The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, January 09, 1889, Image 1

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170:>1. 1. rira. 411. B.A.007Er, cpcsevir «lb cric», Wholorale and 'tanna • OILALLIta ttr CitrZ e t.CIICI3Eleit-XICUM. a Mats and Cape, 33 a:su1t:143r necc) t lx 41 « I I CD tca 1:1C.T.t . cl irb ci amict et . a - mn:au lie I. - y 0, 1000. _ /11E QUESTION OF TAXATION. ilsIl 1 - * ce z - illostote Globe • l Mr. Edward Atkinson, in his lecture on Saturday evening before the \Sin - LITERARY N 0(3E ' TS. [Gathered for Tite Aue The\ ment be refuge' Men Pbrieheal itiarlittear wind a till one sarde tire From flintmenes, Coldly hiding what they held- gle-taxteague\ of this city, laid down The redspark treasured soin the kindling must. isoota and Skoes. They gorgeai on flesh Bk. wolvee, till one sowed a surprising rule for the governinene coni, EFIraNerlEr serEtzelsHIINTO- GOODS, of taxation,, and one which, coming' Whieh grew a weed. yet maki . r the life of tutus. AM) . .._- MUR so eminent a source ought They dowei and babbled till mime tougue struck , FANCY NOTIONS OF ALX.REKva. not speech. irt. - Ir el - C, Ch 7Zb AVIS C L 0 T 11 N Rave recently been added to our large and vaned stock and a the land he owns or occupies, but by -- spar an d Fine what he can do _for other_people better Of thewe hues of gaud.. wilt thy can do it for themselves:\ will hereafter be found on Our idielves Why should a man be taxed, or fined, beCiuse he produces somearine Why should he be taxed, or lined. be- cause he does something for other - people? Is it an injury to the com- munity to pithSece things or work for that a man should be or fined for doing it? Mr ; Atkiiison's rule would tax labor, ill -paid though it is, and relieve from taxation people who, like the Butter and Astors. produce nothing, yet have -AND- ensirmous possessions drawn from the ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE productions of - others. Would. that Are made • spenalty by the. hou., be just? L:ce- Highest market prive paid fer Mamie Issa. amilefETIllibWebulitur Pannues - Anei.vs Fog SMialirC>b-ka.isa Pcsmurrcilles1- Vr R e r le s. CAPE, ALL Ranch lo PTAIrle, r IMAM nr . Truite. Coafeceonery, Nam, Tobaccos and eigare and Nations of Various Kind.. AL?. 4.uurrats or Gari= 1:21160cirgiga. Verne atm Bamum WILL az Karr no Tuent Skuns.... IT Visu ea raz Atm ro Krus Tema Fuma avo iv iirvirtenzrr Qt,sw- rem TO firrrur au. lentasua liellswel Moulus. Scheel W fiellosed Illawks Eept owootent/y no bid. this being 'Le Bou . Ider 1 Agency for the asehorised TIR/IXTORDLL TE XT - BOOKS FOR PIIBLIC SCHOOLS OONTRACTORS AND Br ILDERS. _ J. S. McKitaittilt. Fiumi Mc:tueras_ . \ . 1elICEMEEIC 31•9011FAB, ‘ .1 to pass Without a protest. He said titistes man should be' - taxed aceord- ing to bis' productive ability, not ac- cording to the land he owns. A man's productive ability is measured not by The 'true rule of taxation is that people should be 'taxed, not according tà *bat they prosince, nor yer accorď- ing to what they spend. bpt accord- ing to what they possess. If a man possesses a valuable piece of land, for exemple, he should be taxed for it whether he prefers to let it lie idle or net. To tax idle land gives him the strongest stimulus to build upon it or otherwise improve it. Not to tax it permits him to let it lie idle, unim- proved and useless. Under Mr. At- kinson's rule a man might have a piece of land as big and as valuable' asSoston common right in the heart of the city; and if instead of making it produétive, he preferred to keep it for a pleasure park, he.would pay no taxes on it,. No one can afford to do CONTEACTOB that now. because of the taxes. To AND DUIL.• IIERS, Boulder, Montana - ESTIMATES GIVet . ON ALL EINTSI OF WORK BLA1111110, Avo MOTELS. • Sporting.. BOULDER HOT SPRINGS MOI UMM. WM. TROTTER, Pleora117011. These springs have mont Womderftil Curative Propertiee la ail toms st Her• a shrays tht 1st ‚Site madame and buis are Fm t• iii Manas the lad. remove the taxes from Ve l uable but Unproductive land, as Mr: Atkinson propres', wáuld put a premium on laadlorhism :Auch as lias cursed Ire- land so long. In England; Scotland and Ireland unproductive land is tax- ed Very lightly or . not at all. The result is that great tracts of land which are needed for the sup_pottof the population are locked up in pleas- ure parks, and humain beings are evicted to make room for deer. in _Mexico land is exempt from taxation, and the result is that vast haciendas WILIserrfteleasa. ' Pircran.1:nemmi containing millions of acres remain AND fg • in the possession of a single family, ''rend re:rimoning and General Debility. • unused and unimproved frein genera- - tion to generation; while the poor The large audience assembled about The Springs is a peons, unable to obtain land Io worki eight o'clock, and after the many de - MOST PLEASANT Ft,---scner on, are reduced to a condition of air - licious viande were, properly adjusted Fer those alto are overworked an d arearIr who tuai slavery. And every one knows by the very efficient committee on . +- dartre a few days' relief from toil and tome Twiner e* v -Pora volumes will complete this literary amis and watt*, stew day.' recreation. that it is much the same in Ireland. \ways and means \ , John Wesley marvel 0f the a o ac. We have now ready fur delivery i r Two Volume* at Noeno; the present system of Gilkey mounted the rostrum and amid a great shout of applause pour- ed a volley of eloquence the remembrance of which will ever be a green spot in the minds of those pre- sent. Appropriate and interesting recita - And patient [logera framed the lettered sound. %nue good gin have noy brothers but it etune Prom search mut strife and loving sacrifier‚ -Light of titi«. The charm of the best 'courages is Out they arc inventinns, inspirations, flashes of geu hie. The hero could not have , doue the. lest at another hour, _ in a lower mood.—F.merson. 'Tin over 0011111.1on. That nien are merriest when they are from home. -1.1.4ikeiteare. The lint step to' .. self-knowiedge is self -distrust. Nor can we attain to any kind of knowledge, except by a like prõeesa.—Anon. Whig Old and rich, and d'Utes* too, And yet believe your friends ore true Truth might perhaps to thune belung. To those who loved you poor and young: But, Oued me, for the neeettou have, They'll love you dearly -In your grave. There are too many who reverse both the principles and the practice of the Apostle; they beenne all things to ait men, not to serve others, but them- selves; and they try all things only to hold fast that which is bad—Cotton. The goda in bounty work up storms d'out en. That Rive mankind sied» . ime to exert Their hidden strengtii, and throw out ¡silo proactive Virtues that M'un the day and lie cuntealed Jo the annkoth aeimanue and the calms of life. -Addiaort. There is no secret in the heart which our actions do not' disclose. The most consummate hypocrite can not at all times conceal the workings of the mind.--Froni Me French. Avarice begetteth anger: blind diminua from her begin: • A right fruitful Mother la she of • countleow. stiawn of sin. - Indian Wiedont. PLEASANT VALLEY PASTIMES, (Spec61 Correripondence of Tio: Anzi PLEASANT VALLEY, Jan. 1.—Christ- mas lias\ made its exit and 1888 lias just bid us all a kind farewell, while 1889, with ten thousand smiles of sunshine, is promptly on time,, wel- comed everywhere. All hail Io 1889 with resolves and determinations to do better m ' id he better, many regrets that 1888 was not more profit- ably utilized. Indeed, we poor creat- ures bave a fine time of it figuratively speak ing. RADERSBURG POSTOFFICE STORE car. Mn. I\ Cil C:9 1_a tit'ALL6 IN Drugs , Cigare, Stationery, Books. Cutlery and Notions. Abe the fluent and largest assortment of . CHRISTMAS ANIS HOEIBAy 4.10coreg ever in the town. NI EAT llARKETs. WOLTIERa. MAIPIELO, Wholesale and Rotait Cl ME Jus Xi. Of Doon Mutten, Pork, Veal. O ALL KINDS OF SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY. Matie-Ineetearof Be.' Qualtty Alwaya Hawaï - PRIdgif Flet AND IN l'HEM sE.420N. Market at the old Ml • Itit AV T ‚Ni' m BER NI E it I A n NTS. BOULDER PLANING MILL Steak and Door Mannfactury, ENOCH ItIODSON. : 1'ROPH1ETOR. BOULDER. MONTANA. The Boulder Planing mill ta now In constant ope> motion and prepared to furniabevery description of 33%.11.tiCI112IR lbsfreatebrisal • • •• , any quantity end on short notice. Contractor and Ituildere will am e and y by making their percheurs in Boulder. I also carry In stock and ani prepared to supply NI I n 1 ug Tint bers, Bridgé and Dimension Timbers, ' Lath, 8/t'agios, And every deacription of conetnation material. An inspection of my suc', and priceei respeethilly rolieted. r \ - MILL AND OFFICE AT RAILROAD DEPOT'S.' BOULDER LVIIIBEIR YARD. RAtILD001/8, MOrLDINGS, CEDAR Shingtea, and all 'Onde of Finishing Luese. ber, Building and Tar Paper. canstantly on band. Yard (minette the Court -House. Convenient fur terme. Also, plana fur- nished fui bougea, bridge«, etc_ and con- , intentas and building of sanie. GROfflBECK & SIMPKINS. wrsisi.ow- a MOORE, MAxt . r•c-rratita or PINE ' FIXISHING LUMBER. SHINGLES AND LATH Ditnermaion Ti grabens MINING PLUME LUMBER .41S - TO ORDER.\* Mill on Muskrat Creek. RACE TO AND PROM ALI. Tintant GRAND CENTRAL MOTEL. C. W. BARGER, Proprietor, BOULDER. - - - - MONTANA. ho Levai leda ‚is City., The thily Riressoary l.ti :a Use City. Conducted throughout on strictly Aret -dam hominem. prineiPles. tion may be susceptible of improve-. ments, but it is at least much better than that which Mr. Atkinson pro - A contract for 300 feet of tunneling . at ei ' per foot was let the_other day by the Alpine Gold and Silver Mining (ks., whose properties are located in poses. • JEFFERSON COUNTY MISES. Mentana Mining Recase, The event of the holidays was formally observed in our - valley on Christmas eve at the new school- house, the occasion being a festival given for the purpose of raising money to furnish the school-house. in which the whole community and ! SU rrou n dingeom munities participated. tions were rendered by Misses 4nnie and Minnie Butte, Dora Elmer, and _ others. Some elegant music was ren- dered by the charming and versatile Miss Annie Newkirk. a student of the Cataract district, Jefferson the Butte City high school, now on a ty. It is the opinion of thoets familiar • visit home during the hcilidays. I with the properties of this comeany j All in all this was a very enjoyable that a large body of ore will be struck by this tunnel. A 'new whim has been erected the Lone Mur ruine, located near Basin, and work on this property, which has been lying idle for the past few • months, will soon be resumed. 'It is the intention to at once sink the shafti - - 1,1, - roon TAKEw IN ess - weer Fou which is now down about forty feet, sukscription to Tira 406. Seing ma lard or , I wo lion • to a depth of 100 feet. ilirRAICPLE ROOM ON Tut ‚nue naos. - us —0---- • The Grand Central Hotel ha- recontly bren thorooghly repaireel. refitted, and re- fornislied, and patrons non be assured of mont eam- fortable quar- tera The table will always he the be -4 the market affords. The Witt of attention and prompt service civets to ellgueste. Corne and we ana do yousood. C•11/11•ItOlt TO as. PMI 41. occasion. It goes far to demonstrate the fact that the people in Pleasant Valley do nothing. ' by halves. The ladies under whose auspices the sup - - per was prepared deserve much credit. Among those Who most actively parti- cipated were Mrs. Hooker, Mrs. Gil- key, Mr.s. Butta, Miss. Ellis Elmer, and Miss Sarah Elmer. CITIZEN. • ' BOULDER. MONTANA. Aseesaates lOgrahestoci2 ENCYCLOPAUDIA ' Po ' reluit 1{109UNT. iltu.spo NT•coluszcz.ici DELIVEIttp FREE' Lou TIRA' HAM , ing Pince !tf • the ririginal, which we reproduce in PAttefIMILL luv „or new gu.lallnP process i and at about half the prow of the ot ter two We are also the authorized publishen. of the AIEILICAN SUPPLEMENT To the Eneyelopsdia Itritaniiiie. in Five Volumes at St» P V • Radonied by the laighestautbonthe• ln: the United States «TA ilmtviter rosi Cmceassam. l eill Tas Hm\ , G. Am.» Co Ni. Toits • J. R. cOMELFIEIGtV. Manager, Waehitigton et_ Chicago, Ill FxzwrIr ceinsrroat. • TUS W PU{ TALe I'IONKFR PRESS • Will be Sent te any Address e 2:44C - Outhayfor F l irte Coxstn. Tag egLgagertn ritetar \THE HORSE FAIR,\ Re Rom Bonheur, 34 Inchei long hy et niches wid • sent free ln every perlots sentine 5' cents or fi WOU • Press. Addrres tir. Pioneer Pres. st. Paul RA ILROADS. 1 lIE St. Paul, Minneapolis Manitoba 1414•11weg is tas atid I'opialiar L.tate To Prineipel Pointa in Minneaota, Dakota. 2IkEca rit et 621.m. Also to S T PAUL Asti MINNEAPOLIS For all potina SOUTH A vo EAST • ni ONLY LINE atnottle re ms ,-. -brie Gent (‚le' Umtata 01REAT ,ALLR, HELENA. AND IIC Their Espagne\ will be - put In service Nucctuiber ital', with a tram etiolinuent lhe\ Coaches, Palaos Mlevilarre, lerceColunist eRepre., and Superb !Maine tans imss.ksigs. \Nlanitobu-l'uoille Route\ Tu pin/et bound Pousse .Alltsrdis cheaper raies than ria any othee. Fun Tana Courson Corterems Arman« m il Ativ-JD..ThIli Company houe for aideia Ma- tolidoiln arr., of Enellent Farming. Granias. and Tituber Lands st ver.' low priera and an favetr- idole ternis • For Mois. stol general Information engaine el yeuse own ticket agent or J. Ikenteratirsa, F I Weirrear. Land Camer. fi P & T A . Paul. Misa, A. Materai- e et ALtIAItisalt, V. P. Ar oi M t. T M. C, 1E1.416.03•1\ vi..4 THE NOIrflIERN PACIIPIC Railroad. mue. =binais.« CDoiar rics‘atab AND Great Short Lin,. to Eastern 2150 The N'orteil' Rouée to . L'IRCAM° AND ALI, POINTS EAST. Amr the only THROUGH CAR LINE. lev ilates,Qack tuta Tiremli km Fellaga Non Ilsoms.' • —Io:— NORTIIEIIN PACIFIC TIME TABLE. The following is the tonie of the arrivai, and de- pertnros of trains ou the Nortliern Pacifie at Helena by the -latest sehedale a hid, look effeet Nov. lith: •10,11•1-11 AT . No. J--Throtorls West -boute Lien it rd 41111p no \ No. 2 -Through F:aaaa.unel - Litnited. ' A15 pm \ ts-Itoitte, M torsada. and Helena Eapressa__Ilbsi is. \ M -Mar\ -ville Possenger..- • 101119• ni \ 20 --II , A., lotion _ses p tu \ 17-Wtckes, Illoulder, and Calvin Pare 3.18p m • DM' • 111,1.0essa ZZLIMA, No. I -Through West -bound Limited\pu. 3 -Through East -boum' Limiter' 6 IO po. \ 7-Ileletni,Itutte,and .Med,ula Exprran acto a in \;11-311arysville Pionenger Ato y nt \19 -Rimini Aceommuelal ion _album te-Wiekes, Boulder, and Calvin Pain Sala A. L. STOKES, ( Agent, C.19. PEE. Helena, Montana. tien. Pam. and Ticket Agent, nt. Paul. urium PACIFIC RAILWAY THE OVERLANDAOUTE ?Mt Al.?. EAST, SO'.7T111 AISD Making dote connections at Council Bluffa, M Joseph. 1...aven worth and Kan o» Cie Neill, MI trains for the • East and South. Also the Rhorteeit line to all Californie Peinte. Through tickets to all pointa in the United Slates,. Canada and Europe. For full information agi os or 'Adroite A E Vw*Zig, Trac. Pam. Assai, 24 North Main liareet, Helena J. A I,rwis, General Agnel. Hune, Mestaaa. J. B. ?tournis, and T. A., a a feetweaka. se

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 09 Jan. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.