placer ground in Clarke Creek unorganized mining district, lo- .cated April 9th. - , By R. W. James and B. F. Forbes„ tunnel - Meatier' Of 3,000Teet, at junc- tion- of Coldsprings and Cabin gulches, located April 23d. By Gregory M. Lyons, Samuel H. Lee, Patrick J. Brophy, Walter Lewis, George H. Casey, Wm. H. Lewis, Oa - car K. Lewis, and Eugene O. Dugan, Mountain placer claim, 160 acres, ad- joining sec 25, t6n, r8w, on the met, and nearGrove's ranch, located March 19th. . By Patrick J. Brophy, Samuel H. Lee, Oscar K. Lewis, George H. Casey, Wm. Lewis, Gregory M. Lyons, Wal- ter Lewis, and Eugene O. Ifugan, Pow- derhors No. à placer mine, 160 acres, in secs 26, 34, and 3.5, t6ri, r8w, near Grove's ranch, located April 27th. By Eugene O. Dugan, Oscar K. Lewis, Wm. Lewis, Walter Lewis, Patrick J. Brophy, george IL Carey, Samuel -II. Lee, and Gregory M. Ly- ons, Scoff placer mine, 160 acr4s, in sec .36, ten, r8w, and sec 1„ t5n, r8w;near Orteve's ranch, located April 21st. By Joseph II. Smith, shf swqr swqr sec 27, t9n, r5w, twenty :seres t located April 17th. „By, Thomas F. Moran,' Wm. IL Moran, Albert P. Moran, ritélforan, Edward V. Moran, Anna Moran, Ed- ward P: Durnen, and Annie Darner, placer mine of 160 acme in sec 16, t9n, rlw, located May 10th. By Elias Merriman, twenty acres of pincer ground ort Strawberry creek, located April 25th. By Erasmus Axe. twenty acres of .placer .grouod on Strawberry creek, . _ . located April eth. By James Tompkins, Caleb E. Irv- ine,'Wat. Martin, Peter Shearer, Wm. Oweley, George Bruffy, Joshua Mark- ham, and John D. Allport, 160 acres of placer ground in ten, r6w, located May 5th. By Janie; B. Brien and Walter O. Brien, Mayflower placer claim, twenty scree, located May 1st. By Harry Winter, Henry Braun, and Fred Myers, sixty acres pfacer ground in Basin Gulch mining district, limited May 12th. BASE-BALL. ,The Boulder boys again did not cover themselveti all over with glory in their contest with the Brennan -mill team on the Boulder grounds last Sun- day. At the -close of the game the score stood fifty -ewer to Sixteen in favor of the mill boys, and this being their mould winning ageinst one for the Boulder team, the championship rests unquestionably with the Brennan nine. The renewing is the 'Score of the game as returned by Fend S. Wol- pert: Food à t I 23 4 5 5 1 novi.onts. al 1 Pi R. Samna. I 2 3 4 5 6 7 5 11—Tutite ttailiwy, 3d b. I 0 0 I 0— 2 Lovett, p o 0 0 00 0 0- ' O . Perkin,, tad ta at ' I O I 0 — 2 Ferne, rt. ...... 0 I O I 0 0 0— 2 . Wurtintua, n n . il 0 I leighton, 3d la...... I I 0 '—• e Woodn ..... , e. 0 2 2 Sargent, e f • DI O 1- e Manahan, If 2 0 I— 3 RR ENNAN NINE. Namen, 1 2 3 4 r. 6 7 él II -Tol'). 1 1 11 0 0 3 1 J i 5 7 It.Krusa 111020110 -- 5 P. F. Sheehy 0 I O tt! 0 1 . 01— à J. E. ( 1 ' : t itter W. II 6 te2 3 I 00 1 1 • ( I 3 / 6 Shaver e I I 01 o 7 I .y ttttt 0 Win. Brennan it 3 : I 3 3 0 0 0 1 0 4 6 7 6-- 57 Total I I 2 0 10 , 0 O 0 2— 16A CliALLEN9E. The Independént Base -ban Club of Boulder hereby challenges the Boolder Base-ball Club to play a match game Ön the Boulder grounds next Saturday, 'Juno 9th, at 4 p.m. sharp. The follow- ing are -the names and positions of the game nine Of the Independent club: Hunter, 1st b.; Leighton, 2d b. and capt.; tle - eendes, r. f.; Stevens, 1. f.; ham, e.; Davis, p.; Groesbeck, 3d 1).; Morris, scorer. Arrangements be cempleted with the undersigned. I. A. Liciouro., c a pi a j n . RAILROAD R.1( 'K There are numerous section houses to. be on the line of the Montana Cen- tral between Helena and Butte and A. F. McKay &, Co. have received the out_trae. for their erection. Tracklayere are at work on the Montana Central this side of the big hill and yesterday were ie sight of Amazon, By the end of the week the end of the line will probably be within a short distance of Boulder. The subscription books of the North- ern .Pacific it'll Montana Railroad Company will be\open at the office of Sanders, Cullen & Sanders in Helena: next week. This is the scheme of the Northern Pacific for managing its branches in Montana. The great Cascade, tunnel of the Northern Pacific was opened for busi- ness on May 27th, the first regular train going through being the feet passenger. It consisted of eight coaches and was pulled, by One ôf the new straight -stack engines, No. 407, O. M. Godfrey engineer, R. Wilson be- ing the conductor.\ Peogreses on the Wickes tunnel of the Montana Central railroad for the week ending May 26th watsas follows: North end, 59 feet; south end. 40 feet; total, 108feet total todate, 4,358 feet. For. the wee ending last Saturday, June 2d, the progress was as follows. North end, 66 feet; south end, 4g feet total, 118 feet; total to date, 4,472 feet. • THE COUN'I'lr, BOARD. ltie .. Board of Ckunty Commissioners has been in regeiFts - Fisisiõrrtheweelt, all the members being present. • • The quarterly settlement was made with the County Treasurer, everything being found correct. ' A number of bills were allimed, principally those payable in geueral fund warrants. • The'porcharse et -the block for the site of the nete.court-house was com- pleted, the price paid being $1,700.-A (yeti& of \ s the block belonging -to Judge Warner's, homestead and amounting to twolots or more, was donated to the county by that gentle- man without charge. Dallas Moore was given the contract for making the excavation for the court-house. the prim being $200 and the amount of dirt to be removed be - big 1.,‘Km) cubic yards. Last evening the Commissioners were considering - reel reporte and pe- titions. The Board will be in setimon :several days more. .REI,1610l8 NEWS. Pastor D.. McGregor will • preach fit Boulder nee. Sabbath at 11 a. M. and at Wieketeat A p.' in. MA }Wei /. MArrwitws-flotetion —At the reedetwe of Mr. Wyo. lent in Ilelena ‘ Manatatia Territory.. day, Ma' 54. hen, by the Rev. ('. It. Allen, Mr. (tor. It. laittliewn, „( Ittaialater, anal Mho Emma K. Boatman, of Helena. CAIIPIINI.L-TIlinlInoN -Ili Ileleiut. Montana Terri- tory, on Tuenday. May 21aa; hen, by Terrence 0' thalami!, Ji'.. Mr. Me. J. I 'eu.aptiell, Claucey, Shaman* 'Territory; and Mim Liner Tlioniption, of Aberdeen, leakage. , . leile lit\ AN lo now breaking to toddle and Menem some very Inuadmúne culls, all ié the 13e1siuicbsat 1113tcsols.• Th.. ) . will he ready for ‚pie in „hoot Igo weeks, and everybody Whab Wald« ganef riding or driving qui- ntals should nor.% e the opportalidly to boy. Spin. sttentlolk 5'VVII 11111,14 . 11 ( 1 1ItAN It 11.\.I1. 4 =b1:rrt e rlEC AT 1101 . 1'.11git 1111T T111.: C1 , 11/8 THE • >11 . 11,1N118 ruder the usailaitgetiaeid COT. PI. TROTTE' unt Oti CORPS Of 113551744n will lie hartai.laanl for the oreeueitiii, an • 1.:Avellert.1 SninIA•r will Ib.• .... ‚deal it ',big'''. nib.) Ito .11..n» wall be »patrol which nin iii atty way adal pleainiere aaf tlw affair. TiI 'E ET,4, I !actuating .......... pAelitONIZIK ?UR lit )1' 1.1)Eit pltr( ten nt It Attyildigr you nennl In the line tif DRUGS. P TENT ' PAINTS. nuattit. &Pm hell line of ANI) SP:1.:1)14 lia Mot\. }key differene Patternn Aka. I+ X. rà -As le° R .1» /Meek, whirls will he wad ait Helena prin.*. (78,J1 AM we the Intent PARCHOT & MORRIS. Pannueroan 1\1 I.:VA' 1 C5 W Late of Butte, HAS OPENED..' NEW Flf.AegerrnI•141101' AT • Z'* ow Cblct -- Where he in prepared to do Oeiiend iltekotinthing, Illorov-ohoetog. raid everything ha the Liam of the Trade. Lir . Au. WORK GuAnASeuo To SITE SATISFACTION ....1'11A101F.F1 taSONABLE M. BOULDER, MONTANA, Dearer in HA,.tesr re.ists AN I) SAI)I)I./411.4,, Hais added to lila bilidneaul and hen for nee in kb new ntorerono a fine line of 33041:>\1\1/3 .A.1%7X:1 laXECb381/1i Of Superior insanadao4ure. . Note Agent in Jefferson .roinity for Ilia • . Buckingham & Hecht Denultic French kid — 7\ -- awl Kantreau emea. . — '. 0 1 — Botrnt axe mimes MAI/F. TO 411M/Elt and Repairing Dom. Mr. fioldberig in the admen taker «t Fanagoat rainaidesour in the Territory mad lib, work itt known lia every county, and wherever WO found it give* perfeet itatiséact lie inviting an earl, tam f his litoek and of' hie priers. MeAT MA RM.:I>. W OLTER/I, 15.5X1PIELDIt. t'O., Litelt, MONTANA. Wholesale and Retail 313 17 \JO CI 3Er 33 R Or Beet; Mutt ..... Veal. t . ALL KINDS OP t\AUSAGIE A i . fti'ECIALTY.• ----- • - _ Son Mao of Beat «mite Always as Hasid. FR11411 FISH AND QIIIE IN THEIR BEAM . N. Market at the old mereetv :grasp. r...5.111TAB_Mdr. 1.161011T011, WinsAninJi AND RPM liFIALane ‚Premix 1131cearf, Ilitisattams. 3Pc•irls. ésies.c1 linifiaangabisim• lOnni Inn in LAID LLII ; in [WOO Lin . „ OYStsrol. Flab. rigs' Feet, flutter, Handled only fresh and good. Ron.RoiD 6110 'Woo» 'NNW Bi - frinilib' Belem 1/00218 AT SUM/33 4.3fi Basis •

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 06 June 1888, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.