The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, June 20, 1888, Image 1

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,)( %'/` e ( • • 4 ' .a Às • • 3.. _ 7Affeztaataitatgas Torritntzti - moutzot3. 1•Tc>. 14. PC: 11 4 Wholesale and Retail DRAWEE IN CirIR. 4 130CŒMILXIDIEli, \Leta and Caps, Boots and Shoeig. 451•Eaf•roa• FURNISHING. Goons, AND FANCY NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS. 1:1 - v - der C) C'S 3=1 Jel AND CLOTHING Have recently been added to our large and varied stuck and a Full and Fine Assort nient Of these lines of goods will hereafter be (amid on our shelves. -'\) 0 ( - AGE.DITO‘ Foe eall Pscevc•clor WI).1tIís. itercttlemr, CAPS, BLASTING, AND Sporting. FUSE -)o(- Ranch nutter and Fags -AND- ALL AR 1 .110LES OF 001TifFRY PRODUCE . Ann . Made a PpeCiAlly by this house. Highest market prke paid for B• UM& LIM MID ALL KINDS Or COUNTRY Pnorucl l à - 1 TROIKAS CO., 141• BOULDER. MONT %NA. DNA LERA IN 13CAL.X1.3:11i7P.EL.Z11.3/1, 'Heating anti Cro rli ling Stoves, TIKWARI. WOODSTOCK. GLASS CH1NAWARK AO A fair stork kept on hand at all tinira. IIV11.1/Mite' ma..e.e11rittAik4 KEPT IX GOOD SUPPLY AND $OLD AT ERAIIONABLE BATES. • Tin Watt and Repairing • apecialty. ----7 LUMBER MERVHANTS. J UST ISICCEITED as« Sós Bestet Car Load Cedar Shingles, Car Load Flooring, Car:Load Pine Boards, Car Loud Finishing. Car Load Iiitnenetion. • PItals alai Tar Papers, Lathy Moulding, -Doors, Windows, etc., Kept Constantly on Hand at iitelrna Frioea Freight .A.chled. Yard on SAUPLIN9 WORKS Side Track. PBRIONIII WANTING BUILDING MATERIAL CAN SAVE TEANOTER CHARGER BY BUYING HIRE ÁLL ILtTIRIAL DILI VZRIO ma TO AST PART OF TRI CITY. W. N. TEN EYCK. Agent 1 3OULDER LUMBER YARD. SASH, DOORS, MOULDINGS, CEDAR Shingle*, and all kinds of Finishing L - her, Building and Tar Paper, constantly on hand. Yard opposite the Court -House. Convenient for teams. Also, plans fur: libelled for houses, bridgea, etc., and con- tracting and building of marne. GROF:IIIECK at SIMPKINS. C am POND., Zwiet.1:7Xer „CUE:grinds:sr.°. ils A Fine Assortment of ODES ID JIPIIISI WET GOON. Beltrteell MOATAN• RESTAURANT and BAKERY: Meals at all hours. FIRST C1,011 BOA/10 GUARAIRItee ' Per week, tt5.00. Per meal, 50 eta. MUD NO. Ilais Islet USILDII. C ARRIAGE tar WARREN he now running a broulsome car- r- iage to the trains for the Gourd Central holed and when not in use for that porno*. it is at the service of the piddle for I rip» I', the Hot Springs or elsewhere. QUARTZ LOCATIONS. The following quartz locations in Jefferson county were recorded in the office of the Clerk al e ,14 Recorder in Boulder dúring the mOnth of May. 1888: Hill Ertetasion quartz lede, southerly side of Cascade creek, located April 18th, by Carrol E. Gates. Uncle Sum quartz lode, Warm Spring fling district, ideated April- 10th, by Ed. Blewitt and Jake Grubb. Forest Queen quartz lode, St. Louis Wining district, located April 20th, by Joseph ealslan. Emerald quartz lode, St. Louis-min- hig district, located April 13th. by John Daly and Terry Leary. Lone Star quartz fode, St. Louis mining district, located April 15th, by Joseph Ralxlan. • Jenny Lind quartz lode, Cataract unorganized mining district, located May 1st, by Roger McCaffrey. Cataract quartz lode, Cataract unor- ganized mining district, located April 5th, by Roger McCaffrey and Felix McCaffrey. • Queen of the Hills quartz lode, 1 mile from Lowland creels, located May 4th, by John Johnson and Joseph Qtrlson. Toughnut quartz lode, Pipestoue min- ing district, located April 23d, by A. W. Brouse and Peter J. Casserly. : Basin Queen quartz lode, in Sawmill gulch, located April 24th, by James Thompson. &toad quartz lode, in Basin Callon, located Aprit27th, by JohnSakel. Redbird quartz lode, lloldfast Min- ing district, located April 28th, by J. Bartlett, P. Keboe, and John Spires. Redwing .auartz lode, St. Loubi or Mountain mining district, located May 9th, by James L. Moore, I. N. Thomp- son, and John Warren. St. Joseph quartz lode. Cedar Plain opining district, located April 23d, by F. W. E. Schmitz and E. F. Nave. .Morning Dawn quartz lode, Cataract unorganized mining district, located May 8th, by J. T. Parkison, W. H. Parkison, and John Smith. Lllenwood quartz lode, Whitetail un- organized mining distriat, - located April 28th, by Brady Hope, Fred Smith, M. Oldney, and E. I-Eletehere Sate quirtelede, Whitetail unorgan- ized mining' distrieté, located April 28th, by E. I. Fletcher. • Dewdrop quartz lode, Colorado win - •t lorutted May 3d, by John J. Flynn and John Fadnerr. Mountain View quartz lode, Colorado mining district, located May 4th, by John J. Flynn and Jacob Kauf. Silrerbar No. 1 quartz lode, Cataract unorganized mining district, located May 9th, by John Hildebrand. Silrerbar No. 2 quartz lode, Cataract unorganized mining district, located May 10th, by John Hildebrand. Bullion quartz lode, Rumley unor- ganized - mining district, located May 9th, by Miles Cavanaugh. Jim quartz lode, a half -mile north .if Kit Carson mine, located May 10th, by Frank Call. Eastend quartz lode,. Cetaract unor- ganized mining, district, located May 14th, by TIROS. Donnelly and Douglas Wateen. Colluoci quartz lode, Holdfast mining district; located May 12th, by John M. Rafts, Lyman Rowley and Jake. Peacock _ores lode, Holdfast min- ing district, located May \12th by John M. Ralls, Lyman Rowley, and Jake Switzer. _ ,. • Whitehorn quartz. lode, @atilt mining district, located Ma -y 12th, by John M.• Rafts, Lyman Rowley, and Jake Switzer. Tehama quartz node, Holdfast min-' ing district, located May 12th, by John M. Rails, Lyman Rowley, and Jake Switzer. • • Treasure Ilia quartz lode, tell wiles west of Basin, near Grove's ranch, located May 3d. by Frank Hatton, Geo:' H. Bell, Wm. F. Fumy,. and John T. Kelly. Blue quartz lode, Elkhorn mining district, located May 14th, by Wm. II. Dudley, E. S. Banta. and Jas. ellields. Hard -ash quartz lode, near head of south branch of , Nez Perec creek, lo- cated May 3d, by J. S., Wagoner, J. M. Wagoner, and P. McCloskey. Yankee Girl . quartz lode, mile sw of Kit Carson mine, located May 9th. by John M. Montgomery, *m. Dale, Thos. Williams, and Jas. Berti. May Queen quartz lode, Cataract un- organized mining diatrict, Wetted May 13th, by Miles Cavanaugh, Mary Par- kison, and Thos. Joyt-7s. Morning quartz lode, 1¡ mile to of Kit Carson mine, located May 8th, by Erik Ch. Lemon and Henry Muntzer. Lucky Boy quartz lode, I - toldfast mining district, loeated May 16th, by Geo. M. lemming, Thou. Jennings. and John- Foltz. Wyoconda quartz lode. St. Louis min- ing district, located May 10th, by Wm. H. Risk. - Bill Risk quartz lode, St. Louis mining district, located May 10th, by Wm. H. Risk.. • . Lonetree quartz lode, St: Louis 'min- ing district, located May àd, by J. E. Hamel and Geo. H. ‚Veston. • ' 4 The Dunstone Mining Co. had two 'Silversmith quartz lode, two miles amides of ore in this week which run ow of Kit canon mine, located . Antii $80 in gold and silver and 66 per eent. 31>th, by Andrew Wilson. r lead and 871 in gold and silver and Louisa quartz lode, one mile n of 72 per cent. lead. ' • Kit Karoon nine, located May 5th, by. - Reese Roberta informs that he will Andrew Wilson and L. M. Wilson. open up some ,of his property near • .Northfork quartz iode, Cataract un- the t„roseent in a few days. Later in t_loe season` operations will be resumed _ 24th, by Thos. 1f. Little John Sharp, \Pon the 7- emeee- -- Theimovrönliutd - antlElizabeth . • Harp quartz lode, Cataract unorgan- ized mining district, located May 10th, by Roger McCaffrey and Felix McCaf- frey. Rising Sun quartz lede, Cataract un- organized mining district, located May 10th, by Roger McCaffrey and Felix out gold at the rate of about 88 per McCaffrey. day to the man. They have but just Phoenix quartz lode, -one mile east -of commenced operations, and the plaeer Coon Ridge district, loeated_Maylltlay---iii-likely - to-proYe - a - bana - by Wm. King and Wm. Northrup. to the continuous .main weather they Gold Link quartz lode, Cedar Plain have had plenty of water, and will mining district, located' May. lea, by have for some time to come. G. W. Candee. On the Helena, Boulder Valley and • Lady Mary quartz lede, one mile Batte Railway,' midway betWeed Cal - south -west of Lowland creek, located yin's and Boulder, is Jointed the May - 14th, - by lerilmand Badot azuk4p erient a- ri sie n .41 41 , 3 4 n erear Jos. Lavolette. Spring lodes, belonging to W. C. Bus - kat and others. The claims are lo- cated in thé gulch. The Obelisk is so named because of a huge pyramid of rock something like ninety feet higto standing near the claim and along- side the railroad track. The sur- rounding- -eéuntey-- covered mith rich fleet' and pieces of rock broken off the \obelisk\ Or pyramid of reek district, located May 19th, by Johoo---are said to have amsayedalmt 8200 per McDermott, Delia J. Lee and E. P. ton. That particular part of the Deasey. -- story has beep stretched a little,. how- , Gopher quartz lode, unorgan dis- ever. 'But the ore \found in the daim triet, located,May 22d, by Jas. Bennis' is said to be a black sulphuret of and Thos. Farrell. , siker and very rich. A sample of Dillon quartz lode, Coon Ridge min- four tons 'from the Obelisk, returned ing district, located May 28th, by about 8200 Per ton, milt test' The John McDonald and Matthew Adams. owners are quite jubilant' over their Gen. Ingalb; quartz lode, 2¡ miles find, and no doubt but that they have west of Reidy Mountain, located May made a lucky strike.. 28th, by G. W. Leary. isiing a little. Rel. E. Lee quartz lode, located May The weathermprov 28th, by Henry Mantzer, pflidd er ja_Apjdly putting On the and Erik C. Larson. • air of industry and thrift. Mamie quartz lode, one mile north During the past • quarter County of Woodville. located May 13th, by Treasurer Berendes issued 114 licenses John-e. to do business, one-half of which • Elk quartz lode, Colorado unorgan- were for saloons and gaining bœttees ized minieg district, located Apri128tb, eating tables; - by Frank Clark and Jas. Reoeh. The Boulder Silver -Cornet ftand is' Oiler quartz lode, Colorado anorgan- putting in a good deal of practice ized mining district, located April these days in preparation for the 22d, by A. Wahala and Jos. Hould. Fourth of July. The court -house is Gregory quartz lode, on Boulder used for a practice hall: river tive miles from Calvin's, loeated April 29th. by Chas. W. Crawford. •• Cornucopia quartz lode, Metlellen gulch. located April 7th, by Frank ' L. Currie, (amended.) • Probability quartz lode. McClellan gulch alining district, located April _7th, by Frank L. ('urne and W. E. Rolph. Champion quartz lode. ElletiOrn min- ing, district, located March 15th. by Con •Denavon and M. ftriek. Charles E. Steven* quartz lode, three miles west -'of J. M. D. Taylor's ranch, located April 27th, by J. II. Evans, Big Dare quartz lode, Whitetail un- organized mining distrivt, May 2‘1. Jacob II. Evans. Grand Central quartz lode. Walla Springs mining district, located May 4th, by Jas. Long, M. McMahon. Wm. Vence. and - Henry Raymond. • Elephant q uartz ltsle, one mile south of Quinn's gulch, located April 28th, by W.' E. Phipps and John Smith. Jefferson quartz lode, Cardwell Basin mining district, located May 1st, by Michael Lynch. • Bosnia quartz lode, two miles east of Gregory reduction works, located. April 25th, by Gee. Sweda. JEFFERSON COUNTY M IN ES. Blue Jay quartz lode, one mile south- west of Lowland creek, located May 14th, by Ferdinand Belot and Joe. Lavolete. Lady Bell- quartz lode, two miles north of Kit Carson mine, located May 10th, by Ferdinand' . Ilea - and Jos Lavolette.. . Sentinel' quartz lode, Boulder mining [Mostan• Missing Review, Helena.] Mountain and around the Creseent is about all gOne, though the mud will interfere with the shipment of ore for a week or two, Some woodehoppers have lately discovered and located a placer in Colorado gulch, and are now taking l'EA N Is root break mg to saddle and harnema some v•ry handsome colts, all of tire 33 eau:Lc:es:Kt leltcsola... They will br• read> f„r use in id ta» weeks, and everybod> who WWII, good riding ttT ¡It« aid - Meta Mhollie 11111.1 - 0%e the opporturou tr buy. Syr. 'ha !atria It b11 g''.',. t' mob WWII., lt Hitt \ Its NI. sroo.F.:-LINF.S. '‘IONTANA 5110111' LINE When traveling everiy DEN , mhould eeeNtdee well the ifilleF410111. of evontresty, comfort, m e rely, and Nicest, theme retteationer being of the more importance in a journey , ‚Ill an hour am in ‚iii\ of rovvend „aye' ride. examination of the tamp will .1111011.4. elIYIele that the ST. l'l, NI I N'.. - F:.711'01.1S, TIC as eza. /t cs b 'Y 1 •os:r se 30- t`i , 11 is tile noel diteet route to ttttt I from all the principal point, in CEETEAL AND NoRIIIr m li:s ., 1 , 1 ›. • A N . VANITA, DAKOTA, AND Our equhanent alul time are exeellent. lbw rates arse the ION erd , hut this fart is ernirthing wir ids 'awaits for Definite figures and pm east tie obtained try applying aity .%ta•lit of the I 'mummy • or to the( leneral Pitmen- ger .Xgrait. - The followitig are it few of the principal point. marlins' rat that line: leurnnn' h ST. Ciall• FlatfIre l e At.te, • AV Pi MN% 11.1.P, . Mt>, keeeliOldt. DAlti , f11 Aisecetuaga, stia.tme Fogam, Ditetbla F I: m\ A A nte, Duross. them NIAI', MURTAIIA AfflINXAUOINe. tiettAT PAU\ • ¡Mil?\' 'trews. IIELENA, Also WINNI1•1:24, MANITOItA.a,idall PACIFIC COAST l'attira aerking fauns ter letusinesse Inaltion• will lind neonatal opportunitiea Po both on Ma line ire Northern Ibtkola and Montana; Moo in Minnesota, where the I 'reeressory Ism for rible at low prima and on favorable femur 2,0no,isn acres of excellent fstrening, grazing, and thither hinds. For maps and caber In- formation, witinse, » J. Iloan wst.Trit, C.II. wens, tidal l'aas. Agq, Land I'leorlostr , r, ST. 'PAUL, MINN. A !%N W. ALEXANDIN, he r et'l A ' ellss L aistrer. flee\ Tnettle Manager GC, Mi.iklelele l'IA TUX PA( - '1 ' 'rise Dinigge Ceder 111.Cesatss ' AND Great Short Line to Eastern Cities. Una malloar The Shortest Route to . • ellICA(i0 AND A I.I. l'OINTS EAST. And ow ogdy THROUGH CAR LINZ. 1.6s Rats, Rusk ttar, through Can Palma Palm • - Metric TIUE TABLE. Thelellowhis Le the time the vaTirand patinas, Of trains au the Northern Pacific at Helena by the hung aelsedule whiell look elfeet May 1311e: •RIUVAla AT 118,1111A No, 1 -Through Weirt-totruisil Listrited.. ......... _9:00 a in No. .I.- flirough %1 emt.bound (‚„'ut No. 2 -Through flast-ler ..... I Limited V-15 pm No.-4-'flinaigh East-lsaind Local »25 ant \ ti-likette and Helena, Exprem .2:76p it \ 10 -Mart -medic Passenger .505 p Its \ di- Riniild A eemnettodittlim .A.410 \ 17 -Viii -lue\ limaider, Mid Calvin I'm\ 5:55 p fliPARTUMER Mlle NIMAIIIM-s- Nu. 1-Thimagli Weed -bound Limited 5 a m No. 3 --Through W. st I l \Awe' .2.410 a au \ 2 -Through Eastderrund Limited ._9219 pm \ 4- 2 Ihronals Enst-1..nud Lereal.. .2:40 p en \ 7-1Ielena and Butte Ex prom. 4:15 p nt \ 9 -Marysville Paemenger 9:'M • us \ 19 -Rimini Avermstmerlation >COO a ni \IS -Wicker. Boulder, and Calvin l'aus.., 9:10 a is A. L. STOKES, General Agent, f'. S. FEE. - . Iii -less. Montana. (1,-r,, Pam. and Tiekei Agent. st. Foul. 11/101ITARA STAGE , COMPANY, .ivi. currying 1722.1.tocll Jeltestosi etlEatilig AND . . Northern Express. .tv 3 wity.t4 LEAVE BOULItEll DAILY ras ELKHORN warriatam. tees CRIES, • SILVER STAR. EMIR/DAN. VraciNIA One Du.Los ' Ihrom Calvin. ▪ for Httite City On theardval of the Northeut * Pacifle trains from Helena. W. J. TOWNSPLEND, Supt. W. R GAFFNEY\; Agent at Boulder. ilrietailittiLlor Tim Aos --Only 12 à year, In 64- K/ vance. Will contain all Jefferson mere mat.

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 20 June 1888, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.